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    Last updated: Jan. 20, 2018

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    Original review: Jan. 20, 2018

    I bought a Fleetwood home in 2001. It is the worst piece of crap. The house is out of square and every drawer has broken from its base. This is garbage and I will get try to let everyone know not to buy Fleetwood if it is the last thing I do. I am a vet and I know the public will hear me. You should see the sorry workmanship all thru the house. It was found that scrap wood and other garbage was placed under the bathtub which I had to remove. Lazy workers did not do their job. If I had been able at the time I would have sued you into the next century. But it's too late so I will do my best online and in public with help to let the public know to stay away from shysters like you.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

    Have nothing but good to say about The 2 bedroom 16 x 80 Westfield by Fleetwood mobile home. It's a 1997 Father lived in for 12 years, The wife and I have lived in for 4 years. Roof does not leak, but installing a new metal roof on it now, had new carpet installed couple years back. But overall very pleased with it. Do not believe that there is any home no matter who built it or what type that will not require some maintenance cost? But have seen very little of those cost with this home?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

    Bought a used Fleetwood home that was full of surprises! Wiring to outlets was 14g wire, not 12g which is code. Nothing in the home is square; interior walls are not perpendicular to the outside NOR the floor. Whoever installed the carpet placed staples at 1" intervals around the perimeter. Removing them took literally days. Flooring wasn't level at joints of the plywood sheets... some were 3/16 of an inch off.

    All CPVC plumbing entering the home from beneath was installed haphazardly at angles. NONE of the runs were perpendicular to the floor. Under the vinyl flooring there were places where the adhesive was applied in gobs. Some of it was still not hardened after 15 years! ~20% of the staples holding the Sheetrock were not shot into studs. Studs were not 2x4 but 2x2.5 inches. Plumbing fixtures are of the cheapest plastic variety known to man. Paint on the exterior doors literally peeled off. Escutcheons were not securely affixed to surround walls creating interior wall leaks. Tubs and surrounds are made of extremely thin plastic. Easily punctured.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

    We purchased a new 2017 Eagle edition back in February of this year, paid cash for it and had it built to our specifications. The mobile home was delivered and set up in April and we were told that we have 45 days to make a repair list and send to Fleetwood and they would send a "crew" out to correct all the issues. So myself and my wife went over everything and came up with a full page list and emailed it to Fleetwood.

    A few days later my wife received a call from a Beatriz Martinez out of the Waco, TX plant and was told that we needed to send them photographs of some of the items listed. One of the issues that they wanted proof of was that we had paid an extra $150 to have all the ceiling fixtures braced for ceiling fans because when I installed the first fan in the master bedroom it fell out of the ceiling so I checked all the other rooms and found out that none of the electrical boxes had been attached to the 2 x 4, their idea of bracing, that they had installed above each cut out for the ceiling fixtures.

    Well I had already attached all of the boxes myself so I could install the fans that we had purchased, (we didn't want the cheap excuse for ceiling fans that they offer so we bought our own) because I wasn't going to wait to complete our list and go without the ceiling fans for a couple of months. Well since "I" fixed them myself they would not take my word that they were not braced and basically have refused to refund the $150 that we paid to have ceiling fan braces installed which I assumed when you pay $150 for braces you are going to get actual ceiling fan braces not a piece of scrap 2x4.

    That's four rooms, approximately 8' of 2x4 for $150, man lumber has really gone up in Waco. The next issue was that the vent above the range had a flapper missing to the outside so you could look up under the range hood and see daylight coming in and on top of that any dust or any flying insect can come into our home, such as wasp and yellow jackets, which we have a lot of those in Oklahoma and of course they wanted photos of that.

    The next issue among many others that there is not enough room in this review to list, was that we had vinyl windows installed and one of them in the dining area would not open and after I had examined it I found that the whole frame was cracked and therefore would not open. Oh yes photos was needed of that too. Just a few more items that I will list is that we had linoleum installed in all bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen that came with several dents and depressions in it that was obviously done when their awesome building crew was constructing our cracker box and yes photos were needed of that. Well with that all said after list and photos were sent in my wife received a call from some fella named Eric and he told her a date and time that his "crew" would be out to make all the repairs.

    So when that date arrived two individuals who spoke very little English arrived with "THE LIST" which had about seven items to repair, nowhere near the forty some odd items we had on our list, in which they stated, "Oh we know nothing about all that. We are here to fix the caulking issues" and some of the cleaning issues that was on our list and that was all they were suppose to do.

    So anyway to make a very long story short, this is now September. I still have not received an answer on my $150 I paid for the ceiling braces, the only way that they can fix the linoleum is to cut the sections out that are damaged and splice in pieces which we told them no way we paid for new linoleum not cobbed up linoleum, and my outside vent to the range hood is still missing which they have come out on four different occasions to replace but don't bring the part, can't figure out why this Eric fella would call and say he's sending a "crew", his two non English speaking individuals, to replace an item that they don't have. Oh yes they did replace the window but it took the "crew" two trips because the first trip they brought the wrong size window.

