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One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
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    One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2020

    I recently called One Hour Heating in Terryville, CT location to see my AC unit as it was not blowing cold air. The technician came and diagnosed that my capacitor and compressor wire is not working and charged me $700 to replace which he said I have to pay all upfront. After paying, tech came after 3 days to replace the parts; after turning on he said my compressor is bad and condenser unit also need replacement which will cost $2600 on top of $700 that I originally paid then tech also tricked me to pay an extra $250 transfer fee as he said he will have to go to New Haven, CT to get the part otherwise I may have to wait for 3-4 weeks to get the part.

    He was too pushy, to spare me and pregnant wife from hot weather, I asked him to replace my condenser as soon as possible. Next day he came and started replacing my unit at 8:00 am in the morning without ringing any doorbell. After he finished and turned on the AC he said something is bad and said my evaporator coil is also bad and asked me to replace it with a different company coil for another $2800.

    I said him that I am not comfortable and I need second opinion. Then he pushed me to pay money, I paid him the balance for condenser just to get rid of him. I called a different company and asked for the quote. They gave me $1800 quote for replacing the coil. I went with them and got my coil replaced and after turning on the unit they found out the replaced condenser unit fan motor was not working, which should be under warranty.

    When I called One Hour Heating again and this is the saddest part, Office person on phone said she is told to not to take our call and they will not service us. I need to call another company and hangup my call. I asked my wife to call from her phone as well and they said same to her. They never honored any of their written warranties. Installed bad unit and refused as the warranties and services they boast about on their website. I wish I never have called them.

    One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning response

    We’ve been serving local families for 12 years, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We explained during the call that we wouldn’t know why the compressor went bad until the replacement. After our tech gave options, the customer was aggressive and demeaning. When the tech completed the installation, we found issues with pressures due to a restriction in the evaporator coil. When informed, the customer was disagreeable. It was clear that we are not a good fit for this customer.

    3 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2020

    At 11 AM today the tech from One Hour Air arrived to check my AC unit. I only wanted coils cleaned but tech said price would be $1000 as coils needed to be taken from attic & cleaned outside, which is not true as I've had them cleaned before right in the attic where they are. He went on to tell me that I needed new ductwork for $8000 & wanted me to finance which I can't as I am on a very limited income as I'm disabled. Not that they care, they are salesmen trying to make some bucks for themselves & the company & had no interest in doing any service work, they just wanted to try to overcharge me & sell me expensive things. All I got for this disappointing experience is that I had to pay a $79 service call for nothing & believe me that money could have went to much better use. I feel they should refund my $79. They left me in tears with a hot house. I'm disgusted, they are so greedy & only in it for themselves, not to help customers.

    5 people found this review helpful

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 18, 2020

      One Hour has been there taking care of us even in the Fridged January we had a few years back. After totally replaced heat and air in March, the following January was the big freeze and they were there the entire time it took to find the glitch and get our house back to 69 degrees (above).

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      Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
      Verified Reviewer
      Resolution response: June 5, 2020

      They sent out two very skilled employees that fixed the issues and they made sure we were taken care of and to prove they aren’t bad people. They absolutely made it right by us. So as long as this is the relationship they’ll have and making sure their customers are cared for.

      Original review: June 5, 2020

      Literally have had this unit for a couple of months now. Was working fine... Well 2 days ago it stopped. We had to call. Tech showed up on time even “fixed” the issue. Claimed a wire came lose and made contact with another wire and tripped the system. Now here we are today not even two days later it’s 85 degrees in my house and once again the unit is not working. It’s a brand new unit we had to take out an $8500 loan for to have that and the air handler replaced and already having issues w/ new equipment!?!? Had chicks in an incubator and others pipped and we’ve lost 9 so far and counting because the incubators can’t regulate correctly w/ the 76% humidity in our house now and 85 degree temps. This is my livelihood. That’s my profit down the drain for this month. That’s over $100 lost in dead chicks.

      And they tell me they can’t make it out until tomorrow 2pm-5pm. I called them around 1pm today! I still have 15 other chicks in eggs that have pipped. Likely those will die too! So 24 chicks total over $250 in lost profit plus my old ** dog is panting her ** off and I have 35 duck eggs and 4 turkey eggs set to hatch out in 5 days. Likely they’re already compromised now. That is a $500 loss on top of so far my $100 loss. Add on the other 15 and total amount of chicks lost profit $750 for the month. Two days after being fixed equipments brand new and only a couple months since we got it replaced and this is happening. Either the equipment is crap or the work down is temp fixes. Could be more than that too. We all know how companies can be....

