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When we were buying our home, Richmond American made many promises. They said that the home would be done in 6 to 8 months. It took them 8 months. Every home around here took 8 months. So why say 6? That one. We purchased solar. We have been in the house a month. Guess what no solar. Ben the foreman never turned in the permit to SMUD. But SMUD has been so good to me. Calling me to make sure that when it is installed I knew how to turn it on. They said the builder should help. I told them that the builder said I had to go to the solar company. So the guy from SMUD walked me thru it.

PG&E made me wait at the home all day to check the gas. He said once again that Ben had not turned in the permit. And yes they both (PGE and SMUD) named him. We perched a camera system. The DVR was missing and once again they said to go to the company. The company said it was here in the house. There were big marks on my kitchen cabinets. We say that putty had been splashed on them. REALLY. I was also just told to go thru the home warranty company for any of my complaints. I guess I did piss them off. And, yes, I have called Richmond American home office. And they won't call me back. Now I see why there are so many lawsuits.

We are one of the buyers who is buying a new construction from Richmond American Homes at Auburn Stonegate, Irvine, CA before their Grand Opening, and here are experiences so far. The floorplan that we bought, Chelsea w/o basement, has no Model Home; however, the salesperson walked us through similar one that they built on Lot#5 to show us what the house look like, and what included/not included with the house & options that we are going to pay for. Because of the house design and options that they were included in the price, we decided to purchase.

We visited Home Design Gallery and the headaches start ever since. We constantly have to 'wrestled'/proved to them what came the house/price we are paying for. There are number of things that we were told or have seen from the sale book at their Sale Center that stated as "Standard", when we came to the HDG, they rejected those facts, and we had to go through 1 by 1 'wrestled'/proved to them those came the house/price. For example, in their 'sale book' the kitchen cabinets came with 6 stain colors, the HDG kept denied and saying 5 'till we proved it.

Couple weeks ago, they came back to us saying that our "Artist Loft" Option didn't have the little 'Juliet Balcony' like what they showed us @lot 5 before we signed the contract. Even though couple of their staffs, including the superintendent agreed that is part of the "Loft Option Package", but the HGD manager said that was the mistake and refused to honor that. We wonder if other buyers have similar experiences like ours, and how did they deal with.

What an experience. Richmond American "A different Home buying experience". Take pride in what you do or don't do it at all. Buying my home at Cadence Henderson Nevada has been nothing but a headache. Six months and still chasing employees around to get the work done. Let's stop playing games and get the job done. Don't blame the contractors. Take responsibility and own every situation so that you can deliver on your promise. Can't expect the employees to do an excellent job when the management won't do it. Changing Superintendents is okay if you intend to change the culture of just telling the home buyer what they want hear at the moment and never following up. Nichole ** won't return or answer her phone for a home buyer because she wants her employees to handle the issues and do their job. So who do we call when no one does their job?

These people did not even try hard to help us, our time was wasted going to Home Gallery etc... and their sales agent Roger lied to our face and told that everything was all approved. We complied with everything, meet the superintendent for our pre-drywall appt. and then 12 hours later they emailed the cancellation notice, and not only that to add insult to injury these guys get to hold our deposit hostage for an additional two months so emotionally we get to relive the nightmare over and over again. Horrible experience, I will never buy a house from them in the future!

We selected Richmond knowing and accepting that a builder is always going to be focused on themselves, and the burden is on us as home buyers/builders to make sure things are done. Unfortunately, Richmond doesn't just fall into the category of making their buyers make sure things are done, they are unreliable and unless you're home all day with nothing else to do but manage them - no items will ever get completed.

I STRONGLY encourage anyone looking for a builder to steer clear - I have friends who built at the same time with all the other major ones around Denver and no one else had an experience to this level of dysfunction. To Richmond you're a number and they want your money, it's that simple. The quality of their work, customer service, and your customer experience do not matter. Here are the highlights - or lowlights - of our experience:

Our lot was dug Feb/March 2015 but was forgotten about, not our interpretation. They admitted this directly, until we started hounding them about completion, they did not touch the lot again until the last week of July 2015. At that point, I had to call, email, text, find the phone number for the COO and start having weekly conversations with him to get any effort put back into the completion of my lot. This took time away from my job and family as I had to, with no exaggeration, be in constant contact.

Due to this oversight on their part with moving forward on the lot after digging, we did not close until two days before Christmas when we were slated for an October/November close. Drainage was a major issue on our lot from the day it was dug, we flagged this and provided documentation of the drainage issue starting then through when we moved in, including leaving it as an open item at close. Richmond always acknowledged that it was an issue and it would be taken care of - as no one is okay with standing water on a property. Unfortunately, Richmond does not stand by their word and is now refusing to deal with the issue that has become a health risk with constant standing water breeding mosquitos. Luckily we have the documentation that will force them to deal with this issue, but it shouldn't come to that for something that's literally under $1000 for them to fix and mitigate.

