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April 27, 2006. My husband and I decided to add a sunroom addition to the back of our house. We decided to go with your Company Four Season. The size of the sunroom we purchase was x by x and the style was **. The total cost of the sunroom was $60,000. (Exclusion was steps on both sides, installing floor such as carpet, vinyl or hardwood flooring, sheet rock, sanding and painting the interior wall and installing the electrical). The cost of the sunroom was like buying our house all over again so we expected perfection and we got everything but that.

The crew was unprofessional and left the yard a mess. Some days they would call us and tell us they were coming out and they would not show. Sometimes they showed up for 2 hours and then leave. I did not understand that. When we paid your company that kind of money you would think someone would show up daily and work a full day until the job was done. (My husband and his crew would and could have done a better job than your crew).

When your company installed our air condition/heating system your crew installed it on the wrong side. My husband even gave them a drawing showing them where to install it. Your company offers us $150 dollars if we left it where they installed it due to the involvement of removing it and placing it where it should have been. I told them that it was an insult and I wanted them to deduct $500 dollars. I told them for having something installed on the wrong side that $500 dollars was being reasonable especially when we paid $60,000 for the sunroom. I told them if they did not agree then I wanted the heating system put in the original place that we requested. They agreed and they deducted the $500 off the original price of the sunroom.

Then the sunroom screens were damage because the crew did not secure them properly and they fell over hitting our pool during a windy day. Our sliding door was also damage. The screens were replaced but we are still waiting on our sliding door to be replaced. It took a couple of weeks until your company decided to order us another door. It seems as if everyone had to come out and look at the door before making a decision on replacing the door.

Then the rain came. Our sunroom leaked all around the top inner area. It leaked at the peak down onto the sheet rock that my husband put up. A crew came out and said that holes should have been drilled so the water would run down the drain. That was done and then it rain again and our sunroom still leaks. They came out again and worked on the sunroom once again. The rain came and it is still leaking. They said they would be out to take care of everything on April 27th. No one came out and when my husband called he was told your company meant next Thursday, May 4th and not this Thursday. Apparently they wanted to do everything at once and that is when the sliding door is supposed to come in. My husband wanted to know what to do between now and next Thursday if it were to rain. Our sheet rock for the wall is getting ruin.

We have talked too many high level people and dealt with many of your workers. I feel like we are getting the run around and I am sick of it. I paid too much money to be treated like this and I feel if your company can't compensate us in some way or fix the sunroom right then they can take it down and give use our money back because we our fed up. I would not recommend your Company Four Season to anyone and I am sorry I feel this way because I really thought I was going with the best and boy I was in for a shock.

Update: January 11, 2007. I was not going to send this letter to Consumer Protection Division but my patience has ran out. My sunroom is still leaking and now I have a heating and air condition system and the heating system is not working. I paid $60,000 for our sunroom. It may not seem a lot to some people but it is a lot for an average family. I just want my leak in my sunroom and our heating system fix. That does not seem too much to asked. My husband had called the vice president, Brian, once and a co-worker, Dennis, to address the issue.

Update: October 4, 2016. This sunroom is still leaking from heavy rains the last past day and my floor is falling through. Though I had my sunroom installed in April of 2006, I never got to enjoy it at all. It only looks nice but what a nightmare. I think I will see about a class action suit into this matter. Everyone one of us should be compensated for what we did not get. Yet, I still paying on this nightmare. Something needs to be done.

I purchased two sunrooms (at the same time) in 2012 from Four Seasons Sunrooms in Springfield MO. While the product itself is nice enough, customer service beginning from the time of construction and continuing to now is the worst I have ever encountered. Warranty repairs are not made, phone calls are not returned, appointments not kept, and the people who answer the phone seem to know nothing at all about the product or the business and simply promise "we'll call you right back". Which doesn't happen. I would not do business with this company again.

We had a sunroom built a few years back. It was built on the south side of our house. You can incubate chickens in that room during the summer. It never occurred to me that the salesperson should have told us not to get an all glass sunroom because of the heat. Well we tinted the windows which cost us a fortune. It helps a little but not much. Shades would cost thousands of dollars so the room is hardly used in the summer. We have leaks in the sunroom as well. I wish I could tear the whole thing down but that would be a waste of $30,000. I should have extended my kitchen and forgotten about the sunroom.

