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    Last updated: Jan. 18, 2018

    46 Brookfield Residential Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 18, 2018

    We noticed a small defect on our oven after 45 days and were told that Brookfield does not warranty appliances to contact Bosch. Bosch does not cover defects after 30 days so we got screwed and Brookfield could care less. Additionally, they still cannot fix the pocket door and squeaks in our master bedroom. Sounds like a house built in the 40’s. Buyer beware!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 13, 2018

    Before you sign the contract, everything is wonderful. After you sign the contract, good luck getting a return phone call or and email reply. The only way I can get through to someone is when I block my phone number or call with both of our work numbers. We were told our possession time frame is Dec/Jan. In December, we inquired 2-3 and was told the house is not ready, it'll likely be in January. We were advised to call back on Tuesday January 2nd for a date, for sure... Tuesday, January 2nd called 3 Times. 11:00am, 12:00pm and 1:30 pm. No one answered, left a message. No call back. I also sent an email, no response. Had my fiancé call at 3:00 with his work number, finally someone answered and said they do not have an answer yet, call back tomorrow.

    Next day (Wednesday), we called back... no one answered again. No one called back. Friday morning I called in. I was told to call back Saturday morning. Then I got a call Friday evening telling me to check back Monday, January 8th. I called them on Monday at 12:00pm, I was told they still don't have an answer. Finally an hour later, I received a call saying there was a construction delay. New possession date is 2/22/18. WOW!!! I'm not surprised about the construction delay, I'm surprise it took them so long to tell me there is a delay. Like the person below said, it barely rained 2 days in December... I know his because I was counting. Hoping to moving in late Dec/Jan.

    I get that new builds have construction delays, but what I don't like, respect or appreciate is that NO one has the courtesy to give me a call back or respond to my email or calls. Our current lease ends January 31. We had to ask for one month extension. Thank goodness it was approved, if not, I have no idea where we would've lived! One words: Unprofessional.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

    So I started the process of buying my home at their Oakley Location at the end of October 2017. As with most builders you can't have a contingency (have to sell your home) this is normal but here is my big problem with this builder. They make you list your home within 2 weeks of a deposit of your new home and you have your old house sold very fast. Okay I can do that and will time it within the move in time of new house. I had several talks with about the new home completion time.

    Sold my house very fast with being able to stay in it until my time frame of the new house. Well guess what. They're off by 1 month of my completion date. Now there have been no delays due to weather as it has only rained 2 days in the last 2 months. If you know anything about construction they follow a very tight schedule that is months out. So they're not delayed by bad weather, they just told me what I wanted to hear so I would by it.

    So if you're reading this that tells me you might be thinking about buying from this builder. If you don't have to sell your home you're in or can rent right up till the time your new is done then I say you're fine but if not then pass this builder up and move on. Have you ever bought a car and they were very nice and told you want you wanted to hear but were not honest, you know car sales type people. (And I give 5 stars to a car dealer I rated on here.) Well this is the equivalent in home builders. I hope the president of the company is reading this and wants to hear more. I'm lot 208, give me a call.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 2, 2017

    Brookfield Homes has recently acquired Grand Haven Homes in Texas. Grand Haven built my house in 2016 but now they call themselves Brookfield so my review will be to warn others of what Brookfield is today in Austin. We have had no less than 40 warranty issues since we moved in. The craftsmanship and quality of materials is poor. We have paid roughly $800K for our home and do not feel that the quality is worthwhile.

    Yes, the home looks beautiful on the exterior and interior, but underneath the surface is shoddy workmanship. From roof leaks, to plumbing issues, to flooring defects, to heating/cooling problems to name a few. Many other issues exist too. They have fixed most of them over the course of a year, but getting them to come out is a real hassle. It takes multiple calls to them and they rarely come out when they say they will. And the vendors that come out are underprepared and untimely, and many times their repair leads to another problem. It is almost like the builder is hoping you will get frustrated enough to forget about the problems and stop asking them to come out.

