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I bought an R-551ZS on Nov. 30, 2016, after ice storm power surge killed old reliable Sharp purchased ca. 1990. That unit would stop, with no display, with the back upper right corner very hot to the touch, and not resume until cooled for 5 mins or so. Sharp sent an identical replacement. It did the very same thing on first use on July 4, 2016. Sharp then sent an R-651ZS, which had worked fine since received about 10 days later, until this evening. I microwaved a cup of coffee for 40 seconds and on opening the door at end of cycle, the display went to "0" instead of the time of day and the internal light was brightening and dimming, while a sizzling sound emanated from inside the back of the unit where there are vent openings near the power cord, where I would assume can be found the electronics and power supply. The sizzling sound stopped the second I unplugged the unit.

As an experiment, I plugged it back in and there was no sizzling sound, the internal light was steady, and I was able to reset the clock. However, I will NOT risk a fire in my home with a disabled sister who might not make it out in time, so I will not be using the unit. I e-mailed the last customer service contact from the last episode within 5 minutes of the event, today, Saturday. I don't expect a reply until the next business day. The reps were very responsive on the earlier two incidents, but at this point I will never buy another product with the Sharp brand name on it. Three defective units in such a short time suggests to me that their quality control is ineffective and perhaps their engineering design department or they're getting defective electronic components from their suppliers.

This is really a shame as the product I bought ca. 1990 was a trooper without a single issue. It was that reliability that induced me to buy that first replacement Sharp unit on Nov. 30, 2015. I haven't looked, but I'm guessing that the 1990 unit was likely U.S.-made and these later units Chinese. There have been many documented cases of Chinese electronics suppliers delivering counterfeit capacitors and such. I'm thinking Sharp may be a victim, in a sense, of similar supply issues, but when it comes right down to it, Sharp is responsible for their own quality control not just in their own manufacturing process but for the parts they buy from vendors that go into their products.

And you can bet that if their product results in a fire, I will hire the world-class attorney (used to be Richard Nixon's guy), who lives just up the road from me, to recover costs of any home repairs. Not that I would let it get to that. The thing won't be used again and I'll be researching other makes for its replacement (not to include Whirlpool, with their record of recent fires in THEIR units!).

It seems ridiculous to think you cannot go into a store and buy a piece of mature technology and have it actually work, SAFELY, in this day and age. These companies building to a low price point have got to realize there is a threshold below which they should not go and which the consumer will not either when pennies saved here or there result in products that are unsafe and potentially deadly. No matter the future response to today's issue, I will have no faith in Sharp to deliver a reliable or safe product. And I don't even much care about a refund. The safety of my home is worth more than what I'll spend to replace this unit tomorrow.

Purchased microwave December 2014 - after year and a half the following occurred. Family sitting in kitchen - microwave not in use - heard crackling noise like when someone puts metal in - then door of microwave shatters like crackled glass - immediately unplugged. Contacted Sharp to find out if this had ever happened before - stated "no" - was told they would contact their technical experts and get back to me? Experts? Said it was not a manufacturing issue??? They asked me if I thought it was a safety concern? Of course - Yes! duh. They opened up a case # on the incident and then offered to prorate a new one, same model for $100.

After jumping through hoops to provide paperwork - finally received the new model. Guess what? They shipped the wrong one - lower wattage and smaller. I was not home to unpack - relative did. When plugged in to use, sounded like a Mack truck - smelled like something was burning up inside and did not heat food. Now back in communication with Sharp to take back incorrect model R-559Y and send another - hopefully the correct model. Very dissatisfied with customer service - should have replaced POC at no charge. Good luck with your safety if you purchase this model or any other Sharp microwaves.

We originally purchased this convection microwave in 2011 and just after the 5 year warranty the motherboard and microwave tube burned up. I found the same model at Home Depot and purchased on 4/9/16 (as we had the original installed into a cabinet and I didn't want to do any construction as I now take care of my paralyzed husband who had a massive stroke 2 years ago).

Last evening the microwave started emitting a very unpleasant chemical odor, so I turned it off and began searching for the cause. The turntable motor shaft, turntable support and the bottom of the removable turntable were all burned. I suspect faulty components in the motor. I spent over 2 hours on the phone this morning with their service department (can't even call it customer service because there was no customer service) with 4 different people all telling me different things.

