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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Macy's?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2011

    We went to the Macy's Pleasanton store to purchase a mattress. It was a weekday, mid-afternoon with literally no customer in there. The sales representative first of all, spent 30 minutes entering our order of one simple mattress. Also, he insisted that there is a $25 "pick up" fee. Yes, a pick up fee which means the customer has to drive to their warehouse which is 30 minutes away and pick up the mattress there and they charge you! It's not delivery, it's pick up, and they said they do not store the mattress in store. **, all of this should be factored into the price of the product already. We think this is simply a fraudulent charge that the store just makes up to make more money.

    Later, we found out that he not only gave me the price for a wrong size of mattress. He also did not apply the discount for purchasing without the box. It then took him another 30 minutes to process the return. Because of the poor customer service we have received in the past, I made it a point to make sure the credit was put back in my credit card while I was still in the store. Sure enough, the credit department said that the return was not processed! It took another 45 minutes to confirm and process the refund correctly. At this point, I have spent over 1 hour in the store in the middle of a weekday with an incompetent sales representative! I had enough and was sure that I was about to say something really bad to that sales representative, so I just told him that I really had to go and did not purchase what I originally came for.

    The more frustrating thing is, my husband went to another Macy store across the bay to finish our purchase, and believe it or not, he had to spend another 1.5 hours in the store with another incompetent sales person to purchase a simple mattress! Macy's, if you go out of business, we really have no mercy on you. There is poor, horrible customer service in your furniture store.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2011

    I tried to purchase a mattress and a bedroom furniture. I was put on hold for nearly five hours while I was transferred back and forth between furniture and mattress sales associates and credit checks. Each time, I had to separately verify the information I had already provided to the first, second, third, and fourth sales associates I was speaking with.

    At the end of five hours, I was told that a discount that I thought was applicable to my furniture purchase was not applicable. And I decided to cancel the furniture order but keep the mattress order. A day later, I called to double-check that everything had gone through. After being on hold for another two hours, it became clear that one of the many sales people I had spoken to had misspelled my name and other details. Five days later, I found out that my mattress order had been accidentally cancelled, preventing me from receiving the bed at the time that I needed to move in to my apartment.


    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2011

    I bought a great deal of furniture from this store in 2004. I also purchased expensive warranty coverage. Today, I attempted to use my coverage. Although it is still in effect, it only covers scratches, spills, sun damage, burn damage and glass scratches. No coverage for structural damage. Today, I have a leg coming off the base, and a screw fell out of the chair two days ago. I was told this was such a good idea, as it would cover any problems I had with the furniture. This is a joke and a huge waste of money. The policy sold by Macy is called, Worry No More warranty. It was a total waste of money.

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2011

    I bought a Stressless chair at the Burlington store three years ago and the cover started to wear off in just over a year. When I went back to Burlington store, they said that they didn't carry furniture. So, I went to the Danvers mass store. They said that it was out of warranty. I contacted Lane, the manufacturer, and they sent me a small bottle of paint to touch up the leather. Now, it's so ratty-looking and I am giving it to the Salvation Army.

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2011

    I purchased a chair on 8/5/2011. The chair arrived in Las Vegas on 8/12/2011 but Macy's could not deliver until 8/23/2011. Then they "forgot" to enter delivery into system. It is not scheduled for 8/31/2011 and this will take 26 days to get a chair. Avoid this company at all costs. They do not care about customers at all.

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2011

    Purchased an ultra firm mattress less than 3 years ago. I cannot sleep in the bed due to major dips or curves.

    I called Macy's, they sent a technician out and deemed that the mattress is not replaceable yet because the dip is only 1 inch where it has to be 1.5 inches. I called to reschedule another inspection since I was not there for the first one and Anne-Marie, the customer service rep on the phone was short, curt, and warned me to not interfere with the inspection. I just want to be there to make sure that the technician is legitimately doing his job. Way to go Anne-Marie! Way to make a customer feel welcome. A customer who had their wedding registry as well as who has great rapport with the employees there.

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2011

    we purchased sectional set from macys and on the phone at the time of perches they offered me the 7 year warranty that would cover anything go's bad with the furniture that would be the frame, recliner,padding and fabric of the furniture also if their is some kid of spell or marks that can not be clean would be covered with that I taught it must be good quality that they standing behind it that far.she clearly told me that this would extend my one year warranty to 7 year .

    After a year and half the fabric look like 10 year old the stitching of one section is about 3" of from the others the corner piece was about 4" deep which was 3 hour quick fix be some 3rd party technation that was nothing but a waste of time the techation mentioned that the manufacturer of the furniture had forgot to put the padding and strapping the sectional is very hard to open so macy's had sold us a furniture without padding and straps (GREAT QUALITY CONTROL) the fabric is DETERIORATED the armrest are smashed by daily use(no coach Potato at home) student and working family trying to speak to supervisor is like having the US President to call you back they must be very busy with this kind of product.