    And then there are customer service issues on the sales and home building side. Our salesman was not horrible but not great either. He did try to bend over backwards to accommodate some things, but on others he seemed to string us along hopefully for weeks or months only to give a negative response when the building process was far too deep to back out. When we moved in, their side made an error on the closing documents. We did our part. They didn't catch it until after closing and when our movers were driving over there to unload our stuff into their house.

    Now although we had the most expensive house on the lot, we had been working with them for almost 2 years, it was their error, and I immediately wired them the missing money, they did not let us in our house due to paperwork and caused the movers to have to leave - costing us an extra $1500 that they did not reimburse. Not very customer oriented. Additionally, there is a pending lawsuit (which I am not a part of) right now where a large group of our neighbors are suing Grand Haven (now Brookfield) for misrepresentation during the sales process. If Grand Haven is now Brookfield Residential, I would suggest you find another builder in Austin, TX.

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    Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

    I bought a home in Playa Vista, California in the Camden complex. After the initial year our homeowner association fees skyrocketed as the initial numbers Brookfield used were ridiculously low. They will lean on the fact that they simply used the Department of Real Estate handbook guidelines which are completely outdated and they know that they are outdated but still use those numbers for budgeting, enabling them to share a low number to prospective buyers. For example, they budgeted $350 for monthly cleaning of all of the buildings in the complex. The reality, lowest bid was more $3,000 monthly. They only budgeted $.01 (one penny) for mandatory methane gas monitoring!!! Let the buyer beware.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

    My family and I live in a Brookfield Homes and had a pretty big scare last week that I want to share... We had been having some issues with heating over the last month and so we contacted Smith & Willis - our home wouldn't heat to more than 65 degrees, regardless of where we set the temp. S&W sent a tech out and that's when he discovered a serious problem. I do not fully understand the mechanics, but apparently while Brookfield was building our home, they switched the furnace to propane while waiting for the natural gas device they needed. Apparently, Brookfield failed to alert Smith and Willis to convert back to natural gas prior to us moving in. Per the Smith & Willis tech, this oversight could have resulted in an explosion. He called his supervisor and was told to immediately turn everything off and dismantle all the wires on the furnace. He thanked us repeatedly for calling him to come and look at the problem; he was clearly shaken up.

    Although we weren't pleased with Brookfield's initial reaction, they have since apologized for the mistake and for the stress it created and have said they are going to look into it further (including reaching out to the HVAC company). I have two young boys and was in tears that evening. I didn't want to stay in the house again until I was certain that everything was fixed - which it seems to be now. My husband was furious; I'm sure you all can imagine the stress this situation caused. It is difficult getting over the fact that apparently our house could have blown up. While we don't know who is directly responsible, someone behaved irresponsibly and it is a big deal, so we are sharing this story to help ensure that current and prospective homeowners are being proactive and ensuring they are safe in their Brookfield homes, and frankly; we also simply wanted to vent our frustration as we don't know what else to do.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

    Carlsbad New Construction Homes by Brookfield - The quality of the products they use are inferior; the ratings of the vendors they use are poor, and incompetent. They have poor, to NO customer service, after purchasing a $1,000,000 home/property, because the list of complaints by other new owners is too overwhelming for them to attend to in a timely manner; including broken roof tiles upon completion of the house not being fixed or acknowledged for more than 6 months.

