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I went Aspen Dental, told me I owed no more money. Went back to finish, charge me again. Cannot get my refund and now month later woke up my whole tooth fell out, one that I didn't go for repair but the dentist said it had a small cavity in it. Never go to this place.

I am very angry. I went to Aspen Dental and got my teeth taken out and dentures put right in... I don't know what the man used in my mouth but he took off some of the gum and I cannot wear the bottoms at all and the tops about gag me. This is the second set they made me and charged me 3500.00. I spoke to several dentist since then and they really messed my mouth up. Have bone or the tooth sticking out and I can't wear them. The ones they put in my mouth was a plastic and that was to make sure they fit. Well those fit good but when I got home and started wearing them. I was so mad. But I have kept paying them until now.

I will never go back to them and I warn people don't go. It is a rip off. They mess your gums up and the teeth they make are sorry. I been paying for way over a yr now. Made so many trips to gainesville to try to get them right. But not going thru that again. Not paying anymore money as I feel they got a $1.00 to much. 83.00 a month. I am on soc sec and they are outrageous on the charges... I will never go back and if you're smart never use them. Have dentures and can't wear them and now I have to go to a dentist to try to get some teeth that fit... No more payments. I may get a lawyer and take them to court.

What began as a positive experience just became progressively worse. Last Spring, I developed an abscess tooth. I was happy that Aspen would see me the same day. I went in, had an exam, and was talked into a root canal and crown. I was given a reasonable price and a date for the procedure. I signed an agreement to pay approximately $1,200, after insurance, for the WHOLE process. I asked several times, if I would owe anymore, and was told no. Well... when I went to have the root canal done, this other dentist wasn't sure if the tooth needed a root canal but talked me into it for preventative reasons. Then came the temporary crown that fell out as soon as I got home. While fitting me for the crown, the dentist shaved the enamel down on the healthy adjacent tooth, which I didn't know about until I went to a new dentist. How could the new dentist see this? BECAUSE the "permanent" crown broke within the first week!

They did offer to replace it for free, but there was NO WAY I was going through that process at Aspen again. A few weeks later, I received a separate bill for over $800 for money they said insurance would cover but didn't. I think it is a scam. They had this $800 listed on the original agreement as an "insurance benefit," as opposed to "insurance discount." Never once did they tell me that that $800 was not guaranteed. If I had known that this less than satisfactory experience would have cost me over $2,000, I NEVER would have gotten it without a 2nd opinion. Shady estimate/business practices, and poor quality dentistry. AVOID!

I went to Aspen in Branson for 2 visits prior to this one which was to receive my completed crown. When I left after initial visit and all cost less insurances were tallied I was informed I owed $470. and I said I would pay 1/2 now and they said the least would be 60% so I paid 300 dollars. And today when I returned the person behind the counter informed me I was to pay 170 and some change. I said I would upon completion and she said she was to collect in NOW. I asked if she was going to shoot or kill me if I did not pay upfront. I asked if my insurance company pays for services in advance and she kept talking and then I said I have worked as contractor and no one can charge all cost up front till job is completed.

This employee kept talking and so I walked away and said some how I thought I was the customer and was not shocked by the treatment giving the looks of the gang banger addressing me as if she was a retired drug dealer. So I still ask does all insurance companies, welfare social services and other government hand out pay the bill in advance and are receptionist trained to be attack dogs at Aspen Dental and there was 3 other clients in the lobby witness this exchange.

I went to Aspen Dental in Kingsport tn and was fitted for ComfiLytes Dentures. I paid $2100 for the set. Well they took my impression and went by my old dentures. I told them my old dentures was loose. Well when I went to get my new dentures I had glue on my gums. Well they was still a little loose so I thought "ok they look good." Well I tried every glue there is and still wont hold for about an hour and when I wear them they so loose they hurt my mouth. I took them back about a yr ago so they could fix them. Well they put soft lining in them and didn't help. Just made my dentures look awful. I don't think that's right. They went by my old ones. Its been 4 yrs and I have a 7 yr warranty on them. To me they should redo their job over. I would never recommend anyone going there for dentures. I have been so unhappy with my dentures. And for that price they should have fit good.