    Reviewed July 19, 2011

    We just moved into a new home after relocating from New Jersey. We went into Macy's furniture and purchased a queen size bed with nightstands, a mattress set, and a 7-piece dining set totaling $4,000. The sales representative told me of an additional 10% sale that would be happening two weeks from then. She scheduled a delivery date to ensure we would qualify for the 10% off - to be reimbursed after delivery. My husband and I were very pleased and excited. A day before delivery (literally less than 24 hours), the sales representative calls, saying they can not honor the additional 10%. I spoke with a rude manager and even explained that his sales representative wrote on our paperwork/receipts that we would get an additional 10% off adjustment within 10 days of delivery. They were rude and most unaccommodating. Macy's Furniture in Altamonte Springs doesn't know good business or customer service. It shocks me that such a large company wouldn't keep their promise - even when it was in writing. I will never shop there again and I will be sure to spread the word. With all the furniture stores going out of business in today's economy, I am sure if Macy's does this to all their customers, they will be the next.

    Reviewed July 14, 2011

    I bought a mattress at Macy's July 3rd.( 2,800.00) was delivery 7-12 the mattress was ditrty and with over 10 inches of scratch in one of the spring box when we saw the mattress in such conditions we do not accept, but since the mattress was already inside the house they refuses to take the mattress back since they place the old mattress in the street was dirty, and very cold way they told me NO. I call customer service and after the person look in the system the closes day is Wednesday July 20th the claim # 39720094. The issue is Macys wash their hand that is the warehouse responsibility and to "shot my mount the manager Bhu singa (91059524) offer me a gift certificate this is not the way to void responsibilities, the previous employee Natasha wanted to offer 75.00 to 100.00 after finally Ascended to 150.00. I said no. I want to have repair the marks in the wall they ignore that part.

    This is not just any house is my house I cannot accept damage of irresponsible people, I demand an answer to this, an investigation and send a person to Inspect the damage committed. They are not responding.

    I do not know if Macy's take serious this case or have to many cases that this is natural but any delivery most be monitored, drivers but does not end here your drivers were not "normal" they made damage in my wall.

    Reviewed June 25, 2011

    Can no longer sleep in the bed. The shape is making it imposable to sleep in. However, the dip is only 3/4 of an inch and the mfg required 1 and 1/2 in dip before they will swap it out for a new mattress. I am moving forward with a law suite to get this corrected.. No one should have to suffer at the hands of Macy's.

    Reviewed June 20, 2011

    I purchased a double recliner that did not perform as warranted. Tri-State Furniture Services was dispatched to inspect the recliner and reported it was just fine, which is not true. The inspector never even sat on the recliner or even pulled it away from the wall during the 'inspection.' I had paid all, but roughly $250 of the $1,500 cost, and it was arranged that I could cease any further payments during this dispute. Then, the debt collectors began calling. I was told that no such arrangement had been made.

    The inspection was farce; customer service is horrid; the couch is poorly designed, and of the lowest quality materials, not to mention the shoddy construction. There is no lumbar support and when I sit on it, I slide into a wide gap at the back where there should be support. I will never buy a Macy's product again. Neither should you.

    I have a bad back made worse by the couch. I am unable to use the couch as is it sits like a dark, beached whale in the room. I cannot exchange it or obtain a $1,500 refund. There is no solution short of a trip to small claims court, hauling the recliner with me as evidence. I relied on the warranty, but Macy's has a way around it. They say a 3rd party has to find the couch defective. That 3rd party is paid by Macy's! When I bought the couch, not a word was said about a 3rd party standing between the buyer and the warranty. There are no signs in the furniture department and no written documentation to warn customers of warranty pre-conditions.

    Reviewed May 25, 2011

    I bought a mattress that began sagging not too long after purchase at **** . They sent a mattress inspector out and he said that there was nothing wrong but would come back 1 month later. They came back and at this time, did found that there were defects and would do an even exchange. They discontinued my mattress so they said that they would send a comparable. I agreed. The day they were to come, which was a Friday afternoon, I had taken time off from work yet they never showed. I called them around 4 p.m. and they said that they had come around 2:30 and I wasn’t home.

    I was home and I asked what number they called and they used my old number which was disconnected and I had informed them to change their records 5 times. Twice at the original mattress’ delivery and 3 times for the second one. Well, it wasn’t corrected and they gave inconvenience for my day. I had to fight for them to bring the mattress the following day instead of sending it back to their warehouse and wait for 3 more weeks. I couldn't wait any longer because my back was hurting because of the defects in the first mattress. They finally agreed to send it but never informed me when that day would be. I found out that they were coming when I called them to see what the status of my delivery was. This I heard through their automation.

    The second mattress was not comparable to the original. It was so hard. I felt I was sleeping on a rock. I called them and again, I had to fight them. They finally told me to go to the store, pick one and they would exchange it. They should have recommended this to begin with. When I went to the store, I spoke with Fe, the bedding assistant manager and I told her what **** told me to do. They said that I would have to have the last mattress returned and they would re-write the sale and I would loose my 24-month, no-interest plan. Along with that, I would have to pay the difference between the one they sent me and the one I picked. The one I picked was the exact same mattress but a softer version so it should have been an even exchange.

