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Recognized for their exceptional products, Viking provides free standing ranges, range tops, ovens, refrigeration of all kinds, and much more. They have re-engineered their products and they are better than ever. You can now own these products that were previously available only in commercial kitchens. Since partnering with The Middleby Corporation over two years ago, they’ve shifted their culture to ensure their products, quality, and service are the best out there. With numerous products to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 21, 2019

The quality of Viking Ranges is excellent. When I called their customer service and asked them, "Will your stove do this? Will your range perform this?", they were able to answer my question and point me directly, and they have always been like that. In all the 8 or 9 months I’ve owned the range, I have not had anything outside of that. It has been consistent and direct. I’m very lucky to have had that Viking. It’s a really great piece of equipment and I chose it for its performance. There isn't one thing that I do in there that is subpar. I had a JennAir for 20 years before that so I knew the professional-level range. I was expecting it to be good. I wasn’t expecting it to be great, and it was great. Somebody would say, “Oh my goodness, you paid $10,000 for a range.” I did, but it performs. It does exactly what it says it does. It’s beautiful to look at too. It’s like a work of art.

One of the best features of the range is the clean-up because you get cooking, start grilling this, sauteeing this, doing a sauce here and things spill and oil starts flying. And I can have that stovetop and everything wiped down and done in under 10 minutes which is a blessing. The range has to be the easiest range I’ve ever had to clean. I cook a lot in the kitchen. I make everything - my own pastas, my own bread rolls, crackers, soups and soup bases. I do everything on that and I grill. I do pastries and brioches. I do all sorts of stuff in there that everybody says the degree of difficulty is extreme, yet the results on these things are superior in that stove. Dinners and everything are like works of art. It’s like somehow my cooking went from being good to superior, and it’s that range.

I also bake pies. As a matter of fact, I just made 12 dozen butter tarts. Never in my whole life have I ever baked a pastry at 325 degrees. It’s always 400 or 425. So, the first time I baked a pie, I’m looking at the Viking book, and they're saying, 325, X amount of minutes. I thought it was insane. It has to be wrong. So I went to my old habits and baked it at 400. The results were abysmal. It was overbaked on the outside and raw on the inside. I did it again and I did it according to Viking. It was the best I have ever made in my whole life and that was where I then really sat down and started to read everything and anything I could on Viking and how to use this piece of equipment with optimum.

I would recommend this range. My only thing is this is a professional-level range so there's a learning curve on it because it performs differently than a 799 General Electric special. This is like buying a Ferrari and thinking you’re driving a Chevy Volt. They're totally different things. The shame is that Viking is not out there more. They don’t have a place to really promote it. I looked at them all and I almost went with a Wolf. It was between Wolf and Thermador. What almost got me to go to Wolf was their pizza setting and they have a pizza stone. I sat down and I thought I really wanted that Viking, and I thought back of all the reasons why I wanted it. I had to search to see who was selling it. I couldn't find anybody in Canada. It was Bryan from Middleby Group that helped me.

Bryan answered my questions immediately. If he said it, it was done. It was none of this backstepping or trying to fluff over or trying to play me like I was stupid. However, I will never use Corbeil, the company who they shipped it to, again. Their product knowledge and support were poor. Their ability to answer questions, even simple ones, was non-existent. And not only that, when I went into Corbeil and gave them feedback that the Viking Range is superior, the store manager said right to my face, "Oh, this is a piece of crap. We won’t even sell these."

Because the feedback from Corbeil was so poor, I was really apprehensive and unsure of myself and insecure when I first got Viking. I thought maybe I made the wrong choice but I didn't. It bakes bread to perfection. Pizza, 375 on my pizza stone, is the best. It rivals a pizza oven which my in-laws have. And I can get better results in my Viking than they get in their pizza oven, so you don’t lose anything.

On Viking, they have a defrost cycle and a dehydrate cycle which are fabulous. The top burners are also ever fabulous. I wasn’t gonna get the sealed unit. I was gonna get an all-gas unit. Bryan said to me, “But you bake and you do this a lot. Get the dual fuel. You’ll be very happy with it,” and I’m really glad I did. He listened to me and he was able to guide me into making my choice. He knew his product. He was just a joy. He’s VP for all of Canada, and he answered or returned my call. He was so good.

I have nothing but great things to say about Viking and I don’t understand why the appliance centers are abysmal. And it’s not just for Viking. It’s for all of them. They don’t know their product and it’s whatever they're pushing at the time. This is why you get consumers who get the product in their house, and they're like, “What the heck is this? This is a piece of garbage.” It degrades very quickly. The least little thing is a complaint, is a complaint, is a complaint. And it has nothing to do with these manufacturers but everything to do with those showrooms.

