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Cigna Tel-Drug Insurance Reviews

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2015

After Cigna calls to reconfirm and already filled order, and to verify the cost, AGAIN. This being the 6th call, for only this one prescription, but MANY many calls in regards to the same repeated issues over and over again with Cigna. "Yes, we have your order ready, yes we have your credit card on file, yes we have your shipping address - but we thought we would call and annoy you to go over bogus information that we lost and do the WHOLE process all over again, cause hey that's what we do here at Cigna... lose your personal information and take up your valuable time." They waste your time, send wrong presciptions give you wrong information all the time.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2015

Delay, delay, delay. The first time I dealt with them, their delay caused a delay in a medication I take daily. That delay caused serious withdrawals. The second time I had a new medication to try, the delay took over a month and a half. Every refill was another nightmare. Now, the saga continues. Yet another new drug, and yet more delays. I used to use Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and never had the issues I've had with Cigna Specialty Pharmacy. I can't get better if I can't try these new meds in a timely manner. I wish they would review their process better. If you don't stay on top of them and call, call, call, you'll wait forever!

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2015

On 2/8/2015 Cigna Pharmacy confirmed receipt of my order ** showing I ordered 2 prescriptions on CIGNA Home Pharmacy website and in following up the order found they had shipped one correct prescription and one incorrect prescription. Their website enabled me to order and they decided to send a different medication. After several calls they admitted their website was wrong and they were going to change my profile. Unfortunately I will be receiving $110 worth of Anoro Ellipta rather than the order I placed for Spiriva which their website shows a valid Rx expiration date of June 2015 and they tell me by phone the Rx is inactive. They also refused my return of the Anoro Ellipta that I did not order. Even though their website shows a valid/legal prescription for Spiriva (expires 6/2015 with 2 refills) they insisted on submitting a NEW prescription from my Dr.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2015

Something should be done about their prescription home delivery plan. It must be somehow illegal. I am paying for this service and yet when I try to get a refill I have to pay for at least two months of meds before they get it right!!!!! And they will not reimbursement me. I shouldn't have to fight for my meds. It is suppose to be part of the program. It seems like a scam...but I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATED ON 03/06/2015: I wrote a complaint about Cigna Home delivery in Jan. Cigna responded and ask me to email them privately off of this site. I took a chance and followed the link but I was very leery since all of the scams out there. It was a total dead-end. No help, No message, nothing. Their "help" is like their home delivery service, a disgrace! Now what Cigna?? Your "Let us help U" is dysfunctional. PLEASE let's not go through this anymore. JUST send me my Meds that I pay for. Or should I mail you the receipt from Walgreens who always gets it right?!

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2015

I went to refill my blood pressure meds with Walgreens and was denied insurance coverage of same through Cigna as I was being forced to use their mail order pharmacy or pay full price at local pharmacy. When asked if they could have meds delivered on that day as my pill supply was depleted, they said "no." I then asked what the cost for my meds would be and they replied $170 some odd dollars for a 3-month supply. I advised that I pay less at the pharmacy about $75 for the same 90-day supply and they said it was an order issued by Miami Dade County Public Schools, my self-insured employer. I have yet to have a good experience with this health management company.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2015

Cigna calls with refill reminders but won't leave a msg on answering machine. Calls home # when I've changed contact # to cell. No one knows why call was made when I call back. Computers are down for 12 hrs every Saturday night. Got all the way through the online ordering process only to get msg at end that request failed. No reason why provided. No warning on website or ph that orders can't be placed during those 12 hrs every week. Couldn't place order by ph during that either. Called the next day and computers down again. Order shipped on January 5th. It's January 15th & I'm still waiting for my meds. Now out of some of them. Waste of time, very inefficient & very frustrating company to work with.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2014

Being a Cigna employee and customer I must confess that it's apparent that they are more concerned with money than their customers. The mail order pharmacy is scary. The way they handle the meds would make anyone sick! They hire for as cheaply as they can get, no one is properly trained, no experience at all. And the problems with customer orders being messed up is such an issue they have a team that does nothing but fix orders filled wrong, wrong meds, missing meds, etc. The actual meds are second rate, often you're not getting what you are supposed to be getting. They get their meds manufactured in third world countries! If you get your meds from them, CHECK VERY CAREFULLY WHAT YOU GET BEFORE YOU TAKE IT! You would be safer to spend the money and go elsewhere. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2014

I would not use this Rx plan, was told last year in Oct 2013 that the home delivery pharmacy would deliver all my meds to me, only to find out it was a I tried again this year. Was told no problem for me to get meds through mail... Well it was a lie again, they offer no explanation. I have been with same doc for seventeen years, also the new plan that was sent to me had a book of pharmacists to fill Rx. Funny thing is they all refuse to fill meds, what happened? They also lied and said to wait till Jan of 2015 then take my meds to any of them listed in the book they sent me...another lie. Have talked to all of them listed in the book - Rx OK and they all say they will not fill now nor ever. Pharmacy says DEA is the cause so I called DEA, they say no problem as long as the Rx are legit they should fill, then they say if the pharmacy does not like the way you look they do not have to fill your meds.

