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Our main goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Eliades and his staff are here to listen to your questions and concerns. We offer 2 locations in Flushing and Astoria for your convenience.

Our administrative staff will assist you with questions about scheduling, financial policy and insurance, to make that part of the process as simple as possible. You can reach our Flushing office at: (718)445-5610 and our Astoria office at: (718)278-5700

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I had a terrible accident and all my teeth broke and needed major restorative work. I went to ** in Astoria and he did an outstanding job. He was so kind and cleared his schedule to get me out of pain and temporized my teeth. I was so relieved to look better so quickly. He just finished the case and my smile looks better than ever. He is so knowledgeable and caring and he makes you feel so comfortable. He is always available and he checked on me often to make sure I was doing ok. I have never met such a good man in this field. He is the true definition of a fine doctor.

I was referred by 1800 Dentist and I am extremely satisfied. The staff was lovely, professional and efficient. I was seen promptly and the exam went smoothly. I went here for second opinion for some cosmetic work and I am choosing him to do the work. I decided this because he is very nice and he has an in- house finance program that I can afford. I am very happy with Queens Family Dental.

I went to Queens Family Dentist for Invisalign. They lied saying they submitted my impressions and never did I have recording of them saying that and all. I put down a $900 cash down payment which I got receipt for treatment. They kept saying the impressions were wrong or the Invisalign office is delaying treatment which was a lie. 6 months later they retracted and said they never sent it out and they have to change the original down payment though they may deny I have a long recording as proof that if I change my mind they cannot give me a full refund. I to this day have not gotten a full refund. They fail to realize people work hard for their money not to give it away and get nothing in return.

I would like to retract this review. I picked up the check this weekend. The business has done the right thing as such for being in business for over 30 years. They do offer Invisalign at a discounted price and I am sure have been treating other patients with great respect. There are 2 offices and would like to make it clear that Dr. William Eliades did not treat me. My understanding is he has a respectable reputation. I would like to apologize if this review has harmed him or confused anyone in anyway. I would like to thank ConsumerAffairs for helping resolve this matter.

Original Review

Please avoid Queens Family Dental. They bill for procedures that were never performed, performed services that were already done and unnecessary, and are not qualified to assess whether or not someone is a candidate for Invisalign let along perform the treatment. This is my story. 10/23/2014 I went to 212 Dental in the city to have a yearly check-up. I had an x-ray, cleaning and a filling done. Then in November I decided to switch dentist and go to Queens Family Dental for Invisaligns as well as to fill my remaining cavities. My x-rays were sent to them and went for procedures on two separate occasions. 11/13/2014 I had two cavities filled on tooth 4 and 5. At that point they told me I needed to come back for a root canal. Upon leaving I paid $1,500 towards Invisalign treatment paid with my personal credit card.

2/5/2015 Went back to the office for the root canal on tooth #29. After further evaluation the dentist told me I didn't need a root canal and proceeded with a filling. The dental assistants took impressions for Invisalign. They charge me $1900 which I thought was high and asked for a bill and paid with my flexible spending card. They said they would mail it to me. When I received the receipt/bill I saw charges and payments for invisaligns, cavity work and a Porcelain Crown for tooth #8 for $1200. They billed me for a procedure that was never done. 2/23/15 Received the Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company. They won't cover the filling on tooth #29 that was performed on 2/5/2015 because it was already filled on 10/23/14. Since the insurance didn't pick up the cost because they only cover one restoration per tooth in a 36 month period Queens Family Dental charged me the full amount for the cavity which was $200.

I called the insurance company and they confirmed it was the identical procedure. The insurance company advised I speak to both dentist. The dentist at 212 Dental assured me that my cavity was filled. 2/23/2015 My wife and I went to Queens Family Dental and spoke to **, the Office Manager so she could clarify the bill. I thought perhaps they made a mistake and billed for the wrong tooth. ** said the filling was done one Tooth 29 and he needed it. When I told her the other dentist filled that exact same cavity and I have the explanation of benefits from the insurance, she replied, "I don't know what the other dentist did." I asked for a refund for the filling and she said no. Then I asked her for a refund in the amount of $120 for services that weren't rendered. I told her that we weren't prepaying for a crown or treatments that he hasn't gotten done yet. She said she couldn't do it right now.

