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Last updated: Feb. 23, 2018

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2018

I purchased my dentures from Affordable Dentures about 3 years ago after breaking my lower plate in half. I have had several sets of dentures over the years wearing them for 10 to 15 years for each set. I purchased them from local dental offices. I went to Affordable Dentures as their ads stated they repair broken dentures. I found out they only repair their own dentures. I had to buy new dentures. They start me off with the "economy" grade and told me they may not be able to make them fit properly and suggested I take the next up. I did and they were miserable. The fit was awful on the bottom plate. Adjustments after 30 days were $25.00 and after numerous visits and months I adjusted them myself which took awhile. I finally got them right and I broke a tooth. They repaired it free because it was less than a year, almost a year later I broke a different tooth which cost $115.

This time, less than a year later, I broke the same tooth repaired the first time, another $115. I called for an appointment and had to wait a week. I got there and I never saw the dental tech. I stood at the desk, in public, told to remove my dentures and put them into a bin in front of everyone in the office. I have been married 47 years and my wife has seen me without my teeth only a few times when I was sick. At any rate, I was told they would be done at 3:45 and asked to come inside to the side of the desk where they charged $115. Pay in private but remove your teeth in public. At Affordable Dentures, the patient is a number, nothing more or less. When I tried to talk to them about this being the third tooth breaking, they said sorry but $115. When I said I would not be back for new dentures they said "sometimes that happens. See you at 3:45". There is no customer service, only a number.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2018

01/25/2018 - First of all I feel I was overdosed when having the six extractions done, I did not wake up for over 24 hours. I told the tech this and was told this happened to some people. I was in so much pain I have had several teeth removed in the past many more than 6 and never felt pain like this. On 01/29/2018 I went in and I was told I was just healing, we tried these so called temporary dentures that were so big I couldn't get in my mouth. 02/06/2018 I went back still in so much pain. Have not ate anything besides smashed potatoes, and cream of wheat since the start of this whole thing. I had so many pieces of bone sticking out of my gums it was very painful just touching my mouth. On 02/09/2018 3 days later I went it for a alveoloplasty. This is when they split your gums open and shave the bone straight or so I thought wrong, but the pain of bone sticking out of my gums was gone.

On 02/13/2018 I went in to have the last stitch removed and to have another temporary made, the impression was taken only of the lower. They stated the top was perfect. Just needed adjusting. I was told to come back in about an hour and a half for try on. When I came back in they put this thing in my mouth that no way fitted. The left side was on a downhill slope. Teeth not aligned at all. The Dr. came in looked at the teeth and put more stuff on it to build it up. I guess that's what he did. I was then told to come back later that afternoon to pick up the temporary. Guess what? There was no way these so called temporaries were going to fit in my mouth. The assistant who I will say is a very sweet lady told me to come back if I needed more adjustments done.

On 02/19/2018 I went to my husband's dentist. Needless to say assembly line dentistry is not for me. To make a long story short I listen to my gut feeling. Going to get a second opinion. I'm scheduled for surgery for a true alveoloplasty to clean up this mess on 02/28/2018, and to place my implants, I was also told that I would not be able to wear any denture for at least 8 weeks to 4 months. I will also add you get what you pay for. Instead of this costing me $7,658.00 it is now over $12,000.00. I will see if I can get the money I paid up front for the dentures back. One last thing if this is how I was treated paying top dollar, how are the people who can only afford the cheapest denture, and have no other choice being treated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2018

First of all I went to an office in Pleasant Prairie, WI, they give you their speak. The dentist tells me they will make the plates and if you are not satisfied they will correct them. If you still aren't satisfied with them they will make you knew. Horrible office, they had no tech to make them because he quit or got fired. They had a temp in there which she was nice and helped me with what I wanted (it is my mouth after all). After my permanent ones were made she went back to where she came from and the tech made them way too large, I couldn't even close my lips together, the right front tooth was made right in the middle of my mouth which made me look like a rabbit. I was so aggravated with them that I told them I would sue them, they immediately gave me my money back.

After all that I went to the original place which is in Milwaukee, WI, I had a partial made years prior, same speech and all the mumbo jumbo. The top teeth turned out nice, they apparently can't work from scratch because they used my crappy dentures that were years old. I forgot to mention so did the last place, my old dentures were way too small and on a slant and completely crooked.

