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BEWARE of Beazer Homes, especially their sales agent Ernie ** and his boss David **. They cheated me out of $3000 earnest money. My financing fell through and they gave me the runaround for 3 months and finally idiot ** calls me to tell me he can't refund my earnest money check and to read his contract. Yep, my fault for trusting these goons. As a licensed agent myself, I must warn people, to stay away from these con artists. I am in the process of filing a complaint against them with TREC, and will contact my broker and all my friends at RE/MAX and Keller Williams. This is not over, will do everything to make sure, they don't get to enjoy that money. It's okay I will survive, but they will lose more than the $3k they robbed me of. Idiot David **, you can't con people in the age of social media and the internet. Shame on you, shame on Beazer Homes.

I am pleading with anyone thinking about purchasing a Beazer home to change your mind! The workmanship of this home is horrendous! We have had issue after issue from day one and we have only been in the home a month! The wiring was done wrong between the dishwasher and the hard food disposal which nearly caused the disposal to become steaming hot! I checked with another neighbor and they also had the same issue. EVERY door had dents/dings/scratches on them and blue tape issues were not resolved the day of closing. The furnace was not operating correctly, fireplace was installed crookedly, outside lighting was installed crookedly, vanities had chips on them from painters, piece of tile cut short in the master bath, floor loose and coming up in master closet, exhaust fan covers not installed properly, hose BIB installed crookedly, and porch column scratched and installed crookedly! These are still not all of the issues!

The absolute worst part is their customer service, it's horrible! No response half of the time, vendors who are sent to "fix" issues actually made more damages if and when they would actually show up! Multiple times they would come without the right materials to even address the issues! There is no timely response from Beazer whether you call or email! I will say again IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING A BEAZER HOME CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!

Do not Fall into the Same Trap We did!! My husband and I purchased a home in Apex, NC built by Beazer. We loved the area and despite numerous negative reviews regarding the quality of their product, we proceeded. Do not make the same mistake we did. Because we loved the area, we talked ourselves into believing that it really couldn't be that bad. From the initiation of our home purchase, customer service was incredibly poor; we were lied to about a green space adjacent to our property; the quality of construction is horrible; Beazer uses the cheapest materials and labor they can find. During our final construction walk through with the Builder, multiple unfinished and unrepaired items were identified and brought to the Builders attention. Instead of addressing the issues, he stormed out of our closing walk through - items unaddressed.

With moving trucks lined up, etc. we had no choice but proceed to closing. However with significant delay as we attempted to obtain some kind of guarantee from Beazer that these items would be addressed and repaired. Their warranty department is atrocious. It look over 6 months to repair a water leak from our second floor master shower to the first floor family room. (This shower was unusable the entire 6 months). There were multiple no-shows by contractors and tile work that was installed so out of level that it had to be ripped out and re-tiled 3 times. Our neighbors all have reported very similar experiences. With Beazer currently building two Major developments in Apex, I would heed the warnings. We wish we would have.

Out of curiosity, I decided to read recent Beazer reviews and was aghast to find they are still doing business the same shoddy way more than twenty years after I bought a Beazer home. I signed the contract for my home in January, 1994, with the understanding (verbally from the sales rep), construction would be completed by June, 1994. Three weeks after the contract was signed, I was asked by the sales rep to come into the office. I was told the sales rep had made an error, and that the lot I had picked was not to have been sold until a later phase. I told him I was not interested in any other lot and wanted out of the contract.

I was advised that if I backed out of the contract, they would keep my deposit. I told them my signed contract specified that lot, that I would not back out of the contract, but that if they wanted to back out of the contract, they had to give me my deposit back. I had to hire an attorney to send them a letter demanding they fulfill the contract. The response was that I could have the lot I had picked, but that the contract did not specify a completion date. The contract did specify that construction of my home would begin within six months.

I was told verbally by the sales rep that when my home was built, I would be entitled to what the standard features were at that time, not what was standard at the time I signed my contract. My contract had also included my upgrade choices, which included a tile surround of the fireplace, tile in all areas of the first floor, instead of carpet, and the electrical outlet and cement pad in the yard for a hot tub. I contacted my attorney, who advised that I was entitled to everything that was standard at the time I signed my contract, not future standards. Another letter was sent to Beazer. I saved my standard features list. When six months had gone by and no work had started on my home, I contacted the sales rep (now a different one), who apologized.

