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Reviewed April 13, 2020

Bought my home in 2018. It was actually bought at a Clayton home dealer but it is a Fleetwood. I looked at several homes but this was the very first home I looked at. My utility bill has been lower than I have ever seen. Other than one drawer in my kitchen I have had no issues at all. The other reviews concerned me but praise the lord I haven't had their experiences. I lived in a regular stick built home before this one and have been more than pleased with my purchase. I hope my review can help others.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

Purchased a Fleetwood single wide in 2018. First two times the wind blew while raining we had water coming down the wall. Fleetwood sent someone out and he calked everything. Said it was fixed. Third and fourth time it leaked - even though out of warranty they sent someone to caulk and said it was fixed. This time the rain came in multiple side of the home. The wall were running water around windows and doors - furniture and carpet damaged. Now we are concerned about mold. Fleetwood's response - "We fixed it every-time you called. Now it's out of warranty." We too made the mistake of paying cash so they have all their money and here we sit. So many of us with the same complaint.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2020

I purchased my home in 2016 and I have nothing but problems with it from the get go. The customer service is a real joke. My ceilings were cracked when I received it, the floors are creaking, the center isn't level. The set up crew were very unprofessional. The blocks underneath are not set are not right. I am in the process of having to redo the whole home myself. If you have to tear out a wall you will find that they are built with bits and pieces of kindling. If you are selling something be sure that your customers get what they pay for, Not a piece of JUNK!!!! I really dont have the money to buy anything else after having to do so much repair work on this piece of **!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2020

I would never recommend. Bought a new 2020 home and 3 months after the roof leaked water into my home and all over the brand new furniture me and my wife bought. The technicians they send out are a joke, very unprofessional leaving cigarette butts all over and tracking dirt into the home. I have had several roofing companies out to look at it including an inspector. They all agree the entire roof was installed incorrectly and needs to be replaced. Fleetwood is of course refusing to do so.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2020

I have lived in at least 2 Fleetwood homes. My grandparents chose Fleetwood in 1992 after our previous mobile home burnt. We didn't have any issues with installation as broken windows from transport were replaced. My grandfather died, leaving my grandmother to do her best in maintaining the home. As she aged, she grew less capable of the upkeep or being able to get anyone else to help her in repairing outside of what was covered by her homeowners insurance.

The home is now 27 years old. The OSB floor are still solid despite a leaky roof that began around 6 years ago and a hot water heater that flooded the master bathroom about 7 years ago. Homeowners took care of the water heater and wall surrounding. My grandmother cancelled her homeowners insurance due to cost of living and limited income or she could have had her roof repaired. Currently, there is the roof issue and deteriorated walls as the Masonite siding has deteriorated through the years, so there is mold. The ceiling has plush, thick insulation as it is visible from the water damage. I cannot say whether my grandmother requested an upgrade in sub-flooring and insulation when she ordered the Fleetwood or if it came standard. Masonite siding was popular at the time even on houses. I believe the place would still be in great condition had my grandmother had the ability to maintain her home.

I rented Fleetwood Westfield single wide for four years and absolutely loved the place. It was also manufactured in the 90's and had vinyl siding exterior. The only issues with that home was in extensive rain my master bedroom closet would collect mold in one area, there was a leaky kitchen window where the wall beneath seemed to have been damaged previously, and the dryer outlet arced - which I had not noticed but my former roommate noticed when he went to remove the dryer. The owner of that particular home maintains her rentals as she does her own home.

Fleetwood as with any home requires maintenance. Proper set up is vital. It is advisable to make sure the home has plywood (OSB) floors, a shingle roof, 16" studs in the exterior and supporting walls, and be present upon delivery and set up. Follow guidelines of floor clearance as set out by Fleetwood Manufacturing. If there is an issue, make the call on the spot. Follow up at walk through. Carpeting, roof, and appliances may have separate manufacturer warranties, such as Shaw, GAF, and Whirlpool so if there are issues with those items, contact Fleetwood within their one year warranty (which may only cover the home outside of other manufacturer warranties) but also contact those manufacturers to ensure it gets handled.

