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I was taking some BP medicine for the last 10+ years. I used to buy my medicines online (we had Aetna before) from the insurance company. Sine the beginning of year 2016 we switched to Cigna. So I started ordering the same medications from Cigna Online pharmacy. The medications are same, dosage is same. Cigna sends the 90 day supply (which is couple of $ cheap from the retail pharmacy). After start taking these Cigna medications my BP shoot up to a dangerous level (which was normal before) I had to go to the doctor who gave me some remedial medicine to lower it immediately.

About 8 years ago I had the same situation from Cigna, when I start getting the medicine from them my symptoms did not improve. Then I had to go the retail pharmacy. Since the medications I got from Aetna was working well for me I thought Cigna medication also will work this time. The medications Cigna sent do not have any original bottle, they fill it from some large container which they get from some overseas market for cheap. Who knows how these medications are made, who controls the quality of these medications they sell; somehow they want make money, even by playing the health of people. I called their online pharmacy and asked why their medication do not work. They told me they are filling the same medication that we get from retail stores. That is what they were asked to say when people call. I hate this company. How much profit is enough for them???

We are very unhappy with Cigna pharmacy home delivery. We have had Cigna insurance for over 20 years. The home delivery has been a nightmare to use since we were forced to begin using it in 2016, which was the result of a terrible negotiation that the City of Phoenix agreed to. Our doctor wrote a new script, they refused to fill it and said it was not time to fill it although the doctor wrote a new script and sent it electronically. We spent several hours on the phone trying to explain to them that we need the medicine and that the doctor has approved it. How can they supersede the doctor and his professional medical diagnoses?

We have had to call them every time we get a new script although the doctor sends the script electronically. We live on a very tight budget and they have charged our debit card without our approval. This caused an unnecessary overdraft charge! There is supposed to be a savings with a 90-day supply but there is no savings. We were paying the same price at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, where we have had our prescriptions filled for two decades, and never had ANY PROBLEMS. The information that is on the myCigna page does not match the information from the pharmacy. It's as if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I have read some of the other reviews on this page and have had some of the same experiences. I hope that Arizona follows the State of New York and incorporates the law that states insurance companies cannot force you to use their pharmacies. We feel that we have lost our ability to choose because the City of Phoenix agreed to this insurance policy change. I am going to work on changing the Arizona law that allows insurance companies to force you to use their pharmacy. By changing the law, this will force the City of Phoenix to do the appropriate thing for their employees and not bargain our choices away. Shame on you, City of Phoenix, and the insurance committee.

In January I changed my Medicare Supplement Prescription plan to Cigna. I assumed INCORRECTLY that using Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy would be the cheapest since they are both the same company. WRONG!! In April I tried to refill a Rx and between Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy and Medicare, I could only get part of my Rx and would have to wait for the remainder until July. In the meantime, I was able to get a script from my doctor and filled 9 tablets WITHOUT INSURANCE for $13.63! On Tuesday I called to check up on this Rx.

I inadvertently called the Cigna Health phone number and found out that they actually DON'T have them as a PREFERRED pharmacy!! She contacted the pharmacy and was told the Rx was already sent out. The COST WAS $65.75 for 27 tablets, and I couldn't cancel it because I had told them back in April to send them out in July. I could have purchased these SAME 27 tablets at another pharmacy for $40.89 - $25 LESS!!! Customers should be TOLD what the cost of the prescription is BEFORE it is sent out (and they shouldn't have to ASK for the cost). I am living on Social Security and don't have extra money to pay pharmacies that are GOUGING senior citizens!! They have lost all of my business and I have gone on Facebook and told all of my friends NOT to use them!

I went through hell for three weeks trying to sort out an issue for a monthly maintenance drug. I spoke with so many supervisors I stopped writing down names. Overrides, waiver forms, just everything to make your life more difficult and complicated. Still not resolved. Part of this is the fault of our doctor as well for not faxing them the form etc. but they are just terrible to deal with. It took me going through three supervisors before I found out that I could use a drug waiver form, filled out by the doctor so I can get the medication at a pharmacy and not have to mail it in. Shouldn't others have known this and been able to inform me of this? Terrible.

