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For about 30 years, I have been paying my premiums on my life policy by debits to my Bank account that has not changed on all that time. Conseco and now the Company they have named to serve their policies ALLIANCE-ONE SERVICES, INC. have stop taking the premiums without any notice at all or without any reason for the last 3 months.

I have called several times and nobody knows what is the reason for this, nor gives you any information on the whereabouts of your policy, refusing to pass to a supervisor or manager, having you on hold for hours at the time and inclusive saying once, "they do not have such policy". I have sent certified letters requesting reasons for non pulling moneys from Bank, I have sent a cashier check (they have cashed it) for the 2 months and one extra month and till today, I have no response of any sort. We are going to take legal actions on this matter and notify the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Florida as well as all the authorities that have something to do with this matter.

The worst company ever. For over a year I have been trying to get my policy reinstated. I had mailed off a payment that should have be received before the due date. The letter came back to me as a wrong address. I then took that envelope and wrote a letter letting them know what had happened. They canceled my policy but said I could write a letter to get it reinstated. I wrote another check for the next year bill and sent a letter asking for my policy to be reinstated. They deposited the checks but I heard nothing back.

I get a letter in the mail saying my policy cannot be reinstated and they sent me a refund check. The representative for our area no longer worked for the company but a new guy happen to be going around in our neighborhood so we talked to him. He wanted to start us out with a new policy. We had already paid 13,000 into the account they gave us a check for $5,000 and then they think we should start a new policy. Crazy. No way. I got so tired of writing letters and dealing with them that I gave up and took the money and am glad I will never have to deal with them again.

((CAUTION)) I had a policy for about 35 years now. Was 46--(now 69). These people are trying to cancel my policy. They tried-(non payment). I have all payments on account. Now trying to say that I missed a raise payment. Now they have me jumping through hoops--Insurance Commissioner. These people are the worst!!! I have complaint in. I have been recording all phone calls--(legal in Louisiana) (no mention of extra payment! Now going to a Attorney. (They have been changed to (Insurance Services). Beware these people.

My insurance policy is classified as surrendered. I initially requested a full surrender until I got information telling me that I could have a partial surrender and not lose my policy. A check was sent to me for $7106.68 but I sent it back because I changed mind about full surrender. After going through all the proper channels I was finally sent a check again under a partial surrender. Then I sent a monthly payment of $118.83. Then I didn't receive any more correspondence so I called Conseco and was treated in an abusive manner by one of the management people there. Angel was her name.

I called back and the lady that took care of my case Jamie, who I spoke to the other day told me not to worry about it that my policy was still intact but that was not the case just received letter saying policy was surrendered 2-1-2016. These guys have put me through a great deal of stress and don't know what to do now and I am asking for you to investigate this if possible. Thank you.

CONSECO INS., BANKERS, COLONIAL PENN, WASHINGTON NATIONAL. Caveat Emptor: Beware of these companies. In 1998 I purchased two Life Insurance Policies (Universal Life) one for myself and one for my wife. The original company was Massachusetts General who later sold the policy to CONSECO. I have to date invested about $45,000 in premiums. I received a letter this week informing me that my premiums starting this month are going to almost triple. I called the company and was informed basically my options were to continue the policies at the new rate or take the cash values and surrender the policies. Or to not pay the increase and let the cash values of the policies pay until they are depleted which at the current projections will be sooner than later.

So now at 74 years of age I will probably have no life insurance and probably cannot afford the premiums. They claim this is due to unexpected claims and increasing costs as well as lower income projections from interest. So bottom line is they mismanaged their and my money and now they want me to suffer the loss. I have sent this information to the Delaware Insurance Office and probably will have no recourse. My goal is to make everyone on Facebook aware of this so that they hopefully will not do any business with these companies and suffer the financial loss.

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Salesman stated to me the premium will be returned in 20 years or at age 75 on Certificate Anniversary date after turning 75. 75 on June 19, 2015. Certificate date July 1, 2002. Will not pay back until 2016. Many calls and told it is based on 14 years or when 76. First time I have heard about 14 years. Literature and Certificate Schedule state WHEN YOU REACH 75!!! Appears as if they want to use my money for another year or figure I will die before I get to 76.

As with many other consumers we have had a difficult time with this company. It is amazing to see how often insurance companies apparently are able to defraud and or bilk, trick and cancel policies that members have had for many years. In 1995 we received a notice that suggested that a new policy would be a better policy, so not realizing that this company had just been taken over by Conseco, we made the error of trusting the agent, which did know what was happening and either lied or misled us into taking this policy. In later years they began to go up on the policy amount, but they did not tell us this, not even in a letter. They just took it out of the policy value until there was nothing left. Then they sent us a letter saying the policy would cancel if additional funds were not deposited right away. We later found that this company has a history of problematic encounters.