    We have contacted the people at Fleetwood so many times that the Beatriz lady will no longer speak with my wife. She has turned us over to some so called manager that I can't recall his name or I would mention you sir and that last time my wife talked to Beatriz she told my wife, very rudely, that we were being too difficult so she could no longer work with us, that is why we contact this manager fella, man I wish I could remember his name so he could get some notoriety also.

    Oh yes after we were turned over to Mr.? he wanted photos again. Go figure. Anyway if you are looking into purchasing a Fleetwood mobile home DON'T unless you really like frustration, sleepless nights, aggravation, etc. Customer service is non-existing, and quality well there is none. Appliances were nice, oh wait a minute we purchased those ourselves because we didn't like what was offered so forget I said that.

    I hope someday that there will be a class action lawsuit filed against Fleetwood. I would definitely join in on it, don't really care if I got anything out of it but something needs to be done to a company that basically sells you an item and will not stand behind the item they sell. I would get an attorney myself but can't afford one since I have so many repairs to do on this so called home. Again if you are looking at a Fleetwood to purchase run away as fast as you can.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    I am a realtor in Brevard County Florida. I was contacted a year ago by representative named Kevin ** with Fleetwood Partners asking me to sign up as an REO Listing Specialist with them. I was told I was "selected" and that they had a "MONEY BACK" 1 year guarantee. So, if I did not receive a listing from them within 1 year, I could get my initial $400 investment back!! I didn't see any information online about them at the time saying it was a scam so, I did sign up.

    It has now been 1 year, I never heard from the company again after signing up with them. I checked in with them in December (6 months), letting them know they were a "scam". I was told that they had a full year and it certainly was not a "scam". Now, no one will return my phone calls or emails. I actually called their "sales" department, if you press 1 for sales someone actually answers the phone. They said the department that issues the credits was "out to lunch". I asked to have them call me within the hour, no one has ever called me back!! And now that they have my phone number they won't answer my phone calls! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH FLEETWOOD... This is a scam!! They will take your $400 and not give you any listings and they will not give you your money back!!! 1-224-534-5010 is their current office number if they happen to call you from this number.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2017

    2015 We bought a new Fleetwood home and paid cash {that was a mistake on our part once you give them the money for their junk they don't care} and believe me it is up to HUD standards and if this is HUD standards there is a lot to be worried about. It was the worst thing we have ever done. It is a 2000 sq ft double wide and a piece of garbage, the windows whistle when the wind blows, most of the doors don't shut right, the chamber under the house is bent, the cabinets sag after they have dishes in them for 6 months, the dishwasher is the bottom of the line, the fronts are coming off the shelves in the kitchen cabinet in just 12 months, the A/C is just barely large enough for the size of it, the kitchen counters is buckling and this is all in the first 16 months.

    The guys that came to level it were great and they came back and tried again. The house is just plain crooked and there is nothing they can do about it and they showed us what was wrong. We called the Texas housing commission. They sent a guy out. He was a joke either. He didn't know what he was doing or HUD houses are far worst than we got and that is a very sad thing. In closing do yourself a favor and stay away from Fleetwood and don't waste your time reporting bad workmanship. No one cares.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2017

    Purchased 2006 Tioga 31 m, has had roof leak issue since day of purchase. We have spent over $7,000.00 in keeping roof sealed and even had an ENTIRE new roof put on, but it still leaked for 10 years... Last rain storm FILL our Cab over with water. It was coming out of everywhere, lights inside, vents, doors. We were horrified to find out that FLEETWOOD left out 90 SCREWS that hold the cab over onto the body. AND THEY TAKE ZERO RESPONSIBILITY, refuse to help me and blame everyone else. SHAME ON YOU FLEETWOOD. It's your name on the RV not Joe Blow manufacture. PLEASE IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY, don't buy FLEETWOOD.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 11, 2017

    My total experience with Fleetwood mobile home has been a nightmare from the beginning from the sales department all the way through. First off the electrical wiring has been fixed twice. My house was built September 10, 2014. Now the water pipes going to my master bath has busted in the middle of spring. Hasn't been a cold day in over a month but my bedroom floor is soaking wet, carpet and everything. And after 15 phone calls there is still no response. And Heather who answers the phone can not get anyone at all to answer the phone.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 11, 2017

    Crappy House. Bought our Fleetwood home in 1998. Their fix for the cracked sheetrock under the windows don't work. They refused to fix the large crack that was forming in the center of the home because they couldn't match the paint (it wasn't painted). They then refused to come out to fix stuff during the warranty period after they were out once. Now 9 yrs later, our roof failed, and we discovered they did not put stops in the eaves at the walls and there was blow in insulation clear out, filling the eaves. We got a lot of snow this year and when it melted it soaked the insulation that was in the eaves and caused water and mold damage on the exterior walls front and back.

