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About Costco Hearing Aid Center

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Costco Hearing Aid Centers are located across the country and offer hearing tests, fittings and maintenance from five manufacturers, including its own Kirkland brand. Customers can choose between basic hearing aids and high-end, feature-rich hearing aids. Costco’s prices are among the lowest in the industry, and it offers a 180-day return policy for all hearing aids.

    Pros & Cons

    • Bluetooth-compatible
    • 180-day return policy
    • Free testing and fitting
    • Warranties on all hearing aids
    • Must be a Costco member
    • No payment plans

    Costco Hearing Aid Center Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Costco Hearing Aids Center?
      • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Reviewed Aug. 25, 2022

      I'm preparing to purchase my third set of hearing aids in the past 15 years. Based upon my personal experience I am better off purchasing Costco hearing aids, instead of from a private supplier. I did the latter about 15 years ago with two major benefits that Costco does not offer, 1. Free batteries for life & 2. At their request periodic hearing check-ups and adjustments with the aids. Now in all fairness, Costco will do #2, however in Tucson you need to book weeks or months in advance. My second set just gave out on year six since the Costco purchase. I'm told at Costco that ReSound won't do repairs after 5 years and quite frankly that makes no sense unless they have determined that a hearing aid is not repairable.

      A couple of years ago I sent one to ReSound with a bad connecting wire, paid a little over $100 for the service and it worked fine for another three years. The 'no repair' policy after 5 years, in my opinion, is a method for ReSound and/or Costco to sell more hearing aids. Regardless, Costco will still be my choice for the new pair simply because my first pair from the 'Brand X' store was $5,000, my second set from Costco was half that price and it had more features, and my new pair will be $1,800. I see pricing at the Costco Hearing Centers at about half that of the other suppliers.


      Reviewed Aug. 12, 2022

      I have worn hearing aids for many years and got my $5K pair from an ENT group. They were never that great yet I didn’t know it! That’s because I had nothing to compare them to. One stopped working about a year ago and it cost $500 to fix it. Then both mics in them stopped working. No way was I going to pay $1000 to fix them. So I looked around for another pair. Everyone recommended Costco so I made an appointment. Had to wait 2 months to get in. Anyway, the audiologist at the Avon IN store was simply outstanding. She really knew everything and that’s not a statement I say a lot. Professional and friendly. Got my aids about 2 weeks later and, WOW, I could hear again! Better than when I first got the other pair. No contest. I got the Kirkland KS10s. Highly recommended. Oh, and Costco? Give that audiologist a much-deserved raise or bonus.


      Reviewed July 15, 2022

      I'll make this short and to the point. I just replaced a pair of nearly $6,000 hearing aids with one of the five brands Costco carries. I had my previous hearing aids for about 7 years and they stopped working. I chose the Jabra Enhance Pro PM's, being familiar with the brand from owning a few Jabra headphones. GN bought Jabra and manufactures the hearing aids. GN also has been making the high quality high end ReSound brand of hearing aids for many years. The hearing test I took at Costco showed the same type of hearing loss from a test I took at my audiologist some years back.

      I ordered the Jabras and went back to Costco two weeks later for the fitting. I am incredibly satisfied with their performance. I saved a few thousand dollars buying these at Costco and am very pleased after wearing these for a few days. All in all, the Costco choice of hearing aids, the price and the service and care for my hearing was top notch. A special shout out to Ashley who was my hearing aid specialist at the Costco in San Dimas, CA.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed July 14, 2022

      Long Story, but we had problems with replacing a hearing aid destroyed by family dog, twice. First time Costco was great about replacing the HAs at no cost. They did not cover the second incident. And we have no complaint with that. However, Costco was completely unhelpful in ordering a new aid. They required us to make three trips to the store. The patient is wheelchair bound, making it difficult to travel 120 miles per round trip. Costco would not budge. We decided to use a local provider, and I am so happy that we did even though it cost us more money. We had to replace both aids as opposed to just replacing one aid at Costco.

