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I want to let people know that the Slumberland manager Joe at the Minnetonka Minnesota store lied to me regarding the extended warranty for five years would cover everything... The mechanism to make the chair work broke, doesn't work. Chair broke down. Joe lied to me and said the extended warranty he sold me covered everything. The customer service from Slumberland "sorry the manager told you this. But sorry the extended warranty and the manufacturer won't help you. Sorry too bad." The chair is only two years old. Slumberland customer service said three times sorry too bad... Slumberland are crooks. This is how Slumberland treats disabled people. Don't deal with these people. They are liars and cheats, consumer fraud... I just wanted to let people know so they won't get cheated and lied to like me...

As a disabled Vietnam military veteran I purchased a two piece couch set for $3,000.00 and I was scammed into purchasing a warranty that Slumberland does not want to honor. They told me "you need the warranty in case something goes wrong." Well if you purchase furniture from a store, they should honor it if something is wrong with the product, especially after making you purchase the warranty. The saleslady was very disrespectful, not professional at all, she talked real mean when I reported that the furniture was damaged. She was hateful, mean, disturbing.

Spent over 500 dollars plus 80 dollars for delivery on two Recliners. After 6 weeks these sharp little parts of plastic started poking up through the arms on both chairs to where they were sharp pieces sticking in our arms when we set our arms of the arms of the chairs. I called and complained. Tech was sent out. This tech with big wood circles stuck in his earlobes tell me I'm too picky. Well maybe he likes pain but I at 58 years old and have a lifetime of experience buying recliners know this is not as he states every day wear and tear. I had to bring into my living room my old La-Z-Boy back to use and not even using the brand new DRACO recliner.

Bought recliner. Was made to buy extended warranty. It will cover everything: frame breaking, torn upholstery, everything except cat and dog paws. Also you have factory warranty to fall back on. Had chair one month and frame broke. Took 2 months before anyone would help us. Lincoln store said they have nothing to do with it. "Go to factory warranty factory," said store. Should replace it. Each passed the buck to the other. No one would fix it. Out $1000. They take your money but poor business ethics. DON'T GO HERE.

Went to buy a bed. Was a return customer. Was suggested this and that bed and felt pressure to pick that night. When a couple is split, shouldn't be rushed but we did t come home with buyer's remorse. We stopped the transaction for several reasons. One being we were split in type of bed. Second, the surprise package of 219.00 for bed cover and pillow covers. Told don't matter if we have our own. Have to buy one of the Slumberland brands to get the 120 day trial. Ok. I get that. They want a clean bed. If you don't want the bed but tell people clearly that you are actually paying for that 120 day trial by buying a cover.

What upset me was not only did they want me to buy a cover but a bed bag to zip it in. Absurd. So glad we stopped it all as they tacked on a extra 300 for what we thought was part of the bed deal and it isn't. So be warned. You get 120 days to try the bed but you totally have to buy a protector even if you have your own. So what happens to the bed someone who had bought the protector but never used because they hate the type or just don't like it and returns that bed that the store required them to cover and can't prove they put on the bed in the first place. What happens to that bed? It's sold as a used bed at a lower cost. Never will you know if your bed had its cover over it.

So they are banking by making the consumer to buy a cover for that bed 120 trial. You are basically buying a rubber for your bed. How? Well, that's a thought now isn't it? Who changes sheets, takes off cover, forgets to put it back on? How can they salute you? They can't. So the strong arm tactic of buying your 120 day trial rubber is pointless.

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Bought furniture from Slumberland in Des Moines, Iowa Oct 17 2014. Put in a claim about something that was wrong with it. Paid 1300 for my furniture and bought the extended warranty. The tech came and looked at it and never heard back from them. Furniture still ruined and both companies say there is nothing they can do, that they will not honor the warranty.

I saw a chair I really like. Jennifer from Slumberland in Beaver Dam WI told me they can order almost any furniture. I chose them because they were closer. To make the story short I got the chair after 2 months just to unwrap it and have a screw falling off! They order a new part and they basically told me "you're on your own, we can't fix it or replace. It's sold as is." Which they never told me anything about it. My fiancee also had issues with a bed and broke after a couple of weeks.

We purchased an adjustable bed on July 5, 2015 to the tune of damn 3000 bucks. The bed could not be delivered until July 15th - the bed was delivered and assembled w/ no issues. After trying the massage function later that day, the bed sounded like a helicopter taking off. Called ASAP to the Lincoln store where we had to leave a message - no call back until July 28th from some rude lady in SD. Finally got a service call one week later. Some tech came out and jiggled this & that with no resolution - told me that new motors would have to be ordered that would take 2-3 weeks to be delivered to my home, then I was to call the store to set up another service call. Motors arrived in the mail in 2.5 weeks, called, made an appt for a service call, took 3 days this time to get a call back to tell me the service dept was booked solid for 1.5 weeks.