I told my husband if I were new to the professional level, I would probably choose a Series 3. That’s a very nice-looking range. Probably 20 years ago, that’s what I would've chosen. Today, I’m dying to get into that Series 7. Because we’re thinking of moving in the next year, I’d have to do that Tuscany one. That’s a really beautiful one too. But I’m dying to get into the Series 7, the big honking one. My JennAir from my other home was quite large, but it was cumbersome, and the results were unpredictable. It was also difficult to clean. And I’ve experienced none of that with the Viking. It’s like coming out of purgatory and going into heaven.

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Viking Ranges response

Our customers expect the very best, and we work hard to ensure those expectations are met. Welcome to the Viking family.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 16, 2019

A year ago in January, I went to Best Buy and I ordered a new stove. It was a $1,300 Samsung stove. The knobs on the stove turned on so easily that if you bump into it, the gas either ignited or the gas just came out. But on top of that, it didn’t keep the temperature in the oven. If you set it on 350, it would go from 400 down to 225, and it would fluctuate to 100 degrees and that’s not normal. I didn’t want the convection oven because even if it does keep the temperature, but it dries everything out. With that, I sent back the $1,300 stove

I went to P.C. Richard and I bought an upgraded Samsung unit, but the same thing was wrong that the temperature didn’t keep in the oven, and the knobs turned on too easily. So, if you leaned against the knobs or you brushed against it, they turned on. I went back to P.C. Richard and I turned it in for a Whirlpool. The knobs were a little bit better. The oven kept temperature and it’s a self-cleaning stove. It’s supposed to clean off the debris that falls into the oven. That doesn’t work, plus it doesn’t clean off what’s on the sides of the stove or any splatters on the top of the stove.

That wasn’t enough for me to send the stove back. Then, at 5:00 in the morning, I wake up smelling gas. So, after that, I called P.C. Richard. I said, “This stove is going back.” And, “Give me the Viking on the stove.” They said, “The only Viking we have that has the self-cleaning is this model.” “Okay. Make arrangements. I want that. Send it to my house.” So, they called the guys to come. Not only does the Viking barely fit in a Cape Cod, but they gouged my wall and they broke my baseboard because of their incompetence. That was five stoves in one year.

Now, the guy comes and he installs it and the center burner is not working properly. Viking doesn’t communicate directly with you. They communicate with the repair people. And then the repair people don’t contact you, so you’re left in limbo. When we finally made arrangements for people to come out. They want me to do a four-hour wait. I am not waiting for four hours. I said, “This is a $4,200 stove, plus tax, plus the insurance. You have to be a little more accommodating than having somebody wait four hours for you to come out.” They came out and the guy replaces the igniter. Then it still is not working properly.

According to the repair people, Viking sent out a bulletin to the repair people that if people are having a problem with the center burner not working, they should have it replaced with this replacement part. I had to stop payment and I’m disputing not being able to use the burner properly. Now, I got a call from the repair people that said Viking is working on a replacement part just for my stove. So, in essence, I’m still waiting to hear back from Viking or the repair people that they have a new part and they're gonna replace the part so the stove works properly. On the other hand, the oven works properly and the knobs are tight. You have to push it in and turn it for it to go on. So, this way, nobody is going to accidentally bump into it and turn the gas stove on. That was very important to me.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2018

I've used Viking for a couple of decades in my home. Viking's range has an 18,000 BTU burner on one side and the other ones are 15,000, whereas the main competitor, Wolf, has 15,000, 15,000, 9,000 and 5,000. However, I don’t like the new design. It used to be a more commercial-looking cookware and it has become more blingy now than it used to be. It also got shiny rings on it that I didn’t know I was gonna get. The quality is fine, though. I like the new slide-out drawers and that the light turns on when the door opens. The little lights that illuminate the numbers on the dials are nice. We have a Viking stove in our city home and we bought another one for our weekend home, and the new one doesn’t simmer as low as the old one.

Viking's dealer just does the minimum. I ask a question and they give me one answer. They don’t try to be accommodating. Instead, they need to do value because they were the only one that would service the warranty in the area. Also, we had no choice but to buy the range from them. I ordered an eight-inch skirt on top of the back of the stove, but it didn’t arrive, so they had to come and install it and they had to come back again. They were not very flexible when they could come back. There was also a microwave that was a gift and I chose an install kit as a promotion gift, but they didn’t order the install kit even though I put in the form clearly. There were many steps to get the simplest order through.