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I've been receiving my dental services for the past two years. I have Tricare, Aetna, plus a dental insurance on the side. All of the render service are paid for. I currently owe them nothing. On my initial service plan they told me my dental plan hardly cover anything so they have me apply for a dental loan. I received a print out of what my insurance pay them and realize they still wanted me to pay for services that were already pay for or for services I didn't received. When confronting the staff there about this she tells me that my plan is not good enough and that I should get another one.

After my initial tx plan was finish and paid for. Made an appointment for hygiene only, at the time the front person tells me that my insurance didn't cover fluoride tx and that I have to pay $45.00, at this I told her I only wanted a cleaning. They completely ignore what I wanted. Did X-rays and periodontal. Whole nine yards. I paid for it anyways but was not pleased at all.

Finally I was in need of an implant and call their Foley, Alabama office since they don't have that service in Pensacola, FL. I told them I needed an appointment after 10 am. Wanted make sure I was able to keep the appointment since from where I live is an hour drive. Called four times. Every time they gave me the runaround. Wanted me to pay upfront $117.00 for consult but could not assured me the time of the appointment, I asked to speak with the manager. Got the same treatment, I told her money was not an issue. I could pay with a credit card for the consult but she kept insisting that she could not do it. That I need to go their office which is an hour away just to pay for an appointment consult.

Both person at the Pensacola, FL and manager at Foley, Alabama were very rude and unprofessional. When you need to address an issue they will not let you finish and talk over you which is very rude, disrespectful. I finally had enough. They are clearly an dishonest investment firm not an affordable dental care place. I advice anyone looking for services to check the reviews on this practice before getting services with this investing firm. That's what I should've done first.

Got new dentures in April 2015. Returned 6 times in a year. Each time they did an "adjustment" I was told I had to wear them and "get used to them". The last time I was told there was nothing more they could do. The dentures did not fit and made my mouth and gums sore. I filed a complaint with the local BBB. BBB informed me Aspen Dental did not respond to the complaint. Aspen Dental advertises a 100% money back guarantee. I paid Aspen Dental $3000.00 and am back to wearing my old dentures. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

On sept 29th 2016 I had 6 teeth extracted, I was to return the next day at 9 am. Once there at the office and I checked in I waited in the lobby till 9:20 am then I was put into a dental chair and waited another 20 minutes before I decided this is bull, they double booked or even triple booked appointments and I was not going to put up with this so I got up and left.

Encountered the most rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional experience at Aspen Dental Care located in Farmington, Missouri beginning in August thru September 2016. The dentist, Juan **, DDS, spoke in the rudest and disrespectful manner without just cause while in the dental chair. Prior to this, inquired with receptionist about waiting almost one hour beyond scheduled appointment. Hearing that dentist accepted another walk-in patient without appt. At the initial visit with office manager, recognized an effort to to have me pay an amount above the Careington Dental Discount Plan.

When pointed out that I had the Plan's procedure amounts/codes, she offered a lower amount. What I can recommend is, Buyer Beware...this business is unlike anything seen after 40 years of dental care history with others. Filed complaint with Aspen Dental corporate. Not seeing that Aspen Dental will not post any unfavorable patient reviews on their internet website...makes me wonder now who is actually writing all these glowing reviews. Beware folks.

Due to radiation treatments my teeth started to fail rapidly and dramatically. I had 4 teeth break off at the gum line. At the time it looked pretty bad for our hero, I was being advised to “get my affairs in order” as my condition was terminal. So I figured why bother fixing my teeth as I was told I had 6 months tops to live. Fast forward 4 years the lymphoma treated and was now “indolent” and I probably had many years left.

