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Brit of New Port Richey, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

When going to discuss constructing a new home with this builder the salesman or whatever he was, was completely rude and short with us. Telling us we would get arrested if we went by to look at our home being built. Excuse me? He cut us off on everything we asked about, and told us he pretty much didn't have time for us. This was at the Spring Hill model home near Barclay on Spring Hill Dr. We started looking around the home. There were cracks in the walls and all kind of settling issues. I wouldn't recommend this builder to my worst enemy!! STAY clear!!

Raymond of Bradenton, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have worked with many builders of my life and must say that Adams Homes sales rep. Kim ** has been a pleasure to work with. Kim ** has stayed in touch with us throughout the entire building process with updates and building information. I'm sure Adams Homes has other staff that go above and beyond in their organization but I did want to point out our positive experience we've had so far with Kim **. Thank you.

Jennifer of Weeki Wachee, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

When we chose to build with Adams we were cautious because of reviews we had read online. From the moment we met our Agent at Adams we felt we were in good hands. She answered our millions of questions and emails quickly. Our home was finished just a couple of weeks late. No biggie! And it was gorgeous! Our Well water wasn't running clear 2 months after closing. We notified Adams and they had the Well guy out the next day. Larry Sheley Well wasn't able to get the original Well to run good water so he drilled a NEW well! The same week we called! THAT friends, is GOOD customer service. Both Adams and Larry Sheley were top notch. And I am not a naive kid. I am a 42-year-old mother of 8 that was a marketing rep and business woman for 22 years. Great job Adams! Thank you!

Jo Ann of Loxley, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

Wall started collapsing in the living room. Found out electrician drilled a hole in a 2x4 for wiring wide as the board which cracked and cause the ceiling to start falling. Driveway is a broken mess. Porches front and back cracking. Leaking plumbing. The whole house needs new plumbing including the slab. The pipe used was defective and the company filed bankruptcy. We and all our neighbors stuck paying out of pocket. That's not counting all the water damaged. Walls and ceiling cracking. Windows leaking and sticking. Oh, don't listen to all the promises. We never go pool, meeting hall or pond fountains. The roads were defective and the county would not maintain until homeowner bought huge bond to cover. It's pitiful when the neighbors get together to discuss whose house is the next one to screw up. Run. Don't walk.

Jeremy of Lyman, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

First of all, let me start by saying that I actually do really like my home. I'm not going to give Adams Homes a 1-star review just because I've had a few problems. I think it's unreasonable to expect that any new home purchase is going to be a 100% perfect experience just because there are so many things that can go wrong. I decided to buy an Adams Home because I believed that they offered a great value: an all-brick home with a lot of included options that other builders charge extra for. To that extent, I think they delivered. Where they fell short, in my opinion, is the quality of work and the warranty support.

In my house it appears to me that they tried to do a lot of things quickly and tried to "hide" it. The drywall installation is sloppy and they covered it up with builder's grade flat paint. I know that walls are never really perfect, but it looks like they never even sanded anything before they sprayed it with paint. It was incredibly hard to fix in some locations because it won't sand down easily. I had to skim coat some of the walls to get a smooth surface, which is a very messy thing and usually shouldn't be necessary for new walls. When I compare our house to the others in our neighborhood that were built by another company (who, believe me, has their own set of problems), the quality seems very poor. It can be fixed, though - just takes a lot of work. I do think it's a shame that it's a new house and the walls are in worse condition than some much older houses I've lived in.

The warranty service was absolutely terrible, but to their credit they did fix most of the things that I asked them to. Sometimes it would be a battle, though. Here are a few of my struggles with them in this regard: The property taxes weren't properly paid from the time that they owned the property and were building our house (not really a warranty issue, but that's who I dealt with to get it fixed). I kept getting notices from the county saying my property would be auctioned if it weren't taken care of. I had to repeatedly contact Adams over the course of a month asking for updates. They more or less kept saying they were looking into it and couldn't figure it out. Finally, they sent me a copy of the check. I had to point out to them that they had a typo in the tax receipt number written on the check, because it seems they were baffled as to why it wasn't shown as being paid.

My warranty documentation stated that I had a two-year mechanical warranty (I think this might even be required of all new home builders). My AC went out once and I discovered that it was because there was a leak in the refrigerant line. I had a few problems before this and usually I would contact Adams who would arrange for a service call with the AC company (who really were great to deal with). This time, however, I was told by the warranty lady that I would need to contact them myself. I thought "sure, no problem" until I was told by the AC company that their warranty to Adams was only for one year and that I would need to cover the costs. I called Adams back and was told that my warranty was only good for a year. I had to send highlighted copies of my warranty documentation that said that any AC problems within the first two years should be covered.