Being an old Viking customer, it's really tricky to get things repaired and the parts are extremely expensive. When I talked to a couple of dealers, they were pointing the client towards Wolf because they feel that Viking’s quality has dropped and that the repair is very expensive. In the end, I bought Viking because I wanted the 18,000 versus the 15,000-burner, and that’s what pushed me back towards going with Viking. We have a friend in the city that just renovated their apartment and they bought a Wolf. We asked them why they bought a Wolf and they said that the dealers told them that Viking has gone down and it is not what they used to be. We had an issue with the old one being that all the colors wear off after a while. All the markings rubbed off and the repair is lengthy and expensive. But other than that, it works fine.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2018

I’m a foodie who cooks and I’ve been wanting a Viking range for more than 20 years. There are foodies who eat and wanna go to fancy places, but I’m the cooking kind. The quality of my Viking products is outstanding and insanely amazing. I like the quality of the Viking range and the infrared broilers of the oven. So far, my absolute favorite is my TurboChef oven. It cooks 15 times as fast as usual and that’s really good for a working person.

The interactions that I had with Plessers, the Viking dealer that I bought the products from, was not as good though. One of the reasons that I went to that store was because Appliance World, the place that I would have gone to which was near to my home, only had a Viking two-year warranty. I wanted an extended warranty for at least 10 years, but they didn’t offer that. Appliance World is a topnotch store and I went there several times asking my questions, although I knew I wasn’t gonna buy the Viking products there because they didn’t offer the extended warranty. I bought the Viking products at Plessers because they threw in the extended warranty. I knew that if we got something, they would be very generous with the extended warranty. If they didn’t absorb it, they would do something kinder. But they didn't know the product that well, so I had to make myself very aware.

I had read a lot about Viking's products and I also called Viking to ask my questions. I bought a 40-inch range, double ovens with the TurboChef, and a refrigerator. I also got two free microwaves even though I only needed one. But we have not always had great luck with those things, so having a spare is not a bad thing. If one of them breaks, I would have a replacement. Viking had a promotion and depending on what I spent, I got something free. I could get a free dishwasher or any of the four models of microwave free as well. With what I was buying, I could get two microwaves. But Plessers was not very aware of the Viking promotion. They were aware that I could get a free dishwasher, but they were not aware that I could get two free microwaves. They kept trying to give me a dishwasher and I didn’t want it because it's a European product and doesn’t have heated drying, and that’s not helpful.

Another thing was that after we ordered the appliances and paid for them well ahead of when they were placed because they were brand new, we took out three rooms and made a big kitchen. So, there was a lot of construction going on, but the appliances were the easiest thing for me to pick out and the tile and other items were much harder. When the kitchen had been designed, but still on paper, and I was with the kitchen designers and the contractor, I called Plessers up and I told them that if I buy an Advantium speed oven, which is a quarter of the price of a Viking TurboChef, it also acts as microwave. I asked them whether the TurboChef also did that and they said that it definitely does.

At the last minute, however, after the kitchen design was done, I gave Viking a quick call and asked them that question again because I was not so comfortable with Plessers. Vikings said that the TurboChef does not function as a microwave, but I can get a free microwave. So, that was a hassle because the kitchen design had to be changed. I told our contractor to figure that out and it was done, but it shouldn’t have gone that way. The Plessers guys should have known what they were doing. I’m sure they took a Viking class, but they didn’t do their homework.

On the other hand, when I was worried about some of the stuff that I had read on the TurboChef such as its breaking, a young woman at Appliance World told me that a lot of that was because people were not upgrading their electrical systems, circuit box or electric lines for this appliance which sucked in a lot of power. So, they were shorting it out and that was the main problem. I was impressed that this young lady popped that off on top of our head. She said they had that problem in the beginning too, until they realized that they couldn’t use the same electrical system for this appliance as everybody else did for other appliances. Appliance World is a huge and gorgeous store. I roamed around there for a good hour and the staff was really nice. They have kitchens set up all over the place and they can demonstrate things for the customer.

Viking itself and Appliance World were great. The staff at Plessers was really nice too and they could not have been nicer. Also, the appliances that we got from them were so great. But we had a disappointing buying experience with them. They need an education course on the Viking appliances because if they’re gonna sell things that are this high-end and expensive, they need to know what they’re talking about, but they didn’t. Nevertheless, I would tell people to buy Viking if they can.

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4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2018

I had one gas stove and I wanted something that was a quality electric. Originally, I was gonna go with a Frigidaire and I knew they have ones that have a dual oven and maybe even a little pizza oven. But when I saw what Viking had to offer and the kind of deal I was getting, I went out of my original price range and got the quality product. I knew the quality and the reputation that they had. I also liked the features and the style.

