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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2019

Bought this riding mower in 2003 for our South Texas waterfront property. WE Have kept up with regular maintenance and keeping it clean after each use; minimal care. It's a 46" Murray and it has been a workhorse. I'm thinking I will probably need a new one pretty soon and if I can find the same one I have now, I will buy it. Have had to replace the battery and some tires since mesquite tree branches are hard on tires. Other than that, this has been a great riding mower.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

I bought a Murray 21" push lawn mower from Walmart on May 6, 2019. Used it 3 times and went to use for the fourth time and it will not start. When you pull, it sounds like something is grinding in the motor. We spent $184 with tax and only got 3 uses out of it. Emailed Murray and they want to say issues with fuel and it's not covered under warranty. Fuel issues wouldn't be causing the motor to grind when pulling to start. Such a waste of money!!!

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Reviewed April 11, 2019

I bought my latest one (and it was used) about 10 years ago and it's still running fine. Other than changing the main belt a couple times and a battery or two over the years, it's a good little tractor. The one I had before I owned for about 13 years and it worked fine too and I was mowing 2.5 acres every week or so. This newer one (2005 model) has the Briggs motor and that's a plus. They're smaller and lighter weight than the big name brands, but I also take care of what I own.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2018

Yet another engineering piece of **. Expertly engineered primer button to ensure that it will NOT work 95+ percent of the time. One must remove the air cleaner to spray starting fluid to get it started. Mind blowing stupidity on the part of modern day companies.

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Reviewed July 27, 2018

I’ve had this mower for over 14 years in Florida where you mow all year around and twice a week in the summer. It has been flawless besides normal maintenance.

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Reviewed July 13, 2018

The Murray mowers were sold by Walmart. They were cheap, relatively easy to maintain and durable. Mine is about 15 years old. It has been to see the walrus.

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Reviewed June 12, 2018

This lawn mower is totally unsafe and should be recalled. The gas cap will not stay on the gas tank and when it comes off gas splashes out on the hot mower. I have run over (3) three gas caps since I've had it and had to replace them so I could use the mower. The gas cap setup needs to be redesigned to a screw - on gas cap, not a twist and lock, which it doesn't do.

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Reviewed May 3, 2018

I bought one of these Push Mowers (21in 500 E Series) on May 1, 2018 from Klamath Falls, Oregon's Walmart, returned it this evening on May 2, 2018 ran about five minutes today. It was hard to start because it was like the engine or blades were too tight to pull the pull start, when it finally started it ran about five minutes and then completely froze up, where the pull start was stuck and would NOT budge, no give and lawnmower was stalled. I was lucky that I got a full refund but only because I threatened to call Walmart headquarter or most likely I would have had a $174 lawn ornament instead of a lawnmower.

I would not recommend their lawnmowers. Also, it smelled like it had had gas in the tank recently, before I put gas in the tank, so may have been a reboxed resealed one, not sure. Here is the codes from the box it was in, maybe someone else had it before and they may be reading this. These were all the number codes on the box Model Number/Manufactures ID Number: 961140037 00. Brand Murray Serial No. 012218M047528. Customer Catalog No. MP 21500HW UPC Number 0 85388 23583 1. I hope this prevents someone from going through the refund fun, just don't buy one because you will have to return it, unless you want a lawn ornament.

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Reviewed April 13, 2018

I bought one of these (Murray 21in push mower) last spring. I had to return it because it would not start. They gave me another one. I used it for a couple more times. I have a small enclosed area where I keep my dogs. I called them because this one will not start. They're telling me that it's a carburetor issue. There was no gas left in it and they want me to haul it around to again to an authorized dealer. What? You didn't even answer the phone and I'm not quite sure if they exist. The people are extremely rude when you call. Not very helpful and obviously there's an issue if you have two more hours. I have done the same thing. He told me it was the carburetor or either he has x-ray vision or knows there's an issue with the mower. Funny I didn't have any problems starting my John Deere this year. Buyer beware. Do not buy this product. It is junk and they do not stand behind it and they are rude.

