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About Viking Ranges

Viking is a luxury appliance manufacturer that offers high-performance ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. Its ranges are available in a variety of burner configurations, sizes and fuel types. Customers see the widest variety of options with Viking gas ranges or dual-fuel models. Viking electric ranges or induction ranges have fewer size or configuration options, but these models are still feature-rich and can be customized by color.

Pros & Cons


  • Luxury designs and materials
  • Customizable
  • Long-lasting
  • Promotional offers and rebates


  • Limited pricing transparency
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Viking is a U.S.-based luxury appliance manufacturer. It sells ranges in different sizes, burner configurations and fuel types. Its products can be expensive, but they’re designed to last.

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Viking Range is a good range and we haven't had any issues with it. It looks commercial grade but for residential. I like the quality and it cooks well. Also, their representative...

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I’ve called Viking Range several times for various questions since we bought a house with a Viking built in refrigerator… Hope from customer service and Stuart from the service si...

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What are Viking ranges?

Whether you’re shopping for a range or a warming drawer, Viking products are known for their reliability, functionality, professional quality and attractive designs. It offers appliances for indoor and outdoor kitchens and has many colors and styles to choose from.

Here are the types of cooking products you can expect to find at your local dealer or showroom:

  • Freestanding ranges
  • Rangetops
  • Stovetops
  • Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Warming drawers

How long do Viking ranges last?

Your Viking range’s life expectancy is heavily influenced by how often the stove is used and how well it’s cleaned and maintained. As a general rule, most ranges last from 10 to 20 years. Gas ranges have an average life expectancy of 15 years, while electric ranges typically last for 13 years. Viking strives to be at the higher end of that scale, and it designs its ranges to compare with professional appliances known to last as long as 40 years.

Viking offers a two-year limited warranty on its products. This warranty covers workmanship or material defects and is valid from your date of purchase. Products can be returned for an exchange within 10 days of purchase, or you can return your range for repairs if you experience issues.

Viking range prices

Viking ranges typically start at around $4,000, but its larger and more luxurious models can cost more than $20,000. Its cooktops range from $1,500 to $8,000, and wall ovens generally cost around $6,000 to $14,000.

The price of any appliance depends on its size, number of burners, fuel type and the dealer’s pricing. You can request a quote online or visit one of its local dealers to get pricing on the model you’re interested in. Viking also offers a variety of promotional offers.

Viking FAQ

Who owns Viking ranges?

Viking is owned by the Middleby Corporation, which is based out of Illinois.

Who manufactures Viking appliances?

Viking manufactures its appliances from one of its four manufacturing plants in Mississippi. The company works to attract tourism to its headquarters city in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Is Viking an American company?

Viking is a U.S. company. It’s based in Greenwood, Mississippi, and is involved with the local community.

How do you start a Viking stovetop?

To light the surface burner, push and turn the knob for that burner. For more details on how to operate your Viking stovetop, consult the user manual for your model.

Are Viking appliances good?

Viking is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality, professional-grade kitchen appliances. Its products have luxurious styles and materials, so these ranges are more expensive than your typical stovetop. Pricing isn’t available online, but customers can receive quotes online or with a local Viking dealer.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 10, 2023

The quality of my Viking range awesome and I like how sturdy it is. There are many options on the range and I like all the things that it can do. I love the grill/griddle thing, too. So far, this is first my gas range and convection oven, so that's a learning curve for me. I ordered the range in December 2021 and it was supposed to be delivered on July of 2022 but I didn't get it. Then they said it would come in August and it went on and on. I had to wait a year and a half to get it. Then, when they installed it, they were in a hurry and didn't make the legs level, so everything slides towards the front.

