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Janet of Bartlett, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I made a purchase of custom flat shades for my kitchen, dining room, 2 sets of french doors, 1 large shade above french doors in kitchen, one large shade above the three windows in my dining room, 2 shades also mounted above trim in my living room finally 1 blind for a single door in my living room. The cost amounting to almost $6000.00. I called three days after install with issues that needed to be addressed.

The large shade in the dining room over the three windows is not straight, there are no corner returns so the end of the shade especially the ones over the trim show bright white wood instead of material. One of the kitchen blinds had a spot so they order a new one with the wrong cord. The installer put it up left in a hurry with my other shade and I had to take the spotted one back and he ruined that cord. I had a second opinion from BJ Blinds and Drapery's on my issues. She was appalled. My first contact with "Steve **" was about a week after install he sent the installer to my home to take pictures twice and said he sees nothing wrong!! Maybe he should look at them in my home rather than making that decision from his office in California REALLY...

I called again customer care and filed a second complaint and asked that Steve ** not be involved because he's no help! So who calls me Steve **. I told him I really did not want to deal with him. He said he'd pass that on. No calls to help me since. They are not a company that stands by their product. Once they have your money you're dead to them. I blame myself for not reading the other reviews. I'm a senior citizen and live on a fixed income. I saved over two years for my window treatments. SHAME ON THEM!!!

Edith of Richardson, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered roller blinds for my (whole) home. The consultant was lovely but I waited more than one month for word that the shades were ready for my home. Finally, I called the consultant back - they had the wrong telephone number. I asked the consultant to change it. She said she did. Again, I waited. Called her back. No response this time. Called the company. Not customer service friendly at all. Finally got a partial install. The installer reeked of cigarette smoke. Left blinds uninstalled. I called company back. Again, not customer friendly. Second phase install. The texture of the blinds didn't match those that had already been installed. Called customer service. No help. Just open a ticket. Oh, they still had the wrong phone number. Finally got someone to listen, and here comes consultant to help me re-select 7 blinds. Waiting again. 3+ months of this and I'm tired of their snotty, irritable customer service people. Also know that the installation people are a separate company - NEVER AGAIN.

R. Z. of Round Rock, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Please, please, consider not making any deals with this company. They are terribly expensive. Their products are not worth thousands of dollars. I was told I didn't have to pay the balance until the installation was all done. They came to install the blinds, and one of the panels was missing pins, the installer left in a rush leaving the panel on the floor without even saying goodbye. The company sent me an email about paying the balance saying that it was due before the installation. I paid it all, and 2 weeks later the job still was not done. Anyone would think that as a courtesy you won't pay a balance until all services are complete. I had to call them numerous times to have them "finish" the order, as of today I am still waiting for someone to call me back. Worse company ever. May as well just throw your money in the garbage. Very expensive and not worth it!

Janis of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I wish I had done more research on companies, especially 3 Day Blinds, as I have now seen many complaints about the "customer satisfaction" they supposedly guarantee with every mission statement at the bottom of every form and correspondence! I'm appalled they have an A+ rating on the BBB, as this is not reflected on ratings and comments I've seen. I had the usual experience of a very nice and helpful sales rep. Presley ** come to my home, measure and show me choices for venetian window/door blinds for my entire house, contract to sell me such, with a credit card for 1/2 down payment of $3,000 - unbeknownst to me this included an auto charge for the remainder of the blinds upon installation. Never recommend this, as I learned limits your dispute chances w/o great effort on your part to dispute it with your credit card company!

The blinds arrived, installed and the French door blinds had to be moved as they were interfering w/ the doors opening completely, the windows installed on an outside mount, which the sales rep recommended for total darkness in my bedrooms and entertainment room - they have total light leak around all windows. 3 Day Blinds blamed the installers that it was a new/different type of process, therefore not their fault. I was given only the choice of new replacement blinds, at my expense, 30% off and had to do it within 30 days, only after great problems contacting them. As another customer put it, they lost my business after spending over $6,000. Do Not do business with this company. Very poor "customer service".