    Brookfield hopes that the new owners will realize they cannot fight with their large corporation, and repair the broken items on their new homes with more money out of their own pocket. Don't be fooled by the beautiful models. Do your research on the many consumer complaints and lawsuits filed against them for construction defects. They do not care about your largest investment, nor the aggravation that comes with purchasing a new home from them. Save yourself the aggravation and legal fees.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

    I am really disappointed. The smiling and helpful people we meet at the sales office are backed-up with different quality of after-sales service people. Me and my wife bought a new single house in Edmonton. In one year the entrance of the garage was fragmented in the middle. I wasted my time trying to get my broken garage ramp fixed and the only thing I got from the service department is argument and theories trying to justify their refusal to repair the damage. I felt I wasted my time and money with this company.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

    I bought a Brookfield home in Audie Murphy (Big Sky) and the design/architecture of homes are beautiful, the construction is TERRIBLE!! The house is built shoddy as if they had no pride in their work. I've only been in the home a little over a year but during that year I have complained about the floors being uneven, the space for the fireplace is not straight so it looks like the actual fireplace is crooked. Water comes out of the master bath shower into outside bath tub (seal on bottom looks like a child put it in). Cabinets are loose and not straight. I had to have the garage people out multiple times because the sun kept warping and pulling the strip off. Come to find out, it was the color they used for the strip, the garage company knew about it and wondered why the builder kept installing the same color knowing there was an issue.

    It got to the point where I just stopped complaining to their customer service. They like to say things like "well no house is perfect". I don't want perfect, but I do want you to fix obvious flaws. If the molding does not connect to the floor because the floor is uneven, you need to fix that!!! Some of my neighbors have had roof issues and cracked stucco and these homes are just a little over a year old. For what they are asking for these homes, Brookfield should have higher quality standards, however, they do not. After the year maintenance (support), it takes an act of God, Congress or whomever to get something done. Customer service basically says, "too bad, not our problem". I will never purchase anything from this builder nor recommend them to anyone. They are building new homes up the street, wish I could tell those unsuspecting buyers, "take your money and run"!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2016

    Purchasing a new home can be stressful, but the folks at Brookfield made it easy. They were very helpful and responsive to our questions. While there were some issues with the actual construction, which can be expected, they were quick to address the issue at no inconvenience to us.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 30, 2016

    January of 2014 we were in the market for a new home while preparing to relocate to Maryland. We found Brookfield Residential DC on the website and took a trip to Gambrills, MD to view the site where Brookfield was going to break ground. We weren't sure if we should build or buy an existing home. After seeing a lot of homes on the market in a span of 5 months we finally decided to build after seeing their model homes in Virginia. We fell in love with the styles of the homes and how comfortable we felt in them.

    I remember meeting our sales rep Holly ** in January when it was freezing cold outside and no one was shopping for homes. I was greeted with a smile and recall coming back multiple times to get more information. Each visit with her was a pleasant experience and when we decided to build we knew we made the right choice. When we moved in, we were greeted by very friendly neighbors and everyone after us were just as friendly. The community is great and have a nice pool house and community playground for the kids to burn off some energy on a regular basis. I would most definitely refer a friend to purchase here. We couldn't ask for a better home and neighborhood.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2016

    We purchased and built our home with Brookfield in 2014-15. Holly ** was our salesperson and the face of the company for us through the design and purchase. She was helpful, responsive, proactive, and professional. She helped us design the home that worked best for us, including custom features that accommodate our daughter, who has dwarfism. When we encountered problems or concerns, she was quick to work with her management and the build team to resolve them quickly and efficiently. I have recommended Brookfield and Holly to friends.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2016

    It was a pleasure working with Holly. She was very nice and responsive to questions and concerns. She also gave excellent advice on options to get as well as options not to get. She very much worked with my interests in mind and making sure my family and I would be happy with the purchase of our new home.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 27, 2016

    I write this review to tell you about the experience I had purchasing a new home from Brookfield Homes in Wilson's Grove, Gambrills, Maryland. From the minute I walk in the door with my wife we were greeted by Ms. Holly **. Without a doubt she is the right person for the job. She sat down with us and went over all the options available, from type of lot to type of house, options that were available, and the estimated time it would take to complete. Holly was knowledgeable on every aspect of process. After spending time with Holly and looking at the lots available we knew this is where we wanted to live and we began the process of buying a new home.