Anyways they promised me they would make it correct that they were just using them because they would get a better impression. Wrong. The bottom teeth came out exactly like the old set except straighter than the old ones. They were still too small and didn't match up to the top teeth which cause an overbite. Horrible work and I've been back twice, the dentist wouldn't even listen to me and insisted that's how they should be. Also said he would not make me a new bottom denture and told me he would refund me. Apparently they should change their slogan to here's your money back because we aren't going to replace your dentures. Worst place and experience I've ever had in a dental office, I will be contacting their corporate office and see if I can speak to someone concerning the process they go through. Please take my advice and do not go there in the first place!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

I haven't gotten any work done yet. I need 17 complex extractions which wasn't even covered by my 1500 dollar allowance with Delta Dental PPO. I was shown videos by a woman who barely spoke English and kept repeating herself. She tried to convince me, by showing me images that scared the hell out of me, that if I didn't get what turned out to be cosmetic bone grafts my face would basically look like that of a 60 yr old within a year. That would have been 4 times 200 bucks a pop; $800 I don't have. We didn't discuss alveoloplasty and it is included in my estimate approved by insurance. That also puts me over budget and I have been wearing a lower partial for a year; my gums feel smooth. This is for immediate dentures and I had no idea I could have the procedure done later if I end up needing it and have researched the topic and not everyone does.

I am thinking this is standard, just as the way Aspen Dental operates with their toothbrush and double cleaning. Now, I am a very anxious patient with a low pain tolerance. My only sedation option is ** and the dentist, as many in NY, does not want to prescribe pain meds. One I had contacted previously but cost too much said ** was offered. This lady said ** and **. Hell no. I have a bad back and I get nothing for that and am given the same advice and use ** for quality of life. I read heavy painkillers are prescribed the first few days with this procedure. If I need it, I will get it done later at a place that offers IV sedation and pain meds afterward, not when there is greater risk of dry socket. I would end up in agony and I would have to wait until the beginning of April if I sprung for this at the time of extraction as well. I want my damn teeth already.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

I called Affordable Dentures and asked if they were an in network provider for my dental plan. They said they were and I made an appointment. When I arrived I spent over an hour being examined and getting Xrays and when finished I was told they didn't take insurance at all... I said, "I called you and you said you did." They completely denied it. Their prices are pretty good but how can you trust a company that lies to you?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2018

I took my partial in to replace a small front tooth that I had broken over Thanksgiving. After the X-ray was completed the partial was fitted. All was well. I came back at 2 pm, not only did it not fit I don't think it was mine. It was too big for my mouth after several grinding by the tech! The Dr did not have the professional courtesy to talk to me. He sent messages via the tech! The only solution was to refit the partial in the amount of $270.00, leaving me without a front tooth. This Port St. Lucie Fl office should be investigated by the appropriate federal or state agency. My advice to others is to find another office for all your dental needs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

Had appointment for 8:30. Receptionist said we didn't. Still had call in my phone. Then waited over 1 hr and got up and left. Receptionist was unpleasant to my husband. What is an appointment for?? This was our first and only visit. Never again.

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

Went into get dentures relined after their kiln warped my dentures then they were all crooked. Went back to get them fixed and was told they would not reline them again because materials and process costed too much. Was told to wear them another six months till I get my permanent dentures.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2017

I have contacted a lawyer. I tried to get satisfaction from Dr. **, Philadelphia, PA. Her office staff and she were rude and I am still without teeth. I work for a living on the phone. I went because their ad was 24 hours. I knew it would take a while for my bottom to heal. The first time the teeth were crooked. The second time, after waiting an hour (I had an appointment) they were still crooked. The third time after being told to come an hour earlier than my appointment. And being made to wait that extra hour, they are still crooked. Or are they the same teeth, the Dr. disappears with the teeth and comes back with the new ones. I put the 4186 on credit card, to pay it off when done. The last comment Dr. ** made was, "It could take 16 times to get them right" and after 100 days they charge for any adjustment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2017

I have been a denture wearer for 30 years. I have had good results from the practice in Columbia, MO, for 7 years. But when they raised their prices, I went to a practice in Sullivan, MO, which is 82 miles and an hour and 45 minutes from my home. Worth the drive to save a few hundred dollars, right? Wrong! On day 7 of the new dentures, they have a hole in the palate area. I never saw the dentist (Christopher **) although in my experience the dentist will typically look at your gums to ensure they are healthy. The tech who worked with me was bossy, rude, and refused to listen to me, even though my 30 years as a denture wearer surely qualify me to understand the process of being fitted for new dentures, to know when something is wrong, and to offer an educated opinion regarding the fitting and making of MY dentures.