Bad experience. Not only do they not carry the medication I needed, but I was never called and notified that they couldn't fill the medication without a different prescription with the dosage they carried. I spoke a couple times with different representatives inquiring why I had not received the medication. It was going on a couple weeks (thank goodness I had extra supply). Per the reps, was told the medication was "on backorder" and it would be filled when it came in (an untrue statement). Kept waiting. Still nothing.

Then actually spoke with a pharmacist who said I needed a different prescription. Was told my MD was contacted in regards to this, but they had never heard back. Mind you again this is going on 2 weeks. I asked at what point were they going to contact me. Reply was I would have eventually received a letter. UNACCEPTABLE. Poor poor service. If you have a choice, which I do not as my employer provides benefits, would not use Cigna for your medication benefits.

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I have been disenrolled from Health Spring program for discounted prescriptions. They said I did not make a payment of $46.30. I mailed my monthly payment on 3/25/2016. The checks passed thru my bank on 3/29/2016. They claim that they did not receive or cash my check. I had a similar problem with them in 2015. They said I owed $96.20 in January 2016 for the 2015 payments. I owed them nothing which they finally agreed with except $10. I don't know what this was for, but I was tired of fighting them so I paid the $10. I now have to pay $1000s of dollars in prescriptions.

I have psoriatic arthritis and I am currently taking Cosentyx, with methotrexate to control symptoms. The biggest problems comes from the specialty pharmacy getting the medications to me. I have to call in each month to get meds sent out and then if something goes wrong, I don't receive the meds on time. Cigna will not pay for the medication unless they ship them but I have to get totally upset each month in order to get the meds. I have talked to the complaint department. (LOL) They assured me it was just a glitch and would not happen again but as you can see something else has gone wrong. Now they are claiming that the Doctor's authorization is expired as of 4/05/16.

However, they did not contact me or the doctor to process this difficulty. The people are friendly, but as far as I am concerned they are under trained. I have to defer to a supervisor who is still not able to correct the problem. They call the doctor who has patients, request an audience, which can't happen until the end of the day, you never get the same person and now the cycle begins again - it is a nightmare with no options other than you going outside their pharmacy. FYI - Cosentyx cost $ 8000.00/month. Not an option. What good is insurance when they monopolize the market in such a way that the customer is stuck between a rock and a hard-place. The Specialty Pharmacy is suppose to save money - they are doing that when they deny the medication, delay medication, and by aggravation of the patients and the doctors so that you become fed up and quit.

This company is the worst company ever. I have taken ** for several years due difficulty sleeping through the night. I had to change companies for prescriptions 1/1/2016. I have had nothing but one problem after the other with this company authorizing prescriptions. I am in the process of an appeal because they're denying coverage on this drug, because I'm 65. I am prescribed one 10 mg tablet a day. I take HALF a tablet a night and have had 0 side effects. I cut the tablets with a pill cutter. REALLY?

I have researched this online. The studies do not support that this dangerous. Of course there are people, as there always are, that have had issues. It should not be a reason to not allow any of Cigna insurers to not be able to have this medication. It's just another reason to deny having to pay for it. What is SOOO stupid is I can take my prescription and have it filled and pay for it out my pocket!! So that proves it is just a choice of Cigna to deny it, no real science or reasoning other than that's how they operate. Just pay the premium and get ripped off because they have no intention of approving anything.

So my employer, a large city government, made its employees switch to Cigna Home Delivery for what is considered a maintenance medication. My wife tried for the first time to get the medication she had been taking for the last five years. Her doctor writes the prescription for the name brand medicine due to generic not working. For the last five years she was able to get the prescription for $20.00 a month with coupons from the manufacturer. Cigna Home Delivery stated they will not honor the coupons and would charge us $1000 for the script.

