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SunSetter Awnings Reviews

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About SunSetter Awnings

SunSetter Awnings is the largest American manufacturer of retractable patio, window and deck awnings. The company produces four different awning types, including motorized and manual hand-cranked models. Most of the awnings attach directly to a structure, but the company does have one freestanding model. The motorized models open and close using a remote control, and the manual model uses a hand crank.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide fabric color selection
  • Buy direct or work with a local dealer
  • Option for DIY installation
  • 5 to 10-year limited warranties
  • Limited freestanding model options
  • Installation not included

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Greensboro, NC

My father has a SunSetter awning and he gave us one as a gift. He enjoyed his so much that he thought we would enjoy it and we have… That deck was nearly unusable until almost dar...

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Melbourne, FL

We have some friends that have SunSetters and we decided to go with their recommendation. The installation of our awning went really well. So far, we love its reliability. So far,...

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About SunSetter Awnings

SunSetter offers two product lines of awnings: The SunSetter Series and the Platinum Series. Awnings in the SunSetter Series come with a five-year limited warranty, and Platinum Series products come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Awnings are available in widths from 8 feet to 20 feet and extend from 7 feet to 13 feet, 1 inch out, depending on the model. Awnings from SunSetter are made from woven acrylic or laminated fabric and available in dozens of colors.

How does SunSetter Awnings work?

Customers can buy awnings directly from the company’s website or from a local SunSetter dealer. If you buy the product directly, you select the product line, model, fabric color and valence style: straight or wavy. You can also choose the awning’s size and type of mounting bracket.

Awnings bought directly from SunSetter come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you work with a local SunSetter dealer, you can get expert advice and a free in-home consultation.

SunSetter does not directly offer installation services. Customers can either install the awnings themselves by following the instructions in the booklet and DVD that came with their awning or have them installed professionally by a local SunSetter dealer or a third-party contractor.

SunSetter Awnings prices

SunSetter Awnings cost between $600 to $7,500. The price depends on several factors: size, retraction mechanism, fabric, shape and type.

SunSetter Series

SunSetter Series awnings are available in two fabric choices: waterproof laminated fabric or water-repellant woven acrylic fabric. All awnings in this product line come with a five-year limited warranty.

ModelPrice Range
Manual$1,799 - $3,332
Motorized$2,199 - $4,096
Pro$2,905 - $4,534
Oasis Manual$2,602 - $3,144
XL$3,541 - $4,509
1000XT Manual$799 - $2,638

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series awnings are made from Sunbrella acrylic fabric that is water repellent and resists mildew, mold and fading. The product line features models that retract into a permanently installed aluminum semi-cassette hood, which helps protect the awning from the elements. Awnings in the Platinum Series come with a 10-year limited warranty, and prices range from $3,000 to $7,000.

ModelPrice Range
Platinum$3,356 - $5,855
Platinum Manual$3,055 - $5,203
Platinum PRO$3,511 - $6,326
Platinum Plus$4,964 - $6,341
Platinum Plus PRO$5,281 - $6,818
XL$5,372 - $6,988

SunSetter Awnings FAQ

How much are SunSetter awnings?

SunSetter Awnings range from $800 to $7,500. The price range for the SunSetter Series is $800 to $5,000, and awnings in the Platinum Series range from $3,000 to $7,500. Manual awnings run between $1,800 to $5,200.

How do you install a SunSetter awning?

For do-it-yourself installation, follow the instructions in the installation booklet and DVD that comes with the awning. Installation takes two to three hours, and all you need is a few simple tools.

  1. Unpack the awning and all its components from the packaging.
  2. Bolt the mounting brackets to a wall on the outside of your home.
  3. Lift the awning into the brackets and push the square bar attached to the awning into the brackets.
  4. Secure the square bar with a retaining bolt in each bracket.
  5. If you have a motorized awning, plug the power cord into your outdoor outlet and use the remote to open the awning. If you have a manual awning, open it using the hand crank.
How do you clean a SunSetter awning?

To clean a SunSetter awning, brush it when it’s dry and then wash it with mild soap and lukewarm water. If that doesn’t do the trick, follow the care and maintenance instructions included with the awning.

Where are SunSetter awnings made?