      While at the new provider we discovered that the original set from Costco was underpowered. We also learned that the hearing specialist did not know their own product. Simply stated: the local provider knew his product and offered much better service than Costco. It was more money but worth it to get better service and hearing aids that work properly. The patient has not heard this well in over a decade.

      Installation & SetupOnline & App

      Reviewed June 30, 2022

      I've had my Rexton hearing aids for a couple months. I've had nothing but problems. To be fair, the aids seem to be working now, but they won't connect with my iPhone app. So controlling them is a huge issue. The charger stopped working after a couple weeks. I had to make an appointment to turn it in and get a new one. Two weeks for the next appointment. So no hearing aids for two weeks. Costco Hearing Center canceled appointments, rescheduled appointments. Right now I'm awaiting an appointment that is two weeks out to simply read a QR Code with my phone. Costco Hearing is really frustrating - I expected better of Costco.


      Reviewed May 19, 2022

      I've been a customer of the Costco Hearing Aid Store in West Springfield for three years. The product is superb, the cost is even better and, best of all, is the service that people like Richard ** offers. Couldn't be happier.

      PriceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 4, 2021

      I've been wearing devices for six years, and they have greatly improved my hearing. About five months ago I switched to Costco; hence, enough time with my new devices to honestly recommend the Medicine Hat Costco and the Rexton hearing aids. First Costco has a selection of high-quality hearing aids to select from. I switched to Rexton's and I appreciate their performance, rechargeable batteries, and many of their App features. Second Costco had excellent prices (over 50% less from my previous clinic). Third, a big shout out to the staff: Receptionist Sheri's helpful positive attitude, and Tiffany's friendly and relaxed manner while using her knowledge to test, set up, and educate me on achieving the most out of my devices.


      Reviewed Nov. 13, 2021

      I am using my 3rd set of hearing aids from Costco. They are Kirkland Series 10, which are more technologically advanced from previous models. My ability to hear and distinguish speech and music are greatly improved with the new innovations. The staff that aided me in my purchase of these was helpful and caring and very well versed in the product. After-purchase service for changes and adjustments is excellent. Kudos to the staff at the Billings, Montana hearing aid center.


      Reviewed Sept. 22, 2021

      5 months ago I replaced my hearing aids with Costco's Brio 4 model. It was mediocre in performance (but please read on as you'll see why), with 3 trips back to tweak, adjust and complain about the myriad of issues that plagued me. I have another month to return them for a full refund, and was seriously considering taking them back. However, I had a lot of misgivings about the person's ability who fitted me with this aid, so I tried another Costco store to see what they could do. I made the appointment with a different Costco store. After talking to the person answering the phone, explaining my problems with the aids and the store that issued them and we made an appointment for 5 weeks out. (They were that busy, but certainly worth the wait!)

      Today was my appointment with the new store. I explained my problems, and the poor responses of the original store to my new hearing aid expert. She listened and even apologized for the other store's incompetence and then downloaded the program from my hearing aids to her computer. She found and corrected several problems with the way it was programmed, made other changes that I wanted that the other person said was not possible and made suggestions for changes based on what she felt would be best for my situation. Wow, what a difference! I walked out of there with a totally different opinion of the hearing aids. I am very happy with the performance and I am ecstatic that all my needs were addressed and corrected. What was a 2 star review from the original experience has earned them a 5 star review now.

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed Sept. 6, 2021

      I had a Resound hearing aid I bought three years ago from an audiologist. It quit working. I saw an online discussion about Kirkland's Signature 10, the price was $1,000 cheaper than the Resound and it had more features. When I went to Costco's hearing center in Tampa, they gave me a much more thorough ear examination and I ordered from them. The Signature 10 was delivered in a week and when I went back to Costco to pick it up I was surprise they also had a very detailed computerized setup procedure. The procedure played sounds from different directions in the sound booth and customized the aids for the best sounds.

