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Furlong, PA

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My neighbor was doing some interviewing of just companies for siding and we were doing it together. That's how I heard about Lemus. They did my siding and shutters. Everything went well with the renovation and their construction crew. Their pricing was the best. As a matter of fact, in the spring, my neighbor and I are thinking about redoing our deck and we are considering Lemus.

I went to GAFs website looking for authorized contractors and I found Lemus, which were master mechanics signed by GAF. Their sales representative was very good. He was the team lead supervisor on site during the entire construction process. They did the roofing, replacement of some skylights some external masonry work on the chimney, and then replacing the gutters and downspouts throughout. The construction crew was pretty much self-sufficient. There was minimal interaction required. They had things clarified before the job started. They were very professional.

I heard about Lemus Construction from a friend, and that combined with Lemus' price, I decided to go with them for roofing and repair on some siding. This happened two months ago, and my experience with them have been all positive - from the sales representative and the construction crew.

I saw Lemus Construction doing a job in the neighborhood. I called and then I had a talk with Victor, who owns the company, and I liked what he had to say. I'm an engineer so I knew a lot of questions to ask. It was a pretty big project -- the roof, the vinyl siding, doors, and front windows. The project was completed the first three weeks of December 2014 because they were here everyday until the job was complete. A lot of contractors start and then they'd stop and then they'd come back to drag it out. But the project I had with Lemus was continuous. They listened to me very carefully and did everything I asked. I had a list of things. Anything that I saw that needed correction, they corrected it. They did a good job and I was very pleased with it overall.

My husband dealt with Lemus Construction. He knew Mr. Lemus from his business, plus we had seen him around our development. They did a great job so we would definitely consider working with them again.

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Lemus Construction replaced the roof on the house and a number of skylights. Overall, it was an outstanding experience. They did a great job, came in, replaced the roof. I never even knew they were there. They're recommended by our homeowners association. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to work with them again for any future renovation.

We were referred to Lemus Construction by a general contractor. We made the purchase shortly before Thanksgiving. The people who were doing the actual work showed up on time and got the work done. We didn't have any issues and we're satisfied with the result.

I talked to a couple of the guys and asked them to do one or two things and make sure they did it. They seem to be receptive. So I would recommend Lemus. Very positive experience.

My experience with Lemus was very good. I wasn't happy about the other company who put my windows in way back then. I had leakage problems and their product is much less unlike the quality that Lemus has used for my different projects.

We chose Lemus Construction because we knew their work was good. The sales representative explained everything fully and the team showed up when they were supposed to show up, and they finished when they said they were going to finish. They replaced our roof and it went very smoothly. I've been happy with whomever I've spoken to on the phone there. It was done during the summer and it was a good experience.

I saw Lemus yard sign down a block from my house. I called them for a quote, and at the end of the day, I liked their quote the best. The sales representative was very simple. He talked to my wife. They did a chimney repair. We had water leaking in around the chimney, so they put a new cap on the chimney and repaired the flashing between the chimney and the roof. I would consider working with them for future renovation needs. We did have a billing problem with them, but they took care of it quickly and professionally. They were quick and responsive, and the quality of their work was very good.

I was very satisfied with Lemus Construction. In fact, I want them to come back. There are some other things to do in the spring. The experience was great. They were very nice and did an absolutely great job. I was very pleased and the price was fair. I liked the way I was treated.

I had Lemus do my roof a year ago. It was fun. They were professional. They gave me a professional quote up front, billed me for the service performed and there were no issues. They were also responsive.

I chose them based on referral and reputation. I heard about Lemus Construction through my brother. Interaction with the sales representative was pretty straightforward. The person I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and very quick to get back to me when I left a message. The first one I dealt with in the field who came over and did the site inspections in order to give me a quote did a good job. I was happy with the quote. I dealt with the construction crew a little bit in the morning when they came to the house. I spoke with them. They gave their game plan on what they were going to be completing for the day and what time that they thought they would be finished. When I came home, it was almost that they weren't there. Everything was cleaned up. The only thing that was there was the dumpster which they did inform me was going to be picked up the next morning, which it was. I’d recommend Lemus Construction. I was extremely satisfied with the work that they performed and the end result.

Our community association uses Lemus to put the roof on the houses, which they did to our house. I had good interaction with the sales rep. So, overall experience was good. But I called today, to Lemus, to have them come out. I spent a lot of money with Lemus to have the back of my place fixed up a little bit. They re-did some of the woodwork and I had one little thing fixed and the lady said, it’s gonna cost me $125 for them to come out. They’re always in this area; I figured they’d come by and give me a little courtesy fix on the spouting. I figured they’d have the tools to put the screws in the one area near the bottom of the spouting where two pieces connect, to keep them together. I had good thoughts of Lemus, but that lowered it a bit.

I had a very positive experience with Lemus. The guys were very professional and quick. They asked me good questions to make sure that I got the right installation.

We hired LEMUS to put the roof on our new home. The contract included the following two line items:

Supply and install new 032 metal cricket at chimneys.

Supply and install new aluminum flashings as follows: C. Vent pipe collars.

They installed the roof (BTW the site was left FILTHY - paper, nails cut off shingles EVERYWHERE and we supplied two dumpsters on site) and now they have refused repeated phone and email requests to return to install the metal cricket at chimney. We have called and emailed them various times and there HAS BEEN NO RESPONSE. They take your money and don't finish the work - BE CAREFUL OF PAYING THEM BEFORE THEY FINISH THE WORK!!! Would NEVER recommend them TO ANYONE.