FINALLY got a service tech out to replace the motors and again the bottom motor sounds like a helicopter - called the Lincoln store & demanded to speak to a manager. After an act of God to get Kenny on the phone, it was a 45 minute discussion with him telling me that they have never had issues w/ this type of bed, that he has one and his dog is afraid of the noise, to saying maybe it is the size of our room or possibly due to the flooring in the room. Finally I had to stop Kenny's conversation of excuses to tell him that I did not give a crap what the issues might be. I asked the protocol for return which was never answered but more excuses on how we may just need to live with the noise. NOT acceptable Kenny.

After yet another 30 minutes of Kenny rambling, I finally was told they would replace the frame. Took 6 days to get a new frame. Mind you by this time we have made 2 payments on a bed that did not work properly. The new frame is still noisy and IS NOT what we tried in the store when we purchased, the bed in the store was extremely quiet. Kenny never offered a refund, money off the purchase price, nothing - other than his ramblings of how there have never been issues w/ this bed and ramblings of his super small bedroom and his dog. Super poor customer service for a manager. Kenny even called and left a rambling message the next day that he tried his bed again and yep the dog is still afraid, who cares Kenny. Will NEVER buy from this place again nor recommend to anyone.

We went into Slumberland on July 21 at Madison East Location. We were met by the sales ass!!! He showed us the dining sets we found one we liked!! But decided to think it over so my husband ask if the set was in stock & if we do decide to buy can we come & pick it up as we had to bring the trailer to pick up. The sales ass said "Oh yes not a problem." Bloody Liar.

We went home, chatted it over, & decided we would buy it & pick up the following Monday. Well I paid a deposit down that night over the phone. Called the following day to pay the remainder & let the sales rep know we would be in on April 27. I was met with - NO SORRY TUES 28 - it would have to be and after 2pm. What I could not believe my ears. You took my money but I cannot get my goods when I need them. My husband will be at work so this not convenient for us. Well bloody wonderful!! Now we have to wait to pick our dining set on Aug 3rd which is not right. Should have known not to go there. This is the second time but a different location that we have had issues with Slumberland.

I bought a new couch from Slumberland and within a few months, the stitching started coming out. The couch was under a warranty for one year. I called the store and talked to someone who told me to email him some pictures and they would get back to me. Several weeks went by and I didn't hear a thing from them. I tried calling and left several messages with no return phone calls from anyone. This was really annoying!

When I finally was able to talk to Tyler, the salesman that sold me the couch, he seemed nice. He was going on vacation and offered to get back to me in a week, which almost 2 weeks later, he called me. He directed me to a number to call to set up an appointment for someone to come look at it and promised me they would take care of it. Once again after numerous phone calls, I was finally able to talk to someone and we set up the appointment to fix the couch. The kid showed up and said he would order a new cushion cover and arm cover. A couple more months went by and we never received anything. They ended up mailing the stuff to our old address.

Once we finally got the new cushions, we had to call then again to set up an appointment for them to come put it on. More time goes by. The guy showed up and put it together. He did a horrible job. The arm of the couch wasn't put together right at all and broke and tie more within a week after he stupidly fixed it. Another phone call and a couple weeks later, another guy comes over. He admitted that the first guy didn't put it the arm back on right. He also said the guy that did it was new and didn't know what he was doing. Before he left he said they would call us and get it fixed. 3 weeks later, we call then because we haven't heard from them. The lady tells us that it was our fault and they weren't going to fix it unless we wanted to pay for it done. I'm so mad about this long drawn-out deal and their ** customer service the whole time. I will never again buy a thing in that store or recommend Slumberland to anyone!!!

A Will J. ** greeted us at the door of the Rhineland store, and because they were closing the store due to remodeling, we thought we would stop, for the sales pitch how all prices are slashed, etc.. We were looking for a new mattress, keep in mind I do know they are not cheap. So we found one we liked, mind you we have been looking for a while for a new bed, so I knew what the "real prices" were before we stopped there. Not only did they jack up the prices, then came the "what number works for you" conversation. So, he gave me a number of 1298.00 from 4000.00, I said I need to talk to my husband first.