When I was fitted with the wax try-in dentures, I told her they were too big and explained exactly where they needed to be smaller. She said, “Oh, these are just the try-ins, they don't mean anything.” Well, yes, they do. They are what the lab uses as the model for your dentures. While the wax model will obviously not fit exactly like your finished dentures, they should be close - not too large and painful when inserted. When the final dentures were done, they were of course much too large, and she hurt me when she shoved them into my mouth. She spent a minimum of 20 minutes filing them down where I told her they were wrong on the wax model. It's the wax you fix BEFORE you make the dentures. That's the entire point of the wax model. When the dentures were finally finished I told her there was a spot on the palate that was much too thin.

She said, “You have a Tori (it's a bony protrusion in the roof of the mouth; the roof of my mouth is just made a little weird) and if we make that part any thicker you'll have a huge bubble back there”. Well, that's not true, as for the past 30 years, I have had dentures made that are magically able to accommodate the Tori without a huge "bubble". Since she would not send the teeth back to the lab to have this thin spot reinforced, there is a hole in the exact spot I TOLD her was too thin. I have been wearing them for 7 days. She also sold me a "comfort liner" for the bottom teeth (an extra $165) that she applied after the teeth were made. She did an incredibly sloppy job; the liner is smeared all over the outside of the denture, and there's a spot in the back that wasn't smoothed down and is now an irritant.

I cannot tell the difference between my old dentures without the "comfort liner" and these - none at all. Since these ($1,060) dentures are now broken after 7 days of wear, I have to miss another full day of work, drive an hour and forty-five minutes (one way) to start all over again. In my experience, they will not be able to simply fix the hole, they will have to make an entirely new set of teeth, which means another 12 hours (counting driving time) wasted on them. I am so incredibly upset and angry over this experience. I want everyone to know that not all Affordable Dentures practices are the same. I will never use this one again, and will certainly never recommend it to anyone.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

I went to the Affordable Dentures in Conover N.C. the consultations weren’t that bad bc you deal with techs and so far they have been the nicest. But I have been back 3 times to finally get my dentures. They are flat out too big and make it look like I have one of those mouthguards in that sports players wear. They keep saying it’s because my gums are swollen but it’s not true. My gums had shrank so much in 5 days I had to get new molds made.

They just try to shuffle you out like cattle. The doctor (Dr. **) blows off everything you say and doesn’t act like she wants to be in the room more than 5 minutes. Now after almost 2 weeks my gums are still hurting and large chunks of tooth are starting to break through my gums. Also they left other teeth fragments in my mouth making my gums hard in places and dentures impossible to wear. So they didn’t even get all of my teeth out. I have never been so dissatisfied with a place in my life. I’m returning my dentures and I will never go back again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

I went to their office at Fort Wayne, IN to get a new upper partial. The receptionist was pretty friendly but the tech and the dentist were rude and totally unfriendly. I had to have impressions taken twice. I got my partial the same day. It is absolutely huge and I can keep it in my mouth. I would have to use a whole tube of Fixodent to keep it there. My teeth don't meet the partial. I tried to tell the tech the spots that hurt and she said she fixed it but she didn't smooth it out so it was rubbing against the roof of my mouth. I am so angry. I have tried to talk to their customer service complaint area but they don't call back. I just want my money back.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

On 10/30/2017 appt 8 to 830 am. To get fitted for new dentures first time to this office. I was fitted and asked to come back later that day by 330. So since I live 80 miles away I went to waste time. I came back at 330. They told me they tried calling me to ask me to come after 5. The lab was having trouble and very behind. I said I will wait. So when they were ready I went back. The girl that was putting them in my mouth. I told her right away my teeth feel crooked inside. Top and bottom is hurting bad. So she takes out bottom grinds it, telling me to reinsert. I replied, "There's grit inside." She acts like I was wasting her time. She goes and rinses off. I ask, "Can you at least put powder to help hold? They are wiggling." She did. Well as soon as I got down the highway they were loose again. This is very unhealthy. I was told by her before I left give it 3 to 4 days to adjust. So I did. I called. Made appt on to get them readjusted.

I went in and this lady that helped me was nice but I felt very uneased, I told her my teeth are not correct. She said where. I said bottom hurts bad and top feels weird so she takes bottom out. After I point out the spot on 1 place she goes and buffs it down. Said it won't poke my mouth since she did. I showed her the difference in my old teeth and these. She said, "Well I can't do these like that. You are going to have to use adhesive constantly to hold in place." I never showed her defective top because how I was just brushed off.