By now most of my teeth were either broken off at the gum line or sheets of my tooth enamel were shearing off. I am 100% disabled, my wife is sick and money is tight. My wife said even if we have to borrow $$ to get the dental work done it had to be dealt with. I had one wisdom tooth that was surrounded by a huge cyst. If it ruptured and septicemia set in it would be fatal. I provide this narrative to illustrate that I, like so many others, was suffering immense physical and mental pain. This starkly illustrates how little Aspen Dental cares about you, you're just a big $$$ sign to them.

Go to Aspen Dental, everyone is sugary sweet, full of compassion, and just want to help you. The examination the results were not unexpected. 14 extractions, all upper teeth would be removed and several lower ones. Again the dentist was slicker than poop through a panther. Gravely concerned but confident that the experts at Aspen Dental would make me whole again. Just stop by the front office to make arrangements for immediate treatment and payment. Plan A was $11,000 not including dentures or bridge. The office Master Con-artist saw my shock and said we could do it this other way for $5,600.00. Again without dentures or bridge and no anesthesia.

These guys have it down to a science, blow client out of the water with huge estimate than kindly “sharpening her pencil” and coming up with a lower price. They were trying to make me think they were concerned for my health and the $$ was secondary. They had me hooked, reeled in, and I was almost in the boat. When I said I needed to think about it things changed fast, real fast.

Pleasant lady turned into an ** like someone flipped a switch. Started to blame me for my health problems, saying I probably never brushed my teeth ever, and sign or stop wasting her precious time. There were people there that were “really sick” and my spineless sniveling was sickening. I stood up, gave her the one finger salute and told her to go ** herself and her pathetic scam tactics. I spoke clearly and loudly for the benefit of the folks in the waiting room ten feet away. The look on her face was precious beyond description. I turned on my heel and continuing my red-ass tantrum marched out. To summarize they are liars and cheats. The kind of people who steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes. I went to a local dentist and had all the work done for $3,864.00

I went in with some pain in my gums, and I also hadn't had a teeth cleaning in a while. They poked at my gums for an hour and told me I had periodontitis with 14 small cavities. Following that painful experience, they presented me with an estimate for a $5,000 procedure (I don't have dental insurance). I went on to get a second opinion from a dentist I met through work. She found no evidence of periodontitis, and only found 8 cavities; meaning the procedure should only cost about $1,000 without dental insurance. Aspen Dental is your typical, crooked big franchise attempting to scare people into paying ridiculously high prices for mediocre work. They wasted my time, and caused me a level of stress I don't wish upon anyone. Aspen Dental is horrible, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY THERE. Don't fall victim to these shady people.

I went to them, signed an agreement form to have some work done, was told by one of the dentists that was very rude, that the occlusal adjustment couldn't be done because I said was too close to a nerve, was charged for the work anyway. He also said that I didn't pay for the denture that I did pay for. I told him I wasn't satisfied with the way one of the teeth looked and he said that was the way it was suppose to look. He was such a rude dentist. I told them I would not see him again. The owner did grind on the tooth a little and left it so sharp it cut my tongue. I had to file on it when I got home with a nail file. I tried to get an appointment because the owner said to come back if I was still having problems I tried to get an appointment had to wait week and half. I ask her if there was any way I could get in sooner. She said "no and I won't cancel anyone else to give you an appointment." I was not asking her to do that. I was hung up on.

His staff is so rude. If you have a complaint they start over talking you out. They won't allow you to voice the complaint. I have ask to speak to the owner of the place. They say I will leave him a note, not sure if he will have time to call you or when he will. On the appointment issue they told me the dentist that owns the place had nothing to do with the appointment staff, on the issue of my bill today I ask to speak to the head dentist she said he does not work in the billing dept.

Their insurance payment did not coincide with the EOB statement that I received from insurance. They had less than what my insurance paid. I said I would not pay the bill until I talked to the dentist in charge of the place. She said "do what you want but if you don't then collections will take it over." I said I will make sure the word gets out what kind of business they run. She said "I will not sit here and be threatened by you." I said "if you consider that a threat then I consider yours a threat to me as well." That was the second lady I talked to the other one hung up on me. NOT a good place to do business with. So nice until they get your money and then they are a totally different crew.