We decided to wait on buying, so Will said how about 899.00? Really? Now it's 899.00? When I said no, he became irate, and rude to me, as well as the other salespeople. I don't like to be lied too, or pressured into buying anything. I understand they need to make some money off a sale, but the mattress at the same store in Minocqua was 2300.00, at this store 4000.00. Really? I will never buy anything from that company ever again. Poor salesmanship, horrible company.

On May 20th, I purchased a glider chair & ottoman (glider) at Slumberland - I was told the ottoman would be in stock for pickup the end of next week - I offered half down until it came in, which was agreed to. I wrote a check for $350 - when the lady ran the check through the check reader machine -- she typed $3500.00 by mistake. After several phone calls back & forth, I was told to get a statement from my bank that the check had cleared before they could give me a refund. In the end, that's what I did. When I did get a check, it was minus the entire cost of my purchase. Then, I still have to drive 15 miles to bank to redeposit the money. Am still expecting to have another "fight" to actually get these items. There was never any offer to compensate me for my time & troubles. Will never shop slumberland for anything again. What if the check failed to Clear? If they can get at my money without my ok, why can't they put it back as well?

Purchased several pieces of furniture, one being a leather sofa. Salesman emphasized 10 year warranty on sofa. After several months the arm internal frame was broken. Called store and spoke with salesman and he accused someone of sitting on the arm. No one sat on the arm. After persistence a "repairman" came to our residence and "repaired the broken arm". I was shown the wood frame in the arm by the repairman. It was broken at a large knot which was over half of the thickness of the wood piece. I observed other parts of the frame to being "knotty". The repairman filled the hollow arm cavity with expanding insulation foam and stated that he has done this repair multiple times on this brand of furniture because of the inferior "knotty wood" that is used in manufacture. He did not repair the broken wood.

I called the store and requested a replacement of this sofa because it wasn't even surviving its first year. The sofa's manufacturing warranty covers "defects relating to the frame" for a ten year period. The salesman stated "no can do" and more or less "too bad". The frame continued to deteriorate and fall apart. The cheap fiberboard was separating and the joints started to separate. The sofa had not been moved and was sagging in the front. Slumberland refused anymore repairs. I reinforced the joints and replaced the broken knotty frame to get some life out of the sofa. Slumberland wants the sale but will not service or stand behind their products. I will not step foot into any Slumberland again.

I bought this at a discount, paid $2500 for it including an insurance plan. My husband went over with the sales rep, everything it could cover and the man over anything that could happen to the furniture would be covered. Well before I even head for a trip my chaise broke. The springs caved in and the side broke. The insurance refused to cover it. Lucky someone at the store took pity on me and she sent someone out to fix it.

Then my couch broke, my insurance did cover it, and said it couldn't be fixed and they replaced the whole couch. This is on the day I had it for a yr... When they said they are replacing it that means the warranty on it was voided. They bring my new sofa to me ripping up the bottom of the couch and now it creaks. My love seat has the same problem. My chaise did and the cloth is falling off and the pillow on my chaise to protect the back has ripped at the seam.

When I had found out that my couch was gonna be replaced but I had to pay $100 to get new warranty on it I called them and I said this is the worse customer service I ever received and I said I'm gonna tell everyone about this and the man who sold it to me said or more so yelled “Go ahead little girl. Your little threats don't scare me. Call who ever you have to call to make yourself feel better. This is a business and you’re playing with the big boys now so go on do what you have to do but what is done is done.” Well I have lots of friends and family and they have lots of friends as well that's about 150 ppl so far that won't be going back there again!

So my wife and I just bought a new home in August, as with most moves comes new furniture. We had purchased a 3 bar stools, a love set, a dining room set and then there was our Lorena Heights Plush set mattress from BeautyRest/Slumber Land which we spent $1200 on! (The women we purchased from insisted we get BeautyRest). The first few days there was a lot of tossing and turning from both my wife and I. We figured it was just due to us switching mattresses. That is not the case, it is now April 20th and we purchased it on August 11th, we are still tossing and turning nightly.

Our previous mattress was a $300 dollar mattress from Unclaimed Freight and it's sad to say that we got rid of it for something we thought would be better due to its four times higher price. Highest price is not always the best - that was proven when purchasing from BeautyRest. If we could go back to our $300 dollar mattress we would in a heartbeat. At least then we could sleep and not have achy backs!

I purchase a power recliner in December 2013. Finally got the chair in February 2014. Said that the manufacturer needed to make as they were out. In November of 2014 I got a call to unplug the chair as it could start a fire. They said that it had only happened in the showroom, and "should" be safe in the home but to guarantee, they wanted me to unplug it. I did so, assuming there would be a resolution soon. I checked with the store in Sioux Falls about a month later, and they told me that they had not heard anymore on it.