I purchased kitchen cabinets from Four Seasons in December 2015. I was won over at my first meeting with our Four Seasons salesman. He was charming, knowledgeable and had great ideas. He sold me on the turnaround time and workmanship of his company and quality of their cabinets. I was so impressed that I purchased that day. I was impressed and naïve. At our second meeting, the romance ended. I was informed by the project manager that the cabinets I chose were no longer being manufactured. Moreover, the turnaround time for delivery of the cabinets was double what I was originally told. But it was too late for me to walk away from the deal because my contractor was starting the following week.

When the cabinets were finally delivered, there were missing pieces and defective parts. When project manager came to inspect, he told us that “there was nothing they could do” about the defective pieces, and he would order the missing ones. When we raised hell, we were told that they would find a satisfactory resolution – we are still waiting to be satisfied. When the missing pieces were finally delivered, they were still defective and one was not glazed.

We called again, and it took more than 2 days for the project manager to call back. When he did, all he said was that he was going to see what he could do. As of the date of this review (7 weeks from our last call), we have not yet heard back from the project manager. I have nothing but praise for our salesman. He was very helpful in designing my kitchen and he sincerely apologized for all of the problems. The rest of the company, well let’s just say I won’t be getting any more cabinets from them. They were a huge and costly disappointment.

Bought the Four Seasons Sunroom 3 years ago and it turn out to be a bunch of junk. Can't get the people from Sunroom of Nebraska to come out and do this room right as it's settling and now we don't even use the room. Roof leaks, window can't open plus other problems. We are taking them to court.

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We purchased a home with a Four Seasons Sunrooms. Well it was summer and it was quite hot in there but that's what I expect when I go into a greenhouse. The rains came, this thing leaked from 20 places. As I investigated it further I found that the leaks had rotted out all the main beams that supported the structure. (It's on the second story.) Rot and termites. I had to restructure the entire second floor. As a contractor for over 40 years with all the right tools and skills I tore off the entire thing. My personal opinion is these things are trash.

Very disappointed with our custom built sunroom from Four Seasons Sunrooms out of Albuquerque, NM. My wife and I did our research and found the good reviews of Four Seasons Sunrooms to be good so we went with them since we wanted a custom built sunroom. Oh was we wrong. We had the sales rep/designer come out and give us information about our space. We did not give him a set price we just told him what we wanted and this is the results. We now have a sunroom with holes in the door in which you are able to see inside out where dust, insects, and wind is able to enter. We have a cooling/heating unit that will not heat the area plus very noises.

I contacted the company and they sent out an HVAC team and the answer we got back was if we let it run for 2-3 days, it will warm up and put carpet on the floor. My question is when the designer came out to survey the area why did he not recommend a different unit for the space and construction. I requested that they come out and remove the unit and give me credit since this was done in Oct/Dec and we only used it once. I also informed them that we would have our own unit installed. That's been over a week ago still have not heard back from the company. The same with the holes in the two doors they sent out a repairman to repair and he was not able to do the repair. He wanted to fill it with putty to fix the problem. Just remember this is a custom built sunroom. We are so disappointed in their work. Now we are not able to get the company to respond to our emails.

Updated 8/26/2016: I am only home from Korea for a month for the summer so I coordinated the repairs and problem issues I have before coming home. I contacted Four Seasons to let them know my schedule. They did send a service tech down to repair the leaking doors. He was able to fix the water leak at the bottom. I explain to him that I have two holes at the top of the door. He explain that he could not fix the holes and that I should not expect the room to be perfect. I had a problem understanding that remark since it is a custom built room. The holes are still there. I was corresponding with the person in charge to have the heating/cooling either fix are replaced. He stated in his last email to me that he was checking the warehouse for one. But since that date 11 August, I have not heard from him. He won't answer my emails again.

I notice that my last review received over 17000 hits, I hope this review with help others in making their decisions when they are in the market for a sunroom. At this point I don't expect them to make good on the junk they installed in my home. To add we use this unit for one week and our electric bill increased $150.00. One of the things that I hate is while my wife and I are serving our country in South Korea and with the stress we have, we are having to deal with a sub-standard company causing us stress here for something we paid good money for.

Four Seasons was hired to build a sunroom to enclose a hot tub in 2014. It is now Jan 2016 and the job was not completed or up to town code. They also attempted to intimidate me by insisting I sign a new contract or they wouldn't finish the work. Needless to say, I refused to be taken advantage of. They have recently stated that they refuse to complete the project and want the final payment.