When I first went there I was given an amount of $1957.00 for the treatment and by the end after paying them $2780.00 I was given a bill of an additional $1452.00. I called to speak to someone about this and had to wait three days. I finally went into the office and was told they did not have time then to talk to me about it. I was so mad that I guess I flared up at them and whispered to some customers sitting there not to do business with them. The girl finally called me at home and refused to deal with me because I was rude when I was there. I still don't have a permanent denture. They had doubled the amount that they originally had given me. I also found the oral surgeon very rude and uncaring. My jaw was black and blue two days after extractions. I did not have dentures that fit for at least two months.

They charged me also to do a reline which should have been included in the price. I was also told I would be put to sleep for extractions and I was wide awake during the whole thing. All in all I cannot sleep at night over this. I am 78 years old and on a fixed income. I have receipts but don't know how to attach them. I put this on my Care Credit account and 600.00 was paid by my insurance. PS my jaw is black for about a week after they pulled my teeth.

I had a visit to Aspen Dental on July 15, 2016. I was told with my insurance the exam and X-rays will be covered. After the exams and X-rays were completed I was then told I had cavities and had to have my teeth "scraped." As I spoke to the receptionist to get the estimate on the procedure, she stated a total of $500! I told her I can't afford that and asked if I can just get a cleaning and the cavities filled. She stated I HAVE to do the scraping before the dentist will clean my teeth or fix the cavities. I told her again I could not afford it and had to think about it.

Two days later I called again and asked if I can just get the cavities taken care of. She put me on hold and spoke to the dentist (so she said). She stated that the dentist said I could not get the cavities done unless I do the scraping. I told her I am just going to find another dentist. Since when does a dentist (doctor) not take care of cavities above all else? They can create infections and especially pain! These people are not health conscious, they a money conscious! They should not even be in the dental business! I spoke to someone later about my experience and little did I know, they already have a bad reputation for ripping people off. I am now waiting for a bill that I was told was suppose to be covered and then I will take it from there. Dentists should not be controlling the customer's money! I am paying for it so I should receive the services I requested!

About four years ago, I was approved for $4,500 in dental services at Aspen Dental. For years my teeth suffered from lack of care because of no dental insurance. In numerous appointments, I was handed a toothbrush that vibrated so badly in my mouth, that I only used it twice. They never asked me if I wanted it, or how much it cost. A dentist told me that my cavities were all filled, when some were left in my mouth below the gum line. As the charges added up without a detailed record of services rendered, I came to the conclusion that they were "mining" my mouth to add up the charges. I called a halt to the teeth bleaching. To me, it was not necessary. Today, I paid off my Care Credit Card. Free of Aspen Dental.

Very unprofessional registration clerk had attitude from the start. I paid 400.00 dollars. They didn't even do the operation had to wait in pain for a week to get done at a hospital dental wing. Then they billed me after the account was paid also me and my dad share the same name it showed up on his credit report instead of mine - these people in billing don't know what they are doing. I went in march of 2015 to the north hills branch. They treated me like a junkie off the street. I am a blue collar working class. I work hard for my money. This isn't right. They did a filling and it fell out immediately.

Each time I had an appointment at the Glastonbury office they were running late. I mean not a little late, but an hour late. On one occasion they were concerned that I would leave, they brought me in and put me on the chair alongside another patient have a cleaning so that I would not leave. So I was on the chair for the 40 minute cleaning listening to the conversation and cleaning process until the hygienist had completed and then she moved over to me. I was 5 minutes early for my lunch hour cleaning appt. yesterday and 10 or 15 minutes later, the hygienist comes out and calls the person scheduled before me, therefore, I would have to wait 45 minutes to an hour to get to sit on the chair. Therefore, I told the lady I had to leave and when she asked me if I wanted to reschedule the appointment, I said that I had an appointment from 4 months and they did not keep it? I will not be sitting on their chair again. She seemed relieved when I was leaving...