But when I looked at the unit, it didn't look like the door was squared up. So I called it in to have them come out and adjust the door. I almost hated to do that but Viking is the Mercedes of ovens. I spent that kind of money and I expected everything to fit right and be squared up. When the technician came out, he took pictures of it, documented it and figured out what the problem was. It wasn't the door. It was the bezel, which he ordered. But he had also tried to see if there were ways that he could fix it without having to do it, but he couldn't. Then he came back another time but they had sent the wrong bezel. It didn’t fit because it didn’t have the right number of holes for the knobs. So he’s gonna come back out again and it will eventually get fixed.

It's taking a little while but that's okay. It took a little while to get the oven built in the first place too. I was on the waiting list with the manufacturer first and then with the company I bought it from. I also got free shipping, which meant that the range took weeks to get here but that was okay. Besides, the company is backing up their product and I've got a lot of respect for the company so far. If they keep the guy coming out here until the unit gets fixed, there won't be any problems. So far, I am happy. The range is very impressive. The idea is that this is not gonna be a throwaway one. The other one that came with the house was 17 years old and it hit the trash can. But hopefully, this one will last for many years and it’s one that’s worth repairing if something goes wrong. I also got a backsplash and a Viking dishwasher, and a friend of mine took a picture of the setup. He got a bunch of likes on Facebook.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2019

A friend of ours referred Viking Ranges to us, and it’s probably the best product and we like it. It was easy enough to use. The filter on the fridge isn’t working properly and I hear a buzzing sound every now and then. I called Viking to let them know and I also replaced the filter, but I still hear that buzzing sound, so I don’t know if that’s an issue that they have. Still, Viking is good.

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Rated with 3 starsResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2019

We wanted an all-gas oven and Viking had it. We also wanted self-cleaning, and the one we got came available with white on the front, which we wanted. The dealer was great. However, on the back of the range, we bought a separate piece for the air to come up from the oven, and it blows the burners when the oven is on and causes the burners not to be as efficient. That’s a big flaw. Because that air is blowing the burners and the flame is flickering, it takes forever to boil something. I wouldn’t recommend it because of that. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t get it.

Viking Ranges response

Thank you for your feedback regarding the accessory ventilation purchased. Viking makes every effort to listen and hear what our customers want, which is our foundation for newer and improved models.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2019

The Viking range was at my house when I moved into it, but I've heard great things about the quality and that they last a really long time. It works really well, and it is very clean and sleek. The easiest thing is cleaning the range and the stove top. It's very easy to remove and you can put it in the dishwasher, which is great. One time, the oven door was a little bit loose. I reached out, they had someone come out within a couple of days and fixed it. Since then it has been working great.

Viking Ranges response

It is Viking's desire that you continue to enjoy the quality we have put in our ranges, Thank You for your support.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2019

I had some Thermador appliances and I wasn’t super happy with those. And so, when I started looking at appliances, Viking had what I wanted. However, we had some problems with the range -- the oven especially was problematic. The technician had to come back about three time to replace parts in it. It wasn’t lighting the way it should be and I’m still questioning whether it’s actually functioning properly because I have a regular oven, and the Viking oven still doesn’t cook as well as the other oven. The range top, on the other hand, is interesting. I have the one burner that has the PowerPlus, which is awesome. But the other seven options I have, it seems like it takes a really long time for them to cook. I’m not super fantastic happy.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2019

I purchased a Viking range for my home. I was reading the reviews and I just went for a try. The Viking dealer was very helpful, and everything went well on the installation. The quality of the range is very good. I’m happy with it and I like everything about it.

Viking Ranges response

Thank you for allowing Viking to be a part of your home. We take pride and care in every product we manufacture and are grateful to you for being a valuable Viking customer.

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Viking was founded in 1987 when it became the first major manufacturer to offer professional-grade appliances for home users. Its first appliances went into production in 1990 at its (then) newly opened headquarters in Greenwood, Missisippi, where the company remains to this day.

  • Industrial heritage: Viking's focus on professional-grade standards provides users with high-quality appliances that offer powerful features for cooking large meals, either at home or in a business.

  • Rangetops: Viking offers one of the most extensive product lines for range tops and cooktops.

  • Stainless steel: Viking is almost exclusively dedicated to stainless steel construction, giving consumers who prefer that aesthetic appeal a wide range of choices for finding different fits and finishes.

  • Double units: Viking has the largest number of options for users seeking double ovens and double cook tops.

  • Authorized dealers: Users who buy from authorized local dealers enjoy extensive and convenient warranty and technical support.

  • Best for: Users cooking for families and users cooking for businesses.

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