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Jenn Air Model #JMV8208BAS. Inside rusted, no light, turns on by itself when the door is shut. To repair is $560.00. Forget it! I only paid $470.00 new. No more Jenn Air products for me!

After having two different grill/vents fall off of our microwave, I decided to check if anyone else has had the problem. The review listed on July 4, 2016 was exactly what happened to me. I opened the door and the vent fell, hitting me on my head. This microwave is only 4 years old. The last grill/vent I purchased only lasted one year. Appliance does carry the replacement part, but I hesitate to buy another poor quality part. The soften food feature has also quit working. I am very disappointed with this "upscale" appliance.

Like others I opened the door to the microwave and the vent fell down landing on my bare feet. The stainless steel vent is 30" wide and the latches are made of plastic which overtime deteriorate. Fortunately nothing was being cooked on the range below. Jenn-Air should consider upgrading to metal latches for a more secure and safe vent. When I looked on the internet for parts on this very expensive appliance I found that parts for this model are no longer included as inventory. Of course! It was made in Korea!

They all keep breaking, failing and have a short life span. These products are top shelf priced but made cheaply and just are not worth the money or heartache. Just buy the cheap stuff and save your money, because either way you are going to have to replace it when it breaks.

The appliance does not come with a "how to use" brochure with step by step instructions. The dashboard instructions are very confusing and appear to be incorrect. I am a slow learner and a senior - and really need clear, precise guidelines for new technology. I was informed by the Director of Marketing and a representative of the Office of the President, that "teaching" consumers on how to use their products was not part of their job description. I had the appliance and how I had to learn how to use it on my own. Whatever happened to customer service and corporate social responsibility?

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I have a Jenn-Air wall oven/microwave combo. The hinges that hold the door on broke very early on and it is the biggest hassle to put the door on. Since the hinge is broken, the door does not close tightly so the baking temperature is not consistent and the light is often on without me being aware so the light bulb has burned out several times. I am thinking of replacing the whole combo but to do so it is about $3500. I am so mad about this product, I would never, ever consider buying another Jenn-Air product of any kind.

We bought this Jenn-Air microwave/stove hood combo (model JMV8208BAS) in May 2008 for $625 plus $150 for extended warranty coverage. In May 2015 (well after the expiration of the extended warranty), it stopped working. It cost us $200 for a service visit to discover that the circuit panel had failed. We also discovered that Jenn-Air stopped producing replacement circuit panels for this model several years ago. Needless to say, we're pretty disgusted with both the poor reliability of this product and Jenn-Air's failure to support its products when they fail. We're now concerned about the Jenn-Air stove that we bought at the same time, which recently started making strange noises. I recently wrote Jenn-Air a message at its customer support website. If I have a positive customer service experience out of this (however unlikely that seems), I will update my comment. In the meantime, we're now avoiding products from Jenn-Air and its sister brands.

We also remodeled and replaced our old, reliable Kenmore appliances with Jenn-Air. Within the first 2 months, the microwave broke and had to be repaired (it took over a week for replacement parts). Then the oven computer decided we were Orthodox and we could no longer cook on the Sabbath. That took weeks to repair. The refrigerator has been repaired twice. The dishwasher has never stopped working but the plastic parts inside keep breaking and can't be replaced. Recently our microwave died again. What pieces of junk! And Jenn-Air doesn't care. When I complained they said I was 'wrong'!?

I purchased a new Jenn-air microwave July 2007 and had no problems unlike the horror stories I've read on this site until last evening when I opened it and the door fell apart leaving a big crack in the upper corner of the door. The model number is JMV8196AAB and the manufacture date is June of 2002!!! Which sounds like the supplier sold it to me already 5 years out of date!!! I'm sure it would be dangerous to use this with a huge crack and it looks like there is no place to complain to that will listen so this site is a good place to "vent".

This morning, when I opened my Jenn-Air microwave, the vent panel fell off and hit me in the face, cutting my nose and then hitting my foot. Very surprised and shocked to see that the cheap plastic clips that hold the heavy vent piece in place had broken to pieces. I'm lucky I did not suffer more injuries as a result of this design defect. Have just read on this site that other consumers have had the same thing happen with these plastic clips just falling apart, so Jenn-Air is clearly aware of this dangerous problem. My microwave is over my gas range; if a pot of water or some other hot item had been on the range when this fell, this could have resulted in burns, fires, etc.