I explained my fear with having this product repaired as I believe it is the motor and I can't chance a fire in my home as it might be impossible to get my paralyzed husband and myself to safety should it cause a fire. I asked for my money back as it has only been 4 months since it was purchased. They refused. Their supervisor also told me that you are never to cook food in the microwave covered. I asked them to review their own product booklet as page 7 stipulates food is to be covered. I sent them an email and asked that they might consider obtaining additional training to their supervisors on their company's products. Will never purchase another Sharp product and will use my night time hours researching various sites to post complaints on their products. Am also going to find out who the CEO and President are and send them detailed complaints with employee names.

We've been using a Sharp carousel microwave for years with no problem. Yesterday, I was cooking some bacon in it. I stepped away and heard this 'fizzing' noise. I looked and the microwave was full of flames on the inside. In doing some googling, I learned that microwaves can spontaneously catch on fire when NOT in use, too. I know I will never buy another Sharp product and I'm not sure I even want another microwave.

One year and ten days after purchasing a new Sharp Microwave it malfunctioned. There was a burst inside then I found a small burned hole in the metal plate inside. Called Sharp's customer service where I was treated as a very valuable customer. I did follow up every couple of days, because I have learned from other customers to do my due diligence. Each time they were extremely nice and gave updates on the stances of complaint. After 7-days, issue was resolved. Within 10-days, a new microwave was delivered to my doorstep. Shipping tags were supplied so I can send back the defective microwave, too. Very smooth transaction.

A few years back, I purchased a LG refrigerator from Sears. It went defunct after couple years. Sears and LG did nothing for me! Insult upon injury, they did offer a 25 percent discount to purchase another fridge. Needless to say they lost a customer. Forever! I would indeed purchase another Sharp product after this delightful experience with Sharp's customer service department. BTW. The last Sharp microwave I had was 13 years old. I sold it at a yard sale for 20.00. The only reason I replaced it was because I wanted a turntable and sensor heat.

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We bought an over-the-counter Sharp microwave two years ago, model no. R-1214-T. It was expensive, but I thought Sharp would stand by their products. I was wrong about Sharp. I am just out of warranty and there is a dangerous problem with sparks and arcs when heating simple items in the unit. When I contacted the company I was given a case number. I provided pictures of the burnt plate on the inside of the unit. They told me they would contact me within 24 hours to let me know their decision. No one contacted me.

I called them several days later. I asked to talk with a supervisor after I was told they weren't going to do anything because I was out of warranty. I was given to Sharp supervisor Chris, employee **, who was of no help. He gave me an authorized dealer phone number, perhaps someone who could fix my microwave. When I called the authorized dealer they shared they no longer deal with Sharp. The authorized dealer said Sharp offers no technical support, also it takes up to 3 months to get parts as well. The authorized dealer shared Sharp is not a good company to work with. I've been left high and dry with a dangerous problematic expensive microwave and no authorized dealers to fix the microwave. A big Sharp yuck from this customer.

We purchased the Sharp drawer microwave MODEL SMD2470AS on 5/30/15 and installed in our kitchen remodel in our home on the Cape in July 2015. (Installation was delayed due to late delivery of the new cabinets.) We used the product the rest of the 2015 summer season and sporadically thru November 2015. We began sporadic usage again in the Spring (April 2016) and then resumed normal usage the end of June 2016. On July 5th, 2016 the microwave died - the drawer wouldn't shut. We had trouble with drawer opening and closing the week before. We called the Sharp customer service number and told to unplug and then plug in again - that did nothing. The representative then provided a business name in Hyannis for us to contact for repair at our expense. This product cost us $1079 plus tax and worked ONLY for the equivalent of 4 to 6 month normal usage. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

This microwave stopped working when it was 1 year and 2 months old. While the drawer still worked (a common complaint) the unit would no longer heat food. I followed the instructions and called Sharp for an authorized servicer. Long story short, no one within a two-hour drive would service my appliance, whether in warranty or out. Sharp's customer "help" line was useless - and their annoying people just kept reading from their scripts and passing me to yet another person that would read me service provider lists several hundred miles away. I was on the phone with them for well over an hour.

I also called the place I bought the unit from (Appliance Factory Outlet) - they do not service anything, but dump the service on another company. That company (Brand Source) would not work on the microwave, citing inability to get parts reliably. I also talked to one other service professional that I found locally, and he would not work on the unit, citing how difficult it was to work with Sharp and that the pay for warranty work did not cover his costs. Note: the magnetron was still under warranty, even though the rest of the parts were not, so I had to get someone to confirm if the problem was in or out of warranty. If you are foolish enough to buy one of these units, make sure that you buy it from a company that SERVICES THEIR OWN APPLIANCE SALES. The other option is to pay the extra money for an extended warranty - then the insurance company has to deal with the problem.

