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    Last updated: Jan. 20, 2018

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 20, 2018

    I ordered a washer and dryer set online January 12th. I received a confirmation and delivery date of the following Tuesday. I called Sears Tuesday evening as my delivery did not happen. They stated they did not have an order for me. I provided the confirmation number and they did not find it. I called American Express and they confirmed the charge. I put a stop payment on the charge and reorder. This time I received a delivery date of Friday 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm. No delivery. I called at 4 pm and was told the driver came at 2:30 and nobody was home. Not true... We were home.

    I expressed that I was home and the driver never came. I asked that they call the driver and send him over. They said no as he has to make the other deliveries and I could reschedule as long as someone over the age of 18 would be home... I was furious because I was home and now I've wasted two days waiting and still do not have a product. I originally went into Sears to purchase. They could not honor the online prices and free delivery unless I ordered online. So I did, NEVER shopping Sears again!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

    So it was back in June that I got this washer (Kenmore Elite 5.2 Cu ft top load). It’s a great product but my review is solely about the experience I had with Sears and its employees. I was so mad I’ve just now come to write a review. So first off the ONLY reason I bought from Sears is because they had layaway. I thought at the time it was a great idea. If only I knew what I know now I would have opened a savings account and put the money back and then would have went and purchased from a different store. I started the layaway in April 2017. I made all my payments on time and actually paid more than the payments minimums were. So come May the washer I had on layaway was on sale $150 cheaper than when I put it on layaway.

    I go into the store to ask them about getting the sale price. I was met with an extremely rude woman who clearly didn’t want to help me. I told her I wanted to see if I could get the sale price. She acted like that was the worst thing in the whole world and that it just wasn’t possible. She said “well you’d have to call the Sears customer service and you MIGHT be able to get the sale price and get a refund check”. She made me feel hopeless and like there was no point in even trying. But that’s still my money isn’t it?? So then I ask her if I can just cancel my layaway and then I’d have enough money to buy it for the sale price. She was not nice at all. She told me her manager was on vacation 'til the next week and she couldn’t do anything for me and IF I could take it off layaway that they would have to issue me a refund check in the mail and it would take 10 business days to get it and the washer would probably be off sale by then.

    She was soooo rude and made me feel like there was no way I could take it off layaway and it wasn’t gonna happen. I also bought the 5 year warranty that I wish I wouldn’t have after reading reviews on here. She also made a huge deal about canceling the warranty and getting my money back. I also got talked Into having it delivered because “that was the safest way to be sure it comes undamaged and they will set everything up", so might as well right? WRONG. So I am at work when it gets delivered which was my mistake. My boyfriend was home when they delivered it. I get home from work so excited to see my new beautiful washer. Then I notice it has two small scratches on it. No biggie they weren’t THAT noticeable. So then I go to do the first wash to clean the washer out. That’s when the whole downstairs of my apartment floods.

    I didn’t even think I should check if it was hooked up because they assured me it would be completely hooked up and set up when I paid for delivery so that didn’t even occur to me. It ruined my boyfriends $1,000 computer and was standing water. The easy delivery and set up I was promised by the woman at Sears Ended up being a nightmare. So the next day my boyfriend goes to Sears and talks to the store manager or someone higher up and explains what happened and sends pictures of our flooded apartment and the higher up guy was nice and acted like something would get done and like he actually cared... he didn’t care!

    The Sears delivery manager eventually get in touch with me and so rudely said, "Okay so I’m looking at some pictures of some wet towels on the floor and a little water". Like it wasn’t a big deal at all. So I told him what had happened and that They hadn’t hooked in the drain hose and didn’t even hook the hot water up to it. They said the old hose was screwed on too tightly. But when they left my boyfriend said it popped right off and it wasn’t on tight. So since the drain hose hadn’t been put in place it flooded my entire downstairs. Talk about being mad. So I tell the delivery manager what had happened and he was even more rude than the lady inside the store. And he told me it wasn’t their fault because my boyfriend had signed a paper and in that paper was written how they didn’t hook it up so basically they were not liable for it.

