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Last updated: Aug. 16, 2017

187 Funai TV Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

Hi there everyone. Please read this review carefully. I had bought a 32" Sanyo HDTV around November 2016 from Walmart in Manning South Carolina. Towards the end of May 2017. My TV wouldn't come on by the remote. I had to push the button on the TV for it to work then it got worse. It would change channels on its own and I would mess with the buttons for it to stop. Hopefully on the right channel and at least the volume stayed at a decent volume. I called Sanyo customer service. Known as Funai Corporation. I was helped through trying to fix it and it made it worse. So I was told I had to ship it to them. They (Funai corporation) provided me the shipping label thru my email. I had boxed it up put the shipping label on it and shipped it out on June 3rd from South Carolina to Utah. I was told it will take up to 15 to 20 for it to be repaired or replaced with a remanufactured TV.

I was like okay. Well I had emailed Sanyo customer service on June 5th the day they received it. I waited over two weeks and nothing so from this time I had emailed them almost every week for almost 2 months with one call to Sanyo customer service. And was told my TV was unrepairable and that since I had to wait so long and because they didn't have a replacement tv that was a 32" that they was going to upgrade it to a 40" and I was like "Great. Thank you" because at this point it was over a month. I believe it was on July 7th 2017 when I was talking with them the second time on the phone and I told thank you and then she (the customer service representative) said it will take another 15 to 20. I'm like "OMG. Why so long?" Well she didn't into that. I said, "Okay. Well thank you." And she shared me my confirmation number basically the reference number.

And we were done on the well 2 weeks went by again. I emailed them again and was told they knew my frustrations and would have my TV shipped that weeks which was around July 20th 2017 and I waited and waited and nothing. I emailed them again and was told they're working in it. Well on August 11th I believe I texted a message from FedEx I had a package coming. Well I was never told when it coming or how. Then late Saturday on August 13th 2017 there was a note from FedEx that they had my package and that they missed me and would ship it on the next delivery date which was Tuesday because of the home delivery service they offer was only for Tuesday and Saturday.

I had to take my day off from work on August 16th 2017 and wait for the FedEx truck to show up with my package. Which I didn't mind because I had to maintain my yard and cut the and do some repairs on my home. Well around 2pm that afternoon FedEx showed up with my TV. Well I just brought the package inside and just finished up with what I had already started on for my home repairs. I got done around 9pm that evening and came inside and relaxed for a few so roughly around 9:30 pm I opened the box carefully pulled the tv out of the with all the tough bubble wrap and laid it down, removed the wrap and plastic. Pick it up and it didn't look right from the glare off the screen. There was a blob to the center left of the screen and as I inspected the screen I seen at the top right it looked liked the plastic coming off from the and I saw lines through out the screen. I was very upset and I said it better not be broke.

I plugged it in and smoke began coming from my ears. I grabbed my phone and called Sanyo customer service (Funai corporation). In seconds got a customer service representative on the phone and I told her by name who I was and want happened and she said, "I can send you another one." I said, "Okay. I'm fine with that but the problems are that I have waited over 2 months for a replacement tv from and I'm proud of the upgrade to the 40" but it is broken and used when I sent out my new tv and I furious and very upset." I also said, "I know it wasn't your fault and not your problem. But somebody needs to get fired over this. I don't care if 7 people get fired. I need to speak with your supervisor the CEO or the boss of bosses he or she. I don't care if you have to 3 way your boss at his house."

She said, "Hold one moment please." I said, "Okay. Thank you." About 3 minutes later she gets back on and says, "Sir would you like to speak with the supervisor?" I said "Yes please and thank you." She said, "Please hold. I'll transfer you." About 2 minutes later the supervisor gets on the phone and speak with and I explained absolutely everything I just said before this point and I explained to him this is ridiculous. I've waited over 2 months for this tv and it's broken and I'm very very upset and explained to him I was proud of the upgrade but something has to happen. People responsible needs to be fired. I don't care how many. I was told 15 to 20 days the first go around and now after 2 months I received a broken tv. He asked was the boxed damaged. I said, "No sir. The TV was well packaged in a smaller box that was in a bigger box." There was signs of damage on the box and the TV was well packaged.

He constantly said he was sorry and that he would get right on it and have upper management get to the bottom of this and have an investigation done in the warehouse and find out why it took so long for my replacement tv to be shipped out and find out how it got damage before or while it was in the box. And he would email me a shipping label again so I can ship this broken 40" back to them and he said once they got it he would try to have the other replacement tv expedited to me faster so could have it by the end of next week. I said okay and thank you.