We purchased a Sharp Microwave when we built our house 16 years ago. It's a stainless steel countertop model but it has a trim kit and it's in a cabinet so it looks like it's built in. We have had three of basically the same model which have all failed for various reasons. We kept purchasing the same model because it fits in the trim kit. However the most recent malfunction was very dangerous. The unit turned ON when we opened the door. We called Sharp to report this very scary malfunction. The unit was cooking our family. After sitting on our complaint for days and making us jump through hoops by sending pictures etc. Sharp told us there was nothing they could do because the product was out of warranty. Lousy product and company. Wouldn't be surprised if they aren't a defendant in a class action lawsuit soon. Stay away from Sharp's very dangerous, junk products.

Had this microwave almost one year to the date when it started to spark and had an internal fire. Called Sharp got a case number and was told to call back during the week (this occurred on a Sunday). Called back on Monday and they requested pictures of the interior as well as pictures of the label on the back and the original receipt (who keeps the receipt after one year???). Luckily, I was able to obtain it and provided the information they requested on Tuesday. I called again on Wednesday because I decided that I do not want a fire hazard in my house and I wanted my money back. I was told someone would call me back and they never did. Long story short, they denied my refund and they are replacing the product. However this is a FIRE HAZARD and should be avoided at all costs. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

I bought Sharp Microwave about 6 months ago. Around April 28, I noticed a spark inside the microwave and black spot. I contacted Sharp customer service...guy took all the details and told me someone will call me tomorrow. Guess what?? Nobody call. I called them and they ask me to send the pics of the micro. I sent right away and they told me that somebody will call. Guess what?? Nobody call. I called them again next day and they told me that they received the pic and the matter is under review and I should be hearing from them in day or so. Nobody call. You guys have to note that this is for MICROWAVE, the every-minute-use appliance.

Long story short, I made like 10 calls in 10 days. One day I spoke with someone and ask a very simple question that what are the possible outcomes will be in this my case. She said she doesn't know. I was pissed. Eventually I requested to speak with manager/supervisor. The guy gave me the good answer and it was Friday. Remember during whole this process NOBODY CONTACTED ME WHEN ON EACH CALL THEY TOLD ME I SHOULD BE HEARING FROM THEM. Finally I called on Monday to inquire about the case, rep told me that they have approved my case and now they will send me the letter to sign. I received an email with letter. I signed and replied back.

Moral of the story: for 200 microwave, SHARP dragged this case over 10 days and made my whole family life miserable. LISTEN SHARP...for house appliance claim...please stop harassing people by UNNECESSARY steps (photos, approval time, signed letter and then CC info). Above all, your customer rep are REALLY BAD in following up with customer. WORST EXCHANGE EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER BUY THE SHARP PRODUCT AGAIN. AFTER 10 days, they couldn't overnight the microwave. Please note if you don't change your customer service day you will be out of business.

We purchased this in 2010. It was to replace a Sharp microwave that was bought in 1988. (These can be built to last.) We also have a Sharp Convection Microwave that is 27 years old and is just starting to lose some of the functions. We had a problem with the drawer microwave it 3 years ago and to reset the circuit breaker. Now, which we believe is a design flaw, the distributor piece at the top works free and burns the buffer. It now arcs and cannot be used. Sent a complaint and question to 2 Sharp locations and have not heard back.

We really loved our Sharp microwave drawer for the first year. Then one day when we turned it on, it started billowing smoke from a fire inside the electronics (not where the food is cooked). We turned it off and unplugged it immediately, removed it from the space and the kitchen. Sharps briefly took our complaint seriously, sent someone out to evaluate it, etc., but because it was a problem with the fuse, noise filter unit, and switch - which had started on fire (and not a problem with the magnetron) - they refused to cover it. We appealed the determination on the grounds that it is a safety hazard but they still refused to replace the parts of or the entire oven. This is a photo from the video we took of it smoking. This is after we pulled it out of the space to take it outside so it wouldn't start a fire in our kitchen. It was very, very hot to touch.

Sharp Microwave R-551ZM - I purchased this microwave from Sam's Club in August. It worked fine until late December. A couple times you had to reopen the door after the timer went off or it would buzz. 3 nights ago, I woke because the dogs woke me up. I noticed the display was blank as I walked through the kitchen. I could feel the heat from the microwave before I even touched it. The whole microwave was to the touch. I unplugged it and moved it. The counter underneath was hot to the touch as well. I called customer service. They gave me a case number and said someone would be in contact with me within 24 hours. I called back after 24 hours. They said someone would call as well. No one has called and the last customer service rep was rude. Do not buy this microwave.

