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Rust on new 4 burner JGD3430D cooktop with downdraft. This cooktop was bought in Jan 2016. Supposed to have been a new model. The grate has been cleaned according to the instructions in the manual. 8 months on there's rust on it. And the dealer says Jenn-Air will probably not do anything. The configuration purchased cost about 2200+. Besides the rust, the downdraft (as others on this board have mentioned) is inferior, doesn't seem to do much other than make a loud noise. The previous Jenn-Air model that came with the house (obsolete, unsupported, had been there for about 18 years) had a downdraft that worked much better. Apparently the motor, etc. were downsized in recent years as was their quality, perhaps. The rust on components however is the worst. Other manufacturers' components that cost far less last better for years without this sort of issue. Is there no way to hold Jenn-Air accountable and get them to stand behind their products?

Three years ago we remodeled our kitchen and purchased Jenn-Air stove top from Lowe's for the project. Within a year all of the igniters quit working and would only make a sparking sound. Repairman came out and stated that he needed special tool to repair. He never followed up. Said the job would be too expensive and we probably should just replace the unit. We now use a lighter to light the burners. This is extremely dangerous without the proper igniter. Additionally, we have had to replace all of the cheap flimsy knobs at about $30 apiece. Jenn-Air is a piece of crap!

In the early 1980's we purchased a Jenn-Air electric oven/cooktop. We had it for 12 years and were very satisfied with it. We moved and 6 years ago I decided to replace my gas cooktop with a Jenn-Air cooktop (model JGD8130ADW) so I could have a grill inside. We have had nothing but problems with it since. We had one of the burners replaced while it was still under warranty because the coating was cracking off.

Since then (no longer under warranty) here are the issues we have: coating cracking and rusting in the down draft exhaust; one burner control will not turn at all; one burner quit working. We moved the burner so that it now matches up with the non-functional control. All four burners, including the one we don't use, create a large amount of what looks to be burned metal ash. The metal grate is very discolored. Very difficult to clean - food get down under the controls and you can't get to it, even after removing the control knobs. Occasional spontaneous clicking of the ignite switches on the burners. I'm posting this so other consumers will reconsider this product and look for something else.

I purchased a Jenn-Air gas 4 burner cooktop. It is not what I was hoping for. It is loud, very loud and the noise is the same no matter what blower speed. Actually I don't see any difference in air movement either whether on low, med, or high. When I use the downdraft the flames are sucked over and the downdraft grate gets hotter than the bottom of my pans! If the only place I have for a cooktop is on my kitchen island I would not have it. If you don't want to live in an airplane flight path don't buy this downdraft. Two stars only because the burners work well when not using downdraft.

We have an older Jenn-Air. Last night the fan came on of its own volition. We were unable to shut off the fan. And by the time we were able to get it shut off by pulling the fuses, the motor/ wires had already started to burn producing a horrid smell. If we had been out at the time I am sure the range would have caught fire. I'm going to replace the Jenn-Air with a different stove.

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The knobs are horrible, grill doesn't work well, just extremely disappointed in general. After 10 years need to replace it already. Have to stay with the downdraft vent because it's on an inside wall. Do NOT want to replace with another Jenn-Air... Any ideas on an alternative replacement?

We bought a Jenn-Air Cooktop Model JEC9536. The top has been broken and replaced twice. The burners go out one after another with costly repair. The knobs are a joke. If you try to clean around them, they can strip and no longer work. We have replaced knobs so many times, I can't count. Two burners have never worked right. We are now exhausted and will never buy Jenn-Air for any appliance ever.

I have a JGC7636BS00 cook top that was purchased 1/1/2015. I contacted Jenn Air in Sept 2015 and asked for warranty repairs. A technician came on 10/1, but did not have the parts and rescheduled for 10/10. Another technician came on 10/10, but said he did not have the parts and rescheduled for 8AM 10/17. On 10/17 a technician called me at 1:46 PM and rescheduled for 10/31. A technician came on 10/31 and said he did not have the parts.

