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About Vanderbilt Mortgage

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (NMLS #1561) is a national housing lender that operates under the umbrella of Berkshire Hathaway. It specializes in financing both new and used manufactured, mobile and modular homes. Vanderbilt also finances improvements for these types of homes, including energy-efficient upgrades.

Pros & Cons


  • Direct lending for used home purchases
  • Accommodates borrowers with lower credit scores
  • Numerous payment options
  • Home improvement loans with zero down


  • No home equity loans or HELOCs
  • No in-person branches

Bottom Line

Vanderbilt Mortgage is a national lender helping people finance the purchase of new and used manufactured, mobile and modular homes. It works with all types of borrowers, including those without great credit. A loan specialist helps walk you through the application.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Jan. 9, 2013

These people at Vanderbilt are savages! They have no remorse at all for anyone - no matter what the circumstance. I have been working in customer service for 10 years and would never, ever talk to my customers the way they have talked to me. Everyone is going through rough times. This economy is horrible. My husband got laid off and I was the only one working. We have two young children! We fell two months behind on our mortgage and I called to pay once we got our money together. They made me feel like a criminal to call and make a payment! Questioning me, making me feel like a dog - all because I wanted to make a payment! They were asking me questions that they had no business asking (personal questions) and were way out of line!

I was calling to make a payment and spent 30 minutes on the phone, while the man Justin was trying to lecture me! I asked for his manager Max and he was worse! I asked for his supervisor and he would not allow me to talk to him! I have never in 20 years dealt with any company that is allowed to talk to their customers the way that they do! I think we need to start a class action suit and soon! Please let me know if you are interested! This has got to stop now!

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2012

In March of 2012, my husband and I moved into a dream home that was owned by his cousin and her husband but financed through Vanderbilt Mortgage. We had been in the home for approximately three weeks when we found out the loan was in arrears for two months. Vanderbilt Mortgage contacted us about making arrangements to catch up the payments. Payment arrangements were made and I was working 12 hours a day. My husband also picked up extra work to make up payments that wasn't even ours to make. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for them. Before the payment was even due, they were calling not only me but our neighbors and family members and discussing things with them.

After more than one conversation with them about this, they are still doing it. They are the rudest, most inconsiderate, most ungrateful things (I won't even call them people). They called my husband's cousin and told her we are 60 days behind on payments when I have every receipt for every payment that has been made this year including the arrears. At one point, we were making two payments per month in the amount of $675. Year to date, we have paid $4,890.39 in interest and only $1,103 on the balance! Our monthly payments are $139.05 principal + $438.64 interest + $85.82 escrow = $663.51, but we have been paying $675. If anyone reads this comment, the only thing that I can say is please find somewhere else to finance through. If you don't, you will regret it for the entire time you are involved with them.

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2012

My husband & I bought our first home from Clayton Homes and financed through Vanderbilt Mortgage (Maryville, TN). We thought it was going to be the best thing to own our own home. I wished I had never seen this place. We have fallen on hard times a couple of times for different reasons. So we have gotten behind on some payments before. I would answer their calls at first but after talking with them, I would be so upset that I couldn't do anything else. They are the meanest and rudest people I have ever seen in my life. They threaten to take our home, told me to have a yard sale and sell our furniture and belongings, and told me to borrow money from anyone. They don't care what you are going through - they just want their money. I believe to work for Vanderbilt Mortgage, you are required to have no heart or compassion for anyone or anything. They have called my home phone and cell phone about 6 times in one day. If anyone is filing a class action suit against them, please let me know - I'll sign up.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Oct. 23, 2012

I purchased my home in 1999. I had a different finance company before Vanderbilt took over. I was notified by mail, but was not given a choice or wasn't aware of the outrageous interest rate. I have been late with a payment in the past, but have not been late in over a year now. My payment is $285.98/month. When I received my statement this month, I had paid $27.94 on my payment and the rest went to interest. This is outrageous! The rate is 80%, sometimes more.

When I was late in the past, even 1 day late, a woman named Melissa would call and she would be really rude and hateful. I told her I would have the money on Friday after I got my paycheck, and she went on to almost demand that I borrow the money off someone. She asked what I paid for my vehicle, my light bill, my phone bill, my groceries, etc. She also asked a lot of personal questions, none of which were any of her business. She was very disrespectful and rude. Another time, a man (don't remember his name) called and proceeded to actually use profanity to me and was acting like he was either high or drunk. They would call at least 3 times per day, sometimes late in the evening. I have actually had thoughts of letting them repossess my home. That would be a lot better than having to deal with these idiots. I want everyone to know how rude and disrespectful everyone at this company is. Please, people, do not finance through this company.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Oct. 20, 2012

Vanderbilt Mortgage has the most ruthless and the nastiest people (Loan Officers/Collection Reps) working for them. At first their threats used to bother me, but not anymore. I laugh at them. I strongly believe that all of us complainants should file a class action lawsuit. This company is ripping off honest, hardworking people and it's a disgrace to us as Americans. Why can't we live in our own country free from such thugs a.k.a. Vanderbilt Mortgage? I say - class action!

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Oct. 14, 2012

OMG! I thought I was the only one that got these nasty calls from Vanderbilt Mortgage! I hate that it is happening to everyone. I have never been more than 15 days late on my payment due to the fact that I only get paid once a month and it happens to fall on the 15th of the month. I have explained this to numerous members of the Vanderbilt collections team, and all they have to say is "you either need to borrow the money or plan your payments better". My husband is in construction, and we all know how unpredictable that industry is right now. We've had our home since 2005. When we bought our home, it took us 4 months to finally get in the home. When we finally did, my husband had to finish the dry wall in it due to the dealer did such a crappy job on it.

We actually had to contact Clayton homes and filed a complaint against the dealer that sold us the home due to so many issues with the home. But Vanderbilt is such a nasty company to deal with. I would love to get the home refinanced with another lender, but it is next to impossible to do. I would love to see someone do something about this company being so nasty to their customers. I could understand some directness if we were 5 or 6 payments behind and had no way of paying our mortgage, but being no more than 10-15 days late due to our paydays falling the way they do is pure crazy, and they knew this at the time of purchase and wouldn't change our due date! Well, the ball is in their court and they choose to play dirty.

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2012

Slow payments: These people are ruthless - Nicki, Kristen and Phillip calling 4 times a day. I have faxed over the copies of payments. They don't care if you're struggling. I had a stroke and was in the hospital. They don't care. "Pawn something," they said. My mother is 67 years old and suffers from dementia. They have threatened to throw her out in the streets. I'm sick of them. Rather you're late or on time, they harass you nonstop! I have asked them several times to do a loan modification. Their response was "We don't do that."

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2012

I am 12 days late on my loan payment - 12 days late! I called Vanderbilt to notify them that my payment will be there on Friday. They began to talk to me like a child for my payment being 12 days late. My payment is due on the first - it’s late any day after the first but there are no late fees. As of the 10th of each month, my account goes into collections. As of the 15th of each month, they call your references to tell them you are late and they never once leave a voicemail with you for the same. Can you believe this? I am actually making payments and I get talked to like ** for just calling to give a promise-to-pay date.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Aug. 3, 2012

I have a complaint against Vanderbilt Bank. I have the payments drafted biweekly. I receive a statement every month. With that statement comes a coupon where I can send in an extra payment. On this coupon, it says "Your account will automatically draft as agreed. Please use this form to make an additional payment by mail if desired." I used this form to make an additional payment. They used this additional payment as a customer payment instead of an additional payment and did not draft out the normal payment. When I asked about this, customer service said that it had to be more or less than the actual payment for the coupon to work. This was done on the 20th of November 2009. The second time I used it, the same thing happened, only I put in over double the amount of the drafted payment. This time, I was told by customer service that it had to be under the amount of the drafted payment. This was done on the 24th of December 2009.

When I asked them to fix it, they said it was too late and could not fix it. So, I tried again being under the amount of the drafted payment. I was $4.89 shy of the drafted payment to make sure that it was not used as a customer payment. Vanderbilt still used it as a customer payment and did not take out the drafted payment as they were supposed to. They added on negative $4.98 to make it work. This was on the 27th of December 2010.

When I asked about what happened, customer service got me in contact with the accountant. I asked the accountant what happened, and she asked me if I had put "for PBO only" on the check. I said no because it had said that the coupon took care of that. She laughed at me and told me to put PBO on the check. I asked her to correct this problem. This is how she corrected it. She took the next draft payment, took it off, and used it all for the principal balance. She however did not draft out the payment to replace it. This left me short two payments. She did not remove the negative $4.98 as I had asked. This raised up the amount of interest that I owed. It also took away from my escrow, making it where there would not be enough to pay the insurance.

I asked how I could make extra payments. I was told that I had to go online and get a special coupon, print it out, and use it to make extra payments. The side effect of the extra payments was that it messed up the schedule of the drafted payments. The payments were every two weeks on a Wednesday. Then it changed to Thursday, then it changed to Friday. I never knew when the next draft would take place.

I got mad and went to the BBB. I made my case, and BBB accepted my case and contacted Vanderbilt. That got their attention. All of the things that customer service said that could not be fixed was fixed. I used the new coupons with no trouble until the 22nd of June 2012. They did it again. They used the extra payment as a customer payment and did not draft out the regular payment as they were supposed to. When I asked why, I was told because it was too close to the draft date and it cancelled out the draft. The funny thing is that the first draft was taken out on the 20th of June 2012 and they received my extra payment on the 22nd of June 2012. It does not matter what date the extra payment is posted or when the next draft payment is due; this should not happen.

When I asked customer service to correct this, she suggested that I use a phone check. The phone check has a $10.00 fee attached to it. I told her no. When I told her that I was going to call her manager, she found a way to fix the problem fast. If I cannot use the coupon sent to me every month and I cannot use the coupon from online, then how can I make extra payments? I was also sent an amortization. I cannot pay off the interest either by regular payment or by extra payments. I will even pay interest on my last payment. Is this legal? I was told by a customer service member that there was no magic way for me to make extra payments. I have tried BBB, CCA, HUD, and other organizations, but to no avail. Vanderbilt will not respond to them or to me.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 29, 2012

I'm so sorry for everyone who has posted complaints with this company but it is good to know that "we" are not the only ones to be harassed by this company. My husband & I purchased our doublewide through Chase in 2004. Shortly after our purchase, Vanderbilt took over our loan. Omg! That's when our hellish nightmare with this company began! At times, we might be a couple of weeks behind on our payment and the constant phone calls began. They will call you everyday and sometimes more than one time a day. No matter what your reason for being late is, it isn't good enough! We got several months behind like a couple of years ago when my husband was laid off from his job for like a year.