    Holly's made the experience the least stressful possible. From the first meeting to settlement and every day in-between, Holly was amazing. She walked us through every step, she answered emails and returned phone calls with little to no delays, and all our dealings with her she made us feel like we were her only customer, and she was right on the money for completion date, that's why I rated Brookfield Home with 5 stars. We found that to be the case with every person we dealt with at Brookfield Homes. I would recommend buying a Brookfield Home to anyone looking for a new home, for its quality and workmanship they put into building their homes, and highly recommend Holly ** as the person to deal with when buying a Brookfield Home.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2016

    We had a wonderful experience with the saleswoman, Holly **. She was one of the friendliest people I have ever met and was always more than willing to help and answer our questions.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 10, 2016

    I purchased a new Brookfield Home and disappointment is putting it mildly! Shoddy builders. It would be easier to list what's right as opposed to what's wrong. Mold from LEAKS in the basement, windows and sliding doors leaking, mismatch tiles, paint peeling from garage and front door, water leaking from upstairs bathroom, bird nests in outer interior due to no covers on vents. The best is when you call service the guy that fixes things is not even trained just a handyman. Can really depend on that! Would never recommend Brookfield to anyone!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 13, 2015

    I bought the home almost 2 years ago. When I purchased, I was promised a box of approximately 10 motion sensor light switches. When I moved in home, they were removed, except for one. I have been trying for almost two years to get my switches, with no luck. I posted on BBB, and on Yelp. My only other concern is how N sink U tube was not connected. Much water spilled on second story floor. Problem was fixed, I just hope I never get mold. Also, there has been a crack in shower but I forgot to ask them to repair it. I understand it is probably beyond warranty, but maybe someone can tell me how to fix it. Overall I like the house, and with exception of above, the builder has been reasonably good.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

    My wife & I were under contract to build a home. Unfortunately, we were forced to work with their Colorado sales team, Mike & Carrie. These people are the main reason why people in sales have a bad reputation. They knew NOTHING about their product and only cared about making money. After several red flags, we were forced to cancel our contract and home build. Do your homework on this company.

    Their build site at Midtown is built on a site that was previously deemed toxic due to hazardous materials spill. They informed us of this AFTER we signed paperwork. They refused to allow us to work with a realtor and they also would not allow us to have our own independent inspections performed throughout the build process. They say there is an HOA -- and collect monthly fees, however there isn't an HOA and Brookfield has made several changes to the development plans without any resident input. (Paved over community gardens for more parking lots.)

    NOTHING is transparent with this company. I eventually called Jim ** in their corporate sales office to ask why changes were being made to the development plans without consulting residents. (MANY of which whom have invested over a half million dollars or more) and he responded, "We don't care." If my review or opinion isn't enough check these out. It's from Consumer Affairs. Brookfield Residential averages 1 out of 5 stars. Do yourself & family a favor -- pick another builder.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2015

    A letter just recently was sent to Brookfield to address the displeasure we've had with Brookfield Homes since we purchased our home 2.5 years ago. Since then we've had customer service at our house in excess of 20 times for deficiencies caused by Capital Mechanical who is the plumbing contractor. I purchased this home to live in a trouble free environment due to the fact that we are caretakers for my mother in law, who is on dialysis, has COPD, (on oxygen), congestive heart failure and a host of other issues. My father who lives in the basement is confined to a wheelchair due to a progressive neurological disorder.

    The issues that have developed, as our new house ages, has been not only frustrating but has cause a hardship for all of us in this house. It's unacceptable at this point and none of the reps have been able to correct the issue or have been able to get to the root of the problem. Skip just doesn't care and our new representative unfortunately has come into this too late to be effective but appears to be the only one who understands our concerns. Leak after leaks after leaks after leaks. Siding flying off, the reps painting deficiencies with magic markers and the plumbing is a nightmare. The landscaping is a joke and I should've hire an independent engineer to evaluate the plot prior to settlement. Photograph everything and maintain a file with accurate dates and times.

