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The hours don't always fit my needs. Some are only open for a half day on Sunday. Prices are out of line with other retail pharmacies. The time it takes to fill a prescription is outrageous. Most of the pharmacists act as if you are disturbing them when you ask them a question. They don't always answer your questions. Some of the pharmacists ignore you when standing at counter. The average wait time just to get your prescription in the right hands is about 20 to 30 minutes. Then it takes another half hour to get it filled. Then another 15 minutes to get checked out. They could expand on more products to enhance the program. Instead of gas perks they should help those who don't drive. Maybe they could give discounts at register on groceries.

They were available when I needed them to be in a timeframe that was convenient for most schedules. The pharmacist genuinely seemed to care about my well being and educating me on the medication that I was consuming. They always made sure that I was comfortable with the directions and answered any questions I had. The turnaround time from placing my order to receiving my prescription was typically done within the timeframe I would shop. If I used the drive through it only took about 5 minutes.

Open for easy access at hours that I was able to go, would easily recommend this store to anyone. Please buy from this store. Quality items. Pharmacists know what they're doing, do it quickly, give you the correct medication and what more could you ask for honestly? Perfect knowledge of medications as well. Did not have to wait at all unlike other pharmacies where you must wait in line for hour. No line. Got what I needed and was out within no time. The reward program rewards using a point base system which is great. The more I buy from the store, the more points I earn to save money!

Very help. They know how to treat their customer and provide good feedback to changes asked. They are timely and cordial as well. They provide good customer service and listen. Listening is important because it can prevent many other issues. Most others are too busy with administration. They take time out. They are fast yet cordial, they don't rush you in case you have questions so they definitely take their time to get to your concerns but still provide help. I don't really use the rewards as much but I try to get them as much as possible. They do push the program though. I will try one of these days.

Their hours are extremely flexible and I have never encountered any type of problem relating to the hours. I would definitely recommend. These people know exactly what they are doing. I have never seen a more experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable team of staff to help customers. The wait time is one of, if not the only problem I have encountered throughout this experience. It wasn't awful, but it definitely could have been much better. They offer a great rewards program that is very easy to register for and be a part of. This is a great positive factor to the business.

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Their hours are very accommodating so you can get what you need when you need it even during normal off hours. You can also call in so it's ready when you get there. They are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have about anything. You can also call in and they have someone who can answer questions over the phone if you need something without going in. The wait times are good and they have multiple staff on hand to handle times when there are lots of customers waiting. Call times are also fast with not much time on hold. The rewards program is good because it can save you money as a repeat customer. The points can be applied to get a discount on your order or saved to completely cover an order.

Reasonably quick just what the doctor ordered. Plenty of stuff to look at while I waited. Very friendly. The store was clean. Easy to pay for. I did not have any questions but they asked if I had any. Other than that they were clean and kind and friendly they did their job. I did not really notice I had other shopping to do. By the time I was done shopping my prescription was ready and I checked out, I walked out to my car and drove away. This is the first time I used the rewards card so I will let you know in about 10 trips and see if I am happy or not. Usually these things produce ok deals.

Great hours. It was available to my needs. When my son left the doctors we went straight there to fill prescriptions. There was a small line but not very busy. Many things to choose from to buy. The knowledge was great. Every employee greeted you even as you came in and left the store and the cashier seem to understand what I asked her and was looking for and where to find items. The wait time was ok. They were not busy the time I went there but it was worth the wait. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. The rewards program is very helpful and useful to use. It saves me money on certain products that I may be looking for so it helps.

Hours are 8 am till 9 pm and they give you good advice on taking the medication. They are pleasant and kind to everyone. They ask and answer any questions you may have and let you know what's best for you. They know what medication to give you when the doctors prescribe medication for your illness and needs. They give you what you have to have to last you for that whole month and refill it when you ask them too. It's not long to wait once they get your prescription from the doctor or you. 10 to 15 minutes at the most. Always depends on if they have it. You can use the rewards to purchase other things you may want to buy and it doesn't cost that much. I would recommend Giant Eagle to anyone that want to shop there.

Open when I need it and I can always shop while waiting for meds or prescription refills. The pharmacy will accept computer prescriptions from my doctor every time. Have never had a issue with any prescription and the pharmacist is always willing to offer a cheaper generic drug that is just as effective as a name brand type. If there is ever a time I have to wait a long period of time, one half hour or so, it gives me time to shop the store and get whatever other items I might need.

Their hours are great. They are open from my knowledge 24/7, which is great because I can go there anytime I need. They are open a lot more than other businesses. They have a lot of knowledge in everything. Their customer service knew everything I asked. It was really helpful to me and helping me understand everything. The wait time wasn't long at all, in fact it really only took a couple minutes for me to get through to customer service. I'd say better than most places. Their reward program is great and I got a lot back for what I spent. I was really happy with it all overall. They have different choices for the reward program also which was great.

They there to help you when needed. Fast friendly and usually they're open at 8 am till 7 pm. You can pick up your meds within 30 mins and they provide useful feedback. Their information about what you take when you get it and the doctor will give you basic facts too and they ask you question like how does it make you feel. Usually there less people and they work on your order asap and they welcome you with invite to refer friend to come drop their meds off to you. Usually their points add up quick and their reward program is awesome and they got good offer. They give you option to pick from and redeem them at your location spot.

I am very happy with the convenient hours of operation. It also has all my shopping needs. Generally it is a one stop shopping after my normal work hours. They have all my shopping needs and wants with the time to get it after my normal job. They have food and any other items I need to start any day. Generally there is no wait time. They never have lines. They always have enough employees to take care of you at any time. I go there whether noon, night. The reward program is well worth the earnings and you can get a lot of earnings, it makes your collecting the earning worth it to even try.

Whether I need something early in morning or late at night the pharmacy is accessible. With other pharmacies closing time is at 4:30 pm...Giant Eagle's hours go as late as 9 pm. Sometimes, I like to stop by on the way to work. This came in quite handy. Anything I need to know their pharmacy techs are right there with the answers. Many times I don't know if there will be some bad interaction between meds I take. People in the pharmacy seem to know exactly what is good or not. I believe they have their service window down to a skill. I never have had to wait more than 15 minutes. Most of the time, I simply have to drop in to pick up my meds. I can always call in my prescription needs ahead of time.

Giant Eagle, like most stores, has usual store hours, is open seven days a week, has fast customer service, no wait time or long lines, helpful employees, etc. The pharmacist knew why I came in because it was "Back to School/Flu Shot Season" and made it as quick and painless as possible with no long wait times for getting the shot or checking out. There was no wait time at the pharmacy, and I was able to get out of the store within ten minutes so that I could do my regular shopping that day. There are other stores with better reward programs, but it is what it is at the Giant Eagle store, and I still took full advantage of the program.

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