We went to the insurance commissioner who investigated this company and found some surprising things. We’re not sure what the result of the investigation was however a change occurred and we think that this is something that was negotiated. Today we checked with this company and found that they again stopped taking bank drafts two months ago, so again we’re about to go to the mat with this company. It is a shame and there is a special place in hell for these people that run this company.

It appears that they up the price on the policy take the cash value from your policy which results in cancellation. Why? Easy. They don't have to pay the interest on the value of the policy if they raise the price. Many can't afford to pay it. What is really sad here is that we have officials in Washington that will not do a thing to help out people that are being victimized by this company and others just like it. They would rather go and deal with a politically correct situation rather than to do the right thing and investigate the board of directors of this company.

My parents both had a policy they started in 1975 with Transport Life which is now being handled by Conseco. My mother passed July 10th. I called and asked that paperwork be sent to me so I could file the claim. I called again on July 20th and was told it was mailed out and I should get it any day. I called again on Aug. 7th and was told by the same person (Beth) that they were having trouble finding the beneficiary information in the file. I told her I was looking at the file and told her who the beneficiary was and was told my papers would be mailed out to me...The same papers that I was told were already mailed out to me. I looked online and found the claim forms. Both of my parents have been paying on these policies since 1975 and the payments are current. After seeing all the complaints I think it's going to be hard to get our 50,000 from them.

I opened a TSA in 1998 with Greater American Insurance co., who was sold to Conseco/Washington National Insurance Company, who refuse to allow me to rollover my investment into another IRA. They have been holding my money captive all these years and each time I meet the criteria to release the funds, they give more hoops to jump through before they will release the funds. They are a hideous company and the national insurance commissioner should be looking into them, especially with this many people being unfairly treated.

I've been paying for accidental and disability insurance with Washington National, both for several years, through my work. I'm a part-time waitress. I was told I would receive my short-term disability claim for my maternity leave. I recently found out that I would not be receiving any money like my agent told me, because I don't average 20 hours a week. I don't even qualify to get any of these benefits. They have literally been stealing 46 dollars a month from me for many years! And they have no intention of righting the situation with reimbursement. Shameful. I should have never been sold this policy. I gave them 1 star because I had to rate them. They deserve zero.

My father paid premiums to this company for over 20 years. He overlooked a payment due in September of 2014. I discovered the payment had been missed on November 3 and mailed it in to the company. They returned the check saying that the policy had already been cancelled and my father would not receive any of his premiums back. From the other reviews I have read on this company that seems to be how they operate. I am not at all sure that cancelling my father's policy was done legally. In any case, they should be ashamed of themselves. The payment was due September 20, I paid it on November 3 only to be told it had already been cancelled and they could not accept payment. Seems a little underhanded to me!!! Considering they never had to pay one claim over 20 years!!!!!!!

I have had the cancer/emergency room insurance policy for twenty years (in June) with automatic withdrawal every month from same account. I was told and I confirm with company that if said policy was not used I would after twenty years be returned the amount I had paid for premiums. Today, May 4, I received a letter that I was three months behind on monthly premiums and if not paid by April 30, the same day the letter was dated that my policy would cancel. The only month not taken from my checking account was for April and that's on the insurance company. My twenty years are almost up so I guess this is their way of not having to pay the amount that was stated to be returned. Is there any way to rectify this? I am really upset with this so called company.

Years ago, Conseco sold cancer policies to employees at our school with a mammogram benefit. It stated: "This benefit reimburses you actual charges of the mammogram." This benefit is what helped sell these policies. It was icing on the cake! A week ago, we all received a letter that states Washington National will no longer reimburse the full charge for mammograms. I emailed our sales person asking how the company can revoke a benefit that sold these policies.

He replied: "...the mammogram benefit is actually not a part of the cancer policy; it was a State Mandate that came into effect in 1999, which is why we had to pay it. The State Mandate was revised in 2010, which recused supplemental carriers from covering mammograms, only requiring Major Medical insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, for example) to pay for them. So, even though by virtue of the revised State Mandate we are no longer required to reimburse the cost of a mammogram, all current cancer policy holders will be reimbursed $100 per year, even though there is no out of pocket expense. (New cancer policyholders don't get that.)" What a bunch of hooey!