    The delivery manager literally raised his voice and argued with me. The end of the conversation he said they were not responsible so I hung up because there was no point in going around in circles. They were taking zero responsibility for flooding my downstairs. That’s why I should have been home to make sure it Was hooked up properly like I was promised in the store that I would have to do nothing so I paid $75 extra to have it delivered. So I call the customer service again and talk to some lady probably in another country and told her what happened and she had to talk to her supervisor and call me back. Three days went by and I still hadn’t heard from anyone. So eventually I get in touch with someone again. All they offered me was $150 or points in their store. I don’t even shop at Sears and definitely wasn’t going to after that happened.

    No apology, nothing. It was all our fault for what had happened, not theirs. So I asked if I could return the washer and once again it was made to be a big deal if I returned it and I’m sure they would have tried to blame those scratches on us and we probably somehow wouldn’t have got all of our money back. So I kept the washer so I didn’t have to deal with any of these rude people anymore. So this is my warning to anyone That reads this is either to somewhere else or a smaller store that you can pay inhouse or open a savings account and put the money back each week.

    It was a horrible horrible experience dealing with Sears and the layaway and the whole process. Thankfully I love the washer but it was a nightmare process to get it and the Sears employees were so rude and not helpful at all. Next time I make a purchase somewhere I will read all the reviews I can find before I purchase from anywhere. I have not and will not purchase from a Sears ever again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

    Sears customer service was not helpful and I was transferred over 7 times each time I called to attempt to arrange a delivery/haul away of my washer and dryer. Once getting my appliances delivered I was extremely frustrated when they were unable to haul away my washer/dryer due to "no room on the truck". I am now left with an old washer and dryer in front of my house and the washing machine was hooked up incorrectly and is leaking all over my laundry room. I have called multiple times to have this corrected but have not received any callbacks.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

    Your customer service is absolutely horrible. Once you sell a product you could care less what happens. We have had an issue since October with our washer, Ive spent way too much time on hold and missed work waiting on A&E to show up, ridicules they cannot give a timeframe so someone can take a half day off. We are now waiting on our third service call to take place. First tech did not fix the issue and in less than a month the washer flooded our house so now Im having to deal with Sedgwick to get the Servpro bill paid.

    After the second service call I got an online survey, I filled it out and a lady did call but she told me there was nothing she could really do to help. Im done done done with Sears, I hate this because I do like Craftsman tool and I like the owners of my local hometown store. We have basically been with a working washer since October, an A&E tech is scheduled to be out tomorrow but we have not got a confirmation call so we will see. Im to the point Im going to drop this washer off in front of a Sears store with a big sign about our experience and send pictures to the local TV stations as well as social media sites. Yes Im going to be out a washer but we are to the point we will never trust it again and going to buy another one anyway, it has now came to a matter of principal and proving a point!!! So unless you offer us a new washer there is no need to contact us again about this issue.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

    I purchased a washer from, Sears. I was given a delivery date that would be four days away. I get a call the day before stating that the delivery truck broke down. OK! I was given another delivery date that was five days away. I get a call the day of the delivery stating, the delivery truck is broke down. Wait a minute!! Then I get a live call from customer service with a rescheduled delivery date. I told Sears that, "I had to change my schedule twice to receive this delivery and you need to put that washer on another truck and get it out to me". That did not happen.