Surely out of twenty pharmacies or more I cannot be disliked!! If I was a person who has broken any rules like doctor shopping, filling early or selling my meds I could understand not being able to fill my meds but none of this has happened. I am going to get rid of Cigna or Cigna-Healthspring or whatever they change their name to. I have been with them since they were called signature, they are a bunch of idiots. I hope they get disabled and have to suffer more than they have made me suffer! Beware of the lies they will tell you just to get you to sign up with them again. Good thing I tested them again on the home deal before it was too late to snuff them out!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2014

They have been awesome to deal with. They get my son's anti seizure medication here super fast.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2014

Cigna is by far the most ineffective and inefficient insurance company I have dealt within 40 years. Their mail order and teledrug system is hopelessly broken resulting in both me and my son being off our medication for over 3 weeks. I have cooperated with everything they have asked for, spent hours on the phone (most of it on hold) and we still do not have our medications.

Cigna requires that you try "step down" drugs before they will fill the prescription for what the doctor prescribed and then those drugs cost just as much as what the doctor prescribed so what is the point? It is unacceptable to have an insurance this involved in the choice of the medications I will take. I am paying $1200 a month plus a $6,500 deductible (which means I am paying for everything cash) for the privilege of experiencing this level of systemic incompetence and not receiving my medication.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2014

Cigna Home Delivery is a nightmare. They force people to use this service (the alternative is to pay TEN TIMES as much at a real pharmacy, because they provide zero coverage for that) for medications that are most critical to their well being, and then provide rotten service. I wish every state would pass a law like New York did in 2011, making it illegal for health insurance companies to force people to use mail order, and forcing health insurance companies to offer the exact same price if consumers choose to use a regular pharmacy rather than the mail order pharmacy.

Imagine being forced to fly only on one particular airline unless you are willing to pay ten times as much for a ticket! Imagine being forced to get your mortgage from one particular bank unless you are willing to pay an interest rate ten times as high! Think that would be unfair? So why are people being forced to buy their medications, which in some cases their lives depend on, from their insurance company, or else pay ten times as much? It's criminal - like a gangster holding a gun to your head and saying you have to pay him 'for protection', or else.

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Reviewed July 21, 2014

I had ordered the regular Metformin medication refill on 7/7/14. Since we had moved to a different city, I requested them to make a note of the change in address at least 3 times since I ordered the drugs through phone and not through online. However, they did ship it to my old address just like I feared. Now I have already ran out of my supplies and when I asked them how soon they could ship it to the new address, they wouldn't assure me an express delivery let alone accepting the fault was at their end.

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Reviewed July 17, 2014

Every time I have to mail in a new prescription, it's the same story. Wait, wait, and wait. It is so stressful to have to mail it in and wonder when it's going to arrive. Calling in to find out the status is only slightly less frustrating that having to go online. Why does it take so long? And why can't they give you a specific date of arrival? This service only helps them, not the consumer. It is much more convenient for me to just get my prescriptions at Target!

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Reviewed July 14, 2014

I called on 7/7 needing a new prescription for medication that I have taken for years. They were to contact the doctor to fill them. I explained that I was going out of town and need the medication by 7/21. I authorized an express payment charge to be sure I would get them in time. On 7/11 I received a phone message that they had not heard back from the doctor or me (why me??) and they would hold the order for 5 days. If they did not hear by then, the order would be cancelled. I called and was told they faxed the request only to find out that they were faxing to some number 20 miles away. I asked that if they got the order today, would I have the meds by the 21st. They couldn't guarantee that. I told them to cancel the order and I would have it sent to a local pharmacy.

My concern now is that the last time I had it filled through the Home Pharmacy, I was told that Cigna was holding it up because the 2 prescriptions were for the same condition. WHO is Cigna to question my doctor? Like I said, I've been taking these meds for YEARS. I was also told to request a refill on one and then 5 days later for the 2nd one. Why? I was off the medication for 3 weeks before I got the refills. For some reason I can't believe that Cigna is looking out for my health. I'm just glad it wasn't for my blood pressure meds (that thankfully I get filled locally) because if it was, I could have stroked. Don't know if it's Cigna or their Home Pharmacy that is messed up but I have a feeling it's both.

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Reviewed June 23, 2014

On 6/11/2014, my doctor called in two (2) prescriptions. One was a pill and one was a nasal spray. I did not receive either. After calling on 6/23/14, I was told that they had FAXED the doctor twice and had gotten no reply. This was not verified by my doctor. I did not receive notification or an automated call to alert me there was a concern about the order. When speaking with the "person", he asked me if the dosage was correct since it seemed like a higher dosage than usual. I responded that I was not a doctor and he should follow up with the doctor. After being without the medication for more than one week, I had the doctor call the prescription to my regular pharmacy. Cigna home delivery said they would contact the doctor. I have not heard anything since. I did not receive EITHER prescription and there was no notification of a problem or delay.

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Reviewed June 16, 2014

Terrible. CHD has dropped the ball multiple times. After not mailing my most recent Rx a month after the order was approved, I finally called, was put on hold for 20 minutes, then told that they would mail it. I inquired as to the reason for the delay and could not get an answer. Representatives are inexperienced and often rude.

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Reviewed June 3, 2014

I mailed a prescription on 5/8/14 to be filled. I called on 5/16/14 to order refills and to check on the status of the new prescription. I was told that the new prescription was delayed because they needed to contact the doctor to get clarification on the dosage, but that it was now being processed. (The dosage was perfectly clear on the actual prescription and on the form that was filled out by me, as I kept a copy. ) On 5/25 or 5/26, I called once again to check on the status since I only had enough for a few more days.