I purchased the 720-0061-LP from Lowe's in 2005. After a couple years I could only grill on half the grill. The left burner was good, the middle was ok and the right didn't work. I lived with this issue since it was workable for me. However this year the burners rusted out (all but the right side) and now I have only flames in the back. Since this grill was built like a tank with no rust or holes (I even kept it uncovered for the last 8 years and live in Illinois) I decided to rebuild it. I purchased cheap burners and heat plates. I also purchased a new regulator which later realized I did not need but was recommended. After putting everything back together I was back to where I was before the burners rusted. The left burner was good, the middle ok and the right did not work. I researched this over and over on the internet but could not find information related to this issue.

I finally decided to inspect the gas valve themselves. Using a flashlight I removed the burners, stuck my head in the grill and noticed that the tip from the one on the right looked perhaps plugged from corrosion. I took a needle and inserted it into the center tip of the valve moving it back and forth a bit. Did the same with the middle valve. I put the burners back on and BAM all my burners are now at 100%. My grill hadn't been this hot in 8 years! This could be one of the reasons why so many people were complaining of low flames. If you have low flames try this trick - it may work for you! Needless to say I cleaning up the grill and I feel that I have a brand new grill! And for $800 10 years ago I feel that I could go another 10 years. Well worth the money. I just wish I had tried this a long time ago.

We have a little over a year old Jenn-Air Designer Line electric cooktop we purchased to replace a 30-year-old unit from Jenn-Air that appears to be almost identical. We purchased all accessory cartridges and purchased extended warranty from Jenn-Air for another 5 years. In the year we have had it, we had the auto fan switch explode, which regular warranty took care of. We had wanted to remove one of our two ceramic cooktop cartridges in the left channel bay of the cooktop to place our grilling element with grills to cook steaks. For whatever reason, the left ceramic cartridge refuses to release. We have had no issues taking out gently any cooking cartridge, as for years we have had Jenn-Air.

So I called Whirlpool, who holds the extended warranty for Jenn-Air to schedule a repair person to solve the problem. Imagine my frustration when I describe the problem with a CS rep for Whirlpool who has me on hold for 5 minutes to see if this is covered! Verdict is, it is NOT! It is deemed a COSMETIC issue. The grilling unit only works in the left bay channel! So I guess we grill on top of the ceramic cooktop? We spent well over $2100 for the unit and double ceramic cartridges, coil units and griddle. I am livid as this seems to be a company who does not honor their extended warranty and will do anything to get out of servicing their products.

SAFETY ISSUE: I've now had four knobs burn up/melt over the three years I've owned the house (the stove itself is 10 years old). They are made of cheap plastic. The smell is terrible when they melt. I don't know why Jenn-Air has not found a solution to this ongoing issue.

For some time the front right burner on my Jenn Air Gas Cooktop would not light and the attempts caused sparking from the other burners. Finally, the other burners stopped lighting except for manual lighting with a match. After being lit, they all sparked. Service repair person could not lift the glass top to make a repair because the 8 burner screws have rusted and disintegrated and he wouldn't take the chance of breaking the top. Jenn Air customer service will sell me 8 screws for $48 plus and they only had one company they could recommend I call and that company is not even accredited by the BBB. Customer service offered no solutions. To whom do I turn? Cooktop is only 7 years old.

We have to replace two Jenn-Air Cook Tops in 5 years. First issue, the burner switch keep broken. To fix it, Part + Labor is 270$. Even after replace a completed new cook top, 3 years after, it dead again. I will not buy any Jenn-Air Cook Tops in the rest of my life.

25 years of moderate to heavy use cooktop replacement knobs had to go generic, and grease filter replacement difficult to find after 22 years. NO PROBLEMS OR FAILURES. Oven has recently developed problem, will not come on unless temperature probe is inserted and setpoint at max. Something in the 'logic' failed, won't go into 'Clean' either. Don't know where to start looking.

We purchased a Jenn-Air downdraft slide-in range on 5/15/2015 from Filco Sacramento. It was installed on 5/26/2015. When we are broiling in the oven and cooking on the stove-top at the same time, the stove top burner control handles get so hot that they will burn your hands when you touch them. We contacted Jenn-Air Customer Service at 1-800-536-6247 and were told by their customer service representative that you are supposed to use oven mits to turn the stove-top burner controls. We previously had a Jenn-Air downdraft slide-in range prior to purchasing this new model. We never had an issue with the control handles getting so hot you can't touch them.

Bought a Jenn Air Ceramic Cooktop in November 2013. February 2014 - 3 of 5 burner switches failed - 3 months out of warranty. $250.00 for the switches and $180 for the labor. Make up your own mind about buying this product.

