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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Bright Now! Dental?
    • 4,483,147 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 23, 2024

    Case 1- treatment: I came to the clinic for regular cleaning and one of my fillings fell off. Hygienist asked doctor to look and without an X-ray he said that it is a lost cause and I need a crown. I wanted to ask for a second opinion as having a crown when I’m 36yo is a bit early. I went to my old dentist in San Jose, she looked at tooth, did Xray and scheduled me to do filling. When she did, it was easy fix that took her 15 mins. No crown needed and tooth is saved. I still can’t believe the level of incompetency and negligence of the doctor at Bright Now Dental.

    Case 2: cleaning. I came for my 2nd cleaning that was scheduled months in advance. Instead of cleaning they took me in for the X-ray. I refused to do it as I’m eligible for 1 X-ray per year with my insurance and did X-ray during the first visit earlier this year. They kept insisting saying that it is required in order to see what cleaning do I need. And I need simple cleaning that is free with my insurance 2 times a year, this is it. So they refused to serve me without X-ray. Wow. I’ve never seen the need of X-ray before cleaning anywhere else.

    I truly feel that all they care is your money and you should take your money to another clinic where doctors care for your health. Stay healthy there and good luck with good doctors, hopefully at other place.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 16, 2024

    My wife and I had an appointment on 6/29/24 at the Jamacha Road location in El Cajon for a routine teeth cleaning. When we went for our appointment the business was closed. We never received an apology. We made another appointment for 7/15/2024 for the routine teeth cleaning. The dentist was about a hour late. When my wife finally was taken in for the cleaning the dentist took about 45 minutes taking about a dozen x-rays that were not needed. To top it off they told us it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get approval from our insurance company for the cleaning. This is not true, we received approval for cleaning weeks ago.

    There is something definitely wrong with this dental business. Taking excessive and not needed x-rays can cause radiation poisoning and cancer for some people. I doubt the equipment has been recently calibrated and certified. I also doubt the person was actually a doctor or certified technician. After reading all the complaints, I am surprised that this business is still in business.

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      Reviewed July 8, 2024

      I had an oral surgery done back in January and I was told I was going to pay a portion and my insurance would pay the rest. I paid over $1500 after I agreed on what service would not and would cover. About 3 months later I got a surprise bill saying that some services weren’t covered but nothing said was due on my Humana EOB. Bright Now Dental was charging me $800+ saying it was my responsibility. I disputed, opened a case and contacted the department of insurance and even then Humana said I didn’t owe anything. It’s July and bright now has still been bugging me saying they will charge me the $800. I did not agree to this and I will not pay it.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed June 21, 2024

      Bright Now! dental in Sandusky OH is incompetent and malicious. My son and I started going to their office in July 2023. February 2024 I was told that my insurance company was rejecting my son's claims. I tried to act as an intermediary between the two but I could not speak to the department that handled the submission of claims to insurance, so I couldn't get the claim number to see why my insurance company rejected it. I paid the bill and submitted the claim to my insurance company. The insurance company paid them. They will not refund my payment. I found out they have been over billing me for cleanings, I should not have had to pay the deductible or for any service.

      I have tried to reach out to the office but it just goes to voice-mail and no one returns my calls anymore. I live an hour away so I can't just drop in. The last time I spoke to the office I mentioned they haven't filed the claim for services in March 28th 2024 and they only have 4 months to do so. As of today it still has not been submitted. I filed a claim with the BBB and I got a call 2 days ago saying I owed them $500 for services for me in August 2024. This was a retaliatory action by Bright Now! as the claim for me had been completed in September 2023 and nothing was said about it until this time. I called the office again and left a message. They haven't called back or responded to the BBB complaint. This company is very shady and they don't care who knows it.


      Reviewed April 26, 2024

      Was referred to a Bright Now! location in FL for an extraction. Had referral letter with explicit notes. Had xrays forwarded and they had my insurance info for aboutb1 week prior to appt. Waited almost an hour in dental chair for them to tell me I needed to make another appointment as they needed authorization from my insurer. Exam equipment was either rusty or had dried blood on it as well as a hefty layer of dust on dental stand. As I was leaving the staff tried to stop me, as they still were trying to set up another appt. Most disgustingly dirty med office I have ever been to in my 63 years on the planet.

      Reviewed April 23, 2024

      I went in for a cleaning and Xray. Was told I needed more in-depth cleaning even though I was just at the dentist 6 mo ago and the bill was going to be over $1000. After declining that option they refused to clean my teeth but took my money for X-rays and then never gave them. So I paid for nothing and wasted 1.5 hours of my time.


      They did the same thing to my wife. The State of California should close down this business. We want a copy of our dental records and x-rays before they lose them.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 9, 2024

      I had a root fracture in a crowned tooth that a different Bright Now location took an xray of and referred me to the Medina location. Dr. Ahmed ** had removed this tooth, placed a bone graft and then placed an implant post, 3 weeks later after my referral only using the xray taken from the last location. During my 2 week followup he took zero xrays after I stated I was in pain and just took his two fingers and wiggled the implant post, looked at it for a second then stated I was healing up well and sent me out the door. My 2 year old could have done what he did at my followup appt.