Since moving in we've had a change in home care representatives 3x. The new representatives do not pass on our information and every time we get a new rep they claim they cannot do the work that the one prior has planned on taking on, which leads to many phone calls, emails and frustrations in trying to get work completed on your home.

When Richmond schedules home care, they choose vendors that do not show up, however they require you to take multiples days off work to be home for when their vendor might show up. They will not allow you to find a more reliable vendor to perform the work. At this point we have had the AC repair vendor not show up 3x (yet they refuse to try a different vendor, enforce that the vendor shows up, etc), and we've been without working a/c in our master bedroom since the first week in June (it's August 16). They know that there is an issue with the house, but they refuse to send out the vendors recommended by the previous vendors to address the issue.

And, due to the changes in home care reps, we've had to have the same diagnostic tests performed multiple times with each rep before moving forward just so they can see that it's really an issue. We have to constantly contact Richmond in attempt to get this resolved and have been having to sleep on our first floor couch due to the heat. At this point, we have no faith that it will be solved before the fall cooler temperatures hit. We've talked to other vendors and know that it could be completed within a days work - if we're willing to pay for Richmond's mistakes out of our own pocket.

At the end of the day, while we love our house, we feel exhausted by the experience and completely and totally let down by Richmond as an organization and the quality of their work. The time taken to manage them has lead to issues with our jobs (no company wants you to keep having to take a day off for repair work, or understands when it's the same repair work you have to take off for since the vendors don't show up, nor do employers like when you have to put your job aside to manage your builder), taken valuable and irreplaceable time away from family, and all-in-all taken something that should have been a fantastic experience and made it horrible. We never expected a perfect house or for there to not be issues, but we expected a honest and reputable builder to take care of those issues when they were to arise and one that would stand by their word.

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I'm an owner of house built by the Richmond company in May of 2015. One week before the closing, my family, my realtor, and I had a walk-through of the house with a foreman named Daniel. Daniel provided us different colored sticky notes to mark areas around the house that needed to be fixed or redone. After 30 minutes, the entire house looked like a rainbow with all the different colored sticky notes placed on areas that needed fixing.

Almost all the doors had water damage, almost all the windows had issues opening and closing, the walls and the ceiling had paint and texture issues, the concrete on the front porch had cracks in it, and there was plumbing and hardwood floor issues. When we asked why such obvious issues were not fixed prior to the walkthrough, we were told it was because the house was not a custom house.

I was shocked by this answer, but by the end of year I've realized it's the company's politics. All of the issues above have been recognized and noted roughly before or a little after the closing date, and it has taken the company over a year to fix some of them - some of these issues have yet to be fixed. You can imagine the frustration the buyer is experiencing after a year has gone by and the cracks the representatives promised will get fixed have not even been touched yet.

I've reached out to Dan **, a home care manager, about the cracks and he responded that the company is not responsible for fixing the cracks, even though before our closing date, I was told the Richmond company will fix everything. The tree and bush that were planted before I moved in have died almost a year ago now and has still not been replaced without any good explanation, even though they were supposed to fix everything within a year. Bottom line, the quality of Richmond builder is very poor. They do not follow the contract between them and the buyer. It is extremely difficult to communicate with them.

While residents have to live with noise and construction they are completely ignored by the builder for any requests that pertain to issues from the builder. The builder is also the HOA board majority so this creates a problem with getting anything done except the bare minimum and also fosters an environment where the community gates are left open inviting crime just so the builder can provide easy access to potential buyers even when no subcontractors are working on home sites and the office has been relocated.

We purchased a home the end of 2015. Richmond allowed our family to endure a winter and spring without adequate heat. We have had to leave our own home to go to a family member's because the heat would not reach the setting on the thermostat. We still do not have a quality or adequate furnace at this time. We have put our all into this home, financially and otherwise. When one purchases a new home, they expect the heating system to be adequate for the home's size, efficient & reliable. We requested a reliable company to give us the specs for a furnace to adequately heat our home, discovered the heater installed was too small & the thermostat location incorrect.

Richmond has not communicated with us nor have they followed up in a business like manner: standing us up for appointments, not returning phone calls or e-mails, giving flawed excuses as to why the furnace didn't perform, dragging the situation out since we moved into the home. They finally agreed to replace the furnace with another inadequate furnace installed by the same vendor. Neither the vendor nor Richmond addressed the proper performance to our home and demands of specific functions or criterion when it was installed originally so why should we trust them to install the furnace now? Their reply: "This is not a 'debatable' situation." Where is their customer care?

My wife and I found a new Richmond American home community in St. John's County, FL, near our current home. We signed a contract in mid February 2016 to purchase a Paige model home. In April, we cancelled the contract due to lack of interest from their lender and the incompetent sales folks that seemed to ignore our calls and e-mails. After 3 homes were started on lots that were offered to us first, we knew that we'd either been forgotten, or completely ignored. Please find a home builder elsewhere. Richmond American just doesn't have the people, professionalism, or expertise to build much of anything. Their affiliate mortgage lender is absolutely horrible.