At that point I wasn't getting anywhere and left. 2/24/2015 Called to speak with the dentist that actually performed the work. The receptionist told me she wasn't in and I would have to call back on Thursday to speak with **, the dentist that performed the work. I was actually surprise to find out that there was another dentist in the office because all the Guardian statements said **, DDS. So I just thought maybe there were 2 dentists and didn't pay any mind. 2/26/2015 Called back and they told us to come into the office. I thought I was to speak with the ** about the cavity. When we got there they lead us into a room and ** started to explain that Pablos Invisalign was more complicated than she thought and after consulting with an Invisalign doctor/specialist they had to pull two teeth first before any trays were ordered, she said nothing had been done yet.

I was extremely taken aback because I had gone for the initial consultation over 3 weeks ago and they never once told me that my case was complicated and that I would need 2 of my teeth pulled. This made absolutely no sense to me. Then I asked her why she filled tooth number 29. ** explained that she looked at the x-ray, thought it was a root canal, but determined I had a cavity so she filled it. Then I told her I already had it filled 3 months ago and she looked surprised. If she was a qualified dentist she would have looked at my x-ray, looked at my tooth, realized there was a fairly new filling there. But instead she took out the existing filling saw the original cavity and then refilled. She tried to convince me that I had another cavity. I told her the other dentist filled the same exact cavity you billed, same surface everything. How is it possible that I grew a cavity or a root canal on an existing filling in 3 months?

I explained to her that this whole ordeal didn't make any sense or sit well with me. There were too many oddities in the stories. I told her since nothing was ordered for the process as of yet we wanted a full refund for Invisalign and the filling for a total of $3,200. She said ok and would speak to the office manager. Even after the dentist said I would get my money back, and after waiting for 15 minutes in a back room the Office Manager tells me she will refund $2650. She won't give us a $200 refund for the filling; they would give us back all the money for the Invisalign except for $350 which is the cost of the work up. There shouldn't be a charge for the impressions because they didn't know what they were doing in the first place. A dentist didn't even look at my teeth properly during the initial consultation to assess the situation but instead just had the dental assistant take the impressions.

If the dentist had assessed my teeth properly she would have told me during the initial consultation that his case was complicated and I need to extract 2 teeth before taking impressions or going any further. This was never the case. Three weeks past and then the Dentist explained to us that an outside Invisalign specialist told her it's a complicated case and I would need my teeth pulled. Impressions shouldn't even have been taken in the first place. It was a waste of everyone's time. It was their mistake because they don't know that they are doing and they are trying to charge us for it. I told them it was late and that I would like a refund and of course they said they weren't authorized to do that. Its seems odd how they were authorized to charge my husband's credit cards for the work but not to refund his money.

2/28/2015 Dentist wife, ** confirmed I would get a refund of $2650. 3/3/2015 received a text with a copy of a bill from ** with a $2650 credit that is due back to us. 3/7 Returned signed waivers that I wouldn't sue them. 3/9/2015 went to get my refund but no one is in the office. They said I would get the refund by the end of March. They did not hold up to their end of the agreement. In April they started giving us back our money in installments $300 on April 1st, $500 on April 8th. I was done giving them the benefits of the doubt since we requested our money back the end of February and decided the only way we were getting our money back was to dispute the charges with the credit card companies. Since so much time had passed one of the credit cards couldn't credit the money on our account.

It is June 18th and to date we have gotten all of our money back except $350. They are even fully aware they owe us the money and even documented it and sent it to the credit card company. It is June 18th and to date we have gotten all of our money back except $350. Please look them up before you use them. You will get a lot of info from the Better Business Bureau and the Office of the Professions. You will get more than enough info to make an informed decision.

I was in Queens visiting my grandfather and I was in so much pain. He took me to his dentist down the block and they saw me immediately and got me out of pain. Thank you Dr. ** for the exceptional service and although I live in the city, plan to train it to you for future dental work.

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I've been with Queens Family Dental for a couple of years now. Everybody is very friendly. The receptionists that I met are very nice. I just had a cleaning a week and a half ago and the hygienist made sure I was comfortable. She brought her own pillow so I will be calm. She's a very nice lady, very professional.