Once they received that, the lady called me back and said they would send someone out, but that if the damage was caused by me not changing my filters (I do change them regularly, but what does that have to do with a refrigerant leak?) or if "something happened while you weren't there and didn't know about it" (what is that even supposed to mean?), then "it's going to be on you." I didn't appreciate the attitude I was given, and I find it hard to believe that the person in charge of warranty service was not aware of their terms. At the time, their website specifically advertised that they had a 2-year mechanical warranty. I think what happened is that the AC company only warranted their work for 1 year, and Adams would be out-of-pocket for the repairs... They were just trying to pass those costs to me and hoped I'd fall for it. Meanwhile, my AC was out for over a week while we got all of this sorted out.

If it wasn't a problem that could be handled by their tradesmen (AC, plumbing, etc), then they seemed to struggle with sending the right person. I had a problem with one of my countertops and they sent the painting crew to fix it while they were doing the 1-year nail-pop service. They didn't speak English, and after completing their other work one of the guys pointed at the counter and said "this - I don't do this" and left. I remember it took quite awhile before Adams sent someone else: someone who seemed like a sales rep that replaced whoever they formerly bought the countertops from. He was nice, but he seemed like he was asked to do a favor that he really didn't want to do. Anyway, my point is: Adams builds a nice home for a nice price, but you really need to keep them honest...

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Brenda of Lakeland, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Adams Homes in April 2016. I have lived in it for 6 months – it was suppose to be my retirement home but after I get finished paying for repairs I don’t have any money left for retirement!! I do not advise anyone to buy a ADAMS HOMES!!!

tammy of Owens Cross Roads, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

We had our new home built by Adams Homes, Huntsville AL. Several problems from the beginning: Driveway had huge hump where the cylinders were placed in the embankment (ditch). Scraped the bottom of the car when you pulled in the driveway; Adam Homes didn't want to fix their defect at first when it was obvious that our new driveway was not installed the same way as the other new Adam Homes driveways in our community (with the same ditch cylinders). Come to find out the contractor did not place the cement-cylinders deep enough into the ditch... They took out the entry way driveway and made it a little flatter. They finally fixed the driveway, after we went through some grief.

Plumbing - we have water pressure problems in the Kitchen sink. Water puddles along the side of the house where the pipes are. Adam Homes says there's nothing wrong! Drywall - there are cracks that started surfacing throughout the house, just in the first three months of us taking occupancy. The same drywall contractor finally came out, and all he did was put "Putty" over the cracks. He did not sand out the bumps that are on several of the drywall, walls in several rooms and the nails are coming out of the drywall, and the contractor just "puttied" over those nails, and not all of them. When we had to repaint, you can see where the contractor scrapped the "putty" over the blemishes. NOTHING was fixed - per se.

Yard - The yard was not cultivated, nor was there fresh dirt put in place. Our backyard has crevices, holes and lumps where they should not be; when we went to plant flowers up near the front of the house and the back of the house, huge rocks and cement would not allow us to plant. The backyard has mud puddles, every time it rains, and we cannot let our dog out there. We have ant problems and found out that the side pipes where the plumbing is, has gaps along the pipes where they were NOT sealed, and bugs are getting into the house all the time. This is the worst experience we have ever had building a new home and Adams Homes does not want to take responsibility for their mishaps. It saddens me to think that Adams Homes does business poorly and dishonestly! These are true facts and we have taken pictures of all the defects in this newly built home.

Daniele of Brooksville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I cannot stress it enough that Adams Homes is one of the worst home builders that I have ever ran into. We bought our home brand new and it has been downhill from there. This is our second home that we have bought and we previously owned a home that was 20 years old. This home is 10 times better than our new home. Our plumbing is wrong, our windows are not the correct size so we can put standard sized blinds in, and our fixtures for our cabinets come loose all of the time. Our bathroom towel racks fall all of the time.

When we emailed the women from the warranty company she sent the foreman out and he stated our plumbing issue was not that big of a deal. We have standard doors and just had a guy come out to give us a lookout hole and he charged us. Why did we not have one to begin with? I believe because it is set up this way to make you pay more. This home is poorly constructed. The attic is poorly done. We had to place a pallet up there to put our things to store. I would actually not even give this company one star. That is how much we are disappointed in this purchase. We can't wait to get out of this home!

jessica of Port Saint Lucie, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I closed on our house March 31, 2016 and regret ever doing business with them. I've had multiple issues with our home ever since we closed. I submit warranty requests and they are ignored, when I contact them on the phone they are very rude and unprofessional. The warranty requests I've submitted since I moved into my house have not been addressed, and I've been living in the house for 7 months. I'll email the warranty request and try to contact them via phone and all I can do is leave a message. Phone calls are never returned. I just get the run around from the receptionist.