We were wanting to downsize but stay in our town of Castle Rock, CO. We found a ranch model (the Alcott model) by Richmond American only ten minutes away from our old house and fell in love with it. We started construction November 2013 and moved in March 2014. For the first 6 months everything was good but then we started having issues. All of our concrete was cracking very bad, faucets became loose, light fixtures stopped working. We called Richmond and did not get a response for almost 2 months!!! Finally someone came and looked at it. They did replace our concrete and the bad light sockets but not the faucets.

We also at that time (right before our year walk-through) reported that our hardwood floors were splitting. They said they would fix it. On our year walk-through we showed them how our basement was sinking at the back wall but they said because it did not sink a foot they can't fix it. In summer 2015 we started to have more electrical issues. Our fireplace would go on but not stay on. The flood lights in the kitchen stopped working and would not work with new bulbs. We reported this to Richmond but did not hear anything for three months.

Finally in fall someone came and said they would talk to the manager of our area. Just a month ago was when we finally heard back and they said they would come out on Monday. They never came. When we called to figure out why, they said that the manager was no longer working for Richmond. Yesterday someone came and said they will fix the electrical issues. We asked when the hardwood floors will be fixed that we reported a year earlier but when he looked in our file, the issue of the hardwood seems to have (magically) disappeared. We can't get the hardwood fixed as you can only get cosmetic stuff done in the first year. We're now nervous that Richmond will lose our papers for the electrical issues and will not fix them (electrical is only a 2 year warranty).

Our issues though are minor compared to our neighbor. Their foundation is sinking in the middle. They have been having flooding in their finished basement for 2 years now (they hired their own engineer and found Richmond did not grade the property correctly). Richmond only replaced the sinking concrete and the lower part of the drywall leaving a horrible line in the wall, and now there looks like a mountain under the carpet in the middle of the room. With all the machines that Richmond had they ruined their stair's carpet and won't replace it. They are now suing Richmond. My tip to all of you: If you get a Richmond home take pictures of issues with the date and record the date you gave it to Richmond, and record that they say they will fix it. Otherwise they might try to say you never reported it and will deny to fix it.

I signed a contract agreement on May 31st, 2015 to buy a house in Seola Gardens in SW Seattle. It is already March 2016, and my house isn't ready. Richmond American Homes keeps blaming the city of Seattle for not installing power. Reality is RAH doesn't have the manpower to keep up with all the houses they are building, and instead they want to blame someone else for things not being done.

In addition, the lack of communication and professionalism from their staff is unbelievable. I will never recommend to anyone Richmond American Homes due to their lack of ethics, and dishonest way of doing business. I will be posting another detail complaint after I close in my house of everything I went through with Richmond American Homes. This is just to warn people -- DO NOT buy from Richmond American Homes under any circumstances, and if you decide to go with them please read all the fines prints and ask the right questions. RAH once you are in contract and they have your earnest money doesn't care or will take into consideration what you have to say. RAH will always blame all construction delays in someone else, and they will never be accountable for it.

We bought a new construction home from Richmond American in August 2008. Within 6 months we had major leaks. The main leak from our master bath to the downstairs family room was pretty bad. We were told over and over that (after 6 months of living there) we had not caulked correctly and that is why it was leaking. It took us 4 years to have them come fix it (it was determined that they did not install the shower pan correctly). They fixed the leak but their workmanship was incredibly shoddy and as a result we will need to redo our bathroom (again). I love our home. It is a beautiful floor plan, but I will never recommend this company. We have had 6 major leaks in this house. No excuse.

Here it is ten years after the house was built I am still finding poor workmanship with Richmond American Homes. I noticed that there was termites eating the baseboard in the utility room. After removing a "12x12" piece of sheet rock I found where they were coming from. Seems that there was a fix of some sort and Richmond had to remove a piece of the floor concrete before the walls were put up but never filled it back in with concrete and the framers didn't care to tell anyone about it. They just frame around it and everyone after that didn't report it. The hole is 8 inches deep by 3 inches wide and about 6" long. Termites love easy access like that. I am fixing it myself since I have building experience.

If anyone is thinking about buying a Richmond American home think twice about. I have had nothing but problems for the past ten years. Water was leaking under toilet and MB wax seal was bad but this what I found after I removed the toilet. 3rd and fourth image. Toilet drain was not sealed with concrete. Notice water stains on MB bathroom, removed toilet and this is what I found. The toilet flange was in the wrong place so the plumbers chiseled out the concrete around the flange and installed an offset one but failed to fill in the area that was chiseled out with concrete.

Also there was no wax seal under the toilet. Over time water from flushing the toilet started leaking under the toilet and under the tiles causing what you see in the pictures. There was black mold behind the sheet rock. I removed the sheet rock and abated the mold. I then fixed the water damage in a more professional way. Also there was water damage to a serving buffet that was handed down to me by my parents. I have a lot more issues too numerous to post. Like I said beware of Richmond American when looking for a new home.

