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David of Clearwater, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

This company kept withdrawing money from my account for two months after cancelling due to my employer picking up the policy. Called to complain on January 28 and was sent a cancellation letter finally after being charged another cycle. These people with AAA Life are thieves. I am cancelling my AAA auto policy Monday when they open.

Denise of Hilton, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Poor company in that they misrepresent fact. Applied early December 2016 and was told I would have response by end of year. This was very important to me as I was leaving my job through which I had life insurance that was in place for the sole purpose of providing for my disabled daughter in the event of my death. I did not receive a response even though I did what was requested of me in each instance immediately. The last I heard from my agent, they had everything but records from my Dr. so I called my Dr. and found out AAA had received Dr. records early January. There is not much to my records, I saw Dr. maybe six times over 5 yr. period.

Finally couldn't wait anymore as my concern for my daughter grew... she would be homeless without this death benefit if anything were to happen to me. After leaving numerous unanswered messages for my agent begging for a response, I called the 1-800 number and discovered that I had been declined! The reason I was told was high blood pressure which I disclosed to my agent during my initial contact with her, which has always been under control and my blood pressure was good on day of my medical exam done by AAA representative. Reason two, anxiety/depression, also disclosed at first contact with agent. Reason 3, fibromyalgia which has no impact on life expectancy. At 61, I have never been hospitalized except for birth of my daughter and take 1 pill a day for blood pressure and occasionally 1 low dose ** for anxiety and my doctor took me off antidepressant since I didn't need it.

So, for reasons disclosed before and during application I was declined AND not given even the professional courtesy by my agent of being notified. It took 2 months to be declined, I wasn't notified, calls were not returned and for reasons they were aware of on day one. If having high blood pressure, anxiety/depression (even though controlled by low dose meds) gets you turned down, why wasn't I told that on day one so I could have moved on? Why did they take two months coverage out of my account knowing I would be turned down? Why no response? Why did it take 2 months? Now that I have been declined, I can't get insurance meaning I am unable to provide for my disabled daughter. I am beyond unhappy with AAA believing that they knowingly took my application and $ with knowledge that I would be turned down. They take months of $ from thousands of applicants with knowledge that person will be declined.

I hope people read this... beware! They are unscrupulous in their business dealings and once turned down, you will not be able to obtain other insurance OR you will have to pay more than double because of these health issues which are now in a MIB database for review by any other prospective insurer. It shows I have high blood pressure even though it was never very high and is well controlled with low dose med. Anxiety is from having disabled daughter, moving across country, leaving job, trying to find new job... all in an attempt to get better care for my daughter. Stay away from this company!

Larry of Birmingham, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I payed my bill on 11/3/2016. I get a bill on 12/5/2016 so I call AAA Life. They said I miss my payment for 11/9/2016. I told the person I talked to I made my payment On 11/3/2016. He said I didn't make a payment so I gave him the confirmation number so he said "you need to talk to escalation" and that was a waste of time So I paid the bill again. I'm not happy with this service I got. I will stop doing business with AAA Life soon. P.S. The Bill Was Only $56.97. Paid Twice!!!

Lacy of Tucker, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had AAA, the gold membership where you pay more. I thought it would be good because I had the gold card but I found that out quick that even with the gold card I had to pay extra because I thought I had unlimited miles. Hell I'm paying for the service, but the driver explained that I'm only covered a limited amount of miles. I was pissed because I needed to get my van back home because I didn't have money for the shop, so I had to pay money out of pocket that I needed for bills, so I decided to leave AAA and sign up with a better service, a better company, unlimited, and better discounts. This company is, known as Motor Club Of America. Excellent service, no long wait times, or out of pocket expense, great service, thanks MCA.

Robert of Columbia, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I was quoted for 57 to 60 $ a month for life insurance, term policy. I had a telephone interview which was not supposed to happen and I gave urine and blood samples for the company. I can't login to receive the results of the test and I was denied the insurance at first because I had a driving history and now they are saying that I can't have it because of the lab results. I intend to obtain a lawyer because I feel discriminated against because I am disabled. I have further went back and applied for the same policy and now they want me to pay 100 and something, more than half of the quote I got from the salesman who called me. I am going to try and sue AAA for $250,000.00 for putting me through the process and denying me the opportunity to receive life insurance.