    After a long two-day battle and going into the store twice, they finally agreed to allow me to keep my promotional price and the manager would charge the same amount. Fe, the assistant manager told me that I said the magic words. I asked her what that was and she said quoting me, “Yesterday, I was upset but today I am mad". I don't understand why they would put me through this and not just fix the problem. Also, **** dumping this on the store.

    The new one was delivered on Friday, May 20 and it is great. However, I am still waiting for a credit to my account for the old mattress since they had to re-write the sale. Not only did I experience horrible back pains from horrible defects in the original mattress, I lost time from work and they created so much stress for me that I even had chest pains. No one should ever have to fight for something so hard that they have paid for. I had nobody on my side and I will never again shop at Macy's. I have shredded my card and my account will close after my promotional price is paid in full next year. I have left a few other details out but this is the main story. It was a horrible customer service and greed. I am not an unreasonable person but this was just not right for a company to treat someone so badly.

    Reviewed April 8, 2011

    I purchased a Sterns & Foster Mattress from Macy's. It came with a 20-year warranty. Within a short time, the mattress began to sag. The technicians came out multiple times. The mattress was replaced with an inferior one that is worse than the first. It also makes a noise when lying on it. Despite my repeated complaints, no further action has been taken.

    Reviewed March 9, 2011

    I bought a very expensive mattress a year ago and took out additional warranty. Six months into usage, I started to notice lumps. I went back to the store, and they told me it takes a while to break in, but it's wonderful after it does. It's been a year, and my husband and I wake up with back pain and can't even be next to each other at night. The lump in middle is larger.

    They sent someone out to check it out. The man was here for 5 minutes and said he didn't see anything wrong but because there was a tiny stain, which is not even visible, they could not warranty it and told me that is explained in the warranty. What does a stain have to do with the huge lumps in this mattress? When I spoke to their customer service, I asked him if someone else could come out to see how bad this mattress is, and they said no, and that there was nothing else they can do for me.

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2010

    Around the middle of July, we purchased a sofa and love seat and the price incentive to buy at that time was no sales tax. Sounds like a good deal, I said okay. The furniture was out of stock but we could get delivery after July 28th, which was fine with us. Right after this, we received a sale circular in the mail and looking through it found that the furniture we bought was on sale starting 7/28 thru 8/3 and the price was better than the price we paid.

    I called the sales person and told her this and asked for the sale price since we hadn't received our order and the sales person said no problem. The furniture gets delivered 7/28 and I get the bill in the mail and notice that the price was not adjusted. I called Macy's credit dept. to ask what's going on and they told me that they can't help, I would have to go to the store. I finally got into the store and our sales lady isn't there but the gentleman on duty that evening tried to help. He stated that our sales lady put the request for the adjustment in but it got denied. He told me I had to take it up with our sales lady. I contacted our sales lady and asked again what is going on and she said she would try again.

    When speaking to the gentleman at the store and his going over the details on the computer, he seemed to think that the way the adjustment was asked for was the problem. So every time I explained the situation ,everyone at Macy's was in agreement (meaning our sales lady and the other salesman we talked to as well the customer service person in their credit department) that my request is justified. The difference amounts to a total of $97.59 which I feel belongs to me and not Macy's. I also told the sales person that if I couldn't get my the adjustment I would want to cancel the sale since I hadn't received the furniture. All that I'm looking for from Macy's is to honor what was told to me by their sales person. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time getting them to understand a very simple problem. I condensed this but I wasted a great deal of time making calls and not getting phone calls back and holding for what seemed much too long.

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2010

    In June 2009, I purchased a mattress from Macy's for approximately $1,600.00. In order to finish my debt promptly, I made payments of approximately $125.00 each month. Recently, as I was reviewing my bills, I noticed that my balance in June jumped from $498.00 to $682.72. I spoke with two supervisors in Macy's and they told me that since I did not pay the full balance of my account by June 2010, a deferred interest charge of $238.60 was applied. According to Macy's, they even charged me interest in money that I had already paid. Macy's never mentioned to me that this was a deferred interest transaction. I believe that this is just a rip-off.

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2010

    I'm so upset with Macy's. I bought new mattress 1/10 and it was defective. I received the set and that was also defective. I was told by customer service that I could go to a Macy's store and do a re-select with the money that I have already paid which the amount is $1,059.31. I go to the store and picked out a new mattress and get told that I can't put my moneys toward a new set because I paid in cash. Why wasn't I told that. So, I had to use my credit card. Which I don't like using.

    The lady that sold us the mattresses said, once they get them in the warehouse I should get my money in 7-10 days. They delivered my new mattresses and took the defective ones on 8/4/10. I waited a few days till and decided to call about my refund. They had no record of it being processed and told me 7-10 more days. Every time I call it's an excuse after excuse. Then I was told the department processed it on 8/13/10 and I should be getting the money.