      Before I submit let me check temp again. Lovely 86 degrees now and 76% humidity. Are you kidding me. Better hope and pray my dog doesn’t end up dead w/ a heat stroke. Fans aren’t helping either! Do you even care about people or just the payday? See we have the insurance covered everything so far but I’m willing to bet it’ll be something random and outside of that insurance at some point given they’re going to get tired of not getting paid. Good thing I’ve got lawyers that deal w/ both civil and criminal sides of the law. Let’s see how they handle it from here! I’m about to get one or both involved.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 11, 2020

      This company does not stand behind what it advertises. If you are not satisfied you don’t pay, well I am not satisfied at all. This company sent a tech (so that is what they called him) to a look at my problem. No circulating fan for heat. He came and looked at my unit and first could not find anything. I also want you to know I am an Electrician and I checked ALL the fuses and circuit breakers. All was good. Now the tech came in and removed my thermostat. Thought he would straighten out the wires, well in doing so he blew my 24v fuse on the board which I had checked before I called them. The tech went out. Replaced the fuse and went to his truck.

      While he was in his truck I thought I would make sure the a.c. worked and it did not. None of it would come on. I asked the tech why it was off and he said cause he put the old fuse back in until we dealt with the bill. 266.00 for a 3amp fuse and FOUR hours and half of that time was on the phone. I could go on for a lot longer, but I won’t. Just the unit broke two nights later. They sent the same tech with a trainee and FOUR more hours and they could not find anything wrong. A lot of it might be this or it might be that. Please DO NOT EVER USE ONE HOUR COMFORT.

      22 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 4, 2020

      We were buying a house and during inspection we noticed the heat was not working. It was put into agreement that heat needed to be fixed by sellers. They fought us on this but eventually agreed. They hired One Hour. They came out, inspected furnace, replaced the inducer motor and said everything was fine. We did final inspection same night and heat was blowing. So we purchased house with knowledge that they had a paid invoice from one hour and we felt heat coming through vents. Next day after we sign and get keys and go to the house heat is not working. Had fallen to 52 on thermostat. Called one hour. They sent same gentleman who replaced inducer motor that night. He said motor was bad as it was only putting out at 88 and should be 110 or more. So he ordered another motor.

      Next night a different guy came out to put in new motor. After inspection of the unit this guy tells me that the way it is working it is indicative of the heat exchanger being cracked. He then went to his van and called his office/supervisor. After that conversation he came back to me and said no there is no crack and the new inducer motor he installed is putting out at 88 but that is normal. Asked, "Then why did other tech say it was not and first motor was bad?" He said again it is normal to be at 88. Wrote on his invoice to me after I had to ask him to document what he had done. He was not going to he was going to leave but I asked for him to write down everything he just inspected and work he did. He wrote that he replaced inducer and that there was nothing else wrong with the unit and that the furnace was old and does not know how much longer it will last - to cover his **. The unit is 9 years old. It is not old.

      The sellers found a company with no integrity to come out and rubber stamp that everything was ok with the furnace. Have since had 3 different companies come out and each one has said the heat exchanger is cracked. All 3 have said it is not safe to run the unit the way it is now and it would be wise to replace furnace because it is showing other signs of wear and tear and just replacing the heat exchanger would just mask it for a while. Purchased warranty for property and they have denied claim because all 3 companies have said this was a pre existing issue and should have been found by one hour and taken care of by the seller but they just rubber stamped the issue for the seller and took their money the seller offered.

      This company has no scruples. No integrity. Not a company I will ever do business with and I hope nobody else will call this company either. They obviously do not know their jobs and are just in it to take your money and create more issues so you have to continue to call them to fix more issues they could have prevented but because of their lack of knowledge and integrity they created these issues for you the customer.

      22 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 10, 2019

      What a rip off this One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning/One Hour Magic is. Beware of this company! They nickel and dime you to death. I did NOT initially solicit them. I had a new HVAC system installed in my condo by 'A Air Conditioning' March, 2019. Evidently, they were bought out by 'One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning' also see them listed as 'One Hour Magic'. Okay, so I signed a service contract with them, and also signed a contract with the townhouse I have next door that I rent out annually. Both the condo and townhouse were built in 2006.

      With the condo, every time there was a little debris in my air conditioning while I had guests renting during the season, the system would totally shut off until they came out and flushed the system. Needless to say it cost me a fortune. Now let's talk about the townhouse. The first time they came out they told me that I needed a new system. They installed a new HVAC system there that cost me $7500.00. The installation itself had issues. They had to come back out to remove the gook that looked like cement from the air filter area so we would be able to get to the air filter to change. I wasn't happy about that. This was in June, 2019.

      Now they came back out in December, 2019 just for the 1 year maintenance that is under warranty. They now tell me that there are spores in the ductwork and it will cost $810.00 if I want to resolve the issue. Well, I really had not choice but to say yes on the spot, and wasn't able to have a second opinion since it was made known to the customer right then and there. I asked him why he was checking the ductwork when he was there to just change the filter and any potential maintenance on the new system. He told me it was part of the maintenance. I then asked him if it is part of the maintenance, why wasn't it made known to me the first time they were out doing maintenance when they had made it known to me that I needed a new system. Didn't have a good reason for that, but said it would have a lifetime warranty.