At this time, I was told that they had to contact the doctor yet again, but would not give me a straight answer as to why. The customer service placed me on hold and supposedly spoke with the pharmacist. When she returned, she assured me that the pharmacist was expediting my prescription and that it would be overnighted to me on Tuesday, May 27th. I took the last pill on Thursday, May 29th with new prescription for the following day. This was not received until Saturday, May 31st. This is not overnighting in my book! If we had another choice for prescription drugs, we would definitely use it, but we are required to use mail order under our plan.

There is just something wrong with sending prescription medications in the mail. What if they are lost or stolen??? Are they covered by some sort of loss or theft insurance, or will I be charged again to have them filled?? What about the warnings regarding extreme hot and cold temps that may affect the medication?? The entire healthcare system is a mess. If I choose to have my prescriptions filled at the pharmacy in my neighborhood, then I should be allowed to do so and the insurance should pay for it! With the premiums we are paying, this should be a no brainier.

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Reviewed April 26, 2014

I received a delivery from Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy containing two prescriptions that I did not order and don't need. I called them immediately and spoke with a representative who tried to figure out why they were sent. My credit card on file with Cigna was charged $52.69. After being put on hold for a while, she came back and suggested I speak with a supervisor. The supervisor's name is Kim ** and she proceeded to tell me that the prescriptions were ordered by my doctor. The last time I saw my doctor was six weeks prior to receiving these drugs and we discussed the prescription I needed to renew, these two were not on the list. In fact there was only one that needed to be refilled and it took Cigna five weeks and approximately ten phone calls before I received it. During all of these conversations with Cigna representatives there was no mention of any other prescriptions.

Supervisor Kim ** told me that I could not return the unwanted and unrequested prescriptions and that she would not reverse the charges to my credit card. Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy has always been problematic. You receive drugs randomly, but in most cases you can eventually use them. This is not the case. They are simply not worth the effort required or whatever small saving you might receive. It is obvious to me that they don't care about their customers. I intend to support my local, knowledgeable pharmacist who cares about and needs my support.

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Reviewed March 31, 2014

Dealing with CIGNA Home Delivery Pharmacy (Cigna Tel-Drug) requires patience. I have used them over ten years and have had various problems. They have lost my prescriptions that I've mailed in even though I have kept a copy, refused to refill prescriptions when it says on the bottle the date of "refill after", and they have lost the checks or did not use the credit card that is on file, so they billed me. Different employees will tell different stories on how they pro-rate days when it comes to various medications.

I've had rude employees and nice ones. I recently had an employee tell me that the insurance Benefit side can reject or approve prescriptions. So I had the prescription side transfer me to the Insurance Benefit side and was told the opposite. CIGNA does not notify me on various prescriptions when they've rejected a refill even if it shows "2 refills" on the bottle. Makes zero difference to them if I do not need a Pre-Authorization; they have required one. I'm leaving them since peace of mind is more costly than saving $5.00.

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Reviewed March 27, 2014

My Rx for daily Migraine meds was received by them 3/18/14. 3/25/14, I contact them to see the status since it stated on their site they were waiting for info from me. So I contacted customer support and ask them what they were waiting for and they told me they were waiting to see if I still live at the same address. I asked them when they planned on calling me. They said there was a notation to call but they guess nobody had called me, so I said well when did they plan on calling because I was out of my medication I need it.

People depend on their medication. I don't like taking it, I have to take it and now I am out of it. So they said they would overnight it. Well, here it is. The next day & no pills. I called them, they gave me a tracking #, but it has not showed up in the system yet. Not until 11:48pm, I received an email from UPS saying my package was scheduled for next day! Lie. I am canceling my service. I would rather pay out of pocket then have to deal with them ever again.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2014

My employer provides this company as an option for prescriptions. Last year I was prescribed a generic drug. My local pharmacy quoted $30 for 90 days. I called Cigna Tel-Drug at the time and they quoted $20. So I filled the first 90 days through Cigna. As I understood the transaction, as this is a generic, they were selling me this drug direct at $20 - no insurance involved. I refilled it once through Cigna - no issue.. I placed another refill order this month. I signed on to their site to see the status of my order and saw that I was charged $65 and change.

I called to find out what had happened. 45+ minutes on hold waiting for customer service - "experiencing unusually high volume of calls" - this is always the recorded response from any Cigna company. I was told that the refill was submitted to my insurance and the price included a $50 deductible. I explained that I had originally submitted this as a new prescription and, as it was a generic, I understood the transaction as a direct sale for $20. The internet showed that the prescription was being filled (not shipped yet). I said cancel it - don't ship. They said it was already shipped. I said I wanted to return it - they said no returns of filled prescriptions. They claimed that this was their procedure, the fact of my original transaction when I filled the original prescription, was not relevant. I asked for a supervisor - same answers.

With a little research I found that I can fill this prescription at Target for $10 for 90 days. One pharmacy chain will do it for $16-$17. The whole experience was very negative and clearly Cigna companies continue to scam the public - $65 for a $10 prescription. Thinking about reporting this to the NYS Attorney General. It's not the 40-50 bucks, but the fact that they can continue to take advantage of the consumer. If Target can fill this for $10, you know it costs them less. At $65 for a refill, this is quite profitable for Cigna - quite a mark up and just another example of why the American for profit health care system is more expensive than anyplace else in the world while providing quality that ranks somewhere in the middle of the rest of the world.