    We've now been in a hotel while the contractor has pretty much gutted the home. Here's what we found: no moisture barrier... anywhere, no house wrap... anywhere, the walls are not nailed and glued... it's all stapled and they didn't check the plumbing connections so when the tubs were torn out (outside walls) we discovered that one tub had been leaking so there was dry rot in the floor around the drain. We have been in a motel since early February because they put insulation in a place insulation should never go, and now we have to have new flooring, kitchen cabinets, a new roof, new sheetrock, insulation, moisture barrier, new tubs, new surrounds, new faucets.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 6, 2017

    The reason I want to send this is that we got us a Fleetwood May 2016 and we have had nothing but trouble with it and it take for every to get someone to come look at it and fix it. We first had problems with the front and rear door then the bedroom doors nothing would close. The little wood was coming off the wall. We ended up having to fix all this. The floor in the bathroom is coming up. The guy came out and told us to super glue it down. I mean really. Now the A/C unit that was with the Home keeps freezing up and can't get anyone to come check this out. The people they told us to call gave me 3 phone numbers. I called on who is Hooks A/C repair and they have not got back with me. This has been weeks. Called O'Quinn and said that they do not service units they did not put in the mobile home.

    If anyone out there wants another home then do not go for a Fleetwood. They may stay nice in summer and winter but everything else is crap and you cannot get anyone to come out to fix it. Another is the outside roof should hang over 3 in and this is maybe 1 1/2 in. and we did have one guy tell us that he would send in a form telling them that needed to be fixed and that was back in November so it is not been fixed yet.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

    We have been in our 2013 for over 3 yrs now. I have good things to say and not so good and lots of suggestions to people looking to buy a home and the builders at Fleetwood. To start off on a positive comment, we are well pleased with the insulation. Our home heats and cools on less than $150 a month, sometimes as low as $90. The carpet is low grade, but cleans up nicely when shampooed. The home is very pretty, great color scheme.

    From the beginning we are very disappointed in the seller, Discount Homes out of Enterprize, Al. Manufactured in Douglas, Ga. The crew who put the home together did a bad job. Took months to get them to come fix anything, our insurance canceled out on us because the underpinning was still not installed. There were lg. areas where they did not put on the siding. Took them over 3 months to come out and do these things.

    This is to the builders in Ga. Why don't you put in better kitchen/bath faucets, all had to be replace, they just fell apart. The kitchen cabinets are horrible. Paint/finishing coming off. They are falling off the hinges. Put on better cabinets and faucets, charge an extra thousand, it would be worth it. Now to the people who are planning on buying a manufactured home. Interest rates are much higher on a manufactured home. As soon as it is set up it starts losing value. Site built homes start building equity. Almost impossible to resale the manufactured home, cause no one will finance a used M. home.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2017

    I bought a 28x60 double wide in 2000 and if I'd knew that it was put together the way it is I wouldn't have gave 1000.00 for it but it costed me 40,000. They gave 30 days to report anything wrong with it. Interesting since it started showing signs of problems after the 30 days. The windows and cabinets are trash, the floors were made of cheap pressed like sawdust. We had to rebuild the living room wall to hold anything.

    The master bathroom walls are so cheap the toilet paper holder won't stay on the wall, our towel holder either. It has 12's in the dining room and living room we had to build new walls to put decent windows in them and the kitchen as well. This is the cheapest made home I've ever been in. I worked at Oakwood and my cousin also bought an Oakwood home same price. The cabinets and windows are so well made in an Oakwood. Please if you're looking to buy a double wide stay clear of Fleetwood. They are junk and put together with looks like scrap material. The roof only lasted about 11 years. I had to replace it too.

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    Original review: Feb. 20, 2017

    We bought a home from Fleetwood in 2015 and had LOTS of problems. Still our Heater/AC is a problem after going back and forth with Fleetwood for over a year. They sent two companies and an electrician, yet no one knows the problem. After the warranty ended the locks jammed and would not work on both entry doors, we had to pay for new locks and insulation. Just last week our second toilet flooded after 16 months! A plumber came out and put in a new toilet. I emailed Shiloh at Fleetwood in OR to complain. This stuff should last longer than 12-16 months and Fleetwood should pay, they won't.

