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I have purchased a split AC of Samsung in the year 2014. Just on the 364th day the AC stopped working. I was forced to pay for gas charge. Again the AC stopped within 7 days. The AC was taken to work shop, and I was again forced to pay for gas charge. The AC was delivered at my doorstep, and was not installed. After several follow ups, I came to know that the Samsung agent has changed some parts of my AC, and with several follow ups the AC was repaired, and installed after 2 months, end of November (during winter). Once we started the AC in the month of February (during summer), the AC was again not working. It took about 2 months to repair the machine.

The whole summary - out of one and a half years, the AC was in the work shop for more than 5 months. Again the AC stopped working in August. The Samsung engineer is stating that it is having the same problem as in 2015, and I need to pay Rs. 10000/- for repairs. I have been telling SAMSUNG since 2015 that this is a faulty machine and please give a replacement, but I was assured that they will take care in near future, if anything happens. What do I do now???

When my beloved Mr Slim was going after many years of nearly being maintenance-free, my HVAC folks replaced it with a Samsung mini split. The thing has been a nightmare ever since. It may blow hot or cold air (meaning it works somewhat), but it fails in many other ways. The manual for it is poorly written and has misspellings. If you contact Samsung for consumer assistance, they tell you that you have to go back to the HVAC people. So, no support from Samsung. I wanted to know why AUTO MODE would not let you select a temperature except 73, 77 or 81 and why not 78 or 76. Also, why the unit makes a loud whirring noise in COOL mode. Sometimes, the unit would change temperature all by itself to something I didn't select. The HVAC people can't figure it out either, as the 1 or 2 degree Auto mode select option goes up or down 4 degrees or 2. I think it's C rather than Fahrenheit in their manual.

HVAC people said to just run it in HEAT or COOL mode, and not to use AUTO. What? That's like buying a car with both manual and automatic transmission, but never being able use the automatic transmission feature. My other mini split was great, and auto mode worked so I never had to program it ever. This Samsung is terrible. It works sporadically concerning the temp and mode. The fan always runs, where my other mini split would turn fan off when reaching a variable of some sort. There is absolutely no support to the consumer from Samsung and finding manuals for it are difficult, unless you go to a site for HVAC companies. I am hoping the HVAC people will take this thing out of here and get me something that works the way it's supposed to. I've not had good luck with Samsung household products, and the mini split is the worst yet. Poorly programmed in the unit itself.

Do not buy Samsung AC. You will be stressed with 1) The aircon itself. It breaks down a lot. 2) This will suck you dry. 3) The customer service and service center are highly incompetent. I got Samsung because it is Samsung and I believe that they have made a name and this brand will never fail you. But it did! It made my business hell!! Find another brand and do a research on it.

Samsung ducted air condition - Owned for less than a year and the unit keeps failing. First time they sent a technician around over 5 times. 2 months later after changing the PC board, The return valve and the compressor finally fixed. Now 6 months later not working again. Technician changed once again the PC board and the compressor. 1 hour after the technician leaves the unit stops working. NEVER Samsung again.

I have a Samsung air conditioner (Model # AM27B1C07) and about a few months after purchasing it, it's not cooling. Even if I had it turned on all night on "high" mode, my room just won't cool. I had a repairman come over and he told me the compressor was not working anymore and needs to be replaced. After replacing it, the ac still failed to cool the room. It also became loud and noisy when turned on. Now its remote control is also malfunctioning (timer not responding). Upon inquiry, it seems that the cost of repair can buy me a new ac already. I'll be taking the latter option but no more Samsung for me.

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I have purchased this product (AR24HV5NBWKNNA) from Samsung Dealer in May 2014 and from the date of purchase I'm not satisfied with the product. Installation of A/C was not proper as it took 12 hours by your engineer. Then in next year 2015 the A/C was not performing and called Samsung and executive visited and directly filled gas in warranty without inspecting the reason of leakage, and gradually after 3 months again cooling decreased. Also water leakage from indoor unit started immediately after refilling and now in current season when unit was started there was no cooling and when engineer visited on 1st call he immediately order a gas refilling without inspecting the reason for leakage.

And so the second complaint was lodged and then that engineer inspected the actual reason for regular gas leakage i.e. leakage found in cooling coil which was the only reason for 1st time non cooling, which should have been searched and rectified in 2015 when the gas was refilled the first time. We were given an only option to replace to new cooling coil at our cost whereas I feel problem shouldn't have arised in the 1st year of purchase which I feel was not expected from the world leader brand like Samsung.

Right now I and my Family uses Samsung brand TV, AC, refrigerator, phones, washing machine, microwave. Also further we have to install new units at my Factory and 2 Houses but now after experiencing such problem within a year I feel I should rethink over that. Also during water leakage from indoor unit my Indoor Wooden cabinet along with printer and mobiles were damaged. If you wish to see the leakage I have shot a video of it. Also, a suggestion. This kind of malfunction directly hits your Brand Reputation that how Samsung deals with its product Malfunctioning. I strongly request you to please look into this matter on priority as the season has started and there is a need to run the Air Conditioner. So replace the defective part or replace the whole unit.

Wish I could use all the slangs in here to define how Samsung AC/Service Center people work. Main thing to understand: NEVER EVER buy a Samsung AC. Go for LG instead. I have all good reviews about LG from few of my friends. Samsung is all interested in selling the product. They are not concerned if the customers are facing issues with the unit nor concerned to consider feedback and work on the same. I started noticing a bad odor from the indoor unit within two days of installation (and let me tell you that I hardly use it in the night for an hour at the max). I called up customer care, registered a complaint. Well, the person assigned Mr. ** was very rude and has soo much of attitude that he does not want to listen to what you want to say and disconnects.

