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When we moved into our home this past year there was a Whirlpool gas stove model number W10406473A. We have the plastic knobs on the front of the stove which need to be pushed and turned in order to turn on the gas. I recently ran into a serious problem where my cat walked across the knob area and pushed and turned the knob causing the gas to come on the stove. This is a problem due to the fact that a child could have also have easily turned on this stove. This is a definite fire hazard as well as a carbon dioxide problem. I warn anyone with this stove to replace it with another make or model immediately. I'm in the beginning mode of looking to see if a recall has ever been made on this model.

We paid $6,000 over and above my home's purchase price for double ovens that are defective. Whirlpool will not address the problem! When you bake a pie or a turkey, the bottom and center are raw, and the top burns, because the bottom element is hidden under the bottom of the oven, instead of on top of the interior floor area of the oven. Whirlpool's new design is defective! The service technician says the "oven is performing as designed" therefore there is a design defect! However, Whirlpool will not take any action, because the "parts" are not "broken" and they send us back to the extended service plan people. It is ridiculous for the consumer to be caught in the middle. Whirlpool does not want to stand by their product.

The builder of our home, Coleman Homes in Middleton, ID, purchased the ovens from Whirlpool originally. Therefore Whirlpool says we are not the "original" purchaser of the product, Coleman Homes are, and Whirlpool cannot do anything because we did not "buy" the ovens directly from Whirlpool ourselves, Coleman Homes did. The Whirlpool Warranty (waste of money) says they cannot do anything because it is not a parts issue. Coleman Homes says they cannot do anything because the warranty was given to us when we purchased the home. Whirlpool needs to replace the hidden element with a true baking element so the ovens will bake properly!!! Model Number: WOD51EC0AS Serial Number: D52208658

When doing any cooking on this range, there are ALWAYS brown or black marks on the white enamel. When I try to clean it using the methods recommended by Whirlpool, they will not come off and the top looks terrible. Using stronger things to clean it removes the finish. They state it's not covered under warranty - I will not ever buy Whirlpool again... EVER! Buyer beware! Model #wfg510s0aw2.

I have a Whirlpool built-in double oven. It is 7 years old. The top oven has overheated 3 times with food in it and it locks the door. The oven beeps and says, "Too hot," and locks the door. Luckily I was in the kitchen when it overheated, so I could turn the oven off. After turning the oven off, the oven has to cool off before the door will unlock and the food can be taken out. By then, the food is really burnt.

I called Whirlpool to see if there is a recall and they said, "No recall," and the oven was out of warranty. So I called the repair shop. They said it was the control board and they were not sure they could get a new control board. I may have to find someone that can rebuild this control board. They said not to use the oven. It could cause a fire. I would think that they should recall these ovens. They should have a safety switch that shuts the oven off if it overheats like mine has done.

I purchased my range, model #WEG730H0DW0 in April 2016. I am extremely dissatisfied with the product and the Whirlpool service. I guess it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. I've had two problems so far. The first is with the broiler that clicks on and off. It took several visits and a new electrical board for the service person and me to figure out that the door has to be closed to broil. Not sure about all of you but I am used to keeping the door cracked open to be able to keep an eye on the food being broiled. Apparently there is a thermostat at the front of the oven designed to keep the electrical controls from getting overheated or from melting so when the door is cracked open the heat from the broiler hits that thermostat and the broiler is shut off.

The people at Whirlpool are awful and rude. I made so many calls and described the problem in so many ways and not one person knew about this newly placed thermostat or thought to ask about keeping the door closed. It took me and my service tech over an hour of troubleshooting on his SECOND visit to figure it out. He looked up the specs and we figured it out. I wonder how many new electrical boards have been replaced when the solution is as simple as keeping the door closed. A stupid design. Also having the same problems with the knobs. They turn so easily that twice I have smelled gas and realized one of the knobs was turned ever so slightly (before the clicking sound to ignite the stove).

Then the third time could have been deadly. I had friends come pick me up and we stood in the kitchen for a bit before we left for the entire day. When we returned the whole house smelled of gas. Someone inadvertently must have brushed up against the stove and the knob turned. My dog, thankfully is still alive and so are we. THIS IS NOT ONLY A STUPID DESIGN BUT A POTENTIALLY DEADLY ONE!! I am forwarding this message directly to Whirlpool in the hopes of getting my money back. I am replacing the range immediately and will never purchase a Whirlpool product again!

