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Background: Purchased a Palm Harbor home from the Buda (TX) sales lot in June 2006. Below is a first person account (NOT hearsay or 3rd party) of the total lack of quality in this Palm Harbor home. This comment section might be long... but please read. It is for your information to avoid buying a Palm Harbor home. You buy... you will be sorry and filled with regret.

Roof was replaced (have pics) last year (2015). Thus roof lasted 9 years. It leaked so bad... now the ceiling has to be repainted. The siding (was suppose to last 20 years) is already going soft. There are about 3 areas at the base of the siding around the perimeter of the trailer. The kitchen sink drain leaked. The fitting at the base was not even hand tightened. This caused the water to run on the shelve underneath the sink. Went around later and noticed all sinks (at the time before remodeling I had 4 kitchen/bathroom sinks) were snug at best or loose.

The setup crew either ran out of solid concrete cinder blocks or they didn't care. Thus there was a gap underneath the master bedroom bath where the trailer was held up by... I guess by thin air. Frame slightly bent. I had the mobile trailer re-leveled prior to my remodeling. This crew (they were true professionals vs. the Palm Harbor sub'd-out crew) could not believe that the Palm Harbor set up crew did not water leveling (this is a clear hose with colored dyed water) to level my home when originally bought.

Please follow me here... this might be a tad bit long: Double wide trailers are put together and where the fascia meets on both sides at the very top... at the apex... there is a gap. Good mobile home mfg's will custom form a piece of siding to hide the gap. Or the set crew will simply use a saw after measuring what needs to be cut. NOT Palm Harbor... they just pick up any old piece of siding. I mean way too big and slap it up. It looks cheap AND IS CHEAP.

The BASE PLATE: Having remodeled this trailer, I have come to learn about just "how" it is built. One word comes to mind... CHEAPLY! The "base plate" (this is one your wall studs stand on) is not a 2"X4" like on a conventional site built home. Could we possibly get maybe a 1" X 4" piece of wood for the base plate? Think again! The base plate is not even, not EVEN a 1" X 4' (to be exact a 1X3 for the interior walls). In fact, I don't know what it's made out of. Wood perhaps... not sure. Given that, there is nothing to nail in your base boards into.

The toilet are great... that is if you stand about 4 feet tall. They are closer to what you see at a day care facility for children. Bathroom cabinets: The interior of both bathroom cabinets were not painted at all. What I got was RAW OSB board. There is so much plastic in this house i.e., the outside light fixtures were not made of metal. Just cheap formed plastic. Kitchen island: The kitchen island was made OK. No complaints. But it was crooked in relation to the kitchen walls. I guess Palm Harbor can't pull a 90 from a wall.

Paid extra to have a type of James Hardie skirting used. Did not want that cheap plastic skirting. Skirting was poorly installed and cracked later. That was about 700 bucks down the drain. The flooring is a joke. I'm talking about the sub-floor here. Got the plywood option for $2400... was a rip. Anyway, the plywood is not even 5/8" thick. They use a type of 1/2" plywood... paper thin!!! I could go on but I've been too long here. Electrical... windows (I have "flow thru ventilation... with the windows CLOSED!), etc. etc. Avoid ALL mobile homes. They do not increase in value. You will pay M-O-R-E for insurance. Guaranteed. But most of all... DO NOT BUY PALM HARBOR.

Follow the reviews. STAY AWAY FROM PALM HARBOR HOMES!!! We worked with the general manager at the start. We told them we were cash payers and that seemed to excite them initially. Once manager got our money he was gone from company and everything went wrong. We were promised a $1500 gift card, never got it and still fighting for it, the temporary steps they provide are unstable, dangerously steep, and all for us have been injured on them yet PH doesn't want to do anything about that.

The house has been unlevel since we moved in and they refuse to do anything about it even when we hired an engineer to look at it and he agreed that we had a major problem. We have had to have them replace our kitchen floor 4 times, FOUR!! We have had to move all our furniture and appliances every time and open up our home for 2+ days of work. Even after new floors were put in they found a way to ruin it or scratch or it'd ripple up etc. Floors along were a complete nightmare. They've done floor work in literally every room. Our drawers have completely fallen apart in our hands when we slid them out to get things like a fork. Cabinets are all hung crooked and look like crap. We "upgraded" the carpet and the cabinets... I can't imagine what the the non-upgraded stuff is like because our cabinets and carpet are CHEAP, very cheap!