    If you are purchasing a Brookfield home please hire your own independent home inspector to finalize your home. Any deficiency do not settle as it will never be taken care of and get everything you are asking for on paper. The customer service tech trucks are at every house in my development almost everyday this week and most of everyone I know in the Brookside area of Warrenton VA is unhappy with Brookfield. I want my new home back not a moldy, water logged, stained home, I didn't purchase that. They only want to fix what they want to fix to save $$$. There is an active lawsuit happening in the area and I'm diligently pursuing who the attorney is.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

    My wife and I were at first very happy with our purchase with our home. 6 years later we started noticing a lot of the tile in the master bathroom started cracking and coming up around the shower. Then we noticed dark spots on the kitchen ceiling directly under the master bathroom and eventually the chandelier fell out of the ceiling due to mold and severe dampness. When I had a handyman pull back the bench tile in the shower, we discovered it was not done according to code. I spoke to our warranty dept. and of course they claim the bathroom is only covered for 1 year of the 10 year warranty. I asked them would my wife falling thru the bathroom shower floor to the kitchen due to the floor board has mold and has grown very weak due to the 6 year leak of water via the shower? I currently pursuing to get this redone and fixed. VERY FRUSTRATED.

    Original review: Aug. 2, 2015

    Bought a home about 8 months ago. Was somewhat pleased at the time of purchase. We were told we would get 1 year free of HOA fees and they did not honor it when it came down to closing. Then a firefighter in the neighborhood noticed the houses being built across the street and stated they did not have the proper firewalls in between them so if one town home caught on fire they would all pretty quickly set on fire. Then the home next door was vacant for at least 6 months which was nice because the people who purchased the home are very loud. You can hear everything from the bathroom fan being on, walking up and down the stairs, flushing toilets, and opening and closing of drawers and I would think with these being new homes it would be built amazing. I was so happy to have my first home being built. Now I wish I waited longer and purchased a single family home by a different home company.

    Original review: July 21, 2015

    Can any help me getting my deposit back from this people? I fell in love with a house at Avendale in Bristow, VA and wrote a contract on April 6, 2015. The delivery date was August/September. I had been approved by George Mason Mortgage who happens to be their prefer lender, but they did not want to use my loan officer and send me to the Annandale office of George Mason. This office took 6 weeks to tell me I did not qualify and because they denied me I could not go back to my old loan officer. I went to another lender and they approved me.

    When I presented my approval letter to Brookfield they said they wanted me to try with another of their prefer lender in order to give the $7,500 closing cost intensive they offered me. I tried again to go with their lender. This one took 4 weeks to tell me I did not qualify. I went back to them and asked them to accept my lender, but they took 2 more weeks to say yes.

    Now we are in the middle of July and there is no way they can deliver the house by September. I told them I did not want to wait anymore and requested my deposit back. They are refusing to return my money. The contract is written in such away that you have no rights. They can take up to two years to build the house and according to them they can start whenever they want during these two years. There is no financial contingency. If you back out of the deal for any reason you lose your deposit.

    I am so frustrated with them. When I told them I will hire a lawyer they said the contract is written to their favor and there is no way out without losing the money. I do not want to buy with them anymore. I am a single mother and work very hard for my money. I do not think it's fair that they do not want to give me my money back, especially because they have not even started the house.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2015

    My family and I recently purchased a Brookfield home (spec home) and have had excellent customer service during our closing process (excellent staff to work with), minor repairs (electrical, flooring, entrance door, etc...). When either my spouse or I would call or email the site Assistant Construction Manager, he would respond to us within 24-48 hours. I give Brookfield Residential (Bristow, VA area) a thumbs up on quality of the home, excellent customer service and truly supporting staff on-site and in the regional office.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2015
    We have had SO many structural problems with our house. We are nearing 10 years and now have found that there are several elements of the roof that were incorrectly constructed. Of course, interior damage, sleepless rainy nights and insurance claims galore. Have someone inspect your roof, your flashings, where vents are placed. In our first six months in the home, we had two major leaks during rains. I never dreamed it would take 10 years to find ALL of the problems.