SunSetter Awnings assembles components manufactured in Europe, China and the US at its facility in McAllen, TX.

How much does it cost to install a SunSetter awning?

While each local dealer sets their own pricing, typically installation can range from $750-$1,500 depending on awning size and location.

Are SunSetter awnings waterproof?

Yes, many of SunSetter’s products are waterproof or water repellant.

Are SunSetter awnings any good?

SunSetter awnings are a good choice for those shopping for an awning. The company offers multiple models, varying widths and a wide selection of fabric colors to fit any customer's needs. Customers have the freedom to buy awnings directly from the company or work with a local dealer. Customers can install the awnings with easy-to-follow instructions, or a local dealer can provide professional installation.

SunSetter Awnings Reviews

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    3 featured reviews
    How do I know I can trust these reviews about SunSetter Awnings?
    • 4,475,815 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceMaintenanceStaff

    Reviewed May 27, 2024

    SunSetter seemed to be the best and like everybody else, we were looking for a discounted price. At that time, there was a Costco promotion that lowered the price of the awning. I got a motorized one and after I ordered it, I called SunSetter. We live right in the suburb of Atlanta and I asked if they had somebody they could recommend to install it. To my shock, the girl said no. She told me to check with Home Depot or Ace and ask if they have an installer. The guy in Home Depot said he didn’t have anybody he could trust to be able to put his name on. So I went to Ace and the guy said he had a guy who does the job himself. He uses pulleys and ladders. It took the guy a long time and when he was done, the awning looked good but it didn't look right. I did some research and found out that there were a bunch of things he didn't do right. When he opened it up, it was straight across. It wasn't in an angle.

    Meanwhile, as soon as I hired this guy and he started, I got an email from SunSetter saying that they passed my name onto a local installer that they use. They called me and I told them to send me their information if I needed any service, and they did. This past Monday, an installer came over and he had a SunSetter T-shirt on. It took him half an hour to fix the awning. I had to pay a little more money to get it fixed correctly, but it's fine now.

    The only thing is, the installer lost a magnet that they need to use. So I called SunSetter yesterday and they're sending me that whole piece to install it. That installer lives 10 minutes from our house and told us to call him if we don’t want to put the magnet in. He’d be happy to come and do it again. It's like a little box that you have to put on. There's a certain spot that you put it on the awning where if the wind gets too violent, that closes it up. We don't leave the awning open anyway and we're not there, but just in case. That's part of what we paid for. I'm gonna try to set it myself. If I can't, the installer will come out and do it. By getting the awning, we can bring the kids out there now because the sun doesn't beat the heck out of them. I also got a whole new deck because we had some bad wood. I did that at the same time. So, it's fun. I would buy from SunSetter again and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed May 27, 2024

      We contacted SunSetter in February and that was when they were just starting to go around to your house and measure it and give you a quote. We were their second customer for this year. We had talked on the phone with some of the people but we didn't know what we were doing in terms of measuring it so the gentleman came out and did a great job. He gave us some ideas that we didn't even think of in terms of the size. We got the electric part and everything came together beautifully. The guys who did the work had it done in four hours and they suggested having our electrician come in after it's up. Their workers wouldn't know what to do with so that was a good idea. Then, I got the LED lights that go underneath it and it's just beautiful.

      The only thing I had to call SunSetter on was that I couldn't remember and it doesn't say it in the manual on how to turn on those LED lights. You get a remote but I may have to call them again because I didn't write it down. We got to take the shade that comes down in the front. We got a few bells and whistles but everything that SunSetter promised came true. I got all the pros and I got no cons. The customer service has been wonderful and they're not gonna make you feel stupid. They were very good at explaining things to us.

      SunSetter gives you a pamphlet of the expensive one and looking at the sizes, we thought we should be having a smaller one. But if we put up the size that we originally looked at, which was cheaper, we would never be able to get a table in here. When we looked at it initially and we saw the pricing, we never thought we would need something this big. So, we looked at a less expensive one. Once we saw what we had bought, we recognized that the advice they gave us in terms of getting our location was more what we needed than what we had initially been looking at. And we both said to ourselves if we had gone with that original thing that we would have been dissatisfied and then it was too late to do anything about it once you get to it. So, I'm happy with it. This is what we wanted. All of our neighbors who came over and looked at it loved it too. We've invited them for drinks and they will come. So, it works out well with our house.