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Reviewed April 4, 2018

My husband bought a Murray lawn mower from Walmart about 4 yrs ago. He mowed with it twice, and we do not have a large yard. Third time it refused to even start. After talking to the lady in that dept. she told me this was happening to most of the ones by Murray, and to take it to a local place who would repair it & they'd pick up the tab. As they should've. It ran a few more times, another trip to repair. After that, what was the use? Got another brand at another dealer. Never again!

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2017

Murray lawn mower bought at Walmart in Yukon, OK - Walmart dont stick by their products. Had to call Murray. They passed the buck to Briggs & Straton. The people there only said sorry. Gave some phone # to call service people in OKC. And they wanted as much to inspect than the mower cost. The parts are all plastic trying to cut cost so they can make more money to rip the public. USA made. They are not all bad. Being a veteran money is tight and wanted a new mower that would last. It’s all about the money. Been using Briggs all my life. They just dont care. Just get worse. Pure junk and some service people wont even work on them USA made by Briggs. Save your money. Dont buy because you will cry.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2017

I purchased this mower a few month ago and it is nothing but trouble. I've had 2 gas caps vibrate right off and ran them over, chopping them in pieces. My cover for the air filter vibrates off every time I mow, and when pulling the mower backwards, it completely chopped up the blk plastic guard that is supposed to be there for safety. By the way, it should never even touch the blade. This mower stalls constantly, and have trouble starting it almost every time. I'm VERY UNHAPPY with this mower, and it's frustrating just to go out and mow. NEVER again will I buy any Murray or Briggs & Stratton product. By the way, My dad has the same mower and he also has the exact same problems I have. I live in Ohio, He is in NY. What does one have to do to get these problems resolved? I can only imagine that there is many many more people with these issues.

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Reviewed July 18, 2017

Murray Riding mower - My boyfriend bought this mower at Walmart in Mayfield, KY. About 34 days later, the transmission locked up. I called Walmart & we had to transport it back to KY Walmart so they could see it. They gave us another new one to replace it. This morning I was finishing the mowing from yesterday & the darn transmission locked up AGAIN!!! Is this a common problem or just our bad luck? Mower now sitting on the edge of our driveway and will not move!!!

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Reviewed May 29, 2017

Ok people hope this helps. Good mower with design flaw, so after I purchased mower had same problem. Damn thing just wouldn't start. So I read reviews and asked myself why would so many people have same problem. So I inspected whole of mower and found everything in proper working order. Then I went deeper and found a serious design flaw after I drained gas. I open the gas cap and found a problem. Now this runs on 2 cycle and that means oil with gas, where gas goes to engine under gas cap directly on bottom. The small screen will get soot and oil when sits for even a short while. So get pipe cleaner and stick it inside gas tank and scrub off soot and mineral build up. Poor or no gas flow to engine, well take it from there.

Hope it helps the frustrated like me that gets poor customer service when trying to warranty or return. Runs like a champ and yes poor gas flow will make it struggle, shut off and jump around. Hope someone finds this insightful.

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Reviewed May 28, 2017

Bought a Murray 21 inch cut/Briggs and Stratton 450e, from Walmart on 5/27/17. The next day it started right up on first pull. Was cutting grass, stopped to take a rest after 20 minutes of cutting, went back out to start cutting again and the thing won't start, I must have tried to start it more than 20 time and my 16 yr. old son tried about as many times as I did. I grew up watching my father run lawn mowers with B and S engines and was always impressed, not so much now. It's going back in the box and back to Walmart tomorrow.

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Reviewed May 21, 2017

My husband bought a Murray seat motor riding lawn mower, if that's what you call it. So we divorced and he left me the lawn mower. It never cranks or runs. After reading these reviews I know now not just me. Out of the past 10 years I've probably got to mow my grass 5 times. Always new battery seems to help. Change out solenoid every year. Hate this mower. I like the style of mower but don't help when it doesn't run.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2017

I purchased new 4.1.2016. Wasn't long engine didn't sound right. Carburetor was messed up. Not covered under warranty. My husband sick and took few weeks to get a 2nd opinion that it wasn't just me. Put carburetor on it. Belt kept coming off, was told wrong belt on it. Wouldn't go into transport hardly at all. It would take up to 25 attempts to move it.