I said something to Greg ** and he said "ya the carpets and things are cheaper because it's the way they keep the cost of the homes down" but since I take good care of it we might be able to get 10yrs out of it. We moved in and found holes in the walls, crap on the carpets, scratches in the paneled walls. I had list after list after list of problems they needed to fix from the very start. We were lied to by the salesman about how long it takes to be able to move in to the house so we had to move in while they were still doing "trim out" and working on all the lists I had made of the problems I found immediately upon move in.

The pantry door had the glass in it and we clearly told them we wanted a solid door there. And had to fight for one of those because stupid salesman did not put it on contract and they want to try and fight that if you wanted something then it HAD to be in the contract. I can honestly say, what you see in the model is nothing like what you get. The couple of trim out people that have come have said that the house is put together with one person working over another trying to pump the houses out as quickly as possible and the last thing they care about is it being done in a "quality workmanship" way.

It's all about getting them done as fast as possible like a production line. They told me the carpet is rolled out on the concrete outside of the home and cuts are made. But while carpets laid out all the workers walk all over it in the factory so there's been paint and such on carpets that are from other homes or dirt or mud stains from the workers shoes. The carpet is poor poor poor quality and ours is supposedly the upgraded stuff. The molding and trim they put everywhere is a cardboard wrapped in paper, they even told me that's what it is.

It's crappy quality big time, cheapest stuff possible. You will not get what you see in the models. You will get much worse. The customer service to get things done is HORRIBLE. They are incredibly rude! All of them!!! They act like everything is customers fault and try to weasel out of everything. We were promised a gift card because they wouldn't do some things we wanted by the general manager we bought from but since he left the day after we paid cash for our home they aren't wanting to honor his promise.

Here's a list of some of the problems we've had, and remember, we have only been in it a year: hinges rusted in bathroom, kitchen drawers broke in our hands, cabinets are hungry crooked, all outlets are put in extremely crooked, doors swing shut on their own because they won't fix the leveling issue we've had since before we moved in, hole in wall from door handle (done in factory before stopper was put on), weather stripping on doors ripped up, been through 4 kitchen floors, humps bumps and bouncy spots throughout house.

Horrible let carpet seams, carpet just falls apart to the touch, cracks in walls, wavy roof, unstable dangerous steps provided, cheap cheap cheap products, use stain pen to try and cover problems, caulk gaps on cabinetry because they didn't want to have to fix it, put quarter round on top of built in desk top because there was a big gap between it and wall and they didn't want to have to rebuild it or fix it properly so they just covered it up. The list truly goes on and on and on.

Palm Harbor is definitely a company you do NOT want to buy from if you care about spending your hard earned money on a well built home. Once they have your money, they treat you like completely worthless crap. When you want something serious fixed, like the fact our home was never level, they tell you that it will cost them too much to have the right people come out and level the home so they can't do it for you. What?? Um, no, you're still responsible to fix our home regardless of what it costs. Just beware. They give you poor quality and will do anything to get out of fixing the issues. We were told by their own employees that they are given bonuses each month for how many houses they can do. They rush through house after house to get their bonuses! That's why you get ** work.

I have been doing a lot of research for a manufactured home that I will enjoy. I came across one of Palm Harbor's models and then called about upgrades. It was only in discussing the upgrades did the person helping me mention that the pictures on their websites were for the upgraded model. Next to the picture of the home the price is $36,900. You have to look at the fine print at the bottom of the page to read the home shown may not be representative of the actual price. She said that the price for the model in the pictures was actually $54,900! If you are considering buying one of their homes from looking at the models on the webpage, make sure you call and ask for the real price for the model shown.