Finally in late February 2015 I got a letter that they were sending me a new switch that I would have to install myself. I tried to get them to replace the chair, or at least come and replace the switch, but they would not do it. I put in a BBB complaint, and they held firm to not doing anything to help me. I now have a chair that can't be used, and a switch that I can't install myself. They sent me a 100 coupon to use on my next purchase. Never again will I darken the doors of Slumberland, and yes it is a slum of a store.

My husband and me went furniture shopping at Slumberland Furniture in Janesville WI. We were met with a salesman named **. We purchased the furniture we wanted and paid 1/2 of the amount due for the furniture and would pay the balance upon arrival of the furniture. We knew we were supposed to pick it up ourselves and we didn't have a problem with that. When I went in there today to pay the balance, I was told we could not come to get it until the next Wednesday. Due to the fact that we understood it that we could pick it up on Saturday, which is what he told us. He told me when I paid the rest of the balance that we could not have until the next Wednesday, I feel like he got all our money and we have no furniture for the payment. In addition, Mr. ** was very rude and unprofessional to me when I came in for the final payment. I will not ever go back there to shop again.

I bought a sofa loveseat combination with a coffee table and 2 end tables. I also purchased the warranty. My coffee table and 1 end table was damaged. I called and complained only to be told nothing they could do then I was told i could exchange them for the damaged floor model. I ended up getting a 20 dollar refund. What a slap in the face. I won't ever be going back again.

The local store wants to know the exact time that you are going to pick up the merchandise. My schedule never allows me the exact time that I would be at the store. In addition when they called to say the merchandise would be in, they state that it "should" be in at such and such at date. Not an exact date. Find these people have just too many made up rules they want to play with and this is my last time to buy ANYTHING from them or to refer anybody else to them. They need to re-do the customer consideration handbook as they must all be Harvard, Yale, Princeton trained upper Management which they try to filter down to the Midwest. That does not work here.

The items were delivered - the recliner stunk to high heaven and even 2 cans of Lysol would not get rid of the smell. They delivered a replacement chair and it was filthy dirty - had to vacuum and clean it thoroughly. My wife also brought to my attention that the cheesecloth covering on the loveseat was damaged and hanging down. After close inspection I discovered several (at least 20) staples were not properly inserted and needed to be pulled out and reinserted correctly. I removed old staples and redid the job that should have been done before delivery!!! This and vacuuming the replacement chair consumed about an hour and a half.

After reading previous complaints I decided not to contact the store as they are not very determined to obtain customer satisfaction scores that indicate they do what is relevant to high approval. This will be the last purchase we make at this facility and will look elsewhere for the rest of the furniture we intend to purchase.

Lesson learned - don't expect referrals!!!!!!!!

Purchased a sectional with warranty. One of the wedges arrives with a hole in it. They replace with a second wedge which has a huge scratch in it. Sectional discontinued. Slumberland will not fix wedge or reimburse us for damaged wedge. Now have a warranty that is worthless and a damaged wedge. I would not even purchase a couch pillow from these clowns. To all the people thinking about purchasing anything from Slumberland (especially the store on the East side of Madison, WI), DON'T!!! Pay more money or just go somewhere else!!!

I ordered and paid for a La-Z-Boy custom rocker/recliner that cost over $1500 on Jan 15, 2015 in the Springfield Missouri Slumberland Furniture store. An incorrect chair was delivered six weeks later. I contacted the store manager to advise him. He told me that I can keep the delivered chair until the correct chair could be delivered. (Another 6 weeks). As I did not want to be responsible for the chair in my home for 6 weeks, I asked that it be picked up. Then I advised ** (the manager) that I was not willing to wait another 6 weeks and I wanted a refund. I would purchase the chair from another retailer. He agreed to credit my credit card. He then told me that he was sorry about the mix up but the fact is that people do make mistakes.

I replied that I understand that. But when a customer has been inconvenienced with so much money tied up and time that some form of recompense could at least have been offered. If it had been, then we would not be having this conversation. ** apologized and told me that he would normally offer a discount of maybe a hundred dollars but he felt that I would probably reject the offer. He was correct. I would have rejected it. A more realistic offer probably would have been entertained by me. But none was made. I was very happy with the salesman, ** when I had made this purchase. Since the time of the sale I have been telling family and friends about ** and the way that he does business. But Slumberland Furniture is not a place that I would ever do business with again. This experience will also be related to family, friends and business associates.