    When our home arrived the driver ran the forklift forks though the front of our home. The carpet had a hole, the living room window would not close (it was warped) another toilet had to be replaced as the water ran non-stop, the kitchen sink leaked, when the washer empties the hose to the output leaks, three interior doors would not close tight, both entry doors are off and the daylight comes in, Fleetwood sent a guy out here that made it worse, the bathrooms and kitchen sink had no sealant, the shower wall was coming off and nails should have been cut in the cabinets. I cut my hand on two nails. We were told a mini split would cool our whole home, it does not. We sweat in the Summer, the bedrooms are HOT. We are waiting for a repair company still, 17 months later. I would not recommend Fleetwood.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

    When ordering my brand new single wide, I specially ordered from the sales person, ALL VINYL flooring, absolutely NO carpet. First, after the wrong home was delivered, driver did not check paperwork. I had to wait another week, while staying at a friend's home. When my home got delivered, it came with carpeting!!! They offered to build me another home, put me up in a motel but no motels would allow my cat, for another two weeks. I was trying to get settled in a new job, new city, I had already arranged for moving helpers to move my stuff out of storage.

    It was all very frustrating to say the least, so I settled for them ripping out carpet & laying matching vinyl, which got forgotten to send on next truck. Another few days, I was concerned that the seams would start coming up. The floor guy assured me, "Oh no, not with this new glue we use..." So after two years, I had to put down strips to cover the seams that started to come up. Now, it looks like crap!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

    I have a 2008 Fleetwood home and at the beginning I had leaks around my kitchen windows. They fixed that with new plywood on outside (great right) wrong I just had the insurance come out to see if my roof was leaking (no). It wasn't but the engineer they sent out found what the problem is my home did not get wrapped with anything that would protect the plywood and none of my windows got protection either so now I know the cause of my interior walls being (soft) and why when it rains water in my kitchen light switch sparks. I am waiting now for my pictures on the wall to fall. I contacted fleetwood and got oh sorry we can't help you. The dealership said they didn't know if the homes are wrapped or not they just sell them. I have had many manufactured homes. One of mine that is 22 years old and has not leaked yet.

    I feel if you use the Fleetwood name you made a big mistake. I only spent $42 000 for my mistake. I was planning on trading it in on a $85000 manufacture home and that is not going to happen now. Nobody will want this home. So they lost a sale and I will (never) trust any manufactured home again unless you get it in writing that your home is wrap and window are too. But again think twice and ask questions just because I have all my paperwork that was signed off on saying everything was inspected (means nothing) I can't even look at another home. They have lost me. Hurt deeply. Don't buy unless you pull back siding and ask questions. The company will not help even though they are using the Fleetwood name

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

    Bankrupt since 2009 was the response I received when asking for help. My home was manufactured in 2001 by Fleetwood Homes of Georgia #34 Willacoochee, GA. All it takes is a name "tweek" for corporations to continue business as usual, kinda like our political culture. Keep in mind mfg homes are VERY sub-standard to a well built homes, but they are 1/2 the price. About all the middle class can afford these days and still have enough for a vacation every... 2 years.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 26, 2016

    Do not purchase a Fleetwood Home. They are horrible. From day one we have had nothing but issues with our home that we have a 30 year note on and I will be happy if we get 5 years out of. Doors fall off. Toilets and showers leak. Floor is subpar. It took weeks to even get it set up. I have been in my home since November and the original walk through has not ever been completed. They do not even have the paperwork for that. Fleetwood should be ashamed of the homes that they sell. Horrible, horrible customer service. I am still waiting for my end caps and 2 screens. DO NOT BUY A FLEETWOOD HOME!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 31, 2016

    I purchased a modular home from Fleetwood that is suppose to be super energy efficient. My first winter in my home was over $600/month in power bills during the winter. My insulation in the floors was missing, heater was installed wrong with no air flow. My power bills are now $500+/ month and I found a hole in my bathroom floor explaining why it is always so cold. My Windows broke in 3 rooms and the Nampa office ignored my calls till after my limited warranty was up then refused to help.

    Several outlets have burned up and my daughter's outlet caught fire while she was sleeping burning her blanket and foot (again Nampa office refused to help). I have floor joists that are uneven and floors that aren't level or screwed down. All my linoleum wasn't glued down and the carpet separated in all the doorways. All my faucets are faulty and have never worked right. I have never felt so cheated out of a purchase. It has destroyed me. I can't keep up with the power bills much longer. My 1952 home was more energy efficient. I should have never bought a home from them. I am now $130,000 in debt and am living in a Cracker Jack box I hope doesn't burn down or free up.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 11, 2016

    I purchased a Fleetwood home back in Nov 2015. It took almost 4 months to get it set up before I could start moving in. Part of the set up issue was the weather but 4 months is still too long. After finally being able to move in I sent email after email to the place I bought it from which then was forward to Fleetwood Warranty. It took another 2 months before anyone came out to start the repairs. I had a page of things that needed fixed but yet when the contractor came out the excuse was that it's not on his work order or he can't make the repairs that I had to do it. I kept emailing the place where I bought the home from and another 1-2 months went by before they sent the same person out to make repairs and some things he fixed and other we had to do.