Everyday the calls would come, the constant harassment, talking to you like you were an animal, like you had no feelings! My husband went back to work a year later, worked about 6 months and was laid off again right at Christmas time. Do you think they care if your children receive Christmas gifts? No, they do not! Like others, we've been told to borrow the money. What kind of financial advice is that when you can't make the payment with them? Really! My husband & I have been told by them that we do not care about our family, that if we did, we'd make our house payment.

They've sent a guy out to our home several times to take pics & be sure that we are not abusing the home. He has always complimented on how nice our place is. We've been sent certified letters saying send a certain amount by a certain time & we always have. I admit that we feel like ** parents that we get behind but we don't need our mortgage company to tell us how sorry we are. We have been on time before and they still call and drive you crazy saying, like "just wanted to be sure you're sending your payment in." So, it doesn't really matter if you're on time or behind, you are going to hear from your Vanderbilt Harassment Team everyday!

I really feel sorry for those heartless people! I could not work for a company that trains their employees to behave this way to people. No matter what a person's situation is, it does not give another person the right to behave the way they do. My husband & I have both accumulated a lot of medical bills over the last year. I am 42 & have been diagnosed with diastolic heart failure. My blood pressure has been so high from all this stress. They have a screw you attitude. As long as they receive their money, that's all that matters.

We sent them in like half of a payment because we couldn't send the full amount and they sent it back to us yesterday. When my husband called & inquired about it, they directed his call to Legal Services. No one in Legal Services answered so we've been really worried & concerned about what this means. All I can say is that God has never let us down & He will take care of us! Each of you who've posted are in my prayers.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 25, 2012

I bought a repossessed trailer in 2005 and made all payments on time (via monthly draft). This month in July 2012, my check got cut short out of the blue from the military. I called them and told them the situation and they told me that I should have planned for an event like this and that it was my fault for buying a mobile home I could not afford. They even got into my personal business and asked where all the money went and that if I could not respect to pay Vanderbilt first, then they should not have to work with me. I was told that if I do not make the payment as agreed by my contract, they would start foreclosure on July 31, 2012. I explained that I would be able to make 2 payments on the 1st of August 2012. They told me to go pawn something because they would not take payment on the 1st of August 2012.

It seems to me that Vanderbilt Mortgage company is taking advantage of people when they fall on hard times, no matter who they are. They make a lot of money this way, but it is legal. I will be talking to JAG tomorrow!

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 25, 2012

Rude and obnoxious - I contacted Vanderbilt about my payment being late to let them know that I would make a payment. The collection department must be the only department you get when you call in (I am guessing). A lady by the name of Kristin talked to me like I was scum of the earth. She questioned me why I was going to be late, for what reason and why in the past had I been late. She also told me they could prosecute me for moving my home without signing their forms, which was the first I had heard of this. But what she didn't mention is that every time I have spoken with someone there that I gave them my new address (I moved 6 years ago). She told me that she could ask me anything she wanted because they loaned me the money for my home and she wasn't going to credit me for paying my bills on time.

I understand I am responsible for on time payments. However, after 11 years of paying these people, whether I am late or on time, I don't think that I would just up and stop paying my house payment. But the way the economy is everyone is struggling to stay on top and then you have some unhappy person working for your company pushing people to where they don't want to make payments. I realize she is doing collections but look, she didn't call me, I called her to give her my payment date. Then, she threatened to prosecute me for something that happened 6 or so years ago.

I just wonder if the CEO or President of Vanderbilt knows they are paying people to ruin their reputation. I could totally understand if I was 30 days or 3 or 4 payments late. I know late is not good but this lady's attitude with me was like I was living in her home for free and free loading on her money. I apologized for being late and made a payment date to her but that was not good enough. Wish I had never financed with this company, they are so hard to work with. I wonder how many people that has had default in payment and foreclosed really just did it because of poor customer service and being degraded.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 18, 2012

I am very upset with them. They are very rude, especially Susan. My husband and I fell on hard times and was late on our payment. I tried to explain our situation and she had the nerve to tell me I was only giving her a story. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, then proceeded to tell me that apparently, my husband and I have a budgeting problem and we can't afford the house. I and this woman, who was supposed to be professional, literally got into a big fight over the phone because I told her it was none of her business or her place to insult me the way she had done. I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone else and they wouldn't let me. I am very angry with that company and I will not recommend them to anyone ever again.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 14, 2012

Vanderbilt is a sucky mortgage company! They do not work with their customers at all! Even when someone is on time with their payments and needs a little help, they simply refuse any assistance at all! All they say is sell something or borrow from someone! They are totally unbelievable! The economy right now has a lot of people in a financial bind. You would think they would understand this and help people keep their homes, but no! Take a look at Mr. Vanderbilt's home! He has made millions of his customers and has a multimillion dollar home!

You would think he would want to help the people who made him so rich but I see now that he made his millions by screwing over everyone who has a mortgage with his company! He has trained his staff to be just as rude and inconsiderate as he is! They do not participate with any government program that assists people who get in a bind and need assistance for making their mortgage so they don't lose their homes! There are so many people who are homeless and I wouldn't doubt if a majority of them had a mortgage with Vanderbilt! They are the worst mortgage company there ever was! No wonder this country is in such a bind! With people and companies like Vanderbilt, no wonder! Do not ever use this mortgage company!

11 people found this review helpful
Factual basis uncertain
Original review: July 12, 2012

Overall service sucks! We purchased this repossessed mobile home in November of 2003. My soon to be husband and I were young and stupid for buying it, because it is not built to any type of descent standards. Their customer service is horrible. They are rude, lie to you, belittle you and just down right awful. They lecture you if you are late and constantly hound and harass you. They have even called my neighbors! I have repeatedly begged for them to change the payment date but they refuse, and only allow one extension which was used in 2006.

As far as their in-house insurance, it sucks. We've had two claims on the home, all water damage. 1. From a water heater (they offered us $7.55) when it flooded our master bathroom and portion of our master bedroom. 2. Discovered we had black mold along the entire bottom wall of the living room and part of the sub-floor. We were told it was our fault because we didn’t re-seal the outside siding! It costs $1,500 to replace everything! I hate Vanderbilt. Do not ever get a loan with these horrible people!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2012

I gave Vanderbilt my mobile home and they filed a tax paper with IRS. Now, I am paying back taxes when they said they sent me the papers - and they didn't.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: June 11, 2012

It’s been seven years since I gave Vanderbilt my mobile home and last year, they filed a tax paper with IRS and now I am paying back taxes. I do not get it why wait so long.

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Factual basis uncertain
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2012

As explained to them many, many times our situation in which my husband and I are both unemployed, they continue to call and harass us. I was able to catch up the payments but was unable to pay the advancement fee for the insurance. The rep called me a little while ago rude, unapologetic, etc. Why do these people think that they can threaten and be rude to us? Do they not understand that the United States is in financial ruin and unemployment is at a high?

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2012

We applied and got pre-approved, which is the hook to their scam. They strung us along for almost 3 weeks about a $25K mortgage; the whole time, the lender strung us along when I could have just originally bought the damn house out right I wanted. (See, all the complaints are true.) I'm so grateful for all who posted. (I was refused a loan at this time.) Screw you. I'd rather pay out right for a house than deal with people like this. And I'm grateful I didn't get the damn loan. I will have no headache in the long run.

I have my house now. Thanks to years of saving. I went to your competition. My house will be paid for in full, and no thanks to you. I only wanted to borrow a $300 closing cost, since I had the rest for my house paid in full. What a bunch of bozos. They couldn't lend $300. Thanks to a private loan. I got my house and land, and it will be paid off in full today. I guess they couldn't lend 300 lousy bucks until the 1st. What a bunch of losers. Your loss, my gain. And yeah, don't contact me, because let's face it, I got what I wanted without your damn loan. I feel horrible for all the others who have to deal with you.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: May 18, 2012

I just received a phone call at my job from a Vanderbilt representative who was extremely rude. I have been out of work for 2 months and haven't yet received my disability check. I paid half of my house payment and was planning to pay the rest when I received my check on Wednesday. The guy calls and threatens me, telling me I had to come up with the money today. I will be switching to a different mortgage company and won't recommend them to anyone. As I can see, I'm not the only one with complaints.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2012

I had a tree fall into my house in 2011. I filed a report to my insurance company and received a check for the repairs. This check was in Vanderbilt's name and mine. I sent this check to Vanderbilt to sign so I could pay the contractor to repair my house. I ended up paying for the repairs myself and Vanderbilt did give me some of the money back, but still owes me $500. I sent pictures of all the repaired house and we both agree that all the repairs were done but they will not give me the rest of my money until I give them a receipt from the person that did most of the work. I had to finish the repairs myself as I did not have the money to pay out of my pocket anymore. I do not know what else to do! Can anyone help?

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Factual basis uncertain
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 30, 2012

Every month, I paid my bill. Some months are better than other months. My husband only gets paid 2 times a month. When I first started out with this, I had Chase; and now, it's Vanderbilt. Also, my payment dates has been switched not by me, but by them. When that happened one month, I had to pay 2 months instead of 1 month. And now, it's due the 1st of each month. Anyway, I am always late on this since the days have been switched. I've been ignoring their phone calls, because I am tired of them putting me down and making me so sick from my stress.

This economy is getting worse day by day. I have lost my job 3 years ago, and now, I am in school to change my career. I can see if I was 2 months or 3 months behind, but I am only 1 month behind and they want to take my house away from me. I am the one who pays the interest on it. So they are making money off me; they should be happy. I am tired of them threatening me and harassing me for a past due of about $456.00. Get a grip on life. That is all I owed.