Purchased a Stearns and Foster mattress in 2008 paying approximately $2500 for one of the best mattresses. I weigh 125 lbs so I wasn't hard on the mattress yet customer service rep said problem could be due to "my preferences". When I lay in the bed the top crushes down so much that the trim around the top and bottom touch no matter how I lay. Slumberland is requiring me to complete a packet of info or pay $35 for an inspector to come out and there is no guarantee on result. Why it is my responsibility and cost to show Slumberland the mattress is bad after spending $2500 for it originally? Attached are photos. The first shows me holding up top to show the depth it should be and the second one shows current condition with top collapsing and trim touching when laying on bed.

I rarely tweet, but the horrible customer service I received at the Slumberland in St. Louis Park was enough motivation. Two weeks ago I got a call from Customer Service saying the bar stools I ordered would arrive at the store and that the store would call me when they arrived. I called today to see what happened as I never received a phone call. The man that answered the phone said they were shipped back because I hadn't come to get them in the 10 day time frame. I replied saying I never received a call, to which he said that since I placed the order online there was nothing he could do - it wasn't his problem.

I said ok, “so what do you recommend I do?” He said he would transfer me to customer service and before I could say anything else I was transferred to CLAIMS where they started asking me about the damage. I said, there's no damage I haven't even received the furniture (that were already bought and paid for btw). I told her I was frustrated, I knew it wasn't her fault, but this needed to be made right. The woman said she would see what she could do. She put me on hold for several minutes and returned saying she was able to move some things around and I could pick them up today. Fine, fixed.

It's what happened when I went to pick up the stools that really got me. As soon as I gave the salesman my name, he showed my ticket to all his colleagues and they proceeded to laugh as if I wasn't there saying "oh, that's her". Then after they subdued their laughter the man said I talked to you on the phone today, and I said yes, I wasn't very happy about the situation. He then asked one of his colleagues to assist him in bringing the stools out to my car and his colleague said in a childish voice "I'm a jerk, I can't help, I'm such a jerk" rolling his eyes, and laughing the entire time. It wasn't even the guy I talked to on the phone and I never called anyone a jerk!

I will NEVER make another purchase from Slumberland simply because of their immaturity and lack of respect I received from the sales personnel. I encourage all my friends to shop elsewhere, this type of humiliation is not what I consider good customer service.

Broken chair for over a year. Even though we bought insurance, they won't fix it. This is a terrible company. They lie and mislead.

We ordered a sectional for $900 on December 5th...Paid in full, including delivery charge. We told saleslady we wanted it before Christmas, and she said "I'll check". She came back and said it would be in December 17th...The 17th came, and we called, and were told it wasn't in yet, and would be in January 7th...We called today, (7th) and now it won't be in until the 14th, and possibly delivered following Saturday. I told manager, "I think saleslady just told us what we wanted to hear to make the sale, so she could get the commission, just before Christmas and year end". I cancelled the sale, and will not deal with them again...

Paid for extended warranty from Furniture Care. They refuse to take care of it because the foot rest metal frame snapped and I did not call them within 5 days, if you don't call within 5 days your warranty is worthless. Worse warranty company I have ever dealt with.

I bought a couch in Aug 2013. I also bought the 5 year furniture care plan. I noticed the other day the arm on my couch was to fray. I notified Slumberland and today they called and told me if I wanted it fixed it would cost me 150.00. I don't understand this. I feel like they are taken me. I told them I couldn't afford to pay this as I am a 71 yr old women on oxygen with a collapsed lung and have lots of medical bills. I have no children in my house so there is no reason the leather should start to fray, it looks terrible. The couch cost me 1300.00. I hope some one can help me get this fixed.

On two separate purchases I paid for delivery. I told them that I could only accept delivery in the am hours. For the first delivery they called and scheduled a pm delivery which I cancelled and reminded them I could only take a am delivery. They explained that due to the way they scheduled deliveries that would not be possible. I said well then I can't take delivery. They called 3 more times trying to scheduled a pm delivery. I finally told them I was going to cancel the order. The manager said that was probably the best thing to do. The salesperson intervened and I had a am delivery. The second purchase was the same crap as the first and the salesperson again intervened and scheduled a am delivery. What should have been a pleasurable experience turned into nothing but a miserable experience. I would never recommend anyone to purchase anything from Slumberland.

I got a tear in my leather recliner and had purchased the protection plan for tears and etc. I assumed my dog had torn it, but wasn't absolutely sure it was the dog. Called Slumberland to get it fixed and was told the warranty was null and void due to the dog tearing it. I was told at the time of purchase that the protection plan covered all tears and rips. Nothing was said about not covering pet damage, but was told it was in the contract which was never pointed out to me.

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