She has tried the generic before and it does not work the same for her. By the way, we can get the generic at our local pharmacy for $10.00, Cigna wants $80.00 for the same??? So how does a pharmacy company trump our medical doctor on deciding what is the best patient care??? Reading everyone's reviews, I see we are not alone. Is there a class action lawsuit in the works??? Has anyone contacted the FDA and for that matter the DEA??? Something we will be looking in to!!!

I ordered the medication five weeks ago and called numerous times to straighten out the record snafu with little success. There were two network outages during two calls that resulted in blackout system wide where no record can be pulled. Shipping requests were made numerous times and repeatedly lost. Each time I called, the representative told me that the order was not shipped because there was no record of the request made previously. Go somewhere else if you do not want medication interruption.

This is my first year with a Medicare Supplemental Insurance and the Medicare Advisor I utilized suggested Plan N and Cigna has the best premiums for my needs. That is the only good thing I can say about my year with Cigna. I paid in $1300 in premiums and they paid out $0.00 in claims, even after my Medicare deductible was met in August 2015. In fact, the 3 claims that were filed after August 2015 were "rejected" and cannot even be viewed on the Cigna website. In preparing for the 2016 enrollment for Medicare, I tried to access the Cigna website to determine my total premiums vs. the total claim payments made by Cigna. You cannot access this information on their website.

First insurance company I have ever seen that does not allow you to view the claim history. So, in mid-November I called Cigna to find out how to retrieve this information. The customer service person has no access to the claim information, either!!! I could not believe this is how Cigna structures their "customer service". I was told they would have to "send off a form to request the information". I asked how long it would take and she said she would send the request by the end of the week and I should get it "next week". The claim history arrived on Dec 11th and validated that Cigna paid out $0.00 in claims for me in 2015. This may have been my first year with Cigna but it is absolutely my last year.

The pharmacy service with Cigna insurance forces you to have 90 day prescriptions written and delivered to your home regardless of whether your physician writes 90 day prescriptions or not. And, you lose your pharmacy and service that you have trusted for years. My wife has a physician that refuses to comply with the 90 day prescription system and we are about to pick up a prescription costing $113.00 when it would be free if her physician wrote 90 day prescriptions only because we have met our very high deductibles and coinsurance. It appears to me that physicians are in with the insurance companies.

My wife has had cancer and numerous health issues and, sorry to say, but she works for Cigna. SAD!!! In my opinion, Cigna Insurance is horrible not just to the public, but also to their employees. The physician who will not help us by complying with the 90 day prescriptions practices out of Addison, TX. In my opinion, this practice with a 90 day forced prescription program AND physicians not bothering to participate are both horrific practices that should cause some type of reprimand to both Cigna and the physician. And, neither should be tolerated, but what do I know, I only have 5 college degrees.

Both myself and my wife now use Cigna Home Delivery as our pharmacy with myself just switching from a well known local grocery chain that we have used for nearly 15 yrs. However when I recently ordered my "1st" class 2/3 substances, (for chronic and severe pain and anxiety related conditions) my 3-month supply of what should have been filled as written for 360 30-mg. ** tablets, I discovered came up with exactly 53 tablets of this specific "1st" prescription with The Cigna Home Delivery, came up short that amount. I disputed my findings and the incident with many individuals at the corporate office. I kept getting the runaround initially until the mounting complaints I filed and submitted were finally taken seriously.

I was finally contacted by Kelly ** from their corporate office who only stated to me that this could have not have occurred and me being shorted 53 pills of a controlled substance was unlikely to have happened. I disagreed with her and repeatedly told her that I always counted ANY controlled substance, especially, since it was the first time I would receive them from a mail order pharmacy, our families health insurance company also no less known as Cigna home delivery on Horsham P.A. In fact I painstakingly counted them "3" times to ensure that I was in fact shorted a substantial amount of the above pain medication.