    Then I call and I was told no one did anything. It was on limbo for what ever reason and they received it again on 8/25/10. Then on 9/1/10, I called and spoke to a supervisor and told me he doesn't know what happened and agreed I should of been received my $1059.31. I'm so upset that we are a month later and I still don't have my money. Now on top of it, I am paying charges on my credit card that I wanted my money to hurry and get that paid. I'm so upset with Macy's. Why am I still waiting for my money that I should of gotten 3 weeks ago. That's so not fair. It resulted on me being up. Me not receiving my money that I should of received along time ago. Can someone please please look into why I haven't received my money. Thank you.

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2010

    This is the second mattress they have given us. It has sagged to the 1 1/4 mark and has a lump in the middle of it. My wife has had back surgery and a hip replacement and she is having a great deal of discomfort from this inferior product that they have sold us. I think my next move is to put this in my neighbor’s pick up truck and park it in front of the store on a Saturday morning and see how many of there customers will listen to my story. My wife is in a lot of discomfort from this mattress.

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2010

    I purchased a beautiful red Leather Natuzzi Couch from Macy’s in May 2006. It was not cheap. About a year ago, I noticed the middle seat cushion was cracking. It is so obvious that the leather material on that cushion is defective! The rest of the couch is perfect and of the quality expected. I contacted Macy’s and they told me I was on my own to contact Natuzzi, which I did. They told me I was on my own also. Even if I had purchased an extended warranty, only the structure would be covered. I cannot afford to buy a new couch every 3 to 4 years.

    This couch is raggedy and looks horrible. It is embarrassing. I love to buy expensive purses: LV, Kors, Coach, Dooney and so on. They guarantee their leathers used for these fine purses. They back up their quality in their products. Why can't Natuzzi? I will never purchase another Natuzzi couch and I will never buy from Macy’s ever again. They obviously don't care about the quality of their products. My couch is a proof of that. I challenge anyone from both these companies to come and look at my couch. I will always continue to write my story as long as I can to stop anyone from getting ripped off like I did!

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2010

    On 8/1/2010, my wife and I helped her mother purchase a mattress at Macys in Sacramento. The address was 6180 Sunrise Blvd, Sacramento Ca 95610. Our sales representative was Ron. She purchased a display model Simmons Elderberry mattress with the understanding that Macys would not release the mattress until 8/16/2010 at which time the mattress was discontinued. As a display model the mattress was plush and was firm. She felt the large discount was worth having the inconvenience of waiting 2 weeks for the mattress and the unusual configuration. She charged $699 plus tax and was given a receipt promising the mattress on 8/16.

    On 8/15/2010, I called Ron to confirm I would be picking up the mattress the next day. He claimed to have left a message explaining there was a problem and we wouldn't be able to get the mattress until sometime after Labor Day. He went into a lengthy explanation that really made no sense. I told him that was unacceptable and wanted to pick up the mattress as promised. He said he would have to talk to the store manager. A few hours later he called back and said there was nothing they could do. He couldn't give me a date when the mattress would be released but assured me that whenever that was we could still get the mattress. I told him that was unacceptable.

    My mother in law was not willing to pay interest on a credit card to receive a mattress sometime in the future. I then told him to issue a credit and to please tell me the truth about what was going on. He agreed to issue the credit and said that someone at the Regional Office mistakenly told them to sell the display at a discount and release it on 8/16/10. When they realized their error they didn't want to order a new display so told store staff to get the customers that were affected to either demand a refund or agree to not receiving the mattress until some unknown time in the future.

    I told Ron I had been in retail for many yrs. in the past and that with the large markups on mattresses I didn't understand why Macys wouldn't offer her a new mattress for the $699 or at wholesale if that amount was higher. At least offer her a deal on another display or something to keep her as a customer. He said he understood but nobody had that authority at store level. Only Regional could make those kind of decisions. I pointed out that Macys was not making any money the way they were handling the situation and would lose a lot of business from our family. He agreed and apologized but said that was the way Macys does business and he would immediately issue a credit and mail it to my mother in law. Macys has lost our business. My mother in law has been inconvenienced. I think Macys probably broke some laws regarding contracts etc. but not worth the trouble to hassle with them.

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2010

    I am a very unsatisfied customer of the Macy's Worry No More Furniture Protection Plan in which your company is responsible for providing service for. The assigned technician's work (Alex) is as expected, as I am having multiple issues with the quality of furniture purchased through Macy's Furniture Store in March 2010. My issues are outlined. Macy Furniture Issues: Seams unraveling, Stains from packaging, Cushion integrity, Hardware noise on recliner. US Quality Furniture: Delay of parts to be ordered, Incorrect parts ordered, Lack of customer service, Continual reminder of AM appointments only.

    This morning my fiance called into the call center to report a stain on the back of one of the cushions of our Matthew Loveseat. Because of his inability to describe the stain, Mauricio (agent) stated that the claim would be denied and case closed. I would recommend that agents be more skilled in having consumers describe the stain, as some people like my fiance aren't verbose when it comes to describing things. He wasn't even there when the black ink-like stain were made---and could have been instructed to call back with more details.

