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Costco Hearing Aids

Costco Hearing Aid Center
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Costco Hearing Aid Centers are located across the country and offer hearing tests, fittings and maintenance from five manufacturers, including its own Kirkland brand. Customers can choose between basic hearing aids and high-end, feature-rich hearing aids. Costco’s prices are among the lowest in the industry, and it offers a 180-day return policy for all hearing aids.


Costco Hearing Aid Centers offer low prices on a variety of hearing aids. Costco also offers helpful services for free, including testing, fitting, follow-up appointments and maintenance.


  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • 180-day return policy
  • Free testing and fitting
  • Warranties on all hearing aids


  • Must be a Costco member
  • No payment plans

Top Costco Hearing Aid Center Reviews We Found

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer

I have had hearing aids for ten years using three pairs before Costco's... These Kirkland for $1600 are great. I can hear my wife, the TV, and conversations. Before, I could hear volume, but did not understand the words. Even better is the Bluetooth connection to the TV.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer

We went to the Costco hearing aid center... The staff was professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. I did a lot research about hearing aids and can confidently say that Costco provided a high quality hearing aid at the best price with the best warranty and excellent service.

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    About Costco Hearing Aid Center

    Costco has more than 540 stores in the United States, and many of these locations have hearing aid centers. The company sells low-priced hearing aids for people of any age who have mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss. Costco also provides free hearing tests, fittings, loss and damage coverage, maintenance and repair. The company stocks a variety of hearing aid accessories, including transmitters and microphones.

    Costco hearing aids brands

    Costco sells hearing aids from Philips, ReSound, Phonak and Rexton along with its Kirkland brand. These brands offer a wide variety of hearing aids, including open-fit and completely-in-the-canal devices.

    Costco’s hearing aids come with features like noise reduction technology and Bluetooth compatibility that allows your hearing aids to double as headphones. All Costco hearing aids connect to smartphone apps and accessories.

    Costco hearing aid prices

    The average cost of Costco hearing aids ranges from $1,499 per pair on the low end to $2,999 per pair on the high end. Prices vary depending on the features, technology and type of hearing aid you choose. For example, in-canal hearing aid models may cost $2,999 or more per pair because they require custom molds. Hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities also cost a few hundred dollars more.

    Costco hearing aid brandsCost
    Kirkland Signature 9.0$1,499 per pair
    Philips HearLink$2,499 per pair
    ReSound Vida$2,499 per pair
    Rexton Adore$2,499 to $2,999 per pair

    Costco doesn’t offer financing options. Sales and discounts on hearing aids at Costco are also rare.

    How to buy hearing aids at Costco

    To buy hearing aids from Costco, first make sure your membership is up to date, then book an appointment for a free hearing test. If you’re shopping in a store, you may be able to get tested without an appointment.

    A hearing aid professional determines the extent of your hearing loss by doing a series of tests. After testing, the professional fits you for your hearing aids by selecting devices that match your type of hearing loss, the shape of your ear and your lifestyle.

    You can choose to buy hearing aids right then or take some time to research the different brands and types that Costco sells. It typically takes Costco two weeks to ship your hearing aids after you order. You can return hearing aids bought at Costco within the 180-day trial period for a full refund.

    Costco hearing aids FAQ

    What is Costco’s return policy for hearing aids?
    Costco has a 180-day full-refund return policy for hearing aids.
    Does Costco sell hearing amplifiers?
    Costco does not sell hearing amplifiers. Hearing amplifiers boost all sounds around you and are intended for people without hearing loss. Hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids and should not be used by people who are hearing-impaired.
    Does Costco offer a trial period for hearing aids?
    Costco has a 180-day money-back guarantee return policy on its hearing aids, so you can use that time to decide whether you like your hearing aids risk-free.
    How long do Costco Hearing Aids last?
    Costco hearing aids last anywhere from five to eight years. Costco's Kirkland hearing aid batteries last between four and eight days, depending on how long you wear your hearing aid each day.

    Are Costco hearing aids good?

    Yes, Costco is a good choice for many people shopping for hearing aids. Costco carries premium hearing aids from four of the top brands in the industry, as well as its own Kirkland brand of hearing aids. Costco hearing professionals are there for you during the entire process, from initial testing to follow-up appointments for maintenance and cleaning. Costco hearing aids are best for anyone who wants to buy hearing aids at an affordable price and have all their hearing needs taken care of in one place. Unfortunately, you must be a Costco member to take advantage of these low prices.