Nancy of Goleta, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered blinds from 3 Day Blinds for my home that I had just remodeled, and the quality of the more expensive blinds was extremely poor. I had pinch pleated blinds put in on my French doors and windows in my living room and the first time I tried to raise them the pull fell apart in my hand. The installer told me to use a little glue on it. The dark "wooden" blinds in my bedrooms were put in backwards. I complained and they sent a different installer that apologized and rehung them properly along with rehanging the French door blinds that were extremely crooked. The only ones that have stood up are the least expensive white ones. All in all I won't buy from them again.

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Martha of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order to provide window coverings for my entire home. The total came to $4000. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, the sales person was fine and they were completed in a timely manner. Upon installation, I noticed some imperfections with the vertical blinds I got for our sliding door. I had ordered the fabric covered slats. I'm not a fan of vertical blinds, but that was the only affordable option. Within a week it was apparent that these blinds were cheap and not going to hold up for any amount of time. They were uneven on the bottom and the slats were starting to break from the holder on top.

I called customer service and was told they could replace them. I asked why I would want to replace a cheap and defective product with what would most likely be another cheap and defective product. I wanted my money back. This individual refused to offer a refund and became rude. I asked to speak to his supervisor and as told someone would call me back. After a couple days, I called them and finally spoke with someone who assured me that I would receive a refund. Which I did. Finally. Will never use 3 Day Blinds again. The product is cheap and poorly made. Like most things these days.

frances of Worcester, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I allowed a salesperson to enter my home, show me options, products. She measured my windows, had me pick out options. She pressured me into using my credit card. I did not feel comfortable doing so. Being a widow and on a limited budget I thought it would work out. I did not check any boxes, nor did I authorize for 3 Day Blinds to charge my credit card again. They did anyway. I have never received a thing in the mail, stating they would be charging my credit card for the balance. The paperwork I received clearly stated that I did owe the balance until the product was installed. The sales consultant arrived at my home on 9/28/2016. As of this date, 12/8/2016 the 3 Day Blinds company took all my money, I have no blinds!!!

R of Oakland, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

When our shutters were installed they had defects. They offered to replace one of several that had defects even after sending their factory rep out to confirm the problem. They want us to pay for new shutters instead. After weeks of talking in circles with people who say they want to help we're nowhere close to resolution and extremely dissatisfied and frustrated. Do NOT do business with this company. This is not a local rep issue. She was great. This is a systemic corporate issue. These are the worst kind of people to work with and you will regret spending your money on them.

Ty of Trophy Club, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I met with the sales rep and placed the order. My card was charged and I was given a delivery date and install date. Then she went silent. Three weeks later I tried to contact her but only got her voicemail. She didn't return calls or respond to email. I contacted Corporate and they informed me that my order was "on hold" because the Rep never finalized the order. They took it off hold. Two weeks later I was notified that the installer would be available. We set a date and it went without a hitch, yet I was still missing two blinds. As I dug into the details of the missing blinds, I learned that they had double-charge my card for these two items. They reversed the charge and promised a delivery date for 4-weeks later. Here I am six weeks later and it's still silence from 3 Day Blinds. The status on their website says the blinds are still being manufactured.

Charles of Surprise, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

They were 4 weeks late installing. They put the remainder of the payment on my card without even a phone call. When I called to ask them to put the final payment on a different card they said that they could not do that because they couldn't issue a credit to the original card. Are you kidding me! Some of the wood blinds were suppose to be textured but after the order we were told that they don't make those anymore... hummm. This was the second time that we used this company. Now they have lost our business after spending over $6000.00 with them...

Christine of Holden, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I recently purchased a new home and wanted to get blinds for the master bedroom. This is particularly important to me as I suffer from chronic migraines and light bothers when I have an attack, so I need to have a very dark room. I wanted to get blackout shades for all the windows, especially the skylight which is directly above the bed.

I called and made an appointment with a consultant, Deborah **. I met with her on Monday August 22. I explained my situation and she helped me pick out the best blinds for keeping my room as dark as possible. She explained that it would be a few weeks to get the blinds in and installed as they were a custom order and I wasn’t paying for express shipping. This was okay with me, since I wasn’t moving in to the new home for several weeks anyway. That day, my credit card was charged for the 4 blinds that I ordered. I asked Ms. ** to email me the invoice/receipt instead of printing out a hard copy. She never did so (to this day I have never gotten any kind of invoice or receipt).