The next day, a bulldozer went to my lot and dug a small pit. When 2 months later, nothing else had been done, I was told that my contract specified construction must start in 6 months and that digging the hole was the start of construction! Every time the sales rep changed, I would be called into the office and would be asked to pick another lot and sign a new contract. I always refused.

After two years of hassles, my home was finally ready for walk-through in July of 1996. There was no fireplace, and the tile was only in 1/2 of where it was supposed to be. They had carpeted the living room. There was an electrical outlet and hot tub pad, but I was told the CC&R's (which were controlled by the developer until several years later) had changed, and that hot tubs were not allowed. I had to provide proof that the fireplace had been standard when I signed my contract, and they were visibly amazed/disgusted when I immediately pulled out my standard feature list and my copy of the contract with my upgrades.

On walk-through, I found that the attic access in a bedroom closet was missing. The rep had no idea what I was talking about and I had to show it to her in the model. Weeks later, the response from Beazer was that my city fire code did not require attic access, and therefore, they would not put it in. When they put in my fireplace, months later, it was with a stucco surround and I had to fight to get my tile surround.

On initial walk-through, there were over 30 items wrong, and I was verbally told they would be fixed within 30 days. After contacting them every week, at the 18 month mark after move-in, I picketed on the public sidewalk in front of the sales office with a list of my still unfixed items. The next day, a policeman and the sales rep showed up at my door with a picture of me picketing, said Beazer had filed a complaint and handed me a letter from Beazer saying that if I picketed again they would sue me. My list of items to be fixed were not repaired/completed until I had been living in the home for two years! It's easy to think that mistakes will happen and the complaints on this review site are rare exceptions, but they are not! Don't trust Beazer.

Throughout our dealings with Beazer they misled us to believe that the high HOA fees ($130 to $218) were justified because the HOA was maintaining the front yards and paying for the water needed. Days before closing they reversed this and said we were now responsible for the maintenance and water and no fee adjustment would be made.

They also told us that Time Warner cable had been part of the construction and every home was ready to turn internet and cable on with a simple phone call. After countless calls to Beazer and TWC it turns out that Beazer's project did not meet the IRR requirement (Internal rate of return) and TWC pulled their crew off the job making this development un-serviceable. Beazer says TWC is lying and it's their fault the internet wasn't ready.

Every item found on our orientation/walkthrough remained unfixed on our closing day even though Beazer assured us that there would be a crew staying to fix whatever we found. They even told us that we would have to forfeit the house cleaning before our move in because we were moving in too soon, on our closing date.

One month after moving into this home, there has not been a single mail delivered; why? The USPS says Beazer didn't file our addresses until July 16th, we moved in on June 10th! Again Beazer says the USPS is lying, it's their fault. After meeting with the Beazer VP of Operations, he said it was our fault for signing the closing documents and not reading the HOA docs given to us 4 days earlier. What a disaster the executive staff of Beazer is, steer clear of them or you will regret it, really.

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Beazer homes is the worst home I've ever seen!!! I am currently remodeling my house right now. They did a crappy job building the house. The front door frame is offset a lot. I will never recommend this company to anyone. They dented the gas line in the laundry room, everything is loose and they put cheap ** in my house. One of the windows is broken from the day I bought this house!!!

Builder controlled HOA, only allows for a 5-foot fence. HOA says builder will not amend the covenants while builder controlled, however they have already made changes to it. Who wants a maximum 5-foot fence? I mean I am 6 foot tall, so I guess I don't get to have any privacy. Beazer is pretty good at forgetting about you once your check clears! Overall construction is poor in my opinion especially in the price point I bought in. I have a laundry list of issues that need to be addressed at my 11 month walk through. I'll likely put it on the market right after that. Very poor experience. #firstandlastbeazerhome

Disappointing how the Blazer not solve customer problems. I bought a house and from the first month she had problems on the ground. Because the service provider has informed that the service was performed, although I as a customer report that was not done properly, the Beazer informs that no longer will do any repair. I bought a new home which unfortunately I cannot use the land.

We purchased a Beazer home in San Tan Valley, AZ and had numerous issues with our home. Entire house of tile had to be redone, nails popping out of wall, missing outlet, electric outage to name a few. We requested very reasonable compensation for our time and inconvenience and Beazer has refused to even admit how terrible their workmanship was and blatantly refused any sort of compensation request.

