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2 hailstorms and 1 hurricane Strong. What can I say, almost everyone in my neighborhood has had their roof replaced at least once except for the houses built by our builder who used Owens Corning Duration. I usually don't reviews but I thought this product was worth the time. This review is from everyone in Canyon Gate Subdivision who has Owens Corning. You get what you pay for. 5 Stars.

Bought a new spec house (7 years old) from a builder that has OC Brookville shingles. Some of the shingles has worn off the asphalt on the leading edge to where the fiberglass underlayment is exposed. Also the shingles have faded differently in streaks. Filed a warranty complaint with OC; replacement cost $23000, warranty settlement $2550!! I plan to sue. Please contact me if interested in a class action lawsuit.

Bottom Line: NEVER PURCHASE FROM OWENS CORNING UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT YOU WILL NEVER NEED ADDITIONAL SHINGLES TO MATCH YOUR PURCHASE!!! Think: storm damage or future remodel. We purchased Berkshire lifetime shingles (made by OC) for our new home in November 2007. In June 2016, we decided to add a family room onto our home only to discover that the color of our Berkshire shingles (New Bedford Bronze) had been discontinued. We called Owens Corning, they refused to make any efforts to contact their warehouses to see if any surplus was available. Of course, they didn't provided us with information to contact them ourselves either. So, we will either have a different color shingle on our addition, or if we want the entire roof to match, we will have to re-roof the whole house.

I had 4 different roofs torn off including Cedar Shake shingles and had Owens Corning Oakridge installed. I have an attic unit air conditioner and now with the hot and humid I have the most awful smell coming from my vents in the ceiling when the A/C is on. I had A/C man check and found nothing wrong then had ducts cleaned and $700 later, I still have the AWFUL musty smell pouring out the A/C vents. HELP, WHAT DO I DO NOW???

4 years ago had a new Owens Corning Oakridge with fire/ice installed in the valleys etc. The contractor did an excellent job. However, we first noticed leaks in the bedroom upstairs then the bathroom/hallway and then the formal living room ceiling started caving in. For the past 2 months we have called numerous times (and get the runaround), stating they would send a rep out and then a week later to call and was told they don't have a rep in our area. Then I found out that they do in fact have a rep who came out, took pictures, and stated that without question the shingles have failed and that this is bad!!

Still got the runaround from Owens Corning stating that I needed to fill out all the paperwork of my tax statement... and samples and that they would send that package right out; a week later found they never did but we eventually did and sent back in. Now they state that they will give a voucher for shingles... So my house is destroyed and they are not willing to do anything to fix the damage their product created? And want me to replace the roof with more of their product? Seriously? Customer Support is a Joke and Warranty is a Joke - We are seeking legal counsel today!!!

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Roof has defective shingles. Owens Corning shingles were installed on the home at **, a model home built by chesmar homes, in 2007. The home was sold to the first owners in 2009. My wife and I bought the home in 2013. In sept 2015 I noticed a small water leak in the upstairs front bedroom. I got a contractor to repair the leak and he told me the shingles were defective. The leak was fixed and I notified my insurance company to have the bedroom wall repaired. I then notified Chesmar Homes of the defective shingles and was told to contact Owens Corning about the shingles. I was informed that no warranty transfer was done in 2009 and thus no transfer to us in 2013 and no warranty is in effect. Owens Corning will not honor any warranty.

Before 2006 I had roof tabs coming off my roof, so I was worried about leaks. I had a local contractor do a tear off and install a 40-year warranty architectural shingle. Now I have whole shingles coming off with some high winds that happen once in a while. The contractor was back two years ago and now has to come again. More whole shingles are coming off. What a terrible design of shingle because they almost look like they are scored to break. Also, the contractor never removed the tar seal on the back of the shingles (do they ever?). I would not recommend OC at all.

My husband and I purchased Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles (top of the line) for our home in 2013 and added onto our home in 2015 using the same exact shingle but was much brighter than the other. It was so different it appeared we had added on a completely different roof. I have brand new shingles from the original roof to compare two and there is such a big difference and that's when I decided to contact Owens Corning, I got no results whatsoever. They told me it is not a defect. It is from a different color lot and that is not under any warranty.

So I'm letting all buyers be aware if you buy a roof from Owens Corning and have to replace a section or add on to your home there is a very good chance the shingle will not match. I have been on the phone with this company numerous times and they are simply rude. I had their rep at my home who was misleading. I sent photos in and thought that would help and still nothing. They still say it is not a warrant defect even though Vicki from customer service agreed after seeing the pictures that there is a noticeable difference.