      Everything about the awning is fabulous. When we were looking at it, the way we pictured it was different than what came out, and what came out was better. We're loving our new awning. It’s a quality material. I watched the installers put it up and they were masterful. They got it all up there very quickly and took their time making sure they hit all the studs with the lag bolts. We bought it with the 10-year warranty because with our due self-exposure, we'd be better off with a 10-year warranty rather than a 5. And the choices of the colors were even better with the 10. So, we're happy campers.

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 18, 2024

      I liked the way that I was forwarded an assessment for what the value was going to be on the SunSetter unit installed in my home timeframe. The owner called me from the company and explained to me what the cost was going to be. I had questions about electrical installation for an outlet to plug the unit into, and he was very accommodating and professional. He said the deposit did not accrue a fee for the transaction but the remainder of the balance would incur a fee if it was paid by credit card. I asked him if he would trust me to write him a check to prevent any additional charges from the remaining balance, put it in the mail, and if he would please order the unit prior to him receiving my check. He assured me that he would.

      Aside from that, they were almost five days early on their delivery date. When the installation team came, then removed an old unit that I had and installed the new unit in record time. And it was done very professionally. I am in a windy area, off of the ocean, and wind gets up down here pretty good. ADT's rep told me that the unit has a shaker feature which retracts the awning automatically and the thing was set to 25 miles an hour. He also explained how to use the device that was pinched on the outside fringe of the awning. He showed me how I could adjust the height by myself, which is very simple with an Allen wrench since I'm a mechanic. But anybody could really do it if you just showed them exactly what you did, and they did.

      But the little shaker unit down here is very pertinent. One time, I was out back and when I went downstairs, the wind got up pretty good. And when I came back upstairs, the awning had retracted itself. So, I was very happy about that. The installers also showed me how to set a lock feature on the awning where I could just have it deployed so far. I've got two windows in the back of my house and in the afternoon in the summertime, I know it's going to be a benefit even though I haven't had it long. And it makes a tremendous difference on how much heat is generated by the sun coming through these back windows on the living room of the house. So I'm really happy to have chosen this model. Their guy was very helpful in my selection process.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 1, 2024

      I am a contractor and I purchased a SunSetter for a customer. I gave her a couple of options and SunSetter was one of the ones that I have purchased and installed in the past. But it was my first time not having a good experience with SunSetter. I went through Home Depot for this particular transaction. They ordered the stuff. But the stuff came in damaged. I had a hard time getting them to get SunSetter to deal with the situation and call back. So I started calling SunSetter myself and took care of the situation. I got the items I needed to repair. But I was out of pocket because I'm the contractor and I had to pay to do whatever needed to be changed or fixed.

      The functionality of the awning is very simple. You can either attach it to a ceiling or a wall. It doesn't even have to be a ceiling. This could be a brace overhead protruding out of a wall and doesn't have to be all the way to the ceiling. But it installs very easily. It works fine when it's straight and manufactured correctly. I had an awning that was moved all the way to the left. So it was rubbing on the left, all the way down and back up. I had to figure out how to move it over to the center where it wouldn't hit the left or right side as it came down and went back up.

      I had another awning that when it initially would start, it would start, but it wouldn't come. It would catch and I had to assist it to come down for a couple of inches. Then it took off on its own after that. So some little tweaks and twerks sometimes need to be worked out and can be more of a pain in the butt than needed. Sometimes they just happen to work just great the way they're supposed to. I happen to get something that didn't work great this time. I installed five of them and I had issue with three of them. But overall, it is a good product when working correctly.

      Whenever you get something damaged, it may not be against SunSetter. It may be against the people who are delivering that they throw things around and do things. One of my tubes was open on the end and you could tell how they tried to push it back in, and it was kind of squashed. They threw it back in there, covered it up so people wouldn't know, and delivered it.

      The adjustment for the remote control to get it to work is a little more than a normal person can handle. My customer had a hard time trying to do it. She was an older customer. I had to teach her how to do it because there are so many steps for her to grasp how to reset it to go down lower and stay lower all the time, or how to reset it to only go down a quarter way where it just blocks the sun and she can still enjoy the view. She had a hard time remembering and learning the process. So the process of the automation could be done a little simpler and that would reduce the rate on it.