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2014

I've lost a good relationship with two doctors and am concerned about my newest. Repeated calls about problems always met with denials on Cigna's part (as pointed out, three different doctor's offices have had the same experiences so it is HIGHLY unlikely they are the problem)... The horrible process to reach a live voice... Misinformation when reaching a Cigna representative; the most recent "I had to have my health care provider call in my refills." On three other occasions denials that they received my doctor's requests... Pitiful!!! Try to find someone to speak to about their incompetence... Good luck. Under-trained in everything but mistruths and arrogance!!! Avoid at all costs!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2013

My employer recently changed our insurance coverage to keep our premiums down, so we are now required to get our medications through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. After using them for 6+ months now, I can hardly believe I ever wasted my time going to the local pharmacy every month! Our first order was placed, shipped and IN MY MAILBOX in 4 days! I'm in awe with some of the comments I've seen stating that Cigna is incompetent. I would swear we were using different pharmacies! I LOVE CIGNA HOME DELIVERY PHARMACY and won't switch even if my employer says we can go back to our local pharmacies for our regular medications!

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2013

We have been required to use this pharmacy for the past 4.5 years and they are totally incompetent. In the past, they have cancelled my prescriptions, sent them to my mother-in-law's home in another state, and continuously forget my credit card information. This time, my doctor sent in a new script electronically and for an entire week they have been "processing" the request. Their excuse? The doctor didn't include a signature. First of all, it's electronic. Second, why not pick up a phone and call me? They've done this before!! Each time I say, "Call me and not the doctor." The doctor's voice mail is clear that they will not respond to calls from the pharmacy but only from their patients (HIPPA, I'm sure). Now I've been without my diabetes medication for several days and who knows when they will send it? I am so fed-up with this company. Any money they might save is wasted on the incompetence of the employees or more likely the administration.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2013

LONG turnaround times for refills and many hoops to jump through. Many gaps in my child's epilepsy medication and last minute scrambling to keep her from dropping below therapeutic level. Mail order is forced and my daughter was for some reason denied automatic refills. Last night she had to leave work feeling faint, take a cab to the pharmacy for a 3 day supply of her meds which had to be approved by overwrite. 3 pills for 45 dollars because Cigna wouldn't pay because they require mail order (black mail order??). They never get her meds to her in a reasonable time frame. They say 2 weeks is a reasonable turnaround time. Well, at least she didn't end up in the ER again. This is constant.

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Reviewed June 3, 2013

During a visit with my transplant doctor, we renewed prescriptions online, using the Medical office software to deliver them to Cigna Tel-Drug. I had trouble the last time they were up for renewal but my doctor assured me it was how Cigna wanted it. For some reason, three of the six meds were not able to be processed that day through their (Cigna) system so I took paper scripts and mailed them in the old way. Two weeks later, I got 2 of the mail-ins but not the rest of the online orders. I called Cigna Tel-Drug and they said they had been trying to contact my provider to no avail, and that they were going to be contacting me.

There is one script that they say needs special processing (I've been getting it from them for 8 years! ) so I was shuffled over to another person who filled that over the phone. It arrived a few days later. They asked that I call my doctor to have him resend the missing Rx orders. I called my doctor and was told it was not them, it was Tel-Drug and that they always had an issue with them. Three scripts were left and now I'm on my last week's worth of medicine that is anti-rejection and related (gout, blood pressure) Rx. I can't just start skipping doses but that's what I ended up doing. My doctor's office then contacted Cigna at the # they provided, and it was a dud number. They looked up another one online and finally got through a week ago today. I asked for the meds to be sent overnight and I'D PAY THE COST! There are no meds today and I checked the "useless" site and see that they were shipped on the 30th, but there was no tracking, etc. I called them tonight and they could not tell me anymore than the site shows. But they did confirm it was not rushed.

I don't understand why a pharmacy can't have a sense of urgency when there are customers depending on them to keep their transplanted organ working. Yes, they will blame my doctor's office, but I saw the order go through. The last thing they are concerned with is health, and the primary concern seems to be saving themselves money by not having thinking people on staff to ensure a smooth flow of orders and communication with providers and patients. The order was placed on April 15th and it is now June 3 and it is still not complete. The day they said the last order was shipped, they sent me a letter saying they needed more info from my doctor for the order that was shipped! I called and the other person said it went out but they don't know when I'll get it - frustrating.

What needs to happen is a root cause analysis of how this occurred, looking at all the data from my doctor to their own internal systems. That might result in a quality improvement to their organization and prevent others from going through this ordeal. There was nowhere on their site to suggest this so I found this site to vent on (and on...). Thanks....

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Reviewed April 12, 2013

Shame on you Cigna. Promised full refund and now you're weaseling your way out of it. You were nice enough to call me to check when you saw my normal medicine, always generic brand, was changed to the brand name and of course not covered (requiring a $485 payment). I was thrilled to get the call and confirmed generic was fine, only to get the $485 removed from my account automatically anyway. Subsequent calls confirmed you made a mistake and you promised a refund. Now all of a sudden, no record of such calls. How convenient and terribly dishonest! Stay away from this pharmacy!

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2012

Stay away! After placing an order, it was forgotten. After two weeks and calls, a part of the order was sent. The 12 ** cost at $212.86! Not only is this outrageous, but is a scandalous ripoff. Apparently, the cost from the manufacturer is over $550! Are you kidding? I can get the exact same medication in Canada/Tijuana for a tenth of this cost. I cancelled my account and will never deal with these thieves again. Buyer beware!

