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I purchased a Murray Push Mower 20 Inch Cut. I purchased it April 30, 2016. I used the mower 3 times. I went to start it the fourth time and it would not start. I bought a new spark plug and it still would not start. I contacted Walmart in Joplin, MO where I purchased the mower on 10/03/16. They informed me they have a 90 day return policy and could not help me. The mower is warrantied by Murray and they don't answer the phone. Walmart has since assigned it a ticket number and were supposed to contact me from the home office in three days, but have not contacted me after five days.

Bought this mower in April at Walmart. First 3 mows it started to fall apart, took it back to Walmart and they told me they only had a thirty days return policy and told me to take it to mower shop it has a warranty and would be fixed. The mower shop told me it was not worth fixing. Tried calling Murray and they won't even answer any calls. What is with this company?

I used it 4-5 times & it wouldn't start. I left 2 voice mails & sent 2 e-mails: no response. That's what's called not only a horrible product but horrible customer service. If I could, I'd leave 0 stars.

I bought a brand new Murray straight shaft string trimmer staying away from the curved shaft trimmers because I've been told they were not going to last very long only to find I would get 3 uses out of this one. Now it looks like the replacement parts to fix the shaft gears are only @ $24 shy of just going out and buying a brand new trimmer altogether. I've wrote to the manufacturer and have had no luck on even a reply.

Bought a 22" Murray Lawn mower from Wal-Mart for $169 in 2015 to replace a $129 20" Yard Machine that lasted 11 seasons (believe it or not). The Murray was difficult to start and when it finally did, there was so much vibration that the cheap, plastic, snap-on air filter cover popped off and, of course, got ran over. I was sure there had to be a reasonable explanation for the vibration and there was - two of the bolts that mount the engine to the deck were loose and one bolt was completely missing. As I was leaving for vacation, it was some time before I attempted to take it back but was told I needed to contact Murray for assistance. Due to the fact that I "worked" on the mower (tightening and supplying the missing bolt) the warranty was void. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Murray products. The only thing they seem to "cut" with any reliability is a hole in your wallet.

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I have owned the same 6.5 horsepower Murray (non-self-propelled) push mower for 8 years now and it is indestructible! No maintenance or dry no storage required! I didn't even buy it. I found it in the trash, discarded because it was out of gas. I have used it to mow my .75 acre yard for 8 years now. In that time it has never once taken more than two pulls to start and I leave it outside and uncovered in the back corner of my yard. It has spent 8 hard Ohio winters outside. Snowed on, rained on, frozen, and sunbaked but still starts in one pull most times, even with the same gas left in it over the winter.

I'm basically the worst mower owner you could think of. It has the same oil it came with and on several occasions it has fully mulched a brick. Things that would kill an ordinary mower have nothing on Murray. If you want a mower but don't want to do any maintenance, want to leave your machine uncovered year round outside, and still have a beast that fires right up then you need to buy a Murray. I'm so surprised it still runs. I felt the need to go out of my way to write this review, and I'm pretty lazy.

Bought a lawn mower and couldn't get it started at all. We returned it and got a new one started immediately. Used it 3 times no problem and now it won't start. Both appear to have issues feeding the fuel to the mower. Do not buy any Murray lawn mowers. I am now out $200 for 3 mows for the season.

Got a 99 widebody new. Ran great, few problems. But what do you expect? Nothing big. It was a good old dog. Rear end just went out on the old dog 99. 17hp twin 42in cut. I used it for a lot of things -- some things I shouldn't. Was a good mower. Just got a 2016 18.5hp 42in riding mower. Babied it and the rear end is plastic. Gone through 2 rear ends. I never had to worry about any of the Murray's I had until now. I call the number for Murray and get snapper. There is a number under the hood that says Husqvarna and get Poulan.

Won't start. To start remove bubble and filter. Prime. Start. Then bounce it around a lot.

We bought a Murray 22 at Walmart Summer 2015. Ran maybe 4 times. Drained gas, stored it over a very short winter. It would barely stop and die. It would sputter and die, then would not start at all. Took it to be repaired and we're told it would cost more to repair than to get a new one. We read reviews now.