Aside from that, sometimes the big oven is not deciding that it wants to be use the convection or bake and I don't know what it's doing. I don't want to judge though because the problem might be the person that's running the machine. Also, both the ovens are too hot. If I got them on 350, they would registering 400. So things are not baking even like they did before in my old oven. So, I finally called into Viking and got a tech on the phone. The guy told me to just get a thermostat then put it in there and get my average temperature. So I got two because of that and we want to make sure that if somebody asked me, that the issue was not the thermostat. The low oven was less extreme as the big oven and there was not quite as big of a difference, but it was up to 50 degrees on that big oven. When I called the people that I got it from, they said maybe I could just learn to bake with that. But I said no since I spent $28,000 on my Viking range.

Even when I open the door, if I get it up to temperature, it'll drop 30 degrees. They also said there’s a quick preheat but there's no quickness about it. I also called them about the little left door that is not even. I noticed as well that the easy close thing on the little oven, even though it's not straight, after it gets close to the closing, it does a soft close. But you can hear a really nice solid sound confirming that it is sealed. But my other door didn't and it even if I just touch it, it would move. So I've opened the door and my seals are not right.

Yesterday, when I was doing some baking in the little oven, I had a little cake in and it was maintaining a pretty decent temperature, within about 10 degrees, even though it was hot. So I had to bake with my thermostat. In my right oven, the big one, I had some potatoes in and I was trying to use the convection. So then, I pushed on the door as I was standing there and I was putting pressure on it. And all of a sudden, the temperature started raising and it wasn't sealing. When I would open and shut it, it would shut softly. But it wasn't that nice and there wasn't a solidness to it. I was also having trouble as I couldn't get the temperature to rise. But I didn’t put it up to 450. I only wanted it at 400. I was going over and beyond, and I couldn't get it to kick the preheat back on again or try to move the temperature up. But when I held it shut, it did.

Now, the door appears to be square, not crooked, while the other one seems to be crooked. So I called the dealer today and I told them that we need to get the doors right before we start messing with the temperature. I talked to the guy that took my order back in December of ‘21 and his name was Scott. He's nice but I feel like he just wants to get away. So I'm just waiting patiently in the background, figuring out how to use the range and trying to do my little figuring out. I've got a paper where I write down the temperatures and I've got a notebook where I'm keeping track of things. So that when they do come, I can show that to them.

All in all, I would recommend Viking to a friend because I believe that it's going to be an awesome piece of equipment. I just think we've got to get there yet and I don't know what it's going to take. So I'm not going to bitch and moan about it at all. I just want somebody to work with me and I'm even willing to do some things myself. I’m expecting to be pleased with it. I love how it looks when it came in. The grates things, the handles, the knobs, and everything is just so solid.

Viking Ranges response

It's truly humbling to hear from start to finish you are more than satisfied. Thank you for giving Viking the chance to continue providing excellent service and quality.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 8, 2023

    The quality of our Viking range is pretty great. Unfortunately, we had to have service techs come to our house twice in the past year. Other than that, it was very easy to contact them about the issues we had. I contacted the reseller, then they told me to contact Viking customer support directly. So, they gave me the phone number and I had to call them twice in the past six months. The first time, it was a false alarm and the tech came out a couple of weeks after I called them.

    The second time was for the motherboard which they had to replace and the tech came out within the same week that I called. And when he came in, he knew it was the motherboard and it took another two weeks to get the material. At this point, we've only had the oven for a year but there was an issue with the motherboard. That didn't cost us anything though because of the warranty, so that was fine. I just hope that we don't have to do that every year. Also, even though it took time, everything was very proactively communicated back to us and it was done very quickly as well. So, I was satisfied.

    The range cooks well and we use it almost every day for everything. Compared to the oven we had before, this one is more efficient and it cooks faster. The end results are also better. I was also making cookies in the previous oven and in this oven, the bake is a little crispier. I wouldn't go back to the previous one and we’re going to keep with the upgrade.

    But I'm not a huge fan the timer associated with it. There are no dashboards or display, so it's very mechanical and less digital. And so, knowing when the oven is preheated, you need to know that the signal light turns off. The previous oven had a beeping sound when the oven would preheat, whereas here, you have to look at it and be next to it to know that. It's not the end of the world but it is one thing that we have to get used to and it takes a little bit more time to get used to. Aside from that, even though you turn the oven off, the fan will still be on for a minute or two before it turns off. But in the previous oven, it would turn off immediately. But that's not a deal-breaker for us.