Finally would and then if you could get it running mow then 25 more attempts to get it back into shed. Call for help, take it authorized dealer to get looked at and they will tell you if it's covered. I have to pay transportation fees to get it to them or they pick it up. You have to deal with 4 to 5 different companies to find out information. When the tech Not authorized, was putting carburetor on it, he had to take that piece of black plastic off and what I saw was a shock!. The flywheel looked like it was 20 years old, it was so rusted!

When calling Murray/Briggs & Stratton, gave them the serial # and was told it was a 2005 Body... I had just purchased it 95 days or so ago! They would not do anything, Wal-Mart wouldn't do anything (over 90 days), Husqvarna would not do anything (they make the body),... etc nobody would do anything. I told them all the transport doesn't work. They say "take it to a authorized dealer. And during all this, my husband passed away and didn't have time or energy to mess with it. Briggs & Stratton did finally reimbursed me for having the carburetor put on it as a one-time courtesy.

I called this morning to finally get the transport fixed. They told me they did not work on the Murray's. They did when calling them last September. Got the name of another dealer, he said it's most likely not covered, will make some calls and get back to me. I just want the people thinking about purchasing a Murray so BEWARE! I'm out of a lot of money! (at least to me $1,200 is a lot of money when you don't have a lot!) I am attaching copy of the receipt where I purchased it and the photos of the rusted parts. This is honestly the truth! Its sounds made up but it is the truth. I put 1 star because it would not let me leave it blank. I had to do it!

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2017

I bought this Murray 20" push mower from Walmart and I only got 5 mows out of it. After that it never started again. I drained all fuel, cleaned carburetor, replaced filter and spark plug and it still didn't start. It has the Briggs and Stratton engine and this mower is JUNK! Well I tried to contact Murray to send it back in to fix. I got no answer or callbacks. I took it to the local mom and pop repair shop and they told me it would cost more to fix than its worth. Wow. They also told me they don't sell Murray's. Go figure. Lesson learned. Save your money and buy a quality brand like Toro or Honda. If they ever break you will still be ahead.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2016

I purchased a Murray Push Mower 20 Inch Cut. I purchased it April 30, 2016. I used the mower 3 times. I went to start it the fourth time and it would not start. I bought a new spark plug and it still would not start. I contacted Walmart in Joplin, MO where I purchased the mower on 10/03/16. They informed me they have a 90 day return policy and could not help me. The mower is warrantied by Murray and they don't answer the phone. Walmart has since assigned it a ticket number and were supposed to contact me from the home office in three days, but have not contacted me after five days.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2016

Bought this mower in April at Walmart. First 3 mows it started to fall apart, took it back to Walmart and they told me they only had a thirty days return policy and told me to take it to mower shop it has a warranty and would be fixed. The mower shop told me it was not worth fixing. Tried calling Murray and they won't even answer any calls. What is with this company?

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2016

I used it 4-5 times & it wouldn't start. I left 2 voice mails & sent 2 e-mails: no response. That's what's called not only a horrible product but horrible customer service. If I could, I'd leave 0 stars.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2016

I bought a brand new Murray straight shaft string trimmer staying away from the curved shaft trimmers because I've been told they were not going to last very long only to find I would get 3 uses out of this one. Now it looks like the replacement parts to fix the shaft gears are only @ $24 shy of just going out and buying a brand new trimmer altogether. I've wrote to the manufacturer and have had no luck on even a reply.