Stay far away from Beazer Homes!! They are thieves! I wish I have read the reviews about Beazer Homes before putting down earnest money. Long story short I was pre-approved but the loan did not go through. Beazer kept the earnest money and will not refund it. I will NEVER do business with them again and suggest any potential buyer to stay away!!!

I like to buy house from Beazer Homes in Hermitage TN. I ask the guy represent the Beazer his name is Matt if he have any house ready to move. He said no even he said he don't have any Lot has been. I write a contract to build it and I confirm with him 4 times only option he have. I choice the lot. I like it and we agree with the price. After upgrade too many items because the standard is very bad, I ask him to show my wife these upgrades because the price with new update is $292.990.00 instead basic price $ 262.990.00. This happen in middle of February 2016. I asked him to write the contract. He said he can't until First of March.

According to Beazer Corporate they not allow to him to contract any house before March 1 and I confirmed with him 5 times if anybody come to buy this house before this date. He told me not possible is my house until March 2. Then after 2 days I came back with another upgrade make the price to $276.195.00. Then I hear different sound from him but still my appointment to write the contract on March 1, 2016 and after 4 days he called my agent. Told she Remon's house is sold. Then she told me I called him immediately and he confirm that I asked him "why you sold the house we agree for it and you told me is mine until the appointment is up". He tried to lie to me, said the corporate Let him to this. So I don't know what is true? Only I know they liars. Then I called the corporate and Management for Beazer Homes but is no results at all and my dream gone and my house is sold.

Home built in 2007 and joist already loosening, seams ripping... They forgot to put lighting in closet upstairs. $500,000 home and poor poor quality material and workmanship.

I would be extremely cautious in the purchase of any Beazer home if you expect any kind of customer service after they have sold you a home. I recently went through an issue with a community under development in Florida where since day 1 of the purchase of our home - we had an issue with the grading of the backyard. The grading was so poor that water would simply pool up directly in the middle of our yard. This issue perpetually got worse and worse over time and it got to a point that it finally needed to be addressed.

I am not normally once to complain about anything - in fact, not for one single issue in our home did we complain to Beazer or EVER have a contractor come out to our house to fix literally ANYTHING for us. I began the work of killing off and tiling the back yard for new sod myself because in my book if it is broke you just fix it. At our one year inspection, my wife explained to one of the contractors employed by Beazer the issues we had with our back yard and she did make request for them to fix the work they had botched in the first place. A nominal request given that we had not requested any other service to our home when we completely entitled to it during our warrantied period. This contractor instructed us not to do any further work to our yard and that he would work on a resolution for us.

Months passed "I put in a work order", "The guys should be out next week", "I'm sorry I didn't get back to you", "They should have the results ready by now", "It's the fence guys fault", "You shouldn't have started working on it". Excuses - nothing but a bunch of nonsense excuses. This is dirt and grass we are talking about here - and it has taken months of dragging feet to do a whole lot of nothing. Their sales staff will blow up your phone with all sorts of customer service prior to your purchase - but once you are in it is radio silence.

I am not even so much as concerned about the cost of the work to be done and who is paying for it or performing it - which that will be me at this point because frankly I do not trust this company for anything. It is sad that our buying experience has been completely tainted by a complete lack of customer service on the back end of our purchase especially for us who have not requested anything but for some dirt and grass to be installed properly in our back yard. Buy a home from them if you want - the communities are beautiful and the homes are generally very well built. Just know that once the sale is complete they are done with you.

BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not buy a home from Beazer in Myrtle Beach SC. I just recently tried to purchase a new home at their Balmoral Market Commons District from Brandon ** and Chad **. We picked out a beautiful 2 story home under the assumption that we were buying from a premium builder that produces quality work and great costumer service. Everything was fine in the beginning. The home was started at the end of September and we were told to expect 6 months for our home to be built. At the end of November, we received a letter in the mail saying closing was scheduled for December 30th. Everything began to go downhill at this point. They began to literally throw the house together as quick as possible with no regard for us. I have over 200 photos of the most horrible craftsmanship possible.