When I got home I called the main office. Filed a complaint. Told them I want my refund, I cant wear these and according to warranty guarantee. I am very displeased. My top denture where the 2 front teeth are my gums are sitting on that, no cushion and the middle of denture that has the v in front is way off to the EYE tooth (not in center). I am so tired of driving 160 round trip just to get a runaround and laughed at and treated disrespectfully and hearing nothing but Spanish speaking to each other. And since then I have closed my credit card after it went through.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I am retired and live on Social Security and odd jobs so money is always short. I went to AD for a couple extractions and a lower partial. During the exam and initial treatment the dentist (Rebecca **) was very rough and acted like there was a very limited time she could bother with me. The injections to numb my mouth are very painful for me. The dentist actually had me in a headlock and kept giving me injection after injection (5 in total) non stop despite my objections and request to stop for a moment so I could breathe.

I went back there today because the temporary partial was cutting into my gums and creating ulcers at the points of contact. When I called for my appointment I also let them know that the partial didn't fit and kept falling out. The office staff suggested that I use the fixative they supplied. When I arrived there this morning the dentist started cleaning the adhesive from my mouth very roughly, including the areas where ulcers developed and my gum started to bleed from the rough treatment.

When I objected to the rough treatment she replied that I shouldn't use the fixative when coming in for an appointment. I told her that staff and suggested it and she basically called me a liar and kept up the rough cleaning. Time will tell if the permanent partial will fit and how much agony is yet to come. The person should not be a dentist, and is too rough to be a car or truck mechanic.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I Took my 83-year-old Mother, to Affordable Dentures in Myrtle Beach. She needed a few (5 or 6) teeth pulled and then dentures. Today marked her 8th or 9th trip there. Without a doubt, this is the worst run Healthcare office that I’ve ever visited. Unprofessional, rude, ignorant... and that’s just the Doctor. He spoke so rudely to my mom when she was in the chair, that I told him, “Don’t talk to my Mom like that. You are so disrespectful and ignorantly rude.” I thought about telling her... “Let’s get out of here.” If I had known the level of incompetence and rudeness that we were to encounter over the next few visits, we would have ran out of there. The Dr has no patience or respectfulness in his chair side manner. He was in such a rush and it was evident in all his behavior. Condescending, smart-ass remarks. No compassion. No concern. They schedule 6 or more patients at the same time. We had to wait 2-3 hours, for her to be seen every time.

While you’re in the waiting room the rude brash receptionist keeps her sliding window open, so no privacy as the patients check out. Everyone in waiting room hears everything between receptionist and patients, as well as her conversations on the phone. Once in exam room A saleswoman comes into the exam room, (none with doors, all just cubbyholes off the hallway.) I think doors would just slow down the employees running in and out. She explained all the different plans, and Mom spent over $1200 to get temporary dentures right away, then permanent ones later. Such crappy looking dentures, with a terrible fit. She had nothing but problems. They’ve relined and adjusted them a few times, but the dentures and other materials are so shoddy, that any benefits from the procedures only last a few days. If you want an inferior set of dentures, be sure to visit them.

If you like being treated rudely by a staff that hates their jobs and the company that employs them, be sure to visit. If you like waiting 3 hours AFTER your scheduled appointment, they will accommodate. Today, we waited 3 hours again, then after she went back, they told her they couldn’t do anything to help her with the terrible dentures. Mom, finally fed up with their tactics, told them she wanted a refund of her package. They would only refund $200 even though she still had not received her permanent teeth. They kept over $500 of her money and charged her $30 today for telling her that can’t do anything.

When I commented on how unprofessional their practice was... I was told to go outside with a rude hand gesture. My mom made a comment about the rudeness of the staff, and the receptionist told her she could just go stand outside and wait. Neither of us left until they gave her a pitifully small percentage refund. Mom said she was glad to pay $500 to have nothing further to do with them. OMG. Don’t go to this business location. Go to an actual Dentist that has no corporate ties. AVOID Myrtle Beach Affordable Dentures. Shaking my head.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I first went in to get a denture repaired. It went very well. I decided to get a replacement pair. They sold me on the most expensive set because I wanted implants in the future. On my first visit they took the mold. This took several attempts. This in turn irritated the Dr. On my second visit I was to try in the wax mold. They first came so large I could barely fit them in my mouth. They said it would be about 45min. They called me in for the second fitting and they came out with tiny teeth and the front 2 were completely rounded. I asked the Dr if he could square them off like my current pair. He told me they were just worn so I said, "Well yours are squared," and he said, "Well women are more curvy if you know what I mean."

I said I would still like it done and mentioned the size. Once again 45 min wait. They called me in the 3rd time, he placed them in my mouth and they were still small but squared off. They then sent me home to come back the next day. I live 45 minutes away. The next day there was new construction backed up for miles which put me 15 minutes late to my appt. I called and the receptionist was extremely rude. When I got there and went in for my fitting I told the Dr I hated them. He said, "I will not do another thing to them. If you don't want them just get your money back." I was floored because I am crazy non confrontational.

