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My Kohler toilet has not flushed well. Several times I have had to call a plumber and spend a lot of money to unclog my toilet after plungers and a liquid toilet safe drain opener failed. This is despite using septic safe toilet paper which I was told to do the previous time I had to call the plumber.

I have owned an elongated 1.6 gpm flush version for 2 1/2 half years and bowl cracked. I had thought the quality would be better than this and will plan to replace it with a non-Kohler product.

I purchased 2 new Kohler toilets about 3 years ago. I picked Kohler because my father was a plumber for 30 plus years and swore by the brand. Unfortunately things have changed! Both of these toilets have water stained BADLY!! I have "city" water so it's not a hard water problem. It appears to be a low quality porcelain problem. If I had purchased a bargain low priced item I would not be upset, but these items were neither bargain priced or cheap! It seems that another of our fine high quality manufacturers has taken the low road. America is becoming the Land of Junk!!! PITY!! In my opinion I say DO NOT purchase a Kohler toilet. As much as it pains me to say it -- it seems that the Japanese products are of a much higher quality. How the tables have turned!

Purchased a Kohler Wellworth K3575 about seven months ago. As a mechanical engineer, I was very impressed by the flushing action. Most toilets swirl around for a while, then empty, then refill; this can leave some lighter materials left in the bowl. The Kohler has a very linear flushing action, followed by a rinse flow that follows the flush out of the bowl, then a refill. It never leaves residual materials in the bowl and at 1.28 gal/f it is efficient.

We purchased this Memoirs Toilet from Keller Supply in Auburn, WA. They are a supplier for Kohler. They didn't tell us about any problems with these toilets. This is in a very seldom used bathroom, but recently I have had to use it daily as my bathroom is being remodeled. Within 3 days, the toilet handle kept coming off of the cylinder and the chain would not stay attached. I finally took off the top of the tank lid and just pull up the cylinder to flush it. When the handle did work to flush it, it did not stay at the top of the tank, but instead was over half way down as far as it could go.

This was only 3 years ago. When we went to purchase a new one for our remodeled bathroom, we wanted to make sure we did not get a Kohler, but we asked about the Memoirs model. We were told they no longer sold that model. Perhaps everyone had negative experiences with it. Primarily I would never buy Kohler again and will express that feeling to anyone who wants an opinion about toilets.

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Very poor design. The rather horizontal design of the bowl allows waste to sit and not slide down into bowl so toilet must be cleaned with each use then more flushing required. Nice looking but poor design, very inefficient. The cheaper Home Depot toilets are more efficient. Want a great looking but good flusher, Porcher is great, much better than Toto I have owned. As a house sitter I have used this Kohler, but do not own one. Have not been impressed with them and have used different models. Much better choices out there.

I've gone through 6 toilets. In those 6, three of those were Kohlers. I experienced an issue with my Sloan mode M-101526-F4. No recall was made known but they were very quickly offering me a replacement @ no cost. Kohler was very secretive to this problem. I was unhappy of how everything was handled.

Flush problem. The model is a memoirs k-3453. This is the second one in 2006. Kohler exchanged it for the same make and model. The problem still existed with new one as per the tech support. Told me in 2006 the one they replace had a defect in the outlet. As I said the new one has the same problem. I look at this design. The problem is, as plain as day, waste goes into the bowl through the trap then it goes horizontally for about 5' in. to the waste pipe where it exits into the waste pipe. It's a 90* not a sweep so it jams at that point.

I had a local bathroom remodeling company install the Kohler 3753. It looks great, and the flush is excellent. However, there is a strange dripping noise coming from someplace for about 5 minutes after the flush. The installer came back, and we were unable to determine either the source or the destination of the drip. The Kohler customer service rep was extremely unhelpful -- advised us to read the installation and care guide. D'oh. I hope a rotted floor is not in my future. I should have kept my Caroma toilet! Six years, and not a bit of trouble...

Yes, the issue was resolved by Lowe's. The toilet was removed by Lowe's and an American Standard Champion Model was installed. There was no extra charge and installation was included. The price of the toilets were the same.

I'm giving 1 Star to Kohler. Lowe's handled the problem very professionally.

Thank You.