I purchased a new home from Palm Harbor in 2004, which was to have a refrigerator with an ice maker. When the home was delivered and set up there was no refrigerator. I called and they said they had to take the one out of the home I purchased and put it into another home they sold, but would get me another, to which they did but without an ice maker. I called for approximately a year, "2004-2005" and still to this date in 2016 no ice maker! What does a person have to do to get what you pay for?

I was so incredibly happy with my home and the team of people involved, I had to give a great review. From sales, to the mover, all the way down the line to the team who did the skirting, my home turned out perfect. Palm harbor provides a high quality home.

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First off I should have trusted the reviews. It has been about three months working with them. Some of the fault falls on me because I had to get info for them. I am told things that I know are wrong because I double check on this. They tell me with the company they are working with. I love the house I picked out. But with everyone story, starting to sound like mine. Not sure what I should do.

A few days later someone from Palm Harbor apologized to us. I shared my feelings with her and she was incredibly understanding.

We also have decided to go with Jacobson Homes. They are excellent. Clayton had great customer service, but Jacobson had everything that we wanted in a home. They have been really fun to work with! Ask for Matt. He knows what he is doing and has a ton of experience.

Original Review

Terrible experience dealing with this store. I never write reviews, but I feel like I need to in order to save someone that time that I wasted with this company. We went to see the homes and our salesperson was unable to answer any of our questions. I felt like half of our time was them trashing other companies pushing comparisons and the other half prying our financial information from us to determine if we were worth their time. The sales rep and manager wouldn't answer any of my questions straightforward and kept asking about our financial position. I can assure you we are absolutely financially secure and only needed them to answer my questions.

I called a few days later and again, same thing, only wanted to see my pre-approval, wanted to know my credit score, how much my loan was for, pushing for us to use in-house financing, and bashing the other companies we were contemplating using. We were just in a few days previous and the manager didn't even remember who we were!! Worst customer service ever. Their reviews are absolutely horrible and now I know why! They will not be getting any of our money, and they can keep their homes. I called Clayton Homes and their customer service was excellent and they answered every question that I had without prying me for financial information and pushing me to use in-house financing. I felt traumatized by Palm Harbor. I felt like I had been abused by a terrible manipulative used car salesmen. Janeen at Clayton Homes helped restore my perception of manufactured home dealers. Go with Clayton.

All I can say about Palm Harbor Homes is to stay away. The workmanship in your home is not what you see in the models. What you see there is not what you get. Our cabinet drawers are all falling apart after only 9 months of living here. The trim is cardboard wrapped in paper. All of our outlets were installed crooked. Apparently they don't know what a level is. Our shower was installed improperly and our shower door does not close. They came out and caulked it to death to make it close but it looks horrible. They did not install a utility tub at the factory like we asked. It took months to get it. We had no screen door on our patio which we should have had. We were blatantly lied to by the manager about our financing. Also, the contractors they hire to do anything unusual like installing different flooring are just as bad as the factory.

Our whole house looks like a DIY gone bad. We asked them to build us a special cabinet for our microwave/oven unit. We gave them the exact measurements and a picture, but they can't do anything custom because they don't have workers that are smart enough. They built it with a lip so we couldn't get the unit in. Why didn't they just ask if that was correct before they did it. We had to saw off the lip. It has been a nightmare. They treat you like you are important when they take your money but then they build you a crappy house and want nothing to do with you afterwards. My personal goal is to put them out of business. Biggest ripoff ever. We should have done better with our homework. So that part is our fault. They make you sign a waiver that you will not sue them. I wonder why?

Me and my wife bought our home from Plam Harbor in Mid-December 2015. We did not receive our home until March 3rd, 2016. It took Plam Harbor 6 weeks to come out to start finish up with the construction of our home. Their "timeline" for finishing the construction of the house was 60 days. It has now been nearly 90 days. We have had our CO for the past 6 weeks and have been ready to move in since then. I have never experienced worst customer service and the continued excuses on why they are behind in the construction process.

As everyone else has said, before you purchase the home, they are your best friend. After you buy, they could careless about you. It has been the worst experience my wife and myself have ever experienced. Since we have been in the process of buying our home, we have had dozen of people come to us asking about our home because they are in the market for a new home. We turned them away immediately. If you are someone considering purchasing from Palm Harbor in Plant City, FL, please don't. Read all of the reviews and notice the similarities.