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Factual basis uncertain
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2012

I had a fire in January and I got my insurance check at the end of February. I took the check to my bank and deposited it into my account. Once it cleared my account and the funds were available, I got a cashier's check for the amount of the loan and mailed it to Vanderbilt.

After that, I got a notice from the bank that the check had been returned because it had not been endorsed by Vanderbilt. On March 1st I started calling Vanderbilt to get a contact name to mail the check too, so it could get endorsed and sent back to me so I could get my account cleared up and to make sure the cashier's check did not bounce. I have been getting the runaround ever since. It is now March 15 and Vanderbilt still has the insurance check and I cannot get anyone to give me a clear answer as to when someone will endorse the check and send it back to myself or the bank.

They are quick to take your money but slow in helping you with the refund process! And heaven forbid you are late on your payment, their account representatives are rude and not helpful at all. This is the worst mortgage company I have ever had to deal with. If you have the option to get with another mortgage company I would recommend you do so. You will have nothing but a headache and a mess on your hands.

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2012

I got a foreclosure letter in the mail and called about taking care of it and I was so upset I didn't read that I had until March 12, 2012 to pay $1,546.41. When I talked to Ms. **, she told me I have until February 24, 2012 to pay that amount, then told me I needed to call someone to help me go to United Way DHHR or anywhere to get the money, and then talked down to me about me being behind. So when I came in my house and calmed down and read the register letter it stated I had until March 12, to pay before foreclosure. So on February 24, I called to make one payment in the amount of $546.41 so that would only let me $1,000.00 to pay by March 12. Ms. ** refused the money and told me that one payment would not make a difference on my loan and to keep it until I had the rest of it. This is not the first time she has put me down and talked to me like dirt it is every time she talks to me. I don't even want to talk to her because the way she talks down to me.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 10, 2012

We fell behind on our payments, had to set a budget and needed to get a lower payment along with a lower interest rate. We talked to this gentleman from a non-profit organization, who got us in touch with Freedom Legal Plans. We submitted the paper work and had the NPV run all set . When the Pikeville Office in Kentucky called us, and talked to me like I was dirt under her feet, that if I thought I was going to get a 2% loan, loan modification at all or get any kind of help, we were sadly mistaken. They didn't have to work with no third party at all and wasn't going to.

So, we gave up on the modification until December of 2011 and tried to get one again with no one to help because it is listed as a Doublewide not a Manufactured Home, as we were told there was a difference. Now, as of January of 2012, our mortgage payment was raised another $50.00 per, as if it wasn't hard enough. We are on Disability Income and raising our two grand-children with not knowing what to do but move. Which we don't want to do. We couldn't get any help so far, even with the programs out there. The good Lord will prevail though. Dissatisfied Customers in Ulysses, Kentucky 41264.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Jan. 23, 2012

We have another person's trailer on our land and the trailer is through Vanderbuilt and it does not belong to us at all, only the land belongs to us. The home has been left by the owner in 2007 and here we are 2012 and it's still on our land and Vanderbuilt will not come move it. It's holding us back from getting our new modular. It's been sitting here all these years and the owner has not lived in it since 2007. We want it off our land like yesterday, Vanderbuilt had enough nerve to ask us when we called them to tell them to move it. They asked us to make a payment for the owner. Are you serious? That's not our ** home, that's someone else's home on our land. These people are horrible, don't work or go through these people to get a house.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Jan. 19, 2012

We bought a mobile home from Chase back in 2002. In 2011 I got divorced (my husband decided to play the field left and took his income with him). I called them to ask about a hardship in June of that year and gave them all the paper work. 6 months later still no answer. I got behind on one payment. They called everyday until I took a credit card and made up the payment. I have called them several times asking for help on this matter. In 10 years I have never been late on my payments. I even paid over on it for 8 years. Just recently found out all the extra went toward the interest and not the principal. Still owe 20 years on the loan at 9.88%. Tried their re-modified loan but didn't qualified for that neither.

I have no family to run to. I am not behind in my payments as of yet, but with lot rent and ins along with my payment is over $700,00 a month if my payment is made in 31 days instead of 30 days all goes to the interest. So how am I supposed to keep my home? They told me to turn off my phone and sell things to make the payments. They say they don't want you to lose your home but they won’t work with you. It’s not on its own land so I can't get it refinanced. After 10 years of payments I have already paid off what I borrowed and more in interest, but I am losing my only home. Thank you, Vanderbilt for being so understanding. Now I know why this country is in so much trouble. In 30 years I would be paying back $123,000 for a $42,000 loan. Maybe if I quit my job and live in a cardboard shack, I would get some help.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2012

I have two homes and pay several different mortgage companies and Vanderbilt Mortgage is the worst.

Eleven years ago, we bought a mobile home. Five years ago, we moved and bought a brick home and still pay for both houses. Vanderbilt will now call us seven days before our payment is due to make sure that we will be making out payment. I'm due on the 16th and they're calling me on the 9th every month, without fail. Their customer service representatives are rude and their managers are even worse. Why do they refer to themselves as mister or ms. ** yet call me by my first name. I don't think so people.

Don't call them to make a payment. Pay online because if you're late making your payment, you'll need to prepare to be on the phone with them for 45 minutes at least each and every month because they want to take all your financial statement information every month! I'm sorry but I don't have time to tell you every single month what all the bills cost, how much we make, verify this house that house this address that address. My God, take the ** payment and move on! Eleven years of this is enough!

They have no plans to work with late pays if you ever have a hard time paying (which most do at some point in 30 years) and the people they send to inspect the home like to collect information from the neighbors or renters in the home and tell them all the private affairs breaking a lot of privacy rules and laws.

If you have a choice when you sit down to sign paperwork, do not choose this company. They are the worst out there and you will be harassed and rudely spoken too for the next 30 years of your life. If they buy your loan, like they did mine, and you find yourself stuck with them. My advice is to pay online and don't dare give them all your phone numbers or they will blow them up every day, eight times per day. Don't call in unless you got time to waste and if you pay late, and have to call them, make them take a postdated check to keep them off your back. Their voice mails are horrible and if you're tender-hearted, you'll cry your eyes out at their mean messages. Someone should really investigate this company's treatment on their customers.

That's right Vanderbilt, we're customers! Just because we signed the paper with Chase Bank and not with them and they bought our loan, does not give them any right to talk to people the way their employees do! I don't know how they do things in Tennessee, where people call me from, but I know that Tennesseeans have more manners than you showed us!

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2011

We bought our home in 2000. We had our home financed at a bank, and Vanderbilt Mortgage acquired our loan from the bank selling our loan. I would never had obtained our lending from this company.

I have heard horror stories about this company, and just recently, I discovered them all to be true. Due to three recent surgeries and many other financial issues, it has become next to impossible for us to pay our payment of $700.00 a month plus lot rent. I brought this to the attention of the crew at Vanderbilt, and their overall lack of concern was appalling.

I have paid on this loan for 12 years now with a grand total of 18 more. The statement made to me was "You made the loan, pay it." We had an offer lower than the payoff, and they would even consider a short sale. They wouldn't even talk to my agent. The public needs to know these people are vultures. If you have a choice on your lending institution, please do your self a favor and do not use this one. You will thank me in the end.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2011

I called Vanderbilt today about my payment that will be behind a month and 15 days on the 31st of October. They told me that I either make a payment by that date or they will cancel all extensions and the full amount will be due. Can they really do this? And get this, I offered to make the payment on the 1st. One day!

My suggestion to everyone is to make a complaint on the Better Business Bureau's site. They will help you through your complaint. I also suggest that you get a recorder that will record your calls with them, whether you call them or they call you, if this is legal in your state. Keep the tapes and label them by date. If you have problems they can be used in your foreclosure hearings, and any other court related dates you might have to defend yourself with.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2011

My wife and I purchased a 14 x 80 mobile home in 1999 from Oakwood Mobile Homes for $1200 down and $325 per month. The mobile home was financed for 12 years. We kept the home and made all the payments for 8 years before Oakwood went out of business and I guess Vanderbilt assumed the company.

Paychecks were also tough to get in 2007 but we scraped by until Vanderbilt sent us a letter informing us we had no insurance on the mobile home and that they would now add their insurance to our payments which was higher than we could afford. We never and I mean never ever let our mobile home insurance lapse. The company we bought insurance from was local and charged us about $600 for the entire year. We called Vanderbilt and explained that we had insurance and we never let it lapse. The Vanderbilt customer service did not respond and added the payments to our $325 which was well over $400. We asked our local insurance agent to fax a copy of our current policy to Vanderbilt and they did but Vanderbilt refused to acknowledge the fax and said that we would buy their insurance or else.

We only had four more years left and our home that we worked so hard for would have been paid off. Long story short Vanderbilt came and took the home and sold to a buyer at the beach. Do not buy from these predators or you will regret it. They are rude and ruthless when it comes to greed. If anyone starts a class action suit against them, include me.

We are now homeless even after paying over $31,000 on a trailer that was six years old when we bought it and the original used price was $25000. We only had four years to go. What a rip-off.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2011

I bought a mobile home from Clayton Home (last June 2002) which was financed through Vanderbilt for $545.00 for the first year. It went up to $600.00 in the second year and it has been going up ever since.

It was a repossessed home but not on an adjustable rate. They said I was on a fix rate and it was financed for 18 years. I was doing fine for the last 4 years and I have asked for help many times but they couldn't help. They said that they don't refinance or do loan modification. I got a lawyer to help but Vanderbilt kept on denying my loan modification (for 6 times) so now it is in foreclosure.

I talked to Vanderbilt on May 2011 and customer representative, Amy ** at extension ** and **, went through my modification. At that time, I owed $8,000.00 and I asked if I have to start paying. I was told that I don't need to pay anything because it wasn't going toward anything. So I knew that I was denied again and I was behind over $10,000.00. I got served foreclosure papers through a lawyer named Jay B. ** in Raleigh.

What should I do? I need help. They have to stop what they are doing to the common people. It's just wrong how they treat people.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2011

I have a mortgage with Vanderbilt Mortgage which I have paid on for the last six and a half years. I got behind 230.00 last month and got a disturbing call from the account representative. She was mean, hateful and kept on disciplining me for not managing my money. I told her I would send her more than the July payment next week, and two more weeks from then I would have the whole amount of the August payment made; and by September 15th, I would have the September payment made.