They put the entire HVAC system in backwards. They forgot to put in an electrical box. Someone took a crap in the upstairs bathroom and left it there for over a week before we complained about the smell. FU was carved into the back of the pantry door. Several windows were crooked and unlevel. Several walls were uneven and crooked. They drilled holes in our Florida door and then tried to cover it up. They cut the subway tile with what appeared to be a hack saw and then tried to cover that up also. This is just a fraction of the issues. Also, we were stood up several times by Chad and Brandon told us we should just walk away. This made us feel there was a lot more we couldn't see wrong with house and that we would have several issues after closing. This would have been the 3rd home we've had built and I nor my wife have ever seen work quality this bad.

Beazer should be ashamed of themselves for building such poor quality and charging over 400k and just expecting us to take it. Now they won't give us our money back saying it's our fault because we won't close on the house and give them a chance to fix it. Sorry, but I won't buy a half a million dollar home that's been thrown together in 3 months and had numerous issues several of which were covered up. Please do yourself a favor and walk away. They are taking advantage of people and all they care about is numbers. You can't build a 3400 square foot home in less than 90 days, not a quality one anyways. They won't give me my 5000 deposit back which I think is ridiculous considering the situation.

Ceilings and walls cracking, joists showing through, nails popping through paint with no resolve. They take forever to get back to you on an issue, then proceed to tell you there is nothing they can do! The homes are being built on swamp land that is not filled in prior to foundation with anything to stabilize the home. The landscaping proves that because it is unable to dry out at all due to the water 4-6 inches below the horrible sod they "threw" down (and I use that term literally). I have written numerous letters to Beazer warranty and also the main office in Georgia. They are not interested in rectifying the problems. Once they have taken our money... they turn their back on the homeowners.

They know they have a goldmine here in the south, so they are throwing up homes as fast as they can to meet the demand, and not following any guidelines. We have actually watched homes being constructed and walked through during the process to see how inferior the workmanship truly is. They hire "a body", hand them a hammer and never check on the construction during the entire process. It is sad. I know they subcontract but at least they should have "some" accountability for inferior work.

Our experience with the GC, JT, has been great. If we have or had questions he would get back to us and resolve them if they needed to be addressed. We have resided here since 7/2015 and are enjoying every minute of it. Nice seeing more homes being built around us too.

I was going to buy a new house from Beazer Homes in Houston. The seller was really nice and he provided me with as much information as he could. The seller Mr. **, told me if I get laid off, my earnest money was going to be returned. Well, I was laid off and I took all the requested paperwork with the seller. It has been several months and they have not returned the moneys. I sent some emails to the seller and talked with him about the issue. He said that it was not up to him to return the money. He gave me the name of his manager, Mr. David **. I called him and left a message in his answer machine. I called several times, but he never answered the phone. It was always the answering machine.

Finally, I send him a certified letter asking him what was the status of the earnest money and if Beazer Homes was going to returned or not. If not, I wanted to know the reason. I provided my phone number, email, mailing address. This manager never try to communicate back with me. Is this the way how Beazer Homes does business? They don't think I could buy a house from there in the future? Are the manager told to disregard any mail about claims? What a poor service from this company. There are many builders out there with great houses. Nobody is perfect. However, if you are going to deal with Beazer Homes, be careful!!! I hope this review help you to your decision to buy a house from this builder.

My house is three years old and outside of the tile peeling up and all nails popping out. My list of things that are now broken are a Moen faucet (they put an old cartridge in and pocketed the new one that came with the fixture), two outlets in my living room need to be replaced, and now I have to replace the hot water heater. I wonder what will be next thing that I have to replace in my three year old house!!!

I would like to say that I had an awesome experience with the Beazer team, especially Jeff ** who was our Beazer Salesperson. He walked us through every step of the way and connected us to the right financing team. Everything is going smoothly and my wife and I are very grateful to the Beazer folks in Knightdale, NC.

We Had several issues to be taken care of with our 1 year follow up with Beazer. The foreman came out in July 2015 and we are in November without resolution

on 3 of the 5 items. The communication between Beazer and the vendors has been absolutely a nightmare. Now Beazer is saying that the 2 areas of the new driveway that have major pitting were caused by salt! So the salt jumped over the sidewalk and skirt and landed on these areas.... We sealed the driveway immediately after we moved in as we were instructed to do... They are saying that they will not take care of this... As I mentioned earlier, Beazer is not in the business of customer satisfaction... I will keep you informed on the other 2 items (floor bubbling up near back door) and (cabinet door warped). These 2 items have not been completed since July of this year!!

