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I ordered considerably high amount (within company limits) gift card as a wedding gift for my friend. I received an email on the wedding day that Crate and Barrel could not processed the order. Email recommended that for I should contact customer service. When I contacted the customer service, they could not tell me why the order was not processed. When I asked them to reprocess it since this is a time-dependent gift, they said they cannot do so. When I asked them explanation, the exact reply was: "If you really want this gift card that bad, then go to our store and buy it".

Why would I ever deal with a company like this? Why would I ever risk to deal with their customer service? Why would I ever have my friends and loved ones to provide business to a company like this?? Things go wrong in everyday life, but we are all try to fix our mistakes along the way. Even when you cannot do anything, you apologize and say that you are sorry. Do NOT patronize this business. I do not want anyone to have the same experience and get into embarrassing situations because of incompetency of this company and their employees.

I ordered a chair from C&B and decided to pick it up myself at the distribution center which is an hour away because delivery cost $99. I received an email that the chair was ready for pick up. The day before I emailed C&B when I would be down to pick it up. The morning before I left to get it, I called the distribution center to schedule a time for pick up and they said come down anytime. Drove down there and the item was not there and it had never even been ordered (I had ordered it online). The warehouse said that perhaps they would give me free delivery, but it was up to the store. The store called and said that I had to pay for delivery, but what they would do is give me a gift card for the cost of the $99 delivery.

I don't want anything from C&B. This was their mistake and they should cover the cost of it. Bad customer service. Previously I had ordered another piece of furniture and paid for the $99 delivery. I had to agree to the delivery time 3 days in advance even though they couldn't tell me what that time would be. If I had to change it because I wasn't available, they would charge me an additional $39. I will never shop there again.

Very disappointed with this company. I bought a sectional last month in June and the salesperson sent me an email saying there might be a price increase and to buy soon. I was in love with the sectional so I purchased it. I received it a month later. A month after receiving it there was an email stating that there was an upholstery sale. I called them up to see if I could get the difference from the sale. They refused and said I didn't qualify. I spent a lot of money on this couch (more money than I should have). Not impressed with the customer service or the return policy. If it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to return it ($129.00 shipping fee and a 25% restocking fee), I would have returned it on principle alone. Once you buy, they have you wrapped around their finger. Buyer beware!!! For an upscale company like Crate and Barrel, I expected more. I'm never shopping there again!

This complaint has been resolved. Crate & Barrel contacted us and the salesperson (Chris) is very nice and professional. He made us feel that Crate & Barrel does CARE about their customers, no matter you buy full price or discounted price furniture. We will continue to buy furniture from Crate & Barrel.

Original Review

We ordered a discount dresser from Crate & Barrel King of Prussia store. It was a final sale. Two days later, the site manager simply "informed" us the piece of furniture was broken by their mover. There is nothing they can do about it. Since it is a floor sample, all they can do is to "cancel" the order, and let us order a brand new one (which is two times more expensive). I understood this might be the reasonable solution. But, the way that manager talked really pissed me off. Her attitude was like "Don't you know about human error?" So what? NO sincere apology at all. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. She even implied that "if you are pissed off, then don't ever buy from Crate & Barrel anymore." What kind of retailer professional is like that??

This review was for one of the sofa from CB. Very soft cushions and great fabric. However, it wasn't so comfortable "sitting down" on it as there was lack of upper back and neck support. It was pretty comfortable for couple hours "lying down" on it. I only used it for about a week with my friend, but cushions were getting too soft in couple areas already showing some wrinkles and wear already unless I shake them vigorously. I was sure that this sofa wouldn't be so "presentable" after using for about a year, so I wanted to return it as I don't want to spend this much for a sofa that will just last an year. I thought return pick up is included in the delivery fee, as there was no information regarding a return pick up cost anywhere on the returns/exchange policy. Well, there is a $99 return pick up fee. In addition, there could be a restocking fee that starts at 25% of the cost of the sofa.

If the sofa is not in a good condition after using it for a week, then it's customer's fault? All I did was use the sofa with my friend watching a TV for one week! I called them twice regarding this issue, but both times, agents said a furniture specialist will give me a callback. It's been couple days, they haven't called me or left me a voice message. At the end, I didn't want to even call them again, as the waiting time is more than an hour, and they won't call you back. I emailed them too, no reply yet. It's been couple days. Anyway, at the end, I gave up on trying to reach them about this issue and decided to never deal with Crate and Barrel related companies for good for obvious customer service issues. I tried to post this review, but CB denied it by saying "Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines." I'm done.