She stated I had no choice but to come up with 600 and some dollars by the thirty first of August or else. Well, I don't like to get threatened by someone from my mortgage company. They have always acted this way, but I have always made my payments good. We had a house fire in March, which ended up costing the insurance we had paid for for six and a half years. This woman told me what we deserved and there was no reason for me to be broke. Well I think this was unprofessional and I don't know what to do because of the harassment.

This is my home, I can come up with the rest of July payment by next week but the August payment won't be made till after the first; then I will have the money to pay for September, You think they would be glad I am trying to fix this, so they wont have to foreclose? I don't know what to do or who to call to stop the harassment.

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Original review: May 2, 2011

We purchased a mobile home in 2006. We put 1 acre up for the loan. At the time I was working part time 2 or 3 days a week, and was still trying to get disability since 2003, when I had my first neck operation. They, Vanderbilt, told us not to tell anybody that I worked part time, to say I worked full time. I agreed to install the water, septic, and electricity, to save money. They set the trailer too close to the road. They wouldn't help with anything after they set the trailer. We paid for 3 years, at the same time spending money on hooking everything up, and moving the old trailer.

After 3 years without heat and air, and the water, electricity and septic was temporarily connected. They refused to help in anyway at all. We got behind on payments, when I couldn't work anymore. They didn't work with us; they said we didn't qualify for mortgage we were behind 5 months when they foreclosed, Aug.2009. Two weeks after that, I received my disability. We have been renting for almost 2 years and paying 300 bucks more a month than if I stayed in my home. We could have been paying 300 a month extra on our mortgage that would have paid it off by now.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2011

I had a house foreclosed in 2003. The house was financed through JP Morgan. The house was bought out of foreclosure and the court papers state, "judgement satisfied." Now out of the blue, ** is calling, saying I owe them 39,000. When I am going to start making payments, the rep told me that ** buys what they expect is bad debts for pennies on the dollar and tries to collect the full amount.

She also told me that if I would agree to 15,000 and start making payments they would forgive the rest.

For the past 3 years Vanderbilt has been on my credit report with a 0 balance. Can they all of a sudden jump up and go pay me now. What rude, condescending people. I owe them nothing and if I did, which I don't, why have they waited 8 years to step up?

A Class Action Suite should be filed against this company and a through investigation done. Please help the small Americans who are trying to etch a living out of a land that is fast fading because of companies like Vanderbilt.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2011

I bought a mobile home in January 1996 for $28,000. They talked me into signing a 20-year loan on this trailer. I only lived in it for about a year. It's been 15 years that I have been renting out this home. My last three renters moved out owing me money and damaging the home. I have tried to do the right thing with this loan. I called Vanderbilt this week. I told them I simply cannot rent this home out anymore because of the economy. I signed the trailer back over to Vanderbilt this week. They are coming for it tomorrow. After 15 years, according to Vanderbilt, I still owe them $13,500.00. I know they have been paid over $54,000 over the last 15 years. This is so wrong. The old trailer is worn out and I rebuilt it a couple of times including a $5,000 furnace AC/heat just last year. This is the worst loan I have ever agreed to. They are going to ruin my credit and come after me for another $13,500.00. What they are doing should be against the law. They asked me why didn’t I sell it. I told them every time I listed it and told people how much I owe and need to sell it for, I got laughed at. That 15-year-old trailer is worth maybe $2,000 to $3,000. I owe them $13,500. It's predatory lending. I am toast.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2011

We got our home in 1998. It was sold to us for $18,000.00 for 7 years at $287.87. Then Oakwood sold our home to Vanderbilt. They added 2 more years and our payment went up to $325.19. We have never been let, but they have it in all 3 credit companies that our home has been repossessed and we still live in it, and I still make my payments every time, and they will not fix it. And if I’m one day late, they are calling everyone we know. And my home was sold to us as a 1998, and it is 1997. They owe me money back where my home was sold to me as a new home, and it was not this home was a repossessed and we did not know that until I had state people to come and look at our home.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2010

I purchased my home in November 1994 and was supposed to receive delivery on Dec. 1, 1994. The house had mechanical problem during transport and had to return to the factory for repair and then was held up in Arkansas due to wind over Thanksgiving weekend. Since the house was late arriving, I had to pay extra rent. First payment on home was due on Jan. 5, 1995. Home was originally financed through Associates. I attempted to catch up loan payment (only past due a few days) but was unsuccessful. I asked Associates to change the due date. They refused, stating the only way to change it was to refinance. I declined. I paid extra every month until I got caught up and then requested that any extra I paid be applied to the next payment in sequence. Until they had an extra payment that caught up the month because they wouldn't change the due date, they continued to call daily until I sent them a letter stating no phone calls.

When Vanderbilt took over the loan in 2003 or 2004, I talked to them on the phone at length regarding the extra money and what I wanted done with it. I continued to pay extra on my loan and requested payments be applied to next payment in sequence so if something happened and I missed a payment, I would be covered because I was paid ahead. At one point, I was paying 4 extra payments a year on this loan. In 2007, I became ill and was unable to work and but was so exhausted from working that I was unable to keep track of what bills I had paid and what I hadn't. In February 2008, Vanderbilt sent me a letter that they were starting foreclosure proceedings. I asked how I could be behind when I was paying extra every month, at which point they would become hostile. No one ever answered the question but I was finally able to figure out that they had been applying it to the principal.

I finally managed to get the house out of foreclosure but continued to be one month behind. I am now only about $60 behind but I am still furious with them over they way this loan was handled. Every time I ask them what the payoff is, they quote the principal. Maybe I'm confused but I thought if you paid extra, you reduce the amount of interest you had to pay. But I can tell by looking at the way they are crediting interest and principal that they aren't subtracting the extra interest.

By my calculations, I should have this loan paid off within the next 24 months. What must I do to find out how much I actually owe on this loan? I'm now on disability and don't have money to pay extra payments and then wait for them to send the interest back to me. What's more, I don't trust these clowns to send the correct amount back if I should pay more than I actually owe.

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2010

We bought a 1997 Qakwood home financed through Oakwood at some point Vanderbilt bought out loan. We had payments automatically taken out of our account when Oakwood had loan for awhile. Vanderbilt did the same then we were informed they couldn't accept the payments that way we needed to send them Western Union which we did after awhile. It didn't matter what day of month, we were always late by their records. If their records showed we were even a day late, they called my work place demanding I call or take call. They would even call several times a day.

My boss got to the point where she said something had to be done or she would have to let me go. Then My husband had heart attack. We got behind his wages was garnished. Called Vanderbilt, talked to a Mrs. *** and we didn't qualify for a deferral and wanted the money. I explained we didn't have it, that I had lost my job and that his had been garnished. They didn't care. She was very disrespectful. She would even yell on the phone and my kids could hear her.

They didn't even notify us they had froze the account in May. I sent them two payments which by my records should have had us behind one. I came home from work and found papers taped to our door that our home was in foreclosure and we had 20 days to get out. I called the legal department, talked to a Craig.

He wanted to know why we had waited so long to contact them. I told him I had talked to a Mrs. ***. He said they didn't have a Mrs. *** working there. He didn't know who I talked to or if I even talked to anyone. He said we didn't make enough money to keep home. We needed to just get out of the home or find a way to pay it off in full which we gave $$29,000 for it. They said we still owe $25,000.

Our church found out about our situation, offered to pay off the loan and us pay the church the payments we were giving Vanderbilt so I called Vanderbilt to ask what was the total so we could wire the money to them that day. I talked to a Jamie. She told me it was in foreclosure and we couldn't do that. I told her I had talked to a Craig day before and he had told me to find a way to pay it off and I had.

She then informed me she could no longer discuss the account with me for it no longer concerned me then she hung up on me. I called back got a hold of another lady who told me she couldn't discuss the account with me but she could document what I had to say. I hung up. The next day, I faxed them a letter stating this no response. I did get a call from their attorney here in Kansas. He was polite but had no answers for me.

We moved out in Oct. asked them to please have trailer off our land by Nov. 9. They didn't (which was 20 days like they gave us). I had a call from a mover wanting me to measure the frame so they could move it. (No, I didn't go measure for them.) They have already sold trailer to a company (MMCI). Now, they want to cut our trees down to move this home. They finally showed up today (Dec 19) at 6:00 tonight and started removing the skirting.

This has ruined our credit. We have paid over what this home was worth which when they get done, we will probably have to file bankruptcy. I still feel this is part of the reason I lost my job that I had for 15 years but not all the reason We were out a lot of money to move and drive back and forth. This time we have been off our land, (We have to go to land daily because of our animals.) Since we have had to move, someone has gone on our land and stolen a lot of items out of our buildings and off the property, some items that can never be replaced because they belonged to our son that was killed 18 years ago.

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2010

I submitted bids on mobile homes and Kara ** told me she does not have time for games. I am wasting her time with my bids and she had rejected all of them.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2010

I was tricked into buying a Clayton-manufactured home. I was waiting on a sizable lump sum of money due to brain surgery. I paid a down payment of more than $15,000.00 at 12.49% and I still didn't get what I agreed upon. I over insured my home, myself, my kids--as well as invested in stock insurance farmers, foremost, medical, fleet insurance, etc. I had another hospital stay and while I was there, I was threatened to be foreclosed on. I found out later that the home was paid off and I had given it back.

I had the matter investigated by consumer reports and 13 federal, state, and local laws were broken or violated--not to mention punitive civil damages! I tried to get legal help but I am broke and I am just trying to get someone to listen. Well, those types of things don't happen and here, they just don't! Thanks a lot Vanderbilt, CMH Parks, Clayton-manufactured homes and Farmers, Foremost Insurance and all affiliates, I shall endure brain surgery again and I bet you have never had life insurance.