The factory rep in Austin seems to think that shoddy workmanship is okay. My kitchen cabinet door keep falling apart and now my shower door won't close. The factory rep said, "Too bad, I can't see sending anyone down to fix anything." Today I had a repairman come to the house and he said the reason the shower door is not closing is because it has parts missing. He may or may not be able to repair it and if he can't I will have to put out money for a new door.

Going on 3 days without a/c in summer Florida. Very rude customer service. These people are your best friends when taking your money then don't know who you are after the sale. When you call for customer service you are treated like you owe them. The p.o.s. poorly built trap was late from the beginning.

When I called about some repairs to my floors and plumbing I was told that they were not covered because Palm Harbor had filed for bankruptcy. That I had purchased the Gold Key warranty did not matter. I was told to crawl under my home to fix my floors and cut a hole in the wall to fix the plumbing. I feel like I paid for something and got nothing. How can I get my 6-yr old home fixed?

Salesman totally misrepresented his product. Construction took way longer than told. Craftsmanship terrible. Absolutely terrible communication about logistics and scheduling. Overpriced, inferior product and terrible customer service. Terrible terrible experience. Please don't purchase a mobile home from this company. If you do, good luck, you were warned! Call me anytime **, I'll be happy to share experience. And you're welcome to tour our un-level, cut-cornered, cheap house of horrors!!

We cannot say enough nice things about our Palm Harbor home or about the customer service we received. Ronnie, our salesman, went above and beyond to assist us from beginning to end. Our home is absolutely beautiful and we appreciate him making our retirement dream lake home a reality! All of our questions and concerns were addressed. Any problems we had, and there were only a few, were taken care of in a timely manner. We have lived in our new home for 4 months and not a day goes by my husband and I both comment on how beautiful it is. Thank you Palm Harbor Homes! Thank you Ronnie and crew!!

We are looking to put a home on our mountain property. I heard about Palm Harbor Homes and looked them up on the internet. I viewed their photos of the homes they offered and found several floor plans that I like. The closest place to me to walk through a model home is 375 miles away. After reading the reviews of Palm Harbor Homes, I won't bother making that trip! I have spent two hours reading the horror stories of others and am amazed at what I've read - and had never read one positive thing about the staff or the homes themselves! Customer service issues are (sadly) one thing but manufacturing issues and repair issues are a complete other issue! Thanks everyone that have posted their (horrible) incidents here - you have saved me millions! Best of luck to everyone! I will continue my search for a beautiful home - far far away from Palm Harbor Homes!

Palm Harbor Homes advertise that they will build your dream home. Well, at the end they build their dream home, so that they will make more money. They put cheap things in upgraded homes and send out people to complete the job that not even know what they are doing! We have a new home where we had to put in new floor, new kitchen cabinets and a new roof!! If you buy a home, don't go to Palm Harbor Homes, instead go to Solitaire where you get what you order.

The saleslady who claims to be christian lies through her teeth and the GM blames everything on the factory. They acted like our best friends when they asked for us to pay cash 100% for a discount then once we had our home ordered then the problems started. We could never get the head guy on the phone and the little saleslady acted like she had no control of anything then we always had to leave a message with someone that's the operations manager and she was never available to answer our questions. Then we would get her to calls us and she would tell us that Mike ** is the only one that could help us. We then called Corporate then a call from factory and back to the OM and then back to the GM Mike **. We have had our home for a year and we still don't have things fixed so I just did it myself. Please don't believe anyone in this office.

Called Palm Harbor about the roof leak and their 5 yr warranty. Never would call me back. My home is 3 years old. Still after a month no call from Palm Harbor.

Purchased our home 7 years ago and for the last 4 years have been fighting with leaky roof. All roof vents were improperly installed. Shingles installed wrong. Called about it. The local factory had been shut down and since we did not purchase the gold key plan they would not do anything to fix it. Shingles have 25 year warranty but doesn't cover installation. With all the roof leaks we are having to replace Sheetrock ceilings which are crap. They have no screws, nails or staples. Ceiling Sheetrock is held in place with expanding foam. Explains why all my ceilings are cracked at the joints throughout my home. Floor marriage line is uneven because there is a big bolt stuck in it. And electrical to main pole is spliced under the home. Wish I had never went to Palm Harbor. What a waste of money. But now we are stuck.