Ask coworkers, friends, and neighbors for dealer recommendations and look for reviews of the dealer you're considering since they're the ones making the delivery. Know what warranties apply to what part of the home upfront. I have been shopping for a new mobile home recently and typically find warranty brochures and a complete guide inside each mobile home I've looked at. Bottom line: Do your homework.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2019

We purchase a manufactured home last year in 2018 from Fleetwood Homes, and I wish I would have checked the reviews first. The model home we looked at had differences in what we received. Once the salesman got the sale he was done with us. He was rude, nasty and didn't want anything to do with us. When we had gotten our home the very first thing was the refrigerator started to leak. They never hooked it up. The fridge it just leaned against the wall. When we turned the power on water flooded all over the kitchen and poured out the wall outside. The ceiling connecting to the walls are not taped and muddied. They are caulked causing continual cracks throughout the home. Supposedly this is the new way that they do things.

The kitchen cabinets were cracked. White over spray from paint. Someone took no pride in their work. Everything is poorly put together and the materials used are cheap. It seems like every time we turn around there is something wrong with the home. We have had water leaks, air leaks! I could cry because we made such a poor decision and spent a lot of our hard earned money for this home. If we had known this before we purchased it we never would have bought from this company. We are out a lot of money and are very, very dissatisfied.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

Bought a home in Feb 2019. Nothing but problems from the time I ordered it till now. The service people they send out to fix things are a waste of time. Told me my stuff was nickel and dime crap. Hello!!!! What gives them the right to say that crap. Received my home in March and now it needs a new roof. WTH? Fleetwood is refusing to pay for it. Their products are junk and I wish I had researched them before I bought one. I will never recommend Junkwood (Fleetwood) to anyone. Their service and everything else about them suck.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2019

Wish I could give negative stars and seriously wish I would have seen these reviews before our purchase of a Junkwood (Fleetwood)!! It's been one huge let down for sure. Upgrades that we didn't get, so much stuff wrong!! Much of what others have already stated.. Such a cheap piece of junk and it's brand new. We've only lived here a month. We were told by Palm Harbor in Burleson that these were great homes and with the upgrades it would be even better. Such a joke. We haven't even had them out to repair all the things that didn't do plus all the repairs through the only walk through we were allowed to figure out and make note of everything broken or missing...

I'm sorry but there is no way possible to be able to find everything wrong in an hour walk through. Everything just turned into such bs. It's ours though, nothing we can do now, except warn others. Buyer beware. Maybe once upon a time they were decent homes, idk, I just know that ours is not great or even good. It's just livable. Maybe after a few years of us doing repairs and adding the upgrades we've already been charged for but didn't receive, maybe then it will be "good". Again, buyer beware... Don't get scammed into thinking that these are great well built homes.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

Cheaply built, falling apart before a year up. All trim isn't solid wood and not stain. It is contact paper. Doorknobs falling apart. Doors front and back needs insulation could feel wind around them. If you mop floors watch out because all the wood close to the floor will start swelling and the contact paper comes off. Would not recommend Fleetwood Homes to buy unless you are a contractor and plan to reduce the inside. Also the outside siding keeps coming down so we just keep the ladder nearby.

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Reviewed July 21, 2019

I purchased my Fleetwood home in January 2018. Things were falling apart and breaking from day one. 2 cracked ceilings, trim falling off everywhere, broken electrical outlets, creaky floors, and kitchen cabinets falling off. Now 6 months after the one year crappy warranty has ran out my roof is buckling in two places and today I found that water pipes have been leaking between the shower and bedroom wall which saturated the wall that is now sinking in. I’m absolutely livid that all of this has happened after only one year and 6 months. Do not buy a Fleetwood home!!!!

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Reviewed July 9, 2019

They didn't finish the cabinet under the kitchen sink so there is just subflooring there. Rodents and other animals can get in. Not structural so they don't care. I've taken pictures and sent the broker pictures and Fleetwood just says it isn't structural so they don't, won't cover it. This was something that was wrong coming out of the factory. Evidently they don't cover that. I wasn't aware of it. It looked weird but I've never bought a mobile home so I didn't know what it should look like under the sink. The kickboard is there but behind it is unfinished flooring and huge gaps around where pipes go out. I just want them to fix it. No extra stuff.

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Reviewed June 7, 2019

I've had several issues with my 1999 model Fleetwood home. Problems with subfloor, faucets, siding, windows, & recently my water heater. My water heater went out and I ended up with almost 40 gallons of water within my home. The reason why is because there was no shut off valve for the incoming water line going to the tank, so I had to shut my water main coming into my house off. Wish I would of known was I was getting myself into when I purchased this home.