We had a 440 square sun room by Four Seasons Sunrooms installed in 2008. It took several months longer to install than promised. We've had leaks since installation. They fixed them during the first year but it took numerous calls and visits over a 6-month period. For the last three years we've had consistent leaking. We've had furniture damage. We're contracting someone else to repair the roof as Four Seasons Sunrooms has not been responsive. The contractor that's going to repair the roof has shown me photos of the roof. The workmanship is absolutely terrible. I'm embarrassed that I simply trusted them to do a decent job and didn't inspect myself when it was being installed nor did I coordinate any supervision from a 3rd party. I've learned my lesson. Our experience with Four Seasons Sunrooms has not been good.

As stated by many, this company has no motivation other than taking your money. Our 4SSR was installed in 1999 and I have tried till I gave up to have the company fix the leaks. The company left the area, no phone, no help. Now the opening windows must be replaced since the cranks are all broken and you cannot order parts. It's freezing and sucking the heat from the rest of the house in the winter, and you could fry an egg on the counters in the summer. What to do with this $25K mistake? So pretty, yet so terrible.

Does anyone have issues with the efficiency of their Conservaglass? My room is brutal in summer and miserably cold in winter. Unfortunately the company has done nothing... Appts made but not kept and nothing but a lot of talk and I quote, "Gee this has never happened before", which is bull...

We had a four season sunroom added to our kitchen about 15 years ago. From day 1 the sunroom leaked. Contractor came out about 5 times to fix, then skipped the country. We had to replace the walls and floor about year 5. We had the windows replaced about year 9. We are now replacing the rotting walls and floors again. I have written so many letters to 4 Seasons they must have blocked me by now. I did get one response from them when they told me to try another contractor when my windows began to fog up. This sunroom is over half my kitchen. This whole business has been a bad dream, and makes me sick to my stomach when it starts raining. DO NOT GET A 4 Seasons sunroom.

Glass broke for no good reason, cost 1000.00 to fix. They do not back their product. And also have a chip corner of windows, the seal is broken and has been for years. They won't stand behind that. Really regret putting the sunroom in. Had no idea they would do this.

This was a nightmare from the beginning. From the day they told us the sunroom was "water tight". The next day it rained and buckets of rain came in through the roof where they had to build it up (the corner that met with the rest of the house). We called them to fix it multiple times and they would redo it and still buckets of rain would come through. Finally my husband redid it himself (he used to do construction) and it stopped leaking. After much debate he gave us $1000 off. Big deal. We have a glass roof and there's always a new leak springing up. Every year it comes from a different spot in addition to the slider where it always leaks.

There's actually a hole on the side of the slider where you can see daylight! This year we had an ice dam and got lots of water in. So we decided to redo the sunroom ourselves and make it a regular room at our own expense. I've emailed the company multiple times and they refused to help us. They say the warranty is only good on the glass. This "Four Season" sunroom is stifling in the summer and freezing in winter. It makes our whole house cold all winter which is another reason we are removing it. You can actually feel a breeze off the windows. In summer, its like a greenhouse. It's so hot you will be nauseous if you don't have the A/C pumping in there. All in all a HUGE mistake.

We met with a rep today. The "lifetime" warranty is not. Turns out it is only for 20 years. We would qualify for a credit if we buy a very expensive replacement, but that same credit is not available if we only replace the failing glass. Which is failing from the inside out, with the sun-block coating that is between the pieces of glass peeling. Looks horrible. The heat in the sunroom is unbearable, even on an overcast day. This sunroom is an eye sore.

We had a conservatory built by Four Seasons authorized dealer (Mesko Glass) in 2008. Due to a design flaw the caps on the roof break whenever there is snow. Mesko did fix it for the first 2 years (first by using glue and then by drilling it). However the fix is short term and broke again after winter. Mesko says it's a design flaw and won't repair it any more. Four Seasons is aware of the flaw but they won't do anything about it. They don't stand behind their product. This is hardly what you expect after spending close to $50000 on the room.

The company did not perform to a proper commercial standard, tried to overbill us, and would not even warranty their own work. After changing the plans, without having a discussion with us, they placed much of the large new skylight under and eve of the roof, which was not in the plans we approved. They tried to tell us that changes to the plans without our authorization was ok if they deemed it acceptable by the project manager, who was rarely onsite. We then had to cut out the eve of our roof and we felt that we should only should pay for half of their $2400 fee they wanted to charge us for their mess up.

The regular absence of the project manager to coordinate subcontractors was a regular occurrence and we often had to manage this. The only bright spot was the design architect who did everything to try and manage the situation but in the end could only do so much. We have renovated many times and have found this to be one of our worst experiences.