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2012

Multiple past refills for Xalaten (brand name) eye drops, after a bad reaction to generic with three separate new vials. Most recent refill was delayed shipping and phone call revealed they were shipping the generic. Explained the situation and they said they would contact my physician. A week and a half later, I heard nothing. I called back, and they told me they had not received an order from the physician for the brand name - they did not have a record of making the request. I advised I was a physician and would give them the order myself. Associate connected me to their voice mail order line and left prescription for brand name. Associate asked me to call back in 48 hours to confirm the shipping as I was now without the medication for over a week.

I called as instructed. The first associate put me on hold for 15 minutes and then the line went dead. I called back – the second associate was more helpful. I was advised that the pricing was the same whether the patient or physician requested brand name and he stated he did not know why that was not told to me before. Order was changed to brand name and overnight shipping was arranged. At this point I have spent an hour+ on the phone, spoke with a total of 4 associates and wonder if the medication will arrive before I leave for a trip. This level of service is poor and does not speak for the quality they claim to deliver (Multiple failures to send correct medication).

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2012

It's true that their pharmacy is very slow. It's also true that even when you mail in a new prescription, they will contact your doctor to make sure he/she wrote it. I have no problems or complaints with that. I have found, however, that we often have to pay out of pocket on anywhere from 2 weeks to a month's worth of medication while waiting on them to arrive, even when ordering a month ahead of time. It's kind of a catch-22 because they can't refill too early, but if you wait until you have a week's worth of medication left, you may be out of pills for a long time before your prescription arrives.

A little inside info on dealing with them: if you get an unhelpful CSR, call back until you get someone who will actually take the time to investigate why it's taking so long and will help get the lead out. It also helps to have an understanding doctor who realizes that it takes a long time to get medication if you have to use Cigna (and we have to use them, our health insurance gives no other choice). My husband takes a couple of very expensive meds - Crestor and Effient. It hurts when we have to pay out of pocket for them, but he must take each every day; not for a month, then off for two weeks, etc. - which is how it would be many times.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2012

Twice Cigna Online Pharmacy has toyed with my health. The first time happened early Summer 2012. When I received my heart medicine from Cigna Online Pharmacy the pill was definitely different in appearance than what I had been taking for years. I called Cigna and they assured me it was chemically the exact same pill, just a different manufacturer. I took the pill and experienced extremely low blood pressure (50/30) and ended up at my heart doctor twice trying to get my blood pressure regulated back to normal levels. I contacted Cigna and asked if they could get the pill I had been taking and they never responded. They did refund me the cost of the medicine (when I asked them to) but it didn't even come close to compensating me for the two trips to my heart doctor and time it took to get my health back to normal for me.

The second experience was this fall. I ordered two lung medicines on 10/18/2012. They sent one but not the other. On 10/28/12, I tried to fill the prescription at a local Walgreens because I was completely out and was told that Cigna denied it because they had sent a 3-month supply on 10/19/12, which meant I would have had to pay full price (about $200) to refill the prescription. When I called Cigna the morning of 10/29/12 and questioned why I hadn't received the medicine yet (contrary to their message to Walgreens), they told me that they were going to send a letter that they would refill the prescription when a $4 balance was paid which my husband owed. I let them know I was a little disturbed that they were only just letting me know about the balance on 10/29, and that was only because I had called them. I also told them that I expected them to authorize me to pick up a one-month supply of my medicine from Walgreens, and then they could mail the other at their leisure. They agreed.

When I went to Walgreens at 5:30 p.m. on 10/29/12, they had authorized the insurance to pay $1 on the medicine at Walgreens! I called them and they said that they had mailed the 3-month supply and could not authorize the pick up at Walgreens despite the fact that they had earlier. They told me the medicine would arrive in 7-10 days. Unbelievable! I am not supposed to be off my medicines for any length of time - so I called my doctor and she gave me samples of another brand of medicine to tide me over until the Cigna order arrives. But it is different, and it has a steroid in it that I don't need. And having to buy a 3-month supply makes it extremely difficult when your doctor is trying to find the right medicine for you - sometimes that involves trying quite a few different medicines, and having a 3-month supply of something you may only take for 15 days and then try something else is crazy. Does Cigna even care about us? What a horrible company to deal with. I would not recommend them to anyone!

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2012

Cigna will not let me use the local pharmacy, yet when I send in my prescription, they take so much time to send it that my prescription lapses. This is a maintenance medication. It is not supposed to lapse. When I called them, I sat on hold for about 15 minutes. When I was put through, the line went dead while I was speaking. I called back and went right back into hold. The thing that devastates me is that these people are controlling my well-being. Losers like this are controlling what medication I get to take.

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Reviewed July 9, 2012

Last year, I was paying $8 for a prescription. This year, I ordered and didn't ask for the price and I paid $24. I called Walmart and their price was $10 for the 90-day supply. Cigna Pharmacy won't let me return the drug. As it turns out, I have to pay full retail price unless I have met the deductible. Walmart's full retail is $10 and Cigna is $24? When I ordered, they did not tell me the price. My mistake to not ask. Cigna does not tell you the price intentionally unless you ask. Beware. This is unethical to not give the customer the price until the product is shipped and billed.

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Reviewed June 24, 2012

Twice Cigna-Tel Drug dissatisfied me. Early in April, I had discount cards so I was only setting them up and told the service agent I would call back on Friday with the Rx I would need. Well, she went ahead and placed an order on 3 Rx and charged my account $181.83. I was not going to get all my med at once because I still have some. I was only going to get one Rx, another time is just now. I called Cigna wondering why I haven’t received a different med which I ordered on June 17.