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Romeo of Katy, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

This insurance I won't recommend. I have car accident last July 2016. I'm trying to get reimbursement on ambulance expenses is about 1500 dollars. The company ask me more paperwork. They going around not willing to pay on my accident expenses. They like to collect premium but when it comes to reimbursement on medical expenses. Forget it.

Alicia of Tacoma, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

We applied and then were charged more than the quote. We called to try to reduce the coverage. The "gentleman" was a jerk and unable to handle such a simple thing. I told them nevermind so I received a letter telling me they could not insure me. If it is THIS hard to sign up with these incompetent people I can only imagine how they would handle a claim.

Robin of Fredonia, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother is 86 years old. She called triple A for coverage. They said they would send her a packet with her card and number. She never received anything!!! But they didn't forget to take her money!!! No refunds!!! Still has no card or number, that's their "policy" is all they will say. Think twice before joining. Anyone who takes advantage of the elderly is not a fit company to use!!!

Stephanie of Coral Springs, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

My father passed away on February 6, 2016. He carried two $10,000 policies. One with Mutual of Omaha and one with AAA Life. My sister notified both companies after the funeral. Mutual of Omaha verified through the funeral home that he had passed and paid the claim in two weeks. AAA required a number of forms be completed and a death certificate be sent. We did so. Then radio silence.

I emailed repeatedly and was told they were "reviewing the claim" - seriously? Then we got a letter stating his beneficiary was his estate. Really? He did not leave his life insurance to himself. He left it to his wife. They REQUIRE you to name a beneficiary when you take out a policy. Now they insisting we send a Letter of Authority from the estate. He had no estate. Everything was in his name AND my mother's. They just don't want to pay the measly little $10,000 he had a policy for and that they paid for over the past 10 years. OUTRAGEOUS behavior for a large company with no compassion.

Tim of Dacula, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I accidentally made an overpayment online bill pay on 2/4/16. I noticed the overpayment on 3/2/16. I contacted customer service right away through several phone calls to get immediate reimbursement. It's 3/16/16 I haven't been reimbursed yet. The customer service rep keeps giving me the runaround and excuses. I've been a customer of AAA life insurance for over 15 years and very disappointed in the attention to this matter. I am very disappointed because I call now every day and keep being put on hold and don't get returned phone calls.

Lisa of Santa Monica, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I like AAA insurance company because of the simplicity of the process to joined and become a member. The company has exceptional customer service and each inquiries are response to in a quick timely manner. If the individual does not have an answer he or she will attempt to connect you to the right party.

Paul of Honolulu, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

From the time that I first inquired into life insurance with this company until the time that I purchased the product, the representative that I dealt with at my local AAA office was extremely helpful -- courteously and patiently answering all of my questions and ensuring that I totally understood every aspect of the product.

Miranda of Canton, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I have only had contact with the company a few times with questions or concerns but overall very happy with the customer service and support. The agency has been available for any reason, question, or any other purpose anytime I have needed them. I hope when I pass that they are as respectful and helpful to my family as they have been for me.

Rosemary of Long Beach, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had AAA insurance for my life and home for 8 yrs, and have never had a problem in any way with them, and I love that they don't bombard me with mail I don't need like so many other companies I deal with. I would highly recommend AAA.

Judy of Porter, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I began buying life insurance from AAA Life Insurance Company more than 15 years ago and have always had confidence in them that when needed they would be there to meet my needs. I have converted from a term life policy to a whole life policy. When I called the 800 contact number to convert my policy the representative helped me to choose the right amount of coverage that I could afford at that time. Thanks to them. I feel better about leaving something behind to cover expenses after my death.

Robert of Brandon, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

It is good to have just in case the unexpected happens. God forbid my family will be taken care of and won't be left with the burden of trying to find or borrow money to try to pay bills or party down with and I won't have to be buried in a cardboard box. Instead I'll be in a fancy pine box with no lid and a bunch of holes thanks to my life insurance.

Leah of Dayton, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

My insurance company is usually very proficient. They answer all my questions. They help me find the best plan for me. Most representatives are very friendly and usually can help me relatively quickly. I have noticed in the past they oftentimes have a long hold time when communicating by phone. A rep will usually call me once a year to update my information and make any changes needed.

