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Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing

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13 Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2018

This was my first experience with the company, and I wasn't impressed. Let me explain- while the technician was polite, he treated me like a stupid housewife who didn't have any common sense. When he initially arrived, he shut off the AC and wanted to change the filter in the return. I told him that my husband just replaced it and that wasn't necessary. He looked into the return anyway to see for himself. When he saw the filter was new, he left it alone- but why couldn't you listen to me in the first place?

Next, he took the panel off the unit to check the coils. He stated that the bulbs needed to be replaced in my unit. When I asked how much that would be he stated $350. Are you kidding me? For bulbs? When I declined a replacement he stated how important it was for the UV bulbs to be working because it would prevent my children from getting asthma. Really? Essentially giving me a guilt trip which I didn't appreciate. Then, he showed me the gunk in the line that would clog up the line potentially. I said, "Ok, we'll put some bleach or white vinegar in the line to keep it clear."

He then proceeded to tell me that you couldn't use those products because they are acid and would deteriorate the glue in the pipe and then the pipe would fail- while promoting their product to use for an additional charge. Do you think I'm that stupid? If it were true that you couldn't use bleach or vinegar then all the lines in everyone's house would fail because we all have plastic pipes and have used bleach or vinegar one time or another.

Moving on, he checked the unit outside and showed me that the capacitor wasn't working to full capacity- though he was telling me that it was a battery that turned the unit on. I know what a capacitor is. He had me so confused with his "battery talk" that I called my husband who wanted me to FaceTime so he could see this "battery". When I showed him he knew it was the capacitor. Again, treating me like a stupid housewife. The technician then proceeded to recommend that it be replaced. When I declined, he stated that "well if it fails and we have to replace it in the future, you're going to have to pay for the part and the service call because I am going to put it in my paperwork that it needed to be changed." What a minute! I am signing up for a maintenance plan and you're telling me that I would have to pay for a service call on top of this? What the hell is the plan for then?

When I questioned him on this stating how shady this sounded, he started backtracking and said, "well they probably wouldn't charge you for the service call". Unbelievable. When he finished, he stated he wanted to schedule the next visit. I said just have the office call me later. He insisted on scheduling it right then - which I can only assume he gets credit for. I didn't want to schedule because quite frankly, I wasn't impressed with the service and the upselling but again he didn't listen to me so I just threw a date at him. So when my husband got home he wanted to see what these $350 bulbs looked like. He took off the panel while the AC was on and lo and behold... the bulbs were working!! How about that!

I don't appreciate the upselling- I should be dealing with a technician, not a salesman. The sneakiness really got me upset. He was trying to sell me overpriced bulbs that didn't need replacing. Furthermore, I cannot read what my paperwork states. The writing is so illegible. You're sending these techs out to people's homes, the people should be able to read their paperwork for goodness sake! Please do not send this tech to my house again, and if this is your normal practice and he was following protocol then we need to find another company because this is unacceptable!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 20, 2018

My bi yearly service maintenance was a nightmare. The serviceman was more interested in selling me extra services than doing the maintenance service I paid for in advance. Almost all services that have been included in the past have a very pricey extra charge. Unclogging a pipe that wasn’t clogged $225.00 clean dust from inside air handler $225.00. Replace safety switch $225.00. When asked why so much for this switch that cost $15.00 from Amazon I was told “it was $15.00 for the switch and $200.00 for a smile”. If I need gas for the machine that would have been an additional charge. This was not charged for in past years. Instead of being serviced I felt like I invited a used car salesman into my house.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2018

This is the fourth time my air conditioner with Lindstrom Air has broken in 3 months. However, I am more shocked with how horribly Lindstrom treats its customers! I called to schedule a service appointment and the woman was rude, defensive, repeatedly interrupted me, and yelled at me. Not a way to treat a customer! I STRONGLY recommend against using this company if you can avoid it.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Not a Florida Resident, snowbird - used Lindstrom since 2014 for 2 service calls - a little expensive, but punctual and professional. Example - replaced a capacitor and charged $238.00 for the part - a list price $56.00 item. Called and they refunded $100.00 inv# **. Recently - 8/1/17 - I had a clogged drain line, water leaking out of the drain pan. Had a friend meet the serviceman. Back in Oct. 2016 Inv# ** the charge was $89.00 to clear the drain line - with a coupon.

When the serviceman got done he gave my friend the bill for $356.00. Inv# ** - The base charge was $118.00, and $238.00 to glue a loose plastic fitting and suck out the drain line from outside the house with a wet vac. When I called to question the charge I was told that their servicemen work from "a menu of charges" and that sucking out the drain line falls under miscellaneous - $238.00! They said the charge stood - I would not recommend these crooks to anyone! Need an honest and very reliable small firm - Sal's A/C 954 261-1128 recommended by friends using him for over 20 years!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

This is actually my second post as I removed the first one to see if the company would redeem themselves. My experience with this company is beyond a nightmare. When the first technician came out he was rude and start assuming what the problem was with my AC and then started quoting these outlandish prices before assessing the problem. Once I said that I needed to get a second opinion and if he could possibly do a diagnosis to see what the problem is, he stated that I needed to check it myself and proceeded to leave. Very unprofessional and rude.