I purchased a Microwave Drawer (over $1000 dollars). It's only been installed for 1 month and the drawer has not worked since day one. In order to place a service call you are required to prove to them that you actually purchased the item!! It's apparently not enough that you completed online warranty information previously, or that the dealer you bought from has tried to submit this on your behalf. No, you have to call them, WAIT for a phone call from them - wait for an e-mail to respond to and then scan and e-mail your bill of sale!!! One thing is for sure, I will never purchase or recommend anyone to purchase anything from Sharp - they were nothing short of useless to deal with - no idea what they were doing whatsoever!!!

Basic look and features for the model I had but it was very reliable for the price. I was very pleased. It would be great if it came in more colors and a little more quiet.

Very reliable. A bit pricey, but for reliability and long-term use, it seems to be much better than most. Only drawback is that the touchscreen is inside the front door, which makes it a bit inconvenient to use. Adding additional minutes button is on the front door, so that's convenient. My model is more powerful than most, so when replacing an older one with this one requires use to get acquainted with its results. Overall, it's above average when compared with other makes at lower prices.

Use it daily to warm things mostly, only cook bake potatoes though never really cook full meals. I don't have a rotating plate in it but I am not sure this is a necessary function.

We have had Sharp microwaves since they came out with the Carousel. All microwaves fail after 5-6 years, and we have tried GE, Oster and Whirlpool, but nothing is as durable as the Sharp.

This is an older model but gives all the functions as newer ones. I am actually going to start to look for a replacement as it is about 15 years old. It is a countertop model not a built in. I like the flexibility of having it at the height I use it rather than counter height or lower.

I've had this microwave for three or four years and have never had a problem with it. It has plenty of power and doesn't take up much space. It's nice looking and does the job it is supposed to.

We have a Sharp Carousel microwave that is now 18 years old. It still performs very well. The only maintenance that was done was to lubricate the door catches with WD40 two months ago. That is solid reliability. It is used multiple times every day.

Bought a Sharp Carousel in 1976. Used it continually until 2006. Retired it primarily due to its size (downsized my living space). Move it From Florida to Texas to Georgia and it never failed. Never needed repairs of any kind. Marvelous piece of equipment.

We have owned this Sharp appliance for approximately years. It is my daily go-to for quick heating up, defrost, etc. It is reliable, provides enough power and has provided excellent service. The only con might be the relatively loud noise when in operation.

Have a large Sharp Carousel II (1100 watts) from Best Buy. It has lasted a good 10-12 years and was very reliable. Due to an unsuccess effort to replacement the small cardboard radiation light cover, I have toss an otherwise perfect machine. It makes sparkling sounds. For a while, we were able to tape the pinhole leak shut. For safety reasons, we will toss it out. I have a small temporary microwave of 700 watts which is often disappointing and does not cook food well.

Very satisfied with this microwave. It is getting pretty old now, but it has been working just fine for years. I would replace it with the same brand.

Very user friendly. Mostly use it to reheat meals. Baked potatoes are great and tomatoes too. All I have to do is take off the skin then add salt, onions, garlic and pepper.

Sharp R409CK manufactured June 1999. No issues with this unit. It heats at over 1000 watts and does everything you would expect a microwave to do. Not much more I can say when something works and is reliable. That's about all you need to know.

We have a convection/microwave. We use the convection oven instead of a regular oven to save energy. This convection/microwave is one of the best on the market in our opinion. Food is cooked evenly. It's a Grill 2 Convection and has so many features. Defrost, popcorn, pizza, grill, roast and bake, plus much more.

My Sharp microwave is good. It looks stylish (black and chrome) and it has good features like defrost and melting and soft. Only wish it was slightly bigger on the inside.

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Sharp is a top electronics and appliance brand that strives to be involved in every aspect of your technological lifestyle. From televisions to washing machines, they do it all. Sharp products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as effective.

  • Sharp microwave drawer: The built-in microwave drawer lets you tuck the appliance away when it is not in use.
  • Commercial microwaves: Sharp provides medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial microwaves with high wattage, up to 1200 watts.
  • Low cost countertop models: Sometimes you just need a microwave without all the frills and special features. Sharp has a full line of affordable and dependable microwaves.
  • Quick-cook buttons: Sharp microwaves feature "Popcorn," "Defrost," "Potato" and many more pre-sets.
  • Built-in kits: The kit allows you to install the microwave yourself without having to hire someone else to put it in the kitchen.
  • Best for Singles, couples and commercial kitchens. These microwaves come in three basic ranges: smaller ovens, classic ovens and commercial ovens.

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