    I ended up asking for a refund and purchasing from another establishment which will be delivering my wash on the next business day. I wish Sears had been honest with me up front if they were having trouble with deliveries and I could have gone elsewhere to purchase and stayed in good standings with Sears. I am a second generation shopper with Sears, and now I will NEVER purchase from them again. This is not the same, Sears I've known most of my shopping days.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 6, 2018

    Starting a class action suit against this bogus company! I am already out over $220 dollars and nothing to show for it. I keep being told the parts are on backorder and they do not know when they will be in but when they do is when I will get my washing machine fixed.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

    I'm so disappointed in Sears Home Warranty. I was so hopeful that this would be a productive experience. A service tech came out on the 29th of December said it was repaired, replaced the wiring harness and left. The next morning I tried the dryer. It ran but never heated inside the dryer. The outside got hot and it started smoking and burning up the wiring harness again. It seems the technician may have treated the symptom rather than the problem. Called for re-service on the 30th was told they couldn't do anything until they got the technicians paperwork, after the holiday. So I called again today, on the 3rd of January and they can't send anybody out for a recall until January 9th.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 31, 2017

    I have been working on getting my top of the line Kenmore Dryer repaired for 3+ months. After the 3rd visit the tech said it was all done and working. The tech originally said it was the thermostat and the timer. Those parts were replaced and then it did not work. Then it was the PCB controller. This was replaced and now of course it does not work. The tech told my wife that the dryer heat discharge was bent and we had to replace that. Just had 2 new 90 degree bends and a new 4" dryer conduit put in and or course it does not work.

    Bottom line, Sears used to be a great company to buy home good from, they could always be trusted. They stood behind everything they sold. On the rare occasion you had a problem, they took care of it in a day or two. Now they are are a truly bad company to buy anything from. They do not care about their customers in the least. I have had 3 appliance repairs in the last 3 years. All took 5+ weeks to repair (of course 5 weeks with no washer or dryer is easy to do with a family of 5). The last repair still does not work. Don't trust this company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

    Our washer and dryer died about a week before Christmas so we went to Sears and purchased both based on how soon they could be delivered which was about a week later. The day before delivery scheduled we get a delivery window between 4-6pm. Around 5:45pm we start getting worried because the tracking time they are supposed to arrive keeps changing to later and later. A little after 6pm my husband calls and is put on hold. While waiting on hold we get a notification that our delivery is canceled and we need to go to the website to reschedule.

    Someone finally answers the phone and is very difficult to understand with a thick accent. We ask why our delivery was canceled AFTER the delivery window and they tell us it is due to weather... There has not been any inclement weather in the entire state for the past 4 days so this was obviously a lie and excuse. I ask to speak to a manager and am put on hold for over 20 minutes. I hang up and call back to get another person with an even thicker accent and I ask for a manager or someone who can actually make decisions.

    After several minutes on hold again I finally get someone claiming to be a manager called Arainne. She is calm and professional but can do absolutely nothing for me. She states the canceled delivery was listed as "an act of God" and I explain there has been no inclement weather so that is not true. Do then I ask when can it be delivered and she just lists the days of the weeks they are in my area, one of which was tomorrow. So I ask to have it delivered tomorrow and she said it can't because they are already full. She says they can't do anything and so I insist on a full refund which will takes 7-14 days.

    I then contact Sears corporate to file a complaint and once again get someone with a thick accent and to make it worse there is someone else in the background talking on a separate conversation making it difficult to hear. I have since learned that Sears customer service goes through the Philippines. I will NEVER use Sears again and am canceling my credit card with them. Other appliance stores in the area have next day delivery and price matching. I doubt Sears will be in business much longer after seeing all the similar reviews on this and other sites so buyer beware!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

    1st Repairman was pleasant enough, 2nd also, but on first visit to identify problem (washer door lock) he over emphasized appliance protection plan. And waiting 1+ week for simple part inexcusable. Will not use Sears again for repairs - should have simple parts on hand. 2nd experience of this (Sears stove 1st time).