My next visit was for them to do the actual repair so they sent out their technician Aaron. Since their boss was angry with me for making my initial post that I removed he had his technician Aaron put a nest of bugs in my home. After he left I have had bugs flying all around my home. What they didn't know is that I have hidden cameras in my house and I have already reported them to law enforcement. So if you ever write a bad review about their company you better not hire them to do a job because they are nasty and vindictive. I am going to run their reputation in the ground. My entire community where I live has reported how incompetent this company is. I live in a brand new development and the majority of the HVAC units have serious issues with Lindstrom Air Conditioning.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 27, 2017

We were having a leak from the overflow pan in our attic so we called them to come check it out. The tech, Chad was very polite and knowledgeable about the exact problem and showed us what the issue was. Due to the age of our system we are having a new one put in. No sales pressure. Everyone has been awesome!! Ten year warranty. Twice a year maintenance. Absolutely love these guys!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2017

Joe was new and came to service both of our units that were working fine. He told us that the units were fine and didn't need anything. He left. Two hours later the upstairs unit stopped working. Another service tech by the name of Ryan came out. Seems that Joe did not put a capacity cap back that was outside and somehow this cap was so poorly rusted it needed to be replaced to which Ryan did without our consent. When we called the office Jennifer the supervisor was rude, nasty and downright ugly stated "things happen and there would not be any compensation." Ryan told us we need $1200 worth of work on the unit. We had three other companies come out and give us an assessment and all three stated that all we needed was a coil cleaning that they all charged $200 less for. We also learned the AC tech gets commission on what they sell. TOTAL SCAM Very disappointed in Lindstrom. Thought they were reputable - NOT... BEWARE.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

Maintenance check - I was pleased with the tech Andre **. He checked inside and outside units on the air conditioner. He was very polite and I feel he did a great job. I didn't understand why I needed to pay for a maintenance agreement since they just put the air conditioner in in August 2016. He explained that if they needed to come out and fix anything there would be no charge. I did think it was expensive, I feel that the maintenance agreement is too expensive, and is it necessary, don't they trust their work???

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

Had my 6 month air conditioning maintenance schedule today. I got a call before the man showed up. The Tech name was Joe **. He was courtesy and very professional. This was my first time using this tech. I have used Lindstrom since 2012 when we I moved to FL. First tech not impressed with. From 2013 have had the same tech. First time using Joe because previous tech left the company. Joe did stuff that should have been done the previous years. Taking the front part off to clean, shop vac, and clean the area down. Compression test of outside unit. Freon test. Very impressed with Joe's professionalism and working knowledge. He deserves whatever accordance that he can get from Lindstrom.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2016

Robin did an excellent job - very professional, courteous, friendly. I recommend that anyone with a plumbing issue would do well to ask specifically for him. His "personal code" with Lindstrom is **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

I called on a Thursday morning about 8:30 a.m. and told them my AC was not running. Not just not cooling, no motor running. They said they would put me on the "urgent" list, probably because I am in late 70s. They did not give me a time window but said they would have someone there that day. I called between 4 and 5 and was told the technician was in the town north and I would be next. I called again around 6:30 to ask where he was and was told not to worry he would be there. I called again right before dark around 7:45 and asked for an update and, again, was told I "was next".

At 9:30 p.m. I got a call and was told they would come but there would be an extra $125 evening fee that goes into effect after 9 p.m. and the technician was in the same town I was told at 4:30. I canceled the call and am very unhappy at what seems like a scam or bait and switch that I was promised all day that I was "next" until it became late enough that they would charge another fee. I have used them for several years but will never use them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

I purchased a 3T Carrier AC through Lindstrom at TOP dollar and bought into their yearly service - $169/year. Carrier gives 10 year parts guarantee and Lindstrom's warranty was for labor. For the first year or two, they came out twice a year as stated in their contract. I purchased extra "ultraviolet" lights for inside the close for the air handler. Then, there was a big void. No service, no calls, no written notifications, nothing. I had paid for the service contract but they never scheduled any appointments and when I finally realized this I called them. They didn't come out until I called after that year was up. Last year, same thing, I paid and they, once again, never came out until I called after that year was up.

This year when I received their renewal notice I called - again - because they have not been here in a year and 2 months. Every time I called about the previous year of getting absolutely NO service, they asked if I got a postcard from them. The answer was NO. Now they want us, the customers, to make appointments 6 months in advance because they cannot figure out how to keep accurate service records for their clients. I asked them for a refund for the services I paid for and never got over the last 2 years. The answer was NO. I asked for a credit for this upcoming year because of getting no service for the last 2 years and the answer was NO.