A few days later I got a call from the installation company to come measure the skylight. The installer came and had to go up on an extension ladder to measure the window. Several weeks later, I had heard nothing from 3 Day Blinds or Ms. **, so I emailed customer service inquiring when I could expect my order to be ready. After this, I had brief contact with Ms. ** who claimed that she failed to put my order through because the measurement of the skylight was smaller than the original order, so she needed to refund me money, and could not place the order until she did that (not true it turns out), and that she had been away for two weeks and was sick. At this point I called in to Customer Service and complained about the issue. I spoke with a gentleman named Wendall. He also said that he could see no order, provided me with a case number and said that a case manager would contact me within 24 hours.

Two days later, I had heard nothing. So I called back. I did not get the name of the person I spoke with but she basically said that “everyone is so busy here that the best way to reach your case manager is email.” She gave me his name and email and I sent him an email on 9/29. Again, I got no response. I called back on 10/3 and spoke with a very nice woman (again I did not get her name). She apologized and said I “was on a list” to get a call that day. She promised to call me back herself the next day to make sure that I had been called and she did so (she is the only person who followed through during this whole fiasco).

I did finally hear from Joseph **. He said that my order was being “expedited” but that he couldn’t give me a ship date, but I would be contacted when it did ship. I asked him if he received my email of the 9/29 and he stated he did, but that he was “too busy” to respond. I got an email from Mr. ** on 10/5 saying my order would be delivered to the installer on 10/10 (a Monday) and they would call me to schedule. On Thursday 10/13, I emailed him because I had not heard anything from the installer (why do I have to do this?). They finally got in touch with me and scheduled the install for Tuesday 10/18.

On Tuesday, the installer shows up, but the work order, which according to the installer comes directly from 3 Day Blinds, did not specify that one of the windows was a skylight, so the installer did not have the appropriate ladder. They rescheduled the skylight install for 10/20. On 10/20, an installer showed up, but was hesitant to go up on the ladder alone, so he refused to do the install. The first date they could reschedule for a two person team was 10/27. To recap: my 3 Day Blinds have now taken 60+ days for installation.

The consultant failed to submit my order, and that was ONLY caught because I called to check on it. I have never gotten any paperwork/invoice/receipt from 3 Day Blinds for this order. I have been repeatedly ignored, the only contact made over this issue has been ME calling THE COMPANY. Once the huge error of not placing my order was discovered, someone should have been in touch with me on an almost DAILY basis keeping me informed of progress. Instead, I had to continue to call for updates.

A HUGE miscommunication with your installation company resulted in me having to wait an additional 2 weeks for my blinds. There is simply no reason that the installers should not have known that the skylight was situated as it is. First, Ms. ** viewed the skylight and should have made a note of its height. Second, there was someone from the installation company here, on a ladder measuring that skylight. Third, the first installer also saw the skylight and could have communicated its situation to the company.

Barbara of Olympia, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

The Salesman, aka Design Consultant, came to our house an hour late. The scheduler said 5. The Design Consultant claims it was supposed to be a window of 5-6. We specified we wanted pull down roller shades, no cords. We went through his book and selected pattern and color. Our dinner guests arrived so the Design Consultant gave us a price and said he would email a copy of the order. Which he did and which we looked at price to confirm it was as he indicated. When installer came to install the blinds they had cords and could not be installed on our sliding glass french doors. 3 Day said we were wrong and were sending their "expert" to install. Expert came and said these blinds CANNOT be installed because they have cords. 3 Day Blinds said the pattern we chose ONLY comes with cords and we ordered them and they will not give us a refund.

In the interim we have called and emailed half a dozen times with no response from Design Consultant or Agatha the customer care representative. Yesterday I called one last time saying I was called our bank card dispute center if I did not hear back. I received an email this morning saying they would refund the $125.00 installation charge. I have now contacted the Bank of America Dispute center and we will see where this goes. This company and their people are terrible.

Irene of Vallejo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

After my roller shades were ordered by the sales person, the measuring in the depth of the window was not done correctly. When installer Ray came out to install 2 power roller shades, one of them did not work and had to be reordered. 2 of my other roller shades were cut too short and he said they would be reordered, and the valances did not fit the 2 of the 7 windows, and he said those would be reordered. He was supposed to reorder the 2 shades that were cut too short and reorder the valances as well and reorder the new power shade that wasn't working. The power shade came about 3 weeks later and now I could not get both shades to work on one remote. I never got the two rollers shades that were cut too short because he never actually reordered them. So he had to come out again to remeasure those and the 2 valances that were done wrong.

