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Saatva vs. Loom and Leaf

Side-by-side mattress comparison

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Saatva Mattress and Loom & Leaf
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Though Loom and Leaf is a division of Saatva, the two mattress companies offer different products. Saatva mattresses are innerspring coil-on-coil made out of eco-responsible materials and offer a competitive price compared to most retailers, as a queen mattress starts at $1,580. Loom and Leaf mattresses are memory foam and made out of similarly eco-responsible materials, with queen mattresses starting at $1,932.

Saatva vs. Loom and Leaf comparison

saatvaloom and leaf
Price (for a queen)$1,580$1,932
SupportSteel coil base with individually wrapped comfort coils and memory foam lumbar support5lb eco-friendly premium memory foam
FirmnessPlush soft, luxury firm and firmRelaxed firm and firm
Motion transferMinimalVery minimal
CoolingInnerspring mattresses sleep coolSpinal Zone Gel layer provides cooling
Trial period180 nights180 nights
Warranty15 years15 years
Customer SatisfactionRead MoreRead More
Price (for a queen)SupportFirmnessMotion transferCoolingTrial periodWarrantyCustomer Satisfaction
saatva$1,580Steel coil base with individually wrapped comfort coils and memory foam lumbar supportPlush soft, luxury firm and firmMinimalInnerspring mattresses sleep cool180 nights15 yearsRead More
loom and leaf$1,9325lb eco-friendly premium memory foamRelaxed firm and firmVery minimalSpinal Zone Gel layer provides cooling180 nights15 yearsRead More

Compare construction and pricing


Saatva layers: Saatva mattresses use coil-on-coil construction. The mattress is supported with a steel base with an additional layer of individually wrapped coils above it, which helps reduce motion transfer. Saatva mattresses are then topped with a euro pillow top for added comfort. Saatva beds are made to work with adjustable bases.

Loom and Leaf layers: Loom and Leaf mattresses are made of four layers: a dual layer support foam with breathable airflow, a layer of five-pound premium top memory foam and a cooling spinal gel layer. They’re topped with a quilted, organic cotton covering. Together, these layers provide a cool and supportive night’s sleep.


Saatva mattress firmness: Customers can purchase Saatva mattresses in three comfort levels: plush soft, luxury firm and Saatva firm. Plush soft is meant to feel supportive, yet soft enough to hug the body. Their luxury firm mattress is designed to support the spine with carefully balanced softness. The Saatva firm mattress provides extra support without a stiff, board-like feeling.

Loom and Leaf firmness: Loom and Leaf offers mattresses in two comfort levels: relaxed firm and firm. Relaxed firm is intended for a balance of soft and supportive. The firm version is for sleepers who want a firm feel without feeling like they’re sleeping on a board. Both versions are designed for optimal spinal support and can be used with an adjustable base.


TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCal King
Loom & Leaf$964$1,254$1,844$1,932$2,196$2,196
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Bottom line: Saatva or Loom and Leaf?

Both Saatva and Loom and Leaf mattresses are great for different reasons. Saatva mattresses are designed to suit back sleepers and those that prefer the innerspring feel and pillow top comfort. You’ll enjoy a memory foam mattress from Loom and Leaf if you tend to sleep on your side. You’ll also enjoy the reduced motion transfer if your partner tends to move a lot during the night.

Saatva mattresses are best for those who like to sleep on their back. The coil-on-coil technology applies consistent support throughout the body. Meanwhile, the soft pillow-top covering provides the softness necessary for a good night’s rest.

Loom and Leaf mattresses are great for sleepers who like to sleep on their sides, as the memory foam supports the contours of the body. The mattress is also ideal for those who are worried about motion transfer waking their partner.

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