    My doors even started leaking really bad so I called them this time. They took 2 weeks to come out for those repairs after it rained for 5 days straight and I sent pics of the waterfalls and door frame damage. Doors got fixed but the water damage did not so I called them again. This time they tell me that they will not fix it because my husband signed off on the work order and he should have said something to the contract. How is a contractor going to fix something that he does not have material for on top of I'm the one sending the emails and talking to them? He was just here to let the contractor in to do the repairs.

    The unhelpful Fleetwood service person I talked to said it was my husband's fault it was not fixed because he did not say something even after I tried to explain to her that I'm the one that deals with this since it's all in my name and he was just home to let the guy in. And that my warranty was up since I already had a contractor out for repairs once even though it was past their so-called 90 days and that they had came out for the goodness of their heart the second and third time. That's **. They would not have came out if it was not their issue. Now I still have things not fixed from the first contractor and damage due to a leaking door. I will never recommend this company. They are horrible to get to fix their issues.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 26, 2016

    We purchased a manufactured home, brand new and custom ordered from them on July 10, 2015. We have had nothing but issue after issue and they either refuse to fix them or they send someone out to fix them who does not fix them or does not fix them properly. They have also had someone forge my husband's name on a work order about work that was completed (which was not) and how many hours were spent in our house that also talked negatively about my family. We have hired Jason Marsh of Foundation Repairs of Western Colorado, Terry ** and Brad Buck A1 Home Inspectors, all independently, to come out and look at our home. Clayton Homes has also involved John Alexander, the State Inspector.

    From day one we have had foundation issues. As a result this has lead to cracks and shifting walls, un-level floors and cupboards and counters, all the way to our roof coming apart and tweaking. Clayton Homes contacted John Alexander (State Inspector) to ask him his opinion. He has stated that the problem seems to be an improper foundation and his suggestion to fix it would be press pile piers. John Marsh said the improper foundation was due to the soil conditions (soil not being tamped down under foundation during construction) and that Clayton Homes solution of putting more piers under the house is not the solution (they added more pads and piers on 11 MAY 2016) and within 2 years we will be at the same situation of the piers will just sink again.

    When they sink again, we will once again have a large crown in the middle of the living room floor and the sides of the house will be uneven (before they added more piers the east end of the house was severely not level to the west end nor were the exterior walls to the interior). A1 Inspection made a report that the foundation contained numerous loose, leaning, tilted or non touching piers and pads and that the stem wall was constructed from very poor craftsmanship and coming apart, allowing moisture to enter through or around the foundation. Both Clayton Homes and Fleetwood ignored all reports that were provided to them and simply just added a few more piers and tie downs and did nothing to stabilize the soil or fix the stem wall. The reports also stated that due to the foundation issues our kitchen cupboards, both lower and upper, are cracking and coming apart and un-level. The kitchen counters and bar are also not level.

    We told them that our stove hood was un-level and also cracked. Fleetwood sent their worker, Trent ** and his son out to fix it. They took it apart and now it is still just as un-level, the wood is still cracked, and now there is also a 1" gap between it and the wall, which allows light from outdoors to show through and also bugs to come in. Not only that, they dropped the cover under the stove and did not tell us. It took us 2 days to find it and we had to pull the stove out ourselves to get it. Every wall in the house has cracks in it. Once again, Trent ** was sent to fix these. He started to tape and mud and my husband asked if he would like him to show him where all the cracks are, since a lot of them are fine hair line cracks. He told my husband no and said he would find them on his own.

    He only fixed a couple that day and then got very angry when we pointed out that he had missed literally hundreds of cracks and needed to come back the next day and finish the work he had been sent to fix. When he came back the next day, instead of tape and mud he just slapped some caulking or paint over a few (not all of the cracks) and called it good. In the places he used paint he used brown paint Fleetwood sent with him instead of paint that would match the walls that I have already painted. He knew I had the matching paint. So now I have green walls with brown paint just smeared all over them and the cracks still show through them. In the master bathroom shower, you can tell they did not use green board during build. In the space between the shower head and the shower stall, the shower head dripped on the drywall. My husband used a towel to dry it off and not only did the paint come off but also so did the drywall.

    In the second bathroom our children cannot take a shower because of lack of putty around the faucet in the bathtub. That was on the list of things that we had asked for Trent ** to fix but he was in such a hurry to leave it was one of the many things that didn't get done. Also due to the foundation moving, the exterior siding is coming loose and apart and in numerous areas the nails are falling out. Same thing with our metal roof. It has become severely bent from house movement as the building materials are pushing upwards. It is missing screws (which allows moisture) and many are loose. There are areas that retain water and in a couple places you can see the soffit and roof itself.