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2010

We have been fighting off Vanderbilt, since the first year. They insist they haven't received payments, though every month we send a money order, with a signature confirmation attached. Now, since we have been doing that, they are stating we owe them from the first of 2010, when we did file for bankruptcy. They didn't make any mention of this over the last 6 months. We have kept our receipts, so again, we have to prove to them we have paid. I think this is harassment. Has anyone else experienced this from these idiots? Like most homeowners, my job affected my income. I have been working all year, but work hasn't been steady every week. After filing for bankruptcy at the last minute to keep our home, Vanderbilt seems even more determined to obtain our home, and the near 14 acres we put up (stupidly, I admit) for it.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2010

In 9/2008 my divorce finalized, awarding me the manufactured home in which I live with 2 children (both with health issues, one severely disabled). I made the mortgage payments following my divorce and awaited my ex to have the home put in my name. I asked about loan assumption immediately following my divorce and Vanderbilt said I did not meet their loan criteria.

I continued making mortgage payments, in fear of a foreclosure happening that I would not be informed about because my name is not on the loan. In short, I did not want to worry how to take care of a bedridden child with severe medical issues, out on the street. Recently though, I stopped making those payments following Joanna ** (Vanderbilt employee) telling me I was only renting the home from my ex husband and that they could kick me out any time they wanted to. Once I stopped paying the mortgage I received calls from various Vanderbilt employees who informed me that I could certainly apply for loan assumption.

I exchanged many emails, with various Vanderbilt employees; to apply for loan assumption. I audio recorded many telephone conversations because each person I spoke with had something different to say and they were unwilling to put the assurances in writing. I was suspect of their honesty, and it turns out I was right to be suspicious.

When I got the call telling me I was "conditionally approved" for the loan assumption I was quite apprehensive. To be blunt, I didn't believe them. Turns out, once more, I was right to question the honesty in the information. When I received the "closing package", it informed me this would be a "new" loan and not loan assumption. I called and asked why they were refusing to allow me to assume the loan and Robert didn't know why and passed me on to Joanna **. Ms. Joanna informed me (by yelling at me on the phone) that the reason I could not assume the loan was because they were not offering loan assumption.

Part of the problem I have with this new loan is that it is for an unidentified home and not the home I live in and was awarded in my divorce. Other parts I have a problem with include their claim that I am renting from my ex (yes, this is included in the closing papers they sent to me) when I am not and have not been, and; they claim I am not the homeowner of this home, even after I sent copies of my divorce decree to them, which explicitly awards the home to me.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2010

I have had my house rented out for 13 years and the person that left my home left with over $9,000 worth of damage, and I would like the house but there are 3 payments left behind. I want the house and cannot live there. The house has to be fixed and I take 63 pills a day. All I want is to make my payments on November 1. It will take me about 6 to 9 months to fix the house to make it more livable. Someone please help me to keep my home.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2010

I just got off the phone with Vanderbilt Mortgage, after explaining again that I would try to make a $350 payment since I am the only one in our household who is employed. Last week I made $1100 payment and was short $85 and Vanderbilt was going to foreclose. I had to call and ask my sister for the $85 so that they would not foreclose on our home. Since we have had our home, the pipes keep breaking and spraying water under the home. Now we have issues with black mold. The insurance company will not cover any of these expenses due to a manufacturer defect, as they call it. Now Vanderbilt wants another $600 this Friday and another $600 in two weeks. Basically to heck with all your other bills, just pay us. Since Bob has been unemployed, we have lost our cars, and our ability to make the necessary repairs. We have reduced our other bills to make ends but just barely. Is there any help out there at all for struggling homeowners?

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2010

I have fallen behind close to 30 days on my mortgage. I have called and attempted to work out payment arrangements. The person I spoke to is trying to grill me on why I am unable to make the payments repeatedly. She is not giving me any options to try and make payment arrangement. She continues to harass me into giving her reasons why I am unable to pay the full amount. I am more than willing to try and work out a payment arrangement that would be feasible to both of us. I do not owe them any explanations into my personal life other than that I am currently unable to make full payment. I have not had overtime the past couple weeks. When I have over time, I am always able to catch back up within a month.

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2010

I so understand the other complaints about this company, I have been through it all also. They have even told me to pawn some stuff to get the money to pay. I bought the trailer with two incomes and within the first year, got down to one. I have been struggling and doing without for 16 years to pay this thing off. If I did not have 2 acres of land tied up in the mortgage, I would have long ago given it back. I only have 6 and 1/2 more years to pay on it and I would still give it back to get away from them. They come out ever other month to take pictures and to put it in foreclosure.

I have been 2 months behind before due to Christmas, and having to buy my daughter a present. I am on a very tight budget. They will not do anything to help. They just to tell me to pawn something. Well, guess what? I have struggling so long, I have not even been able to get my porch fixed much less to have anything to pawn. It makes me so mad, I hang up on them and refuse to talk to Brian **.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2010

I called VMF on 8/24/10 to ask for a program that would assist me in keeping current with my mortgage payments. I answered a 40-minute Question and Answer session with the understanding that I was applying for assistance. I was told that a supervisor and my account representative would decide and then get back to me. I never received anything in writing i.e. my application information that was recorded or a decision rendered on my behalf.

On 9/1/10, I received a call from my account representative who initially acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about with the previous call. Then after she said she can't do anything, she put me on hold for the supervisor. The supervisor (Britney **) came on the line screaming and threatening me. I asked her to change her tone and I got more threats and louder screaming. She said she was the only person I could deal with and she wouldn't deal with me. I tried to call back a few moments later to get her supervisor's name and/or address and instead of the normal answering system with a recording and prompts, the call went directly to her. I hung up immediately without a word and she called me back and continued to try and argue with me.

I told her I would not be spoken to like this and that she is never to call my home again and she continued to be nasty and say nasty things. I told her this was harassment and I would report her to corporate and she then offered me another supervisor. I declined and hung up. I have never received any confirmation of the personal information I initially gave on 8/24/10 nor a formal response to my request for a loan assistance program, which they advertise on their website. Since my call went directly to Britney ** from my home, I am extremely worried that she has marked my account for some vindictive reason. I feel threatened and feel that I cannot call my mortgage company at all since she may answer the call again and harass me further.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2010

They call every other day about when I will make my payment. I tell them a date I will make the payment and they keep calling any way. They know the circumstances of my situation, but will not work with me. I tell them I can make partial payments or perhaps make a partial payment every two weeks, but they will not accept that. I just don't know what else I can do. Some of their representatives are very rude. I don't know how they sleep at night.

Our home isn't what we expected when we bought it in 2002. It is falling apart and the mobile home dealer we bought it from will not do anything about it. The roof needs to be replaced. The home is a double wide and it is starting to separate in two. The floors are rotting. It is not built to the specifications that are listed in the brochure.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

We bought the home in 2002 through Consesco bank with interest rate of 17%. I was told by the person who worked for the mobile home park that in 2 years, we could refinance. We bought the home not knowing how hard it was to refinance this manufactured home at 17% without owning the land. Vanderbilt mortgage bought the mortgage from this bank. We have struggled during the 8 years to make our home payment of $765.00 plus the $350.00 monthly lot payment, totaling $1115.00 per month for a manufactured home. Through the years we have been late and managed to get caught up.

My husband has lost 2 good paying jobs recently last march 2010. For 3 months, we lived on only my income of $2400/month to pay the bills. We explained to the bank representative that my husband lost his job and had to get a lawyer to get weekly benefits he was denied. Therefore, it was just my income. We had to pay utilities that were sending disconnection notices. We had late on car payments. We've changed cable companies, cell phones and lowered other bills to make ends meet. The bank representative demanded an April payment after all this was explained and it didn't matter. I was in tears.

Finally on the last week of June, my husband won benefits that he was suppose to receive from his lost job with no retro pay. I called the bank after we started receiving my husband's weekly benefit (half of his weekly income), asked if we could work something out to get back on track and make monthly payments. They demanded the 3 months we were behind on (even though 1 income was all we had for those 3 months). We went through the loan modification process, with our income cut in half compared to before. We didn't qualify. We had many attempts to do loan modifications with them and each time we were told we didn't qualify. We asked for a loan deferment to get back on track. They said to have 2 months up front, maybe defer the last payment. I explained I could pay the one month.

I cried telling the one bank representative how for 3 months we only had one income and lowered all our bills with other companies to make ends meet. They then ask you to borrow money from someone, sell your furniture, jewelry, assets. We don't have anything to sell. They then asked to work something out with our car loans. I explained we already had done so, we exhausted our options with them and we need our vehicles for transportation. Our truck was recently repossessed from the bank 1 week ago for being 54 days late which cost extra $400.00 to pay for pound from bank.

We received a letter in mail approximately 3 weeks ago giving us until August 2 to pay full amount of home $57,500 eight years later which gave us approximately 2 1/2 weeks to pay that amount or the home goes into foreclosure. We can't work out an agreement to catch up on $3,700. They call everyday, same question from them is, "What are we going to do about the money we owe?" Same answer from us every time. We need your help to resolve but they won't give in. We are in process of getting help from Homesafe America,Inc to work with Vanderbilt.

Today August 3, I spoke with my representative from Vanderbilt. Again she asked, "What are our intentions and are we paying the approximately $3700.00 we owe? I stated, "We don't have it." She stated that we are not trying to work it out with them. I stated, "What about the company that spoke to you yesterday?" She stated that Vanderbilt won't work with them to help us because "They won't be paying them (Vanderbilt) the money we owed them. Vanderbilt has sent letters in the past stating pay money owed or we'll help you make arrangements to sell your home (being late 1 payment).

They have sent a letter stating they would help in these bad times, only to refuse to do loan modifications or payment deferments.

I have said in recent phone conversations that we are trying to find help, we don't have the payment today, then less than 24 hours they call again wanting payments. At 17%, it is hard to make payments on time with half the income we once made. I understand they have a job to do, but are very cold, and will not make any arrangements to keep us in our home! We have been working with Homesafe America who is willing to help us with Obama modification! Vanderbilt stated they would not work with them. We are trying to save our home. We were notified on the same day that Vanderbilt stated that they wouldn't work with Homesafe America and that our loan was going to the legal department for foreclosure. Please, is there any help for us?

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Original review: July 31, 2010

Our mobile home caught on fire 7/11/2008. The insurance company only paid off the mobile home and said it was our responsibility to repair it or we could salvage it. We were told by Vanderbilt that the home was not paid off; we still owed $5239.48 and did not give us the title. We paid them $828.89 but then we contacted department of corporation and they were demanding information about our loan.