In 2014, I bought a home (Evolution) from the Austin-Ben White/Hwy 183 locations. It took nearly five months to get it built and delivered. During this time the salesperson was my best friend for months and months. She even invited my husband and I go to Germany with her and her husband for the Christmas market. Soon after I signed the papers and called she is too busy to take my calls or even return them. The service coordinator at the Ben White office was also friendly and told me she would take care of everything that need repairs. THEN when the home was delivered and problems began she won't take my calls or return my messages. I have left a list a mile long of call records.

I have had nothing but disaster trying to get the repairs done. The in the factory repair dept has been great but he has his hand tied and apologized numerous times for not getting the repairs done. They have been out at least 9 times on some of the same problems. I have popping and creaking in our floors ALL over our home. They come out and cut holes in underbelly then put some type of wood shims or metal brackets to stop the creaks. It stops where they put the shims and then within a few feet another creak pops up. It has happened every time they come out to work on this problem. All they have done is open up an expressway for the mice to enter my home. I have to put out traps to control them. IT'S A BRAND NEW HOME AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH MICE!

Then I have horrible cracks in the marriage lines. They tape and float the area and now it looks like crap because there are so many times (3) it's been worked on the tape and float are worse than the cracks. My interior and exterior doors won't close all the way so they come out and just screw the screws in more to do a temporary fix. NOW it's worse.

The BIGGEST problem is my air conditioning system. My home is 3192 square feet which SHOULD BE a 5 ton unit but they installed a 4 ton unit. In the summer it runs continuously and my electric bill is out of control. I have had two different companies out to check it and both say it's the wrong size. I had to pay for both companies for the service calls. Palm Harbor sent the company reps out and they tell my husband and me there must be a crimp in the hose in the ceiling somewhere but when they get back to the company it's a total different answer. I even contacted the state on these problems and they got a few taken care of but the biggest problems still remain. No one will take the responsibility for getting our home repaired. All I get is I will trade the AC unit out with a five ton on the lot and then find a place for the four ton. NEVER happened only excuses why it won't work. I call BS on all the excuses I have gotten.

I can't put a AC filter in where it is manufactured to go because the area is where they installed the freon lines and electric lines to the inside unit. SO again I am told to contact the company that installed the unit. They say they did not install the inside unit (which is correct) and that PH should fix the problem. More excuses from Palm Harbor. I have to tape a filter to the return air vent. That's nice. *more to come* I could go on and on about the repairs needed but the most important thing I can tell you is if you are planning on buying a manufactured home please do not go to Palm Harbor anywhere to buy, it will we the biggest mistake you can make.

Contacted Mike ** in Millersburg, Oregon regarding a roof leak. Even though it is past their 1 Year warranty and the roof is leaking through the can lights in the ceiling, they have offered $100. Now, we don't live in this Park Model as it is on a recreation site for random use. In talking to Mike ** he indicated that this particular park model with the double loft has in issue with the ridge vent due to the 2/12 roof slope and the flattening of the ridge vent in the hot sun. Then when it rains the rain tends to pool up on these now flat roof vent shingles and backfeeds in an around the hold down nails leaking inside.

So Palm Harbor won't take care of a major defect in both workmanship and a degraded ridge vent that potentially will allow rain into the house. My Park Model is a whole 2 years old, and because the hot summer didn't happen until the 2nd year of ownership, We are ** out of luck and Palm Harbor is dancing away with our monies. Don't skimp on the price because you will lose in the long run. Washing our hands of Palm Harbor thanks to our attorney.

We move in our home in 2006. Bought it new. Within the first year we guys from the factory back in several times. My tile in my kitchen started coming up, the grout was cracking. Line down the marriage wall cracking. Three years later I had a leaky roof and tiles cracking in my kitchen floor. The tiles are cracking because it was laid straight on the subflooring. Called about my leaky roof, was told not their problem because the levels on our modular home weren't checked. My home is on a permanent foundation. Got nowhere with them. The roof is under a 10 year warranty. Still got nowhere. Still going to try again.