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We purchased the Induction Range Whirlpool Model WF1910H0AS0 almost 2 years ago and bought the extended warranty that was offered by A.J. Madison. We started having problems about 8 months after the purchase. We have had technicians out numerous times and they couldn't solve the problem of the cooktop part of the range locking and beeping when we use the oven. I have made several calls to Whirlpool and basically was told "too bad". I see that there have been several complaints with the product and they have stopped making it. On one repair visit we were told that they were replacing a particular part because they were having so many problems with the heat blocker that goes under the glass top that they made it thicker and were hoping that this would solve the problem. It did not.

The thing that really has sent me over the edge is that last night I was just boiling water and I heard a pop that came along with a smell (electrical burning smell) and the range blew a fuse and now the cooktop part just shows the deadly error F47. I am so disappointed in Whirlpool and their customer service and too bad attitude. You would think when you are spend almost $1800 for a range that it would not have problems so quickly and pretty much render useless in less than 2 years. Also shame on A.J. Madison for selling extended warranties through a company that has such a bad ratings with the Better Business Bureau. The only reason I gave 1 star is because you can't have no star.

I don't think I ever bought another product where one of its highlighted feature does absolutely nothing. Using the Aqua Lift cleaning process is a waste of time and electricity. We were told this range had a self-cleaning oven when we bought it. If a self-cleaning oven is important to you buy something else.

I am using Whirlpool built-in hob since Nov 2014. In July 2016 when I was cooking idlis the glass of hob broke and shattered into pieces. I complained about the incident on the toll-free number. I was told that a technician will visit to evaluate the incident but I will have to pay for the service charges (app Rs 500). I was surprised at their callous attitude... it was due to the poor quality of the glass and when they market and sell this product they never mention that such a thing can happen instead they claim about the toughened glass that it will never break!

Upon my continued request they agreed for a free visit, which was done after 48 hrs of the incidence. And the technician agreed that the glass broke due to heat and there was no mistake on my part. He also informed that the glass can be replaced but I was told that I will have to pay the charges. I was shocked at this... so I argued that the company should pay for it. I was told, as per the company policy, they are going to replace the glass table which may take 7-10 days but the charges for the new glass top table will have to be borne by me. My concern is why should I pay extra one thousand for the glass table when it broke into shards for no fault of mine.

I was helpless so I agreed. I was also told that it may cost me Rs 2000-2500. I followed them every alternate day. And now today when I called them again, I was informed that they do not have the spare glass top in their store and it may take 2-3 months!!! And they said they can help me and get my hob replaced at a discounted price... so again they are befooling me and want me to pay a huge amount. I asked them that I have no choice apart from going to consumer forum but they said they do not care!!! I really want that action should be taken against this company. I have read so many grievances against them now at many forums. I do not know now how will my problem be sorted out.

The knob on the Gas Cook top stove from Whirlpool (Part no: W10594481) is very poorly designed. It is very flimsy and breaks easily inside. Outside it still looks intact, but if you examine it on the reverse side, where it actually fits into the cooktop's metal rod to turn the gas up or down, we can see it breaks there, as it is made of very cheap plastic. Although it is supposed to be a "Stainless steel knob", it is actually all plastic where it matters most. I bought the new cook top from Whirlpool in 2014 and within a year have replaced all the knobs as they were breaking once every couple of months. I am still having this problem after 2 years now. I have contacted Whirlpool and have asked for a solution to this problem. They don't have any, other than offering a new version of the knob which costs $10 more and it is not easily available anywhere. I feel very cheated that I got a poor quality product and no help from them on fixing the problem.

I purchased this range in 2010 and needed to replace the control panel/switch membrane in 2011 and it was covered by the warranty. Then I purchased an extended warranty and needed to replace the same part again. Then I replaced it again in July 2016. This part cost $147 and you cannot operate the oven without it. There is something wrong with the range that is causing the failure and the cause of the failure should have been fixed when it was under warranty but now that it isn't under warranty, Whirlpool has refused to correct the problem or compensate me for the cost to replace the part.

When I bought this stove, I already had a glass top (Sears) which was satisfactory but I changed to get a convection oven, never had a problem cleaning the glass top. To me, Whirlpool was, and I emphasize WAS, a reputable manufacturer and the stove offered everything I needed. Not so, the glass top is a nightmare to clean; no amount of elbow grease works. It is like cooking on a mirror. Talked to everyone I contacted but, it seems, I am the faulty element in this problem: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN!!! YOU NEED A FIRST OF SOMETHING FROM TIME TO TIME AND THIS WAS A FIRST FOR ME.