Frances of Port Charlotte, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I built my dream home with Adams Home Builders. It went smooth and was a good experience. That is until I needed some items that were not correct to be fixed. During the first walk thru some items were noted. On the final walk thru some of the same issues were there. The project manager assured me they would be fixed and not to put them on the punch list or the closing would be delayed. As I am from out of state, I could not come back at a later time for the closing so I agreed. 5 months later, the major issue is not resolved and they now tell me they are not going to fix it.

G. G. of Piedmont, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

We bought a house from Adams in 2014. Shortly after moving in, we started having problems. Over 72 problems. Everything from leaking pipes, loose wires in light fixtures, bad chandeliers. Three in fact. They tried to tell us that we were causing problems with lights in chandeliers by using energy efficient bulbs. Air conditioning problems, Carpeting coming loose. Cracks in ceilings. One of their people that does electrical work for them said they were using refurbished light fixtures. They would send people out here to fix stuff & as soon as they would leave & claim it was fixed, the problem would start again, like leaking pipes in bathroom. We have water that collects around the water faucets that stands on sinks still that they will not fix.

Their manager at this property, Keith **, accused us of throwing water on the sinks. He came into our house with an attitude, rude, uncaring sarcastic. Most of their workers that came here to fix problems were rude when they came into our house, were rude with the exception of a very few. We have spent a lot of money to try to make the yard look decent since we have been here. They supposedly landscaped & planted grass but for the most part, it was weed. Most of the shrubs they planted died & had to be replaced.

The electrical board in the attic had to be replaced. Air conditioner & heat control had to be replaced. They take their own time to fix problems, as much as 2 months. A light fixture hung loose on our garage for 2 months before they came & fixed it. Brick have already cracked on the house that they were told about in July & they still have not come to fix it. The first year was a nightmare. The CEO, Bryan Adams is rude uncaring. I tried to communicate with him the first year we were here & he could care less. There are already cracks in the garage. The concrete at the entrance of the driveway cracked as soon as we moved here. It has never been fixed.

A of Pace, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

After my 1 year warranty was up, my house started having problems. One of the main and most annoying issue is the glue separating issues with our floors. In most of the high traffic areas of our house, we can hear crunching and popping noises on our floors. Our plumbing are starting to have issues and our concrete is cracking on our porch and garage. This builder uses third tier construction workers, mainly general labor workers. A proper carpenter, plumber and electrician will never allow a house to go to ** after a year. By the way Mr. Adams, floors are mean to last more than a year. Be ethical.

If you want to pay premium for builder's grade floors, appliances, fixtures, carpets and get ripped off, Adams Homes is the house for you. My parents and grandparents have homes by D.R. Horton's. They use ceramic wood looking tiles, which looks and works a whole lot better than the cheapo Adams' materials. Adams Homes will never see another dollar from me ever again.

Dede of Daphne, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

We had our home built in 2007 by Adams Homes in the new neighborhood. Nightmare began after couple of months after we moved in noticing not one but various faulty workmanship. Upon several calls to Adams home to request to fix still under warranty, they ignored our request. Every year we have water pipeline burst which is common in our neighborhood.

One summer when pipe burst ceiling started to leak, my husband fixed it himself, ever since that day he has developed respiratory issues by inhaling the insulation dust. We came to know that water pipe (pex pipe) Adams Homes installed was under recall due to health hazard. Both of us suffer from undiagnosed symptoms of low platelet, headache & respiratory issues. We can do nothing but everyday curse Adams Homes on robbing people's blood, sweat and money. Dream home has turned into nightmare house.

sil of Helena, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

More than 30 issues in the first year from day #1. If you have had bad experience with Adams Homes in Alabama, please DO submit a complaint to Alabama Home Builder Licensure Board. Hopefully, with more and more people complaining, we could help other people falling into victim by Adams Homes.

Nike of Jacksonville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

From the area general manager (Mike **) all the way to the top of the company (Bryan Adams), the company demonstrates a complete lack of concern for their customers. I purchased a home from them CASH, which meant that their sales representative (Brant **, who provided inaccurate information about the property) had an EASY job, not having to deal with any lenders. Nonetheless, when it came down to a fence in the back of the yard I was told before closing that the HOA would cover the cost of repairs/replacement since it was only a 3.5 foot fence that ran across six properties behind my home (not just mine).

