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After reading some of those reviews... I am hesitant to make my remarks. In complete fairness to Store #1474 in Webb City Missouri I do NOT have a complaint about their service. I do NOT have a complaint about the food. I do NOT have a complaint about the food preparation. I do NOT have a complaint about the cleanliness of cooking area. I do NOT have a complaint about the cleanliness of the building. I do NOT have a complaint about the cleanliness of the seating area. I do NOT have a complaint about the friendliness of the staff... However when we visited at about 6:15PM CDT today the music was so unbearably loud the waitress could not hear us place our order... there was no way that my wife and I could visit. We asked for them to turn it down. They contended that in so many words it was 'piped-in'. I am quite reluctant to believe that...

We are not infrequent patrons to this store. We closer to the Joplin store... but the smoking was much worse in Joplin. I understand that both are non-smoking... that is a good thing. However, I have been in #1474 when the music was not loud. I am 77 years old. My wife 74. Each of us have very good hearing. We both work five/six days a week… self-employed. Quite frankly I have done tax returns for 52 years. We work together. We are dealing with extended returns... due 10/17/16. I am not a 'kitchen-table' preparer. Over these years I have been responsible for the preparation of over 243,000 federal and state returns. Did not do them all but was responsible for the work.

I have had a long hard day and still more work to do tonight. When we went to #1474 I stated to wife that I needed a break more than I needed something to eat... I did not expect to find a loud stressful atmosphere... compounding that by their refusal to turn it down. I know for blame sure that they could unplug it. There was NO customer in the place that had money in the machine. It had to be an employee or manager that had feed the machine. I told the waitress that I would vote with my feet. There was a eatery that kept the dining room COLD for the coos' comfort... when the waitresses tips diminished they brought pressure on the manager and the thermostat began to favor the patrons. I hate to take my anger out on waitresses. They barely make a living wage as is. I guess that I will just vote with my feet.

My husband and I traveled for 12 years and have eaten at Waffle Houses in almost all the state. We always had a good meal. Tonight we went to the Waffle House on 484 in Ocala, FL just off I75. We were the only customers at 6 PM and 5 min later another couple came in. The other couple got their food first and we waited. I received my cheese steak wrap and it was so cold the cheese wasn't even melted and the meat was dry and burnt, when I complained it was put back on the grill and the outside of the wrap was burnt. I refused it. The cheese steak sandwich my friend ate was in the same condition but she ate it. And when we got home she got very sick. My sister got a burnt cheeseburger that was cold also. The old man that cooked should be fired, he starts at 2 pm, so I will never go there again when he cooks. No wonder the place was empty.

Me and my sister stopped at a Chattanooga, Tennessee Waffle House. We ordered our food. The eggs were way undercooked, had to ask for more. They did correct this. My sister's have black all over from a uncleaned grill. Don't think it had been cleaned over several shifts. The tables were dirty. They half added wiped them down. Floors were dirty. Roaches on the table. Never going again. Even the Waffle House in my hometown Guntersville AL, the food is terrible but at least they were clean. Don't think I'll ever eat at any Waffle House again.

Don't eat at Waffle House's!! I'm a truck driver and have been doing my own investigation on them for months. I have visited more than 20 of them in the past few months, and I'm seeing the same thing happening in every one I visit... The cooks handle raw meats such as bloody steaks, bacon and egg drippings, then wipe their hands on their apron and proceed to grabbing bread out of the toaster, or picking waffles out of the waffle iron... I would certainly think that the health department knows about this, since it has happened in every one I've visited... I don't know why they are allowed to stay open. Are the health department investigators getting paid off? I challenge anyone to go into one, have a coffee, and observe for themselves...

I loved the food, but the place was dirty. With these places, it's hit or miss. Half the time you get a dirty Waffle House. The other half, you get a clean one. It's very unpredictable. They all have great food, it's just that half of them are dirty and sometimes you'll even hear some swearing being tossed around. I would really recommend that if you go to a Waffle House, to scout out the place before you actually make your decision.

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Let me start by saying, I love Waffle House. However I just found out that for the best 2+ years, I have been being charged extra for egg whites. To charge someone extra to remove a yolk from their eggs is just ridiculously. As a long time customer of Waffle House, this was my last trip.