Before you consider doing business with any Four seasons Sunroom dealers, read this. Most people agree there are good and bad owners and sub-contractors in any home improvement industry. Well I am here to tell you that I was a sub-contractor for a Four Seasons franchise in Florida and it was worst work situation I have ever been in. It was a bad experience all the way around. I ignored a lot of "red flags" because of the "clout" of the long standing solid FOUR SEASONS name. I worked hard to produce the best product I could and just got deeper in their **.

To start, every time (almost always) the job was mis-sold, mis-measured, mis-ordered, mis-shipped, or back ordered. It took weeks upon weeks to get it resolved and completed/paid since their shipment is from one location in NY once a week. The whole experience started with the typical "word of honor" stuff and ended up needing an attorney for unpaid labor invoices. Once the franchise failed miserably, the owner, KEN BIDDLE, went to work for Four Seasons corporate office. Now this character is training franchise owners for the entire southern region. Do you want to wager a guess what this corporation is condoning if not encouraging to teach new franchise owners? Good luck with your warranty and leak issues when the installers responsible for the build have as many issues against Four Season and their franchises as you do.

2007 had room built. 6 months later small leak. Called contractor and main company. Put better flashing up. 2014 leak same area, kitchen ceiling repaired, kitchen wall all wet; bathroom ceiling dripping. Called Main Office, not their problem. Call franchise contractor who did work. Surprise closed up 2 years ago. 3/5/15 almost killed myself. Went out didn't realize leaking numerous areas, floor was a sheet of ice. Reading all these problems everyone is having we cannot legally do anything or can homeowners insurance go after them. 12x30 room cost me $60,000. I'm sure my original walls are nothing but mold and I can't afford anything more. The contractors that all of us hired represent Four Seasons Sunrooms right?

We got a Four Seasons sun room installed four years ago and enjoy it BUT during the winter we have huge ice buildup on the windows where water drips from the roof. I have to go out every day and use a hammer to remove it or water backs under the windows into the room. Has anyone solved this problem?

The company listed on my complaint Jan 2013 has resolved my complaint, paid me for my expenses and repaired problems I had.

Have you ever tried to order parts - hardware to replace damaged parts. I went through the computer search and the only thing they did was try to sell me one. Their system should more customer responsible. Maybe some day I'll get my parts?????

My wife and I have a life time warranty on our Sunroom. We are having problems with our door going into the Sunroom. The company that we contracted with is out of Business and we don't know where to go for any repairs that are needed. We have a loan though Enerbank and we still have to make payment to them with no one to help us. Can anyone help us? We have a lien on our house because the company didn't pay the Electrical contractor. We have tried to get other companies to come to our home. No one will come and help. Anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated.

Our sunroom has leaked persistently and we have trouble getting contractors to help. They make an appointment and don't show up.

I sent an inquiry on-line for an on-site estimation to build a sun-room at backyard. A phone call from their New York office followed the next day. An on-site estimation was scheduled for the following Wednesday 4-6 PM. I took time off from work and waited to 6:30 PM. Nobody showed up. Then I called the New York office ask for why. The gentleman apologized and re-schedule an appointment at 10 Am the following Saturday. Again nobody showed up Saturday morning. I had never dealt a business like this before. It's not worth of time to do business with them. Never!

As with many of the other commenters, the house we purchased 3.5 years ago had a Four Seasons sunroom attached. We absolutely loved the idea of the room and it definitely contributed to our decision to purchase the house. This summer we noticed a leak in the roof. We contacted a local Four Seasons dealer and requested a quote for repair. Before they would issue a quote, they required someone to come out and look at the structure which would cost $281 plus tax, but if we went ahead with the repair, we would receive a credit for 50% of that service call.

Since I was having no luck getting any other contractors out to have a look, I agreed to pay the $281. The serviceman showed up at my house, took a quick look at the structure from inside (no exploratory investigation, just a quick 10 second look and a count of the number of panes in the roof). He then told me that they could do a very quick repair for $2000 but they would not even warranty that type of repair. They said it could last a month or a few years. They had no idea. So I asked how much it would cost to repair the entire roof properly and was absolutely shocked to hear the response of $9,500!!!

The room cost $50,000 brand new and was only 13 years old and yet required a $10,000 repair???? I could not believe what I was hearing. Needless to say I did not go ahead with the repair. I am now looking to see what I can do myself and if I'm not going to be able to repair it, I will likely look to have it torn down. What a waste for something that should be such a beautiful room. I am very disappointed and I hope based on my experiences and those that are described on this site that no one else gets ripped off and selects another manufacturer for such a structure!