Nearly two years later, the fence was at the point of needing to be replaced, but when I contacted my HOA they stated that it was "my problem". I contacted Mike ** of Adams Homes here in Jacksonville, and after several calls he completely ignored me (I have the text messages that I sent directly to his number over the course of about SIX WEEKS (**) to prove it). His boss, Elizabeth **, at least returned my phone calls, but did nothing to remedy the situation. When I finally tried to contact the owner, Bryan Adams, for assistance he refused to return any of my calls. This is truly a company that is eager to get your money but then does NOTHING to help when you need it! AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Deirdre of Alabaster, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a first time home-owner and Adams Homes makes me regret ever purchasing a home with them. I had problems from the beginning and still on-going. Never thought owning a home would be so many issues within my first two years. I purchased this home May 2014 and after the first ran that summer, I noticed that the water was sitting in the yard. I contacted Adams Homes, they came out and said to me that it was an unusually hard rain and to give it a couple of days to dissolve. Well that didn't happen. I called them back out and this time I was told that the ground was graded according to the Shelby county restrictions and I would have to pay someone to come out and dig a french drain. I was like "are you serious, this should be Adams responsibility." Again, sorry it's not.

Time went on, I had several french drain contractors come out with estimates of $1500.00 to $4500.00 but they all said it appears to them that the builder should correct the issue. I just moved in this house. I don't have money to start correcting issues that should have been done correctly in the first place by the builder. So I asked my friend if he could just maybe dig a trench where we could maybe get the water to run out of the yard. We tried digging as much as we could but the ground is extremely hard due to it being clay and rocks, no soil to absorb moisture. I now have a big hole out in the backyard full of water with nowhere to go. The ground cannot absorb it.

I contacted Adams again, they had one of their guys come out three times and he finally said that on the sides of the house it's supposed to be wet but he could see a problem in the backyard. I don't think the yard is supposed to be wet just because anywhere. Andy said he would get back with me after speaking with Adams. Anyhow after three weeks and hearing nothing back from Adams I sent an email to the office and was told by Jamie that someone came out already. I said "but no one has gotten back with me." She said she would get with Andy when he came in. Andy came back out to the house but said nothing to me. I just saw him through my window go in the backyard. Didn't hear from anyone after that either.

Another week went by and nothing. I sent another email and was told again by Jamie that she would try to find out an answer for me. Then today I get an email saying corporate said they cannot do anything because the home is out of its one-year warranty and regrading would void any warranties. Well I contacted them within my first year of moving in about this issue. My backyard is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. I had snails crawling on my shed. I wanted to put up my pergola and cannot because we would be sitting in water.

Adams just appears as if they just don't want to correct their mistake. I read the warranty and it clearly states that the yards are graded or sloped in a manner that any water would run off onto the street. This is not the case here. My yard is not sloped level but sloped inward toward the middle of the backyard and there is hills and bumps that the water cannot get over to get to the street to flow out of the yard. I should not or anyone else should not have to wear boots in the summer in the backyard. I don't know if other neighbors on the other streets has this problem but I do know my neighbors on the side have problems with water between our homes. It's as if no one wants to address this issue. I cannot sit outside and enjoy the outdoors. This problem must be resolved.

Frank of Harvest, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

Make sure you visit the job site every day. I will mention here that Adams Homes built the WRONG floor plan for our house. I was the one that discovered this during the framing phase but we came to a resolution and that was the first warning sign. I just spent 4 hours with a jack hammer busting up concrete. Thanks to Adams Homes. About 6 years ago the house was still under their 1 year warranty and I found a slab of concrete about 10" under when trying to plant a shrub at one end of the front flower bed. After several complaints they finally came out and only removed the concrete where I mentioned I found it (at the one end). Fast forward 6 years. I decide to dig up all shrubs and start new. I then find a "new" slab of concrete that is 13 FEET long and 5 FEET wide. Here's the kick in the butt -- one end clearly shows marks where 6 years prior the concrete was busted away.

Adams Homes workers simply stopped where I told them I encountered concrete rather than remove all. Grand total size of the original concrete slab?? 5FEET wide and over 21 feet long. Who in the world does stuff like that and then tries to literally cover it up? Think twice about your choice. The fireplace they installed was from an out of business manufacturer so now that it is broken I can't get the part I need. One of the major appliances had recall issues at the time of install. After an outbreak of tornadoes in our area back in 2011 in which the roof over the patio was lifted up and the columns blown out we discovered that is not in accordance with local code which requires anchoring -- there was NONE. The roof pitch was simply resting on the aluminum columns. Never again! Choose wisely folks! Choose wisely!