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Reviewed March 6, 2019

Lived in an older Fleetwood mobile home for several years and loved it, with no issues. When looking at a newer model, the price and value seems to be there to go with Fleetwood again! Great value for the budget minded.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

Water coming through my window, it’s raining in San Diego County, leaking down the window sill, water in wall, and floor. Company response time is so slow, I assume my broker had it resealed. 2/7/19. Caulking around the edge. The next rainstorm 2/14/19 there was more water leaking in the same window. Raining again in San Diego County, it was not fixed. My broker has repeatedly called for repairs, but received a response weeks after initial complaint. Also cracks need to be fixed, due to settling (normal after you place a new home). Order placed 2/11/19. The customer service is poor, no response for weeks, lies are numerous, and no communication with representative of Fleetwood.

According to research I did and the time it takes for MOLD to take hold behind a wet wall, is 24-48 hr, I now am worried about mold in my bedroom. My major complaints regarding Fleetwood is the lies. And taking advantage of people. Usually older ones (elder abuse). After my old mobile home burned down May 7, 2018, I shopped around for a new mobile home, most dealers told me delivery time would be 3-5 months. The Fleetwood representative promised me 6 weeks. Order June 1-2018. Will be delivered July 15-2018.

My home was delivered October 2018, 5 months later. Lied to me from the beginning of this transaction. While money was already paid, It’s Impossible to work with Fleetwood regarding customer service issues, now leaks in the bedroom, fixing cracks, someone called me today 2/21/19 that did not understand my problem of leaks by the window. Or did he talk about the settling cracks? He did not understand what he needed to do, he had no knowledge of the damage or how to go about finding the leak. Where is the water coming from. I ordered a thermal scan and will pay for this out of my own pocket, to find out where the leak originates. Will pass that onto the real estate broker and hope I will be reimbursed (not counting on it).

My cracks in ceiling and walls are not fixed as of this date. 2/21/19. The quality of the Fleetwood manufactured home is sub-par, pretty cheap, no detail to finishing, some crooked, not level walls, doors not level, to fix the crooked doors was a 4 week dilemma. To get if fixed. I could not close the doors, could not move in. If you read this complaint you are warned about working with a Fleetwood representative. The home is a 24X56 double wide. New cost $81k for the home. Plus side work etc total $119K. Be aware.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2019

The water heater hose was not crimped @ the factory. When the water was turned on 3 rooms were flooded. The pipes under the kitchen sink were not attached to the drain. The cracked ceilings looked worse after being repaired twice. Three corners of the tile shower cracked and had to be grouted. It’s hard to understand how some of the issues we have encountered were not addressed during the inspection process at the factory. Very frustrating when you spend so much money on a new home and constantly finding poor craftsmanship. The above mentioned are only a few of the issues we have been and still are dealing with. Please beware of Fleetwood Homes and be sure to do your homework before you make a costly mistake.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2019

I quit this job after 2+ weeks after finding out that a good number of the employees were illegal immigrants and instead of a paycheck or direct deposit they were given the option of receiving a prepaid Visa card. This company is the root of the problem in America. I won't even mention the horrible quality control and pushing manufactured homes out for delivery that were some of the poorest constructed manufactured homes I have ever seen in decades as a carpenter. Thank God I found a new job with a fantastic company that values quality and honest hard work from legitimate employees. I have no personal or business relationship with this company so, my review is well within the guidelines of Consumer Affairs.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2018

Ordered home in Feb. 2018 - was not told home to be del. Sept. 2018. Installers did lousy work, took out neighbor mailbox didn't replace, urinated on neighbor's driveway, left debris to blow in neighbors' yards, came out to do some repairs that are not acceptable. Now can't get date for many items on punch list to be repaired, (not even a date). Now Oct.19, 2018 can't move in?

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2018

Paid for R-30 insulation upgrade. Parts of our home are hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. We thought there was a crimp in the duct run. After over a year and 1/2 of complaining, Fleetwood finally sent someone to check it out. He removed a section of our roof and to our amazement in some places there was NO insulation, in some places 1 to 2 inches MAX. If there had of been no insulation anywhere, we would conclude that it just got missed on the production line, but the fact that there was SOME tells us that they just didn't care. Which makes us question whether we got the other "upgrades" we paid for that are not in view. Also makes us wonder how many other folks are devoid of insulation, thinking they received what they paid for. Could it be class-action suit time?