Since there was never any resolution to me for the shortage and she was adamant about it even happening at the S. Dakota warehouse, where this prescription was filled, supposedly correctly counted or should I say "weighed" as opposed of physically counting each pill, (which is what my prior pharmacy, Shoprite of Wharton NJ, always did since I had been on this drug for over 10 yrs. now I might add), then sealed and shipped to my residence here in NJ where shortly after they arrived, I discovered the shortage. I relentlessly complained and disputed the incident/shortage since I received the 3-month supply.

I was eventually contacted by another Cigna corporate employee by the name of Michael **, who was from Cigna's legal department, who unequivocally and continuously stated to me that they supposedly investigated the incident and he claims he personally reviewed the surveillance tape of them filling "my prescription" out of the many thousands they fill. I doubt this to be the case since I was told by the initial corporate individual above that the count is DONE BY WEIGHT and not physically counting every single pill or tablet which is what Mr. **, their legal liar, stated to me just today by phone.

I think my particular prescription was tampered with since this drug has a high street demand let alone or illicit street value. That is why I wouldn't put it past a dishonest Cigna employee from the S.Dakota warehouse. Or they should fess up or own up to the mistake and discrepancy in weight. What guarantee do I have that the 53 pill shortage wasn't deliberate, which would make this a criminal offense. They never reimbursed me the 53 pills I was shorted let alone the money. I plan to video the delivery of the next order of the same drug and the opening and physical counting to ensure the amount I was suppose to receive and written by my doctor, doesn't oddly come up short not ONE Pill let alone 53.

Refilled my RX of premarin. Insurance denied it. Called Cigna & Rep said they need the reason why I take it from my Dr. "Why now" I asked. "FDA required." So, CIGNA & FDA want to know why? I'll show you why cause here comes the menopausal screaming banshee!!!

Cigna home delivery sent me $465 worth of medications I never ordered. They charged my credit card which they had on file. I immediately called them the day I received the shipment. I asked if I could mail it back to them but they refused. They said the doctor sent them the prescription so they assumed I needed it. I am now stuck with this charge for prescriptions I never ordered.

On April 9th, 2015 my physician order Gabapentin Cap 100-mg when it should have been BRAND name Neurontin. Gabapentin was ACCIDENTALLY tossed out on April 16th, 2015. To date I have been TRYING to get this straightened out as the mail order wants the generic back in order to send me the correct prescription - NEURONTIN!!! They don't seem to understand that I don't have the Gabapentin as it was thrown out by accident. Nowhere in ALL their freaking brochures does it state that the mail order department wants back the wrong medication in order for you to obtain the new one. I am SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW THAT IT AIN’T FUNNY. I am on Neurontin monthly with Walgreens though now I am NOT allowed ANYTHING until 6.22.2015. I am tired of this as I need my NEURONTIN.

Having to choose a company for my medicine is a nightmare alone. The drugstores they recommend is another! I went with CVS first, they chastised me for parking on their freshly painted parking lot... I did not return! Tried to transfer my scripts to Walgreens and they said I had to do it myself on the computer. So I chose a locally-owned pharmacy that was willing to help me with a smile and eager for my business. Needless to say I am happy with my choice in local-owned pharmacy which is not a chain, but the prices are much cheaper than Walgreens or CVS!

My wife is on a drug for MS and I have expensive prescriptions for diabetes. I have discovered discount programs for both to cut down on my costs. One cuts my cost to nothing (after insurance) and the other cut my cost to $25. Not Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy is stating they will no longer accept those discount programs, skyrocketing my costs. Likewise, with my wife's meds, she had a program with ACS as the supplier, and she is now forced to use Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy.

I have chronic back problems and pain. I am prescribed pain medication from a doctor that is for nothing but pain. I have been getting the same script for a few years now. I am prescribed a 28 day supply and have to go back to the doctor ON the day I run out. Not before on the day. I am going to be out of the state the week that falls within the 28 day cycle. Example: my appointment was on the 24th of March. I am going to be in another state on business from Saturday before the 24th of April through Friday of that week. Cigna refused to approve my doctor prescribing the 7 extra days. Refused!! When does an insurance company get to decide what is best for me instead of my doctor? Because the insurance company refused to pay for anything but my standard prescription my pharmacy CVS refused to fill it. They would fill it for the usual but not for the extra week.