Christina of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

By far worst company I have ever come in contact with! Bought home in April 2015 to be done in Oct 2015. Closing now March 2016 almost a year after contract and was told 6 mos. Answers are always no and do not care about the buyer one bit! Asked for extended driveway prior to breaking ground. Told me no but they do it all the time on their home. Charged me for things they never did. Agreed to not paint a door but did anyways and would not fix their mistakes. Can only speak to the salesperson and no help as never followed up. It would take months to get answers. Their lenders are the worst too - just do whatever they want and do not keep buyer in the loop. Will never buy new construction Adams Home again or recommended them!!!

cheri of Singers Glen, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

March 21, 2015, we had a contract written by an Adams Homes Representative in Port Charlotte, Fl. Put down an $8,400.00 deposit and were told if our loan did not go through, we would get our deposit back. Loan was denied, deposit not returned.

PATRICIA of Boynton Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

First of all we started building this house in March 2013. Was told be ready in 6 months, DIDN'T HAPPEN. Ask if we could do away with the seat in the shower in master bathroom, they first said, "no problem." Then few days later they wanted $500.00 more. Window over front door was way out of line, they had to redo the molding. Replace shower door, didn't cut the counter round sink right, so it had to stay like that. Hung the ceiling light, lopsided. Few months later floor in garage started cracking. Now driveway is cracking. This weekend the air cond. went out. I called office, they said, "call the number on the unit," so we did. $175.00 NO WARRANTY. So I called Adams office they said, "1 year on everything." No wonder they call these people COOKIE CUTTERS.

I would not advise anyone to build with these builders. And if you call Better Business Bureau, NEVER AN ANSWER. So take it from a person that has been through it twice. I learned my lesson. They make all the big bucks and laugh all the way to the bank co. A few more years they will be another crash, and the banks will be stuck with more foreclosures. GOOD.

Pat of Moore, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I don't even want to give Adams Homes one star. But this site won't let me submit my review unless I give them at least one star. My Wife and I had our home built by Adams Homes in 2007. We picked our lot because it was high on a large hill but was still relatively flat and had few utilities in or on the property (So we thought). During the selection process we tried to be thorough and ask a lot of questions. "Will this come with the house? Is that standard?" The door knobs they told us were standard. The walk in shower we were told were standard. The fridge and microwave were upgrades. We didn't want that upgrade but we did plan on putting a microwave in. So would they give a credit on the cost of the microwave and just not install the hood. "No they don't do that". "We can install a microwave but it will be an additional $1000".

I said "Wait you won't charge me the difference of a microwave vs. a hood, but you will charge me $1000 for you to do it?" The most expensive microwave I saw at Best Buy or Lowe's was about $200. I am sure as a builder you can get an even better price. So you're going to charge me $1000 for a $100 microwave and the cost of a guy who doesn't even have to be a certified electrician making at most $15 an hour and will probably only take him an hour to install. So you're going to make $885 off me saying "yeah why don't you take care of that?" Sorry no, that's not happening.

We picked the brick and mortar colors. The color of the front door and shutters. We mentioned the grass. We live in the South now. I'm told Bermuda is the way to go, it's much more drought-tolerant. I am told "Bermuda is standard". We begin to sign the final paper work to begin work, when I notice a line about Radon. They cannot be held responsible for the detection of radon after the home is built because you just don't know where it will be an issue. I stopped everything. I had heard of Radon, I knew it was a problem. So, I said "I want to hold off on this right now. I want to do some research".

I look up radon on the U.S. Geological site. Where I find a map of every county in the U.S. which is color coded for the number of radon cases reported. Two adjacent counties were red, ours was orange and we were really close to one of those red counties. So I said "I won't do it unless we can have a radon mitigation system installed". She says "Fine. That's not a problem but it will cost you an additional $2000". I tell them "Fine it's money well spent if we find out later that we do in fact have radon."

I stopped by everyday to monitor the progress of the house every day. Day One I stop by and they have dug up the lot in preparation for putting all the plumbing in and the foundation. They had managed to turn my level lot in to a six foot high hill on the left side of the property. I called the builder and he met me at the site. We discovered that the guys preparing the lot missed one of the markers for the lot and caused them to move more dirt than they needed. Still the builder told me it would be fixed. It never was and construction continued on this hill that I just knew was going to be a problem. A few days after the foundation was poured. I was walking the site and using my imagination and the floor plan, I attempted to identify what pipes and wires were what. The last hole that I was unable to specifically identify I presumed was for the radon mitigation system which was later confirmed by the builder.

Fast forward to the rough-in. The roof is on and all the ply-board has been put up on the outside. As I am walking around the site with the builder I stop in one of the rooms and say "This is a bedroom, right? There is supposed to be a window right here; right?" The look on the builders face confirmed that I was correct. The next day I see the electrician wiring the home. I advise him that he may want to keep the wires low on that wall because they have to install a window that got overlooked. The electrician takes me around and shows me what he is doing and I notice that one of the closets does not have a light like all the others. He informs me. "it's not on the plans.... this room is an office so it doesn't get a light". I say "I am the home owner. This room was never meant to be an office. Put the light in."