    I love my house, but I hate Brookfield. I could never, in good conscience, recommend them to anyone.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 11, 2015

    Since purchasing our Brookfield home, the follow-through with walkthrough repairs and the 45-day punch-out list have been pathetic. Only excuses and delays have occurred as a result of structural and cosmetic complaints. It's been a constant battle with the uppers in our region to take ownership of the issues presented and then resolutions to fix them. We are very disappointed with the management within Brookfield Homes here in Virginia and would not recommend purchasing a new home from them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 5, 2014

    We bought a Brookfield Palo Verde new home in Carlsbad, Ca. just a few months ago. The sales brochure and website promised that appliances would be Whirlpool GOLD. What we got was the cheapest Whirlpool except for the cook top. We found out about the discrepancies right after we moved in, however, the management team has been giving us the runaround. The customer care field manager Dan ** could not answer why the builder only kept its promise on one appliance but not all. He, therefore, chose the easiest way out by dismissing us as though it was the customer's fault. He then rudely closed out our claims. Maybe the company decided to send the most difficult person to deter customers or they intend to hire 'just say no' people as customer CARE managers for their Bait and Switch tactics. Why would anyone buy from a builder who cannot even keep its basic written promises? Brookfield is the company that I cannot trust.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2014

    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction with the furnace that was installed at my home when I took possession in late October 2010. Shortly after possession I was experiencing non-heating issues with my furnace. I called Brookfield Homes Site Admin - Wendy ** who then contacted Ray who is the associated site manager - service. He came out and found that a tube was full of water and drained it and the furnace began to work. After a month the same problem came back and I took off the panels and noticed that water was built up in that tube again. So I removed the tube and drained about a cup of water and the furnace worked. Now the furnace would work for about a year until this time of year when the cold weather seems to affect it ALL the time. So in 2012, I did the same thing, I drained the water and furnace would appear to run fine for couple months. I also had called Brookfield and advised them of the issue. I would have to do it all over again a few months later, and then it would work till October of the next year.

    So in 2013 around October it finally had the same problem and every time its a 3 flashing code that says "pressure switch open with inducer on". I called Arpi's and explained to them the situation and they wanted to charge me for a service technician. And I was upset because this has happened every time since I have had the house and feel like I do not need to be charged for anything. I drained the tube, and through the winter months I would have to drain it almost weekly. And the furnace would work for a few weeks. We are now in 2014 October, and I am having the same issues again.

    I honestly don't think this is normal. I have friends that have owned homes ALL their lives and my parents and they have NEVER heard of having to drain water out of it on a yearly basis for months. Upon inspection I do not believe this furnace was installed correctly in the first place because I can run the furnace for 30 minutes and no water comes out of the drain. I've taken the liberty to check the condensate trap and it appears to be full of water every time. In addition I've noticed the horizontal pipe for draining is not sloped properly from the condensate trap. It appears to be sloped towards the furnace instead of away. I apologize for the terminology used because this isn't my field of expertise. I really hope this water backup has not caused any rust or damages to the inducer motor which would cause my 3 blinking code because it appears every year around this time. I get the three blinking code and have to drain water and the furnace wouldn't work for couple hours and then a few hours later the furnace would work. I took it upon myself as usual with anything and took apart my furnace and cut the piping and redid the piping properly to slope. Currently the unit is still working after I repaired the slope and the water appears to be draining now in a steady stream.