I am writing to warn anyone about going to this company for anything. My husband went through horrible dentistry and now I'm waiting for reimbursement for all money paid. I have been waiting over a year and now have to take them to small claims to get my money. These people have no knowledge of laws. And no concept of what they do. Please do not even get caught up in this company. Not professional at all.

I have had extensive work done with Aspen Dental in Merrillville, Indiana. The dentist is great, the billing is another thing. Aspen has you pay up front prior to your appoint for work to be done. They make it sound like this is your portion. After paying thousands of dollars to them over a year period, I have found that my insurance isn't picking up anything so far. I was under the impression from them that it had been pre-certified and it hasn't.

My insurance company wants certain documentation to pay, and they are not supplying it. The bills have been outstanding for almost a year, I have tried to get someone to act from the office with no success. I called their "corporate" office with no success. Corporate said someone would get back to me, and that someone was the office manager who I had already had no success in resolving my payment problem. I wouldn't recommend anyone to Aspen Dental. They sell you on everything thinking your insurance is going to pay up. Yeah, that hasn't happened yet.

I got my dentures last NOV. before THANKSGIVING. I heard my DR. ask about another patient, and asked the manager, if she could put patient #2 char Now in june 2016, my old dentures cracked, and I am forced to try the new dentures. Each time I go in, same dentist, drills down my plates, while she tells new employees she hand writes notes, as she makes a lot of changes. With these dentures, I cannot chew, nor bite, and I am starting to have a lot of stomach problems, because of swallowing unchewed food. I believe I should be entitled to another pair of dentures, that fit.

If you want to be charged for a procedure you were not told about or authorized during the cleaning or have the dental hygienist 3 times try to talk you into buying an Oral-B electric toothbrush from them and then have the dentist tell you he cannot do anything about a bad tooth then visit Aspen Dental in Plover, WI. After getting the bill I talked to and recorded the phone conversation with the managers permission I was told the unauthorized procedure bill would be removed from my account.

A month later I got another bill. Another recorded phone call with his permission he finally took care of it and sent me a statement showing a zero balance. I said to remove me from their system as I will never go there again and now I get a phone call telling me it is time to setup my next appointment. I originally told the manager David I would not post a review if he took care of it all but now I get bothered to set up an checkup appointment so I guess he did not do as he said he would. Corporate Dentistry at its worst.

I broke my front tooth week ago and call Aspen dental for an appointment! They schedule an appointment 8 of August 2016! They were very polite and did everything to explain to me that I need a major work to be done! I agree and wanted to know how much I will pay and how much my insurance will cover! Everything I saw on paper was good to me and I agree to proceed further and do all I can. They had to do some major extractions and my appointment was scheduled for 8/16/2016!

An hour before I go there I had to take a pill that they prescribe me to calm me down. Took the pill one hour before the appointment and waited in the room to call my name and started the surgery! Meanwhile I started to feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Waited there for one hour after my appointment was schedule and finally they call me and tell me that they have to rescheduled my appointment because the doctor is running behind like two weeks after that! I was sedated, nobody bother to call and warn me not to take the pill and ruin my day! I do no think I will be back! I want my money back and I will try to find another dentist! Very bad experience.

Went here a few days ago, this place is pretty bad. Unprofessional staff, the "consultation" lady, is a fat slob who sits in a chair, drinking a huge Dunkin' Donuts coffee with no expression whatsoever and clearly has been trained by Aspen to squeeze every penny she can out of a patient. She tells you how much it is, says your insurance is denied, and offers no further explanation on what to do next, just gives you a blank stare. This place is like how shall I put it "pay or leave". They want nothing to do with you, and offer no help, they just want payment and could give a care less about the patient. Do not go here, non caring people and they just want your money. They try to find ways to deny your insurance, or make your problem seem more than it is to get more money from you. Scam place, go to a real dentist.