    Costco Hearing Aid Center Reviews

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    Rated with 4 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 14, 2020

    I just got my first set...I'm a brand new wear'er' of hearing aids. It took me for a loop when I attended a live music event and left the venue only to suffer hearing damage and loss of frequency. I ran to several ear specialists and lots of tests and got fitted for the Kirkland 9.0's as they seemed to be a good option and the price was right. I did purchase a OTC BTE device on Amazon and found that I certainly needed some help. Likely had some hearing deficits for years, but the "event" was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided on Costco for the price. I figured since my insurance didn't cover, I was going to be fine with the Kirklands. I did a lot of research and was tempted by some of the ads for the Livio and all the bells and whistles, but the Kirklands were just right.

    My experience at Costco was great. The gal was friendly and knowledgeable about the products. She did suggest a different style for me, but it was double the price and, honestly, I did not need all the extras. I like the Bluetooth option and the size of the ear bud. I'm vain...I don't want anyone to see the aids. I wanted to hear better but not be obviously dependent on checking my phone for various settings. I'm retired and love to play golf. My life is pretty my grand kids and enjoy tv. Simple! The Kirklands are great. I am getting use to them. I have the smallest ear canals, so they are a bit sore and I cut the long plastic thread off one because it was so itchy and uncomfortable. Now that particular wire is popping out a bit. When I return for my follow up, I'll probably have her replace.

    We are in the middle of the Corona Virus quarantine and I live in the Seattle area, so Lord knows if I'm going to be able to make my follow up. Costco was a ghost town when I picked them up. I'm still getting use to them. I'm thinking of getting a tv connector. I did not do that initially, but my husband doesn't like me watching tv when he wants to sleep, so this would be great. I like the phone feature, though most of my communications are via text messaging. Talking on the phone is a lost art!

    I got the beige, flesh tones. I have blonde hair, and they are almost invisible. I do like to pull my hair up and wear a pony tail. I don't know if that style is in my future, but I'll see how things go. Right now, with the virus, no one is getting out, so I'll have lots of time to get use to wearing them "inside". Sound is a bit tinny but that's because I"m not use to hearing aids, in general. I also have lots of background noise that I hate...the claws on my puppies paws that clank on the hard wood floors, my husband cough (not Corona...just a cough from his meds), unexpected noises that I likely have not heard for a bit...but, my brain will get use to them in time.

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    38 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 29, 2020

    My wife and I tried to use our United Healthcare insurance plan for hearing aids. The insurance program proved to be expensive and low quality after two appointments with United Healthcare providers. We then met with an independent provider who was good but very expensive. I then decided to see what Costco had to offer. That proved to be an excellent decision.

    We went to the Costco hearing aid center in Nampa, Idaho and were very happy with the experience. The staff was professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. I did a lot research about hearing aids and can confidently say that Costco provided a high quality hearing aid at the best price with the best warranty and excellent service.

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    28 people found this review helpful

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Jan. 2, 2020

      These Kirkland Signature 9.0's are providing the BEST hearing experience I've ever had. I'm generally not a review writer, although I value credible reviews written by those that have taken the time to share their experience. This is my way of paying that helpful goodwill forward. I've been a rock drummer since I was a kid and "blew my ears out" long ago; as a result I've tried wearing most types of hearing aids over a very long time. I spent more than $7K for my first pair of custom fit totally in the canal aids when they first came out in the late 90's - seemed like a good idea but every time you put a phone over your ear they feedback like crazy - had to pull one out to use a phone held up to my ear.

      Last January I turned 65 and due to a Medicare benefit, decided to update the last pair of Costco signature hearing aids I'd had for the previous 7 years. The hearing aids that Medicare covers fully are not worth the time it took to try them, to me anyway, they were essentially sound amplifiers with no Bluetooth connectivity and not even close to my old current pair. It took me 8 months to decide, trying most premium options, working with a great Doctor of Audiology.

      I'll share my experience with the first and last pair I tried (I tried 5 total) before deciding on Costco's Signature brand again. I did my research and wanted to try what I considered the best first, the Phonak Marvel, I found them to be as advertised but there were a number of things I found bothersome enough (I'd go into detail but realize it may only be helpful to those familiar with all of the nuanced options, like these being the only ones that handle Bluetooth phone calls like Apple AirPods by utilizing the mics in the hearing aids to pick up your voice - problem is they pick up way too much ambient sound disrupting the phone call) to continue my search.

      The last ones I tried were Starkey Livio AI, the most expensive ($3,500), I really wanted these to be the ones as they had a lot of really cool features & the most robust app I tried (problems with these ranged from, I didn't like the shape and physical feel, to the uselessness of many of the features due to constant systemic problems with the app).

      Here's what I learned that may help you decide what's best for you. A great Doctor of Audiology can be your best resource, I wish they had access to the Kirkland Signature product. The people you deal with at Costco are usually not Doctors, but the ones that actually fit and tune the hearing aids they offer are trained & certified to use their experience and great equipment to tune you into their best options. I've come to trust the Costco team that works with industry leaders in order to deliver the best current options at the best price. Researching that their Signature 9.0's were made by Phonak, I waited for them and have found them to be the best for me at 1/2 the price with better protection and service. I've been through this whole process before, ending up realizing that for me, my best option was the current Kirkland Signature model.