We purchased our stove about 10 years ago. It has an oven and the top has four burners and one of the burners can be replaced with a grille type burner. After eight years we had to replace one of the double burners, which come as one unit. Within a year one of those burners stopped working. One of the other double burners stopped working and we have to now replace it.

The rear burner stopped working first and the front burner now has a crack and the flames are emitting from the crack. Each double burners costs about $280. Not cheap. I would never buy another Jenn-Air. The part came from Whirlpool Corp in Carlisle, PA JGA810ADB.

We purchased the jenn-air gas stove top with grill along with the electric double wall oven in 1998 when we did our kitchen over. The temp on the oven(s) has never been right. We had it calibrated several times in first few years. My wife finally gave up and just sets the temp 25 degrees higher than called for. I am not a fan of gas grills but thought having a gas stove top with grill would keep everyone happy. We very rarely use it as the fan is so weak the kitchen fills with smoke and allows the grease in the smoke to dirty the ceiling. We had service done in the beginning and had a completely new fan and motor installed. Worked a hair better but still not strong enough to exhaust the smoke and grease when using the grill. We had an electric stove top for probably 10 years prior to the gas unit. Between the two and previous comments read here, I would never purchase a jenn-air again or recommend to anyone considering changing.

The wire to the spark igniter was burnt and needed to be replaced. Service man came and used black electrical tape to isolate the wire harness instead of replacing it. We are still having problem with burner.

I have a Jenn-Air oven, microwave, dishwasher & gas stove top that we purchased as a package. It was the biggest mistake ever! Not only were they very expensive, I have had nothing but problems with all of them. I can't clean the gas burners very well... and the rings around them are not removable. The glass surface which I clean after every use, has spots that can't be removed with vinegar, commercial stove top cleaners or baking soda. The oven takes forever to preheat and doesn't maintain the temperature. It took 6 months to get the microwave replaced... the first one didn't work at all, and the dishwasher fried my pans on the normal setting. Can only use the one hour setting. Their customer service is terrible. I would NEVER buy or recommend Jenn-Air... very bad experience.

One by one, the surface burner relays failed. The Jenn-Air service company's owner came out to replace the relays. Then, another relay failed. Why should these relays fail after a short period of time? As with all the other complaints, they state how much they paid for their units. Well, anymore, quality is not graded by cost. This is a shame that such a good name be smeared by poor design and workmanship.

We bought a Jenn-Air stove top with 5 gas burners. We've had nothing but problems from day one. All five of the burners have had to be replaced multiple times. The knobs are cheap plastic (not metal), so they melt and they twist and break off. We've had to replace the knobs at least 4 times since we've had this stove top for 9 years. Never buy a Jenn-Air appliance. Customer service doesn't take care of you and the warranty is not good. We paid a lot of money for repairs.

Jenn-Air JGD8345ADB stove top - We purchased the model as noted above in March this year. We are remodeling so it was not installed for several months. I noticed that the enamel was starting to come off of one of the burners so I called Jenn-Air and told them the problem. I was transferred three times only to find out that they ONLY have a one month cosmetic repair policy. Of course I talked to a supervisor and after a long discussion she said in so many words, "Sorry but that is our policy." I ordered the part from Parts Select for only around $32.00. She lost a good customer because now I will NOT purchase any more Jenn-Air appliances for my kitchen.

Worked great until I replaced the element. Now controls do not work. Can't control the burners separately as before, nor will the exhaust come on with the controls. Almost caught house on fire when I couldn't turn off burner. Got so hot, melted the grate. Jenn-Air is of no help and no support in my area or dealers that want to even work on them.

We purchased a $1,450 Jenn-Air cooktop on May 14, 2014. It was our misfortune to make the purchase before the publication of the July Consumer Reports, CR, where Jenn-Air was rated last in the electric range and electric cook-top categories. CR went so far as to issue a warning to avoid their ranges and cooktops. Our experience exceeded our worst expectations for a new product even if we had read the CR report.