It is now June 24. The agent said we don’t have a form of payment on file. I’m like when I ordered, a ccard was given so I told her I need to do it overnight. She said that’s $17.95. But then she told me it could take 3 to 5 days. I’m like why am I paying for overnight if it’s not going to happen? If I’m free in this country, why do I have to be told where I can get my maintenance med? I hate dealing with the home delivery.

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Reviewed May 3, 2012

I am a 4th grade teacher in Homestead, FL. The health care program for Dade County Teachers is a complete joke, and the amount of money we have to pay for it is almost laughable since we have had no raise in 5 years. The new contract states that we "have to get our monthly medicines from the Cigna Pharmacy" or we will have to pay for it ourselves. Did you know that the Cigna Pharmacy is located in Pennsylvania? This means that we are not helping out the economy in South Florida by going to a local pharmacy.

My husband and I sent our prescriptions in, actually overnighted them on April 18. Do you know we have not received them yet? My husband is a disabled vet, with a back injury that has reduced him to being a stay at home husband. He has had fusion surgery and then went back to work as pilot for about 10 years, only to have an accident on the job that has left him in severe pain and discomfort for life.

In November, a stimulator was put in and has helped his pain level somewhat, but not completely. The medicines he has had to take maintain his ability to survive. He has been able to cut down, but he will never fully be off the meds. We called Cigna today because they told him yesterday that we would have it today. This was after calling every other day to get an update! Do you know what they told him today? First, they told him that something was back order and that they won't send it out until it’s complete. After 45 minutes on the phone talking to a tech, he finally spoke to the pharmacist so he can make sense out of what is being said, and find out why he was being told all kinds of lies for the last 2 weeks! Do you know what they said? They will not fill the prescription for Narcotics because we live in Florida! Even though he has gotten his medicine from them before, they will not fill the order. Even though his doctor works at Baptist Hospital and they are monthly prescriptions!

They won't even send the prescriptions so we can get them refilled. Basically, he is out of his medicine and they have left us no choice but to spend more money, that we don't have, take him to the ER and get another prescription. This is a complete slap in the face for educators of Dade County, disabled vets, and people in general. I have heard so many stories from other teachers dealing with this Cigna Pharmacy problem. At this point, we are not sure what he is going to do, but if they cannot honor the contract, isn't that a breach of contract?

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Reviewed April 5, 2012

I paid for overnight shipping, but 2 days later, I got no prescription. I called Cigna Tel-Drug, and the service rep told me the overnight shipping charge, $17.95, does not include "processing time", which could take up to 2 weeks. When I asked why this isn't clearly stated on the order form, she said she wasn't "the internet guru" and could only tell me for future reference that this was the case. It's clearly a case of false information/advertising, and it needs to be changed. Overnight shipping means overnight shipping, and I should have my meds in 1 day.

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Reviewed March 16, 2012

I ordered medication in February 2012. I ordered two-day shipping. Two weeks later, still no medicine. My credit card had expired and they failed to contact me to let me know. I tried to get my prescriptions again. This time, I ordered overnight. Two days later, I received one of the three medications. I was told it was too early to order the other two because I had ordered them in February, the medications that I never received in February.

I now have two kids with pneumonia. One just got out of the hospital and one is trying to avoid going in. My doctor prescribed Prednisone for them. This is not a maintenance medication. This is an emergency medication to help the kids breathe. They are two and five years old. I was not able to fill them at the pharmacy. I was told it had to be mail ordered for a three-month supply. What? They can not wait for however long Tel-Drug feels like taking to send this medication.

Does anyone know of a class action law suit? Something needs to be done with this company. This is seriously getting scary that they have the power to deny us our medication when I have had several employees specifically tell me they are not pharmacists.

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2011

My doctor ordered a refill of my cholesterol medication, but Tel-Drug didn't fill it. I called repeatedly, but they kept telling me that the doctor hasn't authorized the prescription (though the doctor originally submitted the prescription). My doctor's office tells me they've submitted the authorization four times and there's nothing else they can do. I am off the cholesterol medication (and I pay for health care coverage out of every paycheck). I don't what else to do to make them fill that prescription.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2011

I have never received the same information twice. They owe me a significant refund and I get a different version of events with every call. I have no money and right now they are telling me they returned $48 on the 1st of Oct for 2 overdrafts they caused. Today is the 6th, there's no money, and nothing pending.

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Reviewed June 21, 2011

I have Cigna prescription insurance and it was suggested I use Cigna Pharmacy to get the Cardizem 120. The first time the Cigna Pharmacy person was pleasant and I received the first prescription in a timely manner. The second time I used Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy was a disaster. The order did not arrive. Repeated calls to the 800.835.3784 requesting order status resulted in being told, on back order, then being mailed, then they did not know where it was and guessed it must be on the 'floor being processed, etc.