Well, Palm Harbor itself has been relatively OK. The unit I bought is OK but still needs some follow up by Palm Harbor. So far, they've been pretty good with punch issues. So, satisfied now but we're still not completely finished. The problem is with Palm Harbor associates - which, disappointingly, Palm Harbor likes to separate themselves when the going gets tough. Palm Harbor basically told me to get lost when I needed them most. Factory Expo - the PH partner sales group - pulled some unscrupulous moves on me - a Palm Harbor customer - but when couldn't get satisfactory resolution from FE, Palm Harbor tried to make it clear to me that they had nothing to do with them. Well, they do - plain and simple.

This rejection came from high corporate ranks and not from staff who were/are perfectly fine. Factory Expo shoved an unscrupulous contractor (ProSet Services) my way and then gave them all of my money - 100% of it - in exchange for receipts (so says FE) for completed work. None of the work had been completed and most of it not even initiated - so, receipts? For finished work? You fill in the blanks. It left me helpless with ProSet which is a company as unprofessional as you can get. They accused me of obstruction, sabotage, causing delays (caused by them) and blackmail. FE continued to put its head in the sand, and PH told me to get lost - leaving me as a feeding station for "un" ProSet.

Well, since FE pushed this thing called ProSet on me - took all of my money... right wrong or indifferent - I expected FE and Palm Harbor to treat me like a customer. They didn't. So, if dealing with PH and FE, beware. Don't set yourself up as a victim as I unwittingly did. Beware FE - they may try to use you as they did me. ** is my EMAIL if you'd like some samples of their written nonsense - from all 3. I have to say again, the field staff from PH have been professional and do quality work. They did some relatively big repairs to my home and did it well. It was a pleasure meeting and working with them. PH management? Well - that's a whole different story.

This whole "adventure" tops my list as one of the most horrific dealings I've ever experienced. The people at FE (some) have been sneaky and the folks at ProSet - well - the worst of the worst - do a background check on all of them. You be the judge. Palm Harbor would do well to take charge of their associates and initiate measures that, as these entities represent PH, assure a good customer experience 100% of the time.

I bought my home in 2006. I actually started in 2005. The sales staff loves you when you first come in, but dump you when it is time to get your home set up. We were homeless for 2 weeks, living in tents because they didn't do their job. The kitchen cabinets are a disaster. Contact paper is pretty much what they are finished with. We were supposed to have a Carrier air conditioner, have something called International that is about shot. Yes, we have been here almost 10 years. We take good care of our homes, and we have had so many issues it would take a book to list them. Our sales staff no longer exist. Shortly after we bought ours they closed down. We have had roof leaks, plumbing leaks, doors in the wrong place, siding coming off, wrong color siding, wrong color shutters, steps we paid too much for not made of pressure treated wood, wanted electrical switch for generator, wasn't installed, tile floors cracking.

We have corrected many things ourselves and still working on others. The kitchen floor is a mess. I dropped a glass on it, glass bounced and didn't break but big chip of tile broke off! I will eventually replace. I know Palm Harbor will not fix anything. We fought that battle until my husband's health was so bad that became most important to me. He died last year, and the issues with Palm Harbor contributed. I plan on living here for about 10 more years, then selling. By then, all the crap will be fixed at my expense. It will be a better home than I bought. Yet I will probably not make a profit. Getting too old to put up with this stuff.

From the very beginning we received bad service but we thought ** (our saleswoman) was new so we gave her the benefit. Worst thing ever. We set up an appt with her and she brought us into her office. Immediately she began to talk about credit and other things. She was excited to show us around until we refused to let her run our credit. Once we looked around we found a home that we were interested in and decided to let her run our credit. Once she saw the excellent credit history she was ready to walk the soles off of her shoes. We told her that we were still looking a different options. Then we made the worst mistake ever. She talked us into give her a $1000 deposit check with the promise that no monies would be spent without our consent and we could receive a full refund if we decided not to buy a home from them.