I offered to pay the difference. They said they couldn't do that. I offered to pay the whole thing. They said they wouldn't do that. So what am I supposed to do. I am required to be where I am going for work but Cigna and CVS refused to fill my prescription. I have been circle jerked around by these two all day. If CVS fills the 28 day script basically hell will freeze over before I could get the other week I need. I am out of my meds at this point. In pain - have spend pretty much the whole day between CVS, the doctor and Cigna trying to get this resolved and now will have to take tomorrow off to continue to try and get this resolved. Who allows this? Is there a law that says they can do this? The pharmacy swears that there is and they cannot fill what the doctor prescribed.

After Cigna calls to reconfirm and already filled order, and to verify the cost, AGAIN. This being the 6th call, for only this one prescription, but MANY many calls in regards to the same repeated issues over and over again with Cigna. "Yes, we have your order ready, yes we have your credit card on file, yes we have your shipping address - but we thought we would call and annoy you to go over bogus information that we lost and do the WHOLE process all over again, cause hey that's what we do here at Cigna... lose your personal information and take up your valuable time." They waste your time, send wrong presciptions give you wrong information all the time.

Delay, delay, delay. The first time I dealt with them, their delay caused a delay in a medication I take daily. That delay caused serious withdrawals. The second time I had a new medication to try, the delay took over a month and a half. Every refill was another nightmare. Now, the saga continues. Yet another new drug, and yet more delays. I used to use Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and never had the issues I've had with Cigna Specialty Pharmacy. I can't get better if I can't try these new meds in a timely manner. I wish they would review their process better. If you don't stay on top of them and call, call, call, you'll wait forever!

On 2/8/2015 Cigna Pharmacy confirmed receipt of my order ** showing I ordered 2 prescriptions on CIGNA Home Pharmacy website and in following up the order found they had shipped one correct prescription and one incorrect prescription. Their website enabled me to order and they decided to send a different medication. After several calls they admitted their website was wrong and they were going to change my profile. Unfortunately I will be receiving $110 worth of Anoro Ellipta rather than the order I placed for Spiriva which their website shows a valid Rx expiration date of June 2015 and they tell me by phone the Rx is inactive. They also refused my return of the Anoro Ellipta that I did not order. Even though their website shows a valid/legal prescription for Spiriva (expires 6/2015 with 2 refills) they insisted on submitting a NEW prescription from my Dr.

Something should be done about their prescription home delivery plan. It must be somehow illegal. I am paying for this service and yet when I try to get a refill I have to pay for at least two months of meds before they get it right!!!!! And they will not reimbursement me. I shouldn't have to fight for my meds. It is suppose to be part of the program. It seems like a scam...but I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATED ON 03/06/2015: I wrote a complaint about Cigna Home delivery in Jan. Cigna responded and ask me to email them privately off of this site. I took a chance and followed the link but I was very leery since all of the scams out there. It was a total dead-end. No help, No message, nothing. Their "help" is like their home delivery service, a disgrace! Now what Cigna?? Your "Let us help U" is dysfunctional. PLEASE let's not go through this anymore. JUST send me my Meds that I pay for. Or should I mail you the receipt from Walgreens who always gets it right?!

I went to refill my blood pressure meds with Walgreens and was denied insurance coverage of same through Cigna as I was being forced to use their mail order pharmacy or pay full price at local pharmacy. When asked if they could have meds delivered on that day as my pill supply was depleted, they said "no." I then asked what the cost for my meds would be and they replied $170 some odd dollars for a 3-month supply. I advised that I pay less at the pharmacy about $75 for the same 90-day supply and they said it was an order issued by Miami Dade County Public Schools, my self-insured employer. I have yet to have a good experience with this health management company.