Bought a Richmond American Home in 2014. Brand new property from the builder. Seemingly a reputable company, they tend to build houses with cheap material and quite fast with lack of attention to quality. Had multiple discussions/inquiries and issues post-buying with the agent at the Royal Legacy office and she is rude and disrespectful. On one occasion, she asked us to leave her office and she slammed the door against us. Not professional. Stay away from the company. Don't get burned like me.

After some communications we were able to resolve the issue and Richmond American stood behind their agreement. I am satisfied with the resolution.

Original Review

I was transferred from Utah to Washington this past fall. We went and looked at homes in the Tehaleh subdivision in Bonney Lake Washington. We chose Richmond American homes because of their quality, customer service, and my family's great experiences with your homes. My wife and I had 2 days to find a home. There was a home that had been built for another buyer that had to back out of due to a relocation that fell through. This home was almost done and we would be able to close before Thanksgiving. We decided to buy the home and we could not have been happier. James ** the sales representative did a great job of setting up the offer. We also took the incentive to go through their loan division and got the lower interest rate for closing before the end of 2015.

I turned in all of the required paperwork over the next few days to Jim **, the loan officer for the area. As we got closer I provided insurance information and anything else that was requested. I had some loan questions so I checked with Jim twice before and never received an answer. I traveled to Seattle on business and did the walk through on the trip. I was informed my loan was through underwriting and was at escrow. I was ok since the loan was approved and at escrow finances so I didn't worry about Jim never getting back with me about the questions so I left it alone. We were going to close on November 25th right before Thanksgiving but we had to adjust the date to December 1st due to the closing of our home in Utah. My family moved to Washington on November 22nd and stayed at a hotel.

On November 30th I started to call to find out where to send my down payment and where to sign. James was finally able to get a hold of Jim and we were informed the escrow did not have our paperwork yet. After delays and delays, we finally learned that when we adjusted the date to December 1st, Jim put December 18th in as the closing date even though all of the paperwork said the 1st. There was no sense of urgency and no one was worried about me and my family staying in a hotel for an additional 18 days. James ** finally put us in touch with Stephen **, the director of sales for Washington.

After a few phone calls, he finally said that he didn't have to do anything about the additional costs of the hotel stay but he would pay some of the hotel and meals or he would give me a $2,900 washer and dryer. We didn't need a washer and dryer since we had a 5 year old set in good condition. We decided to go with the set anyways and then give our old set away to someone in need. Stephen had everything lined up to deliver the washer and dryer after we moved in to the home.

The set was delivered December 22 and I asked the install crew if it was a good set and he just said that they sell a lot of them. I went to register the set on the GE website and I looked up the model numbers and the set we got have an MSRP of $700 for the washer and $800 for the dryer. I thought GE might have sent the wrong ones so I contacted Stephen and he said those are the ones that were ordered and that is what I get got the $2,900 set he promised. Not only are they the low end set but they are the lowest ones available from GE and well below the $2,900 price promised. I know that they buy direct from GE. I know that the $2900 set I was promised was really less out of pocket for Richmond American. To have Steve switch out what was promised for lowest end product just made Richmond lose their integrity as a company over a couple hundred dollars total out of pocket.

I am in the sales industry and I know that if I do not take care of my customers, they go buy somewhere else. If I am dishonest to my customers, it is almost impossible to get their business back because my word is longer good. I came to Richmond American homes because of their reputation and referrals. My wife and family are really liking the home and the neighborhood but with these experiences, it just overshadows all of the good. After this experience, I would not want to recommend Richmond American Homes to anyone. I have tried to talk to the complaint department at Richmond American and they have said that Stephen has the final word. Why would anyone want to go back and work with someone that has been dishonest with you? The longer this goes, the more disgusted I get with them.

We signed a purchase agreement May 30, 2015 @ Haven at Harbor Hill, in Gig Harbor. We proceeded to make arrangements to move into an apartment after receiving preapproval. We were told it would take 6 months to complete, Nov 30, closing. They didn't actually start construction until Sept. RAH went through 5 Superintendents during our build. We were told we'd have a detailed site walkthrough before laying our foundation. What we received... new superintendent, "This is where your house is going to go." We asked a couple questions, which he couldn't answer, and his only reply was, "I don't know how Richmond American Homes does it. I'll call and find out." That was the last time we saw Dana.

Dennis, was the next new superintendent and he actually came in and got things done. With the exception of making sure trades followed their #1 rule... cleanliness. Not a single trade cleaned up after themselves. They sealed right over the sawdust, framed our fireplace while leaving all left over materials and sawdust on the inside. Only reason we found that out was because it was framed wrong and they had to tear it down. So my hubby went over and cleaned up their mess. Then in Nov, that superintendent quit, and all work halted. Hindsight... I knew things were going to fall apart, but just not sure how. Two weeks later a new superintendent showed up and our move in date went from Dec 18, 2015 to Dec 28, 2015.