    Both Brookfield and Arpis have no documented calls and complaints that my furnace broke down every year. Which is not my fault how they run their company and why these calls made are not documented. I contacted John** at Arpi's and he said that my furnace needed cleaning. I took the furnace apart and it's clean as can be. The only thing is the drain wasn't installed properly which I am suspecting caused this problem.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2014

    We liked a model in Belmont Glen in ashburn, va and signed a contract. However, the sales manager was really painful. We went back and forth and they really did not give anything extra in negotiations. At some point he started making racist remarks which were very hurtful. My wife was in tears and kids were shocked. We wanted out right then but somehow wanted to put up. However, they changed the way lot is laid out even by adding a retaining wall into the lot area. Which means, we lost the area (SQ FT) in the lot as well. We wanted out but sales manager apparently is not agreeing. Is this even fair? We are going to lawyer.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 8, 2014

    I have been living in a Brookfield home for 3 years now and have complained repeatedly about some of the defects of the home. One major issue we are having is our windows. The windows installed in our house is of poor quality and installed improperly. During our "wind storm" from October to April, I have to place towels and tape down the towels all around the windows so the dirt does not get into our house. I don't like doing it but it's the only way I know how to prevent soil from blowing in. It's not just one or two windows, but all 16 of them.

    I have reached out to the builder, their customer care center and the association and they have done nothing about it. It's so frustrating and so sad that our first home turned out to be a Brookfield home. I wish I had done some research before buying. And the windows are not the only thing that is of poor quality. The wood used for our balcony and pillars are all rotting. Mind you, it's just been three years. Not only were they painted with a thin coat but they were not sealed so the few times it has rained, the wood looks like it's been soaked in water for years. Don't invest your hard-earned money into a Brookfield home.

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    Original review: March 21, 2014

    Don't even visit the model home, their town homes in VA were so pretty and big w/ the kitchen in the center of the home...I fell in luv with the Dollhouse look to these. I wish I would have 'kept looking' when the sales person was so rude! She was so rude I was so upset that I had to be consoled! What a waste of energy & tears. This was our first home to become a "dream" home & they absolutely do not care! We put so much thought and negotiations into the lot, then the next week we were "bumped" w/o ANY notice! So be prepared they scam you on that.

    The lot (1 at a time of course) that they tell you is ready to go, really isn't. I also found loads of beer cans and energy drinks on the lot, I could not believe it! They absolutely do NOT use licensed workers!! They use a licensed contractor but then the workers are from another land. There are 2 set groups that work on your house outside & in. They work 7am into the night! 7 days a week even on holidays! They are quiet as church mouse M-F until 3pm while the foreman is there, but on the weekend, it's a hot mess. They are rude, noisy, and they bring their families on the weekend. They leave open fire to dry the houses overnight which I think is a code violation.

    The landscaper lays the cheapest most horrible grass that dies if you step on it, and of course scorches the entire summer. The plants/trees are horrible and tacky. Don't even talk about the snow removal. The postman must have complained because now they will clear a path to the mailbox only. They push the snow in front of your driveway, it's crazy! Your pool & basketball court is shared w/ the trailer homes on the grounds. The trailer people come down to this neighborhood to use the playgrounds. Can't tell you how many houses are already for sale, and of course the ones that the realtors buy to rent out.

    It is true about the shower installations wrong wrong wrong. The tiler is J&J in this area, awful low quality caulking worse than in an apartment. The tiles are beautiful but $$$ but since they use the low grade caulking, the tiles fall off!! Your floors will be scratched up in installation, I won't even go into the nail pops and your trim will peel away from the crown molding. It is true, your backyard will be lumpy because they just lay the sod over ANYTHING. Their trash, materials etc, be warned. The other person is right, call the county and they will come out to drive through, the foreman will jump out of his car and things will change for about a week. Then it goes back. Just as the other person said your granite will pull away from your sink! Again low quality mounting.

    Our cabinets were so scratched up, and they WILL NOT change them. In your walk through, TAKE PHOTOS, that is your ONLY saving grace. After your 1 year follow-up. it's just to tell YOU everything they WON'T do! So we are just fixing everything our self. Your outside concrete will also crack up in about 9mos. I think the worst part w/ this builder is that we are paying so much money for these homes and they just don't have pride in their work. That's really sad. The next worse is the landscaping. It's just awful. No one cares about doing a good job anymore. Just sales numbers. Pass on Brookfield Virginia please.

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