    Viking Ranges response

    As always, it warms our heart to know we've made life a little easier in our customer's lives. Thank you for placing the Viking brand in YOUR home.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 24, 2023

    I love Viking. They think things through super well. The range has a nice design, very effective to use and doesn't have a lot of glitz and glamour beyond the things that you want. So, it's a well-engineered product. I've had Viking products for many years. I'm 67 years old so I know it's the best of the best. But the customer service was not that good in that they could never tell me any tentative dates on shipment. They would just say, "When it ships, it ships." So it makes it a little hard to try to schedule to get the old range out and do all of the other stuff when you're not sure.

    I bought the range through an online retailer and they had arranged a delivery and to put it in place, so that all went fine. But the ovens were dead on arrival. Viking was quick about sending a repairman and then, they had to order off parts and boards, and we were without it. So we installed the new one but it was not working. It didn't work for the first four weeks. They put in the new boards. It worked for about two months, and then the ovens broke again. The technician who was the same technician that did it the first time, said that we should just order all the electronics new. So we put in everything new. But the ordering for that took about six weeks. So we've only been using it, effectively, for a little less than two months.

    \he defects are all related to global supply chain issues, where they probably are not able to get the quality that they had before and able to get product. So they're having to, in some cases, discount the quality just to be able to get parts. But I still love Viking. We have dishwashers and the exhaust vent range. From an engineering standpoint, it's great.

    Viking Ranges response

    This brings us great joy knowing the quality of our products is in such high regard. Thank you for your comments.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 17, 2023

    We had a pretty poor experience in getting our range set up. We were disappointed to find out that it was not properly fixed after a recall. We ended up getting it installed and then trying to turn on the oven but it was not working. The element that releases the gas to heat it up was not properly installed and presented a small fire hazard. We were lucky and fortunate that nothing exploded or gave us trouble in the house. The company that installed it did not catch this when they tested the oven. We had two techs out from Viking authorized to fix this. The first tech did not catch the issue. The shipper and the company that we bought it from should have had that taken care of.

    Viking communicated that they had already fixed the component that was related to the recall and that issue was unrelated and in a different system. But we can't help that maybe somebody shifted some things around and had those in precarious positions. Also, we got the runaround from the VP of consumer services of Viking. We were brushed off. I should have written a couple of follow up notes with some pictures to emphasize that when we're buying a $7,000 piece of equipment and when we have high expectations from word-of-mouth, we hope that it will be a great experience and not present a risk.

    Other than that, the oven has very precise heat. We also admire the quality of it. The food tastes better somehow. With foods that we did before and after getting the range, we can really tell that there's a great quality improvement. Also, we really appreciate that we can use all six burners at once and cook a big hearty meal simultaneously. Make sure your Viking range is installed properly and work with a great installer.

    Viking Ranges response

    Thank you for letting us know of your experience. We deeply apologize for ALL areas of concern. In careful review we're pleased to see issues have been addressed. Please reach out to Viking should the need arise. Thank you.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 5, 2023

    My wife always wanted a Viking oven. We went with the electric version and that was the best choice out of the ones that we looked at. The range heats up very quickly. When we bake anything in the oven, it seems to do a better job than what we had before as far as cooking evenly. With the range top, we haven't had a very good experience with other models, leading up to this. I would have thought that the top would have been made of the exact material. But for whatever reason, the Viking top seems to be more resistant to stains and scratches than what we had in the past.

    There was a problem with the paint inside the oven and it started bubbling and coming off. My wife wasn't using any cleaners and was just wiping it out with regular Dawn soap and letting the self-cleaning do its job. She called Viking and they had somebody from Haggis Appliance Repair come out and look at it. The tech goes, "I don't know why the paint's coming off. But we'll see what Viking wants to do."