      A week went by and I was in unbearable pain and my implant post was loose and falling out of my gums. I had called the office repeatedly with no answer. Left voicemails with no return call back. When they finally answered they said I couldn't see the dentist until Wed! Another 2 days away after over a week of calling them and stating I had a dental emergency. They didn't even offer for me to see a different dentist or resort to a different location. I resorted going to Aspen Dental which they discovered a huge infection I had and they removed the post and bone graft and redid the graft, also gave me antibiotics.

      I had asked for a refund which I was entitled to and they refused any money back no matter what. I didn't even have this implant in for a month! And it had failed. Any respectable dentist wouldve standed by his work and had refunded the money. The dentists at Aspen Dental stated I was entitled to a refund as well and had explained they would print out the xray showing the infection and would answer any questions bright now dental would have. Bright Now Dental had refused to see the xrays they gave me and stated "that's just hearsay" and their dentist would have to see if I really had an infection.

      I had a serious infection that Dr. Ahmed ** could have caught during my two week follow up if he had given me a thorough follow up. Dr. Ahmed ** had failed to give me proper care. Diagnostic shortcuts were made, failed to do adequate x-rays, dental malpractice happened in this situation. It is professional misconduct for a dentist and dental office to refuse to provide you with your records after you make a satisfactory request and sign the release form. They provided me with only the one xray they took after my implant was placed. They refused all other copies of records due to Dr. ** signature being on them.

      I did report this to the State Dental Board. We had waited over an hour for our appointment to show him my infection and they ended up kicking myself, my mother and my child out of the office because they stated I had raised my voice in the office. But they changed my appointment time from 330 to 1 and we still waited over an hour and didn't even end up getting seen that day. Refused to let us speak to the manager before seeing the dentist. Refused to give me a copy of my dental records..and so on. The office was negligent in refusing to answer phone calls and being unable to return voicemails concerning a dental emergency. I had asked to speak to the manager Chris before I saw the dentist.

      After being taken care of at Aspen Dental who had fixed his mistakes. The front desk girl said I could not speak to the manager until after I saw the Dentist. Chris the manager was at her desk next to her completely ignoring me the entire time. I had asked why I couldn't speak to the manager before I saw him and they couldn't give me any good reason. They just kept repeating themselves. No one in the office was able to provide me the care I needed. They completely mistreated me in every aspect you could mistreat a patient.

      I do not recommend Dr. Ahmed ** and the Bright Now Dental in Medina, Ohio as a safe dental facility. Or any Bright Now Dental Location. If anyone would like to listen to a recording of my last visit there regarding this whole situation please don't hesitate to ask. I'd hate for the safety of yourself or a loved one to be at harm. For your sake DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE COME TO THIS LOCATION!

      Reviewed April 4, 2024

      One of my old crowns popped out and cracked, so I visited Bright Now! Dental in Azusa for a new replacement crown. They told me I also needed to get a crown for another tooth that has never given me any problems, so I trusted them. After shaving down said tooth and putting in a temporary crown, this tooth started giving me pain for the two weeks until my permanent crown. Why would a tooth that has never bothered me now be so painful? My fear is that I'll be on pain medication for months until it heals or gets worse. I've been to other dentists, and this is the second dentistry that my intuition has told me to steer clear of. I will always do my research from now on before I visit a dentist's office.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed March 9, 2024

      Simply, was charged $500 at which I should have $0 cost. I asked them what is the charge for? - they have no idea, but to continue to harass me with phone call & paper bills. Customer Service is no help (screwed)

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 28, 2024

      Consumers BEWARE! I want to thank all of you who have posted here. I went to Bright Now Dental last week. I had X-rays done and an examination. I was then told I would need a deep cleaning & scaling and antibiotic dry shots. The previous dentist I went to 6 months ago said nothing of this. However, I had to change dentists because of insurance. I agreed to come back the following week to begin my treatments (costing $700 out of pocket). Then I researched and found this page.

      I called Bright Now and told her I didn’t want to start the deep cleaning treatments but rather just get the regular cleaning, that my insurance covered. She immediately became rude and said “I can’t change what you’re coming in for. You can either cancel your Appt or come in & talk to hygienist”. I told her I didn’t want to waste a trip there. I already had an appt with hygienist and I just wanted a regular cleaning. She said “you have only 2 choices…come in or cancel”. I told her she has a bad attitude and I cancelled. I then requested my X-rays. They emailed me a release and we’ll see if I actually get my X-rays.


      They tried doing the same thing to my wife. Taking excessive and not needed x-rays can cause radiation poisoning and cancer in some people. Deep cleaning by an incompetent doctor can permanently damage your gums. Billing Medicare and insurance companies for not needed services can be a felony. I am shocked that this business hasn't been closed by the State of California.

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