    When we first moved in we also had electrical issues that caused numerous appliances to burn out and a light switch that would burn your hand to the touch. They sent out their electrician numerous times and we eventually insisted on using ours and those issues have since been solved. We did however pay extra to have plugs installed on every exterior corner and more often than not we cannot use them because they were not put on their own breaker. They are connected to the ones inside the house which also run multiple rooms so when you plug even a Christmas light in, you blow a breaker. When we first moved in the sink was not connected to the pipes, causing the kitchen to flood. They sent someone out to fix it who disconnected the dishwasher, who forgot to hook it back up, causing the kitchen to flood again. Then under the sink leaked again.

    They were supposed to replace the bottom, sides and back boards of the cupboard. Trent Case replaced the bottom one and in the process cut the back one with his saw. Like I said above, we have had nothing but trouble with this house (this is only a couple out of A LOT of the problems we have had). And as you can see, we have had nothing but problems getting them to work with us. As they play games our house is just falling apart more, rain water is getting in through screw holes in the roof, bath water in the walls through faucets not puttied, windows that won't close all the way, etc.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2016

    I bought this pile of junk just 7 months ago and the problems have been nonstop. I started making a list of deficiencies BEFORE we moved in. It started at the delivery, windows where there shouldn't be windows, doors that would not close, ALL of the interior doors would not swing freely because the hinges were misaligned, windows that would not close unless you leaned hard on them. 3 water leaks under the kitchen sink that took 2 months to get repaired, garbage disposal had a screw dropped into it that punched a hole in the body of the disposal and that took 2+ months to get fixed. Uneven floors, squeaky floors, master shower handle that had to be turned with 2 hands because it was so tight (I ended up buying my own shower valve assembly after Fleetwood's contractor told me it would do no good to replace current valve with the same cheap parts).

    The cold and hot water in the master bathroom were crossed when we moved in, hot was cold and cold was hot. The toilet flushed hot water. Most of the interior doors still bind at the hinges and do not swing freely. I have asked Fleetwood several times to fix this. The contractors they sent out all told me that in their opinion the door, jam and all should be replaced and installed correctly. All of the windows with the exception of the window above the kitchen sink are difficult to close. I have to "lean" into them to get them to close. I asked Fleetwood several times to do something to fix the windows and the best they can do is to spray a silicon lubricant to the inside of the window casing. Not only does this do nothing to fix the window but we get silicon over-spray on the glass and anything that is close to where the silicon is being sprayed.

    Fleetwood's contractor also told me that I should expect more problems in the future because of the low-quality materials used throughout the house. He said he had seen this many times and had heard innumerable complaints from other customers. For the money my wife and I spent for this home I would have expected to be treated like a paying customer is ENTITLED to be treated, with dignity, respect and with maybe just a little bit of appreciation for giving my business to Fleetwood and that my requests for service would be met in a timely fashion. Fleetwood's customer service department from the manager on down is arrogant, rude and just plain condescending. I have been scolded, talked down to, had unreasonable demands placed on me and ignored. The attitude from customer service is offensive at best. Lorie ** and Ana ** in particular.

    Bottom line is DO NOT BUY from FLEETWOOD Homes. The bottom line extends to JMS Sales, Inc as well. From the salesman Van ** to the sales manager Vern **, they were happy to take my money but have not supported me at all. They have been told of all the issues we have and they have not done anything to help in dealing with Fleetwood. Run from them as if your hair is on fire.

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    Original review: June 8, 2016

    From the beginning this home has been falling apart. They refuse to fix it even when I have a warranty, and when someone comes to fix the problems they end up not fixing anything or they try to find a reason to get out of it. Walk away from Fleetwood Homes. They are not worth the money.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 8, 2016

    We purchased a 2014 model home from Fleetwood Homes of Nampa ID. It wasn't delivered until part way through 2015. It was damaged severely during setup. Shortly after moving in we began having electrical issues which injured our children and damaged/destroyed our personal electronics and appliances. We've had numerous plumbing leaks and issues with lots of water damage to the flooring and cabinets. Within 6 months of living in the home the metal roof has come loose, is severely bent up and distorted. It leaks and you can see light through it. There are thousands of cracks in the drywall that are constantly still occurring. All of the kitchen cupboards and cabinets are falling apart (cracked wood, peeling finishes, uneven surfaces) and are coming loose from the walls.

    We have windows and doors that either will not shut or have to be pried or forced open. To the extent that during last winter it was snowing inside of our home through the gaps around the doors and windows. The different sides of the home are unlevel and the marriage line is uneven. Fleetwood Homes sent out a contractor Trent ** from ID to make repairs to the home. Trent ** the contractor was here three days with minimal work being done. He caused more damage to the home than he made repairs as well as damaging personal belongings.