We decided to purchase a home from Beazer in Houston as a cash sale, first mistake. Sales person very smooth, the issues started happening during the build. It was quite obvious that the lone building quality supervisor dedicated to the site could not cope with quality issues happening in particular in our new home. Firstly the main problem was of communication between the different parts of the Beazer team. We clearly asked for tiling up the fireplace wall this was not done until after the floor was put in after that nothing matched up. I sent several emails and even the notes from the design centre highlighting the issue, still not done. We asked for the fire to be one tile height off the floor, we even spoke to the area sales manager who assured us it would be. Guess what it was, half a tile's height when done. A total mess up. The floor tile lines did not meet the fire tile lines.

The only way to fix this was to take up the entire floor again. QUALITY - Nothing was level or straight, walls, kitchen island poles. Woodwork looked like it had done by an 11 year old. It was apparent that Beazer was struggling for decent workman for the site. CHILD LABOUR - We visited the site on several occasions to see how the house was coming along mostly at weekends. On at least two occasions we were shocked to see whole families working on the house, children and wives. We were very uncomfortable with this and told the sales team who admitted that they really didn't have a handle who was working at the site on weekends but it should not be children.

I informed Beazer that we were very unhappy with the quality of the build and if this is what it was like on the outside of the walls, what was on the inside. They admitted that the quality was bad and they had employed another site foreman (admission that one was not sufficient for quality control purposes.) They also admitted that the tiling was not the best. To be honest, by this time we had lost all faith in them and we notified we were terminating the contract. I received a call from their sales VP admitting that things had gone wrong but I informed him that we had been messed around so much we were terminating the contract. A couple of weeks later we received a registered letter from them that they were keeping the earnest money and upgrade fees around 11.5 thousand dollars. So much for arbitration that they go on so much about. DO NOT buy a home off Beazer in Houston, the quality stinks.

The house itself is great but I have numerous problems and it is taking way too long to get these taken care of. First I had a smell of wire burning coming from my double oven so I couldn't use it and after a month of back and forth I had to threaten legal action to get them to replace it. They sent in non-English speaking workers to repair my bathroom floor twice and I couldn't communicate with them. Some of my walls had to be redone and it took over a month to get them to finish the painting after I complained over and over again. Now I'm fighting with them over cracks in my driveway. This is a new home and I shouldn't have to go through this. Also been waiting for a month now for them to replace my sliding screen door because the lock doesn't work and I have made numerous calls and I am fed up with this type of service. I paid good money for this home and it's my retirement home and I shouldn't have to go through this.

There were issues from the first stage of the build. We ordered limestone for the exterior and a sandstone was delivered when we specifically asked for the limestone. The sales rep assured us she could get it and our realtor was witness to this yet we were delivered sandstone and a totally different color. Upon our walkthrough, we noticed an electrical short when certain switches were turned on or when the fan on the refrigerator would turn on. They assured us the shortage was in the main line to the house and the local energy comp. Had corrected the issue, when we went to close, we had no a/c. They told us we would have to wait for 2 days. So we refused to close unless this was working. Beazer did work with the manufacturer to get the a/c unit working that day at 9 pm, and they did put us in a hotel for the night.

Once we moved into the house, we noticed the back door had a huge gap in the top and we called warranty. Their warranty guy came to the house and tore the door area apart by himself and broke the board. When i told him this was unacceptable, he called a tradesman to fix the issue. At this point the warranty guy from Beazer instructed the tradesman to piece back together the door frame and I wouldn't notice when I told him absolutely not. I want new door frame. He said, "You wouldn't have even known it was broke if you wouldn't have come out here!!!"

We then called the super who contacted another tradesman to fix the door correctly! It took 2 days to get the door fixed and 1 week to get it repainted. In my living room the walls and ceiling is so thin you can see the 2x4's showing through the pain and Spackle. We continued to have electrical issues and the electrician had to come replace all the fuses and some switches in the house. There are other minor issues like the bathtub cracking, cement cracking and also the cabinet maker had to come out 3 times as Beazer installed warped cabinet in our kitchen and bathrooms. So it is safe to say I will never purchase from them again or refer them to anyone. One last item we have called and asked them to refrain from sending our warranty guy back out, and they continue to ask us if we want him to come out when we call with issues, and we are not alone. There are many other new homeowners in the subdivision with the same issues.

