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I hired Nurse Next Door to care for my elderly mother. I asked for someone to take her shopping, clean her apt, especially the bathroom. They do take her shopping and do one load of laundry in FOUR HOURS! They have NEVER cleaned her bathroom or even swept the floor. They even have the gall to park my Mom on a bench while they do their own shopping! I phoned several times to discuss what was happening and was told that no matter what they did, it wouldn't be good enough for ME! The woman was rude and insulting! My mother has early dementia and is oblivious to the mess around her. I was hoping for a compassionate caregiver who would pick up the slack and relieve me of some stress. All they have done is added to it.

I live an hour away from my mother and work full time +, so I am unable to be there every week. My mom pay this company $32 an hour! I am in the process of moving her closer God willing so hopefully she will not be taken advantage of anymore. This company should not be allowed to be in business! They are despicable.

Expert Review

Shelley WebbSenior Products Contributing Editor

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.    More about Shelley→

Founded by two men disillusioned with the home care industry, Nurse Next Door prioritizes the care in health care. They work to find providers who truly care about your loved ones, making them one of the most trusted brands in home health care.

  • Open door: They are available 24/7 for questions and concerns.
  • Constant communication: Get daily updates on your loved one's condition.
  • Fast service: Get matched up with a care provider in as little as a couple of hours.
  • Nationwide service: With over 90 locations, you can find a local Nurse Next Door to manage your care needs.
  • Hospice care available: Hospice care can be challenging to find and difficult to commit to, but Nurse Next Door makes the process smooth and easy.
  • Best for Primary caregivers, elderly individuals, persons with dementia, persons with a disability and terminal patients.

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Nurse Next Door Company Profile

Company Name:
Nurse Next Door
Year Founded:
320 - 5511 West Boulevard
Postal Code:
V6M 3W6
United States