Lemus Construction did the siding and roof of a house in the neighborhood and it looked like they did a very good job. We asked the homeowner and they thought very highly of the work that they did. My experience with their sales representative was very positive. The sales representative was really Victor Lemus, the guy who owns the company. They did my siding for me on the week around Labor Day. The construction crew was very, very helpful, pleasant and did good work Overall, it was just a very positive experience. In fact, at the same time, we had a very reputable construction company that we've worked with for many, many years here doing some other work and they commented on how good a job Lemus was doing.

I first heard about Lemus Construction through the shingle manufacturer's website of approved installers. Their price was the best so I chose them. They came out, measured everything, and dropped me a quick line through email. They put on a new roof five months ago. I’d recommend Lemus. I would consider working with them for future renovation needs. They did a spectacular job. They were very professional and very prompt and once they cleaned up, you could never know they were here. It was a very pleasing experience.

I first heard about Lemus from a friend. We were told they do a good job, so we hired them several weeks ago. The sales representative was terrific. We had them put a new roof over the whole house. Overall, my experience with Lemus was very good and I would hire them again for future renovation needs.

I learned about Lemus Construction when I got a flyer from them and heard about them from a neighbor. I chose them over a different construction company because I wanted a JAF certified roofer and they were very competitive and they can do it quickly. I had them provide new roofs, new eaves. They subcontracted a painter for me and power washing the house. This was around 3 or 4 months ago and it was my first time working them. The supervisor, he was actually part owner, was around all the time. I had a voicemail contact with him but their follow-up isn’t the best. I had some damaged screens and they took them to get them replaced and they lost them and I've worked back and forth but that’s all been solved now. Overall, Lemus Construction was very easy to deal with.

We went up to Blue Bell Country Club and asked them for a reference because we know other people had the same problems we had been having, and that's how we found out about Lemus Construction. The salesman from Lemus was very nice. We didn’t even interview anybody else. Lemus replaced windows in the front of our house. We have a bay window on the second floor of our home and when the home was built, they put in three windows that were all attached to one another and it caused us water problems for years. We didn't have any problems with Lemus at all, though there was only one hitch. I think that they measured the window wrong and they had to send the windows back. But in a couple of weeks we got the right windows and they installed them.

We had our roof replaced by Lemus. They did a very good job. They did it on time and they did quality work. It was a very good experience.

Lemus Construction did the roof in this house. I chose them because I thought there would be warranty but there isn't. They also redid the skylights. The roof was put in before we moved in and the skylights were done just this spring. The crew came in, did what they had to do and left. I would probably recommend them.

Lemus is a great company. They did a roof for me. I was looking for a master league, GAF Roofer and they were master league so I chose them. I talked to the owner when I wanted siding and she gave me the estimate. She said it would be better if I pick the windows at the same time. I looked it up and I saw that it was the right thing to do. So I had them do the windows, the siding and the roof. The construction crew was good, courteous and considerate. Some of them didn't speak English which made communication hard at some points but they also have guys that speak English.

I have a couple of issues with the window product that they used. I haven’t called them back yet but I have wanted locks on the window. It's just broken/not working properly. And I wasn't totally pleased with the design on my front porch. I should have gone to someone who was more design oriented to do it because Lemus did the whole thing and changed the design. The guy did the best he could with the materials that he was working on, but I think it could have been designed a little bit better. I would recommend them, but I would say do your research first also.

Lemus was really good. As soon as we get some more money, I'd like to go with them again. Price-wise, they were good. The sales reps were very professional and we never had a problem. They came out and did what they were supposed to do, and cleaned up after themselves. We were very pleased when they handled the removal of our asbestos siding for our back wall last year. They were professional, adequate, on time, and reliable.

Lemus Construction was fantastic. I had them twice and they were wonderful. The way they handled the whole situation was unbelievable. You don't get that kind of service in today's world.

Experience with Lemus was good. I first heard about them when somebody that used them around here mentioned the name to me. I've gotten three other bids, and I got their bid, and they were comparative. And price wise, they were probably a little bit cheaper. And I got a good feeling about their services and from what I had heard about them, as they had done somebody else’s right down the street here who had nothing but good things to say about them. That’s what made my decision for me.

Sales rep was very good. Everybody with the construction crew was good, too. They expected the job to take three days. Two days for the roof crew basically, and then one day for a different crew to do the gutters and the gutter guards. And as it turned out, they got it all done in two days. They got here at 7 in the morning and worked til 7 at night straight through. And then after about a day and a half, the gutter guys came in, and they finished it and got it all done right before it started pouring rain. And the sales guy or the crew chief and everyone I've dealt with basically was good. They completed a new roof and also as part of that, they replaced my gutters and gutter guards, and also replaced a couple of skylights in the roof. This was in July. It was my first time working with Lemus and I’m completely happy with their work. I'd recommend them, and if something else came up I’d consider working with Lemus for any future renovation needs.

I heard about Lemus through word of mouth when they had worked in our area before. I called them and they were very responsive, reasonable and did what they said they would do, which was appreciated. They replaced a skylight for me and did a very good job. I would consider working with them for my future renovation needs.

Lemus worked with us twice and they're excellent. I would recommend them. We had them work on some gutter replacement, one for a business and one for a home. The construction crews did what they were supposed to do and even went beyond that. Their people are very professional. They do what they said they'd do and they cleaned up afterwards. And everything they do is guaranteed.

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