Original Review

My recently purchased (1 month ago) Kohler (Devonshire) toilet cracked and split where the top half is joined to the bottom half of the toilet. In examining how this could have happened, I noticed that the layer of porcelain that spreads to the back of the toilet that allows the two parts to be screwed together is a very thin layer of porcelain. Now I can understand if a very heavy person were to plop themselves down on the toilet, but my weight is 125 lbs. This is not acceptable. I will be calling Lowe's tomorrow. But, I don't want a replacement of the same toilet, and I will be looking more closely at the stability of another toilet and the thickness of the porcelain that attaches the two pieces.

Because of the "low water use" mandate the company has changed the way the toilet empties. Instead of the usual swirling action used for years, the water flows down from under the rim, sort of like pouring a cup of water from the top of the windshield of your car.. The most minute "something" on the surface, even just cleaned ones, causes the water to part around the space, thereby missing parts of the surface. Whereas the swirling action covers ALL the surface, several times, the "parting" action causes residue to remain, making it necessary to clean the toilet after almost every use.. The toilets need the centrifugal force of the swirling action to properly clean it after each use. They are built wrong and need to change the way they flush.

I called Kohler about the explosion of my pressure assist 81100 Rialto toilet as described in my post below and want to report that I had a much more favorable experience dealing with Kohler on this than I had been led to believe reading the reports by others. The toilet that exploded was manufactured and installed in 1994 and despite how old it is, the company offered to ship me another of the same model (without the faulty pressure assist system) for free. They also offered to send new replacements for the other toilets I have of the same type for $200 each, much less than the cost to purchase new ones. I think this is more than fair and I commend them.

I just had a very similar experience to that of the last person who posted here. My home has many Kohler toilets manufactured in 1994 with the high-pressure flush system. I never wanted those to begin with but they were mandated upon us by law at the time to save water. Anyway, one exploded today when nobody was at the house. Fortunately for me, the flood which followed went into the garage and hit a sensor for my fire alarm system which apparently mistook it for flames or smoke and sent out a signal. The disaster was discovered before even more damage would have happened.

I checked "exploding toilets" on Google to see if this had ever happened before and found there was a recall of 2.3 million toilets by a supplier (Flushmate) to Kohler and many other manufacturers but which covered toilets made after 1997. My Kohler apparently had their own 81100 system manufactured in 1994. When I then googled "Kohler exploding toilets" I found this Consumer Affairs complaint site.

Aside from the damage caused by this explosion, I am facing a large additional problem. Flushmate is providing some sort of kit to fix their toilets. If Kohler is not doing the same thing, as seems to be the experience of those who have posted here, I not only have to replace many toilets in a relatively large house but will never be able to do so and match the colors of the tubs and other fixtures in those bathrooms. If anyone is aware of a class action against Kohler, I'd like to hear about it.

I have lived in my home for 21 years. The house was built with 3 of these power flush Kohler toilets back in 1992. Recently, on May 14, 2013, I returned to my house after being out for 12 hours only to find that the entire house was flooded. The cause - an exploding toilet. A piece of the black container inside tank literally blew up so hard that it broke off a piece of the tank which caused water to continuously pour out of the tank for 12 hours! When I pulled up to the house and noticed that my driveway was soaking wet, I knew something was very wrong. My garage ceiling had caved in and dining room ceiling as well. It was a complete disaster. I have read about a recall on exploding toilets that were built between 1997-2008, but I am wondering if anyone has had this problem with the 1992 model that I have and if there’s any legal recourse or experience trying to obtain some satisfaction from Kohler.

Our first Devonshire toilet we bought brand new from Home Depot. Within the first year, the bottom of the bowl (inside) turned brown and stained from lack of enamel. Kohler sent us a voucher for a new one (same model) at HD and the same exact thing happened. I felt both of the insides of the bowls and they are very rough, with no enamel coating at all. I sent an email. A woman called and said this doesn't happen blah blah blah. I told her to send someone out to see for themselves, but she was in denial. Our plumber is doing well though...

I bought a brand new house with 4 bathrooms. Since I bought it, every six months or less, I need to replace the float for every single one of them. Each costs $15.00. That's the first problem. The second problem is the fill valve. It costs me $65.00 each purchasing from local plumbing stores, and every year, it must be replaced. The other option is to replace the parts inside, but it doesn't fix the problem and it is better to change the complete fill valve. I'm just sick of this brand. I also have problems with their push button faucets. It gets rusted and doesn't work after a short time. I am not even able tor replace it, so just dealing with shower only. I am not using the faucet for like 3 years. Since I bought the house, it has been 5 years. I have spent lots of money. Replacing all the toilets and faucets will cost me a lot and I cannot replace them, so I'm just dealing with it. I hate the design.