The cooks at 902 location Indian river rd of Virginia beach va are very rude and unprofessional. A very unprofessional conversation about sex with men and women were going on while eating my food. A lot of gossip. This Waffle house gave me a bad experience. I went to Waffle House to eat a meal in peace and catch up on some work I needed to do. The staff was so loud also. I will never be returning. Very disgusting silverware, restrooms smell of urine and the list goes on. Very unsatisfied customer.

Put damaged syrup in my to-go bag and ruined my new car. Refuses to fix or even do anything, won't even take my calls.

Every time I order a to go meal from Waffle House it is the same repeated order and every time if I do not ask or remind, they forget to put the chili on the hash browns and the gravy on the hash brown. The last order that we placed there, they got it completely screwed up and backwards and this is every single time and not one time have I been offered a receipt.

Williamsport Waffle House - When I received the food it was cold not warm but cold and it tasted awful so I went back to get my money back. When I got to the Waffle House the staff was hostile and turned onto an angry mob. While I was waiting on my money she kept making excuses about the food and became extremely belligerent and angry. Then the entire staff was verbally attacking me. It was very scary actually and 2 black men followed me as I exited the building. I was truly tired and fearful for my safety. Considering taking safety measures at my home as they now know where I live. Safe to say I wont be going to any waffle house any time soon. I believe they hire convicted criminals fresh out of jail... Very sad and scary.

I have been a well paying customer for some time. I had an altercation with a waitress. I said I thought another waitress looked very pretty.. Next thing I know on the fourth of July my phone gets blown up with text from the lady I commented about. I been talking about her and it needs to stop. Ok... I thought about it awhile and I confronted the waitress about her gossip. Later another employee told me she had been telling everyone I threatened her. Not true. tried to explain to her that gossip and teasing, bullying at a place like that needs to stop. How many people have gone postal over less? I do not want to be enjoying my eggs and get a bullet because of her gossip. I have seen many regular customers lately get ran off over stupid gossip and harassment. A local lawyer, a man and wife that has a heavy equipment business, several people from different walks of life. There is, I have found a lot of regular customers gone.

Never coming back. Can a business like yours pick and chose who you want for customers? Not if you want to make money. I was banned from there accused of making threats I did not make. The waitress is a gossip and she lies. Now my good name is tarnished. And you lost about $20-$40 dollars a day from me. And I came very often. Sad. The "owners" believe a lie over a long time customer. I do not think the owners=The Odoms need the franchise anymore. You need to find new owners... And have them drop the criminal trespass held at the police dept. It is a unfair thing to hold over someones head with no recourse. I may seek a court decision on this, maybe a lawsuit will open Mr. ** eyes. And I pray every day that the gossip will not cause an incident. We read and hear about such things every day.

I have many friends at Waffle House. I do not want to read about something awful happening there. I could not bear it. They do not pay the employees very well there. I hear they cheat them often. I gave one employee insulin because he could not afford it. Sad. Do I sound like a person that would harm anyone there? I made a vow years ago to never hurt another living thing. I intend to keep my vow. Thank you for reading a rather long letter. Now it's up to you Waffle House. Make it right!

On 7/10/15 @ 11:50 approx. My husband and I visited this establishment. My husband needed to eat due to medical condition and I got us lost. We went in; ordered, place was dirty, employees standing around. Food came, my husband started to eat (grits and bacon, old) and I ordered a chicken salad which was wilted. I didn't want it and I didn't order anything else. After a few minutes a person approached us and said "Nothing is wrong with this salad." She was upset and said we should pay for it, although I didn't even touch. Then she stood there and watched us. After that she said we disrespected her and for us to leave now, or she would call police. I said "My husband is sick - needs to finish, then we'll be happy to go." She even brought to go boxes.

As we left two cooks followed us out. OK we're old and my husband is sick. All we wanted was a meal and to be left alone to finish. Contacted Waffle House customer service and owners, sent me a few coupons, I sent back. They checked out the video and said the manager was wrong. But she's still there. So if you want to be degraded, threatened, and humiliated by all means go to a Waffle House in Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction, Az.

Night shift is always very poor service. Coffee cold, workers are on some kind of drug for it to be new - they are making Waffle House look bad - dirty floors, manager sucks, lost cook, lost sausage, very poor service. Until a elderly lady - I think ** - clock in and got it in order. She should be manager. Before you lose your customers put her in charge and Waffle House will profit. Thanks and god bless america.