Two weeks later I am walking around with the builder again and he points out to me where the "Linen closet" is going to be in the master bathroom. I say "No! that's where the stand up shower is going to go." I pull out my copy of the plans from our visits with the salespeople. "See, right here on the plans it says walk in shower". "No" he says "It's optional and you didn't select it". Well no one told us it was an option. "Look, it doesn't say optional in the diagram. The fire place that says Opt. (optional). The microwave and fridge they say Opt. (optional) but not here. Not in the shower area". Long story short they had to go and jack hammer the foundation and install the plumbing for the stand up shower. They tried to tell me I had to pay for the upgrade. My lawyer convinced them otherwise.

Some time later the house is very close to being completed. They have put the dry wall up and most of the house has been primered. I look in the master bathroom... in that stand up shower and there are a dozen holes in it. Not small ones either. There were a couple the size of nickle. I point it out to the builder and he says "Oh I know a guy who can fix that right up. You'll never even know they were there." After about a year and a half I can identify at least six of the holes as the putty they used continues to shrink i guess and pull away from the shower material.

Our home was finished in November of 2007. May of 2008 we go to put on our A.C. system. It is dual zone, so two A.C. systems. We would hear one of them trying to turn on. It would cycle up then shut down; and then cycle up and then shut down. It would do this sometimes 20 times in a row before it would come on. We called the builder who then called the A.C. guy. "You probably just need more freon. That's pretty common for new homes. Especially if they are built in the winter because it was never tested." He adds the freon. 20 minutes after he left, the A.C. tries to turn on and begins to cycle as above. I call Adams homes again. This time he calls an electrician. The electrician says "It's not electrical. It has to be the A.C. unit".

At this point I am pissed and I can't sleep at night because I am so damn hot. I call Adams Homes and say "I don't care what anyone says I have a ** problem with my A.C. Unit. I want the A.C. guy and I want the electrician both here and no one leaves until I feel cold air coming out of my vents." Everyone shows up the next day. The builder, the A.C. guy and the electrician. After an hour of everyone banging their heads together they come to me and tell me.

"Your A.C. units were wired wrong in the circuit breaker box. Each unit has has three wires. Two of the wires for the downstairs unit were correct, but the third wire was in breaker for the other A.C. unit. And the other A.C. unit was the same. Since they both have different power requirements and different breaker requirements; the unit that required more power wasn't able to come on because one leg went through a breaker that didn't allow enough power to get to it. So the bottom unit couldn't turn on until the upstairs unit need to come on. Then when both were required, they could then both come on."

So now eight years later. After a number of frustrations getting it built. Finding dozens of locations in the house that were never painted. We discovered that the wiring to the microwave was not up to code. It was standard wiring and not specifically wired for a microwave. BTW a microwave should have it's own circuit breaker. It should have different wire and a different breaker. If your builder does not know that.... RUN. Today I am trying to fix a minor issue with my master bath toilet. We have had a problem with the toilet rocking almost the entire time we have been in the house. Today I find out that it was never properly installed. I unscrewed the hold down screw, but the flange was never attached to anything in the foundation. I literally could have just lifted the whole toilet out of it's location.

I will close this rant, but this isn't even all of it. I went into this deal excited that I would finally at the age of 35 have my own home. I have had problems with the house from day one. I still continue to have and find new problems with the house. The write up on this site about this company says that they have been trying to stream line home building. They probably have but the old adage "you get what you pay for" totally applies here. We went with them because they were the cheapest home to build around. I regret purchasing this house from this company just about every day. My personal financial situation does not allow me to just move. I am stuck in a crappy house that I absolutely hate. Do yourself a favor - run don't walk away from this company. If a friend tells you they are having a home built by Adams; strongly encourage them to do some research on the company and if at all possible get out of it.

And as always if they say they are going to do it... get it in writing. Every last thing. The Bermuda grass, the door knobs, and the stand up shower. When you do your walk through BE PICKY. Don't let them tell you "it's unreasonable". At that point you have not bought the house. If it's not what you want make them fix it. Once you sign the contract that P.O.S. is yours.

Stan of Pensacola, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We purchased an Adams home 2 yrs ago that was built in 1997. Shortly after moving in I began upgrading the plumbing and electric fixtures, and what should have been an easy swap turned into more work to bring the hookups to code. There were no electric boxes behind fixtures, just a hole that someone punched through with a hammer and the wire pulled through. No way to attach a fixture properly and the potential for a short was high. The plumbing was the same way, a hammer was used to put a hole in the wall for the pipe to come out.