We are so pleased with our new sunroom from Four Seasons. The general contractor and franchisee Neal ** was extremely professional and helpful in designing a sunroom that would fit with our country style home. Neal kept us updated on the material delivery as well as making sure all work was performed as scheduled. The production manager and workers were all very professional, hardworking and efficient - plus did an excellent job of cleaning up on a daily basis. We are impressed with the quality and design and looking forward to spending a lot of time in our new sunroom. We would highly recommend this company and product to everyone. Thank you for such a pleasurable experience!

We've been waiting for "three" months to have our sunroom completed!!! The concrete has been laid (after 6 weeks) to this day NOTHING else has been done!!! We can't even get them on the phone!!! We started this project in June - it's almost Sept.!

Purchased Four Seasons Sunrooms Product for installation to start early April (4/8/14). The result was very poor workmanship, little or no supervision even though I had concerns the first day and communicated that to both the Project Manager and General Manager at vendor (Home Resort Living of AZ, Phoenix Office). Long story short: two failed electrical inspections, one electrical code violation (314.29) 3 punch lists by PM, GM and my own by multiple personnel and 124 days later (8/11/14) did I finally end up with a good not great patio enclosure. To get an acceptable outcome, I had to apply pressure through their financial partner and parent owner company (DreamStyle Remodeling in Albuquerque, N.M). The end result the Phoenix office and "their" personnel were removed from project and work completed by other personnel from Prescott office.

In summary Four Season Sunrooms do business as many different companies and ROC #s. That alone may not be a large problem but in Phoenix it is. As a result, I now have a re-built enclosure with new sills, channels, panel: all re-sealed, new electrical, that has been caulked/sealed and massaged into an acceptable end product, Good not great, not near the value I expected. I was lucky to find an office (Prescott, AZ) with qualified/skill workers to help resolve an initial horrible result. I believe the Four Seasons Solar Products (Holbrook, NY) DBA Four Seasons Sunrooms lack control of their vendors/sub-contractors. I was lucky, working with Prescott, AZ and Albuquerque, N.M. I would not recommend Four Season Sunroom products due to variability in workmanship of vendors. It should not take 124 days to complete a 2-4 days scope of work.

I worked in this company before, this was a terrible experience. You cant believe they still owe me money even I left there year ago. They refuse to pay my salary, commission and my expenses. I was a window sales, I really know how bad Four Season windows are. They are saying they make window by themselves which is not true, they buy window from somebody else. That's why their lead time is very long, usually more than 45 days. They don't have their own installer, they just hire some contractors. When the window sales come to your home, they will show you a pic of their big factory which they have. But you cant imagine there is less than 10 workers working in that factory, the factory is empty.

Also their price is ridiculous, they would offer you 3 prices : 1 year price 30 day price and today price, absolutely today price is the cheapest one. And they will say today price is only good for today and they will give a lot of reason to you to explain why the price is only good for today. The funniest thing about this company is they never try to train their sales person about construction knowledge, the sales in this company know nothing about construction. Only thing they know is to fake to be professional. People, get away from them. Don't waste your time.

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Four Seasons Sunrooms was established in 1975 as a greenhouse supplier, and Latium USA bought the company in 2006. Four Seasons’ headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Holbrook, N.Y. The company manufactures and installs sunrooms, patio rooms, patios, retractable awnings and more.

  • CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™: Four Seasons uses CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ glass for construction. The glass is coated with special glazes to make the windows more energy efficient and easier to clean.
  • Upgradable options: Consumers can have a screened in patio room added to their home and then upgrade it to a seasonal or year-round sunroom later. This option allows customers to upgrade their home slowly over time.
  • Local installers: Four Seasons Sunrooms has local retailers who install their sunrooms. These local professionals are familiar with the building codes in their area as well as any challenges presented by the geography or climate. They can help homeowners select a Four Seasons product that suits their area.
  • Warranties: All Four Seasons sunrooms, conservatories and patio rooms come with warranties that are transferable to new homeowners if the house is sold. CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ is covered for 20 years against breakage.
  • Free consultations: Interested consumers can request an in-home consultation and quote using an online form. Those who schedule consultations receive special discounts if they choose to purchase a sunroom or other product.
  • Best for Four Seasons Sunrooms are best for homeowners looking for choices in sunroom additions and local service.

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