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What is the difference between ADT and Xfinity?

ADT and Xfinity offer smart-home security solutions across the nation. ADT has more than 145 years of experience in the security industry, making them a well-known name to most people looking for security solutions. Xfinity started as an internet and TV company and is just getting into this side of the industry, so its services are relatively new but more affordable. This guide outlines the details of each company and their services to help you make an educated purchasing decision.

Installation and cost

adt logoxfinity logo
Installation typeProfessionalProfessional
Installation fee$99 to $199 (may be included in package price)$100
Upfront cost$599 to $1,049 upfront OR $9.98 to $17.48 monthly for 60 monthsEquipment cost of $360 to $600+; financing available
Trial periodSix-month money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Contract terms36 months (60 months if financing equipment)Two years
adt logoProfessional$99 to $199 (may be included in package price)$599 to $1,049 upfront OR $9.98 to $17.48 monthly for 60 monthsSix-month money-back guarantee36 months (60 months if financing equipment)
xfinity logoProfessional$100Equipment cost of $360 to $600+; financing available30-day money-back guaranteeTwo years

Monitoring plans and pricing

adt logoxfinity logo
Monitoring price range$28.99 to $57.99$30+
Monitoring optionsProfessionalProfessional and self-monitored
Self-monitoringSelf protection feature available (live recorded video) for $10/month
Upgraded self-monitoring
24/7 professional monitoringStarting at $45.99$30+
Upgraded professional monitoring$57.99/month$40+
adt logo$28.99 to $57.99ProfessionalStarting at $45.99$57.99/month
xfinity logo$30+Professional and self-monitoredSelf protection feature available (live recorded video) for $10/month$30+$40+

Security equipment

adt logoxfinity logo
Wired or wireless?Wired and wirelessWireless
Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
Video doorbell
Control panel
Motion sensor
Entry sensor
Glass break sensor
Keychain remote
SirenNot listedNot specified
Panic buttonNot listedVia touch-screen control panel
Yard sign
adt logoWired and wirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasNot listedNot listed
xfinity logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasNot specifiedVia touch-screen control panel

Smart-home features

adt logoxfinity logo
Smart locksCompatible with August, Kwikset and Yale
Smart lightsCompatible with GE (Jasco), Leviton, LIFX, Lutron Castéta, Phillips Hue, Sengled
Smart thermostatCompatible with Carrier Cor, ecobee, Zen
Garage door controlCompatible with Chamberlain LiftMaster
Temperature sensor
Water sensor
Smoke detector
CO2 detector
adt logo
xfinity logoCompatible with August, Kwikset and YaleCompatible with GE (Jasco), Leviton, LIFX, Lutron Castéta, Phillips Hue, SengledCompatible with Carrier Cor, ecobee, ZenCompatible with Chamberlain LiftMaster


adt logoxfinity logo
Mobile appMyADT Mobile App for account management; ADT Control for system management
Mobile app monitoringYes, via ADT Control app
iOS rating4.8 for MyADT; 4.8 for ADT Control4.4
Android rating4.4 for MyADT; 4.8 for ADT Control4.5
Notification/alert optionsApp, text and emailText, email, push and TV
Home automation capabilities
Voice integration
Amazon Alexa
Google HomeNot specified
Other integrationsSmartThingsNot specified
adt logoMyADT Mobile App for account management; ADT Control for system managementYes, via ADT Control app4.8 for MyADT; 4.8 for ADT Control4.4 for MyADT; 4.8 for ADT ControlApp, text and emailSmartThings
xfinity logo4.44.5Text, email, push and TVNot specifiedNot specified

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

adt logoxfinity logo
Overall star rating4.151.61
Verified customer reviewsADT reviewsXfinity Home reviews
adt logo4.15ADT reviews
xfinity logo1.61Xfinity Home reviews

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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    ADT is a nationwide security company that specializes in smart-home security. ADT sells security packages at three different price ranges to give customers more flexibility with their options. When customers buy a package, the installation is included in the price. Other benefits include a 30-day trial and a six-month product guarantee. While ADT can be expensive, the benefits outweigh the overall cost for some customers.

    ADT packages

    • Secure Package: The Secure Package starts at $599 and includes a control panel, a motion detector and three door/window alarms. Customers can add additional equipment for an affordable price. Monthly financing is also available and starts at $9.98 per month for 60 months.
    • Smart Package: The Smart Package starts at $919. This package comes with the equipment from the Secure Package and a smart door lock and a smart plug. For financing, customers can pay $15.32 per month for 60 months.
    • Complete Package: The Complete Package starts at $1,049. This package comes with the entire line of equipment from the Secure and Smart Packages and adds an indoor camera and a video doorbell. The company offers 60-month financing starting at  $17.48 per month.

    What ADT customers say

    ADT has an overall positive rating on ConsumerAffairs. Many happy customers cite a positive installation experience with technicians that clearly explain the ins and outs of the system. Some customer reviews do note issues with false alarms and difficulty canceling the service. Customer service reports were mixed, but many customers commented on polite, respectful interactions and fast service.

    ADT responded real quick when I applied. They were respectful and hooked the system up real quick. They also explained everything. I don’t have any difficulty with the system. I just put my code in and if we go up, I just turn it off.”

    Kristy of Amarillo, TX


    Xfinity is known for its wireless solutions, but the company has recently emerged in the security space with smart-home security systems. It has a fairly wide product range, but there are a few significant gaps — the company does not currently offer a video doorbell, for instance. The company is still a good option for many people because there’s no upfront cost and the company has relatively affordable monthly fees. Many of the purchases include additional features like internet and TV access, which can help customers streamline everything wireless in one place. All purchases include a 30-day guarantee.

    Xfinity packages

    • Base Home System: The Base Home System is $15 a month for 24 months or a one-time payment of $360. This is considered to be a good choice for homes with one or two entrances. This package includes a touch-screen controller, three door/window sensors, a pet-friendly motion sensor and a yard sign.
    • Complete Home System: For $20 a month for 24 months or a one-time payment of $480, customers can get the Complete Home System. This package includes a touch-screen controller, five door/window sensors, a pet-friendly motion sensor, a wireless keypad, an indoor/outdoor camera and a yard sign.
    • Ultimate Home System: The Ultimate Home System costs $25 a month for 24 months or requires a one-time payment of $600. This package is Xfinity’s most robust and comes with a touch-screen controller, 10 door/window sensors, a pet-friendly motion sensor, a wireless keypad, two indoor/outdoor cameras and a yard sign.

    What Xfinity customers say

    Xfinity has mixed reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Customers who enjoy the service frequently comment on the HD cameras, mobile app control and competitive pricing, calling the equipment and service a good value. Other customers express frustration with customer service-related issues, including being passed from rep to rep to get their issues resolved.

    I do like my Xfinity Home security service. I like the keypad by the door and how I can set it when I leave and when I go to bed each night. I'm glad I've never had an intruder but I know if I did I could count on Xfinity Home security service to keep me safe and send the authorities in a hurried manner.”

    Britain of Smyrna, TN

    Bottom line: ADT or Xfinity?

    Where ADT and Xfinity really differ is in the product selection and price point. Xfinity does offer a DIY monitoring option for $10 a month, so that can be a good selling point for some customers. ADT offers video doorbells, which are a common security solution. Comparing the two is difficult, but weighing your needs and your budget is the best way to find the right solution for you when choosing between ADT and Xfinity.

    • ADT is best for someone who wants a well-rounded security solution (and can afford it).
    • Xfinity is best for someone who wants to streamline all of their wireless solutions in one easy place.
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