The gas line for the stove missed its opening so after what looks like another few whacks with the hammer, it now takes up space in the cabinet next to the stove. The back door is 6" out of alignment with the interior wall making a transition from tile to carpet impossible without an angled edge. I'm sure I will find more poor quality as this upgrade proceeds. After reading the reviews on this site I see the quality has not improved since 1997 and I hope potential consumers are wary, and get involved with the construction of their home if they choose these builders.

Emily of Sebastian, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

DO NOT BUY A HOUSE FROM ADAMS HOMES!!!! We started the process of buying a house with this company around July 2013. We looked at lots and model houses and we finally decided on a lot. We were excited to have our dream house built and our two saleswomen, whose name I am not afraid to mention, ** and ** got us all excited to have an amazing house! Now comes the bad parts: when we were asked to choose the finishings of the house we asked for it to be the exact same as the model house. We did however ask for a few upgrades such as linoleum floors throughout the house and they refused because they said it would take too much time and it would be too much work for the builders because then they would have to make the floor even and that was just too much for them. What!!??? ** told us those were small details we could do after and she would even help us find someone to help us after.

We never heard from her again. We were supposed to have our new house in February, that did not happen. Adams Homes kept telling my dad that they were experiencing delays so the date was pushed back to June. Come June and we still didn't hear from them. The house was finally given to us in NOVEMBER!!!!! From February to November! Are you serious? Whatever, we were just glad to move into our new house. When we came for the walkthrough we came to the worst nightmare ever! This was NOT THE HOUSE WE ASKED FOR! We asked for the exact same house as the model house, how hard is it to follow that? What we got instead is a house that we never ever agreed to! We kept our mouths shut just because what could we do now the house was built. Within a week of being here we had to replace our sink countertop because it was lifting.

The person who came to fix it said "They did a bad job while putting in the first countertop. They must have been in a rush. We then asked if we can change the countertop to a better material, because this was not the same as the model house and it was cheap, he said "We can't do that." Ugh! Literally the next day we had to call the electrician because our sockets weren't working! He also said "They must have been in a rush because these wires are all messed up." Hmm. Again we had to have another worker come out because our kitchen vent is a piece of crap! When that guy came he said "They built this all wrong, they should have made it straight through the ceiling of the house so the smoke has somewhere to go."

The smoke aims directly to useless cabinets above the vent which are now all oily and messed up. And the noise that the vent makes, let's just say I'd rather have the house be full of smoke. During our time here we had carpet, of course because it was too much to have the builders put in linoleum floors (sarcasm very much intended) that had nails sticking out from the floor! My little brother and my dogs kept stepping on these damn nails! We finally decided to take matters into our own hands and remove the hellish carpet they installed. To our huge huge huge surprise we found a massive crack on the floor going from one end of the house to the other and even leading outside. I understand a house has to settle but this is not settling. This is a broken cement floor! I mean come on it's only been 7 months!

When we called the company they said "if you could fit a penny in the crack then it's ok." Well we could fix a whole quarter into it. What does that mean then Adams Homes?? We wanted someone to come out and check it out but they never called us back. Then one day out of the blue someone came along because "he was in the neighborhood" and checked it out, only to tell us there was nothing the company could do, we had to fix it ourself. That is insane! Our microwave then broke too! Our bathroom doors have this huge gap between the door and the floor, let's just say be cautious when using the bathroom here. We can hear it all because of those gaps! The guys, who was in the neighborhood on 6/18, said he would find new doors for us and replace them. We haven't heard back. Our 'decorative shutters' paint is completely gone. It comes off just like tape!

So let's resummarize: We got a completely different house than the one that we asked for, we got a messed up broken house and cheap finishings. We got garbage grass on our lawn that consisted more of patches of dirt than grass, we have no privacy in the bathrooms because of those gaps, and the problems are still ongoing. I hope that whoever is considering Adams Homes really really reconsiders it because it's horrible! Save yourself the trouble and stress.This company should pay for all their 'mistakes' and carelessness. If there are any lawyers or other victims out there that would like to team up against Adams Homes let us know! ADAMS HOMES IS THE WORST!!!

Emily of Griffin, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

We went to Adams Homes in Griffin GA. We fell in love with the homes and were very impressed. We made an offer and the price was accepted but we were rejected on the concessions we asked for, blinds and a washer and dryer. We were told that they wouldn't give us anything because they were raising the price of the houses. Then we were told we would close May 29. Then it got pushed back to June 12 and then the 17th. No one told us about it and they just acted like it was OK even though we are in a hotel with our 7 month old daughter. Then after 3 weeks the prices in our neighborhood never went up. While asking the senior sales associate why our house was being delayed and we were lied to about the house prices going up they just stopped calling us back. They stated to ignore us and wouldn't take our calls.