I just started to cry and said, "But the bottom teeth are laying over and you think that's normal" and he said that is all he can do. I just said okay, defeated. I signed a form and they told me to come back in 2 days. I walked in, the tech gave me the dentures. She asked how they felt. I said fine and she went to get me a cup to hold my backup dentures. I proceeded to put the new pair in the cup, she said okay and I walked out the door. A very expensive backup pair of dentures. Needless to say I have NEVER been treated so badly by any establishment. I will never return and would never recommend them to anyone. After reading reviews it sounded like we all saw the same rude Dr. Sad.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I was told by a tech my choice of care was NOT up to me but the doctor. Which I TRULY did not appreciate. Then when I returned to get my dentures they did not fit because the mold was not adjusted to my mouth. The tech tried to send me on my way but I insisted that something be done. Unfortunately I still received poor service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I came in to replace my top DENTURES and the new ones were too big and I kept saying I was choking on them. I was told it was because they were new. After the first week I lost a tooth and called. Made a appt and lost another tooth. I explained I was very unhappy and was told I could leave the dentures get a refund within a week and go someplace else. I work. I cannot afford a week off. They are not professional. They don't care. Never even seen the dentist. I would never recommend anyone to go here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

First I would like to say the people in the office were very nice. With that being said first trip impression, second trip wax impression, third trip dentures. I do not think a person that has never had a set of dentures should be making dentures young kid. They made me a set of dentures with baby teeth. The dentures were too long and choked me. The side of my dentures were too high and cut into my gums. If you look at my dentures they have thin spots you can see through. My dentures are too thick in some places.

I have had dentures since I was 12 so I know what I'm talking about. I was told I needed time for my dentures to adjust to my mouth. Not happy at all and I will not keep going back to get my dentures fixed. Waste of an entire day. I should have listened to the people that have went there and also were not happy. This all took place because they would not simply repair my old dentures that I was very happy with except for the fact they were not centered correctly.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

I was provided a $12,000 treatment plan. After advising Dr. Mark ** that I carry the redhead gene and thus am impervious to local anesthesia. On 8/17/17 the office provided me the oral surgeon info and an updated treatment plan totaling $2090. Today I was told by office staff Dr. ** "didn't want to mess with my mouth" and didn't want to treat me. How devastating, upsetting that I was only important when I was worth more money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I paid $2,000 upfront. The tech abused me physically and verbally, as well as ruining my dentures. 2 additional sets made, worse than the original. It's been almost 2 years because I can't afford to pay a different place. My face has changed, people have a hard time understanding me and it's difficult to eat. Now, I get a letter saying how they value me and want me to buy something else from them. Cameron ** is the dentist, Mesquite, Texas.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

My experience with Affordable Dentures was by far the worst experience and no one should have to go through the same thing. I went to have a simple partial denture made and it turned out to be a big headache and a waste of time. The office was dirty, the wait time was long, the quality of work was very poor and I was told to come back to their office several times, ten to be exact to correct their mistake. At my last visit, which started off as an 8 am appointment dragged on and I was told to come back at 12 pm then 1 pm d finally 3:30 pm. In the end they tried making 2 partials and neither fit!! I would not recommend anyone to go there!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I made an appointment about a month ago. It's over an hour travel from my home. Upon arrival at 730 am they didn't have me down for having an appointment. They did see me though and I got in fairly quickly. The 1st part of the appointment went well although they kept trying to get me to upgrade what I was getting done (5 teeth pulled and full set economy dentures).

I was excused at 915 ish and told to come back at 1030 to have the teeth pulled. When I got back there was a new receptionist who was rude. She had been having a private conversation when I arrived so I sat to wait until she was done. As soon as she was done she asked "and you are?" So I let her know and she promptly closed the window without saying anything else. Around 1130 the dentist himself came out and told me it would be about a half hr longer wait as he had a couple of emergencies come in. At this point I was a little aggravated but what could I do?

I was finally called in at 10 minutes to 1! Now I do have quite a bit of anxiety over the dentist which I explained to them this visit and at previous visits. I was taken back and numbed. When the dentist came in he didn't say a word literally just grabbed the pliers and pulled my mouth open and started yanking! I was taken back. He didn't even make sure I was numb or say a word! When he was done he shoved gauze in my mouth practically choking me, grabbed a wipe and wiped my face and walked out of the room. I was shocked. All this without saying a word.