In all my life I have never been so upset with poor customer service. But as I checked my email. Afterwards he already had sent me the email with shipping label from FedEx and another email with different numbers in it as it looked liked they were going to send me 32" instead of the 40" I was promised. Because they didn't have a 32" in stock and because of me having to wait beyond 1 month. I honestly don't think that would be right. Be sent a 40" because the other size was out of stock and because of the long wait and now it's over 2 months and it's going to be 2 and a half months before I can get the next one and I think in this situation the upgraded size should stay at a 40" instead downgrading back to a 32" when I promised a 40" in the first.

If the next tv I get is a 32" I will be highly upset and if that one is broken too I'm going to blow my top and probably have stroke over this because it's so frustrating and it shouldn't be let alone I paid for a new tv and only had for a few months and my replacement is a used refurbished broken tv. I honestly don't think that's right. I would just send a document to the warehouse to grab a 40" 1080 HDTV LED nonsmart tv brand new in the original factory box, have it put in a slightly bigger box, put the expedited FedEx shipping label on it and have it out the door first thing in the morning.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 31, 2017

How to make FUNAI tv turn on. Funai LF320FX4F problem -- Push power button on remote or tv - red light flashes 17 times then stays on. Screen stays black. Fix -- I have discovered that if I do this several times a day, sometimes for a week or more the tv will finally come on and will stay on until it is turned off (even if left on 24 hrs a day for weeks) but if you ever turn it off it will often have the same problem again. (Just put the tv on mute when you're not using it). I'm sure this "fix" won't work forever, but it has worked 4 times for me. Unfortunately I keep forgetting and after a week or so I accidentally turn it off or have a power outage which turns it off. If I turn it off and then back on IMMEDIATELY when I realize what I've done it will usually come back on. This tv bought at Walmart Black Friday sale approximately 2 yrs ago.

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Original review: May 20, 2017

We all have been victimized Funai. The question is what can be done as a whole to resolve this matter. This company makes millions of dollars each year and basically are Crooks. Walmart is in partnership with them so that makes them Crooks as well. I don't know much about law but there's something that has to be done. Too many of the same people have been victim to this fraudulent corrupted companies. If there's anyone who knows how we can take legal action please share because I'm tired of being ripped off.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2017

Like everyone else, I bought this TV during Walmart's Black Friday sale in 2013, so the TV isn't 4 years old yet. I'm having the same problem as everyone else described. Red light going out when hitting the power button, then having to unplug the TV and wait for mins or hours to plug it back in again before the red light comes back on. Sometimes it will then turn on, sometimes It won't. Been fooling with it all day now, so this is one of the times it won't. It almost feels like when you push the power button (Either on the remote or the TV) that it shorts it out.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2017

It's old and screen is small. It's bulky but its quality of channels are great as well as the sounds. If you must get an older tv that is not a flat screen nor compatible with current advances as in computer interfacing, I truly recommend the sv2000. You will love the reception, quality of channels, appearance and the sound is very clear even on louder scales.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2017

It appears most people have the same complaint about the same tv purchased on Black Friday 2013 that all CONVENIENTLY quit working approx 2 years to the date and right before the 2016 Black Friday. I don't believe it is a coincidence. It seems the company and or companies have created this problem internally so we the consumer would be forced to purchase new. They know we would not repair a $100 tv, paying the fee to repair would be greater than buying new. So we go out Black Friday and buy another tv. Helping Walmart and Funai.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2017

Turned on my Funai 32" t.v. and only the red light was showing. No sound, no picture. I checked the plug-in, tried to turn it on right from the t.v. and nothing. Plugged it in to wall and nothing. So much for Black Friday specials!!! I only bought it 4 years ago 2013. I see I am not the only one on here through reviews, that has the same issue. UPSET!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2016

Funai TV was bought November 28, 2014 and now won't work. I do believe the manufacturer should make it up. This is poor business ethics to manufacture something that last on 2 years. I couldn't afford anything better at the time and now at Christmas my family comes first. I can't get into the Christmas spirit without watching my Christmas movies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

I purchased a Funai 32" flat screen during Black Friday at Walmart in 2013. Yesterday as I went to turn it on, the red light just kept blinking. The funai screen flashed abs then shut off. I unplugged it for minutes, hours and it's still not working. With all these similar complaints that I'm seeing, something really needs to be done.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