They told me the only solution they could offer was to buy their own cleaner. Why do they need to market their own cleaner? I did not buy a museum piece that needed to be treated with special care, I bought a stove to cook on. I want as many people as possible to know about that uncleanable glass top. Every time I need to cook, I cringe at the amount of time and effort I will have to spend to get it clean. I am not a novice, I have been doing housework for the past 60 years. Beware, it is a most frustrating situation to having paid top dollars and to be stuck with a product that brings such frustrations. By the way, it was bought at The Brick in Canada. They were not helpful either.

The first day I set foot in IKEA changed my life, innovative and sensible and affordable. Some years later I had the opportunity to remodel a kitchen and I immediately thought of IKEA. I used their online planner, researched the appliances and knew that they were made by Whirlpool and that they offered a kitchen package discount if I bought 3 or more appliances with all the cabinetry. So I hurriedly designed the entire kitchen from top to bottom with IKEA.

Included in the design was my center piece, my 5 burner Praktfull Pro Gas/Convection oven range with stainless steel backsplash and top of the line hood fan, basically a thing of beauty! I loved it and I visited the store several times to look at it. I finally bought everything, and installed it. Absolutely the most beautiful kitchen in the world.

We have a historic building and were on several historic tours, interviewed for the newspaper, our kitchen was the highlight of the tour. My gas range drew oooo's and awww's. The range is an exceptional appliance, beautiful and amazingly efficient, easy to clean…I was in love. Then one day it happened, the love affair was quickly over, devastatingly over. The door fell off the oven and the hinge broke! Yes you heard me right, it fell off, but that is not the worst part. It appears that not only are there no parts to fix it… there IS no fix for it, period. The door fell off because it had been "glued" on!!! Yes glued on. Whirlpool and IKEA had actually manufactured an appliance that failed in less than 4 years of use and no apparent intention to ever provide service or parts for it. This is criminal and they should be fined for their neglect of the customer, their calculated malfeasance and fraud to the customer.

So my beautiful kitchen has a big black angry cavity in it and now I must try to find a new range that will fit in the opening left by this piece of junk and also pay probably over $2,000 to $4,000 for it. Most of all I am heart broken, mad and distrustful of anything IKEA in the future. Oh and by the way, my entire house is IKEA, my living room, my patio, my bedroom (s), my library, my office! I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars at IKEA. No more! THE FINAL INSULT: Ironically…. my kitchen was featured on the IKEA website!!!

New range and the faceplate keeps melting. Had it fixed once and it is melting again. I have been trying to contact Whirlpool but to no avail. What is my next step and is anyone else having a problem with this.

I bought the new Whirlpool aqua clean last year - they guaranteed me at the store it would clean as I explained having a clean oven at all times was extremely important to me. They assured me I would be pleased with the results. I have never disliked an oven as much as I do this one. The tech came to the house and checked the temperature of the oven as I also complained it was baking uneven (the back was overcooked while the front was underbaked) but the temperature was right on so nothing can be done. As far as the cleaning goes all I can get is a new bottom pan for the oven as I have four years of insurance. Not happy as I would like to have a different stove. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS OVEN TO ANYONE.

We bought this double oven range and then find that two element cooktop sometime work and sometime do not even the indicator light is on. Please tell me how to fix it. It cause me headache.

We bought our stainless and black Whirlpool stove last month. We love that it's black topped, and doesn't show dirt. We love how the oven door seals, and the fast heat. What we do NOT love, is how easily the knobs turn. You barely brush against them, and gas leaking into the kitchen. I called for service. Our guy said yes, they turn easier than most of the stoves he has worked on. He called tech support from my kitchen, and I overheard the guy at the other end. His response was dismissive. I have had gas ovens for 20 years. They have without exception, had a spring type feeling to the knob. This stove has none. I am writing this so that if others are experiencing the same thing, they will see it is not their imagination. Something is wrong with the design of the knobs or some part is missing.

I have used my new Whirlpool range (D-MGR865OES) about a dozen times and the damn thing is going to catch me on fire. I cannot reach the pans on the back burners without rubbing the knobs on the front and turning on the front INFERNO BURNERS AT MY ARM. I can't reach the matching microwave above either. The front inferno burners start on high then can be turned down. It happens every time I go near the thing. Either I inadvertently turn on the fire or just the gas a little and don't realize it until I smell the strong odor of natural gas. Tons of other problems, but this is the worst of all.