Our heart and soul went into this house. We picked the lot, started from scratch, and had three Home Gallery appointments, picking out all our furnishings (we had lots of upgrades). Our family of six had spent the last two years in a three bedroom apartment. We finally started seeing the light. We were all excited to see the daily process and saw the end vision of our home. Then the worst month of our life came in Dec 2015.

December came with problem after problem. We renamed Tuesdays to try again Tuesday. The day before our counters were supposed to go in, we get a phone call, "Your counters are no longer available and you need to pick out new ones." First problem in this scenario, we picked all our furnishings in July, finalized them in August, it's now December and you're just now finding this out! Secondly, we designed the whole kitchen around our counter tops and at this point flooring and cabinetry were already in. We had to settle for something we didn't like because it's the only thing that went with the upgraded flooring and cabinetry. My husband had to call into work and take off to take care of this problem. After that debacle, you would think it couldn't get much worse... WRONG!

We then get a phone call after counters are installed, "We cut the hole wrong for your kitchen sink faucet. You may have to pick out a new slab." This was the only thing anyone came through for. The counter top employees, the new superintendent Kirsty, and me showed up to try and figure out a solution. The countertop guys told me about a bridge faucet. RAH's head of construction was unwilling to drive the home gallery samples of bridge faucets to us at 2 pm in the afternoon and wanted to wait until the next day. The new superintendent offered to take the long drive and pick them up. The bridge faucet worked, crisis resolved, and it looked beautiful.

Shortly after, we received confirmation from the head of construction for a Dec 28, closing. My husband and I had no idea how they were going to make that happen, but proceeded forward. We gave our 20 day notice to our apartment complex, reserved a moving truck, did a USPS change of address, had mortgage ins and new car ins (because it was a great deal bundled together), only to get a call days later from the lender, and the day before our Dec 18 walkthrough saying there was a problem with our VA loan.

All morning there had been tons of communication and getting all the last minute paperwork turned in. Soon as this hiccup happened everything stopped. We had room to work, offered another $20,000 and they were unwilling to work with us. So two weeks before move in and a week before Christmas they destroyed our family. Not to mention now it's almost been seven months that we've been waiting. What's even more interesting, after they pulled the rug out from us they turned around and sold it for $30k more.

There's lots of other little things I've left out, but just writing this has drained me, and I honestly don't want to think of the pain they caused our family anymore. I wish I had it in me to take them to court, because no one deserves to be treated the way they treat people. Not once did Richmond American Homes take responsibility for their wrong doing. They were like a pack of children, "we didn't do it!"

We've just moved in to our brand new home about 2 months at Catalina Cove, Las Vegas and we are first-time homeowners. Going on to our first walk-through when the home was almost completed, we noticed uneven & cracked tiles, crooked back splashes, chipped, scratched mirrors, all 3 of bathtubs either cracked or scratched, & paint-blemished interior/exterior. Second walk-through, exterior of house. The side of the house was cut out due to a leak in the A/C pipes from a screw. Majority of the problems within 3-5 weeks after moving in.

Now living in the home, we've noticed loud squeaking areas on the second floor. Carpet had to be cut and removed to be fixed. Problem was nails/screws that were not securing anything but just rubbing/squeaking. We were also promised things that still didn't receive. To me it seems that the house was rushed and not completed by professionals. For the amount of money invested, expectation was very high.

House finished basement flooded the day we moved in. My inspection report that I paid for said the basement window well was set too low and not graded properly. The Richmond construction supervisor on the closing walk thru said "I have a Certificate of Occupancy and we can and will sell this house, I do not need to look at the basement bedroom window well." Nine months later Richmond had refurbished the basement only to have the basement floor start heaving due to the water that penetrated the basement floor joint and whetted the soil under the basement floor slabs. Warranty specification was 3/8" over a 32" run. I had areas up as much as 1.5+" over a 32" run. Instead of doing a proper repair Richmond wanted to "grind the high spots and put in a heavier carpet pad". I'm an engineer and that does not solve the underlying problem.

We finally hired an attorney and brought in our own forensic engineering firm to analyze the problem. My forensic engineering firm reported to me in a 60 page report that the heaving was indeed caused by the basement flooding. Additionally the drainage in the rear and on both sides of the house was not draining water away from the foundation. Richmond had not compacted the soils around the house which allowed the soils to sink and not drain from around the house. My attorney was very helpful. Colorado has a "6-year right of repose" law, which means any defect you find and report in writing within the first 6 years of ownership, Richmond is on the hook to fix. GET AN ATTORNEY. IT'S NOT THAT EXPENSIVE.

I agree with all of the other reviews. NEVER BUY FROM RICHMOND AMERICAN! Our home is 7 years old. We noticed a problem when our dining room wall crumbled. I had several roofers come to the house and they unanimously said the builder did not install the roof properly. After many of phone calls and social media posts, I was able to get a representative from Richmond American Homes to come to the house. THEY AGREED THE ROOF WAS NEGLIGENTLY INSTALLED! Having said that, they said, "Sorry! The home is 7 years old. Buyer's problem."