Queens Family Dental was wonderful. I was referred to them by a friend. I went for a whitening experience and they were perfect. Support staff was professional and pleasant. The dentist was kind and efficient, too. During the procedure, I was very comfortable.

They're all wonderful. The dentists are great. The doctor is amazing. He has good, professional manner and knows how to interact with you. I love my interaction. They made me feel very comfortable. My son is getting braces, and I have some dental work which he's in the process of doing including root canal and an implant.

My experience with Queens was excellent. Most people are a little anxious when they go to a dental office but they made you feel comfortable and not to worry and they're great. It was a good experience and I didn't feel anxious. I would definitely recommend Queens.

Queens Family Dental is my favorite dentist. They're excellent, very explanatory and patient. No pain. And I don't have to wait long when I go there. Very thorough. I would recommend them.

I first came to Dr ** in May 2014, and, after being told I needed a root canal and crown on tooth number four, I suffered over six months (at least 10 appointments) in hopes of getting ONE GOOD CROWN on that tooth: several bad crowns, broken crowns (created by dr trying to adjust), crowns with holes (created by dr trying to adjust), confirmed appointments where the crown was not actually in the Astoria office, confirmed appointments where it was discovered that the crown hadn't been ordered, and, in the end, seeing three different dentists - a crown that was ok (it wasn't broken and seemed to fit ok after adjustments that I had to wait for the third dentist to return from taking lunch while I was still in the chair!). I did not have a color match - but at least I thought I finally had a tooth. This was placed mid Oct. Over those 6 months I started teeth clenching because I was afraid "the tooth" would come out.

On December 10, I called and requested my records, including all xrays, to be sent to a different dentist that I was visiting for a chipped tooth. The woman on the phone said, "Oh, yes, I know who you are." She assured me that she would be in the Astoria office the next day and would send the records. The records never came. Now having taken completely new films, there is a radiographical hole/space between the crown from this office not even three months old - and the gold crown behind it. In addition, caries seems to be developing in this space likely due to the gap. The crown was not placed/seated/positioned correctly and I need to have it taken out and started AGAIN!

I had a pretty good time at Queens Family Dental. My father was a dentist so I know how a dentist's office ought to function and have certain expectations of quality. Everybody was friendly. The doctor was particularly friendly and the work was good. My dad gave me something to check in after and he said it was some good work. Once I showed up for my appointment, I didn't wait for very long. I would recommend it. He seems like a good dentist, not trying to screw people out of money.

I'm undergoing tooth extractions and I might be getting some dental implants at Queens Family Dental. The support staff was excellent and the attending dentist was professional. During the procedure, I was very relaxed and very comfortable. I traveled 110 miles to see this dentist. I live in Pennsylvania and he's in Queens so the trip's worth it going to see him from where we live. He's a good dentist. I've met a lot of dentists over my lifetime and he’s very personable and admirable. I'm very happy with him and I recommend Queens to anybody who is seeking good dental work.

I came across Queens Family Dental when I was online. I read up on it and liked what I saw. I figured, “Let me give it a shot." From the minute I walked in, the staff was so friendly. Like most people, I’m nervous going to the dentist. When I came in at Queens, I was greeted really nicely. They make one feel very warm and comfortable. The dentist was absolutely amazing. I had a root canal and a filling. I was nervous, but he gave me Novocain and was gentle. Once I was numb, I was relaxed. He made it easy. I don’t even mind that I have to go back for another filling. He was so good. I’ve recommended all my friends to go to him. Since the procedure, I’ve had no problems whatsoever. Queens is a great dental office.

I was referred to Queens Family Dental. I thought the service was very good and the location was very convenient for me. Their staff was very, very friendly and very knowledgeable about their work. They knew about my appointment and the hygienist was very good. Also, the receptionist was very conscientious and friendly. The attending dentist was very professional and he explained everything that I had to do. He was very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable. Everything was clean. I'll go back again after six months for a check up. It was a nice office with a nice atmosphere. I felt like people know me and if I go back they'll know who I am. I felt very good about my experience and I'm sure to go back and refer them to other patrons.