    Instead, I initiated a call into center with the intention of requesting to add more details to our service claim, in which I found that per company protocol this is not to be done. So I asked Mauricio if I could speak to a supervisor. The unsatisfactory experience I wanted to share today has to do with the service I received from call center, specifically from Mauricio's supervisor, Adrian, in the W. Palm Beach location. This employee (Adrian) was reluctant to offer any solutions to my furniture related issues, and would not escalate my concerns to their supervisor. Adrian was the one that explained it was out of his/her hands, and there wasn't anything else that could be done. This person was unwilling to provide their employee identification and when asked who their supervisor was, would not offer their supervisor's name or contact.

    No resolution other than case closed, claim denied. No offer of refund on the furniture protection plan, NOTHING. I question the responsibilities your supervisors have to ensure customer satisfaction, as there seems to be none. I ultimately raised and resolved my concerns with Macy's customer service directly. If customer service is intended to service the customer, your call center is not doing their part. I will never invest in any service US Quality Furniture offers whether it is through Macy's, Jennifer's Convertibles, or other retailer. While Macy's partners and entrusts [this] company to be Worry No More, all I have experienced since acquiring the furniture is Worry Some More. The service provided is absolute garbage! This letter will be forwarded to Macy's corporate, my local consumer news stations, Better Business Bureau, Houston Attorney General's office, colleagues, blogs, and everywhere and anywhere a consumer will search for furniture protection---they will know what kind of experience to expect from US (lack of) Quality Furniture Service.

    Reviewed July 29, 2010

    Approximately two years after purchasing my bar style dining set with 8 chairs and a bar, I noticed the foot spool of the chairs had very faint hollow chips. Over time, these chips caused the wood to splint and eventually crack. On my first repair call, they logged the repair as a chip, came by to see the chair and recommended full replacement. The color of the replaced chair did not match the other seven chairs (brown vs. Cherry color). We ended up keeping the broken chair and paying extra for repairs of the spool and used the extra chair at a nearby counter. Another couple of years later, the same situation occurred where a chip caused a splitting of the wood.

    I called the company for repairs again. My opening remarks were, "The same repair is needed on another chair. The same thing happened again." The representative kept probing and leading answer on the call so that I ended up confirming the spool was cracked. Because she logged the call as "cracked" the claim was denied as "cracks" are not covered, "chips" are. I lost it and asked for a manager. I saved my recorded call to combat the issue. Upon letting the manager know of my intentions, she then stated to take pictures and send them to a complaint department along with the claim number. I then put in another call for the remaining seven chairs that are "chipping" and happened "within a couple of days."

    Apparently, if you report a damage after seven days, it will not be covered. So if I had said this is a manufactured defect and may have been there since purchase/delivery, it will not be covered. I strongly recommend you read your coverage details. Use the exact terminology in the coverage contract and state it occurred within the 7-10 day time frame. Do not provide details. Simply, "I need to report a 'chip' that happened today!" If asked details on where the chip is, simply state on the wood of the chair. Avoid where or what may have caused it. Play dumb as if you do not know. Not knowing is the best policy for coverage. I need to repair the chair myself. The workmanship and wood of the product is poor in quality and very brittle. A 9-year old child broke this leg. We are constantly letting our friends know to be aware. It is tiring.

    Reviewed July 26, 2010

    I've been waiting four months for the delivery of my couch ordered from Macy's Furniture store. After countless phone calls and six different delivery dates, still no couch. I am flabbergasted at the lack of responsibility Macy's is taking for this blunder. I have not been able to use my living room for four months because I have no couch. I have not been able to have any family or friends over because I have no couch. This is not right and it's despicable. Macy's Furniture should be ashamed of themselves. I will never shop there again!

    Reviewed June 28, 2010

    I ordered a bedroom set at the beginning of June and I was told that they would call the following week (second week of June) when the items were in the warehouse to arrange delivery. They assured me that everything would be in stock that week and, thus, I would receive my full order within two weeks.

    They called the following week and informed me that all items, except for a main dresser, was not in stock yet. They had no estimated date on that piece. So, they delivered everything except the dresser. After calling back at the end of June, they informed me that the missing dresser won't be back in stock until, at the earliest, July 30th. After twenty minutes of useless haggling, they basically tell me that nothing can be done except to wait.

    I would not have bought the set if I was informed that it would take close to two months to deliver them to me. I was led to believe two weeks and now, I have to take two days off at work to accept delivery and nothing was even offered to make up for this major change in terms.