My husband and I recently purchased a brand new Richmond American home in Fairfield, CA (Oliver Canyon subdivision area of Goldridge). Within 2 days of living in the house, we came home to water running out the front door of our brand new house. When we entered the home, we noticed there was water everywhere on the bottom floor along with fecal matter. Apparently all the water came out of the toilet downstairs. This was not a backup toilet as there were gallons of water which flowed all over the first floor and actually made it into the garage. We called the emergency number for Richmond Homes where we finally got someone to respond (2 hours later). The first floor had to be cleaned up and sanitized. All our brand new laminate flooring had to be pulled up along with some carpeting. In addition, the water actually damaged some drywall and ruined a recently epoxied garage.

A plumber was sent out and quickly discovered that the sewer line was blocked by concrete so all water backed up in the pipe (eventually coming back out into the house). The plumber suspects a contractor probably ran grout or concrete down the sink when work, it solidified, and caused the blockage. This flood event happened on September 18, 2015. It is today October 7, 2015 and we are still waiting for the bottom floor to be repair (reinstalled). We are living out of a hotel right now with our dogs in a kennel (paying the expenses out of our own pocket-told we will be reimbursed 4 to 6 weeks later). The only things that have been done are the floors have been clean and sanitized and drywall fixed. Communications have been poor in letting us know when the flooring will be installed. We have had to make numerous calls to find out the status and no one seems to be in any sort of a rush.

We are definitely just considered a number to Richmond American Homes. Along with sleeping in a hotel for a week so far (and our dogs in a kennel) and having to fork out the $140 bucks a night for hotel and $40 for kennel up front, we have no idea how many more nights we will have to pay as we don't know when we will be able to move into the house we are currently paying for. I recently had major knee surgery and am having to deal with recovery with that on top of dealing with not really having a home. My husband's parents came out for vacation (used all their vacation) and had to deal with our house issues. It is ridiculous that Richmond is not acting fast in fixing this problem. It is ridiculous that Richmond will not compensate us for this. The only "compensation" is upgraded flooring. We asked for additional upgrades and were turned down.

I am really disappointed in the way Richmond American has handled this on their end. Barely any communication and not fixing the problem quickly. If they would have done that and approved our additional requests for a few upgrades I would not feel like I have to write this. I would advise anyone looking to purchase a new home to stay clear from Richmond American Homes. There are other home builders out there who treat their customers a lot better and have a better quality product. A very pissed off Richmond customer.

I purchased Richmond American Home, community called Village at Old Blackhawk Road at Danville California back in 2002. I purchased empty lots, so I went through very beginning to 10+ years of living at Richmond American Home experience and I would like to share with you. Also, recently I sold my house, that is why now I'm more comfortable to come out and express my opinion. If you living in Bay area, new housing are limited and you just don't have much choices. When I purchase this particular house, I had to line up 4 am in the morning of the day of release on phase to purchase this house. So, they have upper hands from the beginning. Let me tell you, purchasing experience was horrible. It's like If you don't like it, go other places type of attitude. But nightmare start from walk-in inspection and lasted over 10 years. (I fixed so many things and costs me thousands!)

Here are some of few examples. My house was 3600 sq ft and 5.5 bath. There are hot water circulation system in the near water tank. Immediately after we moved in, we noticed that it will take about 3 min to get hot water to master bath/shower. Later, Richmond American replaced twice on hot water circulation units, but no improvement. Then later I found out that circulation system pipe was connected incorrectly that no circulation at all. I demand them to fix all pipes, then they turn around and said, "3 min of wait for hot water is normal for this type of big house." Obviously they didn't do anything. 3 months later, we notice large puddle in garage. It turns out that garage wall had leak (Again they didn't do anything). Year later, when I fix landscape, I found large crack on foundation and look like strange connection on pipe under the foundation.

Several years later, I try to clean jet bath on master bedroom. I found tons of trash and beer cans. When I try to put Christmas light, found crack on roof and no cover at Chimney. List goes on and on. So, if you are thinking or consider to buy Richmond American, STAY AWAY!!! The major problem is their employee and their top management. They just don't care about customer and sell you junk with highest price. To Richmond American management. Since I already sold my house, there are nothing you can do. However, if you write apology letter and compensation for my 10 years of nightmare, I will post your apology letter to this website. But if I don't see any apology and compensation, I will continue to echo my experience for every single website.

To Buyer or consider to buy Richmond American Home. If you don't see any update on this site. That means Richmond American Homes don't care about customer who experienced with 10+ years of nightmare. Again, STAY AWAY from them and don't be another victim like me. PLEASE!!! To other viewer who already purchased Richmond American Homes. If you are experienced with similar issue like me, PLEASE write your review. It is not acceptable for this kind of business practice exist. Consumer like us, we need stand together and SHUT DOWN this kind of bad business. PLEASE write review and make sure to demand for fix. Even many years past. You are not alone! Please write a review.