Just like so many others, I purchased a 32" Funai on Black Friday in 2013. It stopped working about a month ago. Won't turn on. All I get from it is the red light blinks and then stays solid. No picture or sound. Bad product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2016

I have the 32 inch Funai TV. The model number is LF320FX4F. I purchased this tv about two or three years ago during Walmart's Black Friday event. The tv was manufactured during 2013. Today, I had the tv hooked up to my laptop like always. I use the tv to stream Hulu & Netflix through my laptop. I was playing a pc game and using the tv as my screen when it just shut off. I tried turning it off and on multiple times. I even waited a while and left it unplugged to see if it would make a difference. Unfortunately, it did nothing of the sort.

I feel as if I was sold a faulty product from the point of purchase and both Walmart & Funai should be held responsible. The tv is showing a red light. However, it only flashes a few when you press the power button. The Funai logo doesn't even show up on the screen. I can't get it to turn on. After seeing so many reviews with some of the same or similar problems, I believe I was sold a faulty product. Given the time frame that people are noticing these issues with Funai, I believe a lawsuit is necessary.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2016

Well, apparently I am not the only one experiencing a Walmart Black Friday Super Sale. On November 2014... I was repeatedly mugged by hysterical shoppers at my local Walmart... For the advertised Emerson 50'' Flat screen TV... On Nov 14, 2016... The thing blinked off and didn't come on since... I have a warranty, but it's proven to be next to worthless. I only wanted to get what I got beat up for... One would think at least 3 years of service would not be too much to expect... And yes, I feel cheated.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

I purchased a Funai TV from Walmart on Thanksgiving November 28, 2013 for $100 plus a 2 year warranty. On November 7th 2016 it started to make a loud noise when I changed channels so I turned the TV off. When I tried to turn it back on the red indicator light flashed and nothing. I checked the warranty on Walmart's care plan site and saw the warranty expired in September 2015. How could that be if the TV has a year and you buy a 2 year extended warranty. I am a disabled senior and when I am not feeling well I watch TV in bed. Now I have nothing and can't afford another TV.

Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

Like the rest of the reviews I've read, I too purchased this TV from Wal-Mart Black Friday deal in 2014, for my son as a Christmas gift. He went to bed Sunday night (11/6/16), turned the television off and the next morning (11/7/16) went to turn it on and the only thing that happened was the red light on the front of the television just blinked. I've unplugged the TV, changed the batteries in the remote and... nothing. I'm all for a lawsuit. Apparently from the reviews this TV is a piece of crappie and its lifespan is only 2 years.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

Purchased a 32 inch Funai LED TV Model LF320FX4F from Walmart on Black Friday 2013. The TV started to blink and make a humming sound when on about a week ago. Now when the TV is turned on, it will only stay on for about 10 seconds and then it turns off. After seeing all the complaints about this model, I feel like the company sold us a faulty product that they are not willing to fix. It makes zero sense that the only option we are presented with is to go out and pay to have the product fixed. Why should we have to pay so much more than we paid for the actual product to have it fixed?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2016

Bought a Funai... advertised as an Emerson 32 inch tv from Walmart in Nov. 2013... Black Friday. It just stopped working. All it will do is make a high pitched noise as long as it is plugged into an outlet. I have read where there are many complaints with the exact same problem. This has to be a well planned joke. It is a real pain and really pisses me off.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

Holy cow!! I thought it as mine, it's a 32" wallyworld black Friday 2013 special. On the bedroom wall. No breeze, temp control, etc. Went to turn it on two nights ago, nada. Unplugged it for 24 hrs and pulled out batteries of every remote that could work on it. Nothing. So I thought let's troubleshoot. Then I saw everyone else having the EXACT same problem. That's great. Perfect time of year. I wanted to choose between a TV and the holidays, cause we don't live on a budget or anything and can just replace whenever... What CRAP!!!!! They should replace them. 2-3 years...really? My light bulbs last longer. Count me in.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

Like so many others, I thought my Black Friday, (2013) Walmart purchase was a good deal! WROOONG! I even purchased the 2 year warranty, what a waste of money! The week of SEPT. 25th, 2016, the tv won't turn on. The red light flashes, the Funai logo appears on the screen for 2 seconds, and that's it. The pencil broke, that's all she wrote!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