I had cleaning on my teeth. One of my teeth had a little type of cyst... it was bleeding. He took care of that very, very well. The support staff were also excellent. They're very thorough. I was very satisfied with the hygienist. After the hygienist finished doing whole work on me, the dentist looked over to work and everything was fine. Didn't have any issues or anything like that at all.

It was a great experience. No problems at all. Very good dental doctor. Highly recommended.

I was so happy with my Invisalign even though I waited a little longer for it than expected. I got 3 prices for it from other offices in area and Dr. ** not only made it possible for me to get it but he was the nicest guy. Going there is a nice experience, not your typical cold Dental office in a store front. It's a quaint lovely office in a great part of Astoria that has a terrific staff. I find reviews that state they paid low price but had to wait ungrateful and ignorant. I want to recommend the office and their professional and friendly staff to all.

DO NOT GO HERE!!! PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE!!! Please listen to all the reviews that tell you to stay far away from this place. I did my research beforehand but, against my better judgement, decided to go for an Invisalign consultation. The office was not aesthetically bad and the staff was definitely polite (although that is part of the job)....until they took a $500 cash down payment from me. Now I haven't heard ANYTHING from them about my invisalign nor can I get in contact with Dr. **. I have called the office at least 20 times and explained the situation and even told her I was cancelling the process (before the trays were even made) but the receptionist will not let you speak to Dr. ** and she keeps telling me I "can't make those decisions". I can't make decisions for things I pay for?!? What?

I have left 15 messages with the receptionist WITH my cell phone number and she assures me every time he will call me back. He never has. Each time I call to leave a new message I ask for a reasoning as to why I haven't been called but she has no answer. The one time I was told I could leave a message and he would be available to call me back between 2:30-3:30 because he was on break, I told them that I would just call then. From 2:30-3:30, no one picked up their phone when I called. I asked my boyfriend to call from work (since I figured everyone has caller ID) and wouldn't you know it; the receptionist picked up.

I decided to go because I figured that since the office isn't doing the actual molds that it would be hard for them to mess them up (I would never get any other dental work done here). Also, I just moved from Chicago to Astoria and it never occurred to me that a dentist's office would do something like this to someone. I never thought I would have my money stolen from me. I will now have to spend time I do not have to take legal action to get my money back so PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THIS.

They were friendly. They told me what was going to happen and as things progressed, they kept me up to date, and from room to room, everybody that I would see would tell me what was happening and I didn't seem to have any problems while I was there. The dentist at Queens Family Dental was very nice. He tried to be personable and make you feel welcome. I have sometimes a fear of the dentist, so he took that into account and always tried to make everything seem like it was going quickly. I had cleanings and then cavity fillings. For me, it's always nerve-wracking but the dentist kept reassuring me and the assistant was always there to make sure I was comfortable and that everything was okay. If I felt any kind of pain, they would stop and let me rest and go again as I felt ready.

Everything seems to have held up good from when I went last year till I went this year. The cleaning was right on time and everything seemed to be going well. They said I didn’t have any new cavities and nothing has fallen out.

I've been going to Queens Family Dental for 25 years. I've seen all of the dentists over the years and it was always good. So is the support staff. They cleaned my teeth this last time and it was quite pleasant. They do a better job than I do.

Thank you for your nice remarks!

Original Review

I just finished my visit at Queens Family Dental and I as usual find them so pleasant. I had my veneers placed today and I am thrilled with my new smile. I highly recommend the office.

The dispute has been resolved.

Original Review

This practice is a fraud! I went in for a consultation for Groupon Invisalign. Dr. ** offered me a discount to not buy it through Groupon - should've been my first sign. He then assured me that I had to remove all my non-impacted wisdom teeth, and charged me the price for impacted (which I found out later.) I also had a baby tooth which he promised to remove as part of the price and then use the Invisalign to close the gap. After I paid everything, a few visits later, he tells me that he has to remove the tooth and put a root canal which would cost me ANOTHER $2500! When I refused, he aggressively told me that if I don't do it, he would make me sign something that says that I refused the dentist's advice, and it is my responsibility if the Invisalign fails! Giving me no other choice, I agreed to pay a lower price, but guess what; turns out he couldn't do the root canal, even after they did x-rays and scheduled me for surgery a month later. Where is my refund? Magically, they stop returning my phone calls and emails, and NO REFUND!