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We had a lovely experience in store and decided to go way over our budget and purchase a couch from Crate and Barrel ($3600). We figured for this price we would get treated well and get a good product - in the end what a nightmare. We set up delivery 2-3 weeks after purchase. Not bad. The lazy driver shows up with a child and refuses to unload the couch. Tells us it's heavy and needs more people. The store calls me and says that the warehouse told them the couch wouldn't fit.

After going back and forth and not getting straight answers our couch isn't delivered and they tell us we will be charged additional delivery fees for more men to come back. We complain about this and have to wait another 2 weeks for a rescheduling. 4 men eventually show up, but only 2 move the couch and they showed up with 2 more children in tow!!! The couch wouldn't fit upstairs and it all went back onto the truck. The store calls, issues a refund but charges us $290!!! I feel sick to my stomach. I would never ever recommend this store to anyone. They will rip you off and cause you major heartache. I want my money back, not a gift card to lose more money to this store. They have been inconsistent, not straightforward and caused us too much grief and stress.

Deer Park store committed to 7/19 delivery of item. Drove 130 miles roundtrip 7/21 to learn purchase not yet shipped. Sales rep queried manager to substitute display model. Store manager denied request citing preference to maintain site display vs. resolving C&B shortcomings. Big miss on fulfilling delivery commitment and opportunity to correct service failure. No offer to discount for unnecessary transportation cost. Cancelled order.

Purchased a sofa in a custom color, was told it would take 10-11 weeks until the item would be ready for delivery. In reality it took more than 15 weeks. When they informed me that the date had been pushed back, they gave no explanation. I had to email them back and ask why it was being delayed. They did not provide a discount or other compensation. In all honesty, if custom items weren't non-refundable, I probably would have cancelled my order at that point.

When the item was ready for delivery I selected a delivery date and they said I would get a call 2 days in advance with the time window. They also said that if I needed to reschedule, I had to do so at least 3 days in advance to avoid a rescheduling fee of $39 or so. There were no issues with the delivery time but I have to say that it is absolutely ridiculous to expect me to cancel/reschedule prior to knowing the time of delivery. To me this is just another indication of their poor service. As for the delivery itself, their movers broke a light fixture in my living room while carrying the item in. We'll see how getting that part resolved pans out; I am sort of dreading the process already. I'm certainly not going to purchase furniture (or anything else) from C&B again. Lesson learned.

Simply was trying to have a part replaced for a planter that's finish was incredibly non durable and scraped off with the slightest abrasion. It took weeks to get replies and kept getting runaround they would help resolve. Send pictures here, send pictures there, and I did. Finally I had to give up because it should not take over month and 1/2 to still be waiting for replies and how this might get resolved. I cannot understand how a company like this can think they can get by with such poor lack of service.

Since I ended up canceling my furniture order, this review addresses customer service and business practices rather than product quality. I placed an online order for an in-stock desk and a small "X-bench" that would sit under it. The bench was an "in-stock-plus" item, meaning that it was a stock piece with a custom fabric top. When I received no follow-up from the company -- for days, I contacted them online. I got a reply telling me I must "confirm" my fabric choice (had, in fact, done so when I ordered) and should contact a store. Got a snippy employee who was no help, so I phoned their central number (not a physical store, but apparently a phone center), and got another rude person. Was told that the "in stock plus" bench was nine weeks out! Nine weeks, and they did not bother to tell me that when I ordered?

They were going to hold the in-stock desk for more than two months so that a small item, which could have been sent UPS, could go in the truck with it? Don't you think this might be a good thing to tell customers when they order, C&B? Other companies sell versions of the X-bench, and they ship them in a box, by UPS or FedEx. I cancelled the bench order and was going to proceed with the desk delivery, but when I asked for an adjustment on the delivery fee (for the cancelled bench) I was told it was a flat fee for all items.

Given that I had been charged more than the advertised $99 flat fee, and considering how I had been treated, I decided to cancel the desk as well. I cannot support companies with such poor business practices and such disrespectful employees. Having read the complaints here about C&B's poor quality control for furniture, I think that I may have dodged a bullet, so maybe it's a good thing this happened. But heads up on ordering anything semi-custom from C&B. I have received FULLY custom furniture in less than nine weeks from far better sources than Crate and Barrel.