      I have now had these aids and am very satisfied. I also got a TV amplifier ($125) that broadcasts TV to both hearing aids. It works great. If I want to watch/hear a program and my wife is sleeping, I can turn the TV sound off, then turn it up on its box to as loud as I need it. Sometimes, I want to be able to hear my wife in the earpiece next to her and listen to the TV in the other ear. Easy to do. I like this aid so well, I am tempted to buy a second one for after this one has worn out. This also works well to answer the phone and talk to someone using the hearing aid's microphone. Tip: It works best in this mode if you do not hold the phone up to your ear--you can put it on a nearby desk or table for the clearest sound for the person you are talking to on the phone.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed July 11, 2021

      Helen (Specialist) and Jade (Attendant) provide excellent service to my mom. Recommend and tried Hearing Aid. Mom comfortable and purchased, love the service and will refer 2 family/friend. Thank You.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed May 5, 2021

      AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. At first, we were quite happy with the hearing aids, and the service at Barrhaven Costco. All was well until one of the hearing aids started acting up less than a year later, and that is when the nightmare began. Being over two hours from Ottawa, we mailed in the hearing aid to be fixed. They did nothing that we hadn’t done ourselves, and said it was ready anyway. Covid had begun by then and we were in the first wave. Everyone was in a panic, and Ottawa was fast becoming a hot spot for infections. But, we drove there, picked up the hearing aid, and drove straight back, all the while feeling very vulnerable.

      When the hearing aid started acting up again during the third wave, we talked to them about mailing the it in again. However, we are seniors and were not prepared to drive to a ‘hotspot’ again, especially with the ‘stay at home order’ in effect. After many talks with the manager, it was agreed that we could pay for a courier to pick it up and return it to us. However, when we called to get the correct postal code, and mentioned what the manager had told us, we were informed, in no uncertain terms, and very forcefully, that there was no way it could be returned to us, by courier or otherwise. We would be forced to pick it up. Since we are not prepared to do that, we are pretty much up the creek.

      So, for anyone out there who needs a reliable hearing aid, please do not do what we did. We thought we were saving some money and getting a good product and service at the same time. We were dead wrong on both counts. The hearing aids are rubbish and the service is non-existent when you need it most. Do yourself a favour and buy locally from a reputable business. That is what we will be doing in very short order.

      Verified purchase
      PriceOnline & App

      Reviewed May 4, 2021

      I've had several sets of hearing aids but decided to get the latest with a great price. The automatic function does not work or is very erratic. Speech even in a small room with few people is garbled. Every time my iPhone has an action or I look at a photo or message, the hearing aids go bonkers or off. I have an echo around me and I can hear my own chewing. I had these adjusted after 3 weeks and they are still bad. My phone link has to be uploaded constantly and so it is slow for me to adjust to new situations. I've kept my prior ones when I can change the channel manually. I will be returning these; The new auto program does not work.


      Reviewed Feb. 23, 2021

      3 pair of Siemens hearing aid in past (2 from Costo) & all were great. Costo sold me my 4 pr which were Resound & had nothing but trouble in last yr. Technicians at Torrance Ca. Store are great but their support leaves something to be desired. Will be going back to hearing aid only business in future.

      Reviewed Feb. 20, 2021

      Service is impressive and, unlike some other hearing aid companies I have dealt with, continues after the devices are purchased. The number of sites available across the country for service outshines any other hearing aid company and it has the benefit of being in a one stop shopping location.


      Reviewed Feb. 13, 2021

      I read the reviews of their hearing aids. Didn’t go with the cheap versions. I went with the rechargeable ones. And the only difference was that people’s voices echoed more loudly than prior. But I could really hear the person talking any better with them. Sadly they didn’t help.


      Reviewed Feb. 6, 2021

      The people at the Costco hearing center are quite helpful in helping you get adjusted to the hearing aids. However in my case, it required several visits before the sound quality was good. I find the aids a bit uncomfortable to wear and with the mask situation now, almost impossible. Every time I remove the mask, the unit falls out. Costco is very good about cleaning the aids and I try to do so each time I am in a Costco store, wherever it is.

