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RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems
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RainSoft manufacturers and sells water conditioning and water filtration systems for residential customers. A water expert can visit your home for a free water analysis. RainSoft offers solutions for whole-home hard water conditioning to improve bathing, washing dishes and doing laundry. The company also focuses on drinking water solutions to improve water taste and clarity.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2020

Our RainSoft water softener was serviced in July 2019 and in August 2019 had a failure of the entire system. The resin in the tank backed up into every water line in our home. Thousands of dollars of damage and neither the distributor nor Rain Soft took responsibility for the resin failure. The distributor would never reply to any of our calls. The only email we ever received was one telling us that they were not responsible. I attempted to contact Rain Soft corporate to let them know that the distributor was unresponsive and they only said they would "look into it" and encouraged me to keep trying. I never heard anything back from either the distributor nor Rain Soft corporate.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

We are currently looking into this matter with our customer and with the servicing dealer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2020

Rainsoft of Chattanooga, Southern Energy Water & Air LLC, charges $225.00 for a service call! I was told that the under the sink filter should be changed once a year. That's over $300.00!!!! That is ridiculous.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

We spoke with our dealer in Chattanooga and, based on their service rates, it doesn't match with Ms. Karen's quote, above. The dealership spoke with Ms. Karen yesterday morning and it was decided rather than a service call the dealer would send the filters to her house, which were sent yesterday afternoon. The dealer apologizes for any miscommunication and will follow up with the Ms. Karen.

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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: Sept. 29, 2020

Had a flyer at Bj’s Wholesale and someone came to test the water. We were convinced that the water softener will satisfied our needs. We had a hard water and we must treat our water. We had to use the financing program at the 9.9% a year. Not too bad, considering that we really need better quality water. They installed the system right away and they took a picture of me next to the system. Salesperson never came back to test the water after installation. The financing company charge us almost USD 2,00 a day and if we pay on weekends or holidays, payments won’t go through and we charge by the day. We put 50% more that the agreed amount in the contract but we don’t see the decrease on the price of the system.

Contact them, they say nothing we can do. After all the system will cost us USD 16.200 Really? Do yourself a favor and look someone else. Besides, you need $35 to fill up the softener and they charge $150 annually for maintenance. Too late to regret. Had to put &230 monthly for the next 3 years to finish paying this crap. Lessons cost money but we are paying a very expensive lesson.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

Hi Denis. We appreciate your feedback and have asked our dealer to address these items with you and to retest your water.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2020

I'm writing this review just so people have some sort of a warning before they get the salesperson in their house and ultimately sign the dotted line since believe me, once they're in they will hard sell! First of all, the people working for this company, are all nice people. The guy who sold it to us was nice all the way to the installer and support afterwards. It’s just that the system is way too expensive at $6, 490! It's a nice system to have but not essential! Wait until your AC breaks and you will see what is really important especially in Texas!

On the presentation they will do a calculation where they will say this is how much you're shelling out for bottled water, shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies! It will make sense! But realize, at least for us that it won’t take long before you go back to your brand of soap and shampoo, laundry soaps and cleaning supplies! That is being given away for free for a reason! The water system will need maintenance too, that will not be part of their calculation of course when they will point out your savings but the system will require salt, filters and my god they sell their filters at a premium! Also the lifetime warranty? A lot of fine prints! If you need checking, it will cost $99 to get their guy out, so what is the lifetime warranty for??? Like I said, they are good people just doing business but man, I really hope I really read all reviews before I signed up!

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

Good afternoon Marvic,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our service and the water system you purchased from Quality Water Systems, located in Houston. It truly is a great feeling to know that the personnel in our establishment are living up to our expectations of an excellent customer experience. We will not settle for anything less than best when it comes to customer service. I understand that you feel our system is too expensive; however, please understand that included in that price is the level of honesty, workmanship, and compassion that our company has for the water treatment industry. What I mean by this is, we could save both ourselves and our clients’ money by hiring an unvetted labor force, but we have found that most of our clients prefer the peace of mind that follows this investment opposed to uncertainty that often accompanies a cheaper upfront cost. Water treatment is one area where “you get what you pay for” truly applies.

I’m glad you got the full value of our water test and understand that by using the soaps we provide your investment pays for itself and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on those products, its truly unfortunate that you decided against using them. As far as maintenance is concerned, our pricing is much lower than our competitors and I do not believe any of them provide a 90-day service guarantee after their technicians come out. Most companies charge per call and they charge it every time they come out. The warranty covers the extremely expensive portion of the system, which is the parts.

Again, I want to say thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. We agree that EVERY potential customer should take the time to read reviews on our company, we have proudly earned a total of over 11,000 – 5-star reviews across the internet and we work VERY hard to uphold that reputation.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2020

We have been a customer of Rain Soft since 2002. We constantly receive annoying marketing calls on average of at least once a week to service our system. So we Finally do schedule a service appointment for most likely to change the seals only to have to wait almost 2 weeks for a tech to come out. OK that’s fine however, they called us in the morning on the scheduled Friday, I have to take the day off of work and then the tech advised he would be out between 5 and 7 PM. I said OK however because it’s in the evening and it is on a Friday. I don’t want to be stuck with a delay and then having to reschedule.