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed March 29, 2024

      I needed a vertical roll-up blind for my house on the water up in the panhandle and SunSetter had someone get in touch with me. We agreed to meet when I was up at that house. The man who came out turned out to be a musician also in Pensacola and knew some of the people that I knew up there. So, we got on the subject of music and hit it all off. But he showed up on time, was well-versed in the product and concluded business quickly. He did a good job. The product was what appeared to be the nicest one out there. It was delivered in January but it's still sitting unpacked in my garage here because we haven't been up to the house yet. The one that I got is 11 feet long. I've got a long trailer and I'm gonna load it when I transport it to the house. I just didn't want to do anything that would upset the way it was packed.

      When you consider the price of the shade, which is close to 1,000, there's a lot of work there. I do machine work as a hobby and metal has gone sky-high through the roof. I'm willing to bet that the biggest part of the cost in that device was the housing for it compared to the fabric and the internals in it. So, it is what it is. I didn't see any other companies that marketed as high-quality products. I go for quality always.

      Some people try and make their websites so fancy to be appealing. But in the process of doing that, it makes it very difficult to navigate it. But I didn't have any trouble navigating SunSetter’s website at all. I found exactly what I was looking for. But the listings for installation fees are not listed on the website, which might be a negative from the standpoint of enticing people. It's up to them, whether they wanna have it professionally installed or they wanna do it themselves. The installation fee was 300 bucks. If you consider whoever's gonna install it, typically, it's gonna have two people that have to drive wherever they're going. There's a lot of expense involved in just getting to and from the job site plus lost time in between installations. So, 300 is fair.

      One of the reasons that I like the SunSetter is because it's going to go on the front porch of my house. I'm in Pensacola, on the water, and every year, we get hit by a hurricane. I have the comfort of knowing that when I retract that shade up into that housing if a storm comes along, I don't have to worry about it. Often, when you see things advertised, you'll see shades out and then they always use California or one of these places where the climate and the scenery are beautiful. But if you live in Florida, we focus on storm prevention in everything that we buy.

      When I built my house, I put a standing seam metal roof on there, which has got the highest wind load standards of all roofs. And the only reason I spent the extra money was because we get hit by hurricanes. Those shades by SunSetter are appealing to people who live on the coastlines that are subjected to storms. I don't recall seeing anything in there discussing that it's durable from a storm standpoint. And you gotta be careful doing that because some joker will sue you because it fell off of a tornado. But that's a chance you take.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed July 6, 2024

      We love our Sun Setter awning, it is just wonderful!!! We have been using it every day and have had many compliments on it from family as well as neighbors. The only thing we feel bad about is that we should have doubled the size!! Perhaps we may add another one alongside this one in the future.

      Verified purchase
      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed July 6, 2024

      Expressing my delight in my SunSetter Awning! It was delivered as promised... And then installed w/ the Business Owner on site working w/ others to make everything right! Instructions were carefully explained... I'm enjoying the lights from dusk into the evening... Really cooler in that afternoon sun!... A Treat for myself... An Asset for my Home!

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed July 5, 2024

      North Baldwin Animal Shelter was pleased with the entire experience. The wonderful salesperson answered all our questions and was extremely knowledgeable of the product. He took time to survey our needs and had lots of samples and suggestions to best suit of particular situation. Installation was fast, professional and they made sure that we were satisfied with the finished product. They were on time and cleaned up as if they were never there. We would definitely recommend their product and professionalism. We may be calling again!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed July 5, 2024

      I like my Sunsetter solar shade, needed to replace the solar panel assembly, it has been three weeks now and it still has not shipped. They are in the business of awnings and shades, you would think they would have repair parts in stock to ship, customer service is no help.

      Resolution In Progress
      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

      Reviewed July 5, 2024

      Disappointed in the delay of arrival. I had to follow up on the status on my own. I think salesperson should have been thorough on his follow up. Product arrived but was missing the wind sensor, the valance needs replaced, and I had ordered an extra controller and it was not sent. I am very happy with my awning and the installation went well. I just assumed customer service would be topnotch which it wasn’t.

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