I requested a manager and the 'manager' said they would call the next day with status and would expedite. Another call today and was told the manager was working on the problem. I have been without the medication for several days. I cannot find any other number other than the 800.835.3784. They have my current prescription hostage since they say "it is being processed". After reading the complaints about this company, why are they allowed and still doing the same thing? Looks like it would be bad for business! I do not have the heart medication for A-Fib. It appears the stress and frustration outweighs the benefit of the drug.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2010

After being seen by my endocrinologist, I was prescribed insulin called Levemir. Then I told the attendant of the clinic that Cigna Tel-Drug takes at least 10 to 15 days to ship a new prescription and since my glucose was 580 to 600, I needed to get a 30 days supply on CVS while waiting for the 90 days supply to be shipped by Cigna Tel-Drug. ICVS told me that my Insurance Company, Cigna, did not cover Levemir and the cost was above $200.00 for a 30 days supply. Then, I went back to my doctor and he asked me to go to South Baptist Hospital where I could get some free samples to start using it immediately and he gave me another prescription, Lantus.

I called Cigna Tel-Drug again to order Lantus and once again, I was told that they did not cover Lantus either. I passed the call to the attendant of the clinic and after a long conversation between the clinic and Cigna-Tel-Drug, they found out that Cigna did not cover Flex pens but vials only. After clearing this subject, I finally ordered Lantus, 90 days supply, in vials, and again I got a 30 days supply from CVS while waiting the shipment of Lantus from Cigna Tel-Drug for a 90 days supply.

For my surprise, I received 2 shipments, in 2 different days. The first one, I put in the refrigerator but when I received the second one, I realized that it was Lantus, 90 days supply. So, I went to the refrigerator I opened the package, only to find out that they had shipped also Levemir without my order and consent and against my will since I had already ordered Lantus exactly because they had said the Levemir wasn't covered by the insurance. Their mistake is that they said in the first place that they did not cover Flex pens and not Levemir itself. I called Cigna Tel-Drug again and I said that I did never ordered Levemir but Lantus instead due to the incorrect information of the Customer Service who said Levemir was not covered instead of saying that Flex pens were not covered but they refused to receive the return of Levemir and they are charging me $44.00 for that unauthorized prescription due to their own mistake.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2010

On 11/1/2010, I mailed in a re-fill to Cigna Tell Drug. Their site shows that the re-fill request was received on 11/3/2010. I received a recording stating that my re-fill was being processed and will be shipped in the next 1 to 2 business dates. I had 3 medications. One specifically was insulin. Unknown to me, the price of the insulin went up and the total of the 3 prescriptions was over a certain dollar amount. My items were shipped on 11/8/2010. No one from Cigna informed me that the package needed a signature for delivery, as I have never had to sign for the deliver. UPS attempted to deliver to my home address at 5:13 on 11/9/2010. I don’t get home from work until after 6 pm. I saw the UPS notice and signed the back asking UPS to leave it on my front porch.

On 11/10/2010, UPS attempted to deliver it to my home again at 5:22 pm. Once again, I was not home. I finally called UPS and Cigna Tel Drug to let them know that I signed the back of the UPS slip and to please leave it. On 11/11/2010, a 3rd attempt was made at my home at 4:40 pm and, I left a big note on the door asking UPS to leave the package on the porch. Once I arrived home and still did not have my medicine, I called Cigna Tel Drug and spoke with the customer service department, the representative told me I could go to the UPS and pick it up myself and that the price of the insulin has gone up and it needed a signature. I had already had plans to be out of town for the weekend. The representative went on to tell me that is between me and UPS and there was nothing she could do about it.

On 11/16/2010, I again called Cigna Tel Drug to see if my original package was returned as the insulin had been out for over a week and was not good anymore. At that time, I changed the address to have it shipped out to my job. I also spoke with UPS and was told that the package was sitting in my local UPS office. Cigna Tel Drug stated that they would re-ship my items to my place of employment. On 11/18/2010, when I arrived home, there were 2 of my prescriptions on my front porch. However, the insulin was not included. On 11/19/2010, I phoned Cigna Tel Drug and spoke with Vicki. I was told that the insulin was being packaged and will be sent out today. My office is closed the entire week of 11/22-11/26/2010 and no one will be here to sign for it.

Once again, I had to change the shipping address back to my home address. I planned to be in and out of my home as I have appointments and other things going on during the week of Thanksgiving. I cannot guarantee that I will be home to sign for the insulin. The representative informed me that they will try to change the address before the insulin gets shipped and will ask to have it delivered without a signature. I seriously doubt if I will ever get the 10-12 bottles of insulin that will last for 3 months. I have never had this problem with any of my previous order from Cigna Tel Drug. I will never use Cigna Tel Drug again.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2010

In February 2010, in response to marketing letters CIGNA mailed to all Cisco employees covered by their health insurance, I called their Tel-Drug service to inquire about the benefits. The very nice woman in the South Dakota contact center told me that cost savings was a key benefit. She told me that I could get three refills of my two prescription drugs for the price of two. Since a single refill of both cost me $40, that would mean I could get $120 worth of my prescriptions for $80--a $40 savings. So, I agreed.

She said they would contact my physician to get the necessary refill authorizations. So, I gave them the name of my doctor and his contact info. About a week later, I got my drugs in the mail--one refill of each prescription! I called Tel-Drug to complain that I had been charged $80 and only received $40 worth of drugs. The male contact center rep said that they had promised to send me three months of my refills, not three refills. And my doctor had only authorized the amounts that were sent to me as "a three month supply."

When I complained that this was not what I had been told, he said I was wrong and if I had a complaint, I should complain to my doctor who only authorized the single refill. I told him that I was willing to pay the $40 for the one refill I had received, but he said the charge would stand at $80. I filed a formal dispute with Chase Visa Card, and to their credit, they only kept $40 on my credit card bill.