I purchased a Murray Ohio push mower from Wal-Mart last year. The mower was kept and stored in proper conditions until time to mow the lawn. After using the lawn mower only about four times the lawn mower wouldn't start. I took it to a repair shop and the mechanic told me it wasn't worth being repairs and that he had several of the same lawn mower in his shop with the same problem. I don't like being ripped off by anybody especially a huge company that advertises its product as being reliable! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM MURRAY OHIO EVER AGAIN!!! This lawn mower is a piece of JUNK!

I bought a Murray 22" lawn mower at Walmart (with tax included, it was 171.43) on 6-5-2015. I only use it a few times and got it out to use today on 4-17-2016 and it wouldn't start. I took it to the lawn mower shop and he said it was the carburetor and that I should have did a review on it before I purchase it. He said that is one of the worst lawn mower a person can buy and it is a piece of ** and that they know it is and will give me a refund. I told him it would be a year that I had it in 2 months and he said "take it back". I went with my receipt and was told that my 90 days was up and there isn't anything that can be done. Oh well my loss. Wish I had did a review on it. Could have saved me some money.

My husband and I purchased a lawn mower last spring. Today we tried to use it for the first time this season. It immediately started making a rumbling noise. 5 minutes into cutting the grass, the dry shaft falls out! No way to repair it, it's all busted up! NEVER purchase a Murray!!!

Murray Lawn mowers? For the most part are great mowers BUT. People fail to put a fuel filter in line. Manufacturers as well. $4.00 would end ½ the starting problems. Because all it takes is one grain of sand in the main jet or the bolt that holds the float bowl on WILL prevent it from running 95% of the time. The other is water in the gas/primer bulb or gasket goes bad! If you have to pump it 15-20 times to get it to start then that’s your problem! And if you don’t like the price of air filters... put a dryer sheet over it. That filter will last five times longer. I love it when people put them to the road. $15.00 and good to go. OIL leaks - Never tip them from side to side Or you will see oil leaks from the carburetor or the exhaust.

We bought a Murray lawn mower from Walmart in April 2015. By August 2015, it was making noises. Took it the service provider by Murray, they look at the unit. Determine it was not worth fixing. Called Murray back, let them know that I had a receipt from my service, asking if I could send a fax from the service center for my money, they refused to help. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARN MONEY ON ANY MURRAY equipment. They do not stand by their equipment, all they do is get you the runaround.

I bought a Murray 22" push lawn mower on April 30, 2015 and today (September 5, 2015) the engine went up in smoke and burned out. It is under warranty for 2 years, but Walmart would not assist me with finding out how to get the engine replaced. This is poor customer service and an even poorer product.

I bought this mower from Walmart in March 2015. I've mowed my lawn a few times with it. Tried to mow this time and wouldn't start. Checked the gas and it was full. I went to check the spark plug and ALL of the oil had leaked out on to the front of the mower. I took everything apart and cleaned everything. Put it back together and put oil in it and still no go. The most worthless piece if crap lawn mower I've ever purchased. And you can't get ahold of customer service to save your life. Buyer Beware!! Spend the extra money if you can to get a better one. From March to Sept. shouldn't have this much of a problem.

The first time I pulled the rope it started right up. Now it won't start again no matter what I do. I checked the troubleshooting guide, still nothing.

We bought a Murray lawn mower from Walmart in May 2015. Today which is August 13, 2015, the lawn mower caught on fire and burned to a crisp, burned my lawn, and burned my husband's leg. Not a happy camper.

My brother bought my parents a Murray riding mower without checking the consumer reports on the product. I was afraid to take it out of the crate after reading the reviews, but did so anyway. Didn't make it thru 1 summer. Worst mower I've ever used... BUYER BEWARE!

I wished I had known about the ConsumerAffairs website first before buying a $200 Murray 21" push mower from Wal-Mart. Bought it on 6/2/2015 and as of today, 7/18/2015, it no longer works. Of course, it is past the 30 return limit for mowers.

I bought a brand new mower from Walmart. It is the biggest problem I have ever had with a mower. Used it one time. Had it worked on and again. Tried to use it and they tell me to take it to Scranton and have them work on it. This is crazy... a waste of $217. Never again. Bad experience with the Murray Company.