There are other issues too numerous to name in this review, but we felt it was important to let folks know about the insulation issue. Even after we sent pictures of the missing insulation, it took a week to get a response. Not an apology. In fact, we haven't received an apology for ANY of the things that have gone awry in our home. The response we got was they "are looking for a company to reinsulate and WHEN they locate one, they'll let us know." That's it. In other words, don't bother us. We'll let YOU know. A year and a half we've been paying for energy in a home devoid of ceiling insulation. How much, if any, insulation do we have in our walls? How would we even know?

So, long story short, if you are thinking of buying a mobile home, think long and hard before you buy a Fleetwood. We love the layout of our home. It's very pretty and gives us what we need. We loved our sales team. Some of the repair subcontractors were very professional and did a good job WHEN THEY WERE FINALLY SENT OUT. Fleetwood company customer service is completely lacking. It's because of the subcontractors that were sent out and the sales team that we gave ONE STAR. The floorplan would get 5 stars. Fleetwood corporation would get NO STARS.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2018

Purchased it (mobile home) in 2017. Right at the start started having problems. Factory would come out fix at it, usually the people that came out were very unprofessional, If it wasn't in the list to fix you could forget it. They wouldn't even touch it, they acted like it killed them to have to work on it. My thoughts, "That is your job, I am expected where I work to do mine." Now they are saying it's been over a year. It's out of warranty.

True but had you fixed all the problems the first couple of times you came out instead of goofing off & half fixing it, I could send an email with a list it would take them months to respond & set up a day to come out. They wouldn't call a day ahead so someone could be there. Me & my husband work so we could not just sit at the house waiting on them just to show up. Sometimes it was 3 or 5 months before they came out, just very dissatisfied with them. Paid so much for a new home & you walk across my floors. They creak like it's a 50 year old house.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2018

Just purchased this Fleetwood March 2018, we have nothing but problems with workmanship. Everything falling apart. Cannot get good people from Fleetwood to fix everything as it should be. Keep in mind this is just my husband & I & we take very good care of this home. They send people out with just a bandaid fix & that's it or they come to fix something & it looks worse. What is wrong with this company. We owned a Fleetwood back in 1995 & it was great. Still have this. They don't do white appliances anymore which I think should be the consumer's choice since you are paying for this.

Just sloppy workmanship, nails, strips falling off the walls. Bad floors & they are not standing by their warranty. We just want what we paid for, no bells or whistles. But not a quick fix, new is new not bandaid fixes. No return calls, nothing. This is factory expo in Lafayette, Tn as well. We do not enjoy this home. It is very depressing because we trusted this company. We either want this home fixed right or we have no choice but to involve an attorney, & that is a shame.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2018

We purchased a new home in 2015. The home had workmanship problems from the start like exposed nails in all the window frames, cracks in the walls in all the rooms, cracks in the ceilings, paint on the floors and on the woodwork, cracked mirror frames in the master bathroom, cracked and pitted granite counters, the molding was not correctly mitered. The list is endless. I called the manufacture and had to threaten a lawsuit to get them to send someone out to fix these things. They never did a walk thru with us after we purchased which was the fault of the dealer. We purchased an on demand hot water that would not furnish hot water to the back of the house and had to fight with them to send a plumber out to fix that. We were told that they had never installed on in a large home like ours. I think that we should have been told that.

After one year and a half years, our roof started leaking. I called and they told me it was on us because our warranty had expired after one year. A roof should last for more than one year. We had a roofer come and re-roof a portion of the roof and they found nails in areas that they should not have been which is what caused the leaks. Most of the nails were put in at the factory.

We were not treated very nice and I would not recommend anyone buying from Fleetwood. We purchased our home with the installation for $195,000. We should have had a nice home for that price. They are disrespectful and do not stand by their product. It is a real shame. It will cost us thousands of dollars to repair everything that is wrong with our new home. The carpet is already in need of replacing as is the vinyl. We purchase this home for retirement. Now we have to work part-time jobs to fix things.