However, CIGNA Tel-Drug continued so send me bills for the "overdue" $40, and today I received a letter from David **, AVP Consumer Services, threatening to "refer your account to our collection agency. " I will reply to the letter from Mr. Long disputing the charge and explain the facts about this overcharge. I have also filed a formal complaint today with the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Board of Pharmacy. They have an online complaint submission process. I will also inform Human Resources at Cisco about my case and how CIGNA Tel-Drug misrepresented their services to me. CIGNA continues to be the current health care insurance provider to Cisco.

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Reviewed June 12, 2010

I initially received a marketing call from Tel-Drug, from a very nice individual who convinced me how fabulous using this program would be. I finally agreed to give it a try, not minding that I would save some money. (I've always been cautious of any mail order program.) Since the first order actually seemed pretty easy, and came fairly quickly, I attempted to refill. Everything fell apart. I gave them 3 1/2 weeks to fill my order, which came late and I missed taking my (very important) medication for 4 days. Not only did they wait until the last minute to send it, but it was a holiday weekend and took over a week to get to me.

Once I finally received my prescription, it had been filled incorrectly. I'm still not sure who is at fault, but I only got a third of the medicine I was supposed to get. When I called Tel-Drug to advise them of this problem, they said they would gladly take care of it and after a few more phone calls. I was assured that the rest of my prescription was on its way. What they should have said, however, is that they were just going to begin the process from scratch, so in the end, I got charged twice, once for the correct Rx and once for the incorrect Rx.

I called Tel-Drug to inquire about what I was sure was a mistake. I was pretty much told "too bad". Since they have to destroy any medication returned to them, I was going to be responsible for both payments regardless of whose mistake it was. I couldn't believe this was their policy, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold several times and treated so poorly by their customer service that I eventually just gave up. As far as I know right now, I am paying for 2 prescriptions, barely enough medicine, and they could care less.

I would beg of anyone considering using this program to never ever do it. It might seem great on paper, but heaven forbid anything goes wrong, they will definitely not be at all helpful. I still believe that good customer service is one of the most important things any company can provide. Cigna Tel-Drug gets a zero for customer service, period. I was unable to take the correct medication prescribed to me for 4 days. I have endured a tremendous amount of stress surrounding this entire ordeal.

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Reviewed June 3, 2010

Every time I go to refill a script, there is some kind of issue. This time, I called it in 3 weeks ago and they didn't have the medicine I needed. Did they call me to tell me? No, I had to call them. This is not the first time something like this has happened but it will be the last since we are now going to use our TRICARE insurance, all because of the prescription services we have received from Cigna over the last year.

We have not used our free military insurance but paid about $8,000 a year for Cigna. I feel that we could have saved the government money by not using TRICARE when we could afford regular insurance. Cigna has made it so difficult to use their services that it is forcing us to use the government TRICARE which my husband is entitled to because he is a retired military man.

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Reviewed July 14, 2009

They have changed the reorder page and now require customer to enter all Rx numbers; previously, they presented customer with list of Rxs for check "yes" or "no" refill. Anyone with vision problems now must alternate between removing glasses to read the tiny labels and putting them back on to use the computer. If one has 25 or 30 Rxs as I do, this is an interminable process. The alternative is snail-mail and hand-writing a form. Why change the previous way when it worked? The customer service person I reached after working my way through the menu tree really didn't give a hoot, addressed me by my first name, and advised me to "have a nice day". At least, she spoke American English!

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2009

A rep for Cigna called me on January 9th to offer the Tel-Drug prescription service, which would provide me with 90 day supplies of both my prescriptions. Over the course of the phone call, the rep specifically asked me if I could tolerate the generic form of one of the drugs.
I told him no, under no circumstances could I take the generic as I had a reaction to it in the past. He made a note of this and at the end of the phone conversation he confirmed my order was for the brand name *only*, and told me the charge that would go on my credit card. I later received my order and they sent me 90 days worth of the very generic I have had a reaction to. I called them immediately to be met with a rep who was defensive right off the bat, and argued with me telling me first that I was wrong, and then that my doctor had verbally confirmed to them that I should *only* be on the generic. That is impossible, because my doctor never prescribes this generic for the sheer number of complaints about it, and when a pharmacy switched me to without authorization, my doctor was furious. Furthermore, in speaking with the doctor's office, I know they sent a fax, which further disputes the rep's account that they verbally confirmed with the doctor.
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Reviewed May 27, 2008

Through my health plan at work my wife and I were receiving prescription medication fro, a company called Cigna Tel Drug. This is a mail order prescription service which provides medications for a period of 90 days and medications are delivered to my home through the mail. To purchase prescriptions I provide Cigna Tel Drug with a credit card number to be used as my co-pay for the medications.

I have been using this service for the past 7 years. Last week I received a phone call followed by an email from Cigna Tel Drug saying they were no longer going to fill or send out any prescriptions because they say I have a balance on my account. Since I provide them with a credit card at each order I found this to be questionable.

I reviewed my recent credit card statements and have determined that I in fact have been charged for each order I received. I called the Cigna Tel Drug representative and explained that I had been charged for the medications I received and I did not owe them a balance. The representative did not want to hear my response and explained that I would not be receiving any more medication unless I paid them $1,559.18. My questions is do they have the right to withhold medications? I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

My wife and I are forced to purchase prescriptions at full retail prices and are being denied insurance coverage from Cigna Tel Drug

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