    Viking was gracious enough to send us another one and the same thing happened. Not only did that happen, but it got stuff in between the glass doors and in the front window when you are looking in. There were all kinds of drip lines going on in there. We're now on our third one. So far, we've had this for about six months or so and it seems to be fine. On the whole, my wife had to spend a lot of time on the phone getting into disagreements. Not seeing this was taken care of very quickly was a little bit frustrating.

    Viking Ranges response

    Our customers expect the very BEST and we work hard to ensure those expectations are met. Thank you for accepting nothing less; we appreciate YOU as a valued member of the Viking family.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 25, 2023

    I love the quality. It's well-built except for a few spots where the grates rest on the top of the oven that were a bit scratched. I like the ease of the heat. It heats up very quickly and it cooks phenomenally. Also, the oven is spot on. It cooks very evenly both in bake and convection. If you're gonna invest in something at that price point, consider Viking.

    Viking Ranges response

    It warms the vessels of the Viking heart to know WE have met your family's desires in a range, as we continue working hard to make a difference. Thank YOU for trusting VIKING.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 24, 2023

    We remodeled our new house and put in Viking throughout the kitchen. The 30-inch gas range is very good. It works the way we want it to work, and we love it. The oven is also gas, then we have an electric built-in oven.

    Viking Ranges response

    Thank you for allowing Viking to be a part of your fresh start. We take pride and care in every product we manufacture and are grateful to you as our customer.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 24, 2023

    If you're in the market for a stove and you have the money, buy a Viking. We use our stove a lot and wore the other one out, so we went to the next level. We bought the stove from an appliance store in New Jersey, and we use it almost every night. We're very happy with the performance. It functions exactly the way I want it to, and I can't find anything wrong with it. I love it.

    Viking Ranges response

    This brings us great joy knowing the quality of our products is in such high regard. Thank you for your comments.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 23, 2023

    We had an existing Viking range in our home. It wasn't functioning right. The door wasn't closing properly. It takes considerable time to preheat. And it had to do with the door being jarred. We had a repairman come in and try to remedy it. He said he couldn't do it. Many years passed we needed to get a new refrigerator. It was a GE and it wasn't properly functioning. We looked at many appliances, chose Viking because it was a good product. It was well-made. The ranges that were there were also on sale. We had a six-burner range. The oven door wasn't operating to our expectations. So, we had to get the range in addition to that.

    The gifts and cash rebates that Viking was offered incentivized our purchase. The salesperson was very convincing. We got two free gifts out of the two purchases. We got the overhead microwave hood and a set of Viking cookware. Also, we applied for the rebates and they accepted, based on our proof of purchase and registration of the appliances.

    The installation and delivery went smoothly. The burners are great. The oven preheats quickly. We like that the racks within the range itself are on those rollers and they pull out easily. The older range did not have that feature. That simple thing like rollers made a difference. If my wife was to bake or cook alone, she wouldn't need any assistance.

    Viking Ranges response

    It's truly humbling to hear from start to finish you are more than satisfied. Thank you for giving Viking the chance to continue providing excellent service and quality.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 23, 2023

    Our experience with our Viking range has been really bad. We've never had a high-end appliance like that. We would have never bought it if it wasn't for our son who is a cook because it was very expensive. The installation was more than we expected, which is not Viking’s problem. The stove has had multiple issues with the burners. We had to have the serviceman come in and adjust something with one of the burners because the ignition kept clicking while it was on. He did an adjustment but it didn't last. That adjustment was just done until he could order the part. The part came in and he installed it. But then a couple of weeks ago, the main burner is not lighting. We have to use a barbecue lighter to light it. We have to call them back. Other than that, the convection oven is a nice feature. That's something we never had before. And even though it's the same size as the other range that we had, the oven is smaller because it's so well insulated.

    Viking Ranges response

    Thank you for letting us know of your experience. We deeply apologize for ALL areas of concern. In careful review we're pleased however, to see issues have been addressed with the unit being serviced. While we do not anticipate any further service, please reach out to Viking should the need arise. Thank you.

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