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Reviewed July 11, 2018

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Fleetwood homes. They just aren't on par with Palm Harbor style homes. When they installed the AC duct in this (2002) double wide it's touching the floor beams and it rotted out all the wood. Almost all the floors have to be redone. I even took pictures to show the laziness of the quality of work. They also use particle board. Useless cheap particle board just to save a couple of bucks. The house completely feels cheap compared to my parents Palm Harbor home. The reason I purchased this house is because I thought it was a Palm Harbor Home in the Google listing. Come to find out during closing time it was a Fleetwood. Seriously you've been warned!!! Even the new models are like this. They cut Corners to save money. Don't be a victim as well. The sunroof in the bathroom leaks water as well. During rain time the roof is caving in.

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Reviewed May 11, 2018

Purchased a new Double wide Fleetwood in 1998 and had many issues with bad construction, things omitted and lack of quality. Helped my Son purchase another new double wide home in Nov. 2010 and again having issues with bad quality and lack of any warranty backup. These homes are inferior from the plant. Screws under new vinyl, twisted board inside wall, told extra insulation and then no extra insulation or upgrading after delivery, really crappy setup also including skirting with very few screws that blew off the first time the wind blew. Very bad experience both times from the manufacture and from the sales people. Vents from the exhaust fan were not even vented thru the roof and thus ruined the whole ceiling in the laundry room (which they said they would not replace because it was not their fault!!). I will never buy another Fleetwood home and advise anyone considering one to run away and check reviews on another brand.

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Reviewed May 4, 2018

My name is Brian. We signed on with Lebanon Valley January 31st. Since then it has been a nightmare. Now we do live on the side of a mountain so it was never a perfect situation. Right away we explained that to them that it is not easy to deal with. They started off by saying it was not a problem and that they have many years of experience. We really liked a lot model and they agreed to sell it to us as it sat. It has all upgraded features and it was nice. We bought a plot of land at the base of the Tuscarora Mountain and it had a 20-year-old single-wide trailer. They agreed to pull it off and dispose of it. The purchase was to include all services, delivery set up, footer dug and poured, setting up all the utilities and plumbing etc... There was also a crane available if we needed it. (Their advertisement stated that) We gave them $5000.00.

I pushed on them to send someone up to do a site survey more than 3-4 times. Their response was we will be fine. We expressed that this was not a normal job. They Google Earthed it and we sent them pictures. That being done they still felt it would be no problem. The pictures show 3 trees that we felt were going to be in the way. They said we did not need to touch them. They finally agreed to send someone up. He came to the site did a few measurements walked around and he called back to Dale with an update. I asked the guy if we had to take the 34-foot deck down and he said as long as it wasn't attached to the trailer it would be ok. We had a power box very close to the front of the trailer. He said it was not a problem he has been doing this for 25 years.

So today they came to dig the footers and figured out the property isn't graded and that we need to have 4 tri-axle trucks of dry dirt brought in and graded before that will proceed. We need to pay for that. He never surveyed the land. It turned out to be 9 triaxles of dirt and shale costing us $2100. He called the bank for a draw of $10,000 dollars in order to continue with the transaction. He wanted $3500 for the footers, the rest to pay for the old trailer removal. He never told us we were paying for that. He sold the old trailer and is in a contract for it but the bank holds the title to it. He is a snake, he lacks every ounce of compassion and customer service there is. He doesn't want to do the right thing unless he is getting paid. He actually said everything he has been doing has been for our benefit. That is the short story. There is 2 months of crap I can’t even begin to go into.

It is now April 23rd. No house. They keep changing the delivery of the house due to weather. We had 3 perfect weather days last week, NO house. They said today, we contacted them yesterday and they said Tuesday now, weather permitting. There is a 50% chance of rain Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe Thursday which would mean yet another week. We mentioned that and their person said "let's pray it doesn't rain". It is has been costing us $10.00 a day to keep our cat in a kennel, it going on a month or more now. Our other 2 pets are with family, costing them money to take care of. We have lived with my mother-in-law. At a hotel, and now with my son and his wife.

4/23/18 Pam called to let them know PennDOT will be blocking the road tomorrow possibly when they bring the house. She offered to meet them and bring them a new way. The driver said he JUST got the PennDOT permit yesterday. He bought and paid for hit. This explains why they kept postponing. They didn't have the permit. Liars. The said they will be here tomorrow. The first pc will be brought and the onsite guys will prep it. He will return for the second pc and it will be completed Thursday.