They did cut my bill in half and gave me some double talk about giving me two extra services "soon" trying to tell me that the 2 services I just scheduled for this coming week and six months from now, were for prior year(s). Huh? Be very careful doing business with this company. YOU WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR THE EQUIPMENT AND $169 PER YEAR FOR SERVICE YOU NEVER GET! I would never have purchased through them if I had any idea this would happen. They more or less threaten you that your guarantee will be voided if you don't take their service agreement. Their claims of providing excellent are out and out fraud! I will be looking at another company for service as soon as I can figure out if the parts guarantee is transferable to another service provider.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: March 29, 2016

I called Lindstrom Air because my AC was leaking. It ended up having four different technicians come within a week, each giving different diagnoses, discrediting prior technician work and diagnoses and having me to continue to order different purportedly broken AC parts which then next technician says are not broken. Each tech tries to upsell you to buy parts that cost a fortune. A simple repair for $180 turned into $1,150. Be very careful of this company. I called management, who never returned my calls. I can't believe they are still in business.

First technician, Eddy, cleared my drain line. He then attempted to upsell me a 1-yr maintenance service agreement of a system that only lasts 10 years when my AC is nearly at 10 years, which he knew. Eddy did not properly fix the issue. The AC continued to leak. I called Lindstrom again next day. Customer service was extremely rude and refused to give me an estimated time of arrival. 6-7 hours later I called Lindstrom to notify them I have a baby and that the technician needs to call me to give me notice and do not ring doorbell. No call, he rang doorbell at night, woke up a very upset baby. It was around 9 pm. This was Peter.

Peter tells us our AC has a cracked pan. We told Peter to please notify the office to cancel our service agreement because we dislike how the prior technician misdiagnosed the problem and lost faith in the company. Peter had to order a part. So AC still not properly fixed after two technicians. Third technician John who also showed up hours later than estimated time from Lindstrom. He tried to upsell us even more. He also claimed the inside and outside coils were leaking oil and needed to be replaced. John said since two months left on warranty of our AC, we should use our warranty to replace the parts. Lindstrom by the way calls American Standard to get the parts at we don't know what price, and then they tell us each part is $750 even under our warranty for labor. John also lied to my husband saying he was at our home since 1:30 when he did not arrive until 3 pm.

After March 9 with John, I called Lindstrom and asked to speak with a manager. They put me through to voicemail. I left a voicemail saying I'm extremely disappointing in how they train their technicians, each diagnosing different things and then discrediting the previous diagnosis. Each technician tries to upsell you something you don't need. Finally Dwayne came to the house. He said the Pan was cracked, but no inside or outside coils needed to be replaced, which is what John said was wrong and tried to upsell us $1,150. So in sum, each technician must be making some sort of commission on lying to their customers to upsell them on products and repairs that are not needed. Lindstrom is also falsifying and being dishonest to American Standard as the are putting through parts that aren't broken.

We were told our first check for the service agreement in the amount of $328 was cashed and too late to cancel it. They offered us a credit towards the total repair of $755, leaving a balance of $427, which we also paid. 3 weeks later they claim the initial deposit was in fact voided and we still owe $328.00 for labor. We feel completely dissatisfied with the service and how the situation was handled and unacceptable to charge $755 for a cracked pan which costs less than $20 in parts. Please help us get obtain a refund and put a stop to them upselling and putting through false warranty claims.

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Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing is a home service and repair company in South Florida. In business since 1975, it offers a variety of HVAC services along with plumbing to keep your home running smoothly.

  • Offers coupons and discounts: Consumers can get cleanings and other services at lower prices through the company's website. Lindstrom regularly publishes high-value discount coupons and promotions online, so be sure to check the website for current deals.

  • 10-year warranty on parts and labor: Lindstrom stands behind the products they install. When Lindstrom installs a new system in your home, they guarantee it for 10 years. If it fails as a result of a manufacturer’s defect, they will replace or repair it free of charge.

  • Guarantees satisfaction and performance: In addition to the manufacturer defect warranty, Lindstrom offers additional guarantees to give you peace of mind. If you’re not satisfied with a system installed by Lindstrom within one year, they will replace, repair or remove it and refund you 100 percent.

  • Online "Ask the Expert" feature: Lindstrom’s experts offer a free Q&A service online. You can submit any question related to your heating, cooling or plumbing system and receive a personal response from a technician within a few days.

  • Offers financing on new systems and repairs: In addition to accepting payment via credit cards, cash and traditional financing options, Lindstrom has partnered with Wells Fargo to offer financing through the Carrier credit card. This financing option allows you to spread out payments over 60 months.

  • Best for: homeowners and landlords in South Florida.

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