Purchased this Jenn-Air combo microwave/oven on June 16, 2012 for $4,500 at Pacific Sales in San Dimas, CA. LUCKILY, I paid for a five-year extended warranty (something I normally don't do). The microwave magnetron & diode failed in September 2013. Called service on Oct 15, 2013. First visit to determine failure on Oct 29. Ordered part and finally installed on Nov 5, 2013. Appliance contractor only is in my area once a week - Tuesdays! And I live in 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles!!!

Service engineer showed me the replacement part is different from the failed part, indicating they had made a change and original was inferior design, parts?? Who knows... Now again, May 2, 2014 - microwave fails to heat my cup of coffee. Immediately called service/warranty company. I'm anticipating the same problem, especially after Googling "Jenn-Air microwave repair problems"!!! I will NEVER purchase another Jenn-Air product again.... I worked hard for that $4500!!

Microwave is less than 18 months old and tabs holding vent fan cover have snapped again. Two small, light weight plastic tabs hold all the weight off the fan vent cover. This is a shoddy, poorly designed product.

I bought my microwave and oven wall unit four years ago and has had it fixed four times. First the panel board did not work then the microwave did not cook things at the right temp properly. The microwave is supposed to be an oven too. Well, every time I tried to use it, it did not work. The icing on top of the cake was yesterday, Christmas Day! I was having 20 people for dinner and the oven and microwave decided to quit four hours into cooking my 24pd turkey. I spent a lot of money on this unit and only to be told by Jenn-Air that the warranty is up and that they will not have a repair man out for a week.

I will never buy another Jenn-Air, Whirlpool product ever again and I would not recommend anyone else buy one either. The customer service sucks. And when speaking to them, keep your records in order because if you don't have proof, they will tell you they never promised you that. I hate this product and their service. They are certainly not there for the customer and they don't make a good product. STAY AWAY.

I purchased my appliance package for my new home in December 2002. All my appliances were Jenn Air or Maytag & were top of the line & Stainless Steel finish. Day one receiving these appliances I started having problems. Started with the convection oven/micro combo door not closing properly. The oven light would stay on during cooking & you could feel the heat coming from the front gap in the door. When I called the local dealer I purchased these from they came out & told me it was normal. Finally after arguing with Jenn Air about this continuing problem that they would not resolve, they told me the warranty would not cover this. I eventually got tired of this problem & hired another repair company to come out & they verified the hinges were defective & I had to pay for the repair. That was the beginning of my nightmares.

It then only continued to problems with the control panel on the oven, that had to be replaced at a cost to me. Jenn Air again wouldn't honor the warranty. Then the refrigerators defrost panel went out & the flapper mechanism on the door for the ice maker broke & half of the molded shelving tabs on the interior walls are cracked & breaking off. Oh & the defrost panel had to be replaced a 2nd time & now it is acting up again!!!! The pump in the washer broke, sitting in the garage unused for the past 7 yrs; knobs on the dryer broke off, have to use pliers to turn on; the dishwasher was leaking all over the kitchen & wouldn't drain; then the motor would just hum. Hasn't worked in 4 yrs.

The Jenn Air interchangeable cooktop glass insert cracked (that was the ONLY thing Jenn Air stood behind & replaced). The plug in outlet on the cooktop popped & caught fire while plugging in the griddle. The microwave on the oven/micro combo started arching & caught fire about 9 yrs ago, fried the magnetron. Jenn Air wouldn't stand by that either. Hasn't worked since.

Bottom line, I bought a $10,000.00 package of Jenn Air/Maytag lemons for my new house!!! I had just become a widow with 3 young children when I built this house & wanted to have dependable appliances so that it was one less thing to worry about while raising my children alone. Instead what I got was a bunch of headaches from constant appliances breaking down & a company that wouldn't stand behind their products! It cost me a lot of money for repairs that I needed for the children not to keep my NEW appliances up & running!!! I would NEVER buy or recommend anyone I know to EVER buy any appliances with this brand on them!! I am known in this town by the repairmen as "the lady with the lemons!!!!!"

Machine goes on after 3 or 4 tries = goes off before it finish time = rollers on turntable broke = 2nd replaced oven and still having problems = electrical problems = door not making contact for oven to go on.