An assistant came in and changed the gauze 2 more times and then came in a third time with the dentist. Again without saying a word she picked up an instrument to hold my lips away from teeth and the dentist leans my head back and opens my mouth. Saying nothing he proceeded to give me stitches. This time before leaving the room he hands me the sucker and tells me to suck the saliva not to spit. I just start crying and said I didn't know how. He said, "flip the switch," stuffed more gauze in my mouth and left. I felt like crap and of course at this point what can I do? After about 10 minutes another assistant comes in changes the gauze and tells me I can wait in the waiting room or come back at 2 pm for my dentures. It's about 115.

I go out to my car where I am still bleeding pretty good and wait. I go in at 2 and they take me right back. Change the gauze once again and we wait. About 230 they bring in the dentures and the assistant practically shoves them down my throat. I tell her to please take it easy and I put in my top denture. I have been wearing a full top plate for a few years.

She puts in the bottom with some stuff on it to measure for the reline. Mind you this is where the 5 teeth were pulled and now the ** is wearing off and they are pretty sore. Pulls them back out pulling on the stitches. I tell her that one side is rubbing and she said once the reline is on it won't and leaves to put the reline on. Comes in a few minutes later and puts them in pushing on them again aggravating the tender spots.

When asked how they feel I tell her the back is rubbing and digging into my gum. She said it was from being sore from the teeth being pulled. I said no it's a different spot. These dentures are bulky and huge. Not at all like the partial I had before and cut way down where the cheek and gum meet. I try to explain this to get which is hard because I'm still bleeding and sore as hell. She says they can do adjustments at a later date after my mouth heals a bit. I have to wonder how they can adjust something so big and bulky? The reline looks and feels terrible and they look so unprofessionally made. I understand they are the economical and therefore cheapest model but seriously I just spent 1200$ with you and get such crappy workmanship? Very disappointed with the dentures and the professionalism of the dentist himself and his staff.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

Came in for my adjustment at 9:30 a.m. My dentures were made in another state. No problem they could adjust them. They ruined my $2500 dentures. Haven't had dentures since May. Have made 4 trips to Tupelo. 4 hours round trip each time. All the dentist offered me is $360 off a new pair of dentures. His excuse was that my other dentures were not made by them. Is the reason they couldn't adjust them. They shouldn't have tried. 1st pair was too short, painful. You could only see the ragged part of the tips on the top dentures. 2nd set of dentures were big bulky long down into my lower lips. Making me buck-tooth like Bugs Bunny. 3rd set is too big for my mouth. They fall out of my mouth even with adhesive.

On the 4th trip. New owner of the dental practice. Saw me as I was coming in the room. He just hit my shoulder almost knocking me over. That is considered simple assault. Leaned over right in my face and said, "You're difficult." Never returning to the room. Each time they insist that the dentures they made were perfect. When I called the service representative. She said I could make a complaint. Have a mediator. Kelly called from the office. I asked what his job title was. He said "umm sorta like Office Manager. Mmm I work I the lap." He giggled over speaking to other people as I was asking for my money again. I would like my $845. He said that the dentist would only give me back $425. So much for the 100 day guarantee.

My dentures that I came in with were ruined where I am unable to wear them. The dentures they make are see through. Taste like wax. Big bulky where I can't even close my mouth. Teeth are huge. Painful edges that make my gums bleed. I have no teeth that I can wear. New owner as of Jan of this year. He won't even speak to me. Won't return my money. Charging me for ruining my dentures I came in with. Just blowing it off because they were not made there. I want my money back. All of it. He should pay for my travel expensive. Plus for ruining my dentures that just needed adjusting. I'm on a fixed income. I have explained this to them on many occasions. The office staff and dentist still push the most expensive on you. I have observed the return of money in cash for 2 clients. 2 clients that waited all day for an adjustment. By any means should I be charged $360 for that dental office ruining my dentures. Only willing to return $425.

Kelly said it was at the discretion of the owner Dr. Abby Raymond who decided how much refund you would receive. My papers say 100% refund if you are not happy. Final dentures were delivered less than 2 months ago. You have a 100 day certificate that is worthless I again want the $845 total amount I paid. Until this is resolved I will have no teeth. This has caused me pain, suffering, anxiety, depression. And unable to go out in the world toothless. No one at Affordable Dentures will mediate so far. These dentures are huge. I am unable to close my mouth. My top lips sticks out so far it has wrinkle. My jaws hurt. I was asked to try 1 more time. I did. Again I asked for a full refund. Over and over I have been refused what is advertised. Asked Kelly when I would hear from him again after he spoke to the owner/dentist about my FULL refund. He giggled and said when we are able to call you. Hung up.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I went to Affordable Dental to have a new upper done. I had a bad experience with a dentist that did my temp so I thought that I would have better luck with a company that specializes in dentures. I called about a month in advance and got an appointment for 8am on a Friday. I drove an hour to get there. I arrived to see a parking lot with at least 8 other cars that also had 8am appointments. When they opened the doors at 8 we all filed in like cattle. By this time there was at least 20 people coming in. There was a sign that said you would be seen according to what the practice deemed important. I took a seat and watched several other people file in. The waiting room had over 30 people waiting and then they started calling names. People that had later appointments were being seen before me. I finally got called in around 10:30am. I looked around the exam room and it was very outdated.