Next day when I again call him, he says he will attend. He comes, just sprays the perfume and leaves. I myself had done that many a times before he could visit to bare the smell. This is not called as a service. But the bad odor exists. I know that bad odor can be for two reasons, if some dead insects in the drain pipe or if there is a lot of dust collected within the filters. This cannot happen within two days and I am sure about that and as I mentioned, I haven't even used it that much. I registered a complaint again through email. I get a con call arranged. The service manager Mr. ** says he will get the indoor unit replaced. I asked him to service it first and then if the issue persists, then to replace. He acted off to be a very good human being on call and provided a contact number to directly contact him for issues.

There was another technician arranged to look into this and he did clean the filters, drain pipe and all. But the same day, in the night, the smell was back. So I tried contacting Mr. **, and he does not pick up the call. Once he picked up and promised to give a callback but I did not receive any. Then after trying numerous times, he picks up after a day and he transfers the call to someone and when asked about the replacement as promised, he is all rude like Mr. ** and says will send a technician. I was explaining him the scenario and he is not bothered to listen and he laughs over when asked about replacement and disconnects the call. Let me tell you, the technicians who come for installation, issues, they are all inexperienced, irresponsible. They don't know how to explain anything. They hardly look like 17 years old. I am not saying all are inexperienced, but yes, people who did come to my place were.

Samsung is the worst product ever. DO NOT BUY. Their service sucks. Such an harassment for a customer. Service people are inexperienced and irresponsible. I am going to write everywhere I possibly can. I just wish and pray your business stops in the AC world. You guys should consider recruiting experienced people, or at least give a proper training and should learn how to talk to a customer. ** unit and service. Model number: AR12KC3HATPNNA.

In 11 months of buying Samsung Split AC, it blew up! What's worse is that there has been no revert from their after sales team. It's almost been a month I have been following up. **

I bought a Samsung ac 3 months ago and since the same day I am facing problems. Please never never buy Samsung ac. Its waste of money. Its really a mental torture, with very very bad service. I complained many times and even engineer visited 8 times in last 3 months but even though its not working. Company us cheat.. they dont even refund money..

We had filed our complaint to Samsung customer care about an AC not working, which they forwarded to their irresponsible service center Kaiser Electronics service center 0003356045 via bill no ** on 5-4-2012. The service center told us that there is gas leakage in the AC and refilled and took the AC at their service center. After 2 days, brought it back to our home. When their employees came to our home for fitting the AC, they were not talking properly with the ladies at home and were not wishing to complete their service as if they were doing the job free of cost.

Soon, on 15-6 -2012, our AC again stopped working and we again contacted customer care, which was again forwarded to the same service center Kaiser Electronics who again took repairing charges in advance via bill no ** on 15-6-2012. When their staff again came to our home, they again misbehaved and misconducted with the ladies at home. My wife only requested the employee to clean the cabinet of the AC before fitting it inside, but they answered **. They also started staring in her eyes and started making angry faces on them.

If this is the behavior of Samsung service centers and their staff, I would suggest to all people never to buy Samsung products as their services are the worst in the whole electronics and appliances manufacturers.

Crappy Samsung air conditioner. I purchased Samsung air-con this year, 2012, the thing broke down the day after I had it installed. My air-con technician came out and said the units PC boards needed replacing, so I called Samsung support who sent Sydney air to come out. Sydney air said, I had to wait 1 week for them to come out, they finally arrived 1 week later and told me the PC boards were faulty (I knew that already) and I had to wait another week to get the parts in and then book in another service call. Unbelievable. I rang Samsung support and spoke to Ben and he said waiting that long is normal. I told him my air-con tech came out the following day. How is that normal, I'm making a complaint, then Ben told me to do what I have to do. I can't believe Samsung support would say that, so I did. If the air-con can break down the following day, how crappy is Samsung building these air-con units and Samsung service really sucks! From unhappy Samsung air-con customer.

Same as everybody else with my Samsung RS253BAWW. It will not cool. It makes a lot of noise. Mental anguish, there is nothing I can do. I paid good money for this product and it broke down on me and I have no warranty. it went out. I can not afford to fix this thing or buy a new one. please help.

Between LG and Samsung, I always supported Samsung. The reason could be my being in IT and Samsung makes very good computer parts. Alas, my allegiance to Samsung broke and that also in a very painful way. I have a Windows AC which lost its cooling capability. I made a complaint to Samsung regarding this on 15th April 2010, Complaint number: **.

On 17th of April, I got a visit from Samsung and the person told me that the AC needs to be taken to service center to repair it. He told me that it will be picked up next day. Today, it’s the 23rd of April 2010 (8 days since complaint) and nothing has been done yet. My only connection to Samsung is through customer care number 3030-8282 / 1-800-110-011. Not a single day has passed that I have not given them a call.

Except for few, most of the executives in their call center are buffoons who cannot even speak properly. I wonder for what kind of quality purposes the call is being recorded by Samsung. Some of them tried to console me by saying they are putting my case on urgent basis, one nice guy went to the extent of marking it ultra urgent. I tried to contact through the website, but all of the functionality require you to be a registered user and their registration form gives server error (when you select Delhi as Region). There are other major problems with the registration form. I have emailed them, but I’m still waiting to get the reply. In this record-breaking summer, Samsung has done nothing else but to make my life hard.

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