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2016

Bought a 22" Murray Lawn mower from Wal-Mart for $169 in 2015 to replace a $129 20" Yard Machine that lasted 11 seasons (believe it or not). The Murray was difficult to start and when it finally did, there was so much vibration that the cheap, plastic, snap-on air filter cover popped off and, of course, got ran over. I was sure there had to be a reasonable explanation for the vibration and there was - two of the bolts that mount the engine to the deck were loose and one bolt was completely missing. As I was leaving for vacation, it was some time before I attempted to take it back but was told I needed to contact Murray for assistance. Due to the fact that I "worked" on the mower (tightening and supplying the missing bolt) the warranty was void. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Murray products. The only thing they seem to "cut" with any reliability is a hole in your wallet.

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Reviewed July 25, 2016

I have owned the same 6.5 horsepower Murray (non-self-propelled) push mower for 8 years now and it is indestructible! No maintenance or dry no storage required! I didn't even buy it. I found it in the trash, discarded because it was out of gas. I have used it to mow my .75 acre yard for 8 years now. In that time it has never once taken more than two pulls to start and I leave it outside and uncovered in the back corner of my yard. It has spent 8 hard Ohio winters outside. Snowed on, rained on, frozen, and sunbaked but still starts in one pull most times, even with the same gas left in it over the winter.

I'm basically the worst mower owner you could think of. It has the same oil it came with and on several occasions it has fully mulched a brick. Things that would kill an ordinary mower have nothing on Murray. If you want a mower but don't want to do any maintenance, want to leave your machine uncovered year round outside, and still have a beast that fires right up then you need to buy a Murray. I'm so surprised it still runs. I felt the need to go out of my way to write this review, and I'm pretty lazy.

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Reviewed July 23, 2016

Bought a lawn mower and couldn't get it started at all. We returned it and got a new one started immediately. Used it 3 times no problem and now it won't start. Both appear to have issues feeding the fuel to the mower. Do not buy any Murray lawn mowers. I am now out $200 for 3 mows for the season.

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Reviewed July 9, 2016

Got a 99 widebody new. Ran great, few problems. But what do you expect? Nothing big. It was a good old dog. Rear end just went out on the old dog 99. 17hp twin 42in cut. I used it for a lot of things -- some things I shouldn't. Was a good mower. Just got a 2016 18.5hp 42in riding mower. Babied it and the rear end is plastic. Gone through 2 rear ends. I never had to worry about any of the Murray's I had until now. I call the number for Murray and get snapper. There is a number under the hood that says Husqvarna and get Poulan.

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Reviewed July 4, 2016

Won't start. To start remove bubble and filter. Prime. Start. Then bounce it around a lot.

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Reviewed June 19, 2016

We bought a Murray 22 at Walmart Summer 2015. Ran maybe 4 times. Drained gas, stored it over a very short winter. It would barely stop and die. It would sputter and die, then would not start at all. Took it to be repaired and we're told it would cost more to repair than to get a new one. We read reviews now.

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Reviewed May 27, 2016

I purchased a Murray Ohio push mower from Wal-Mart last year. The mower was kept and stored in proper conditions until time to mow the lawn. After using the lawn mower only about four times the lawn mower wouldn't start. I took it to a repair shop and the mechanic told me it wasn't worth being repairs and that he had several of the same lawn mower in his shop with the same problem. I don't like being ripped off by anybody especially a huge company that advertises its product as being reliable! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM MURRAY OHIO EVER AGAIN!!! This lawn mower is a piece of JUNK!

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Reviewed April 17, 2016

I bought a Murray 22" lawn mower at Walmart (with tax included, it was 171.43) on 6-5-2015. I only use it a few times and got it out to use today on 4-17-2016 and it wouldn't start. I took it to the lawn mower shop and he said it was the carburetor and that I should have did a review on it before I purchase it. He said that is one of the worst lawn mower a person can buy and it is a piece of ** and that they know it is and will give me a refund. I told him it would be a year that I had it in 2 months and he said "take it back". I went with my receipt and was told that my 90 days was up and there isn't anything that can be done. Oh well my loss. Wish I had did a review on it. Could have saved me some money.

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