After a few weeks of going back and forth, we decided to go with another company. Now, before they can refund our money we must prove that they cashed the check. CRAZY!!!!! Why should I have to prove you cashed my check. Shouldn't your bank account prove that. Once they knew we were not buying from them ** and ** were extremely rude. Not sure what I am going to do but it's not going to be nice. DO NOT GO TO THE PLANT CITY, FL LOCATION. TOTAL CROOKS!!!!

We've had numerous problems with our house in the last 7 years. At first, Palm Harbor sent someone out to attempt to fix problems and then they disappear. They did send someone to square up the transom window over the door but he was unable to square a door frame we had problems with. We gave up on it. We were supposed to have tray ceilings, like the model home we saw, but we received flat ceilings. We found out that the salesman, **, at New Era (out of business) did not write it down. The contractor, **, quoted an outrageous amount to change the ceilings so we declined. His workers had torn out the dining room ceiling before getting the authorization so they patched it, doing a terrible job.

Over the years, we've found more shortcuts that were taken including this last problem -- Palm Harbor installed a front porch across the entire front of the house which has a staircase to the ground. We've been replacing spindles on the railings, replacing railings, as well as steps. Palm Harbor used untreated lumber on sections of the porch railings and spindles, which have rotted. They were supposed to use treated lumber. Did they save that much money by using untreated lumber????

Also, several of the steps were installed upside down. That would be the fault of the contractor for the steps. The contractor, **, did as little as possible and disappeared before finishing the job. (He had the nerve to work on the house next door and promise to finish ours but never did.) We've spent more money on this porch than we ever dreamed and we haven't replaced the entire porch yet. It's only a matter of time before we have to replace the entire porch as well as the deck on the back of the house.

I read the comments someone wrote about paint colors. We picked out a color from a sample sheet for the exterior and though they said it was the color we picked out it, it turned out a lot darker than we expected. We expected a cream color (I think they called it butter cream) but it came out yellow. When we complained, they said we would be charged to paint it. The interior color was also wrong and the contractor changed it but it still was not the correct color. I believe New Era had different color samples than Palm Harbor. I would not recommend Palm Harbor or ** or **.

Went to Palm Harbor Conroe was greeted by sales rep. ** who wanted to sit down right away and discuss finances, credit and all other personal information without even allowing us to view homes. I explained that we would like to see what was available first and if we would even be interested in what was available. He stated that he wouldn't show the homes until all his information was obtained. So we promptly left and will never return. What a way to make a sale ** - "way to go." It's difficult to trust a person when the first thing out of their mouth is *give me all your information before you even know if you want or like my product* - what a joke!

They took the 500. They sold 2 pieces of property that was suppose to be ours out from under us. The 2nd they even said we could move stuff into the garage. 2 days before we are to move out of current, we are told there's a option pending on that property and they try to send us to another. So here we are with 2 babies and animals with no place to live. They won't return phone calls and when they do they rush through and try to get off as quick as possible. So now we are done with the runaround. We have to go get our stuff from the garage and take off a lock we put on. We had expected a hotel stay for a few days while the home was getting set up but now we have nothing and can't afford to stay in a hotel for a month! We are out of options with newborn babies and animals. **!

I was thinking about buying one of their homes... After reading these reviews, I contacted the company by email, and asked them if they resolved any of these people's problems. I also gave them the link to the reviews site. I asked them if they confronted these issues.... The manager never wrote me back. I called, and asked and always got transferred to voicemail. I then sent a email to the company stating how they should be ashamed for even putting Palm harbor homes as their occupation. It's a pathetic joke of a company. I truly hate them. No intentions of ever being a respectable company, no intentions on making things right... Like I said, Pathetic. So obviously I found another builder and I'm having a fantastic experience with someone else.

Well first please please don't waste your time with palm harbor especially if your score is low. They advertise that they will help you with a score as low as 575 and what they do is take your 500 dollars and wait the 7 to 10 business days so they can keep their money and you don't get any calls. This is how they take poor people's money!!! So please don't do what we did because we are still homeless!

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