I reported this issue with Beazer Homes in May of 2014 before my 2-year warranty expired. I bought a brand new home in August of 2012 from them. I was under the impression it appears that when you buy a brand new home that comes with new carpet, tile, ductwork, appliances, sinks, counters, cabinets, toilets, walls, doors, etc. that everything would be new and undamaged or contaminated. That is not how it works according to Beazer Homes.

We found in May of 2014 that the contractors Beazer hired to paint the interior of the home had heavily oversprayed paint into all our interior air supply ductwork. I reported it. Beazer Homes sent an unlicensed air quality person out they supplied who determined that there was not a problem. They never ran any tests with airflow at all as I had turned off the outside breaker that runs the air conditioner the night before, but mysteriously, the person's tests results give the impression they did.

They refused to replace the ductwork their contractor contaminated. I still have problems grasping this. How can a company that you buy a new product from, damage or contaminate the product they sold you new and get away with refusing to replace it?? How is that ok?? If they oversprayed paint on your new carpet in your new home, would they not be required to replace it?? Somehow, because my vents covering my ducts so you cannot immediately see what they did somehow makes it ok? Please help!!!

Beazer's customer service is sub par. They are not responsive. The items in a model home may not be available but they don't tell you until it's too late. I am not happy with Beazer. Make sure you proactively look at all plans and specs. They will not disclose everything unless you ask.

All of the same problems as other homeowners. I got lawyer and contacted state licensing (llr) in South Carolina. Had a hearing date set but was postponed by Beazer. They take bids from contractors and lowest gets job, experienced or not. That's one reason work is so shoddy. Good contractors won't even work with them. Building dept in their pocket here. I also have lawyer.

Two years ago, we had to have our entire front door assembly replaced due to extreme rot. Beazer agreed to replace it under the structural warranty. It was only 5 years old at that time. The new assembly is now rotting out and once again we contacted Beazer. They sent a rep to the house and as soon as he saw it he told me he had seen the same problems with the door assy rotting out on the same model home that was built in other developments. He proceeded to take pictures and assured me that the matter would be resolved. He agreed that the materials used should have been more resistant to the humid environment in South Carolina. Two days later, I received an email from him telling me he showed the pictures to his "boss" and that our structural warranty was now expired (?), and that it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the trim.

The entire assembly (frame, 2 sidelights, door and window above the door) is 2 years old and rotting from the inside out. It was repainted last spring. I have spoken to other homeowners in the area and it seems that Beazer has an abysmal track record when it comes to customer service. Our next step is to call corporate and complain to them and if we don't get a satisfactory response, we will contact an attorney and pursue legal action. We also have a complaint about the aluminum trim above our garage. The paint or coating is peeling off the aluminum and the rep told me that is a common problem they are having on numerous houses, and that they would address it as well. I'm not holding my breath on that promise either. The house is in Myrtle Beach, SC.

My home is now three years old and the front stonework has been of such poor quality work that stone falls off every few months. The Air Conditioning still isn't proper after numerous visits by a/c techs. The original company was fired by Beazer but Beazer would not pay to have the entire duct work properly fixed, so a patch job was done. Now my return air doesn't work upstairs. The cement patio in back of the house was not properly set and holes now appear over time. The landscaping was of such poor workmanship that I get ponding along the side of the property. Even Beazers landscaper said that I need a drain installed in the middle of the side yard, at a cost of about $2000. Beazer reps. just blow these and other issues off. Also, when is the government going to do something about all the illegal immigrant workers? I am now getting an estimate to remove the stonework so that my house can stop being a laughing stock on the street.

The doorknobs to for external doors are all falling off. They come loose. Never seen anything like this! We were in our last home (Richmond American), for over 20 years. Never had an issue like this. All plumbing fixtures are horrible, require tightening all the time. Again, never seen anything like this! We were in our last home (Richmond American), for over 20 years, never had an issue like this. Air Conditioner compressor burned out after 8 years. Checking on warranty, but first info I hunted down says that if Beazer registered it right after closing, we have 10 years parts. If not, only 5 years. I'm checking tomorrow, but our AC vendor says we only had a 5-year warranty.