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

    Purchased new stackable washer only online. Agent stated they would deliver and put it in. The item finally gets here a week after I was told, only to be told that they could not input it because it would void the warranty. Sears agents LIE and don't tell you this and I am very upset about this as now we have to go out and find someone to install it. I will NEVER purchase from them again!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 24, 2017

    Horrible service!! Was told the repairman would be there between 8am and 2pm (because we closed at 2), we paid an employee overtime to wait until 5 and he never showed!! Now we have no washer and are stuck going to the laundromat on Christmas because Sears never bothered to let us know they weren’t coming!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

    My washer busted a belt. I was on a time schedule, and could not do the repair myself. When I called Sears appliance repair, a lady in the Philippines convinced me that it would be cheaper to buy the Sears 1-year home warranty for $49.99 plus $80 for the repair. This sounded too good to be true, and I repeatedly asked her if that was all I would have to pay. I even asked her if there would be a periodic charge for the warranty. She assured me, repeatedly, that my total would be $129.99 and that would be it. Guess what? She was LYING! The repair got done (a whole other fiasco) yesterday, I paid the additional $80 for the service visit, and today I received the contract for the warranty plan congratulating me on having to pay $49.99 per month for the next year. I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever agreed to that (it’s not cheaper than a single repair, give me some credit!).

    I’m allowed to cancel the plan but would have to pay a full $250 for the installation of a $35.34 belt, which took all of 20 minutes. In addition I would have to pay a $25 “processing fee.” The plan also requires that disputes go to arbitration. Well, I’ve done arbitration, and it cost me hundreds of dollars, not including the money I spent flying to another state for the meeting. I don’t think I am as upset about being overcharged as I am about the fact that the woman lied to me. As a consumer, it is not possible to make an informed decision based on a lie. Leeches!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

    Placed an order online and received confirmation of delivery day and paid additional for removal of old appliance. Received call from local store to pick up my washer, I explained that delivery was confirmed with order. My local store refused to deliver on day scheduled and stated that was in India and they do not care. Called and explained my local experience and they assured me my washer was set to be delivered directly from the shop at home warehouse. I received delivery confirmation text, phone call and email. No delivery, called customer service over and over and they continued to lie that delivery was on the way. After trying every department I requested to cancel my order, I still have not received any confirmation of this or a refund. Why lie? Why continue to lie? Feels like fraud to me.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

    The reason why I contacted Sears was to request a repair for my GE washing machine as it was not spinning. The repairman came on time and spend approximately 25 minutes "observing" the washing machine go through a "quick wash" cycle. That is all he did -- "observe." The machine worked while he was there. He said he didn't know why it wasn't working for me, it seems fine. He then charged me over $200 for the visit which I paid by check. As soon as he left, I tried to use the washing machine and it still doesn't spin. So, I just paid $174.41 for nothing. I am in the exact same situation as I was before I called for the repair.

    I contacted Sears to see if I could obtain a refund at least for the $74.41. I understood that I would probably have to pay for $99 Trip Fee as he did come out to my house. I was given what I call the "run around" on 4 separate calls to Sears to explain my circumstance. I received an email explaining that I would not be receiving any refund at all as this was the Trip Fee + the Diagnostic Fee. At this point, I have no choice but to leave my honest, online feedback about Sears repair. I would like to save others from the same service that I received.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 12, 2017

    I had a dryer delivered to go on top of the 41203 washer we had purchased about 3 weeks prior. The dryer sticks out about an inch over the washer. I specified exactly which model washer I had purchased when I bought the dryer so either, 1) I was sold the wrong stack kit, 2) The delivery guys installed the stack kit incorrectly, or 3) the design is dumb and needs work. Whichever is the case it's pretty distressing to spend $2,500 on a washer/dryer combo and not have them line up correctly.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 11, 2017

    Kenmore washing machine model 110.26002011 - I have always had excellent experience with Kenmore products so when my washer and dryer went out after 17 years I bought new pair. Yesterday after 5 years of ownership my wife tells me sensing light won't go off and the whole drum has dropped. She is not a complainer. When I told her I would fix it she said it was the worst washing machine ever had. Leaves clothes dirty and that her daughter and aunt had already gotten rid of theirs. You're selling a clothes washing machine that doesn't clean clothes. I am 65 and my wife is 60. We are retired. I'm sure I am wasting my time here. Prove me wrong.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

    We bought this Kenmore 41262 4.5 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer back in July 2017. Used it for about 3 months, it started to make loud banging noise and it walks! Sears sent a technician on November to diagnose the issue. But this technician said nothing is wrong with the washer! He tested with 5 towels and a baby blanket. During the diagnostic, it made a abnormal sound when spinning, but he said that's normal. Also, we usually don't wash our clothes with only 6 items, unless they designed this washer to wash clothes every other day.