My wife and I are retired and in 2005 needed a new roof, we chose OC and in 2009 started having leaks in the kitchen and master bedroom went up and found shingles not sealed. In 2010 called a roofer in and found most shingles were not sealed. I contacted OC and they said that the sealing on their 30 yr shingle was only guaranteed for five (five) years. That is totally unacceptable. OC would not help in any way. Today as most all the roof is not sealed, I am having to replace a 10 yr. roof. I would not give OC a 1 if anything was lower.

I installed an Owens Corning HP Weatherguard, 40 year roof, with the intent of retiring and be secure from that expense going forward. Now, as I prepare to retire, I find the roof actually lasted 12 years in a non-severe climate. My neighbor has a 25 year old roof and a 30 year shingle, and is laughing at my decision to buy high quality OC product. OC offered to give me a credit on the same shingles worth 22% of the cost of a new roof. So they produce a defective product, it lasts 30% of the expected life, and leave me and my wife (retired with little money) to pay 80% of the cost to replace their poor quality product. I don't understand how a company can have such poor business ethics and leave the home owner subsidizing their business.

My roof started going bad next year after it was install. I went with Owens Corning for the reason that they were supposed to be the best. And find out the hard way that they are the worst. They will not back up their product. Their customer service is a joke, when they answer they sound like they're attending the corner liquor store. It’s funny I use atlas in all my other house and use them for my personal (the one I live) and this happens. By the way they are architectural. Stand up and add your reviews. They are taking advantage of us! Let's take them down passing the word!

We put Owens Corning Shingles on our home in 2013. They are all sliding down. We have had to fix multiple spots so far and don't have the money to replace. I am contacting the company today. My son is on roof now and all of them can be lifted right off. This is so disappointing. Now that I've seen other reviews, I wish we would never have bought these.

Complete tear off & installed O/C duration dimensional shingles. 40 square of roof that now needs to be removed, hauled to the landfill & Owens Corning will not back their product. My customer contacted O/C to see if they would help with a new roof. They are willing to give my customer enough credit to reorder 30 squares of their shingle. My customer refuses to put their product back on their house. I can't blame them but how do I keep my customer happy without me losing more than $15,000 to redo their roof? Thanks to Owens Corning Top Roofing.

BUYER BEWARE, OC 50 year warranty is a scam. You need a lawyer to review ANYTHING from them prior to purchase to understand what you ARE NOT getting. We "thought" we had a 50yr warranty but after their product failing after 8 years our proration went down 25%. The "award" offered is ONLY on replacement with their product and is only given to the supplier NOT the homeowner.

I am a roofing contractor in the business for more than thirty five years. What had prompted me to post here is the photo shown with the headlines " common complaints with Owens Corning Shingles". My question is: Why in the world show a photo of what is obviously an original ELK' product and blame OC for its failure. I will bet money, that is an old 25 year limited warranty ELK fiberglass Shingle. I have seen a lot of shingle failures in my life and only once was it an OC product. The industry has batted around failure for years but never seems to print whom has the most failures, GAF.

I am a retired person, 74 years old and is in the process of remodeling my house. I have a general contractor who hired an unknown roof by me, a who has installed Owens Corning Roof shingles for a new roof. I have a gut feeling this work is not quality. The shingles do not look like they are installed properly. I have fear that Owens Corning will not stand behind any lifetime guarantees made for this roof. Please refer to my attached photo of the roof shingle installation. Can you help me or direct me where to go to get confidence that the roof is built properly?

In 2000 I purchased a home which required a new roof. With a complete tear-off of the existing roofing I had the above product installed by a professional roofing company. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A ROOFING HORROR STORY almost from year four. EVERY YEAR since, I have been sealing down curling edges, patching over failed granular adhesion, sealing horizontal cracks and watching small pits on the surface of these shingles multiply with each passing year. It is now 2015 and I am really in need of a complete tear off and replacement as it seems leaks are imminent.

Last fall I used up countless tubes of caulk to seal down dozens and dozens of shingles that have started to lose most of their adhesion, as these shingles have really started to fail. Anybody reading this... please pay attention to all the other complaints about these shingles... We are all saying just about the same thing. This is no joke! I have not contacted OC... Seems like they do not do anything anyway about their horrible product. I am 68 year's old.. and these shingles have been a constant problem for the last 15 years. Furious just about sums my opinion up about this company and their product...

I paid almost $13,000 to have Duration Premium shingles installed on my central Florida home in late 2007. I went with Owens Corning Duration Premium shingles because of their "premium" quality, their lifetime warranty and their high wind resistance. Within 3 months of the installation, I started having leaks. Every time it rains, I walk around the house to find the new leaks. Yes, it's that bad. Large areas of my roof have been replaced... some more than once. I've repainted all my ceilings at least twice and some rooms have been painted too many times to count.

I've also had some ceilings fall in due to being so soaked. Nailheads all over my roof have corroded to where some have completely disintegrated because of the sealant strip on the shingles which traps moisture. When my contractor pulls one shingle, large areas come up with it in sheets as the nails are no longer securing the shingles to the roof. I thought I was getting a lifetime roof; instead it's been a nightmare.