We received a call from LVMH asking that we sign the checks today Wednesday 4/25. They implied that they will not finish our home unless we sign the checks. We already have an appointment with them Thursday with the bank person. 4/25/18 They showed up on Thursday to work. We gave them a signed check for 90% of the remainder. 10% will be held until all work is done. They told us 2 days tops. Starting the 28th and finishing May 31. We notified them on the 31st that the refrigerator was scratched and dented badly. We sent them photos. We gave them a list of things that we found damaged.

5/2/18 It is Wednesday. 5/2 and the house is not done yet, the inside is a mess the property is all tore up and there is no new fridge, the property is still all torn up and the skirting isn’t on yet. We have waited for 4 months and we spent thousands of dollars in accommodations, storage, and kennel bills. We just want it done.

AGAIN this is the worst experience of our entire lives. Imagine you were homeless although we had living arrangements, we put a lot of people in discomfort. Please know that this has happened and maybe you can prevent it. Read the Negative Reviews on Lebanon Valley Homes Website and Facebook pages, there are many in similar situations. Why will nobody from your company hear this? I have complained several times online. We are stressed, exhausted and tired physically and mentally.

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Reviewed April 4, 2018

My and mine husband's experience with Fleetwood has been terrible! We are new homeowners as of 2017 and had nothing but problems with our brand new home! First off the flooring throughout the kitchen and dining room is that vinyl. When we moved in there was holes from their workers. They came to only tear out a new piece in and leave. Not only that all of our trimming wasn't nailed correctly. It was all coming apart, our carpet wasn't even tied down to the floor and walls. Paint is peeling. I will never ever recommend Fleetwood Homes to anyone! This is my first home and I want it nice but it dreadful. It feels like I'm living in a mess that I have to redo to make it home! Take your money elsewhere.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2018

I bought a Fleetwood home in 2001. It is the worst piece of crap. The house is out of square and every drawer has broken from its base. This is garbage and I will get try to let everyone know not to buy Fleetwood if it is the last thing I do. I am a vet and I know the public will hear me. You should see the sorry workmanship all thru the house. It was found that scrap wood and other garbage was placed under the bathtub which I had to remove. Lazy workers did not do their job. If I had been able at the time I would have sued you into the next century. But it's too late so I will do my best online and in public with help to let the public know to stay away from shysters like you.

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2018

Have nothing but good to say about The 2 bedroom 16 x 80 Westfield by Fleetwood mobile home. It's a 1997 Father lived in for 12 years, The wife and I have lived in for 4 years. Roof does not leak, but installing a new metal roof on it now, had new carpet installed couple years back. But overall very pleased with it. Do not believe that there is any home no matter who built it or what type that will not require some maintenance cost? But have seen very little of those cost with this home?

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2017

Bought a used Fleetwood home that was full of surprises! Wiring to outlets was 14g wire, not 12g which is code. Nothing in the home is square; interior walls are not perpendicular to the outside NOR the floor. Whoever installed the carpet placed staples at 1" intervals around the perimeter. Removing them took literally days. Flooring wasn't level at joints of the plywood sheets... some were 3/16 of an inch off.

All CPVC plumbing entering the home from beneath was installed haphazardly at angles. NONE of the runs were perpendicular to the floor. Under the vinyl flooring there were places where the adhesive was applied in gobs. Some of it was still not hardened after 15 years! ~20% of the staples holding the Sheetrock were not shot into studs. Studs were not 2x4 but 2x2.5 inches. Plumbing fixtures are of the cheapest plastic variety known to man. Paint on the exterior doors literally peeled off. Escutcheons were not securely affixed to surround walls creating interior wall leaks. Tubs and surrounds are made of extremely thin plastic. Easily punctured.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2017

We purchased a new 2017 Eagle edition back in February of this year, paid cash for it and had it built to our specifications. The mobile home was delivered and set up in April and we were told that we have 45 days to make a repair list and send to Fleetwood and they would send a "crew" out to correct all the issues. So myself and my wife went over everything and came up with a full page list and emailed it to Fleetwood.

A few days later my wife received a call from a Beatriz Martinez out of the Waco, TX plant and was told that we needed to send them photographs of some of the items listed. One of the issues that they wanted proof of was that we had paid an extra $150 to have all the ceiling fixtures braced for ceiling fans because when I installed the first fan in the master bedroom it fell out of the ceiling so I checked all the other rooms and found out that none of the electrical boxes had been attached to the 2 x 4, their idea of bracing, that they had installed above each cut out for the ceiling fixtures.