The walls needed paint and the white equipment was a dingy yellow. I asked the tech if she wanted me to remove my dentures since they were "glued" in my mouth and she snapped at me and said that I should have had them already out. Because I only had them for 8 months, she said it was too soon to have my permanents so I was just going to have an alignment done. I was told to see the lady at the desk. I was charged 175.00 and told to come back between 2 and 4. Now where am I going to go without my denture, so I stayed there and people watched. I was sitting right in front of the door leading back to the examine rooms. I was shocked to see the techs wearing blue gloves, picking up files, going into the reception area and touching paper, pens, phones and so on, then opening the door by the handle, calling another person in still sporting the same gloves.

I began to really rethink what I was doing there. But they had my denture so I felt stuck and hopeless. Finally at 5:15pm I was called to go back to the examine room. And yes the tech was holding my file, touching the doorknob and the pen with the same blue gloves on. My gut told me to get my denture and just leave but here it was on a Friday night and no one else would be able to see me that night or the next day. The tech came back into the room with my denture and I couldn't even get it to go in on one side. So I showed him where it hurt and he sent out and came back a short time later. I tried again, but the pain was horrible. I told him the same spot was not right so he went out again and I heard him filing it down. The third time he came back I was able to get it into my mouth but that same area gave me unbearable pain. He checked it while it was in my mouth, then took it out, and began to put this powder stuff on it.

I asked him what that was for and he explained it was adhesive. He said I needed it to keep my dentures in. What!!! I just paid for an alignment and I have to use adhesive now. They were too big except for the area that was giving me pain. I told him they still hurt really bad and he said, go home and give it a few days and if it didn't get better to come back. At this point I had my denture and it didn't fit, and it hurt and I'm in worse shape than when I first got there. I got up, looked in the garbage can to see if I could see any blue gloves which there were none and walked out. For 2 days I couldn't eat and I was in so much pain.

My friend who also wears dentures took a look and found that there was a large sharp piece of plastic in the area of my pain. He took out his Dremel and filed it down and polished it up. I developed a sore due to the sharp ridge. They also didn't cut back for the piece of skin that hangs from your gum to your lip so I got a blister there too. My friend also adjusted that area too. The day after I was there, shockingly I developed a sore on my bottom lip. 2 weeks later my denture doesn't hurt thanks to my friend fixing them and the sore is gone and the blister inside is getting smaller, but I still have to use adhesive everyday just to keep them in my mouth. So I ask myself - I wasted an entire day, and came out with more problems than I went in with. Would I ever go back or recommend this place? No.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

Dr. ** is the best dentist I've ever seen in 40 years. He cares about his work and he cares about his patients. He listens and takes all the time his patients need to feel completely at ease and comfortable. His staff is EXCELLENT. The nurses are all friendly and down to earth. Brandy is a nurse there who runs the front desk and financial along with other tasks in just about every position in the office and still finds times to answer any questions a patient may need answered.

They are a busy clan but by far surpass expectations. Please know that this is the only dentist I know that can shave off my bone and drill implants into my bone and I'm giggling about the sound or sleeping with only ** to numb. I have little to no pain. I went to 4 Affordable Dentures in 2 states, 3 Aspen Dentals in 2 states, and 2 local dentists and I found the best in Affordable Dentures in Moline, IL. Please do your research but I bet you won't find anyone better than Dr. ** and his staff!

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

In the beginning I was having a good experience with this place. I was going for an upper partial. Paid over $1000 for a good one. I went back to the office around 8 times because my partial wouldn’t fit correctly and was putting blood blisters on the inside of my jaw. I signed a 100% money back guarantee. (And have a copy) It states it is good for 100 days. Full refund if not satisfied within 100 days. Trust me - I tried everything to make this partial work. After just having enough of going to the office and not ever getting it right - I asked for my refund. It had been 90 days. I felt like I was getting the run around when I mentioned it. I was finally told my refund wouldn’t be 100% - that it would be 70/30. That the office kept 30% for their trouble.