Like everyone else I purchased a 32 inch Funai from Walmart Black Friday sale. It went out 4 days ago. I have tried all the troubleshooting I know to do. The TV flash the Funai name then goes black with no sound. At first I thought it was natural wear and tear but to see everyone post the same thing the same within the last few months. Makes me feel like the company knew what they were doing. How in the hell everyone TV goes out with the same problem and was purchased from Walmart?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

I too like everyone else purchased tv from Black Friday at Walmart sale too good to be true deal, and just like everyone else tv would come on and blink right back off. I called the Funai Co. They told me to unplug it take batteries out of remote, nothing they suggested seem to work. And it's been 1 year so of course they said warranty was expired so they gave me a number to a repairman at Electra Sound and gave me a case no. So it seems as though they have got a lot of us with this bogus deal. I'm in on lawsuit too. I got rid of my old tv so I'm inconvenient now without a tv. Something has to be done about the irresponsible company that just out to get consumers money for junk products.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

As did so many other reviewers before me, I purchased this made in China TV on Black Friday 2014 for a great price at Walmart. It was in our guest bedroom and used only on occasional weekends. This would have been such a weekend except that when we turned it on with the remote it had picture & sound for only a moment & then nothing but a high pitched hum which could only be stopped by unplugging it. This certainly is a case of getting what we paid for - there is no such thing as a good deal anymore - a cheap price means a cheap product.

Original review: Sept. 17, 2016

Funai 32" television. Like so many others I bought this tv in November 2013 and it quit working in August of 2016. I will not buy or recommend Funai products unless Funai fixes or replaces this tv.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2016

We are yet another casualty of the "TV on long enough to see the logo flash and then off". Very disappointed - no one had been watching it, it was turned off, and in a consistent temperature controlled room. Had I known this TV was not even going to last two years I would not have even bothered. Could not come at a worse time. Terrible that two years ago when I bought this I really found very little information on them (did try to research before I bought) - now no TV and 2 years in? Seems they pulled this little scam on A LOT of people.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

I bought an Funai 32" tv on Black Friday 2014, and the tv stopped working. I called customer service and she informed me there was nothing she could do. I am all for a class action lawsuit against this company. Someone needs to be held accountable for the products they put out for sale.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

I purchased a 32 inch Funai TV on Black Friday of 2014. Having same problems as everyone else. TV was turned off and now won't turn back on. When power button is pushed the Funai logo blinks and that all it does. I'm with a class action lawsuit if someone gets it started.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

I purchase this tv from Walmart 2 years ago. I barely watch it. I woke up this morning Aug 25th and the tv don't work... If it was a disposable tv why it wasn't on the box?? Sad I am out of 289.00...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

I, also bought a Funai TV @ Walmart on Black Friday. It worked for a little over 1 year and turned off while I was watching it. A waste of money! The company has it down to a science - this tv is made to last up to two years and then it quits. I looked up who is behind this company and the article said the Magnavox and Philips U.S Division is controlled by the Japanese Company named Funai. Hey, they've made enough money off of us (the consumer) how about a class action suit? How responsible is Walmart also? Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

Received as a Christmas gift a 32" Funai TV in 2014. Worked fine until July 2016. Turned it off at night and when I went to turn back on in the morning it won't stay on. The TV clearly is getting the signal because the red light on the bottom flashes on for a split second, the sound turns on and then everything goes off. At first I thought it was the cable signal but when reset it continues to do the same thing. After researching this problem I find that it is a defect with the Funai TV itself since there are so many people complaining of the same exact problem. I'm all in for a CLASS ACTION SUIT if anyone gets one started. I have other tv's for 10 years plus and don't have this issue with them. It was a cheap money making deal for Walmart and I'm sure they were well aware of the defective TVs when they were sold to the public.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

32" flat screen TV - Like everyone else, bought on black Friday. Went out 2 weeks ago. I think this company should make good on this problem. If not, I'm all in for lawsuit. I'm sure the company doesn't really care about our problems but that's customer service. It may not hurt them now but it will when people start spreading the problem and everyone stops buying their products.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2016

My mother bought me the Funai 32-in television on Black Friday 2014 like many of you. Yesterday, I turned off the TV and tried to turn it back on this morning and the logo flashed on and went off. How can a TV that will be 2 years old break so quickly? This is a poorly made product. I'm disappointed and mad because I have to go out and purchase another TV.

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