      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 5, 2021

      While the Costco Hearing center customer service is phenomenal, their Kirkland brand hearing aids are not. I have worn hearing aids for approx. 20 years; with a condition of substantial hearing loss. I’ve had aids of 2 different brands prior to receiving the Kirkland (Rexton) bluetooth/ rechargeable hearing aids. I have had these aids for almost two years. While I enjoy the capability of streaming directly into my ears, the streaming is not continuous. It often cuts out, playing in one ear only, switching ears, or cutting out completely in both ears. I’ve taken them in for adjustments, and the staff has been very courteous and patient.

      My next trip to Costco, I will be leaving the aids with them to send in to the company. I initially, I had ordered the battery-powered aids, which were completely covered by our insurance. I found myself replacing batteries daily. I exchanged them for the rechargeable model—for which I paid an additional out-of-pocket expense. I find myself wearing these now only during Zoom mtgs, phone calls from our car, audio books while hubby watches football, and tv news—all of which I stream directly to my ears. For general all-round hearing, I wear my old hearing aids (Phonak, purchased through a major hospital healthcare system; and at a substantially higher cost).

      Costco Kirkland (Rexton brand) hearing aids just do not provide the clarity I get from my older aids. I’ve been back to Costco for adjustments, with no satisfactory result. I will say—and I’m assuming it is spoken in desperation—that I’ve been told my ears are not compatible for hearing what am I to do about that???? Even with the fancy menu of hearing options: automatic, complete with directional microphone; listening to music; outdoors; playing music; television; etc...these aids do not effectively deliver ( and the ‘music options’ are horrible—music sounds tinny. I actually use this option while in the car; as it seems to amplify a bit better than other options...but then the road noise is louder as well—just cannot win).

      While streaming, the rechargeable aids are only good until about noon; at which point I place them back on the charging unit until the evening news. I just cannot recommend these hearing aids. I may add, it's also frustrating to those around me when I constantly respond with “what?” while wearing them (many times hearing a disgusting response like “I thought you had hearing aids”). I went with Costco this time, due to ratings in Consumer Reports.

      Reviewed Feb. 4, 2021

      The Costco experience was so easy to get tested, ordered, and fitted for my hearing aid. I probably qualify to get hearing aids through a VA hospital, but after reading about how Costco was so highly rated in a leading Consumer Magazine, I elected not to go through the VA, thinking Costco would have the latest and greatest hearing aid products. I'm very happy with my "ears" now.


      Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

      COSTCO hearing centers are Very convenient and friendly with free testing & service. The centers are found in most COSTCO stores which helps with access to hearing services even when traveling. They have skilled technicians, excellent product selection, Easy access, excellent warrantees and very Competitive pricing!


      Reviewed Feb. 2, 2021

      The Costco staff were Knowledgeable staff, offering private consultation - free hearing testing, variety of quality brand name products as well as Kirkland brand, great pricing and service as well as good warranty and buyer protection for breakage and even lost aids.

      Reviewed Feb. 1, 2021

      Costco has free hearing test and their results matched my hearing test from audiologist. No charge for visits and free hearing aid cleanings. I saved a lot of money and the hearing aids are manufactured by name brand companies.


      Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

      Friendly and competent service. The choice of products-satisfactory. However the price could be lower, especially for retired seniors. I recommend Costco Hearing Service but opt for lower prices. Costco could provide updated information about innovations in hearing aids.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 30, 2021

      Excellent customer service and so easy to work with. Honestly answer your questions and concerns. They never try to up-sell you with higher priced products. They do use resound for upgrades and I am glad that I was made aware of them. The best hearing aids I have ever had.


      Reviewed Jan. 29, 2021

      I guess it takes some time to get used to hearing aids. But Costco seems to promote theirs, but I can get better with my insurance, not really happy, could they have offered a different one? However all the people I know are unhappy with their aids. I would be happier I think with rechargeable hearing aids, they were never offered.


      Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

      I have a Smart 3D or Resound (never know what is the real name) that was working ok when started to show a strange image different from the others when sign in. I visited 3 times and last visit I showed this image to the receptionist in my iPhone and she never try to help me. Instead, she said that has nothing to do with the hearing aid. I need to buy a second one as back up and I'm not willing to buy from Costco despite this one that I have worked well and it has a good price. But sometimes price is not enough....

      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed March 14, 2020

      I just got my first set...I'm a brand new wear'er' of hearing aids. It took me for a loop when I attended a live music event and left the venue only to suffer hearing damage and loss of frequency. I ran to several ear specialists and lots of tests and got fitted for the Kirkland 9.0's as they seemed to be a good option and the price was right. I did purchase a OTC BTE device on Amazon and found that I certainly needed some help. Likely had some hearing deficits for years, but the "event" was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided on Costco for the price. I figured since my insurance didn't cover, I was going to be fine with the Kirklands. I did a lot of research and was tempted by some of the ads for the Livio and all the bells and whistles, but the Kirklands were just right.

      My experience at Costco was great. The gal was friendly and knowledgeable about the products. She did suggest a different style for me, but it was double the price and, honestly, I did not need all the extras. I like the Bluetooth option and the size of the ear bud. I'm vain...I don't want anyone to see the aids. I wanted to hear better but not be obviously dependent on checking my phone for various settings. I'm retired and love to play golf. My life is pretty my grand kids and enjoy tv. Simple! The Kirklands are great. I am getting use to them. I have the smallest ear canals, so they are a bit sore and I cut the long plastic thread off one because it was so itchy and uncomfortable. Now that particular wire is popping out a bit. When I return for my follow up, I'll probably have her replace.

      We are in the middle of the Corona Virus quarantine and I live in the Seattle area, so Lord knows if I'm going to be able to make my follow up. Costco was a ghost town when I picked them up. I'm still getting use to them. I'm thinking of getting a tv connector. I did not do that initially, but my husband doesn't like me watching tv when he wants to sleep, so this would be great. I like the phone feature, though most of my communications are via text messaging. Talking on the phone is a lost art!

      I got the beige, flesh tones. I have blonde hair, and they are almost invisible. I do like to pull my hair up and wear a pony tail. I don't know if that style is in my future, but I'll see how things go. Right now, with the virus, no one is getting out, so I'll have lots of time to get use to wearing them "inside". Sound is a bit tinny but that's because I"m not use to hearing aids, in general. I also have lots of background noise that I hate...the claws on my puppies paws that clank on the hard wood floors, my husband cough (not Corona...just a cough from his meds), unexpected noises that I likely have not heard for a bit...but, my brain will get use to them in time.

      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed March 7, 2020

      I am reviewing the customer support at the Clybourn Ave, Chicago location. Getting hearing aids for the first time is a bit daunting, but I expected the hearing aid specialist to help with the process. Couldn't get an appointment for a month when I was fitted with the incorrect tips. Never learned about changing a filter. I could go on about the poor service at that Costco, but I think my point is clear. I had to go to a different location to get accurate information and hopefully I will now be able to adjust to the hearing aids.


      Reviewed Feb. 29, 2020

      My wife and I tried to use our United Healthcare insurance plan for hearing aids. The insurance program proved to be expensive and low quality after two appointments with United Healthcare providers. We then met with an independent provider who was good but very expensive. I then decided to see what Costco had to offer. That proved to be an excellent decision.

      We went to the Costco hearing aid center in Nampa, Idaho and were very happy with the experience. The staff was professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. I did a lot research about hearing aids and can confidently say that Costco provided a high quality hearing aid at the best price with the best warranty and excellent service.

      Reviewed Feb. 24, 2020

      The hear aids (Kirkland 9.0) are; however, the batteries only last on average of 15 hours, if lucky. They sent them in and supposedly replaced everything in the aids. The professional called Phonak and was told they should last 90 hours. He let me go with the aids and said the batteries are small ones and won't last that long. I know other who get 7 or more days with the exact hearing aids. They even have more hearing loss than I do.

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