This microwave is # 3 since 07/03/13. #1 was replaced because the turntable and lights activated when the DOOR open button was active. #2 was replaced mid-July and had same issue, plus it LEANED sideways to the front. The sales service staff came out and indicated nothing wrong, but in looking at the R front foot about 2 inches around, had a problem. That 2 inches was pushed from the underside into the bottom. # 3 arrived 8/5 and did not have the issues as #1 and #2, but 20 days after receiving THE TURN TABLE WAS NOT TURNING. Tried different cook settings; start button for 30 seconds, cook/time, and regular time and nothing. WE HAD A STRONG HOT PLASTIC SMELL, AND BACK RIGHT BASE WAS SO HOT TO TOUCH FOR > THAN AN HOUR .When cooled, unplugging the power cord and re-plugging into the outlet, the unit worked.

Jenn-Air was notified that this is a SAFETY ISSUE and they set up a SAFETY INSPECTION by their qualified service techs, and it was determined by the tech the magnetron tube and wattage was accurate. The turntable was working. When the tech tried to order the control panel: JA has a statement: THIS UNIT IS NOT REPARABLE BUT REPLACEABLE. The replacement arrives 9/13/2013. I found out from customer service that a rep for the company had been in and stating they found out some kind of wire to the control panel, I think, was miswired and might explain our issues. These are pretty good units, and cook popcorn quicker and with less kernels. I feel JA just has a bad batch. If these are made in China, that is the problem, and they have not done a good job with QA and need to bring their company back to the USA to produce. These returns are costing them money and they need to get a full report of what is happening.

About three years ago, we remodeled our kitchen and we purchased the highest price (we mistakenly assumed highest quality) range/microwave appliance. I believe we paid more than $3,000 for the appliance which looked beautiful. However, unfortunately it appears that with Jenn-Air, beauty is skin deep. This week, the microwave turntable stopped working and we contacted Jenn-Air. After a lot of arguments, they finally agreed to pay for the part and we pay for the labor. However, when the technician arrived, he noticed that (because of the maintenance-unfriendly design of the unit) he had to take the entire unit out and the labor charge for a simple motor replacement was about $250. The work is being done as we speak.

When the technician quoted me the labor cost and I immediately contacted Jenn-Air to ask them to pay for at least part of the labor. It took the customer service person half an hour to connect me to a supervisor who could make a decision. The answer was, "Sorry, tough luck, the unit is not under warranty." This was the last Jenn-Air or Whirlpool product our family will ever purchase. If you are planning to purchase major home appliances, it may be a good idea to search for customer rankings before making a decision. Had we reviewed customer rankings, we would most likely have purchased a different brand.

This unit w as replaced 8/5/13 because 20 days after purchased the turn table froze. We had strong hot burning plastic smell, and it was so hot right side bottom that we could not touch for over an HOUR>

I tried different settings for cooking the start button for 30 seconds, cook/timed and regular time with no results until I Unplugged and replugged.

JENN Air notified of SAFETY hazard and they sent a qualified Jenn Air service person from Appliance and Refrigeration HOSP. The magnetron and wattage was ok.

When service tried to order a control panel the company has a paragraph this unit IS NOT REPAIRABLE, BUT ONLY REPLACEBLE.

I later learned a J.A rep was into customer service where we bought it, and found out J.A. has a wiring issue, something is wired to the wrong location.

The thought from ARH on the first two units and noted foot damage to the first 2, might be that enough force was used and pushed the bottom into the controls and that is why the first two were activated and 3rd one wasn't.

this unit will be replaced and will be our # 4 since 07/03/2013.

Will we go for # 5, not sure as depends on the outcome of # 4.

Original Review

JENN-Air Microwave oven MODEL JMC1116A6 - The original unit was reported to Consumer Affairs 7/07/2013 for the same problem as described below. This replacement arrived 07/08/2013 and no problem so the warranty was sent to Jenn AIR 7/15/2013. 7/16/2013 - my cousin by accident just happened to push the DOOR OPEN button ~ 1/2 way in, and the microwave came on, the turn table started, and NO food was in the unit. We have been to TWO outside SALES SOURCES for microwaves and both said this should not happen: "That seems to be a safety hazard issue." Another big issue, Microwave OVEN control buttons can't be seen without some kind of room light. One can't even read the words around or in the button.

We think the company needs to make a statement to the safety and/or hazard of this unit and RECALL THEM. Especially since this is the second unit. We had a tech from the company where we bought it to evaluated our new NEW air French door freezer, and he indicated that the turning on is normal. Since it doesn't feel normal we want to try to return it as damaged. POS the unit is a little taller and fits into a tight area.

This unit was returned to the place of purchase as damaged.