    A couple days after his departure Steve ** the general manager of Fleetwood Homes Nampa ID emailed me a "completed work order" with a signature that was supposed to be mine. I immediately notified Steve ** that I had never seen the documents that he had sent me and that my signature had been forged. He immediately dismissed that my name was forged and that the work on the work order was never completed. As of now we're stuck in a home that is less than a year old is almost uninhabitable with no hopes of being fixed. Fleetwood Homes of Nampa ID is now refusing to honor the remaining 4+ years of warranty that we purchased on the home. The dream home Shawn ** of Clayton Homes of Grand Junction sold us is nothing less than a nightmare. In which even the dealer is unwilling to help resolve any issues.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 22, 2016

    Nothing but problems. I was not present for the setup so a lot of things took place during the setup. Floors are not level. The house is broken on the main marriage line. The house has every room with separated sheetrock at least 100. They say it's normal settling after 4 months. Duh, discovered black mold in 4 months. Staples coming through the linoleum. The floor joist are separated from the marriage line, which cannot be leveled except by separation of the home. The first month, water in a large amount was discovered in the belly of the home. It's now 21 months all these and a lot more issues are reported in the 1 yr period. My home was serviced for approx. 90 days. We will go to arbitration. Floor joists appear to have been removed and repositioned as the glue marks represent. The floor is not attached to the floor joists.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 5, 2016

    Bought a 2015 Fleetwood canyon lake in April of 2015. My home is now out of their crappy 1 year warranty. I immediately realized, after home was put together and trimmed out, that my marriage line was not flush. I was told that this problem could just absolutely not be fixed without busting home apart and jacking it up. Was told this would bust all my drywall. Lol. Even if that were 1000% true, where is that my problem? I have floor boards that are bucked, just wanted for them to try and pull some of the boards down or sand it down. I was told these floors are like that because of the marriage line and nothing could be done about it. How convenient. I was told by salesman that none of these ever go together flush. That's a lie!!! If it wasn't a lie you would think the engineers that spec these would fix that problem. Every time they were called out I got the same answer. Smh...

    My floorboards in kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and master bedroom creak and pop and give. I called service tech out for this and told him to pull up carpet and vinyl to fix this. You have to fix this problem from above not below and all he did was put in a few toggle bolts under my house and called it a day. I proceeded in calling them back out to fix it again, same excuse same work was performed, all he was doing was trying to get out of work and wasting time because they were aware at the service office that my warranty would be out soon. I am very disappointed with their service techs. I am now stuck with a home that has an uneven marriage line in the middle of my living room. Don't even get me started on the sorry mess they left with the carpet around that marriage line and was told once again that Fleetwood couldn't fix that mess either.

    Well, as far as I am concerned they find an excuse to get out of fixing the crap that they built and sold to me. There is nothing owed on my home, so they got their money and decided they were not going to fix these problems. I don't care how mad I got or how many times I called someone out they were still able to come up with excuse to not completely fix anything. My kitchen cabinets are built horribly, my 5 year old grandson could have done better. I helped my father build many things, houses, barns, additions to homes so I know good work when I see it. And believe me this is the shoddiest cabinetry and flooring job I have ever seen. They put this kind of work in their homes in hopes of running your warranty out and not fixing anything really, unless it is something simple like drywall or a plug.

    I bought a single wide 1994 single wide Clayton and it was a better built home than this. I would not recommend Fleetwood homes or quality homes to set up or to even built or set up a dog house!!! I actually had to crawl up under my house recently to tighten a clean out they left loose. How did I find this out? Raw sewage leaking under your house is not a pleasant smell. I would say I wish I had bought from a different manufacturer, not because they are built better, but maybe they would have had a better service for fixing things that are poorly built. There is no telling what problems I will have in the future in my home. It is a good thing that my dad did teach me something and that's how to fix shoddy and poor work, but that's not the point, I wanted Fleetwood to fix these things not me. I am the one that laid down the money for the house. I shouldn't have to fix these things myself.

    Formica in kitchen is already cracking and busting. The refrigerator they put in my home has a big indention in the door they would not bring another one said to call whirlpool, whirlpool will not cover because they said dent was put in fridge at Fleetwood, and Fleetwood argued that it didn't happen there. Back and forth, back and forth. Guess who is stuck with a dented fridge! I despise Fleetwood. If you are going to build a product, build it right. Due to my marriage line being off, my bedroom door swing shut by itself every time you use it. Everything in my house is in a bind and not level due to this marriage line and Fleetwood refuses to fix it. Steer clear of this manufacturer they are building and selling ** for gold! Just think this house is just now a year old and I am very dissatisfied with it! Smh.