    Reviewed June 24, 2010

    I had back surgery and bought a top line Sealy Posturpedic mattress form Macy's. It is supposed to be a model I had comfortably slept on in several hotels. Within less than a year, it sagged so badly you literally could not roll over to the middle of the bed without hitting an obstacle. We complained and they brought a new mattress. Several months later, it is the same thing again. Macy's sent someone out to measure, he concluded it was okay by 1/4 inch and Macy's said I would have to wait 90 days for a re-measurement. I am suspicious about the measurement and want it redone -- do not see why I have to wait 90 days to appeal what I think is a wrong decision. My back hurts, my sleeping is interrupted. And I have no hope that it will be better next time; this is obviously how this mattress is made and it is a rip-off. A hotel could not use this mattress for 30 days and get away with it! Exasperated back pain and tiredness from bad sleep.

    Reviewed June 18, 2010

    I purchased a leather couch from Macy's 5 years ago. The sales person suggested a 7-year warranty on the leather, saying that it would cover anything that happened to it: scratches, burns, rips, tears or stains. I thought it sounded good, so I did.

    A while later, a protection kit came through the mail. I tried the leather cleaner and protector, but did not like it as well as my current product so I put it on the top shelf where it is today. I finally decided this summer (while I was out of school) to address a few of the things that had happened to my couch. I called Macy's and they connected me with the "Worry No More" protection company. The name does not adequately describe the company.

    After I presented the problems I needed fixed, I was told that none of them would be covered. I found out that with the care kit, I was supposed to receive a warranty explanation, and that there were several exclusions, limitations and a 10 day reporting time frame. I called my sales person and asked her why she did not let me know any of this or, at least, inform me to be on the lookout for a warranty brochure and to read it. She said she was sorry and that now days they give people the brochure when they purchase the plan.

    Noah, a supervisor in customer service, is giving me a $50. gift certificate but that does not repair my couch. I would hope that the sales people at Macy's are being more forthright about this warranty they are selling, so others do not waste their money like I did.


    Reviewed June 18, 2010

    I was prepared to purchase a chair and I mentioned to the salesman that I wanted to pick it up with my vehicle. I was told by the salesman and then the store manager that I must have it delivered. I can only purchase it with their delivery and the charge is $80.00! So, this $299 chair was going to cost me almost $400! I left the store. When I did some research about this, I found out by more than one Regional, District, Store Manager(s) that the laws have changed and it is against Florida law to be forced to have the store deliver the furniture, and I should contact the Attorney General's Office. I tried to contact Macy's and asked them about this, but no one would return my calls.

    Reviewed May 28, 2010

    I purchased a very expensive mattress, box spring and frame from Macy's in Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI. The sales person informed me it would take about a week and half for delivery and I would receive an email confirming my purchase, delivery date and time of delivery. Three days before delivery, I began receiving emails that my mattress would be delivered between the hours of 10:00 am and 12:00 pm on Thursday and that I would receive a phone call a half an hour before delivery. These emails continued up until the morning of delivery always confirming the time frame as between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

    As I did not receive a phone call by 11:30 am on the delivery day, I called Macy's. A customer service rep informed me that the truck was running a little late and they would be at my home by 12:15 pm and I would be receiving a phone call a half an hour beforehand. 12:15 pm came and went so I called again. I was again assured of the half an hour beforehand phone calls and that the truck would be at my home by 1:00 pm. I then began cancelling work related appointments one of which took me over a month to get.

    At 1:15 pm, I again called Macy's and they assured me the truck was on the way and in order to compensate me, they would be sending me a $200.00 gift card. My mattress eventually arrived at 1:30, without a phone call from the delivery drivers. About one week later, I received the gift card. About one week after that, I attempted to use the gift card on Macy' A message kept popping up that there was not any money on the gift card. I called Macy's customer service and after being thrown around to three different customer service reps and being placed on hold numerous times, I was told that it looked like someone else had used the gift card and they would have to submit the claim to the fraud department. I asked how long it would take and when I could expect to hear from them and what their means of contacting me was. The representative, Alisha, told me that she could not offer me any information and that it could take as long as one month. She could not even tell me how they would contact me or give me a time frame. She then asked for my phone number and I thought if I didn't ask how they would contact me, would she even have my contact information to send to the fraud department?

    The Macy's gift card seems to me like it's a scam! It's a way of making you think that you are getting something in return for a screw up on their end. They think that you will just forget about it and it will fall into the Macy's customer service abyss. I will be calling them until I receive some sort of retribution. Worst customer service!

    Reviewed May 11, 2010

    I had bought a mattress at Macy’s on 07/2007. It was not even one year or so and it was saggy. I called them and they did not help me. I kept calling and calling to try to get a new bed. Nothing. I called again on 5/2010. Now I have an ink stain and I have to call the insurance to come and clean the stain. They did not want to come and clean it because it did not have the pillow top cover and I have insurance for both. I had told them I did not have the pillow top cover on their but at the time I was not sure; but I did so they void my insurance. My bed is so lumpy that I can’t even sleep on it. I have back problems and Macy’s don’t want to give me a bed. They took my money. I paid Macy’s for a saggy bed and for the insurance I paid them just to stay at the company and sit to keep my money. I want some one to help me.