Owens Corning put me through the wringer when I made a warranty claim... loads of pictures, we had to pull shingles, and provide more pictures and then more... even though they knew that the Duration Premium shingles that were installed on my roof were defective. (I have read that the Duration Premium shingles no longer come with the plastic strip.)

Today I received their "full settlement" of $1,800. Accepting it will release them from any liability. I have not yet accepted it. I'm in shock as that's a pittance compared to what a new roof will cost. Their lifetime warranty is a joke. My contractor has been wonderful responding each time I've called to report a new leak. I know they've been as frustrated by this issue as I have.

In an unsigned FINAL DISPOSITION, ** advised us that our claim was closed. She states that Owens Corning has full confidence in their INSPECTION PROCESS and the results THEIR EXPERT found on February 25, 2015. On that THEIR EXPERT arrived at my home in a white Ford pickup. The truck was without any form of Identification. The Expert did not have any form of name badge, ID and did not produce a Business Card.

After spending 5 minutes on my roof, he announced that the roof was fine. Before he jumped back in his truck he let me know that his C.E.O. had purchased a home for him in The Villages. You See he said, Owens Corning has soooooo many Claims here, that it was too expensive to fly down here from Ohio every week. I am sure that his C.E.O. will get around to providing him with Identification.

The Expert was our second visit from a Representative of Owens Corning. Our first visit came from a local Roofing Company. He arrived in a truck with ID, Business Cards and a Name Tag. He removed a 2 shingle sample from our roof, which he sent to Owens Corning. He spent 45 minutes with me and said when the work was done we would not be obligated to use his company. The Expert showed up almost 4 months later. This Month We plan to file with The Better Business Bureau. OUR FINAL ANSWER: This Claim is not Closed.

It started 4 years ago - been arguing with contractor since then -- not sure of the problem -- not a roofer -- but have knowledge of contracting on all aspects of building -- and it is either bad shingles or bad installation -- guess I will have to contact an attorney -- it just keeps getting worse and need something done -- NOW.

Built my house in 2005 and 2006. In 2013 I started noticing dark streaks on my shingles. My contractor bought the shingles at Best Products in Roanoke, VA. I have two spare shingles that says 40 AR. All the dark streaks are in front of the house, and I live in a cul-desac. I first went to Best Products, and they said it was algae. They gave me the 800# to call Owens Corning.

The first time I called, I was told A rep. for the company would be out in the next few days to look at the roof and get samples. 7 days later, and the rep. didn't show up, so I called back. I was told that time that they were sending me a form to fill out, and as soon as they got the form back, a roofing contractor would come out and look at my roof. I had to show that I was the original owner, had to send them a copy of the deed and tax records. I waited about two weeks, and called again. Got the same person that I talked to before, someone named micheal. I asked if I could please speak to a supervisor, or someone other than a telephone operator. He got really offended, and informed me that he did other things beside answer the telephone. I explained that all I wanted was something done about my roof. He then told me that he was sending more forms for me to fill out. I said fine, but when could I expect the roofing contractor?

The second time I talked to him, he said they had contractors in my area, then I was told that he called around, and couldn't find anyone in my area, that all the roofers were busy putting on roofs before cold weather, but I could find my own roofer. I could not believe all the stuff they wanted on this new package. A warranty claim evaluation form fully completed, photo of front of entire house including address rear view of entire structure from ground level pitch and slope, affected areas close up and wide angle, ventilation (soffit, eave, box vents, etc.) fastener placement on installed material. I’m to lift a shingle to photograph fasteners on the shingle below. Two full size shingles, a dark and a light. Proof of ownership again, property tax bill, deed, proof of ownership at the time the material was purchased and installed.

I'm a 77 year old widow, but since there is not a roofer or company rep. to be found in these parts, then I'll just have to climb on that roof and gather the information myself. (ha ha!) NOTHING HAS HAPPENED SINCE I DIDN'T SEND IN ALL THE OTHER STUFF THEY ARE ASKING FOR. I don’t think they would take responsibility even if I did. The biggest part of an elderly persons worth is tied up in their home. It’s a shame there’s not some kind of federal regulations protecting homeowners from companies that sell faulty or substandard building materials. I understand the ceo of Owens-Corning gets 8+ million dollars a year salary.

Well I'm very through my process here so take this with a grain of salt. I just bought a home and on Jan 10th I will have lived in it for 2 years. After the first month of ownership I had shingles blowing off. I contacted the dealer from which I bought my home from and they said it's because the shingles need to be baked on by the sun in order to stick. I'm no roofer so I said ok and went on with life. 3 months later, 6 months later, and now 2 years later I have shingles blowing off with every gust of wind. I just started the claim process with OC so I will see how it works for me. After reading horror stories on this website I'm now very concerned. I will update this as I go through the process.