Finally they told us our house was closing over a month late and that they were not going to give us any concessions again. Although during this whole time they told us they would because of how bad we were being treated. Adams Homes did nothing but lie to us, make our home buying experience the worst ever, and made me hate the home we are buying now. if I could walk away with my earnest money back I would tell Adams Homes how terrible they were and I would recommend to everyone that they run for the hills before they buy from Adams Homes. Buying a home is supposed to be fun and exciting and I hate it and the fact about our whole situation is that Adams Homes lied to us and kept pushing our closing dates like it didn't matter. They never communicated anything and made us feel like we didn't even exist to them. If you want a trustworthy experience and a good home look somewhere else!

Don of Ocean Springs, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

Please do not buy an Adams home. I was military...Didn't have much of a choice when I moved here with orders. These are the cheapest homes I've ever seen. They still use a popcorn ceiling. The agent looked at me like I was crazy when I said, "You still using a popcorn ceiling?" They're way overpriced, and the cheapest made I've ever seen. Complete rip-off. I'll be glad to get rid of mine. Adams Homes should be ashamed of themselves. I wish them out of business.

Barbie of Sorrento, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Buyers Beware!!!! If you are buying an Adams Homes in Plymouth Hollow Subdivision in Sorrento, FL make SURE you have your water tested and your well and pump checked by a professional. Adams Homes seems to take shortcuts when it comes to people’s health and their dream homes! Your pump on your well will run 24/7 because they don't want to spend the money to put a bigger tank on it. Nor do they want to put a sock on your well when digging it causing sand to come into your home and destroy your appliances! Especially address ** Plymouth Hollow Circle. Well issues there!! Too close to neighbors septic! However, they are asking $275K for that house and won't fix the well issue. They got a variance on it instead! PLEASE have your house checked out before you buy!!!

Jeffrey of Jacksonville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We owned an Adams homes for five years and sold our home to down size. We liked Adams homes and wanted to buy another one. We were putting 30% down and have perfect credit and were using USAA for financing. USAA is one of the top lenders in the US and has legendary customer service and they must have made Adams angry in someway or another, as they took him off the lenders list.

I can only assume they were looking out for the buyers in one way or the another. We told them not having USAA as a lender would be a dealbreaker. They went all the way up to the general manager and came back to tell us to go elsewhere. They must have so much business that they can do that. I'm not sure what's up with Adams now days. It is a shame, as we liked the Adams homes.

Randy of Charlotte, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

After the purchase of a spec/inventory home, we were promised that new shrubs and flowers would be planted after closing, this was not done. Called the office to speak with the sales people and were told, "we do not do that, it's your responsibility now. Make sure you get it in writing." But then again, that doesn't matter to them either. 3 months after moving in, the AC compressor went out, they repaired it reluctantly, and tried to say the filters were not changed, but if they were not, then they did not put fresh ones in when we moved in.

Now 6 months later, the Heat has stopped working and they are using the same story that the filters are not being changed and in fact, they have not been in changed in 3 months, but that is not a reason for a brand new compressor to stop working. They are refusing to keep up the deal they had in place, to warranty ALL issues for the year. Really?? Matt is the Division VP and there are only 3 people in the office including him. You cannot get a phone number to call them and when reaching out to them, you are transferred or giving several different reasons why no one has returned your call. Being it is 20 degrees outside, and no heat except emergency heat, is not a way to treat a client.

The Realtor and myself will never use this builder again. I plan on putting this same message on every website that has Adams homes attached to it. You cannot get anyone to give you a date on construction, they treat you like you do not belong in the same room with them, just attitude everywhere. Well they are correct, I do not and WILL not be in the room with them any longer.

Joann of Lyman, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

We have not had the service that we were promised. All request are put off. If you complain you are put off over and over. Our yard was totally embarrassing from the gaps in sod, we got 40 percent of what was promised. Now I have electrical problems and can't seem to get them out to fix problem. If you buy from Adams Homes don't expect any after service, only put offs. Get everything in writing, don't believe sales person. They did a great job building house, but very sorry on service afterwards. Thank God it is all brick. Hard to believe they don't have better service. Landscaping bad, water stands in yard when rain comes, washes down and leaves ruts.

Cheryl of Semmes, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

Adams Homes built our home in 2009, promises were made on all home repairs. Now, almost 6 years later, our subdivision is dealing with unpaid taxes, flooding yards, and a pond with no certification for the environment. All are Adams' responsibility, our attorney is working to take care of these items however, I would recommend going with another builder. The outside looks pretty and the sales people are smooth, however the company is not willing to keep their word on the promises made. Steer away from Adams!!!

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