Food was hot... and fresh cooked the way I asked. Everyone was very pleasant. Will definitely come back.

This is about the Waffle House in Little Rock and North Little Rock Arkansas. My wife and I go into a Waffle House and there are 10 employees on the working floor and we go in and sit down. There are 10 customers already there when we came in. Some were already eating. We sat there for 10 min and the our counter still had dirty dishes in front of us. We called out and got our drink order out and they finally got the drinks and the counter cleaned. 6 of the employees were standing in a bunch in the middle of the floor discussing life. As we heard ourselves. The manager was washing dishes because the tables were full of dirty dishes.

Well to make a long story short we finally got our food ordered and when it finally came it was wrong but got it corrected. The only reason I'm writing this is because this is the second time in two visits at different stores. To be fair there is one store we normally go to that has excellent service. Even when things are going wrong there we get above average service.

Table tops felt wiped at, not cleaned, stained coffee cups, floors looked as though they had not been swept completely for many shifts. The attitude of some of the waitress need a LOT of work!! Some uniforms look really unkempt.

Waffle House 5875 Tx-105 Beaumont Texas 77708 - Called in a order for pickup. Price was higher than normal. I ask why? I was told I was charged 10% gratuity. Please explain to me why I'm being charged for services that was not given to me. This have to be against the law. Its my choice.

On Sunday after church for several weeks we have stopped in for lunch at WH in Maumelle, Arkansas on I-40. Last Sunday we thought we would try one more time to see if service was offered that day. There were a few customers on one end of store with workers on break at the tables in that area. A worker was sweeping in the area where we stood for a few minutes. We left after a few minutes when no offered to wait on us. Service has been poor there lately but this was the worst. We won't return to that location. In years past it was a pleasant place. Sad to see it decline so.

I had never been to a WH before this. A friend and I came here, the table we sat at was dirty. It wasn't cleaned until five minutes later. Waitress was impatient, played around in a group of staff around the flat top stove w/ cooks. When we were ready to order I called out three-four times w/ no answer or acknowledgement. The place wasn't busy. After that we just walked out and as we were doing, so the whole crew laughed. I'm thinking how in the world are they in business?! And for the people who come on here and say "Oh don't let 'one bad experience' be your judge", my career is w/ a company that wants to be the #1 retailer in the world for starters and I've always worked for companies like that. When I am handed lousy service that's the first and last time. Horrible service seems to prove epidemic for WH though. If a person goes out of their way to write a review, IT'S PROBABLY TRUE.

My wife and I arrived at the Waffle House on Elysian Fields Avenue, in New Orleans at about 11am on 04 April 15. And after a 40 minute wait, we were seated by a District Manager (**). He gave us some Silverware that still had food on it. And when we asked for Plastic-ware we were told that it would cost 20% of our total bill. You bring me dirty Silverware and I have to pay you again to get sanitary eating utensils. What is this world coming to?

Waffle House 3255 Florence Rd, Powder Springs Ga, Store #1496. On 03-15-2015 at around 2:45 PM I entered the Waffle House (above Location) to order 2 breakfasts to go. I walked in and had a seat at the counter. No one greeted me or waited on me for a good 5 minutes (maybe longer). Finally a waitress named ** came up and asked me if I had been waited on. I stated "No." She told me that she could not wait on me because she was off the clock. She did ask me if I would care for something to drink. I told her "No thank you." It appeared that I walked in as a shift change was happening because I observed two or three other waitresses leaving.

I continued to sit at the counter when a young black male waiter came up to the counter from the cooking side and told me that he would help me as soon as he got another pad. I assumed pad meant a ticket book. It took another 5 minutes and finally he comes up to me to take my order. (total time 10 minutes). Before he could write down anything a black female came up and interrupted and asked him if he could take her order and he did. It took another 3 minutes for him to convey her order to the young black female cook. It was a total of 13 minutes before he finally took my order. I placed an order for two Texas toast with bacon and eggs with hash browns.