The cooktop we purchased was not only defective out of the box brand new but nothing on it was functional. After three tech visits over a month period the cooktop was still out of commission. Apparently, Jenn-Air policy is to repair the cooktop instead of replacing it regardless of the inconvenience to the customer. It was only when they could not obtain a third replacement part, a wiring harness, that they decided to replace the entire cooktop. Unfortunately for us they shipped the wrong model which we would have accepted as we were desperate but it was also defective and had to be shipped back. Finally on July 1, after six weeks of surviving on a toaster oven and a microwave oven, Jenn-Air succeeded at fixing the problem by making a product exchange. The third one worked!

Since the July 2014 issue of Consumer Reports rates Jenn-Air last and lowest for reliability of electric ranges and electric cooktops (more than triple the number of repairs as the leader) one would think that their management would want to be somewhat accommodating to purchasers of Jenn-Air cooktops who are having a serious problem with their product. Not really, as I spent countless hours on the telephone trying to get the problem expedited. My experience was very similar to dealing with the bureaucracy of the Department of Defense i.e. slow and grinding pace. During the six week period in which we were without a cooktop Jenn Air offered us two $100 debit cards for all our trouble and inconvenience. If I had any idea that Jenn Air was going to drag out the repair process over six weeks I would have purchased a portable or camping type cooktop. Is it any wonder that LG, Samsung, and Bosch continue to enlarge their market share at the expense of divisions like Jenn-Air? Based on the above do you really want to risk having a similar Jenn-Air experience?

JEC8430ADB - Apparently the contractor was going broke in 2007-2008 and installed these stoves on over 400 units where I own a condo. Over the years, I have had to replace several of the control knobs (plastic and way overpriced) and have had issues with the touch pad (not yet resolved) and I know some of my neighbors have had similar issues... A very cheaply constructed item.

We purchased our Jenn-Air model JEC8430AD 30 on 30 December 2008. We thought the purchase price was reasonable at $506.24 (shipping and taxes included). During the first year, one of the burner thermostats failed. The burner is either on high or off. There are only two of us in the house so we can get along with just three burners. It is now 22 March 2014 and we have decided to replace the cooktop. The knobs are the cheapest imaginable bits of plastic junk. They can't possibly cost more than a few cents to produce but replacements were priced at $22.80 each. We live in Canada so HST is included.

For most of the five years we have owned this cooktop, we have not had all four knobs working. If we had replaced the knobs as they failed, we would have had more invested in replacement knobs than we paid for the cooktop. I wouldn't recommend this cooktop to anyone but, while shopping for a replacement, I have learned that there are many other manufacturers using similar knobs. If you are shopping for a new range pull off a knob and look at it closely. If it is all plastic with a small metal insert don't even consider buying the cooktop.

Within one month of purchasing our glass cooktop, all four of the knobs were broken. The cost was $75 to replace them. The knobs look metal; however, they are plastic. We have now gone through 4 sets of knobs totaling $300. We have resorted to using pliers to turn the stove off and on. This stove is a nightmare! We contacted Jenn-Air and didn't get any help. I will never buy another Jenn-Air product again!

I bought my Jenn-Air cooktop recently and it was recently installed. It worked four times. Then, the ignition of the two right burners stopped working (and flipped a fuse along with it). I called Jenn-Air and they sent out service technicians that don't have the parts to repair it. They'll have to come out another day. That's two days of missed work because JennAir delivers faulty product. On top of all this, Customer Service is terrible. They don't do anything to fix the product other than send out the repair guy. No remorse for selling products that break immediately. This was an $800 cooktop. I expect it to not be a disposable item. Thirdly, customer service repeatedly asked for the serial number. I told them I didn't have it yet. He put me on hold for 10 minutes to call the technician to get it, after repeating myself that the technician nor I had the number. No one should buy Jenn-Air products. They're essentially DOA.

I bought a gas Jenn-Air Glass cooktop from Pacific Sales in April 2012. After several weeks used, I noticed the ignition keeps clicking even after the burner lid. Eventually, all five burners striking at all the time. I read online that some repair technician wrote that the problem could be repaired by clean out fluid in the ignition module. Therefore, I grasped the Dust Blow can, the compressed cold air that I blow dust off the computer, to blow at the module area. Suddenly, a loud explosion in my face, the glass shattered and flew all over the kitchen. Luckily, it happened to me instead of my wife. She would have been terrified to enter the kitchen after this incident. I want to prevent anyone to have to go through this terrifying experience, especially a woman. From the back label, it indicated this is a Whirlpool manufacturer, but Jenn-Air product name.

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