I called the manufacturer and they call it "Buyer's remorse" and won't give me a credit back. Tim at Fred's Appliance just never returns my calls for a manager to call me. I WANT A DIFFERENT RANGE. Buyers remorse? You betcha!!! Never Fred's Appliance or Whirlpool again. IF I GET BURNED I WILL PROVE IT IS DANGEROUS IN A CIVIL LAWSUIT. The manufacturer stated on 5/6/16 that there is nothing wrong with the design of this range. I do believe that the other comments are true and my salesman Tim at Fred's Appliance lied when he said that the star score was not for the model I was purchasing. They will say anything to get your money and then disregard any further communication. I bought a full house of appliances at Fred's Appliance. They know I won't be buying again for 10 years. How do they stay in business?

Stove is less than two years old is chipping and has always been hard to clean. Mom is 87 and has never seen such a poor finish that appears to be painted rather than porcelained.

We have had our range for over one year. The main problem is that the large burners are in the front and the small burners are in the back. This means that when we are using the two front burners we cannot access the rear burners safely. (What country provided the engineering design for this?) One minor problem is that we cannot get used to the burner control arrangement. The outside controls control the front burners and the inside controls control the back burners. Our old range was the right control for the back burner and the left was for the front burner. Another small problem is that there is no back to the pan drawer. So, with the drawer full if a pan move when the drawer is shut it will be scraped off the drawer and fall into the back and becomes hard to reach to remove.

Purchased the oven in summer 2015. Very disappointed in the AquaLift Self-Cleaning oven. Absolutely useless. Does absolutely nothing and I end up cleaning the oven by hand. As a senior citizen, this is uncomfortable; I have injured my leg in the process and now feel I must wipe the oven down after each use. I was so looking forward to having a nice clean oven at all times and it's not happening. This is of no value to me.

Purchased a new range from Lowe's in November. It was delivered in January. Was told upon purchase that there was a one year warranty on the item. After using the item approximately three times, a piece of aluminum foil fell to bottom. It stuck to the bottom and removed some of the porcelain. Bacon grease had spilled into the middle of the oven which caused the oven to warp and also discolor the porcelain. They sent a tech out, who called Whirlpool. Whirlpool told them that it was cosmetic damage and only had a 30-day warranty! They also said I had to contact customer service again, which I did. Customer service said that the tech didn't do what he was told to do and that they would send someone out again.

The same tech came out, called Whirlpool again, and was told there is nothing that can be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor because I was unsatisfied with this response. A two-month old oven shouldn't look like it is five years old. I never spoke to a supervisor. The rep just kept telling me that there was a 30-day warranty and that it was stated in my manual. After insisting that I speak with a supervisor, she placed me on hold. After a few minutes came back stating that she is sending my request to another department and that they will call me back in three to four days with their decision. I would not purchase another Whirlpool appliance even if they decide to replace this one, which I sincerely doubt that they will. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I HATE, HATE, HATE the aqua lift clean feature. It's awful. The bottom came somewhat clean but cook bacon and the sides and top are filthy and the aqua lift can't clean that. I don't know how this ever made it past the thought process stage to become a "thing" but it needs to go away. I'm quite cranky right now as I've just spent two hours scrubbing my oven while reaching past the oven door that doesn't come off because it's a "self-clean oven." This is what I have to look forward to for the next 10 years until it dies and I can get a new oven? What a joke!!

We have had our catalytic oven explode into millions of hot pieces again for the 3rd time. Contacting them they sold me an extended warranty which I'm trying to cancel and have been trying since 30th Mar to contact on ALL of their lines. It is permanently on hold or engaged. This company should be avoided at all costs. If you work for this disgusting company DON'T!! You will be out of work soon! It is unbelievable how bad they are at responding to their (now ex) customers. What the hell are we in the EU for when a supposed UK co is Italian and they never respond (AKA 1940). Ludicrous! Incompetent! Stupid! Totally without comprehension. Do NOT buy ANY INDESIT or HOTPOINT products EVER!!! They are dangerous and you will NOT get any help to put them right.

We bought a new stove from Lowe's in 2015 which is a Whirlpool with an AquaLift self-cleaning function. This function is totally useless. We have tried it several times and it does not remove the grime from the oven. We did not even have a very dirty oven. It doesn't clean the sides at all and the bottom is still dirty. I complained to the store and they told me the AquaLift function should be used every time the oven has been used. They recommend that I use a spray for the oven (which is porcelain) and scrub off the dirt. Give me back my old self-cleaning oven with the high heat. This new technology doesn't work.