Jenn of Owasso, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I feel great knowing my husband and I are covered for a great price! There is also a great price for adding riders or children on the life insurance policies. They are always very helpful and amazing and always willing to help in any way they can. We love having our life insurance, car insurance, and home insurance all with the same company! We also have great experience with roadside assistance as well. We always feel great and well taken care of, and we are always happy to call and ask questions! It never hurts to call and get a quote!

Linda of Irmo, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

This insurance company is well known and the products they sell are competitive in the market place. I have not had any problems with AAA and the service from them has been good. The contact information and customer service is readily available and the information I receive thru the mail is always current. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone needing insurance products of any nature.

Martha of Tulsa, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I really don't have much experience with AAA Life Insurance, other than I have money automatically deducted from my bank account on a monthly basis for my premium. Saying that, I've had no problems with AAA, other than not having success actually logging onto the website so I can see exactly what benefits I have available to me. I've had this policy for more than 20 years. I honestly can't say whether I would or would not recommend them, because I don't know enough, nor do I have enough information, to give an informed opinion. Suffice to say they are an established, reputable company.

Nisha of Jacksonville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA is very cheap and affordable for someone who is my age. It's so easy to apply, not very many questions to answer on the application and their customer service is always on point. There's no hassle or haggle. They are straight, direct and to the point. I would recommend to anyone.

Gerald of Louisville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had nothing but good customer service. The rates are reasonable. They even adjusted my payments after I retired. They also help with my wife's payments and made sure we were able to keep our payments as low as possible in order to keep the coverage that we have. They are a class act when it comes to customer service and looking out for their clients.

June of Annandale, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I am happy with my life insurance because the amount increases each year... I mean the amount due on my death. I have been with them for over forty years and my yearly premium never increases so I think I have very good coverage. They are a well known company so I have no reason my children will get their due when I am gone. What more could I ask for? Because I know I am well covered, this gives me good peace of mind to know that the money will be there. I also like my insurance co. because if I am in a bind and need money I can easily take out a certain amount. I have done this in the past and it was a very easy. I just called them and they sent me a form to fill out and I received what I requested. I do not know if all insurance companies would enable me to do this but mine does so that is another reason my insurance co. is the best.

Andrea of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

The truth I'm too pleased with my life insurance because every time I've needed your assistance has been timely and effective in a complete look... Until now no complaints of it and wanted to continue in the same way though if I would like to note that sometimes waiting times are variants leaving some uncertainty in its response.

Tammy of Scranton, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am satisfied with my coverage of AAA life insurance. I have had the policy for many years now. The representative came to my home to discuss and ask questions to determine whether or not I would qualify for their insurance. Once I qualified it was a quick process to get everything finalized. I don't have a large policy with them but it will help my family cover funeral expenses when the time comes.

Camille of Kennewick, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm a new member of this life insurance and I have had no bad experience with it up til now. I am very, very, very happy with their service. They have different plans and are even affordable and attainable. It sure, sure, sure is a very good company. I have nothing to complain about the service of this company.

Annie of Sedalia, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I like their services. It's easy to communicate and I been using it for like 5 years now. They never fail to impress me, got everything I need. It provide my family a better insurance. Low payment deductible, worth to join. They are there when you need them. Better than other insurance that I use to have before. I will keep this for very long time as I lived! Thank you very much for your service to the customer like me!

Julie of Boardman, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I have several different insurance policies w/ triple AAA. Their auto insurance policy is above and beyond. It has been there for me more than once just w/ a tow truck in an emergency breakdown situation. My Homeowners policy is gold standard. Once, during an extremely high-wind storm, a large tree fell on my garage, crushing an entire side in. The AAA guy was there the day after the storm and had a construction crew was at my home the next day. The repairs were completed in 3 days and AAA immediately made follow-up contact w/ me. AAA is not inexpensive, but it's worth the cost.

William of Portsmouth, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a whole life insurance policy with AAA Life and I have had no issues since 2011 when the policy was issued. I have a local agent and they have earned my trust. I understand that most people on here are discouraged. However, life insurance policies are for investment purposes and must be treated as such and maintained just like a relationship.

Kendra of Ashburn, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Life insurance really are a ripoff to me. You have to pay a life time then a take you through so much to get life insurance. They want to know your whole life history then if you have a condition such as asthma or COPD they up your insurance or don't want to insure you.

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