I paid over $1000 "cash" for my partial and they are telling me I wouldn’t get cash back. It would have to be processed and faxed somewhere and eventually a check would be sent to me. A check for 70% of what I paid that should have been, as the paper states, 100%. I just don’t understand how they keep getting away with screwing people over. I wasn’t a bad customer and I never took too much time - and I didn’t even throw a fit about the 70/30% deal. But if you state in your ad, and online, and on the infomercials that are on the tv in your office, that it’s 100% money back guarantee... then follow through and don't lie to get customers. And if I pay cash for something - give me cash back - Don't make me wait for a check to come in an unknown amount of time. Don’t think I will be going back. And hopefully I actually receive my refund??

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

About two years I got my temporary dentures. I was a real newbie and I had a lot to learn about wearing dentures. From the beginning, I got lots of the sticky adhesive on my lips and it wasn't easy to remove leaving my lips super dry and cracked. The adhesive would gather in my mouth and even mix with my makeup leaving a beige streaky color to my lips that was impossible to remove.

After months of this I chalked it up to lack knowledge on my part regarding all the repercussions of having dentures. Well the situation worsened over time and I was left with a sticky residue on my lips and in my mouth. My lips have never been the same. I mentioned all this to the Affordable Dentures Dentist and was told to come into the office to have my permanent denture done.

When they gave me the new denture, I noticed that the fit seemed better on top, but the bottom denture felt too big to me. I had no choice but to give the new dentures a chance. I've done that. Now my bottom denture requires adhesive several times per day and its usually a sticky yucky mess to clean out my mouth, clean up where ever I am, and to clean the denture. I cannot eat anything because after a couple of bites the denture breaks the seal with the adhesive and ends up moving around and then causes sore spots on my gums, lips and the side of my mouth when I would bite it because of the denture movement. Worst of all though, I have had Angular Cheilitis!!! It's so terribly painful that there were times I just cried. This all went on for a while.

I called to make a follow up appointment to have the bottom denture look at and to reiterate the problems I was having with the bottom denture. During my appointment, the first person to come into was I guess the tech. I assumed that since I got my permanent denture, I didn't warrant attention any longer from the dentist. Well the tech disappeared twice leaving me sitting there for a considerable period of time. I told her about the Angular Cheilitis and she said she would adjust the denture. The dentist breezed by and I got her attention. I told her about the constant stickiness on my lips and how it had ruined the skin on my lips and how the poor fitting denture caused the Angular Cheilitis, and about how much pain I've been.

She asked me a few questions. I answered. I told her exactly what I had been going through with my new dentures. She asked if I licked my lips because they were very dry. I responded that I did and that it's just a constant subconscious thing now because the lips are so dry, cracking and I have sores at each corner of my mouth that are very painful. Desperately I asked her for some solutions to the problems; the poor fitting bottom denture, dry sticky sore cracked lips and the Angular Cheilitis. Her response? She told me to stop licking my lips, to use Burt's Bees, and to try a different adhesive.

I thought to myself that I was way beyond having those minor solutions fix my issues. I require a more drastic fix and I don't even know where to begin. If Affordable Dentures was willing to help me, the dentist would have given me a more viable solution. But that didn't happen. I am still in lots of pain because of poorly fitting dentures, and the constant reapplying of adhesive after a drink, a couple of bites of food, or a conversation continue, the stickiness is worse than ever and the Angular Cheilitis continues to rule my life. Please! If there is anyone out there that has a suggestion, I am very willing to hear you out. Post and I will read!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

Rebecca at Affordable Dentures in San Antonio, TX. Did and adjustment on my dentures today and she did an awesome job. I have had adjustments 3 times in New Braunfels TX. But no luck. Rebecca did an awesome job today. Thank you so much Rebecca. Wish I would have meet you sooner. Thanks.

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Original review: July 23, 2017

I bought a new set of dentures. I had to go back because of a sore the bottom denture was making. I did not call for an appointment, as I walked in to get the new dentures and they saw me right away. She told me I had to have an appointment even though they were making a sore, and my round trip was 1 1/2 hours. I had to come back the next day. I went back and the corner of my mouth was sore so I asked for them to pull one side at a time. Jackie came back with the metal thing to make an impression. She grabbed my mouth and pulled. When I complained she gave me a nasty look and went out of the room. It could have been put in slowly. She then came back and asked me if I had dry mouth, and I told her occasionally I did. She said that was caused by the medication I was taking; which it was not as I only had it occasionally. I think that the paste I was using to hold these dentures in was causing my dry mouth.

I had purchased an upper dental, and a partial before the new management, and I had a great experience. Jackie is a terrible customer service representative. She actually is just MEAN. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE - Hopkinsville, Ky. I have spent over a $1000.00 and cannot keep the lower dentures in, and mostly have to eat soft food. It moves when I talk - how awful!

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