      I like using batteries Vs charging because if they die while I'm out I can simply replace the batteries and instantly I'm back to 100% so the fact that the Signature 9's are not rechargeable is not a problem for me, it's indeed an advantage. I don't need or want a telecoil, it's old tech that adds bulk & expense to the hearing aid. The 9's are thinner and less bulky than the Starkey's and feel much better. The 9's (Phonak's) handle Bluetooth phone calls with the mics in the hearing aids and do it with less background noise than the (Phonak) Marvel's (it can still be problematic though like if a truck goes by, just like with AirPods).

      Downsides of the Costco Signature 9's (Sonova/Phonak) turned out to not be a problem for me - examples, in addition to the battery situation I've already described, are the very basic app, it's not at all cool - zero bells & whistles - but, the hearing aids themselves are doing everything I need/want them to do seamlessly. They sense the environment and adjust accordingly, I don't even have to think about what program they're in. The only thing I need to do sometimes is adjust the volume and it's easy to do with a tap on the hearing aid, up or down, simple.

      They are handling calls very well, love that I can answer a call even when I'm away from my cell phone, just as I would on my Apple watch and btw, with all the stuff my Apple watch does for me, I don't need or want my hearing aids to even try to do all that health stuff like the Starkey's promote, thanks but I have an Apple watch and just want my hearing aids to be the best at helping me to hear.

      Currently, all other hearing aids that say they handle phone calls via Bluetooth utilize the mic in your cell phone. This means that you need to speak into the mic on your cell phone which causes you to have to hold your phone near your mouth which is cumbersome and ridiculous, making you quickly realize you're better off with wired earbuds, AirPods or simply talking on the phone with nothing in your ears. With the 9's when I get a call, I tap the hearing aid, my phone stays in my pocket and as long as I'm in a relatively quiet environment, there's no problem and I never have to touch my phone.

      One other irritation relative to these wiz bang hearing aid apps, other high end hearing aids promote, is that using them is distracting when you should be listening intently, paying attention, working etc. I had to explain while trying to get my app to optimize my hearing experience that I'm not distracted, but rather trying to be more attentive, that just doesn't translate well and causes you to advertise that you have a problem hearing - it can end up being counterproductive. I like that I have 18 months to change my mind about the Signature 9's - and if I break or lose one (both of which I've done multiple times over the years) I'm covered. The only thing I can project causing me to turn in my 9.0's is if they come out with a Kirkland Signature 10 that I like better, then I'll upgrade.

      I'll mention a few more things about Costco and their Signature 9.0's - Obviously you have to be a Costco Member which may be a problem for some, but for me it makes the expense 2% less because I know that comes back to me with my Executive Membership - the lead time on getting an appointment is much worse than with my Doctor though and I found that I literally knew more about hearing aids in general, than some of the people working there, but that's understandable because most of them have never even worn hearing aids.

      I'm having a problem with the fit of the retainer that slides at the base of speaker that goes into your ear. It's too loose. Every time I take them out it slides up distorting the silicone tip causing me to have to slide it back down to the base - not a big deal, but a daily inconvenience. It would be better if it were tightly fitted and didn't slide freely as it does.

      One of the unexpected things that I LOVE is the fidelity of the speakers, they are awesome, much better than my AirPods or even my very expensive Bose headphones and as good as the AirPodPros (not in terms of noise cancelling, but actual sound fidelity) I bought for my Son this Christmas. I'm hearing nuances in music that I've never heard before, I'm talking about, like, old Beatles tunes that I've heard many times, suddenly I'm hearing subtleties that I've never before heard - so pleasing.

      These are the first hearing aids I actually enjoy wearing - noting that I'm most at ease, in my much quieter world, with nothing in my ears and no one around. Very cool when a device just works without needing to think about all it's doing for you and it transforms your disability into bionic results that exceed what's possible even with perfect hearing. Obviously this is a very personal process - lots of research is available, including a lot of good videos - consider the source and what they may be trying to sell or who may have paid them to say whatever - most importantly is what you actually need and helps you to live a better life. I hope something I've shared helps you make the best decision for you - I'm enjoying the sounds of 2020 and look forward to upgrading my hearing aids when technology makes the next leap forward...

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      225 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 28, 2019

      This is third set of hearing aids I have acquired from Costco. First set failed after 5.5 years and Costco had stopped supporting that model. Second set I was negligent and our dog chewed, but didn't swallow both aids. Today I acquired a new pair of Costco Signature 9 aids I believe made for Costco Phonak. So far I am thrilled. Have not asked my Wife all day to repeat a phrase or sentence even when she was facing away from me. The app on my iPhone is working well and the TV Connect unit was very easy to set up. The aids have not given me any feedback and background noises are tolerable. All in all I am very impressed.