At this point, and this is where their scam really is. I am also waiting for Invisalign for SIX MONTHS and still nothing (he promised I would have it in 4-6 weeks), and they are giving me the worst excuses that would give to a kid. Reading his reviews here and on other sites, it seems like he's done it to everyone. His staff knows this too, but they seem to feel bad about it, trying to subtly warn me. And I am sure the practice will respond here with a bunch of excuses - "there were mistakes in impressions", "the company sent the wrong braces", "the Invisalign was ready after all", etc - all the same excuses they gave me, and visit after visit, it turned out that whoops, it's actually not ready again. I would go to their office almost every week, for them to tell me "whoops, you have to come back".

Oh, I also forgot to mention that he often times put his hands in my mouth WITHOUT GLOVES, SMELLING LIKE CIGARETTES, violating health codes!

Since no services were rendered, my bank reversed the charges, and I hired a lawyer to settle this amicably. My lawyer contacted them and they ignored him completely, and put me to collections instead, for services never rendered! We are filing complains with NY Department of Education, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, NY Department of Health, and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and I suggest you do too if they wronged you. Hopefully something will stick and they will take his license away. If you wish to join us, please contact me through here. This has now cost me SO MUCH money. I urge you to stay away from this practice!

I have been going to Queens Family Dental for twenty years and I cannot express how happy I have been. There were times when I could not afford to tend to my dental treatment and yet they saw me and trusted that I would return with payment. I had a lot of issues with my teeth and I only trust the doctors at Queens Family Dental.

I am writing this letter to report Dr. ** at Queens Family Dental. I started going to Dr. ** at Queens Family Dental, on October 2012 in order to have a porcelain tooth I had done years ago to get replaced. I still have not had the tooth replaced and it seems that the situation has gone from bad to worst. After a few visits to the office, I noticed that they did not have the tooth in and they were constantly cutting away at my tooth and gums to the point where I would suffer from excruciating pain and consistent bleeding.

One time I got such a bad headache, I'm not sure if it was from him cutting my tooth and gums, or if it was from the needle he gave me. I tried to call ahead of going and asking them if they have received my tooth yet, the dentist kept telling me the tooth came in so I would travel all the way there and when I would get there they would say it came in but it's the wrong color. I never seen the tooth. One time, one of the girls in the office told me the tooth got lost in the mail. He was constantly taking molds of my teeth and saying the tooth would come in in about 2 weeks.

On my first appointments he took a mold of my teeth and said he was going to order the porcelain tooth, after I left his office I was wondering why he didn't do anything to see what color I would need. On the second visit to his office, he told me he wanted to cut the tooth next to it, he said it would look better. I advised him that I feel the tooth is fine the way it is and I prefer not to touch it. Every time I would go back in he would cut my teeth more and more. He is constantly attempting to put in a temporary tooth and that tooth would not stay in.

I live about an hour away from his office and from what I was originally understanding this procedure should have only taken about 5 or 6 visits, not over a year and countless amounts of going back and forth to the office. My temporary tooth would fall out and he would order another X-Ray before he would attempt to cut my tooth even more, just to attempt to glue it in again. Sometimes I would have to go in every other day to get the tooth glued in again. I had a tooth under my previous porcelain, but he kept cutting away at it until now that there's little to no tooth left. He somehow managed to cut the tooth next to the one that needed to be replaced, in half.

When I confronted him about it, he denied touching that tooth. He also damaged the 2 teeth next to the one that needed to be replaced. Now I have a total of 5 teeth that have been damaged by him. I even had pain in my ear after he touched the tooth on my bottom jaw. The 2 teeth I already mentioned and somehow he managed to damage the 2 teeth next to those and also managed to damage another tooth that is on my bottom jaw. I asked him not to touch my other teeth and he has done so without my consent.

I was so embarrassed about having my front tooth missing that I couldn't engage in any social affairs. The holidays were the worst time for me. It was hard to organize anything with the constant trips, not to add the embarrassment of having your front tooth missing, and all this causing my breath to smell horrific. He is only in his Flushing, NY office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so sometimes I would have to wait for days to be able to see him without me having a front tooth. I called Citi Health in the January 12, 2013 to cancel my card since I knew something was not right, and he had someone from his office call me and convince me that they were good, ethical people and to come back.