    So right after this technician left, I called Sears and told them about my issues. They went ahead and sent out another technician. This technician showed up on December 4th 2017, as he was diagnosing the washer, we found a broken piece of plastic under the washer. Also this technician said the damper/shocks needed to be replaced. Therefore, the first technician basically didn't doing anything!

    So, the 2nd technician said that the part will be arrived before Friday so he scheduled to come back and do the repair on Friday the 8th of December. No phone calls or anything from Sears or Kenmore regarding the delay of the parts. I had to call Sears today 12/10/2017 to see whats going on. They said the parts will take around 1-2 weeks to be delivered (as a matter of fact, they haven't track down where are the parts). There goes the washer, sitting at our house for over 2 months without being used. We have been washing our clothes at a laundromat. It was so inconvenience and really frustrating to wait for Sears/Kenmore to fix this washer.

    Today, I have contacted Sears customer solutions department. Apparently, they told me to wait for the parts to arrive. Other than that they can't do anything about it. I asked them, "What if the technician installed the parts he ordered and still won't fix the problem." They said, "Then the technician will order whatever parts needed to get the washer fixed." At this point I'm done dealing with Sears/Kenmore product. I don't want to wait any longer to have them keep fixing my washer if that's the case. It will be about 3 months without using this washer by the time the parts arrive.

    All I'm asking was to get a replacement ASAP or just return this washer and buy another one ASAP. Used this washer for 3 months and it has been sitting at our house for another 3 months without being used. All in all, very bad experience with Sears and how they're handling this situations. It is not worth to buy a washer and go to a laundromat to wash your clothes. I will never buy any similar products like this from Sears again. We're not happy with this purchase whatsoever.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

    On October 27 we initiated a repair of a washing machine and were told that the parts would arrive in "3 to 4 work days." By December 8, we had called several times to find out what happened with our delivery. Each time we were given a new delivery date. On one occasion they even told us that the parts had been shipped four days previous to our call. On December 8, they again gave us a new delivery date, yet again with no explanation of why it kept getting postponed nor of why they never notified us that the parts were not being shipped on schedule.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

    I had someone from the Sears Appliance Center come to my home for what was suppose to be a routine maintenance check of my washer and dryer. The guy was unprofessional asking me questions about how much my home cost. He proceeded to take the washing machine apart and said that my washing machine had a very bad problem that would cost about $200.00 or more but couldn't charge me because of the special that I signed up for with Sears. He put the washer back together and when I went to do laundry there was water coming from the bottom of the machine.

    I called the phone number on the receipt and spoke to someone out of the country. Eventually I was able to reach someone in the US. I explained the problem and I needed someone to come right back out to my home to fix what wasn't broken in the first place. The person on the phone assured me that someone would be calling me back right away. That was one week ago and I'm still waiting for the call!!! I had to spend money to have a repair done that should not have needed to be done because the washer was working when the service person came to my home and broken when he left. I would like a refund of the money that I spent for the service as well as the $150.00 spent to repair what he broke.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

    I switched to Sears home warranty thinking with the name *Sears* behind it, it would mean something. I could not have been more wrong! My dryer went out in late September 2017, called the warranty company and could not get an appointment for three weeks, ok fine. Technician came out. Problem was supposedly diagnosed, parts ordered, parts came. Date came for technician to come out and appointment was canceled until 21/2 weeks later. Technician arrives and one part is broken... Part is supposedly reordered which it was not. Finally 27 November 2017 a new technician shows up and dryer is DONE, UNFIXABLE! It is now 4 December 2017 and still no word from authorization department on when I will receive a new dryer. No one will connect me with anyone from Cross Country the third party vendor... So here I sit three months and no dryer and still paying my premiums! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT ALL! It's a ripoff!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