I purchased a toilet from Lowe's 9 months ago in 2011. Included with the purchase from Lowe's was installation of toilet with new water supply line and valve. I've had to have a real plumber unclog the toilet 2 times and pay more money than I paid for the toilet. The only advice the plumber could give me was to hold the flush handle down for an additional 10 seconds to extend the flush time. I'm done buying toilets and any appliances with installation from the "big box stores." It's back to the local Mom & Pop stores for me.

In rebuilding our house, we put in three Kohler high pressure toilets. We thought by spending the money, we would get better quality. One toilet leaks every few minutes and another doesn't fill the bowl after flushing. To make matters worse, we went back to Lowe’s to get parts and they don't stock them for toilets that are 2 years old!

I purchased a Kohler toilet which flooded my bathroom and bedroom. The valve was faulty and had a split down the side. We took pictures which we mailed to the company and brought the valve to Lowe's where we purchased it. The manager there, my installer, and us could not see anything other than that. Kohler later told me that it appeared that a tool was used on the valve causing it to malfunction. We know that a tool was never used and are very upset with their company and customer service. I will never buy a product from them again.

I have just had a brand new toilet professionally installed. I have not even used it yet, so I cannot comment about its functionality. My problem is the tank is so small it doesn’t fit against the wall. There is about a two-inch gap between the wall and tank. This looks extremely poor. I spent many hours and many trips to several stores to find one I would be satisfied with. I have just spent several thousand dollars re-doing my bath. I made my choice based on the fact that the tank appeared to be larger than the others. My purchase was from Home Depot. I am very unhappy about the look of the tank.

Kohler quick release toilet seat - This toilet seat is constantly releasing (slipping) when in use. Caps over quick release are firmly in place when this happens. Bolts loosen several days after tightening. This is a defective design.

Kohler's 8100 Pressure Tank System exploded. They say they will merely replace it at a cost of $200 to me. They take a week to ship it out; and then I have to pay to have it installed. It is their faulty product; they should replace it for free. They have very bad customer service.

I litigated against Kohler for several years involving the 81100 pressure flush toilets and have much information relating to reports of the toilets exploding.

Kohler 81100 Pressure Clean Flushometer toilet has flushed poorly for quite some time (a few years), requiring 5 or 6 flushes or more to clear the bowl. We seldom use this toilet, and so have tolerated it to some degree. Upon contacting Kohler, I was told that parts are not available to repair the toilet. When I asked why, the rep gave no reason; he said he didn't know. Phone rep indicated Kohler would offer a goodwill $75 credit toward another Kohler toilet. Again, I asked why. No reason, no answer. Only now after reading others' accounts did I understand why; tanks explode!

Since there is a limited height space for this toilet installation, I don't know what other short-height toilet would work as a suitable replacement. I'm very disappointed in Kohler's hiding facts and truth regarding this product design failure. If this unit is not replaced, eventually, I may encounter a burst tank and flooding - or even worse, personal injury.

I have a Kohler 8110 Pressure Clean Toilet System. The toilet quit flushing and could not be used anymore. I turned off the water inlet and then flushed the toilet. With the water inlet turned off, I held down the flush handle. As the handle was held down, I could tell the tank was being blocked by an accumulation of air bubbles, which in turn was keeping the tank from filling up with water after each flush. After holding down the flush handle until all the air bubbles escaped, I turned the water inlet back on and the tank was able to fill up to its full capacity once again, resulting in great flushes. I hope this helps others with the same problem.

It's not only Kohler's pressure toilet models having problems. We purchased 3 Kohler toilets with the Ingenium Flush. We installed and used one. It doesn't flush well at all--had to flush it 3-4 times to empty bowl contents and even then it wasn't complete. Called Kohler Customer Service 3 times about this. One agent was pleasant (Amanda, I believe was her name) and offered trouble shooting tips (no success). The other two agents were rude--one suggested I had merely changed my mind about the model selected! I was told they won't make exchanges unless the product was damaged in shipping--should I take a hammer to the toilets and return to Kohler? My cheaper American Standard toilet works beautifully....