Well sure enough, at 3:30 in the afternoon the tech, Duane calls to tell me that he just received an install mandate and he had to turn in our paperwork and someone MAY call us on Saturday to reschedule. Really??? So they triaged me because they could get more money for the install even though we originally paid $5000 for the system. So I called the office and asked for a manager only to get transferred four times! At one point I spoke to a person named Rory who would not even listen to me slaps me on hold and transferred me over to somebody “of authority.”

I eventually got to a person named Sharon and was advised that in no way would anybody be able to come out today even though we were scheduled for it and that she’ll have a manager call me on Monday. You know how that’s going to go. So I asked her to call him now and she refused. She was very arrogant and again spoke over me constantly and never offered a timely re-schedule or any type of service recovery. Seems to be a theme with Rain Soft. At this point I asked that my service call be comped by the Rain Soft. Sharon advised only a manager could do that - even though I originally asked for one and once again she refused to call the manager.

I finally said, “If this is how you treat an 18 year customer we’re done.” I have been in the customer service business for many years and I am stunned by the lack of customer service from Rain Soft. Now because our system was installed in 2002 we know that we’re heading for replacing it with a new system. I can assure you it won’t be Rain Soft installing our new system. I will not deal with a company that conducts themselves with such terrible customer service skills and nor should you.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

We apologize for the difficulties you have experienced with our RainSoft dealer in Florida and the inconvenience they have caused. We have been in touch with them and they are willing to assist you with the service and the fees at this time. Kind Regards.

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Sept. 2, 2020

Update on my issues-

RainSoft reached out to me and offered to cover the expenses to get our system up and running. We took them up on the offer and were able to get our system going in just a few days. After dealing with them directly, I can say more of my issues are with our local company than with RainSoft itself. I am still giving just a 4 Star bc of the price of the system.

Original review: Aug. 14, 2020

We bought our system in Mar 2019 bc of a Home Depot Water test. They scared me to death over my water bc we have a son with autism and they were saying all the things in my water were affecting him. We bought the system and a couple months later, my son was experiencing more challenges than before and some medical things came up for him. We were strapped thin (My husband works for 911, doesn’t make a lot), and called to try to return the system so we could cover my son’s needs and have room to breathe financially. I was told that’s not a thing they do, but they’d let me know if someone wanted to buy a used system. I NEVER heard back from them.

We got a call in Mar 2020 for service for the system. When we called back to set up an appt, the tech never returned the call. I called the main office several times with NO response. It took months to get in touch. When I finally did get someone on the line, she blamed ME for why her tech didn’t call us back or why she “didn’t get” my messages! Then she quotes us DOUBLE the service cost than what the tech quoted us. I told her we couldn’t afford it right now and would schedule later. Then the system messes up. No clue what going on except it was POURING water. Our water bill was ridiculous. We had to shut the whole thing off to get it to stop. So now we are paying for a system that we aren’t even using. I have a broken down car that I cannot afford to fix but I dare not stop paying on this system or I know it’ll ruin us. I just want to get rid of this system! It didn’t even help my son like I was told it would!

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2020

I seem to be the minority when it comes to their experience with this company. We enjoyed the presentation we received from the salesman (Dusty **) and ended up purchasing the product. I feel we were deceived by the entire process. There was no explanation given about financing - just a “sign here and someone will call you” situation. I want to KNOW what I’m signing and as I was reading the paper and seeing the 11.9% Interest that we have to pay every month for our payment, I feel I was deceived because our salesman (Dusty **) never explained this to us. We asked if we could purchase the system outright and he said no.

That seems very shady, but we wanted to go forward so we signed the paperwork. About a week later a girl from the financing company called me and I asked her to explain the 11.9% payment versus paying for the machine outright. I calculated the monthly payment ($135) and it would take 5 1/2 years to pay for the cost of the machine ($8995). $16 of that payment goes towards interest which means we are paying approximately $1000 more than we would if we could purchase it outright. Which they said we can’t do.

Then the day that the softener was installed the installation team put a hole in our ceiling and was very apologetic but it’s been over two weeks and no one has contacted us, even though they said they would, to come and repair it. We are very disappointed by this. We still have not received the air purifier that we were promised as well.

I called Envirotech to discuss the status of our order and why we have not received any product we were promised and why the installer has not come to fix our ceiling, and I spoke to someone who said that someone else at the company will have to call me back. I’m still waiting for that call. Overall, I’m very dissatisfied with the entire experience. I have yet to see much of an improvement as well in the quality of our water and we have had the system installed for over two weeks now. I feel I was misled and I will be reaching out to the company to receive an explanation. Hopefully I can get ahold of someone. We will see.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

We apologize for the poor experience you have had with your local RainSoft dealer. We have contacted them to further discuss these matters and confirm that an appointment has been scheduled to meet with you. We will follow-up with them again after they have met with you on 8/22. Kind Regards.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2020

I bought this system 3 years ago and the Florida contractor never could get the smell out of my water. I was also still seeing rings in the toilet even with 4 types of resin and water softening. The annual maintenance for $150+ was nothing more than cleaning a few gaskets and pronouncing the system was working properly (and none of their techs could smell the sulfur in the water).