Then in October 2009, they finally sent us the title we lived without p g and e for 16 months and was harassed by the mobile home park and was told to remove our mobile home and was also contacted by the department of housing in violation for unsafe living conditions. We lived without electricity for 16 months. When they gave us the title we were able to get a loan to repair the mobile home. My children had to go live with my daughter and I had to pay the expenses plus we didn't have cooking privileges and was forced to eat out which has resulted to my husband and I to get high blood pressure.

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Original review: July 30, 2010

Furlough days at work, unforeseen expense; behind on mortgage by 1 month and 10 days. (2 months) I called to work something out but was told I either paid my payments in full the next day (Saturday) or they would foreclose on my home. They would ask questions then interrupt when I was answering them. Female supervisor over Jeffany was worse than he was about being disrespectful and not trying to help. Said she didn't want to hear about what I was saying to send in the payment. Said she would not except check by phone that it had to be through western union or money gram. Interest has been awful.

I bought home in 1998; I have paid for it several times due to the interest. It has to be something that can be done about the rude and disrespectful attitudes of these people. Principle balance is not the payoff. Have to pay interest, advances, ACQ Rcvbt? whatever that is. Never want to call them because they are so very rude. People who don't care about people should not be allowed to work with companies like this one. I cried the rest of the night because I was treated so badly.

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Original review: July 15, 2010

The condominium we were living in was suddenly being sold out from under us. Our lease was not up and we had three months to find a house. They were even showing it while we were there. We decided to buy a house. My brother-in-law was going to buy a manufactured home and we were supposed to get some land together.

Then the recession hit. And to make matters worse my wife became physically unable to work. Actually she was that way before we bought the house but her boss wrote a letter saying she was still able to and was working. Jim at Luv Homes asked that she get that letter. Actually she was home on medical leave. We tried to get out of the buy but Jim said we would have to pay the drivers who were already there $800.

We moved in and made our payments on time until recently. We have both been ill. I have Type 2 Diabetes, thyroid problems, have had a heart attack, have glaucoma, and cataracts. I am 79 years old. I still work as a part-time security guard to try to make ends meet. Two months ago they told my wife if we would make a payment by May 28th then they would put the May and June 2010 payments to the back of our loan. They did not do this.

In late June, they phoned and demanded June 2010's payment. My wife looked at our loan payments after wrangling the info out of them and just a little over $500 has been put toward the loan and the rest of the last 3 years of payments have gone to interest. She asked if we could get our loan payments lowered. We had been promised that in the beginning. I guess we will have to walk away also. She has been talked to hatefully and threatened by this guy named Walter. She asked that Walter not call again or speak with us anymore. They agreed to that. But that was a lie. Shortly thereafter, Walter started phoning her again.

She has been waiting on a check from an insurance claim. It would help us catch up. She told them this (Jessica). That was fine. But the check got lost or something, so it had to be reissued. She has received it but has to wait a week before she can touch it. That is sound banking practices. She has tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with them. They can have this house as it is because it is not made of quality materials. They charged us for a very fine brick home with a yard and we got pressed wood and cheap or no insulation, siding, etc.

Our warning to others is when they say that the house is energy efficient, it is not. Our utilities bill can attest to that. They are dishonest money grubbers! Thank goodness our insurance is not with them. We are tired of being threatened that they will foreclose on us if we are late on payments. They do not want to work out anything and if they do, it turns out to be a lie. Our house had such lousy locks on the doors that it has been broken into and our belongings have been stolen. We thought we would love the house, but now we just despise it. They did not even put an outside water faucet to hook up a hose. My poor wife cannot take much more.

Even the toilets constantly stop up. The kitchen sink has a spray hose to rinse dishes. It doesn't work. The filter on the ice maker constantly has to be replaced. And I have never seen a home that gets dusty so often. My wife is allergic to that also. We told them these things and we were reassured that the house was solid and tight. They are the ones that are tight. The siding is cheap and can easily be punctured. The shingles were all in one big sheet which was stapled to the top of the house. Everything that looks like wood is pressed dust. I'm not sure how long the cabinets will stay on the wall. We had to put them up again when our microwave got zapped by lightning. We are not sure how that happened. Nothing else was hit.

They just sell you a big box of dust, pressed wood, and little or no insulation while charging you an arm and a leg. It hailed and it was not a big hailstorm but our siding had holes in it like it had been in a war zone. When they mowed the yard and a small rock hit the siding or trim, it left holes again. The only improvements on this house have been what we have done. During a rainstorm, lightning somehow traveled down the oven or stove vent and blew out the microwave. My nephew and I had to go on top of the house and power screw down each shingle as they were put up there in sheets with staples to hold them to the roof. There is no insulation between the siding and the wood outside of the house.

I accidentally hit a corner in the living room and the sheet rock crumbled off. We were going to replace the carpet in the living room and master bedroom because of my wife's allergies and found nothing under the carpet. Where is all the insulation that was advertised? This house is not an energy saver. You should see our utilities bill! My wife is sick all of the time due to allergies exacerbated by this house and by worry. We are economically strapped by this house and trying to keep it, plus pay for it. Plus, the medical bills are not helping.

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Original review: July 13, 2010

I bought a 1987 trailer in 1995 for $12,000. It was listed as a '90 Redman but after we signed all the papers and really sat down to read everything, we found out that it was really an '87 Hollypark. We kept the trailer and in 2002, we had it refinanced. We started out with Greentree then it went to Conseco and then to Vanderbilt all without out us resigning anything with Vanderbilt. We paid our payments on the due date that Greentree set up for us. Then when Vanderbilt took over we still made our payments on the same day of the month. Only to find out years later we were due on the 1st, not the 5th.

So when we found out the date was wrong we started paying on the 1st and I started watching how much was being taken off principal and I was shocked. Out of 300.00 a month we were lucky if $12 came off principal. When I called them about this, I was told we were on the simple interest rate. When I asked what that meant, I was told that I had to make the payment on the due date, which I did, and the same day each month. which I did. Since we bought the trailer we have paid $38,112 on it and it hasn't come down to even $1000.

At this rate we would never get it paid off. And I, too, called to see if i could get a lower interest rate but there's no help even. They just said I have to pay them before other bills were paid. My husband had a heart attack, then had a quadruple by-pass. Then in 2005, both carotid arteries had to be cleaned out and an aortic aneurysm had to be fixed before it burst. However, again, there is no help from Vanderbilt. So this month we simply walked away. I think Vanderbilt got more than what the trailer was worth to begin with and all they ever wanted was the money. It was wrong to begin with. It was sold as a '90 Redman but it was only an '87 Hollypark. We were paying $710.00 a month for the trailer park, with the lot rent and the payment on the trailer. Vanderbilt is there for the money not the people. We had to walk away after 15 years of living there.

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Original review: July 4, 2010

I have been out of work on medical leave since March 23rd. I am waiting on disability. I am not able to return to work. I was receiving short term disability but it ran out. In May, I called to see if they had any programs to help me temporarily lower my payments. The lady said no that they expect their payment in full before I pay anything else. She then said I had to get behind before they could help me. Well, I got behind and the woman I spoke to next time took information about bills and income and said, I didn't qualify for any help.

The next man I spoke to said to borrow it from family or friends or to sell or pawn my belongings in order to pay them. I asked if they would take a partial payment and he said no. They expect the entire payment in full. He said their payment should come before anything else, including groceries. I have never been so insulted in my life or dealt with a company that cares so little about their customers.

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Original review: June 2, 2010

I purchased a home from Luv Homes in Wilmington, NC in 2008. This home is financed thru Vanderbilt Mortgage. Due to economy I have lost one of my part time jobs. I still have my one full time job and am currently seeking a second job. I have contacted Vanderbilt about modifying my current loan from a 15-year loan to possibly a 20-year loan. I spoke to a female representative with Vanderbilt who did everything but offer to help me. My husband has suffered a mild stroke. He is already disabled from multiple medical conditions and has been in the hospital. I want to keep my home, but I need help with the payment. It seems that unless you live in a "real home" that no one wants to help those of us who live in a "mobile home". That is my home and I want their help not rude, condescending advice which is what I got from Vanderbilt. What can I do?! I was promised a call back in 72 hours and that was 45 days ago. Still no response.

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Original review: May 27, 2010

I bought a double wide mobile home in 1998 brand new. Three years into our loan, our mortgage company sold our loan in a batch of loans to Vanderbilt Mortgage. Throughout the three years I had paid $36.00 over the minimum payment for escrow on our home. One day someone from Vanderbilt knocked on our door to say we were 3 months behind and they were there to collect. I didn't know how that was possible since we had our payment set on auto pay through our bank all this time.

In the end, the main point was that when Vanderbilt bought our Mortgage from the original lender they "tacked on" a $110 per month "insurance payment", yet we had our insurance through another company and they never disclosed this bit of information to us until they had used up all of our escrow, he had put up through an unbelievable pile of papers and stuff that no one could put together and say who owed what. But after our escrow ran out, they tacked on late charges and soon even though we paid regularly every month and over the amount they scooped up our home after 2 years of battling them. We of course stopped paying them. Knew we had lost.. How do you fight these guys?! They sold our home we kept our land because we fought. We did not put our land up for deposit with the original lender.. Thank God. In the end we now owe $5,000 more than we originally bought the mobile home for and our credit is forever ruined. I do hope there is justice for Vanderbilt one day. We lost everything.

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Original review: May 15, 2010

When the economy started to change, we called to try to get better interest rates and hopefully lower monthly payments. We found several companies willing to work with us but Vanderbilt would not. Not only did they tell us they would not finance, but they would not release our title to another mortgage company. In one of the late payments, we were threatened that they would not only take the home but the land that we paid for in a different loan. We did not sign any papers to this effect. In fact, we told them that it was not legal because we did not own the property. So I know we didn't sign. We have not been threatened with this again, although we have had slow payments, companies are still offering us better rates. How do we go about getting this title released? How do you go about a class action lawsuit?