After about six months of waiting and having a rep come out to the house and remove shingles that were still under warranty they told me they decided the warranty has to be occupied by us before 1995 which it was not. After showing them proof of ownership and removing brittle dry shingles off of our roof then replacing them with an entirely different color they tell me it isn't covered under their warranty. If they don't stand by their warranty they shouldn't be in business. A roofer in town identified our shingles and strongly recommended contacting Owens to make them good. What a waste of time! I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

Purchased 60 bundles OC Driftwood shingles April 24, 2001. Installed following manufactures instructions by experienced roofers that same spring in optimum roofing conditions. This summer we discovered water leaking in due to lifting of shingles. The tar strip on the shingles failed allowing water to enter under the shingles. We just spent the morning reapplying tar and flashing sealer under 50% of our shingles on the south side (100% sun) of the roof. Disappointed in failure of OC product.

Had this shingle put on my roof in 1998 and they were supposed to be 25-year life. The shingles are curling up on the ends at 15 years. I am angry as to the life of the shingle is not what was represented. How can I get a response from this company?

We called Owens Corning. They sent their rep. He looked at it. We both agreed it was a bad rough. The roofing failed so next session is to replace the roof. After taking pictures and sending and shingles we figured Owens Corning would support their material. As a contractor, you have to make a decision to tear off the roof before the claim is approved but as a contractor before month old roof that has failed already, this should be a no brainer. The homeowners decided to tear off the roof before the four-month-old rough claim was approved by Owens Corning. Unfortunately, not in my benefit, the roof was denied by Owens Corning. They tried to say there was nothing wrong with it when clearly in the 1000 pictures I sent them, it showed a bad roof. Owens Corning's rep and I agreed this is a bad roof but they denied the claim which in fact I as the contractor am fully responsible for the project. So thanks but no thanks to Owens Corning. What a world class pile of crap warranty they have. I have been a roofing contractor for over 17 years. Never have I seen a material manufacturer not stand by their material until now.

Owens Corning has never caused me any problems with a warranty claim. They have always come thru for my customers.

I requested a bid from a roofing contractor following refusal of a claim filed with my insurance company. The contractor identified my current shingles as Owen Corning Oakridge Driftwood shingles. He stated the shingles were worm out. This house was built in 1998 so the shingles should have lasted 14 more years. I had noticed over the years that every time I cleaned my gutters I could scoop out handfuls of granules from the roofing. Now the fiberglass glistens in the sunshine much like my neighbor's roof. I signed a contract to replace the current roof to protect my investment but I'm certainly not happy with Owens Corning.

This has been a nightmare. I called the original contractor who installed the roof to come out because we had shingles blown off our roof, due to CURLING, for the 4th time in 9 years (this happened in 25 mile an hour winds). We paid for it the last three times, even though it has a 30-year warranty. The contractor was rude and combative and I had to ask him to leave our property. He called back later that evening and talked with my wife and was combative with her. We contacted another contractor, and he said he would come out last week to do the repairs. He never showed up. In the meantime, we have had rain, compromising the roof. And these are licensed Owen Corning contractors. I followed up with Owen Corning and talked with the rudest people ever in their customer service. They make it so difficult to file a claim that most people just give up. Not us!!! Worst company I have ever dealt with!! If you need a new roof, search the internet. DO NOT GO WITH OWENS, PLEASE.

I purchased my home in 2006 which was built in 2001. Recently, I noticed that my shingles are curling. My roofer tells me that the glue is malfunctioning on the shingles. This is not only happening on my home but he pointed out that the same thing is happening on my whole subdivision. Based on this information, I filed a claim with Owens Corning. An inspector came out and took samples. I get my results back today and the roofing company who installed the roofs is being blamed. Had there not already been so many claims and class action suits, I may have believed them. The fact that many roofers are being blamed for improper installation plants many doubts in my mind and makes it appear to me that OC is willing to throw anybody in front of a bus just to get people to go away. In addition, they had to throw in that because I'm not the original homeowner that the warranty stopped at the sale unless it was transferred over in my name within a week of purchase. Who would have known to do such a thing? Ridiculous!

From the looks of what I'm reading it looks like OC has gotten to be a pro at passing the buck. The simple fact is that my 30-year-roof is lasting less than half of its life. This is not acceptable!!!! Good companies will stand behind their product if they truly believe in it. The fact that they won't do this tells me they don't even believe in their own product and where does that leave those of us with this dumpy roofing material. I'm not done with this yet. I plan on speaking with my neighbors to see if they wish to join in pursuing legal action. Spending $15K for a new roof is not anything I'm willing to lay down on. Any thoughts in my legal recourse and/or tips will be greatly welcome.

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