We had a number of problems early on with our home but most weren't enough to worry about. Recently we had a drain leaking into our basement due to a screw in a pipe. They told me due to the age of my home they couldn't be blamed. Because clearly older homes begin to magically create screws that go through pipes to hold them in place. The plumber that came to fix the issue said it was clearly installed by someone that had no idea what they were doing. They clearly hire unskilled labor to just throw together a home for the cheapest amount possible and screw you at every chance to get things fixed. I'd never buy a Richmond home again. 2 apes with a hammer could have done better.

After 10 years of struggling with sewer line problem from defective initial installation, notified Richmond American Homes. They hide behind an 8-year warranty law instead of doing the right thing and fixing their mistake. Shameful disregard to workmanship errors. Avoid this builder at all costs. Not reputable.

I bought a Richmond American Home in Az that is just going on 9 years old. It's not even there yet. Upon finally moving in and getting settled in, I've noticed several things. Nothing too major - it's a "used house" and it wasn't exactly taken the best care of to begin with. So, so far, ok. Upon closer inspection on the outside of the home about 2 months after I moved in, I noticed some interesting things. First, the tops of several of the window pop-outs have NO STUCCO. None. It's just exposed foam. Then, I noticed several cracks. That's usual, but, upon closer inspection, the cracks are a little wider, deeper and run all over. So I GENTLY pushed on several arrears near, and around the cracks, only to literally see the stucco wall FLEX! With LESS than a pound of force. NOT GOOD.

I called the local Warranty office, get a Rep explain the situation, etc. Upon review, they inform me that the house is out of warranty, this is not their issue and there's nothing they're going to do. WOW. It's NOT a warranty issue - it's poor workmanship from the start! They don't want to accept any liability, or responsibility. They do not want to try to repair it or even contribute anything to the repair of it. I'm not looking for a hand out, or a "free" repair. But hey, can I get some (SOME) assistance here? Guess not.

In being in the House Construction industry, working with several builders, ALL of them told me this is not right, it's not ethical and ALL of them would've either fixed it FREE, or assisted and provided help in doing so. Not Richmond American - I'll NEVER buy one of their sub-par homes again - I suggest you do the same. I'll invest in a REAL house next time, which will be in another 6 months or less, as I'm selling it and moving once I resolve this and have the house corrected, on my own... Thanks for nothing!

Best Advice: No matter what, never buy a Richmond Home. We purchased our home in Feb. 2013 in Sunset Village, Denver. I knew the home wouldn't be done as promised (from others) so planned 2 months extra. It wasn't done, ready, cleaned, and still had visible items to complete. In short this entire 2+ years has been a nightmare. If there was something to buy in Denver we would move. To name only a few items, the front landing and steps fell forward within a few weeks and the driveway as well as drainage pipes began pulling apart at the seams too. We've had several leaks, multiple furnace issues, half of the garage floor is heaving, multiple construction defects and scars on appliances, granite, flooring, cabinetry, baseboards, walls, and many items that so many others have already mentioned. The subcontractors were unbelievably the worst and unsupervised.

The neighborhood is only 25 homes and all of us got to know each other very quickly as we're all outside talking about problems. Together we have managed to get a few things done - but I hesitate to say correctly done as all I have experienced is "patching" "gluing" "sikoflexing cracks" (our private street has tar poured into larger than 1" wide cracks and the tar is several inches below street level in less than one year of being patched).

The worst construction problem here is that one home was lived in for several months and when winter came they discovered there were no heating ducts in two bedrooms. The sales rep said there weren't supposed to be. The big question is where were the inspectors?? The worst situation is that the upper management who glad-handed and gave cell phone numbers will not call back or respond. We intend to continue to look for resolutions how ever we can. Disgusted in Denver!

Have unresolved issues: have been in contact with warranty agent continually. Front step started cracking and sinking two months after home was built in June 2014. The Tree in the front yard was noted to be dead since spring and has yet to be replaced as of August 18th 2015. All this company cares about is new business and building new homes. Buyers BEWARE.

In 2008, we closed and moved into our home with relative ease and no immediate issues. Even though, I would highly recommend that for your future buyers, please give them more time for a final walkthrough because within 6 months after the walk-through; we can identify at least 50+ nail pops. The current issue at hand, in which I'm filing this complaint with you about, is kitchen bump-out in which the pipes were not insulated. Unbeknownst to us, the pipes apparently froze and burst but went undetected until June 27, 2015. We had guests over for that particular weekend and we use the room in the basement, directly under the kitchen sink, for overflow guests and were informed then that the carpet was wet. Please keep in mind that, while our home was being built during the winter; we scheduled visits to view the progress but most of those appointments were canceled because the community itself was iced over and unsafe due to the weather.