The Conseco agent came to our school in March 1995 and sold cancer policies. He stated that, if no claims were made, at the end of twenty years, we would receive $20,000. This, as you can imagine, sounded pretty good. I should have thought, "too good". Eighteen years passed. I retired. Looked at that sum being taken from my bank account each month and thought, "I should check on this". Called Conseco/Washington National to inquire if the above statement was true and still in effect. The agent with whom I spoke said that indeed it was. He also said I would not receive the entire amount all at once but would have access to the funds as I needed them. "$20,000?", I asked. "Yes." So, for the next two years I continued making the payments.

March 2015 arrived. I received a Benefit Now Account statement along with a checkbook for that account, for a total of about $8000. I called, was transferred around. Finally reached someone who said she was sorry for what I was told in 1995 (though she did not seem surprised) but I only received return of premiums. So, yeah, I'm a bit ticked off at myself for being so gullible, I'm ticked off with the folks who work for Conseco/Washington National, and ticked off with the agent who led me on two years ago. These people should be run out of town. Actually out of the country. On a rail. With their lies tarred and feathered to them.

I have had an annuity policy with Conseco Insurance since 1997. Beginning in August of 2014 I called Conseco Life Insurance Company and asked what I had to do to get my net surrender. I was told no problem, complete a certain form and submit it. Needless to say, February 2015, I am still dealing with this company, through a call center in Jamaica, and each time someone tells me something else I have to do. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

My wife's granddad took out a policy with Vulcan life and Accident Insurance Company who sold out to Conseco Life. She has now pass away, and now they can't find the policy. It's been three months, have not heard nothing about my claim, need help. Thank You!

I had a new agent take over my account. He made some adjustments to my account and now I get a $510 unauthorized withdraw from my bank. This is not even on my scheduled monthly premium date of $140 amount. I am on the line today to cancel everything these guys are doing. High turnover among reps. A terrible company.

We have been paying on this life insurance for over 14 years. When I looked today to determine our accumulated value on this policy, I was amazed that it is decreasing due to their rising insurance rates! They are pulling out of our savings to pay for their rises in cost! With only $1,600 left, we will be closing out this account pronto. We were never made aware of this situation by the company. Let the buyer beware!

Through my place of employment I was contacted and bought a policy over 10 years ago. I have misplaced my policy but I am definitely trying to locate it. I never would have bought a policy and pay 20 bi-weekly to cover only if I were in an accident. I would not knowingly pay $20 a month for accident insurance for the small monetary amounts you get. In the past year I have spoken with another agent at my workplace and he discussed with me the coverage I have and the benefit amounts. It included dollars paid for days in the hospital and emergency room visits. Now I am being told that I only have coverage if I am in an accident and that I must have the policy another 5 years to get my return on premium payments. Therefore I must keep this insurance another 5 years so I will not lose 15+ years of payments.

I have always paid my insurance premiums. I started in the 1960's with one insurance co. This co. evolved to Philadelphia Life which evolved to Conseco. I have paid my premiums for 50 years. Then, this started a few years ago. Every month Conseco started raising my rates and threatening to cancel my life insurance if I did not abide to their rate increase. I have tried speaking with their representatives on the phone and they don't care about helping me solve this. I can no longer afford their rate hike. They now want close to $300 a month for something I have been paying for 50 years. This is a $50,000 life insurance. I am retired and could no longer afford this. They have forced me out. If you are contemplating getting insurance from them, please, don't do it. They are thieves.

I pay Conseco online through my bank and none of my payments to any company have ever been returned for any reason. For some reason, unknown to my bank (major bank), some payments (not all) started being returned only from Conseco. I knew of only one and I thought someone just made an error so I resubmitted the payment and it was accepted. This week, I received a cancellation of my 29-year Dread Disease policy! My bank says that the problem is on Conseco's end. I have faxed bank records, etc. and am told that I still need to show proof. If I am cancelled, I hope to join a class action lawsuit against this company!

Having trouble with company that has taken over. My policy has matured as of October 31, 2014. But they still taking out premium in November. When I called tonight they are telling me that I had sent them a short payment of $10.00 in March of 2001. And I owe them two more payments. I have had no paperwork in many years of this, and or on my accounting of my premium total. How the heck does a company do this to people. Not accountable at all, now have to wait 72 hours to get something in mail.

My nearly 94 year old father has had a $40,000 life insurance policy with Conseco for over twenty years. He has paid in premiums very nearly the value of the policy. He never missed a monthly payment and has the cancelled checks to prove it. A month ago he received a letter from Conseco stating his policy had been cancelled two months previously for nonpayment. No prior warnings - nothing. After contacting our state insurance commissioner and going back and forth with Conseco, he finally received a letter today advising his policy has been reinstated. I wonder how many other elderly folks insured with this company have a similar experience. It is lucky my dad still has his wits about him and realized what this company was trying to do. I feel an investigation of exploitation of the elderly is in order and plan on filing complaints with other agencies.