So I got a call they are coming to install everything that was ordered a couple of days ago. Two days ago I was waiting diligently for them to come install all the reorder stuff, and he said he rang the doorbell and there was no answer. Two people here and nobody heard a knock on the door OR the doorbell? I was going to the window constantly to see if they were here yet. He took a picture of the house from the outside and is using that as proof that he was at my door, but I swear with two people here, nobody rang the bell or knocked on the door. He said he called the house, and I had a call while I was in the bathroom. By the time I got to it he was not there and he left no message.

So this guy has a record of calling me but never left a message, and said I never answered the door. This guy should be fired. He is playing games. He never turned in the reorder in the first place and got it wrong twice, it went into space once. Then he came back twice and it has been since June and now we are almost in November, and I can't get this company to get everything straight and finish this job. I will never ever order from this company again. I am completely livid!!!

Verenia of San Antonio, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm beyond frustrated with the way 3 Day Blinds has handled my case, as a customer. I contacted this company back in July 2016 to install blinds for my kitchen, front entry and French doors. Here we are mid October now, and the task has yet to be completed. I've spent countless hours on the phone, leaving messages, emailing back and forth, and being available for 3 installers and 2 salespeople to show up at my home for this job to STILL not be done.

I found out my salesperson quit shortly after he helped placed my order to top it off. He was new to begin with. He put in the wrong order, with wrong texture, wrong measurements and told me my having Mondays off as the ONLY day for install would be "no problem". Wrong! Everything has been a problem. Then I was told ALL would finally be corrected with a credit of about $300 back to my credit card (not even the full amount). The new sales rep tried contacting someone to help her while at my home, without luck. No one answers, not even for her! This is horrible business, terrible customer service and honestly I'm surprised this company is still in business. I would never recommend this company.

Liz of Highlands Ranch, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

Do NOT believe salesperson who will tell you that you have 3 days to rescind order. Company did not let me rescind order even when saleswoman admitted it was within the 3 day window. Corporate will NEVER let you change your mind.

SHAWNA of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

We ordered a set of blinds for a customer 5/31/16 which had an estimated install date of 8/15/16. We understood that it was a custom order, so the wait isn't the main problem here. As 3 Day Blinds farms out installers, it is very hard to get a hold of your actual installer. On top of that, 3 Day Blinds was unable to verify where they shipped the blinds- to the customer? to us? to themselves? or to the installer??? Now they can't find our order and hint it may need to be reordered!!! NOOO!!! Please don't make us wait another 3 months for this ONE ITEM!!! Because of the amount of people that end up being involved in their ordering and installation process- it ends up being very aggravating as the consumer. Paying more money to go with ANY other company would have been a better option than all of this madness.. AAAGGGHH!!!

Lois of Itasca, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

When we received the flyer and coupon for 3 Day Blinds, we were excited. We had seen so many great window treatments from this company on all the decorating shows. Did not know the blinds do not come in 3 days unless you pay an up charge. We think this is false advertising. The sales rep seemed very knowledgeable, although, when the blinds arrived, the set for the french doors were too wide. The wood slats were warped in the kitchen and some of the order was missing.

The first installer was great and knew what he was doing. The second installer was not consistent at all. He installed all the top pieces that were missing from the original order and they all had to be redone until they fit properly. We have had the warped lightless wood slats reordered and shipped 3 times now and are awaiting the 4th shipment because they keep sending the wrong type. After speaking and emailing someone in California several times, they finally gave us a refund for the blinds on the french doors. The installer was to come to take those blinds down, but the company never scheduled the visit. We finally took them down ourselves. On the installers most recent return, he was to install the new slats to replace the warped ones and take back the blinds from the french doors. He said he had no orders to do that and he would not take them.

I called the person in California again and she said she would reorder the blind slats that were incorrect. She stated that is was clearly on the order that the installer was to remove the blinds we had taken down. I have asked that the installer not come back to the house since he is not following directions. We shall see if this ever gets resolved. I did receive a refund for the incorrect blinds, but I will not recommend nor use this company ever again. It has scared us off from any company sending fliers and coupons. We now feel if you have to advertise that much, you probably do not have repeat business! Never again!!!