As I watched the cook preparing orders, she continually asked the male waiter "What was it I was suppose to cook?" He reminded her at least 3 times what the orders were. As I continued to observe her, I saw her place my bread to my order on a very dirty surface that had remnants of food pieces along with a filthy dish towel laying next to my sandwich bread. By this time she was done with three other orders of hamburgers with hash browns and told the waiter to pick up. As he did he told her that one of the burgers was burnt, she (the cook) told him "So what, somebody will eat it." I had seen, had heard enough and just walked out disgusted. I went to the Waffle House located on Hwy 92 at Hwy 278 in Hiram Ga. I was greeted at the door when I came in and my order was taken immediately and done in 15 min or less. This store was quick and clean.

African American employee treated unfairly. I was terminated because I am pregnant and unable to perform as other non pregnant waitresses. I was told by my Dr. I can't do any heavy lifting over 5 pounds and no standing for long periods of time. Just the usual things that pregnant women can't do. I was asked to pick up heavy mop buckets and most of the thing a pregnant women can't do. I was ask to bring a Dr. Notes stating what I can and cannot do. I brought in a Dr. Letter only to find out I was let go due to my restrictions.

Was working at Waffle House for two and a half years. Got a new manager and she blamed me for food costs. I was only working at this time part time. Five to nine and nine to seven. Don't understand what I had to do with food costs. I'm a waitress. She subsequently took me off the schedule just telling me when I'm on my shift food costs were high. I've never had those problems till she came. I'm a hard worker and respect my job. I want to dispute this matter for I was taken off the schedule for no reason that I understand.

I ate at Waffle House on Platt Springs Rd in Lexington, SC and have been deathly sick for two days from food poisoning.

Went to Nashville Waffle House 4 times now. Waitress didn't have a clue what she was doing, screwed order up every time. All 3 employees sitting around doing nothing, has to get their attention to get food etc. They need to get it together.

I ordered my food, went to the restroom, came back. My food was on the bar waiting for me with a Roach on my plate and then I seen like 3 more around the bar or was. So disgusting. I told the manager. She just said, "You want me to cook another plate?" I said no. So she rudely snatched my plate and threw it away saying, "Well have a good day," and overheard her telling an employee that, "She must've thought I was going to give her free food, sorry." I'll never go back to roach house.

I recently visited the Waffle House in Senatobia MS and there was this rude waitress there. Idk her name but she was an older woman. When I placed my order, she was so rude that I said, "Don't worry about it. I'll go somewhere else." So she was like, "I don't care. Go somewhere else." I like a nice and clean restaurant but while I was sitting at the bar, I noticed grease caked up on the side of the grill, food all under the grill, plates were left on the table, an employee sitting down, on the phone and not cleaning up. So I videoed it till next time if I come back. I videoed everything from the back to the front bar and all.

From afar, I noticed something crawling on the wall beside the drink machine. So I got up and walked (decided to go ahead and order) and it was two big cockroaches crawling on the wall. That's just nasty. Who would want to eat in a roach infested restaurant? I told the cook, "Never mind." and left. I will not go back until that place is sprayed, bombed or whatever needs to be done. I don't see how they are still open.

Bad service and servers. When you're serving you're suppose to check on your customers regular and keep their drinks full... Not go outside when you're busy nor ignore your customers nor the business!

I went in to Waffle House for breakfast. The smoking section was to the left side of restaurant, so I went to the right - NON-SMOKING section. Then, I went to the booth since it was furthest away from the smoke, when order taker said, I have to sit at the counter (near smoking section). I said, "I prefer to sit in the booth away from the truckers' smoke." He insisted that, "the booth is for more than one." Keep in mind, there was no one waited to be seated. I calmly replied, "charge me for two people, I want to sit away from the smoke." He got the manager, and the guy said, sorry, booth is for more than one person. Bad decision and Waffle House needs to address this issue which costs them revenue and customers(?). I left and went to IHOP - and yes, sat in a booth!

Waffle House is violating our 2nd amendment rights to protect ourselves in case of robbery and customers being scared when the stores are shot up while we are eating. A sign is posted outside stating NO WEAPONS ALLOWED ON WAFFLE HOUSE PROPERTY. I cannot legally protect myself from injury or death if confronted in a robbery by a thief that has a gun or knife. I have a constitutional right to defend myself in a life or death situation. Therefore I urge every law abiding citizen with a concealed weapons permit to BOYCOTT waffle house until these signs are removed! Waffle House is the perfect place to rob since no one is carrying a gun except the thieves.

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