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Avoid doing business with this shady company. Long story short...very conservative company that see nothing in minorities but money. I was talked to very rudely by management when attempting to resolve an issue with both a lost application and an issue with an incorrect policy w/ someone's else's personal info mailed to me. Terminated doing business with them altogether. Seems like their practices are outdated and there is a lack of diversity.

I had told the salesman up front that I could not purchase the insurance until after the first of the year. He pursued until we agreed to get the minimum of the policies he offered and told us about the free look guarantee. When we got the policy, I called the company and cancelled. They said it would be 3 to 5 weeks before we would get our initial payment back and to send a letter of cancellation, which I mailed that day. Three weeks later, they pulled another payment out of my account. When I called about that, they said it takes 3 to 5 weeks to process the cancellation, 3 to 5 weeks to send the first payment back, and another 3 to 5 weeks to send the second payment back. I have been forced to pay my bank $28 to ensure that they will not be allowed to continue taking my money out of my account even though I have cancelled my policy. Do not deal with this company.

I recently submitted a claim including death certificate on a policy that has been in effect since 2008. I am the policy owner and all my documents were intact. Because this death was police involved (meaning the decedent was shot by the police), they sent my claim to outside investigator to be certain that I was not involved. There is nothing in the case that would lead them to believe that, and my policy is past the time of being suspicious or red-flagged. I am frustrated because it’s going on two months, and as it’s probably common in an unexpected death, there are lots of loose ends and bills to be settled. This on top of the loss is just unnecessary stress. Thank God, my personal policy is not with this company. God forbid I die anytime soon; I would not want my daughter to have to go through this. If my claim is not serviced in the next week, I will contact an attorney.

We received a letter stating that this insurance company was terminating our major medical policy and by the letter of the law we're required to offer similar coverage. This was stated in the letter from the company. Our previous policy had a $7,500.00 deductible. Guarantee is offering a policy with a $25,000.00 deductible. In discussion with them I inquired: how is this similar to my previous policy. The answer I got is that it was all they offer. I believe this is grossly unfair and not compliant to the law.

On or about May 5th 2010 I received a notice of termination of my insurance coverage from GTL to take effect August 1st 2010. On May the 20th, I called GTL to let them know that I wanted to cancel my insurance as of May 31 and I was told to send a letter to that effect which I did on the 21st. I received a letter a few days ago with a package from GTL, in which I am informed that GTL will withdraw from my account about 1200 on August 15, 2010, after this I noticed that you keep making the automatic monthly withdrawal from my bank even though I requested cancellation of my policy effective May 31st 2010.

I sent a certified letter to GTL telling them again of the cancellation and just now they sent me a response saying that "I had paid until August 15, 2010" and that they were sorry I did not want to continue. This means they are not refunding me the money and they are not acknowledging my first letter of cancellation and that I have been paying 2 companies at the same time. I want them to return my money from June 1 to date because i have another carrier and even if I didn't, I sent a cancellation letter. They have taken 2 months of automatic withdrawals from my account which I did not notice until they sent me a letter telling me that I had paid!

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In Oct 31, 2000 we purchase a Jeep and took out disability insurance Acct # ZT52227. My husband had be sick in the past and we advised the sales person and he said that as long as if he should get sick again and it wasn't the illness the insurance would take into effect. Well in Januany of this year my husband did get sick again, we went to the car dealers in Woodhaven and he advised us that we had no Insurance. I knew that we took out the insurance because my concern was about his other illness. So I found the Insurance paper and sent in all the Medical forms showing that it was not the same illness and below is what the letter stated

Damage Resulting

RE: Claim # Y200940 Certificate # ZT52227 Dear Mr. Grivas: We have concluded our investigation on your claim. A review of te facts obtained will not allow us to provide benefits as caimed due to the following reasons: The premium and certificate number ZT52227 was not reported to Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co.. A review of your lease agreeement reveals that no charges were added to your loan for crediti life or crerdit disability coverage: therfore no coverage is in force. If the premium had been charge to your loan and the funds and certificate reported to Guarantee Trust Life Ins Co. the gross charges for the premium would have been refunded. The reason for this is due to your medical ineligiblity tp purhcase the coverage. The history of heart, circulatory and brain abnormalities during the five year period asked on the applications, along with the fact your were total disable and not working on 10031--2000 voided your eligiblitiy to purchase the coverage. One my husband was not total Disable, two I have a cerificate signed. Its not the idea that we were turned down we were never notified and the dealer never turned in the insurance for us and all this time we thought we had insurance. I'm the only one right now working trying to make ends meet and I have 4 bother-in-laws that work for chryslers and we all drive chryslers. I feel that something should be done about this had I been notified I could of made other arrangements Thank You for your time

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