Edith of Arlington Heights, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Where do I begin, this is the worst company ever!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE! I wish I never let the sales person in (Ketty **), who has never bother to call me, terrible customer service. In reading some of the reviews, I see that I'm not alone with my complaint. I wish I would have read the reviews, but believe it or not I'm a repeat customer (not anymore).

I place an order for two blinds on June 11, 2016, and it's now August 18 and I'm still waiting for one blind to be installed. 3 day blinds are full of excuses, their customer service is terrible, and no one ever calls you back to provide any updates although they promise to call. So, I called again and was told that I have to wait until maybe Sept 1st, if I'm lucky and the blinds arrives with no damage, UNBELIEVABLE. If you don't know, 3 day Blinds does not allow for refunds which is why I'm stuck with them. I requested a refund back on July 7th when I first encounter the issue.... Sorry to say I'm still waiting for this nightmare to be over. I will make sure to let everyone know my opinion for the next few years. Hopefully when all this is completed and installed... maybe I'll get a call from 3 day blinds with some compensation offer but, I won't hold my breath.

Kristine of Reading, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I spent over $800 on a blind...The three-day blind concept was lost on me as I waited over one month for the blind to be ready. I was told there was a 3 week back-order after I placed my order. When they finally came in, I took the day off work and my install was scheduled from 1-3. He never came, although he did call and say he was running behind. Then he called again and said he wouldn't be there until 6:30. Then he called a third time and said the traffic was bad and he couldn't make it. I had to reschedule another day for the install. When he came, the blind was completely damaged! They had to re-order it.

After another week of waiting, when the blind came in it took another two weeks to schedule that install. When I called Customer Service to complain I got the run around. I had to call multiple times, and the person I spoke with, Yesennia, said she was the only person who could help and was very dismissive. She said they did me favor by expediting the re-order of the blinds. They offered 1/2 off the installation fee b/c they said it was eventually installed and that they didn't have to compensate anything if they didn't want to. I am 40 years old and a working mom of four kids. I went through them with the hopes of a quick and easy process, and have never written a complaint about a company before, but wanted to forewarn anyone who thought they might pay a little extra to get a good quality blind easily installed. Their name is misleading and I cannot recommend them. Very dissatisfied!

Cheri of Broomfield, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered 2 blinds, received them and they were not what the rep told me they would be. I called to get a refund and they do not do refunds. I was able to talk with Jay ** who finally agreed to see if a refund was possible or send a new rep out to discuss replacing what I received. That was over 3 weeks ago. Jay ** never has returned my call. I have called numerous times and still no response. I would NOT recommend this company. I am stuck with blinds that I don't want. Very unprofessional at all levels.

Robert of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

6 weeks ago $900 blind ordered for our kitchen. Installer destroyed the blind. He was totally unprofessional e.g. walking in his shoes on the kitchen counter, complaining about his company etc. 3 day reordered the blind and installation. Still not correctly installed. The installation company scheduled a follow-up. However the first installer showed up again despite our being told he was fired. Another appointment was scheduled between 3:00 and 5:00 for today. We got a call from the installation company and 4:45. They haven't known where their installer was all day. We are out $900 and 4 afternoons of having to reschedule our lives.

Scott of Chicago, IL on
Consumer Increased Rating!

I submitted a review a few days ago regarding Faye **. She has subsequently compensated me for the error.

Scott of Chicago, IL on

Original Review

Unethical designer - Faye **, the designer, specified a product that was not what we wanted. We specifically stated we wanted room darkening. Our original choice was not available. She then showed alternatives. The one we choose was not room darkening (she did not point this out to us). When the installer completed the installation, it was obvious the blinds are not room darkening. Faye just claims, I signed the contract, which I did. But I was not aware the blinds were not room darkening. She refuses to "make it right, and won't return phone calls. David, at 3 Day Blinds is sending replacements at a 50% discount. Avoid Faye ** in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area.

Jeanne of Hull, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Horrible, horrible, horrible... Don't do business with this company! Ordered 7 roller shades on may 23rd; still don't have the shades but the company has been paid for them! Still no satisfaction with agreeing to a Credit... They are expecting me to pay for something I have not received! Terrible customer service experiences; big waste of time! Go to Lowe's or home depot. Same 7 roller shades, great quality/Bali, Quoted at $650. Wished I never let the sales rep in my house... She has never returned a call or followed-up. Bet she got her commission though! They should re-name the company... 3 year blinds because that is probably when they will show up to install them... Stay as far away as possible!