I brought Murray Lawn Mower. Only used twice, so I call service center which they took about 3 weeks to call me. They tell me to service center for repair. So they say I had old gas in mower. Dump gas, clean carb. So which the carb all plastic except rod and needle there is long oval inlet tube which one silver other is BASS. Yes which is green BASS is yellow. Now call them. The COMPANY BRIGGS AND STRATTON the new owners of Murray products. I TRIED TO CALL BACK TO TELL THEM ABOUT IT. I GET VERY VERY RUDE REP. WHAT JOKE THAT COMPANY!!! (BEWARE ALL MURRAY PRODUCTS).

A friend bought this riding mower for my birthday & every time I engage the blades it vibrates! I thought a blade was uneven so put new ones on it, still vibrating. I found out when I registered it online for warranty that Murray went out of business in 2005 & was bought out by Briggs & Stratton. They allow MTD to use the Murray name. The local repair shop told me that MTD is all junk! The customer support at MTD is rude if you can get them at all, they seem to have the idea that "you bought it, don't bother us with the details"!

I bought a 20" cheap Murray about 5 yrs ago and it worked fine, still does. I figured I'd try the 22" high rear wheel to use at my second home and I've never been more disappointed in my life. This thing is the weakest wimpiest piece of trash I've ever attempted to mow grass with. It chokes out on the slightest amount of grass. To make any progress you have to push forward 3 feet at a time and wait like 15 seconds for it to ramp back up after choking on anything more than 3 blades of grass. I can literally mow the yard faster with a pair of scissors. Complete waste of $200. If you want a mower that isn't afraid of grass buy something else.

Murray 22" Push Mower - I bought one of these lemons from Walmart and used it TWO times. When I tried to use it again it wouldn't start. I emailed the Murray and it got no response. I emailed again 2 months later. I finally got a response illustrating how to clean out the carburetor. I didn't buy new to do anything close to that!!! I eventually did take everything apart. It still wouldn't start. No more with this POS. I probably couldn't even sell the carcass for scrap. I don't know what's worse, Murray's products or their customer service?

I wish I read all these articles first. Throw another on the pile. I purchased a Murray 20" push mower from Walmart. In three weeks we cut the grass twice - a combined total of less than 1/2 an acre of cutting. Week 3 we go to cut again... the mower will not start no matter what I try. IN-SANE! Cleaning it up and taking it back to Walmart tonight.

I used this lawn mower (M2300) one season, put it away. Drain gas the whole bit. As you guessed, it starts but dies after three minutes. I wanted a small mower for a very small area. Don't buy Murray products, burn me once you never get a second chance.

I had bought a Murray from Walmart. I already had to take it back because after mowing twice it wouldn't run. The new one I have had a month and half but only cut with it 3 times due to rainy weather, & now won't start. Ever since I was a kid my family & me have owned Murrays with no complaint, but I think y'all have made your new product on the cheap side. I need reliability!

Murray 22" High Wheel Push Mower - Ordered online from Walmart in January 2015. Didn't use it until June when grass started growing (been very dry this summer) so it's past the 90-day Walmart warranty. Worked fine first two times I used it, now it won't start. Went online and found numerous links on how to fix the problem - none of which work - mower still won't start. Murray has a contact through email but they don't respond promptly and from previous complaints I read on this forum I shouldn't expect a reply at all. Gonna file a complaint with BBB but doubt that will help as this company doesn't seem to care anymore. Such a shame, it used to be a reliable product.

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Murray, founded 90 years ago, creates garden tools and equipment with a focus on affordable pricing and efficient operation.

  • Residential focus: Murray focuses on the needs of homeowners and the features they prefer the most.
  • Anti-vibration system: An anti-vibration system cuts down on shaking and rattling during mowing.
  • Versatile tires: The tires have excellent traction on any terrain type.
  • Push button start: An easy start option creates a reliable riding mower.
  • Comfort features: Many comfortable features, such as a high-quality seat, make mowing the lawn pleasurable.
  • Best for Murray riding mowers provide residential homeowners with mid-range, high-quality options.

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