SO, WHY NOT insulate pipes that could possible freeze? I contacted Residential Warranty Company to inform them of this issue and to begin the claims process. I was informed that the pipes were out of warranty in 2010 and that the remainder of the warranty only covered the foundation of our home. I then contacted our home owner’s insurance and informed them of the issue as well. They sent out a Plumber and, based on the rotted wood, they stated that, since the damage isn't recent, it wasn't covered. So, we called a Plumber ourselves because we, at minimum had to resolve the leak. Both Plumbers indicated that this is a builder issue because the pipes should have been insulated.

As I previously stated, there were several times our scheduled visits during construction were canceled due to icy weather so you would think insulating the exposed pipes would have been a natural course of action. I strongly believe that Richmond American Homes is at fault and, at minimum; we would like Richmond American Homes repair the damage done by the water. As it stands now, they are unwilling to even send one of their people out to inspect and assess the damages. I have been in contact with the Reston, VA and Denver, Colorado offices. SHAME ON YOU Richmond American.

I filed the below with the BBB. My advice, stay away from Richmond. Closing dates get pushed, quality standards get ignored, senior management doesn't seem to care, and it is a nightmare that you will have to deal with. At this point, I am seeking legal assistance. We purchased a home through American Richmond Homes on 15 May, 2015. This was the third time closing was pushed back and a three different superintendents later. We even had to have three levels of supervision involved, as well as the Director of the home warranty department. Yet, to this end, not much has been addressed. Out of what has been address, maybe half of it was done right and the rest has to be re-repaired.

We have about 4 pages of items that were carry-over from construction. Plus, they were doing a lot of work the first closing date. They had ripped up most of the driveway and numerous areas in the house where there were "twisted studs." There is countless areas through the home where work was done poorly. In my mind it was a rush to get a house ready for closing instead of following the standards.

Other than the driveway and the twisted studs in eight different areas of the house, the master shower tile was put in crooked. There was a leak in a bathroom sink caused damage to the cabinets. A concrete pad in the garage was poured wrong, causing water to pool on the garage floor. The front yard was never graded right, so there is hills and valleys in the sod where there shouldn't be. The plumbing rattles and clanks whenever the clothes washer is ran, as well as when the toilets in the master is flushed. There is a ticking noise in the wall above the master sinks when one of them is used. Several areas inside and outside of the house were painted poorly, missed spots or used a different paint during touch-ups. The wood floor had to replaced several times because of a bow in the floor, gaps in areas, and numerous scratches or chips. The shower door creaks badly when you open and lose it in the master.

There is chipped granite yet to be fixed. It took over two weeks to finish a leaking roof and water damage in our 1-yr old daughter's room, and still never confirmed that they found out where it was coming in from on the outside of the roof. One of the engineer's floor joist on the main level was drilled into by the electrician, compromising it, and then they braced with an additional board. The dishwasher has not been installed correctly. We had to argue about getting the steps corrected to code leading the sidewalk outside, but they would not fix the steps to the driveway that are still out of code. The repair on the driveway and new concrete looks horrible and is already flaking.

There are creaks and popping noises in the floor as you walk across it. The shower pipe was never grounded to the tile in one of the bathrooms. Drywall is coming off in the laundry. Boards were not cut properly to meet at joints around the outside of the house. Shingles were not even cut properly and led to bows and jagged edges in the roof. The sprinkler system is not working properly and they didn't even bury the line leading from the garage. Several pieces of the high-end cabinets we purchased were damaged, not cut properly, or installed improperly. Padding under the carpet feels different or bunched up in several areas.

Just is just some of the items I can think of as I do not actually a copy of the sheets from the carryover. Regardless, Richmond needs to follow the same standards on every build that they use in their model homes. Houses should be built with the same precision. Drywall and paint completed just as perfectly. Trim and cabinets installed with the same precision. There should be two different standards. Also, they cannot let go of one superintendent and expect another to pick up the workload of two. You can address new houses and carry-over on existing houses with one person, because both homeowners and potential buyers will suffer the same problems... a sub-standard home when all should be following the same Richmond standard that is used in their model homes that influence customer's decisions to buy a Richmond home.

In contract (2015) buying a Richmond American home in Las Vegas, NV. My concern is the inconsistent answers from sales representatives to their regional corporate staff. Misrepresented the gated community home footprints. Stated from 2900 to 4200 sq ft ranch homes. A few weeks after we went into contract, Richmond American added two smaller models that significantly change the shape of the gated community from luxury homes to less valued homes. If I knew Richmond American was going to add these two smaller homes I would have not purchased. I have addressed this with the sales representative but get the deer in the headlight look.

Do not purchase a Richmond Home. They are slow in responding to building concerns. Not little concerns but huge ones such as cement cracking and poor grading of their lots. We have gone through 4 Home Care Technicians who quit because the complaints are overwhelming. We are still waiting to have issues we have identified resolved and it has been two years. With our neighbors we are considering filing a class action against them.

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