I believed that they were trying to do the right thing and decided to give him another chance. I regret doing so. Recently the doctor said that for him to fix my tooth, he is going to have to do the tooth next to it as well because he stated that the other tooth won't stay in otherwise. The doctor would attempt to put in the temporary tooth without sterilizing it. He is a smoker and his hand would smell so bad, especially when he decided not to use gloves. I would notice that he didn't even wash his hands between patients, that wouldn't be a problem if he had gloves on.

On another one of my visits, he cut my tooth and his assistant said, "I don't know what you're gonna do to fix that?! I guess you'll figure it out." Even his employees were questioning his work ethics. He cut my gums so bad one time that it was so swollen and I bled so much that I went and sought medical attention from a clinic by my home, STAT Health, they advised me that I got an infection, so they gave me antibiotics and a cream for my gums. Till today, I still am draining some blood and have a foul odor coming from my mouth. It has been becoming hard to chew my food. This whole experience has been more than stressful.

My last visit with Dr. ** as my Dentist was on February 19, 2014. They made me an appointment for February 25, 2014 but I called to cancel it the day prior. When I called to cancel my appointment, the secretary asked me when I would like to come in, and I advised her I would not be returning. On February 24, 2014, his wife called and left me a message on my answering machine. I went to see another Dentist on February 27, 2014. The new dentist advised me that I will now need a bridge since Dr. ** chopped too much of my other tooth off. The new Dentist also advised me that since Dr. ** worked so much on my mouth, that I once again, got an infection in my mouth. He advised me that the infection was really bad and did not understand how someone can continue to work in my mouth that way, nor why he wouldn't advise me that I needed antibiotics, or why he would not give me anything to help cure it. They prescribed me Amoxicillin 500mg capsules and advised me to take it 3 times a day for 7 days.

I have gone to Queens Family Dental and Dr. Eliades for over a couple of years now. I have never liked going to the dentist at all, but this has been the best experience I have ever had at one. Everyone is always very friendly and he is great. I have had everything from cleanings to implants and have never had an issue or a problem. I am not one to recommend usually, but I would very much recommend Dr. Eliades.

I first went to this office in January of 2013 for an invisalign consultation. The friendly environment and quirky nature of the office staff convinced me to start the process. I paid for my treatment on the spot through a financing company. They received their payment in full through Springstone for $3800 which covered a crown and invisalign. This was a great deal and was told that because the doctor did so much business with them he gets the treatment for cheaper and can offer it for cheaper (I should've known the lies from the start). I had to replace a crown on my front tooth before I could start the invisalign. The first attempt to change the crown was a disaster as the front tooth they replaced appeared to be chipped. I spent almost an entire month with that tooth then an even worse temporary tooth as they made a second attempt to replace the crown. I was patient because the staff was so warm and friendly but already knew that two months to replace one crown was just WRONG.

The main issue was that the staff seems so unorganized and I would walk and it was as if there was no prep done prior to me getting. Almost as if they didn't even know I was coming. There were many times where I went in and nothing was done. I mean nothing. As if they forgot to order materials or did not prepare ahead of time. Eventually, the crown was fixed. Not perfectly but I just wanted to start the invisalign process. It is now July 2013 and I have NOT STARTED THE INVISALIGN PROCESS YET. 6 months of waiting and every time I go in the doctor tells me another two weeks and gives me some ridiculous excuse. How can this be possible??? I feel like I'm being scammed and just want to warn people before they go to this office. I am creating a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well. I wish I would have checked the reviews here. I have pictures of the replacement crown and proof of payment to them earlier this year. Why am I still waiting?

I moved to Astoria from Utah and my roommate recommended Dr. **. I started to see him after I visited several other dental offices in the area, and I am convinced he is the right guy to care for my teeth. He is extremely nice and even funny, making my experience very pleasant.