Three years was enough. I called a local company who installed a (much cheaper) system that resolved all of our water issues right away. No smell and tastes great. I highly recommend avoiding the overpriced Rainsoft equipment and poorly qualified techs. Get a different system and save yourself some $$ and headaches.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2020

So we purchased this Rainsoft Water softener for our new home in January of 2019. All was fine until March 28th 2020, a year and 2 months after purchase. A pipe springs a leak... Of course was the weekend so we were charged everything possible, emergency and weekend fees. OK so pipes break right? Well now July 30th, 2020 same thing AGAIN. Same pipe, same leak. We have videos of both. We call to have it fixed and of course that last leak repair was only covered for 30 days, lol. This has to be a joke. So now they want the same horrendous fee AGAIN for the same problem. Only this time they don't have an appointment until August 8th!!

Today is July 30th. So the guy on phone tells us how to use the bypass so we still have water in the house. We did what he said while he was on the phone, so he says it will stop after about 20 minutes. Well, boys and girls, it's still POURING out the same as before. So I'm guessing they think we will live without water for the next 9 days because obviously we have to shut it all off or the house may float away. Yes, they put the machine right up against the house so the entire leak is heading for the house foundation. This company is full of scams, do not use them EVER. They make it sound so wonderful when they are trying to sell to you. Lifetime warranty, lol, on what? The last repair was close to $200, they also charge by the half-hour after their initial fee and the glue has to dry! So as of now they think we will be supporting them with around $200 every 4 months. Buyer beware.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems response

Hi Cindy, we apologize for the difficulties you have experienced with your local dealer. We understand service was sent on July 31st and the system was re plumbed. We trust this has resolved the problem. Please contact us directly if we can be of any further assistance. Best Regards.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: July 9, 2020

Rainsoft has agreed to re-install our system with updated filters for free. This is scheduled to happen in a couple weeks.

Original review: July 6, 2020

Do not be deceived by this scam. We thought we could trust Home Depot back in 2015 when they offered us a free water test after we bought our first home. Lo and behold it was a LENGTHY sales pitch using pseudo-science that played upon the vulnerable situation we were in at the time (one of us was having frightening chronic health problems that were getting worse by the day.) We were not allowed to have time to think about our decision and were told our water was bad based on a pseudo-scientific magic trick. Could we get back to them tomorrow? No the decision had to be made that day. To the tune of $7,000. Oh but they were throwing in so many freebies for us! Come to find out this system is only worth a few thousand dollars.

Fast forward five years and we have to pay HUNDREDS per year to maintain this system. Additionally, all along the customer service of the distributor, Atlantic Water Products (AWP,) has been atrocious. Very unprofessional. We have to call 3 and 4 times to get a call back. We are clearly low priority now that we've bought the system.

We moved recently, to a home that is a 2 minute drive from our previous home. Our first appointment to have the water system removed was canceled only hours beforehand. So we had to leave the system and then arrange with the new residents to have it removed by AWP a month later (which was the soonest we could get.)

AWP does not allow same day removal and installation. You have to call them again once the system is removed to schedule installation. BUT they don't call you back until you've called 3-4 times. So we weren't able to get a re-installation scheduled for another month. When we finally got them on the phone they told us that since our system had been sitting for over 24 hours we now were advised to pay an additional $700 for new filters... keep in mind removal was $300 and installation will be ANOTHER $300. So we have to pay $1,300 to move this system, $700 of which we have to pay only because they don't allow same day installation!!

The unprofessional way the company is run as well as the scammy way the sale went down has really made me question whether this product is even legitimate. A few years back I grilled one of the customer service people repeatedly to find out whether the system filters our lead. All I ever eventually got was a one sentence email saying "yes it filters out lead." No NSF certification, no "this is how it works" etc. Last year when the technician was installing replacement parts I saw that one of the under-sink cartridges had a new label with just SO many pseudo-scientific claims on it- It said it prevents cancer!?

The only thing I will say is that the technicians have always seemed professional. But no one told us when we moved our system that it couldn't sit for longer than 24 hours. No one told us about the risk of bacteria. When we called to complain Gus **, who runs the service department at AWP told us HE was disappointed with US! For not wanting to be scammed I guess? Please be aware that multiple lawsuits against Rainsoft and Home Depot for this scam have been filed and won. Please be aware there are other products that do the same thing and are cheaper. And don't be naive like we were when we were scared for our health and desperate- if someone tells you you can't take a day or two to think about whether to buy something you have to stop and ask yourself what they are afraid you will discover in 24-48 hours of research.

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