Expense of plumber installation plus we can't move into our house until we have a working toilet installed!!

We've had problems with our high-pressure Kohler toilet almost since it was installed in April of 2005. It was advertised as being able to flush just about anything, yet ours clogs at least once a month under normal usage. Assuming that it was our sewer lines, and not our new toilet, we've had plumbers come frequently to snake our lines- only to have trouble with the toilet clogging very quickly again.

This last time, I had the plumbers clear the lines of roots. Within two weeks, the toilet wouldn't flush properly again. It is very hard to plunge due to the interior design of the bowl. Therefore, we have to wait several days for the clog to dissolve before the toilet is functional again. Thank goodness we have a second bathroom. Today I decided to check online to determine whether the problem was with the toilet, and not our plumbing. That is when I discovered all the complaints from other consumers. I will now plan to purchase a new one and have it installed at my own expense. Thank you for this website.

My Kohler high pressure toilet exploded while my 3 year old was sitting on it!

By the time I tended to my child, the water was flooded into my newly finished basement, and there was porcelain everywhere...Thank goodness my son was not injured. Kohler offered me $150 when I had paid over $800 for the original, not to mention all the water damage, and was told to take the money in good faith. Not good business ethics. Kohler lost a customer..

This is really not an official complaint but just to report a problem with the Kohler K-3423 toilets I bought in 2004 which may or may not be a standard on all brands. I accidentally found out about this problem accidentally. The fill-up mechanism turned on while I was cleaning the toilet which means that the water in the tank dropped to the level that will trigger the fill-up mechanism. It could only mean two things.

1. The flapper could be warped that water could leak into the bowl, and

2. The leak is between the flush valve and the beveled rubber gasket.

I called Kohler customer service and explained the problem and as a sign of good pr, send me a replacement flapper and gasket at no cost. Receive the items in 2 days and (correctly, carefully, diligently)install it. Further observation told me I still have the same decreasing level of tank water problem. The flapper was not the cause so it must be the gasket.

After some analysis, I did the ff: 1. Turn off the water source. 2. Flush the tank up to the rim of the flapper seat. 3. Took the flapper off. 4. Observe the bottom edge of the valve seat and there it was, the silent drip, drip, drip coming from a gap between the tank and gasket.

How can that be when the gasket is new and I installed it diligently, carefully and correctly (just hand tightening the big plastic nut at the bottom of the tank, to the point that the valve will not wiggle.

I had to disassemble the flush valve unit again and as I was looking at the big hole at the bottom of the tank, I noticed that it does not look like a perfect circle and voila! the circle has a deviation between 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch.

Since the gasket is almost perfectly rounded and the tank is not, the pressure on all points of the circumference would not be the same considering the beveled shape of the gasket, leak is highly probable as what has happened to mine. What I did afterward was just an experiment. I reverse the gasket installation. The narrow side of the gasket is now up and the wider/flat side is now down. It muted the purpose of the beveled shape but it did work. The drip, drip, drip is gone.

Not sure how many gallons have been wasted but i'm sure it is not minor. E-mailed Kohler about the problem to find out if I maybe entitled to a new replacement tank due to the nature of the defect. Still waiting for a reply.

In 1995 I installed a kohler San Rafael one piece toilet for a customer. Kohler # K-3394 (found on the bottom of the toilet lid) This toilet has the pressure clean flushometer tank system. Serial #T94F20198 ( # found inside toilet on flush mechanism)The color of the toilet is Kohler ice gray-95. Color chart can be found on Kohler web site. Something inside the toilet flushing mechanism gave way (broke) and flooded her house. Since the job is 50 miles away I needed to make sure the local plumbing supply house would carry the parts. I called Kohler and was informed that parts for this toilet are no longer available.

As a plumbing contractor this was a shock to me, that I couldn't get parts for a 12 year old toilet. List price for this toilet on Kohlers site is app.$975.00. Checked on the web and found other people have had their houses flooded by this toilet. Contacted Kohler and explained the problem. What Kohler is doing about the problem is they will send you out a new toilet to your house @ a cost of $150.00 plus tax. You still need to pay someone to install the toilet. Customer also complained about poor flushing action.Sorry I don't know all the years affected by the unavailability of toilet parts.

Flooded house

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