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Original review: May 8, 2010

I have told numerous CSRs to not call asking for me related to this mortgage. This mortgage was done by my hubby before we were married yet somehow my name is " listed as a contact number". I have told them to stop calling and asking for me yet they refuse stating he must put that in writing. Well, that was done last year. They continue to call multiple times daily asking for me and leaving messages for me. They are the most disrespectful, non mannered nasty people I have ever dealt with. They threaten and harass and get away with it. Emotional. I don't enjoy being told how to live my life, how to pay my bills, as well as being yelled at and threatened, especially when my name is not signed or cosigned to this loan.

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Original review: April 27, 2010

I am right now in default with my mobile home of ten years. Because of my lack of income at the time, I have fallen behind three months. I had heard before that most lenders work with you on extinctions or modifications but I should have known better with this one. I was told I didn’t qualify. I really don’t understand why. I only have disability income. I have also been checking my paperwork and noticed that with the original lender I purchased the home from, I started with before Vanderbilt bought out the loan I had paid in $3,336.49 interest back in 2007 but now 2010 according to Vanderbilt have only paid in $255.15 and I have no escrow. Does that sound normal?

Unless I am really confused, I am looking at my statements. Is this because it is in default? Can they do this? I don’t think so. I noticed the numbers going down on statements since they bought the contract. I just wish someone could do something to stop them. I really feel they are doing something that is not right to everyone. I am about to lose my home and have nowhere to go soon.

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Original review: April 21, 2010

I feel someone need to investigate Vanderbilt Mortgage. They rip people off and they talk to them like dirt and they threaten people with their home they won’t modify anyone loans. You can’t see any of your information on your account plus I had paid $97,000.00 on my home. I been paying on it since 2005 and they are saying I still owe $90,000.00 How is that can someone put a class action suit against them. I will sign.

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Original review: April 14, 2010

I am very scared that Vanderbuilt Mortgage is not being honest about my payoff amount. I purchased this mobile home in 1997 for $27462.95. It is now 2010 and they are telling me that I still owe $18000. That is telling me that I have only paid $9462 on my account. That is not true. My payments have been as much as $365 dollars a month, now it is $335 per month. I tried to go and look at what is actually happening to my account online and of course it only provides certain details not everything.

I feel like everything should be posted when it comes to the break down of my account. Also, the insurance that I've had on this mobile home for as long as I've had it does not cover anything at all. It wouldn't even cover the hot water heater when it went out. I tried to contact them at their email address from their website and I was unable to because it's not up and running which is strange because they have been in business for a long time. I mean I don't have a problem calling them but there are so many things I think is wrong with this company that I think they should be investigated. I don't think they need to know when they are going to be investigated because I saw something on their website that states Notice:

Please read this Legal Disclaimer:

Information on this web site is provided "as is" without either express or implied warranty and although it is believed accurate at time of posting, there may be some inaccurate, and/or out-of-date material. Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. may make improvements and/or changes in products and services at anytime without notice.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. makes no representations as to material found on Web Sites published by others which may be accessed through this site. Such information could be inaccurate, contain viruses, and present other problems for the user. Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. will not be responsible even if notice of such had been received.

This scares the heck out of me and especially since I have questions with how they are handling my account. Please help me. I would just like to make sure they aren't over charging me. I've also noticed that there are a lot of complaints against them from consumers. I am not behind in my payments, but I would surely like to know if they are keeping something from me. The physical damage is I am worried about having an account with this company.

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Original review: April 8, 2010

This has to do with two companies, the one above and Vanderbilt Mortgage Company Customer Service Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc, Alcoa Trail Maryville, TN 37804. Now starting with one thing on Vanderbilt, their Customer Service Office is in Maryville, TN. Loan payment on back of statement you, send them to PO Box 742xxx Cincinnati Oh 45274 (Wrong). The slip that you send in with the payment on the front side goes to Dallas, TX. This company has the worst Customer service I have ever came across and I have seen some bad ones. Vanderbilt Mortgage on January 16th 2009, one insurance company they had on my trailer stopped on January 16th 2009. The same day I took out with another Insurance for insurance to protect me as well as them.

Well, on January 16th 2009, the insurance that Vanderbilt had was no longer. I have the documents of it ending on that date and I sent to them 4 times, the new insurance company by fax and by mail 4 times. Vanderbilt mean while advanced me money for and insurance company that wasn't there I had the cancel information in my hand. I have called them, wrote them 4 times + about where the money was going where there wasn't anything to go to. So I sent the new companies information right away, so they keep paying on something that wasn't there.

So what was going on with Vanderbilt, I had to pay for two Insurance company for over 4 months. Well, over $200.00 and because I held back on sending them for the insurance that wasn't there, they kept putting my payment in to a un-app account and charging me a late fee on top of that. I'm getting to end of my ropes with getting ripped off with insurance. They also got me when I purchase the trailer for $500.00 of insurance I didn't even need. Now comes to Assurant Group on 02/18/2010. They sent a letter to Vanderbilt, watch dogs that my insurance was cancelled for non payment.

On 02/23/2010, 5 days later when I became aware there was a payment that was over due, I paid two payments and was reinstated. Well, Assurant sure can send the information of the insurance being cancelled but when it comes to the reinstatement is a different matter and they didn't do so. I sent in the information to Vanderbilt about the reinstatement and everything, so since 02/18/2010 Vanderbilt advanced me again and I'm paying for 2 insurance companies. Again $52.00 per month and I'm not even cover for my part. And they put things on there that I don't even need. No matter what you do Vanderbilt will not write back when it comes to them returning of money but when it comes to them needing money it has to be right now.

When you contact them by phone either they can't find anything or they don't know how to do it. They pass it off on someone else. Well, they better soon because if this doesn't work I'm very good in court. I was an Apartment manager for 8.5 years and did 150 cases myself and came out a winner on everyone. I don't think I should be the one footing the bill again because of the reinstatement information and Vanderbilt doing whatever they please. Thank You.

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Original review: March 28, 2010

I refinanced a home in 2006. The original mortgage company sold it to Vander in 2008. The first company sent me the title to my home with no lien holder in 2009. Due to the fact the first company did a land only loan, Vander is now telling me that the other company just messed up and that they have all right to my home. This does not make any sense to me. They have raised my payments from $889 to $1200. I recently lost my job and they will not do a loan modification or try to help us at all. Not only did I loss my job but my husband died in 2006 and I lost all of his income as well. Vander calls everyday wanting the title. If they are actually legally entitled to them, why are they not filing for a duplicate instead of harassing me?

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Original review: March 2, 2010

Vanderbilt Mortgage bought my loan out about 2 and half years ago and can't provide any documentation that they bought the loan out and can not provide a new title with their name on it. I had gotten laid off work and got a little behind not being the first time and always got caught back up but this time they have refused payment because that it is less then 100.00 short which could be sent in another week and because it was put in the mail and not paid straight out of my checking account.

They have refused to work with me. They have called my moms neighbors which live 15 miles away and given out information about me that is private. They have broken into my checking account and if my girlfriend (who is not on the loan) answers the phone they threaten her and ask her personal stuff about herself. She has sent them a certified letter before telling them that if they don't stop harassing her she would press charges.

They will not even give me the option to sell. They were supposed to go by the original contract, that states I can miss one payment a year and it will be put toward the end of the loan, they will not honor it and they charge me $30.00 a month in late fees and my contract states that if I'm late, the charge is never over $5.00 a month. They call at all hours of the day and night. I have told them that I have recently went back to work, they still refuse to work with me. Beware of this company. We are going to hire an attorney just for the harassment charges. Mental stress to my girlfriend and myself and my family.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2009

Recently, well, beginning in 06, Vandy began raising my monthly payments without provocation or documentation. They refused to provide me with paperwork providing the proof of these increases. One day, it would be escrow, the next day, insurance and the next day, property tax. I continued paying these odd increases for a year without any help or documentation from them. Every week, it would change or they would need additional. They were calling my home, neighbors I don't even know, my employment, threatening foreclosure and the like.

Well, in June, I had about had it. This began in Dec. so I made my reg. monthly payment. They accepted it, put it into some kind of overage acct. and began foreclosure. So I said, "Come and get it you low down cheating, stealing home wreckers!" Well, I'm still at it, and through the litigation process, they cannot provide any paperwork on my mortgage. They did, however, provide forged state documents and two HUD statements with payoffs to different people, hmm. I have gotten nowhere with gov. entities, state, or county. My loan is about 30 thousand dollars more than it was in 1998 and my principal balance increased in 2002 by $99,855.

This was made apparent to me by Vanderbilt through a payment history they provided during litigation. They can't explain it. "It's a computer error," they say.

For 4 years, they had a computer error? Get real! I'm fixing to lose everything, and I know I bit off my nose to spite my face, but all the while, I've not wanted anything but the truth, and for Vanderbilt to be exposed ... until recently when they got me in court on a technicality because I didn't ask for anything.

Well, good luck to everyone involved with Vanderbilt. I hope that maybe someone will listen somewhere, God speed. It all began in l998 with the financing of an illegal dump by Vanderbilt and the mobile home that I ordered not being what I ordered, and my statements that never came, and the missing money, and the list goes on...

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Original review: Dec. 3, 2009

In December 2008 I purchased a Double wide home from Luv Homes in Fletcher North Carolina. I was told that the interest rate would be around 6%. They were never able to provide me with any paperwork before closing. At closing the interest rate jumped to 11%. They insisted that it was only because I was a first time home buyer. They stated that they were doing a bridge loan and would refi the loan in 3 months. I have been trying to refi the loan for 7 months now. No one will refi the loan. Vanderbilt will not work with me at all. They have stated that they stopped modifying loans because of the economy. They have stated that there is no grace period on my loan and they cannot defer a payment. This mortgage company needs to be shut down. They talk to the customers like they are nothing and will not do anything to help. I am not able to continue paying the payment due to the 11% interest rate.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2009

Vanderbilt mortgage company keeps calling me with harrassing calls for a mortgage account that belongs to my cousin. I do not have any affiliation with this loan, do not even live in the same state. I ask them how they got my cell phone number and they said maybe someone gave it to them. This is not possible. I have asked them to take me off the contact list and I still receive calls but it is just with different operators. I get a phone call about once a month!! Sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. This is ridiculous!! I really need some help on this matter!!