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    Original review: April 14, 2016

    I purchased my "brand new 1995 Fleetwood" home in 05/1995 and had problems from the get go! They had a group of idiots deliver my home which they ran it through one side of the ditch of the property. This caused several problems from cracked seams to broken storm windows and somehow the vents were damaged as well. My furnace did not work and come to find out, the walls were so thin I could hear and feel the wind coming up the sides of the walls. After further inspection, these walls were covered by a thin sheet plastic behind a thin layer of insulation on cheap 2X4's.

    I called Fleetwood several times to get them to fix the furnace, broken windows and cracked seams, etc. so they came out and did an inspection of all problems I had pointed out. The inspector had me sign an invoice which listed all the problems/damages. He stated that he had to order parts, etc for the repairs. They were suppose to return and fix all these problems. It turned out that they never returned and I was told that once I had signed that invoice, it meant that everything had been repaired! I couldn't afford to move out cause I put whatever monies I had into my down payment on the house and property.

    To this day, I spent years trying to fix a lot of these problems. I have mold throughout the home, the vents are detached and have fallen from under the home. The ceilings still leak and now I have come to terms that I am stuck with this home until I get enough money to purchase a real home. I truly believe that the mold throughout this home is the reason for all the illnesses my family has endured. We have developed pneumonia, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and the list goes on and on year after year. I hope and pray that no one has to ever suffer like several of us have in their own home. Where is the justice in all this? Some of us have no choice but to live this way. So sad.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 6, 2016

    I bought my Fleetwood manufactured home in late 2001. At present this home is in complete ruin... recently found out that they went bankrupt in 2009 or 2010. A class action lawsuit filed against them, no one had made me aware of such a suit. Because of the GM lawsuit filed in New York federal court, it makes it possible for you to file punitive damages and product liability case. Don't give up.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2016

    We bought our Barrington by Fleetwood in 1986 is was supposed to be on the upper end for the time. The walls and structure was suppose to be 2 x 4 as it turned out the ceiling is 2 x 2 and minimal insulation. Had to replace the dishwasher 10 yrs ago and was told the piping was under recall but could never get ahold of Fleetwood to confirm. Last yr decided to repaint and replace the trim and to my surprise there were many places around windows, doors and the main center seam with gaps over 3 inches and no insulation uneven cut siding boards. It took a dozen cans of spray foam to fill all the areas and seal the seams. If I could afford to build a home this would make a great bonfire.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 4, 2016

    From the day we moved in, we've had nothing but problems. 1999, have been told they went bankrupt. New roof 2 yrs ago, 8 walls, both bathrooms, all windows need to be replaced now & the floors have bumps & you can actually see the beam from underneath. Every appliance, tubs, showers, toilets, window sills, skirting, siding, I thought had inspected meant it was up to code? Who's code? Junk junk junk.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 29, 2016

    In 2006, I bought a brand new Fleetwood. Once I moved in, they had to replace two windows that wouldn't open or close due to them not being set properly, the front door frame was replaced twice because it wouldn't close all the way. I called Atlantis Homes (who I purchased it from) and told them there was discoloration above the window next to the shower in the master bathroom. The lady told me it was just from the condensation from the shower steam and cold from outside. They came and put kills on it and left. About 5 years down the road, I came home to find that same ceiling in a wet ball on the floor. Upon inspection, my entire roof had a slow leak in multiple areas.

    My entire roof and ceiling would have to be replaced. I fought with everyone at Atlantis Homes, the guy Randy laughed at me and told me that he knew I couldn't afford a lawyer so he wasn't worried. I contacted Fleetwood who said they filed for bankruptcy and couldn't help. Now I have a 10 yr old trailer full of mold, my credit is going to be ruined when I walk away from it and I have a child who has spent 3 years on and off at Johns Hopkins Hospital with major medical issues that could be caused from the mold in my house. I will NEVER own another mobile home as long as I live. I bought it as my first "home" and it has been my absolute worst nightmare!!

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    Fleetwood Homes expert review by Joseph Truini

    Fleetwood Homes has been building custom homes since 1950. It's one of the largest manufactured homebuilders in the United States.

    • Homes are factory-built and then transported to the site: This unique process cuts down on waste, allows for top-notch quality control, and permits building in all types of weather. Fleetwood homebuilding factories are located in seven states: California, Georgia, Idaho, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

    • Floor plans available online: Prospective homebuyers can input their zip codes to find a variety of plans for homes available in different regions of the country.

    • Sustainable materials: All homes are built using as many sustainable materials as possible, reducing the effect on the environment.

    • Similar style homes: Since homes are factory-built, most models are similar in size and architectural style. Fleetwood specializes in easy-living ranch-style homes.

    • Brand name suppliers: Homes are built using materials from brand-name suppliers, which ensures a reliable supply of high-quality materials.

    • Best for: Fleetwood Homes is best for environmentalists, budget-minded homebuyers and people interested in manufactured housing.

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    Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

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