In 2007, I went to Queens Family Dental to remove my wisdom tooth. The owner persuaded me into re-doing my top front laminas and bottom front crowns with the promise of a better cosmetic appearance compared to my existing functional teeth. I was hesitant because my lamina and crowns were fine and perfectly functional besides the fact that they were a little old. He was very persuasive and said I had nothing to worry about. He stated satisfaction guarantee or money back. He lied to me that his office has cosmetic experiences. It turns out that I was just one of their guinea pigs. It is now six years later and five of his doctors have worked on my teeth with five different messy workmanship and five different shades of colors in my teeth.

According to other dentists, this type of cosmetic works usually takes 5-6 visits, not 6 years. During numerous attempts by his multiple dentists, the laminas and crowns have been placed incorrectly and as a result has cracked and fallen out. This resulted in damages to my teeth such as three root canals in the bottom of my teeth, as well as a cavity in the top of my tooth due to the fact that the office cannot keep the temporary cap in my mouth correctly. All the root tips are already showing as if the laminas have been there for years. Within this short period of time, several laminas have already cracked and fallen out. As a side note, my old laminas and crowns were in my month for over 2 decades and not once did I have any problems with them. At this point, I still have a temporary crown made out of metal that is not sitting correctly done by his third dentist who refused to listen to the fact that all my other crowns are porcelain so needless to say, it doesn't match the rest of the teeth again.

On July, 2012, ** promised to redo my lamina with his fifth and final dentist, and for whatever reason if he is another one of his high turnover staff, we agreed that I will not try another one of his dentist from his office. I waited 4 months for an appointment and at the end found out that he no longer works there. I have never seen anyone change their dentists, including their entire office staff as frequent as this office. It's almost as if once the workers found out how the office is managed, they run as well. On December 27, 2013, ** personally promised that he will refund my money and asked me to call his biller, Elisa **, the following week. Believing him again, I called her and she has no idea what I was talking about. Finally, after numerous attempts, she said that he will give me a check back on February 28, 2013 at 5 pm. Again, I showed up and waited for over 30 minutes. At that time, Elisa ** tells me that ** is not in the office but that she had everything prepared for the refund check and to come back again. I knew that they were giving me the runaround again and probably had no real intention of negotiating in good faith.

I contacted them the following week again and asked for a certified check or I was going to report them. Then he got his wife to call me asking me to re-explain the entire situation and to come in and see another one of his dentists, which I refused. She said that she was going to call me back on March 8, 2013 and never did. Also, beware of the offices billing scam. They persuaded me into taking out a loan for $8000, which is the total cost of the cosmetic work and the owner tells you once the insurance pays for their portion, he will reimburse you. The owner is a liar. He will pretend he forgot about it so he can get paid twice. I only found out he was also getting paid by my insurance from the EOB (explanation of benefits) statements from the insurance company. It was another battle to get that money back once I confronted him. Later, I found out that most dental office will ask you to pay the balance after the insurance, not ahead of time. Beware of this.

This is the most dishonest, unethical medical and business office one can ever encounter. Doing a little research on the office just confirmed that the owner has been practicing like this for a long time and gotten away with taking patients and insurances' money. To date, I still have unfinished teeth and he still have not refunded my money as he promised personally. I am so exhausted from all the runaround and all the broken promises from this office. I hope every patient gets to read about my experience so they will not be fooled by ** like I did.

It is nice when you make an appointment for a Doctor and you leave with such a nice feeling. Dr. Eliades is such a nice man and he took such great care of me and my family. He is extremely caring and makes sure you are equipped with every phone number including his home in the event of an emergency. I have had health issues and no other doctor ever did that. He truly is very unique and I recommend him highly.

A root canal was started on the next to last molar on the bottom left side, and no temporary cap was put on, even though the treatment was not complete. Before the next appointment, the tooth was chipped while eating. On the next appointment, Dr. **, took pictures, and an impression. The session ended without a temporary filling being installed.

On the next appointment, the only difference was a temporary crown was put in. On the next appointment, a Dr. R. S. ** was assigned. On the initial inspection, blood was found. Pictures were taken, and it was stated that the tooth was chipped, and split at the base. The financing for the tooth was also a problem. Dr. ** needed to be called three times, before previous treatment plans determined to prevent further trauma, were adhered to. No work was done on the tooth, except for replacing the temporary crown.

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