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Original review: June 26, 2009

Approximately 10 years ago, our son Steve purchased a double wide permanent site "mobile" home. For the last several years, if they are as much as two days late with their monthly payment, not only have we been harassed by their phone calls, but also our other two sons; and now recently, at least two of our neighbors. Steve and Kim's neighbors have received phone calls also.

I contacted them, and as of May 22, 2009, they removed our phone number from the case file. This still did not prevent them in again contacting another of our neighbors. I called again and was told there was no way to prevent them from continuing this practice. The supervisor "Diego" told me that each person contacted must in turn request that they not be called in the future. In my mind, this is pure harassment! We live in Ohio, and our son and his family live in Michigan. Our neighbors don't even know Steve and his family!

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Original review: May 5, 2009

Many people call us for being 1 payment behind on our morgage. Ms. Amanda Moram has made suggestions to do a yard sale, go to a church for help, cancel our internet/land line/tv package and our cell phnoe and whatever that we have to sell to make our behind payment. We have tried to deferr our payment and they have denied it and we have also worked with a gentleman to pay extra for 4 months to catch up but someone said he wasn't in their department and couldn't do that. We have tried to work with these people and they DO NOT WANT TO HELP US. They call 3 ot 6 times a day. We are to the point we don't want to answer the phone anymore. Maybe I should get rid of the phones so they can't call us, NOT. All this for just being one month behind and we have been one month behind before and have caught up. They don't give you chances or want to help. What kind of people are they if even they have options listed on their web site to avoid forclosures. This is phone harassment.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2008

We purchased a mobile home in 2001, from Clayton Homes. The mortgage company is Vanderbilt. We financed the amount of $33.991.34. We agreed to do the biweekly payments. As of July 2008, the pay off was around $24,000.00. Something just don't add up. The interest rate was 10.99%. We have been paying for 7 years and have only paid about $10,000. I had an uncle that had taken this and was looking further into. They told him there was nothing that could be done. So he has advised me to turn it over to you all.

I feel as if we are owed some money back. We have since sold the mobile home, and had to pay $10,000 out of pocket to get it paid off. I would greatly appreciate anything that could be done.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

I received an "Annual Escrow Analysis" statement from Vanderbilt in June 2008 and a letter stating Vanderbilt had not yet received a current copy of my insuranc policy or declaration page showing my home was insured. On the escrow statement it states my principal/interest payment being 620.74 and my escrow payment of 75.11 making my total monthly of 695.85. I paid the 695.85 from Aug 07-Jul 08. Also on the escrow statement was projected escrow amount of 113.37 for Aug 08-Jul 09.

When I saw the amount of my escrow payment had increased by 38.26 I decided to call my own insurance company (STATE FARM) and purhcase a better policy at a much better premium than what Vanderbilt was charging. I purchased a 142,000.00 insurance policy from State Farm on 07/07/08 and faxed the declaration page to Vanderbilt's Insurance dept (HomeFirst Agency)on 07/08/08 showing proof of insurance on my home. I assumed this would be sufficient notice to Vanderbilt but when I received my monthly mortgage statement in August my payment was 734.11 which still included Vanderbilt's escrow amt. 113.37. I tried calling their customer service department for 6 days and kept getting a automated voice saying "all agents are busy at this time, please call again later".

On day 7 I dediced to call from a differnt phone number and I got through to a customer service repsentative and she stated after looking at my account that I needed to be transferred to a different dept. I was transferred and received a voicemail box of an account manager whose name started a "T" ( I think it was Tanisha)I left this T lady a message to please call me back as soon as possible I had some questions about my loan payment amount.

Two hours later she returned my call and was horribly rude and unhelpful. I asked her why I was still being charged the escrow amt of 113.37 when I had faxed my declaration page showing proof of my own insurance and she was unable to answer my questions. She stated that this was the first she knew of me purchasing my own insurance and that Vanderbilt was suppose to be paying my premium to State Farm and I was to in turn pay Vanderbilt back through my monthly payments. I was under the impression if I purchased my own homeowners insurance, Vanderbilt has nothing to do with paying them that I am the responsible party. I got so upset with this lady I was shaking and her yelling at me over the phone was only making things worse. I handed the phone to my husband and he was asking her questions that she was unable to answer and hung up on him.

I called State Farm and asked them if they had to receive the premium payment on my policy from Vanderbilt and my agent stated I was to pay it, not them. He was shocked at her suggestion and told me to call the company that handled their insurance information which I did. I spoke with Jenny from HomeFirst Agency when I first received my August statement to make sure they had received my declaration page becuase I was still being charged the 113.37 and Jenny stated they had received my dec page and the insurance was acceptable. When I asked Jenny why I was still being charged for the 113.37 she said I would have to contact Vanderbilt and ask them that all they dealt with was the insurance tracking. So needless to say no one from Vanderbilt was able to help me or tell me why I was still being charged the 113.37.

My mortgage payment was coming up on Aug 21st and I was trying to get this descrepency resolved before I sent in my payment. Since I was unalbe to get get any help from Vanderbilt I wrote a letter to their Account Receivables dept explaining what had happened and I included my payment of 620.74 for August. I stated I was not paying the 113.37 because I would be paying double insurance on my home.

I also asked that a Supervisor from Account management contact me to explain to me what's going on. I'm hoping its just a miscommunication somewhere between there departments but there is no way I should be paying them 113.37 a month for force placed insurance when I already have my own insurance policy on my home. If Vanderbilt continues to bill me on a monthly basis for 734.11 (620.74 original loan pymnt & 113.37 escrow) and I only pay 620.74 that they will try to foreclose on my home because I am refusing to pay the 113.37.

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Original review: June 24, 2008

In 2000 I purchased a repossessed trailer from Oakwood Mobile Homes, when it was delivered it was not in the condition I was told to expect. There were multiple issues with the condition of the trailer as well as the set up. I accepted and fixed those items even though Oakwood had breeched our contract.

I was happy to have a place my daughter and I could call home! I was a 30 year old single mother; my hourly wage was $9.75. The Oakwood representative was fully aware of my situation and took advantage of my longing to have a home of my own. I was offered a 1st Time Buyers loan from Oakwood Homes for a repossessed mobile home at $52,000, and my grandfather allowed me to have it set up on his land.

Two months after the trailer was delivered I was laid off from my job. I had a 7 year old and no money coming in. A few months went by and I continued to get behind in my bills and I knew there was no way I could pay the mortgage on this trailer so I did what I thought was the right thing and called Oakwood. I explained to them that in my position I couldnt afford to make the payments any longer and that they should come and pick up the trailer. I moved out immediately but Oakwood continued to rack up my charges (late fees & interest) and didnt come and pick up the trailer until a year later.

After Oakwood picked up the trailer they in turn sold it for $8500, and then in 2004 they offered to let me get out from under this loan by paying $13,500, sounds good however they gave me 22 days to come up with it. I had no way to come up with that kind of money and especially in that amount of time.

Here in lies my first question If the trailer was valued at $52,000 in 2000 why did they sell for $8500 in 2002/2003? I know that I got over my head when I purchased the home, but I also believe that

Oakwood knowingly sold me the trailer at a price too high for a person with my salary and responsibilities.

In 2006 5.07 acres of familys land was transferred to me from my grandfather. My family has worked this land for years and my daughter and I are the beneficiaries. When Oakwood found out about the land they decided to come after me with both barrels. Now they want in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 to settle this issue when they only wanted $13,500.00 a few years ago. This land is my daughters birth right and I think it is criminal of Oakwood to get so greedy that they have threatened to keep this going another 10 years to make sure they get my families land. I make $11.20/hr, I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child and this land is all we have.

I expect to pay a reasonable amount for the trailer; if $13,500.00 was enough to close this in 2004 I believe I shouldnt have to pay much more than that.

When so many Americans are losing their homes at an alarming rate and some of us are holding on with all that we have, it sickens me to see a company like Oakwood not want to play fair but crooked and what I believe to be unethical.

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Original review: Feb. 29, 2008

I have always made my payment on time and added a little extra. When I recieved my new payment book. I noticed that my monthly payment had gone up. I was not given any notice about the changes in my monthly payments until I call to ask why my bill my new bill. They said they made a mistake on my escrow account, and that RESPA started a new law (2008)that required them to get an extra two month custion to cover the insurance. Which puts me almost $600.00 behind on my payments. It might not seem like much but it a big mistake the company made and now I have to pay or loose what I have.

(I pay my own property taxes.)
The escrow is only insurance.
I know that this happened to someone else because I have talk to others.
and the same think happened to them.

How common is this practice, We the customer has more to loose, mortgage companies well benefit from our loss.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2006

Vanderbilt carried my mortgage and I authorized payments to be deducted from my checking account. My house was sold closing on 12/6/05, with their balance due paid by title company. The balance they quoted was effective through 12/28/05. They deducted a December payment from my checking account and although I have written them they have not refunded this payment of $547.98 and did not return my calls.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2005

I lost my job in Oct/04, thats when I

contacted customer service at Vanderbilt Mortgage to let them know; not to debited any more money from my bank account. Which that cost me $30.00

so from Nov 04 to August 05 no payment book, no letters, no calls, but 4 to 8
calls a day(NOT)! from Vanderbilt Mortgage, but a answer machine saying
1 to answer 3 to ingore, Whats That!

no name, no company, just 1 or 3...

In July 18th they, debited $498.32 from my account WITHOUT my permission took the money, when a payment was mailed on

7/5/05 for $498.32, they won't appy this to my Oct/05 payment! so they won't use it as a credit or put the money back into my account; just asking for another Oct/05 payment for the same amount.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2005

My daughter had a mortgage with Vanderbilt. They sold the mobile home which was on Egland Air force base. The sale was a take over payment situation. Vanderbilt did not inform them that they also were co-signers on the mortgage for the new owner, who walked away after a few years. Vanderbilt now is coming after my daughter and son in law who are trying to get their current home repaired after being ruined by Hurricane Ivan in Navarre, Florida; if that isn't enough.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2005

Vanderbilt had told me that Ohio charges $10.00 to pay-by-phone. I had been paying my mortgage from Chase Manhattan (Louisville, KY) by phone without a charge. Vanderbilt bought my loan from them and tell me that Ohio charges $10.00 for calling in and telling them my routing number and bank account number. Is this true that Ohio charges to pay by phone?

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