The push button to open the door continued to turn on the microwave, fan and turn table and was replaced same unit that also failed, as it had the same issues. The sales service person came out and decided nothing wrong, but that unit was replaced as it was damaged, as the front foot was pushed into the frame, and sat sideways.

Original Review

Model JMC1116AS (serial) # XV3 15 00353 - We purchased and received this unit 7/6/2013 and only used 3 times. I noticed the stick on labels for the control buttons had a bubble in it and small scratch. In time, and my experience with other brands, this is a weak point and they can peel off and mostly likely will not be covered by warranty. Product registration for this unit will not be returned to the company as the unit will be replaced by the store 07/08/13. The BIG ISSUE that might be both a SAFETY AND FIRE HAZARD IS THE DOOR OPEN BUTTON. This is supposed to only open the door. And when we checked with a sales person from another store, we found out the observations that I accidentally stumbled on could be a BIG ISSUE and true. It is only to activate the door to open, NOT TURN ON THE UNIT.

By accident, I just happened to push the door open button past the point that opens the door and hold it there and the microwave turned itself on, the inside light came on, and the turn table moved. This is very dangerous because with the energy activation and nothing to absorb, this could cause a FIRE. NO one is hurt or compromised, but if the second unit comes with the same issue, then I would like to report that as well.

I purchased a Jenn-Air microwave/convection oven in 2010. Immediate failure of touch control panel and replaced under warranty. Less than a year later, both the invector and mag tube failed. They were replaced and I had to pay $125.00 for the service call. Now, 5 months after replacing those parts, the microwave is failing to heat. The company advised me to buy a service warranty. Bad product! It’s costing me more money all of the time, and the company is as defective as the product.

I purchased Jenn-Air built-ins for my new kitchen because it is well-designed. The microwave has repeatedly broken down. The unit was bought in 2007 to match the Jenn-Air slide-in gas stove below. It has now broken down 3 times because of the magnetron which is the central part of the microwave that makes the unit heat up. The magnetron has been replaced at the end of 2008, July 2011 and now January 2013. The cost of repairs has more than doubled the original cost of the product. With matching built-ins, it is very hard to buy another replacement brand. Jenn-Air's customer service is misnamed; it has nothing to do with the customer. They are arrogant and uncooperative. Don’t buy Jenn-Air is my recommendation.

I just purchased a new Jenn-Air 27" combo microwave / wall oven unit. I was very excited. To my utter disappointment, one of the microwave features is so ridiculous that I had to return it back. The microwave after finishing its job does not shut off itself. In fact, one has to either press the cancel button or open the door to shut it off. I wonder how would the consumer safety guys can ever pass a product like this. Apart from being a safety hazard and a nuisance, it will end up consuming more energy.

My stove, model number JES8750BAS, has malfunctioned from the time it was purchased. Technicians, selected by Jenn-Air, have been to my home more than 6 times to repair the stove and oven. Each time that they made a house call, I was charged a service fee despite the fact that they keep replacing the same part every visit! I have been inconvenienced several times a year (without the use of my oven and stove for my family of seven). I am very angry and disappointed at the service that I have received on this item that is supposed to be "a high-end appliance." In fact, another technician, who was here yesterday, diagnosed the same part was damaged and needed to be replaced. However, he found that the reason the touch panel is burning out continuously is due to a defective door seal! Of course, once again, I was not only charged for this visit but for the replacement of this part as well! Needless to say, I am not happy! Jenn-Air has offered no reasonable solution to my ongoing problem, nor have they offered to replace this lemon product that I regret spending my hard-earned money on!

Jenn-Air built in oven with microwave - In December of 2010, we remodeled our kitchen. We had an old Jenn-Air cooktop and oven that had served us for 20 years with no problems, so I replaced all of my appliances with Jenn-Air. Beware consumers. This company is now owned by Maytag and the appliances are terrible. Microwave is less than 2 years old and the Magnetron have gone out. I called Jenn-Air when I got an error message trying to heat something and got the worst customer service (or no service) I have ever experienced from a company. It seems it will cost me thousands of dollars in repairs and they absolutely do not care. Do not buy anything with Maytag or Jenn-Air on it!

Jennair was running a rebate program for various appliances. I purchased one appliance (range) in Aug. '11 and received the appropriate rebates. In November '11, I purchased another Jennair appliance (microwave) which qualified for a $100 rebate. I submitted all necessary documents prior to the deadline and heard absolutely nothing back for six weeks. I called the rebate service number and the woman told me that there had been a glitch and that I would be receiving my rebate with four weeks. Again, I heard nothing in the subsequent eight weeks.