      200 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 27, 2019

      Going to Costco in Tulsa, OK. for my first hearing exam there on July 15th, I received an unexpected surprise. I was the first to try and subsequently purchase the Kirkland 9.0 hearing aids. I was replacing a pair of Resounds that were eight years old and lacking in today's technology. Anyway, two weeks into wearing my Kirkland’s I could not be more impressed. Speech is extremely clearer as well as outside music.

      One of the things I like most is the Bluetooth works flawlessly and doesn’t jockey for first place with one’s car system for example. Also, there is ZERO feedback at all times, even when putting them in or wearing headphones. I was a bit skeptical leaving my audiologist for a less certified technician at Costco. However thanks to today’s artificial intelligence and Costco’s attention to detail I was very pleased. My antique resounds cost $4800 eight years ago. To replace them at the same audiologist today would cost upwards of $8000 and would be the same except they would probably include wireless charging, which the Kirkland’s do not have. They are an EXTREME value extreme for $1500 a pair!

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      141 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 7, 2020

      I am reviewing the customer support at the Clybourn Ave, Chicago location. Getting hearing aids for the first time is a bit daunting, but I expected the hearing aid specialist to help with the process. Couldn't get an appointment for a month when I was fitted with the incorrect tips. Never learned about changing a filter. I could go on about the poor service at that Costco, but I think my point is clear. I had to go to a different location to get accurate information and hopefully I will now be able to adjust to the hearing aids.

      18 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 24, 2020

      The hear aids (Kirkland 9.0) are; however, the batteries only last on average of 15 hours, if lucky. They sent them in and supposedly replaced everything in the aids. The professional called Phonak and was told they should last 90 hours. He let me go with the aids and said the batteries are small ones and won't last that long. I know other who get 7 or more days with the exact hearing aids. They even have more hearing loss than I do.

      25 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

      Purchased Rexton bte rechargeable aids back in May 2019. They have been returned the factory two times. Now I am on vacation in Florida and they are not performing right. For example I wore them for 5 hours and the right one lost its charge. Very very frustrated.

      25 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 6, 2020

      My first Kirkland hearing aids were 5.0. They were great for the 3 plus years I spent in Asia. Then they started to fail. My next set was Kirkland 9.0 and were manufactured by a different company. I needed an adjustment so they would stay in my ear canal. Immediately an employee yelled at me, "we are not giving you your money back"! I did not ask for that, just an adjustment. Two adjustments later I am told, "If this doesn't work we need to make ear molds at additional cost". I have to adjust the placement every 5-10 minutes. Isn't that special moving around with my fingers in my ears trying to fix a manufacture problem. Try to do that all day. Moral of the story - don't assume Kirkland replacement of Kirkland product will be the same experience. Also don't assume the hearing center at COSTCO, Wesley Chapel, Florida will help. You might get yelled at for a simple adjustment.

      55 people found this review helpful
      Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
      Verified Reviewer
      Resolution response: Feb. 9, 2020

      This issue was resolved by the company.

      Original review: Feb. 5, 2020

      After waiting 2 weeks for the fitting of the new hearing aids (Kirkland brand 9.0) the tech found that there was a defective one. Now this gets me thinking and then overheard the tech say that they just had the same thing happen just 2 weeks prior to my wife was to get her fitting. Now I do not think this was a good idea. If this could happen to two different customers in such a short period time what does this tell me about this purchase. Am I have to come for more repairs in the long run!!!!

      36 people found this review helpful
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      Costco Hearing Aids Center author review by Shelley Webb

      Costco Hearing Aid Centers sell hearing aids from five brands, including the in-house brand, Kirkland. Hearing aids are available for customers with mild to profound hearing loss. Financing options are not available, but hearing aids purchased through Costco are usually cheaper than competitors’ models.

      • Products: This company sells hearing aids by ReSound, Phonak, Rexton, Philips and its own Kirkland brand. Within these brands, customers can choose between open-fit, behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, completely-in-canal and canal configurations. Accessories are also available, including batteries, remote controls, TV-sound transmitting units and portable microphones.

      • Features: This retailer can provide any features that its five brands make available in their designs. Some hearing aids are Bluetooth-capable and connect to smartphones and accessories.

      • Trial and warranty: Customers can return any hearing aids bought from Costco for a full refund within 180 days of purchase.

      • Locations: Not all Costco stores have a Hearing Aid Center, but many do. To find one near you, check Costco’s store locator.

      by Shelley Webb Senior Products Contributing Editor

      Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.

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