Cigna calls with refill reminders but won't leave a msg on answering machine. Calls home # when I've changed contact # to cell. No one knows why call was made when I call back. Computers are down for 12 hrs every Saturday night. Got all the way through the online ordering process only to get msg at end that request failed. No reason why provided. No warning on website or ph that orders can't be placed during those 12 hrs every week. Couldn't place order by ph during that either. Called the next day and computers down again. Order shipped on January 5th. It's January 15th & I'm still waiting for my meds. Now out of some of them. Waste of time, very inefficient & very frustrating company to work with.

Being a Cigna employee and customer I must confess that it's apparent that they are more concerned with money than their customers. The mail order pharmacy is scary. The way they handle the meds would make anyone sick! They hire for as cheaply as they can get, no one is properly trained, no experience at all. And the problems with customer orders being messed up is such an issue they have a team that does nothing but fix orders filled wrong, wrong meds, missing meds, etc. The actual meds are second rate, often you're not getting what you are supposed to be getting. They get their meds manufactured in third world countries! If you get your meds from them, CHECK VERY CAREFULLY WHAT YOU GET BEFORE YOU TAKE IT! You would be safer to spend the money and go elsewhere. Remember, you get what you pay for.

I would not use this Rx plan, was told last year in Oct 2013 that the home delivery pharmacy would deliver all my meds to me, only to find out it was a I tried again this year. Was told no problem for me to get meds through mail... Well it was a lie again, they offer no explanation. I have been with same doc for seventeen years, also the new plan that was sent to me had a book of pharmacists to fill Rx. Funny thing is they all refuse to fill meds, what happened? They also lied and said to wait till Jan of 2015 then take my meds to any of them listed in the book they sent me...another lie. Have talked to all of them listed in the book - Rx OK and they all say they will not fill now nor ever. Pharmacy says DEA is the cause so I called DEA, they say no problem as long as the Rx are legit they should fill, then they say if the pharmacy does not like the way you look they do not have to fill your meds.

Surely out of twenty pharmacies or more I cannot be disliked!! If I was a person who has broken any rules like doctor shopping, filling early or selling my meds I could understand not being able to fill my meds but none of this has happened. I am going to get rid of Cigna or Cigna-Healthspring or whatever they change their name to. I have been with them since they were called signature, they are a bunch of idiots. I hope they get disabled and have to suffer more than they have made me suffer! Beware of the lies they will tell you just to get you to sign up with them again. Good thing I tested them again on the home deal before it was too late to snuff them out!!!

They have been awesome to deal with. They get my son's anti seizure medication here super fast.

Cigna is by far the most ineffective and inefficient insurance company I have dealt within 40 years. Their mail order and teledrug system is hopelessly broken resulting in both me and my son being off our medication for over 3 weeks. I have cooperated with everything they have asked for, spent hours on the phone (most of it on hold) and we still do not have our medications.

Cigna requires that you try "step down" drugs before they will fill the prescription for what the doctor prescribed and then those drugs cost just as much as what the doctor prescribed so what is the point? It is unacceptable to have an insurance this involved in the choice of the medications I will take. I am paying $1200 a month plus a $6,500 deductible (which means I am paying for everything cash) for the privilege of experiencing this level of systemic incompetence and not receiving my medication.

Cigna Home Delivery is a nightmare. They force people to use this service (the alternative is to pay TEN TIMES as much at a real pharmacy, because they provide zero coverage for that) for medications that are most critical to their well being, and then provide rotten service. I wish every state would pass a law like New York did in 2011, making it illegal for health insurance companies to force people to use mail order, and forcing health insurance companies to offer the exact same price if consumers choose to use a regular pharmacy rather than the mail order pharmacy.

Imagine being forced to fly only on one particular airline unless you are willing to pay ten times as much for a ticket! Imagine being forced to get your mortgage from one particular bank unless you are willing to pay an interest rate ten times as high! Think that would be unfair? So why are people being forced to buy their medications, which in some cases their lives depend on, from their insurance company, or else pay ten times as much? It's criminal - like a gangster holding a gun to your head and saying you have to pay him 'for protection', or else.

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