I emailed Jennair today to complain that I had never received the promised rebate. Their reply was that the rebates were handled by an outside company and they could not help me with this matter. When I told them that this outside company was not following through on their promise to mail the rebate nor were they even contacting me in any way, Jennair reiterated that they have no control over this company that they have supposedly hired to represent them to their consumers. So now, the promised rebate has the appearance of being fraudulent. Very frustrated and needless to say, I will not purchase anything from Jennair or their parent company, Whirlpool, ever again. And now, they want to know if I want the extended service plan?

My wife and I purchased a Jenn-Air JMC9158BAS Microwave along with $10,000 of other Jenn-Air Pro-Line appliances for a kitchen remodel. We had custom cabinetry built to accommodate these appliances - including the microwave - along with its accompanying trim kit. After 2 1/2 years, the microwave has a hole in it from where the unit arced and no longer works. I am extremely dissatisfied with Jenn-Air. I would never recommend Jenn-Air to anyone.

I just bought a Jenn-Air Micro. I first had to replace the door then it developed a crack inside. The repair technician painted it and it still cracked. Now, it completely died. It is something electrical but they still will not replace it. I want a new microwave.

In August 2010, I purchased a M/Wave oven wall unit to be installed in a new home that is being built. It was installed in March 2011, but it did not work. I called twice for the repair -- April 07 and May 20. Until now, it is not fixed. Every time the repair man ordered the parts, Jenn-Air shipped the wrong one. I had to be on leave twice to met the repair man. Also, my husband had to be on leave twice to met him. Jenn-Air only gave us an extended warranty because the warranty will end by the time it would be repaired. So farm there was no help from Jenn-Air. I will never ever buy another Jenn-Air products. I will also tell my friend not to buy from them because of the trouble we've been through.

Part two of Jenn-Air Convection Microwave problems: The Jenn-Air Convection Microwave was bought in February 2009 and installed in March 2009 with an extended warranty for repair added by Jenn Air when the appliance was not fixed within the year. (See part one, the French Door refrigerator saga.) In the never-ending saga of trying to get my new Jen-Air appliances working, I finally sent a complaint to the Alabama State Attorney-General's Office, Division of Consumer Complaints. Carol ** from the Executive Offices at Jenn-Air contacted me a couple of weeks ago after the third service company, Alabama Power, came out to look at the microwave and refrigerator. Neither appliance has worked properly since the day they were installed.

The head engineer, Mr. Phil **, from Alabama Power removed the microwave and took it to the lab for study. The door on this microwave would not close properly. When the door was closed, the microwave would come on. I was told for over a year that I was not closing the door properly. Many repairs and a new door only made the problem worse.

When the warranty period was coming to an end, a service rep from Jenn-Air, Tina **, said that Jenn-Air would extend the warranty for another year since the appliance was not repaired. I was under the assumption that the warranty would include replacement if the appliance could not be fixed. I was wrong.

Today, June 30, 2010, I received a phone call from Carol ** which stated that the microwave which had been under repair almost since the day I had it installed had a warped case and could not be fixed. She was ready to offer me a pro-rated amount on a new microwave; however, it would not be the same model as I bought, which means it would not match the other 3 Jenn-Air appliances I bought at the same time.

Also, I would have to pay for the new microwave since the extended warranty only allows for repair, not replacement. Funny how it took them a couple of months after the original warranty expired to decide that the microwave could not be fixed, even though two other service companies, Jebco Appliance and Great Kitchens, determined that the microwave was unrepairable and Jenn-Air sent out a third company within the original manufacturer's warranty period.

They want me to pay for a new microwave now, because the extended warranty only covers repair. How could a microwave which I never could use since March 2009 and was under repair for the full year of the manufacturer's warranty suddenly be unrepairable and I have to buy a new microwave, pro-rated by Jenn-Air if I buy a new Jenn-Air. Jenn-Air will not refund my money for the microwave or the cost of installation.

I called the Jenn-Air so-called customer "service" number to complain about a difficult to describe problem with my microwave/convection oven and was met with an automated "operator". This practice says loud and clear that Jenn-Air does not value its customers and does not want to hear what we have to say. I couldn't even get it to understand my last name or get me to a live operator. Don't buy Jenn-Air! I even tried to email them using those stupid online forms companies use to prevent us from knowing their email address or having a copy of our own communication to them, and it didn't even work. Don't buy Jenn-Air. They do not value their customers!

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