    I purchased a top of the line Kenmore Elite Steam Dryer. At 30 days the computer panel board went out and Sears had to replace it. Took 3 trips to get everything to fix it. I called and complained I had to consistently turn the breaker off and on to get the dryer to work -- never had to this before they replaced the panel or with my old dyer. Then it went out again 12 months later; now it has gone out again another 9 months later. 3 years $800 dryer; Sears charges were almost $300 the first time (it was under warranty so I did not have to pay) last time it cost me $248 and now I guess I will just trash it. Unbelievable to spend over a $1000 for a dryer that lasted 3 years. I will never buy another Sears appliance because I always have problems with them...

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

    I purchased A Kenmore Electric Dryer from Sears and 7 days later the motor in the dryer goes out. How is that I purchased a brand new item and a week later it no longer works. If that's the case, I could have saved my money and purchased a used one. Now that I'm asking for my money back, I can't because it's beyond 30 days. You may be wondering why I waited so long to reach out to them. Me thinking, there's no way something could be wrong with the brand new dryer I just bought, so I harassed my apartment complex to fix it which they are behind on repairs.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

    Sears has poor customer service. They read from a script and cant relate or help customers. I have a new Kenmore washer that is less than a year old. Repairman has tried to fix it 3 times and it still isn't working. It has been 3 weeks now worth of laundry. I have taken off work 3 times to wait for someone to come. I have been put on hold two separate times for over an hour. I am currently on hold again and I've been waiting for an hour and a half. I will never order an appliance from Sears again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

    We have a Sears Kenmore Series 500 Model 25102 Low Water washer. It is Terrible. There are no settings for water level and as a result it doesn't even use enough water to get the clothes completely wet. There is is no agitator so the washer just sprinkles some water and then whirls them around. Even after two rinses the clothes come out with dry areas! How can this happen after two supposed rinses? Don't buy this piece of junk no matter what the price.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

    My dryer started giving out a smell. I called Sears to come and check it out. They came in, looked for the problem and made an appointment to come back. They came back and changed a couple of parts. However, the smell the dryer was throwing out was still there and it got worse. So bad it would make your eyes tear. We called again for them to come back. They did and said the motor needs to be changed so, he put in an order for the motor and told us to call as soon as the motor came back. Two days later the motor came in. We called made an appointment. The next day they were supposed to come in and we get a call "appointment has been cancelled" without an excuse and at the last minute after waiting all day long.

    We reschedule and that appointment has also been cancelled after waiting all day also at the last minute. My husband who is disable and I took now two days off from work have to sit around one more time because they rescheduled. I think this is poor business management, no one calls to confirm and cancellations are last minute without regards for those waiting.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

    I had an appointment and no one called to tell me that the repairman wasn't coming after I waited the entire day. Then I find out they re-scheduled the appointment and didn't notify me that they had. I called the service man and he said he couldn't come out the day they rescheduled me as they had him going out of town for service. This is one sorry company and I don't think they will be in service for long. I will NEVER buy from Sears again.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

    I bought a Maytag washer from Sears Hometown Store in Newport, Oregon. I purchased the Service Contract at the time I bought the washer. I hated this machine from the beginning. These new washing machines do not use enough water, and they have a LOCK. I have NEVER needed to lock my washer. I got upset and cut the damn plastic tab off that locks the machine, thereby making it so the machine would not work at all. The Service Tech, JEREMY, is a conceited jerk. He laughed at me, and told me cutting off the lock tab would invalidate the warranty. Why would I even need a warranty on such a piece of JUNK!