R. of Lake Hopactong, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never had anything disappear from my home. Coincidentally a significant piece of jewelry disappeared from our home after the installers from 3 Day Blinds were in the house. I contacted 3 Day blinds and the police. Investigations are still under way.

Angela of Marlboro, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

It has been 7 weeks since I've ordered my blinds. Just like one of the other reviews, nice consultant came to my house, took my money and left. After seven weeks and 6 sets of the wrong blinds and 1 installer from the company who could not help figure out their mistake I still do not have my blinds. Whether it was the wrong mounting, no drill holes, sagging fabric or the wrong privacy backing that was ordered it just got worse and worse. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and order from a company that will stand by their product. Not a company that has a manufacturer that doesn't know what they are doing.

Edward of Murrieta, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My wife and I ordered blinds for 14 windows. The lady helping us gladly took our money but when we asked when they would be installed, we were told, that since we refused to pay $400, installation would be whenever they wanted to schedule it. I called customer service, nothing. Finally, I was given the phone number of the installer and told to take care of it myself. I have no idea when the installation will happen. This is without doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with. My advice is to stay as far away from 3-Day Blinds as you possibly can.

Catriona of Mamaroneck, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had used them once before with no problem so I am stunned at my current situation with them. I ordered two blinds and one was a foot too short when it was installed. As bad luck would have it, this blind is also in our walk-in closet/changing room! Rep apologized by email and said he would see to it right away. That was three months ago. It's been radio silence from him and the company since then despite repeated inquiries by me. Appalling customer service and just plain irresponsible.

Erin of Ridgefield, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! The initial design consultation was with Lisa **. She quoted us just over $6,000 for the blinds which we paid in full. I questioned Lisa on how expensive they were and she assured me that the top notch customer service, warranty, and installation made it a bargain. Blinds took almost 5 weeks to install, and they had the wrong address and phone number for us in their system which caused further delays. A $1,200 shade that came was measured wrong and had to be re-ordered. We decided to change an option on the shade to be re-ordered and I was told that I would be called back later in the day or the next day. More than a week goes by with no phone call. I send multiple emails and make multiple calls before getting a call back.

The price change jumped over a $100.00 from our initial re-order conversation, it's likely going to take another 5 weeks and they promise to compensate us but only after we pay in full, and have the new blind installed, then we can call and plead our case to the manager. The same manager that the customer service rep couldn't get on the phone all day to figure this out. I'm holding my breath. This was a terrible experience and I'll make sure to let me friends in need of blinds and Realtor friends of the crappy service and experience I had with this company.

anna of Staten Island, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered blinds and an arch covering. The measurements that were taken by their designer were incorrect and thus the arch could not be installed or even replaced. The blinds were incorrect as well. The company sent me wrong blinds 2 times. After months of waiting for an installation I expressed to them that I do not need the blinds anymore since the arch could not be installed and the blinds were sold to me with the pretense of a design that involved the arch. The company refused to provide a refund nor to pick up their merchandise. I disputed with my credit card and won the dispute. Now they sent it to debt collection. The collector is telling me that I owe the money without asking me anything.

Cheryl of Woodridge, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered blinds for 3 windows in November 2015. It took more than 4 weeks for the blinds to be delivered (you have to pay a premium for 3 days). Finally, they were installed. Less than 1 week after installation, the tines began to fall down, one by one. As I recently had surgery, I was unable to rehang them myself but I had company over at Christmas and they were kind enough to put them back up for me. One day later, they fell right back down again. Put them back up and a few days later fell right back down again. So I called and they told me they would have an installer come out to check what the problem was within 3 to 5 days.

3 WEEKS later, I received a call and set up an appt. for the next week. The installer arrived and did not check anything or do anything other than to put the fallen tines back up. Guess what, they all fell down again. This has gone on since December and I am sick of it. $1000 down the toilet. I will never order from this company again and I will tell everyone I know what a lousy product it is. By the way, the rep the came out said that "one of the great things about our blinds is if they get stuck or out of line, you just have to open and close the blinds and they will automatically realign". THIS IS A LIE.

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