I purchased over $11,000 worth of furniture for a condo I bought. I contacted Crate and Barrel because the fabric on my sofa is fading in streaks and is very unattractive even though I only use this residence 2 months of the year and cover the furniture when I am not there. The real use on this sofa is 10 months and cannot be used much longer in this condition. I did not expect the company to reply that the cushion covers would cost me over $100 each to replace. So I have to spend about $550 to fix a problem that they should have covered.

I ordered a set of bowl from Crate and Barrel website. And the largest one came out broken. I thought it was probably FedEx carrier's fault and contacted customer service for a replacement. They sent one a couple days later and it had a line on the coating going from bottom center to the edge and down like the first broken one. I looked at item's web page and I saw a customer photo showing same size same location crack. They have a defective product and they send it to people knowingly. Probably hoping they wouldn't bother returning or asking for a refund. It was what I did but because I used a gift card they are offering me another gift card with amount that will be useless because I will end up paying shipping if I want to use it. This company will intentionally sell you a defective product hoping you won't bother returning. Be aware!

I have purchased two sofas from Crate and Barrel in March 25th, 2014 for $4000. I have never been more disappointed at furniture pieces in my entire life. They look very worn out. They stain very easily. The seat cushions look very seated, and the fabric is ripped after only two years. I have seen sofas that are over 20 years old looking better than these two.

I have called Crate and Barrel Customer Service, and the Representative told me "We cannot do anything for usage" and after she has seen the photos she said "they look abused". I am a very clean person, maybe a bit OCD, and I have never felt less helped than with Crate and Barrel. I am a normal person that uses furniture in a very caring way. I have furniture that is over 10 years old and looks brand new. It is definitely not me who "Abused" these sofas, it is the cheap material that Crate and Barrel used that makes these sofas so terrible. These sofas were not cheap, so I feel cheated in every way. I am definitely never buying from Crate and Barrel again. There are plenty companies who take better care of their customers.

I, also, ordered a diner set off of the gift registry. I also asked for (and paid for) the gift box option. It arrived promptly, and as the shower was not for several weeks, I just set it aside. Several days later, I received another box from Crate and Barrel. I set this aside also, assuming they have sent me the appropriate gift box for the set. I wish I had read the recent reviews. This week (a week before the shower) I opened the shipping boxes. The first shipment was indeed in a gift box, the second contained the salad plates that went with the set, wrapped in paper and and bubble wrap. No way to add it the the gift box. How is this in any way acceptable. Yes, they refunded the ($5.50) gift box charge, but I had ordered it to save me time and now I was forced to run out and get yet another box for the plates, wrap it, etc. Foolish me for having trusted Crate and Barrel. Should have stuck with Bed Bath and Beyond.

I ordered a 16 piece dinnerware set and two 8 piece wine glass sets off the registry for shower gifts. They arrived in one giant box all individually wrapped. I placed a call and was told I should have chosen the "gift option" to get them put in one box as sets for an additional charge. Why would I choose a gift option if I am ordering a set? A set normally comes packaged in a box. They refused to send me boxes. I now have to travel one hour to the nearest store to get boxes that will fit the sets. Very disappointing and angry. No solution, just "sincere apologies". I have never had such poor customer service.

It seems that this is a chronic problem with Crate and Barrel. I ordered a love seat that was to take 8/10 weeks for delivery but to 4 MONTHS. I called many times asking about the delay and was always given the runaround. I finally received a reply after several calls and a couple of months, that the manufacturer ran out of the fabric. I was told that I would be compensated once delivery was accepted. When the love-seat arrived, it was wrinkled and had a stain in the back. Since I was frustrated and desperately in need of seating, I didn't even check it until the delivery people left. Needless to say, there was no compensation, not even a phone call checking to see if everything was okay.

Mid March I emailed customer service, who in turn reached out to the Short Hills, NJ store manager where I purchased it two times and I still have not heard anything. My advice, go to Pottery Barn. Their floor staff may not be as polite but they care about customer satisfaction and retention. I will never buy anything at Crate & Barrel again, and since I just purchased a new house, there are many things on my shopping list. Kind of a pretty woman moment, "BIG MISTAKE... HUGE MISTAKE, I HAVE TO GO SHOPPING NOW!!!"