    Reviewed April 28, 2010

    The furniture we bought is damaged and not made well. The padding on the arms is not holding up at all. It is 2 months old and looks terrible to me. It’s not acceptable. We shopped at Macy’s thinking we would get good quality furniture. I spent $2,000 and this looks worn out already with little use. I feel we wasted $2000.00 on this set of couch and recliner. Sales check number **. We accepted one exchange, but the chair they brought was worse than number 1.

    Reviewed April 26, 2010

    I purchased a mattress in November 2009. I went into the store and tried several mattresses. I selected a mattress that was firm. The mattress was delivered at the end of November. Within five months, the mattress began to concave. There was absolutely no firmness to it. The mattress is still under warranty but Macy's customer service will not honor it. In fact, I also purchased an extended warranty, which also is not being honored. The total purchase price was $1,307. I was told by the sales associate that with the extended warranty, the mattress would be covered under warranty for 10 years.

    The mattress is not usable. It is very difficult to sleep on it as you "sink" into it and have to crawl up to get off the bed. There is a ridge that has developed in the middle of the mattress as result of the concaving that has happened on both sides of the bed. Macy's customer service acknowledges that the mattress is sunken 3/4 of an inch but for them to deem it defective, it has to be sunken one and a half inches. The best they can do is to send out another inspector for a second inspection in another 90 days to see how much more the mattress has sunken, getting closer to the 1 1/2 inches. When I called Macy's customer service and spoke to Natalie I was given no other options. I cannot return the merchandise or exchange it. She told me that there was nothing that Macy's customer service would be doing to try to resolve this matter.

    Reviewed April 14, 2010

    On Wednesday, April 7th, Macy's located in Bradenton, FL. Several pieces of furniture were delivered to my house, a complete bedroom set including a king size box spring and mattress purchased earlier, and a living room set which included two end tables and a coffee table. On Monday, April 11th, a kitty, about 5 lbs, jumped on the coffee table and immediately the tempered glass exploded in thousands of pieces. If that had been my foot or a toy from my two-year old grand daughter, some serious damage would have been done. Tempered glass shouldn't brake that easily.

    In any event, I drove to the store where I had purchased the furniture and asked the man that had sold it to me if there was something that could be done. He reminded me I had just purchased this furniture and told me he would get the manager. The manager came out to meet me. I explained what had happened and he, with an attitude, told me, "All our sales are final, no returns. What do you want me to do with it?" I replied, I'm not sure but I just paid for a table that was obviously defective. I told him I just spent a lot of money on furniture here and as my house gets remodeled, I planned to buy more. However, with his attitude, I'm not sure I can do that. He told me, "That's your prerogative," and walked away leaving me standing there.

    First of all, I don't accept the answer, "discounted furniture doesn't mean defective furniture." Secondly, with a manager representing Macy's that speaks to a customer with that tone and walks away while the customer is speaking to him is totally unacceptable. I believe Macy's wants to maintain their standards and a manager like that is doing Macy's a disservice. I hope I can get some better results from whomever is in charge of this specific problem.

    Reviewed April 5, 2010

    On 12/06/09 I purchased a bedroom set consisting of 2 nightstands, a 10 drawer and a 7 drawer dresser in Antique White. On 01/18/10 I received the 2 nightstands along with a 5 drawer dresser (which I never ordered) and the 7 drawer dresser which did not match the rest of the furniture. When I spoke to my sales person, he said he would replace the order but I could not expect the furniture to match. When you purchase a collection of furniture, I think you can expect the color to be basically the same.

    On 02/19/10 Macy's sent the correct 10 drawer dresser but resent the 7 drawer dresser that had been previously returned. Neither dresser matched the 2 nightstands. When I spoke with the salesperson I was told again that I should not expect the furniture to match and that if I cancelled this order I could not expect them to place the order again. I asked for a supervisor and was told to call customer service. Customer service seemed very concerned and promised to help resolve the situation. But after several weeks I realized all customer service would do is keep you on the phone for 45 minutes to an hour at a time while they research the situation, then say they will call you back but never do.

    Tired of customer service, I tracked the manufacturer, Crescent Furniture of Tennessee. Crescent Furniture directed me to the local sales reps. One of the sales reps suggested I cancel the order with Macy's and reorder from one or two local stores that carry this line. After cancelling my order with Macy's the same sales rep tells me that Macy's has an exclusive on this line. So I go back to the manufacturer, Crescent. Crescent says this is not true. And around we go.

    Basically four months after placing and paying for my furniture I have 2 beautiful antique white nightstands and two pieces of furniture the color of a bay leaf and no end in sight to this insanity. My clothes and office supplies now live in boxes in the bathroom. At Macy's the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and no one cares! This situation is enormously stressful and time consuming. Because Macy's does not follow through, you have to keep calling them back. On a weekly basis I spend two hours or more. I would welcome a conversation with an attorney as Macy's, Crescent Furniture and the sales reps should be held accountable for false advertising, double charging and failure to process credits for returns in a timely manner. Thank you.