Well I had already attached all of the boxes myself so I could install the fans that we had purchased, (we didn't want the cheap excuse for ceiling fans that they offer so we bought our own) because I wasn't going to wait to complete our list and go without the ceiling fans for a couple of months. Well since "I" fixed them myself they would not take my word that they were not braced and basically have refused to refund the $150 that we paid to have ceiling fan braces installed which I assumed when you pay $150 for braces you are going to get actual ceiling fan braces not a piece of scrap 2x4.

That's four rooms, approximately 8' of 2x4 for $150, man lumber has really gone up in Waco. The next issue was that the vent above the range had a flapper missing to the outside so you could look up under the range hood and see daylight coming in and on top of that any dust or any flying insect can come into our home, such as wasp and yellow jackets, which we have a lot of those in Oklahoma and of course they wanted photos of that.

The next issue among many others that there is not enough room in this review to list, was that we had vinyl windows installed and one of them in the dining area would not open and after I had examined it I found that the whole frame was cracked and therefore would not open. Oh yes photos was needed of that too. Just a few more items that I will list is that we had linoleum installed in all bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen that came with several dents and depressions in it that was obviously done when their awesome building crew was constructing our cracker box and yes photos were needed of that. Well with that all said after list and photos were sent in my wife received a call from some fella named Eric and he told her a date and time that his "crew" would be out to make all the repairs.

So when that date arrived two individuals who spoke very little English arrived with "THE LIST" which had about seven items to repair, nowhere near the forty some odd items we had on our list, in which they stated, "Oh we know nothing about all that. We are here to fix the caulking issues" and some of the cleaning issues that was on our list and that was all they were suppose to do.

So anyway to make a very long story short, this is now September. I still have not received an answer on my $150 I paid for the ceiling braces, the only way that they can fix the linoleum is to cut the sections out that are damaged and splice in pieces which we told them no way we paid for new linoleum not cobbed up linoleum, and my outside vent to the range hood is still missing which they have come out on four different occasions to replace but don't bring the part, can't figure out why this Eric fella would call and say he's sending a "crew", his two non English speaking individuals, to replace an item that they don't have. Oh yes they did replace the window but it took the "crew" two trips because the first trip they brought the wrong size window.

We have contacted the people at Fleetwood so many times that the Beatriz lady will no longer speak with my wife. She has turned us over to some so called manager that I can't recall his name or I would mention you sir and that last time my wife talked to Beatriz she told my wife, very rudely, that we were being too difficult so she could no longer work with us, that is why we contact this manager fella, man I wish I could remember his name so he could get some notoriety also.

Oh yes after we were turned over to Mr.? he wanted photos again. Go figure. Anyway if you are looking into purchasing a Fleetwood mobile home DON'T unless you really like frustration, sleepless nights, aggravation, etc. Customer service is non-existing, and quality well there is none. Appliances were nice, oh wait a minute we purchased those ourselves because we didn't like what was offered so forget I said that.

I hope someday that there will be a class action lawsuit filed against Fleetwood. I would definitely join in on it, don't really care if I got anything out of it but something needs to be done to a company that basically sells you an item and will not stand behind the item they sell. I would get an attorney myself but can't afford one since I have so many repairs to do on this so called home. Again if you are looking at a Fleetwood to purchase run away as fast as you can.

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2017

I am a realtor in Brevard County Florida. I was contacted a year ago by representative named Kevin ** with Fleetwood Partners asking me to sign up as an REO Listing Specialist with them. I was told I was "selected" and that they had a "MONEY BACK" 1 year guarantee. So, if I did not receive a listing from them within 1 year, I could get my initial $400 investment back!! I didn't see any information online about them at the time saying it was a scam so, I did sign up.

It has now been 1 year, I never heard from the company again after signing up with them. I checked in with them in December (6 months), letting them know they were a "scam". I was told that they had a full year and it certainly was not a "scam". Now, no one will return my phone calls or emails. I actually called their "sales" department, if you press 1 for sales someone actually answers the phone. They said the department that issues the credits was "out to lunch". I asked to have them call me within the hour, no one has ever called me back!! And now that they have my phone number they won't answer my phone calls! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH FLEETWOOD... This is a scam!! They will take your $400 and not give you any listings and they will not give you your money back!!! 1-224-534-5010 is their current office number if they happen to call you from this number.

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