My husband bought a chair from Crate & Barrel, not only he had to drive to a different warehouse which is 45 min away from their retail store, but when he opened up the packaging, he realized the chair that he had pick up was all scratched up and had marks all over. Looks like one of the returned item, he contacted Crate & Barrel about the issue, did a whole bunch of explaining and complaining, they said they would have a courier deliver a new chair and pick up the damaged chair on a specific date and time. Of course, no one showed up. When my husband called them, the delivery guy said he will be here in 15 min, of course that didn't happen and now my husband is so fed up that he swear he will never buy anything from Crate & Barrel again. It's really too bad that Crate & Barrel don't do a better job of managing their stock from front to back, warehousing and delivery. They do carry some very nice items.

This is the review I posted yesterday, which still hasn't shown up on the Crate and Barrel web page for this item (even though my review submission was confirmed): I purchased two Sterling 87 Tall Cabinets a couple of years ago. This past September, the glass panel on the right side spontaneously shattered on one of the cabinets. I contacted Crate and Barrel, and they gave me the run around. First I was told someone would contact me to replace the cabinet (they never called back), then I was told it was out of warranty so the best they could do was offer me free shipping on a new one. Meaning I'd have to fork over another $1000. I was able to get the glass replaced for $80 + labor through a friend.

Now the glass panel on the left side of the same cabinet has also shattered. This is not only hazardous (it's safety glass, but little slivers sprinkled on the floor as the cracking progressed, and removing the glass exposes lots of shards that have to be cleaned up), but it's been inconvenient and expensive. It also suggests poor quality standards - either the glass is inferior, or cut to the wrong size, or both. I'm no longer a Crate and Barrel customer.

I ordered a couch and chair in mid October 2015. My delivery was scheduled to be received by January 6th. I called to confirm pending delivery. They now tell me that my furniture may be delivered sometime in February. I will never purchase furniture from Crate and Barrel again. I never received a call regarding the delay in delivery and the vagueness of a future delivery date leaves me with absolutely no faith regarding a delivery date. I contacted corporate Crate and Barrel and received an apology with no solution.

Placed an order 3 weeks ago for Christmas decorations. To date, still waiting and tried calling just to wait on hold for 30 minutes. Finally tired of waiting I hung up and checked my order today only to see it say still processing. I sent several emails with no response and the credit card has been charged. According to laws in CT a credit card is not supposed to be charged until the item is ready for shipping unless it's a special order. Hmmm... I just don't think this company cares.

I ordered a couch in early September and was told that it would be delivered by the end of October. It is now mid-December and I am being told that it will not be here until after the holiday season. The updated delivery date is sometime in January now. I did not receive notification by phone or e-mail that there would be these substantial delays. I ended up calling and following up myself; only to be given no explanation for the many delays, and no attempt to address the huge inconvenience. There is absolutely no excuse for the complete lack of communication and accountability. I would advise buyers to stay away from this company and go with Pottery Barn.

I feel as though I have been given the run around with Crate and Barrel furniture order. I placed the order on September 6th and they told me 10 - 12 weeks. It's now December 7th and they still don't have my order. Their explanation, "Don't forget about Thanksgiving." and "We are allowed to take a vacation after all." You can't be serious. Note to Crate and Barrel - be honest and upfront with your customers, period, end of story. I will never, ever buy furniture from you again and I will absolutely never recommend you to a friend or colleague. Get it together over there! Thank you for your time.

I just want everyone to be aware of Crate & Barrel shipping charges. They are fairly excessive. They charge separate shipping for lots of the different items so the shipping charges all add up. Most other vendors have a minimum purchase amount for which they charge no shipping was, something like $50 or $75. However Crate & Barrel shipping charges on my recent order of $164 $21.95! I tried to discuss it with their customer service department through email but after several exchanges, they basically didn't care.

Ordered Axis II Sectional. Waited a little over two months for it to be delivered. That was expected since they did inform me it was a custom color/fabric and would take longer. So during the time I was waiting, I noticed the sectional went on sale. I called customer service and was given the Sale Discount, no problem. Closer to delivery date, I noticed the credit that I received for the sale discount re-appeared on my credit card as a charge. I called and was told that the way their screwy billing system works was in order to ship a certain part of my sectional, they had to re-bill the credit card. But once I received product, I will receive the initial credit back on card. Weird, I thought, but we will see.