I submitted a claim for a blood transfusion at Boca Raton Hospital for policy ** for a leukemia condition. The form from the hospital is very clear the cost of the blood and transfusion was $1026. The company refuses to pay saying transfusions are not covered. Nowhere in my cancer policy are transfusions excluded. However, there is a blood plasma benefit of $450 for all cancers and for leukemia there is no limit. All I want is the $1016 that I am entitled to.

I called and asked about the increase in our policies, talked with at least 4 people, one yelled at me. I told them we were old, on a fixed budget and could not pay any higher payments. They offered me the option of surrendering our policies, which I did. They will only refund us $6,000. +/- and they are keeping $31,000. +/- which I feel is very unfair. They have earned money through the years and keeping that amount of money is unreal. I have contacted a lawyer for financial advise only. Now, I am afraid if I sign the release papers, I will not be able to get the money I have invested with this company.

I was offered a less expensive Washington National policy by an agent. He told me it was as good as my Aflac policy and it would cost me less. Be careful. The saying you get what you pay for is true. You might as well burn the money you spend. I work with my hands in a small dental practice. I had the misfortune of getting my hand crushed in a log splitter. Right hand no less. Because I was not totally disabled, I could still use my non dominant had, I was denied. Out of work for 8 weeks and the only thing I got was $250.00 for breaking a finger. Can't do my job but that doesn't count. Run if anyone offers you this insurance.

We purchased the cancer policy in 1995. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and the payout was next to nothing. If you read what they pay in the 2-page policy I received, you will see they pay virtually nothing by today's standards. I requested a copy of the policy for the accident insurance we have and they want $25.00 for a copy. I am going to contact the State insurance commission and see what they say about that. I did do the math following my husband's cancer and after the payments they made to us plus the cash value of the policy (which they did not want to tell me). We decided to cancel and cut our losses (which were quite minimal) rather than continue to pay the large premiums and question if they would really refund the money or we would be alive when the policy reached pay back status. You may want to push a pencil on this and see if it is in your best interest to do this.

They were having the MATE show in Billings, MT this weekend. My wife and I visited with a representative of Washington National Insurance co. and were told the very things everyone is complaining about. I went to the BBB and there are no records of anyone complaining. I wish people would report this company to the BBB as well. When I told them I wanted to read some reviews on the company before purchasing, they told me not to go by reviews, only people with bad experiences ever write anything. I am so glad I read the reviews before throwing my money away. How can so many people have this many complaints and they are still in business?? Just when we thought we found the perfect insurance for us. Apparently if it is too good to be true, buyer beware.

My friend purchased a cancer policy years ago from Washington National. Unfortunately, he needed to file a claim and made me his representative. He passed seven months ago. Never have I seen such disregard from a company. They help with nothing. They only have demands for specific forms that are almost impossible to get, and then deny the claim with ridiculous excuses. They ignore the facts. They get away with it because they know their clients are the most vulnerable in our society. Policyholders that are older, that have just found out they are terminal, are unable to fight because of the disease or the medication. Deny them long enough, and they are dead. They roadblock every request, even if only a simple question. Family members are in turmoil, and an insurance claim is the last thing on their mind. My state insurance commission finally made them pay, so I can set up a trust for his children. Washington National is shameful.

I have had the misfortune of having several policies with Conseco, none of my doing. The policies were purchased by Conseco. ALL of my policies have been cancelled by Conseco for one reason or another. The most recent were policies I purchased through the National Teachers Association, Cancer health policy, and a Heart health policy. The agreement was after twenty years, I would get a refund for money not used. The premiums were deducted from my paycheck each month. In June 2011, I was laid off from the school district with four payments left to complete the twenty-year requirement. Conseco cancelled my policy and would not let me make the four payments.

The first time I called, I was given a quote to bring my policy to a current status. I mailed the check and a month later received a letter that my policy had been cancelled. I called a second time and the person I spoke to did not know anything of my situation. However, looking on the computer, I was scheduled to get two refunds, one for each policy. After six weeks, I called again and again, the person did not know anything about my situation as none of my calls had been documented. I was told there were no notes in the system. However, there was a mistake. I would not be getting a refund because I was no longer working. I was given a different phone number to call, then another number, etc.

Each number was at a different location; one office did not have access to the previous office and could not help me. Each call I made, I had to start over in explaining my situation. The bottom line, Conseco refused to pay any refund since I am no longer working. I asked to speak to a supervisor and never received a call back. Approximately 3 months later, I did receive a refund for the premium I paid as stated in the second sentence of this paragraph.

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