The house is overpriced at $339,842. It was appraised at $295,000. This was a second appraisal that took into account the surrounding comps in the area. Beazer is overcharging for the so called upgrades which can be found in all the inventory homes. It was originally listed at $362,842 and they already lowered it to $339,842 after we told them to stick the house up their rears. This home was built from the ground up and was poorly built. We had to fight for every issue to get them to correct and it still was not done correctly.

Do not sign a contract with Scott Beachman since they will do everything to convince you that you cannot get back your earnest money which is not true. We got back our earnest money because Beazer refused to lower the price of the home when the second appraisal came back at $295,000. We would have had to bring $138,000 to the table in order to close. The house is not worth it. It is in a 100 year flood zone although Scott Beachman swore it was not although the FEMA maps showed otherwise. Whoever purchases this home will be paying flood insurance for the duration of their loan.

The entire Beazer new construction process is flawed and allows sales agents to use predatory practices to pressure consumers in the entire process. They give you incentives for using their preferred lenders and preferred realtors but keep in mind that these folks do not have your best interests. The preferred realtor was trying to sell our existing home as quickly as possible and we literally did not budge and sold our home for the best price possible. We did the staging and the home was sold in 24 hours. If we had left it up to the preferred realtor our home would have been sold for $20,000 less than what we received.

The catch is that the preferred realtor does not make commission on the sale of your existing home but makes it on the sale of your new Beazer home so of course that realtor could care less about getting you the top dollar for your existing home. Beazer pressures you to sell your home as quickly as possible or you would be in breach of your contract and charged some ridiculous amount per day that you delay closing your new home. The preferred lender is not going to get you the best rate.

We researched and found out that we qualified for a much lower interest rate with our existing mortgage company versus what the Beazer preferred lender was qualifying us for. In the end the Beazer preferred lender could not match the interest rate and their excuse was that they would lose $4,000 on the deal. Again this is not in the best interest of the consumer/buyer. The irony of the whole situation was that Scott Beachman with Beazer tried to pressure us to sell our existing home immediately so that we had no choice but to buy their poorly built home that we had to fight tooth and nail to get them to correct all kinds of structural issues.

They basically have one person that oversees the building of 200 plus homes so how much detail do think is put into building the home when below average contractors are left on their own to build the house? We read the other reviews and everyone has the same underlying theme: Beazer Homes are poorly built and use questionable sales tactics. We were very fortunate that we did not purchase this home since it was trouble from the day it was built. If they are giving so much trouble to correct issues such as a crack concrete garage floor then what makes you think they will honor their warranty?

Also in all the years that I have encountered sales agents, Scott Beachman is the worst. Case in point after we told his manager that we want our earnest money back and break the contract and his manager agreed to it; he had the audacity to contact my wife and ask, "Where will you guys be living?" He also sent harassing emails regarding our contract with the POS realtor he pawned on us which further points out that the preferred realtor is in Beazer's pocket and breaching their fiduciary duty to the buyer.

We found a better home in the same neighborhood with more square footage that actually appraised $10,000 over our sale price so we already have equity. I just want to reiterate that even if you think the Beazer Home is the one for you there are so many other builders out there to choose from and no matter what you have the right to get your earnest money back if you are not satisfied with the home. Once you sign the papers at the title company then that trouble home is yours for 15 to 30 years depending on your loan.

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George Beazer, the founder of Beazer Homes, began building homes in England during the late-1690s. The company continued to grow over the centuries and in 1986, it moved to the U.S. to begin building custom homes. The company builds in 13 states: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

  • Assist with all stages of the homebuilding process: Beazer helps homebuyers find a suitable building lot and get a mortgage for their custom-built home.
  • Energy efficiency: Every home Beazer builds meets or exceeds the most current Energy Star requirements. The result: lower energy bills.
  • 12-month limited warranty: Buyers can get additional peace of mind with a 12-month limited warranty that covers some structural repairs after move in.
  • Communication throughout the building process: Users can visit the construction site at any time and get regular reports about progress on their home.
  • Lots of options for customization: Consumers can select from hundreds of design options, including types of siding, cabinetry, countertops and flooring. And an in-house design consultant can help buyers choose the right fixtures, finishes and fittings.
  • Mortgage estimation online: Users can estimate their mortgage on Beazer's website prior to ordering a home so that they can stay within budget.
  • Best for Beazer Homes is best for people on a budget, people interested in customized homes and highly independent people.

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