Received sectional, and surprise, no credit. I disputed this with my credit card company after I spoke to 3 representatives at Crate and Barrel, all of who had NO IDEA why I was re-charged the credit and said they had to research this and would call me back with an answer. Well no surprise, no call back. Credit card company later said the rebuttal from Crate and Barrel was I DO owe the amount??? I sent credit card company all my proof of the credit I was due, including the invoice from Crate and Barrel clearly showing (in black and white) the credit amount I was supposed to receive.

Called credit card company back asking WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED??? It's clear I was supposed to received x amount of dollars, indicating on their invoice, and I have been charged x amount of dollars instead??? I don't get it. Credit card co. calls C&B (has to call me back due to excessive wait time). Called back an hour later with C&B Rep conferenced in. C&B Rep says: "I'm sorry, this is not the correct dept. for handling this. You need furniture dept. I have to transfer you and there will be a wait time". Credit card Rep: "Do you know approx. how long?" C&B Rep: "Have no idea. Please hold". Wait time was 48 minutes... Will comment on resolution once I receive one. Has anyone sued C&B? Might there be some sort of class action going on? How would one go about doing that?

I ordered a bed, was told 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. It has now been 17 weeks and the bed was supposed to be delivered today. I called to find out where it is, and oops it didn't make it on the truck for delivery. Going to be another two weeks. ** you Crate & Barrel. I will NEVER purchase anything from your store or any affiliates again.

Ordered a popcorn popper over a year ago and requested they not send any catalogs. The popcorn popper is very cheap looking, but it works OK at best. They continue to send me catalogs every month. I call and requested no more catalogs but it falls on deaf ears. They really don't seem to care what you ask them to do. I will not ever buy anything from them again because of their poor customer service when making a request.

My husband and I went to a store located in Florida. The store is beautifully put together. We found a a table and had it delivered. In two weeks, the table arrived cracked. So we ordered the cracked top to be replaced with new one. Following week, the new one came with a big chunky part of the top fallen off from the main body of the top. They did't seem to take it seriously. Several weeks later we decide to give the store one more chance. We went there and ordered another table and a book case. 3 weeks later we opened the box and found two shelves broken. I mean, seriously, This company has the worst quality. Those products only look good outside, but after dealing with going back and forth, we had enough. We are canceling table and the problematic book case. We are not going to bother to have any business with them.

I loved the look of the Sierra King Bed, but have had problems since day one with its quality. I noticed the headboard wobbling in the showroom and discussed this with the sales rep. He got some people to work on it and it seemed to tighten right up. I bought it and many MONTHS later it was delivered. The headboard was wobbling. I told the installers. They tried to fix but said I should report it on the customer satisfaction phone call the next day and they will repair it. I did this and got no response. The other day I moved the bed two inches to plug in a lamp and the other side cracked. Now the whole headboard is extremely unstable. I called customer service the moment I noticed it. They said they would check with their suppliers about what to do and they would call me back that day or the next.

Four days later I call back and they still do not have an answer for me. When I called on a Saturday evening, I was amazed to get a human who answered. Unfortunately, he was not customer service, but said "he would be happy to put a callback request for me". I said yes, please do that, but I am sure I'll have to call back anyway. I was right. They still have not called back (it is Monday), and the wait time for a callback is over 38 minutes. Customer service is a joke. Very disappointed with this whole experience. Will never buy from C&B again... Oh, and if you write a bad review on their website, they do not publish it. No wonder all the reviews are glowing.

I bought two of the C Era side table a few years ago and loved the way they look until... The top started sliding off to reveal the double sticky tape that was holding it in place all these years! Such a disappointment! Several thumbs down for Crate and Barrel customer service that will NOT take responsibility for their product! Would NOT buy again or recommend to anyone. For the $299 price plus shipping and tax it is just NOT acceptable. Better buy a table from HomeGoods for less. When I posted this review on their website they would NOT publish it of course!! How rude!

It's a nightmare with no responsibility locally or contact general company. Late May pay in full, delivery in 7-8 weeks. At 7 weeks call problem, no apology, say will be in a week. I call again, order not until late August! Now it's September 22! Delivery set, order incomplete, waiting again this morning, call mix up again! Finally I ask for a refund and am given one. Do not shop here, incompetent and they don't care.

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