Broiler cycles on and off. I was told that this is normal. I've been cooking forty years never heard of this piece of manure. I was told no replacement because they engineered a piece of garbage. DON'T buy WHIRLPOOLS. Customer service is rude and doesn't have a clue.

I did not purchase it, the stove came with the house. I like the flat-top... easy to clean. I don't like that any little spill causes a "stain" that has to be cleaned. I didn't shop for this one. Although I would have this as an option if I was shopping. Low quality would be a problem. I want my stove to last a very long time. But, I don't want to pay a lot of money for it. I have a Whirlpool, glass top (smooth top) built in stove. I don't know the model. It has 4 electric burners, of 2 sizes. It has dials to control the heat amount.

Broke within a year, company wouldn't back its product. Went out for another range, chose a different brand. Make sure you know the company's policy in case of breakdown. Sometimes, even though it might be an off brand, might turn out to be the option. Think outside your norm, listen to employee, other consumers. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean it actually does its job.

I liked Whirlpool brand. I was excited about the convection option and the warming burner. Plus it was on sale. I really like the AquaLift self-cleaning option but guess what? It does not work well. It is very frustrating!!! I would not recommend buying a Whirlpool oven/range. Low quality construction, features that work poorly, and poor online reviews. Another deal breaker would be poor customer service and repair service. Over, the Whirlpool oven/range is fair. The electric glass top does a good job cooking but keeping the glass top clean is nearly impossible. The oven does a good job baking BUT, the AquaLift self-cleaning does not work. I would recommend that consumers pass on the Whirlpool.

I purchased it in 2011 for $1100 Canadian. Smooth glass top and true convection. The controls were easy to use, and understand. What bothered me was that it stopped working just after the warranty ran out. I did my research, and found that the newer ranges that have the controls on top at the back have issues with the motherboard overheating, and causing this problem. I did speak to Whirlpool customer service, and managed to convince them to supply the replacement part at no cost. I paid my local dealer to install it. This repair lasted for just over 1 year. Same problem again.

This time I could not convince Whirlpool to supply the part. FYI The part in question is the controller. Essentially a motherboard. All the controls are operated through this small computer. It is the only replacement part that costs over $100. Last I checked it was around $450 Canadian. The reason for the fault is overheating. According to the tech that fixed it the first time, it is the most common problem with this style of range. I find this concerning considering the only thing a range does is create heat!

Keep in mind that you are virtually held over a barrel. There are only two companies that market their products under multiple names adding up to over 80% of the appliances on the market. They battle for that market by offering more bells and whistles, and less quality. The Range I replaced four years ago was 20 years old. I just replaced my Whirlpool 3 months ago. I went outside of the 80%, and bought a Samsung. I'm rolling the dice, and went with induction top. My theory is it will produce less heat because it just heats the pot, not the stove top.

Low quality drives me nuts. I want fewer bells and whistles, and more long lasting reliability. I should be able to go my lifetime and only buy two or three ranges. We really like the induction top. It works fast, and doesn't produce too much excess heat. Dual zone oven is a good idea. We weren't looking for it, but there was a deal on. The dual zone induction range was only $50 more than the regular one beside it. Now my wife uses it all the time. She will have cookies in one zone, and a casserole for supper in the other. True convection is the other must have. It does a great job cooking everything evenly.

Ceramic top was the only reasonable choice to get the electronics I wanted. I was trading up from an analog 30 year old electric range. What bothers me a LOT is how hard it is to keep clean. In retrospect I would NOT have purchased a glass (ceramic) top. Giving up on features or going for gas. Ceramic (glass) surfaces are a pain (read impossible) to keep clean. Expecting your purchase to last a reasonable length of time, my last stove was ~30 years old and still working. I doubt today's product will last that long. I am not about to type in a recipe or help you sell a stove other than to warn folk that the ceramic top is a pain to keep clean.

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Whirlpool is one of the oldest names for home appliances in the U.S., with a company history stretching back to 1911. It currently sells more than $15 billion of home appliances and other products in more than 170 countries around the world.

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  • Flexible appliance pairing: Whirlpool maintains multiple product lines that can be easily mixed-and-matched with other products to maintain consistent usability and design.
  • Easy support: Whirlpool offers extensive resources online for customers who need to schedule warranty support or find information about replacement parts, even for discontinued models.
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