I had a filling fall out and because my regular dentist was away on vacation I needed a temporary filling to replace the one I lost. Went to Aspen Dental. I am fortunate that all I needed was a filling replaced and not anything very serious, but I literally waited all day to get work done and they wanted the impending procedure paid for upfront before I even had the work done. Their attitude was that if I didn't want to pay upfront I could go somewhere else. So I did, but most the people waiting in the office didn't have that option. I am fortunate in the fact that I have a regular dentist and I have good dental insurance and I can thumb my nose at places like this.

Places like Aspen Dental should be closed because they overcharge for everything and they pressure people into paying for it by opening a charge account with them. They really are an investment firm not a dental association interested in offering people affordable and ethical dental health care. The goal of a good dentist is to save peoples teeth not talk them into to having them pulled out so they can sell them an expensive set of dentures.

Wife had tooth infected. Dentist said her mouth teeth were very clean. Everything looked great except she had broken molar. Dentist Hygiene came in said she needed a deep cleaning of her teeth at 600.00.

Using this dentist has been a nightmare. I have had to take my full top plate back twice because the teeth keep falling out not breaking but falling out the gum. I have gotten to the place I'm afraid to smile. I have worn denture for thirty years so I believe I am a fair judge of what denture should or shouldn't be.

Dental First Financing has charged me over $350 dollars in the past year for inaccurate late fees. I scheduled online payments via Bank of America, overpaying the minimum due, BEFORE the due date every month, and due to their processing time – 13 days – they have considered it my fault that a payment is "late" even though I can prove from my bank account that I have paid them on time every single month. Bank of America has compensated me for some of these fees – which is neither BoA's fault or my own.

Dental First Financing has offered me no compensation or explanation for why it takes them 13 days to process a payment, even though representatives state their mail room is open 7 days a week processing incoming mail. My bill's due date is on the 20th of each month. As they average 13 days to process, they consider all of my payments late – Bank of America mails each check 5 days before the due date to ensure it is on time. This company has lost 2 previous class action lawsuits for doing exactly this to thousands of consumers charging late fees that are unwarranted to "ideal" customers who OVERpay on time every month. This third party loan – through Aspen Dental – is scamming everyone who is forced to take their loan due to lack of dental insurance.

I went there I had three fittings of dentures and they still don't get right. I'll never go there again!

I had two crowns done at Aspen Dental on University Park Blvd, Sarasota. The first one leaked and caused decay and was replaced under their one year warranty. As we only spend 6 months (at the time) in Florida, about 1 month into our return to Santa Fe, NM the other crown started to give me problems. We arrived back in Sarasota on July 16, and I went into Aspen within a couple of days. They refused to look at the tooth and told me to go to our new dentist (different insurance plan) to have X-rays and confirm which was the problem tooth. I confirmed that it was the Aspen crown.

The dentist in Sarasota refused to talk with me. After calling the head office help was again refused to redo the crown, and the discounted offer was more than quoted by our new dentist. I will have the crown replaced and then take the matter to the Sarasota small claims court, or seek other legal recourse. The head office staff and local staff freely admit that the dentist they employ are straight out of dental school. Aspen Dental was not a good experience.

I along with many others wish that I had read the reviews about Aspen Dental before I went there. I was given the free X-rays and checkup. They agreed that 9 teeth had to be removed. 5 upper (which would have to have a full denture) 4 bottom teeth (partial denture). This was done back in November of 2015 cost (financed of course) over $3000 which they said INCLUDED my permanent dentures. Well since when do temporary dentures cost $1700? Well you guessed it! Went in to have impressions of the bottom partial and before they would make them they wanted another $800. Go back July 28, 2016 thinking I was to get impressions for the upper denture...nope they want more money another $900 to be exact. Not gonna happen. I could've bought a car for what I have in my mouth and am still paying for. Would not recommend them even if you have the best insurance money can buy.

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