    The last time I attempted to get the lock replaced, so I could hopefully sell the stupid thing - 'JEREMY' - whom I now find out is the ONLY SERVICE TECHNICIAN that Sears even has in the area - did not even bother to show up! I waited ALL DAY for this guy. The call center could not even get the appointment right - they called it a 'Maintenance Check,' when I had called for a REPAIR. Even if you live in a small town - as I do - DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! Go to a big city, rent a truck, do what you have to do to get a quality piece of merchandise - because you will not get it from Sears!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

    It’s unfortunate that I would have to write such review. Since October 5, I have tried effortlessly to get my new washer repaired. I have been without my washer for nearly a month no assistance in sight. I purchased my Kenmore Elite Washer on July 4, 2017. 1 week later Sears came out to replace because the machine destroyed clothing. I guess because I was in the 30 day window, they moved quickly. On October 5, 2017, I made an appointment to have Sears to come out, because washer was not working. F Codes consistently flashing on the console. Machine wouldn't start. Machine wouldn't lock. The first available appointment given to me was October 25, 2017.

    Since then I have had to return the first washer within the first week of purchase because it tore through 2 mattress covers. On October 25, 2017, I had an appointment between 8 - 12. No Show and asked by email to reschedule. On October 27, 2017 I had an appointment between 1 - 5. Tech came at 11. On October 30, I had an appointment 8 - 12 which resulted in machine breaking down within in hours of the attempted repair. On November 1, 2017. I had my appointment between 1 - 5, I was told by tech, that Sears rescheduled my appointment even without prior notice or authorization given.

    On November 4, 2017. I had an appointment between 8 - 12. My husband, son and I waited patiently for Sears arrival, looking out the window and even on the home video camera at 10:35 am, I called to make certain they were still in route. Customer service assured me they were on their way. I was told that they were finishing an appointment up, just around the corner from me, and they would be to me shortly. I called again at 11:18 a.m., 12:27 pm, and yet again at 1:48. It was then suggested that I reschedule because the tech person put in that he reported to my house at 8:49 and no one was home. I can't make this stuff up. It was with certainty that I reported that this was not possible because I have video cameras and that is an untruth.

    It was at this time I asked for a full refund of all monies paid, I was told I needed to speak with customer solutions, I was transferred to that department. What do you think happened? I was hung up on. I then called customer solutions directly and was on hold for over 30 minutes, no telling how long that would have lasted. I have since then reached out to my bank, I wish to return, the washer and dryer and want a full refund for all monies paid including the Premier Warranty that seems to be worthless.

    This has been truly a disappointment. I have been without a washing machine for nearly 3 weeks. With no sign of support or assistance. I have called the corporate office several times, I have spoken with customer care. I am being given the run around. I spoke with Ann on November 1, 2017, she assured me that my appointment was still standing and that someone will be out that day.

    I am forced to report Sears to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and the Fair Trade Commission, for taking my money for a Premier Warranty that's not worth the paper it’s written on, not making repairs in a timely fashion, not valuing customer loyalty, showing shady business practices, unethical personnel, wasting my valuable time and the list goes on. I will never and I mean never purchase Sears again…

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    Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

    It's amazing Sears is still in business. My story is similar to numerous others here. I purchased a high-end washing machine 11 months ago and it broke last month. Still under warranty, and a Sears brand, I contacted them for service. Again, it's been a month. In that time, their repairman diagnosed the machine and ordered a part, which was on back-order and took nearly a month to arrive. When it did arrive, (and after a no-show from the repairman the first time) it turned out to be the wrong part. So they are ordering another one and told us we will get an UPDATE in the status of the part on two weeks!

    Best-case scenario, we will have been unable to use our machine for TWO MONTHS by the time it's fixed. And that's best-case. In the meantime, we are paying weekly for a rental washing machine. Since most of this delay was blatantly their fault, I asked them to pay for my machine rental. Nope. And they couldn't care less about any inconvenience to us and offered NOTHING at all to assist in expediting the repair or compensating us for the expense they are causing us. Avoid Sears like the plague unless you want to lose faith in humanity.

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