      What is happening is every time they come out they want to find another issue so they can nickel and dime me. Well, they will only get me twice, because I told them not to go out and do any maintenance on either system. While it is under warranty and contract, if there is an issue, I will call them. In the meantime, I have found another HVAC contractor that was recommended to me and have called them to initiate a service contract starting next March, 2020, and will NEVER HIRE One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning again. They took advantage of me, but WILL NEVER AGAIN!

      17 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 4, 2019

      God bless the folks that make up the Chattanooga, TN One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning business! In particular the General Manager Wendy, and Technician Tony. My husband and I just moved into our new home and stopped by the Blairsville Home Depot and met with Mike in kitchen appliances. We were told about a special coupon that would save us some money on a complete check of the heating and cooling system, so we made an appointment with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

      We met Tony, one amazing man on a mission! We love when we come across folks that are 100% into their profession, with a high level of ethics, and on this day we found just that person named Tony. Tony stepped outside the box, as I later learned from his GM Wendy which is one of Tony's traits. This man loves what he does and takes pride in doing the best that he can do and will go to the nth degree to do it! I was very nervous about the intricate details about the heating portion of the unit and Tony told me how it works and what to look for as well as all about the maintenance program. I watched everything Tony did, and to see him in action is an amazing sight. He cleaned and re-cleaned to make sure it was impeccable. Tony is highly valued by his GM Wendy as he comes with countless accolades by all his clients.

      I want to add that Tony is not only very professional with a high level of ethics, and many years of experience, but this man is so compassionate, caring and kind. There was an issue that led me to call and speak to GM Wendy, and although it wasn't Tony's fault, Wendy took it upon herself to make it right and for this action, they now have us a clients for their yearly maintenance, and will forever sing their praises.

      In today's world, when you find a company that operates with this set of standards, YOU MUST SUPPORT THEM AND SHARE WITH OTHERS. We want everyone to know that General Manager Wendy, and Technician Tony are THE BEST OF THE BEST and deserve all the accolades given. Bountiful and boundless blessings of good health, safety, and may this business continue to grow, and that ALL THEY HAVE GIVEN OUT TO OTHERS COME BACK TO THEM 100%. Also, thank you to Blairsville Home Depot, Mike for sharing this amazing company!

      4 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 22, 2019

      Horrible customer service. Touts "Always On Time...Or You Don't Pay A Dime". Called after hours service for a repairman to come out on the coldest night of the year (freeze). No one called or contacted me. Called minimum of 7 additional times only to be disconnected. Called next morning and finally got someone to come out approximately 11 hours after initial call. Questioned why paying annual fee for no service in addition to service fee next day. Tried to cancel annual maintenance fee and was told I would OWE an additional balance in addition to losing already paid annual fee.

      NOW they offered to come out and do the "early fall to winter" tune-up, cleaning and rejuvenating. What a waste of time and money! They keep saying I requested a service person the next day (NO) and that they did the unit check on the day they came out. Clearly stated on "SYSTEM EFFICIENCY REPORT" AC/Heat Pump and Furnace/AC Handler NOT CHECKED and I quote "Too old outside"!!! Asked for quote on new unit and was given a torn piece of paper slip from the bottom of a legal pad with a price ONLY. No information on what I would be getting.

      9 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 2, 2019

      I purchased a new Goodman outdoor heat pump from the Myrtle beach office. It has been a nightmare from the start. My house had no humidity problems before until a new unit was installed. They have come out on calls over and over and each time it has been blamed on something on "my" side... But after I pay for each fix the problem still remains. I have high humidity even when the heat is running not just the AC. Everything has been blamed from not enough returns to my thermostat. Yet after each one was supposedly fixed or replaced the humidity is still high...over 60%. They will take advantage of you and take your money. RUN away.

      9 people found this review helpful
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      One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning author review by Shawn Bayless

      Based in Pennsylvania, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning offers heating and air conditioning installation and repair services throughout Lancaster, York, Daupin, Cumberland, Berks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. For repairs, installation and maintenance, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers quick response times, with 24/7 service available. The company provides both an on-time guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee for its services.

      • On-time guarantee: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning prides itself on timeliness. You will be given a one-hour window in which the service person will arrive and if they are one minute or more late, the company offers free service to make up for the lateness.

      • U-WIN endorsed: U-Win is an independent, contractor endorsing agency. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is endorsed by U-Win, which means they have passed drug tests and background checks and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

      • Technicians held to high standards: Technicians are expected to behave professionally; if a consumer complains about technician behavior, the company pays for the service itself.

      • Technicians held to high standards: Technicians are expected to behave professionally and leave the home in the same condition it was when they arrived. If a consumer complains about technician behavior, the service is free.

      • Offers in-depth product reviews: Product reviews can help users determine which heating and cooling products and services to order. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers reviews on its website, making it simple for you to choose what you need.

      by Shawn Bayless Heating and Cooling Systems Expert

      Shawn Bayless is an experienced HVAC mechanical design engineer and project manager with a unique perspective and knowledge of heating and cooling systems. He has worked for some of the top contractors in Oklahoma and is highly skilled in design layouts, project estimation and planning and construction.

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