    Reviewed March 30, 2010

    We bought our first Sealy mattress and box spring on 10/07. It soon developed depressions on both sides and was replaced on 4/9/08. Now, we have a 1-inch depression on one side and 1 1/4 inch on the other side. Because the dent is not 1 1/2 inch, they refused to replace it. My wife has had back surgery plus a hip replacement and has lot of discomfort from this.

    We had a Sealy set that we bought 20 years ago. It was the best that we ever had. I think Sealy has just lowered their quality and their concern for customer satisfaction down to the lowest level .

    Reviewed March 15, 2010

    We bought our mattress on June 8, 2008. After one year, it starts to make noises like an old piece of furniture. A couple of days ago, one spring came out through the fabric. Now, it is dangerous to sleep on it. As two retirees, we did not do anything to provoke this damage.

    Reviewed March 14, 2010

    I bought a king size Chattam & Wells mattress 2 weeks ago that is now sagging in the middle. Macy's have now discontinued selling Chattam & Wells mattresses due to numerous complaints from consumers. I was told, since I purchased a floor model, it's considered "as is" merchandise and it's not covered by a manufacturer's warranty and under these circumstances they are unable service, exchange or return the merchandise. Macy's is selling defective mattresses to the consumer and is getting away with it. I cannot sleep on this mattress due to the sagging in the middle.

    Reviewed March 8, 2010

    I purchased a new mattress and box. I also purchased the worry no more and the mattress pad protector, my son has a bed wetting problem and the sales rep told me how wonderful this plan was. The pad was water proof and just in case urine got through, no problem, they would come clean the mattress completely and if the stain could not be removed they would replace the mattress. We change the bedding weekly or when my son has an accident (wet the bed), less than a year into this we removed the mattress pad one day and the mattress was wet, we washed the pad and I called Macy's was given the ref number and called worry no more.

    First they tried to get out of even replacing the mattress pad. They finally agreed to have someone come out to clean the mattress, the guy arrived with a spray bottle and wash clothes, he looked at the urine stain and said he could not clean it and left. I called the company and they said they do not cover multiple stains, (my son had wet more than once through the night) I said excuse me! They would not budge I called Macy's corp. office and have learned that hundreds of people have been burned by this worry no more scam. Macy's has been stringing me along for over a month now telling me my concern is under review. Macy's rep is the one who talked up this worry no more program telling me it would replace the mattress if my son had wet the bed, well where are they now?

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2010

    I was going to buy a Rolla sectional from Macy's, but I'm thinking maybe not. Here's some information I found at ** about this sectional which I think others should know. It is dated January 2010.I called Macy's, talked with the furniture department, again, I was assured that Elite Leather was a wonderful company and we bought it. In the interim, I emailed Elite and asked if they could tell me if their manufacturing process was different for the items that they make for Macy's versus the product they sell in other retail shops. This was their response:

    "The Rolla sectional that you saw at Macy's is from the Passport Home Collection which is owned by Elite Leather Company. It is a completely different line of furniture that is manufactured in China, not in our Southern California factory. Passport Home is a different entity, and is sold separately and run separately from our Elite Leather line. Under no circumstances do we authorize our retail customers to sell, advertise or promote Passport Home as Elite Leather product. The Passport Home Collection is made of high quality materials from the frame to the leather. The warranty, however, is not the same as Elite Leather."

    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2010

    I purchased a leather recliner, and after a few months, the leather started fading. After several talks with different folks, including supervisors, I got a call that the recliner will be replaced. On January 27, 2009, I received a new recliner. To me, it did not looked exactly like my other one. (We had purchased two recliners.) But it was new, so I accepted. Now the chair will be a year old on January 27, 2010, and the recliner sunked in, the sitting part of the recliner has caved in.

    I called Macy's, and they had the repairman come look at it, and he left and said I would get something in writing from Macy's. Well, so far nothing. I called Macy's today and spoke to Liz, a customer service rep, and then she transferred me to Latrice, a supervisor on duty. She claimed that the damage to the recliner is normal wear and tear.

    Well, that's unacceptable. This is originally an $800.00 recliner, and it's not even a year old. And I am supposed to sit back and accept this. I am sorry, but that's impossible. I want further investigation on this claim. Thank you.

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2009

    I purchased the Hotel brand mattress 3 1/2 years ago. Although it was comfortable to some extent, it has started to outgas with a toxic fume. I have since moved out of the bedroom because the smell is so bad. Macy's is coming out after the holiday to inspect. Stay tuned. I have experienced asthma-type symptoms since having this mattress.

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2009

    10-24-2009 Purchased area rug we were informed item was in stock at Oakland Mall store Detroit Metro area. Six times during the next 30 days try to find out when or if rug is in deed coming calling selling store Westland Mi. Who inturn refered us to the rug gallery at Oakland with no response or follow up.

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2009

    Purchased a new Simmons Beauty Rest mattress.....about 3 years ago...payed about 1300.00 for it....It has sunk in on my wifes side and my side...with a large bump in the middle...not as confortable as our old one....we were told by the sales person this would not happen...asked that question.