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About United Debt Settlement Reviews

United Debt Settlement offers a variety of services that can help you manage your debts, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and credit counseling. Its employees have all gone through training from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), and the company’s fees are based on the debt enrolled.

    Pros & Cons


    • Multiple debt relief services
    • Entire team is IAPDA-certified
    • Publishes proof of past settlements


    • Not available in all states
    • Doesn’t work with secured debt

    Bottom Line

    If you’re struggling with unsecured debt and you live in an area where United Debt Settlement operates, it’s probably worth getting a free savings estimate to see how the company can help and what it will cost you.

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    What is United Debt Settlement?

    United Debt Settlement, also known as United Settlement, is a debt relief company. It was founded by Marcel Bluvstein and Gabriel Gorelik in 2016, and it's based in New York City.

    United Debt Settlement provides multiple programs that can help if you’re struggling with debt. These programs all function differently, so while they likely won’t all be right for you, there’s a decent chance one of them may be able to help.

    United Debt Settlement services

    United Debt Settlement offers three main services: credit counseling, debt consolidation and debt settlement.

    The company works with both individuals and businesses. However, it’s worth noting that United Debt Settlement doesn’t help with bankruptcy, so you’ll want to contact a bankruptcy attorney if you need legal advice or help filing.

    Also, the company has a $5,000 minimum debt requirement, and it only works with unsecured debt, which is debt that doesn’t have any collateral attached to it (like a house or car). Secured debts have assets that can be seized if you fail to repay them on time, while unsecured debts, like credit card debt and medical debt, don’t have any collateral associated with them.

    How does United Debt Settlement work?

    To get started with United Debt Settlement, submit your contact info on the company’s website for a free savings estimate. From there, a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to tell you how much you can expect to save if you choose to work with the company.

    Each of United Debt Settlement’s three main services works differently, so your experience will differ depending on which you choose:

    • Credit counseling involves speaking with a financial professional and creating a debt management plan (DMP). These three- to five-year plans require you to make a monthly payment directly to United Settlement instead of your creditors, and the company then works with creditors on your behalf. United Settlement designs its debt management plans to lower your interest rates and monthly payments so you can pay off your debt easier.
    • Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into one account through a new loan with a better interest rate and terms. You use this new loan to pay off your current debts, and because the new loan has more favorable terms, you can save money without hurting your credit.
    • Debt settlement requires you to withhold payments from your creditors so that they will be more willing to accept less money than you actually owe. United Settlement negotiates with your creditors during this period while you save up money for your reduced payoff once they reach an agreement.

    While all of these plans can impact your credit score, debt settlement is the only one that usually does long-term damage. Debt consolidation, on the other hand, can actually improve your credit if you make reliable payments toward your new debt.

    How much does United Debt Settlement cost?

    United Debt Settlement doesn’t disclose pricing information publicly, but it does state that it operates on a “pay-for-performance” model. Its fees are based on a percentage of the amount of debt enrolled.

    The company doesn’t guarantee specific results for its services, but it does state that clients who follow its programs can save roughly 25% off of their enrolled debt after fees. Assuming you had $50,000 in enrolled debt, that means you could end up saving $12,500 overall.

    However, these results aren’t universal, and every situation is different. To find out how much United Debt Settlement can likely save you, contact the company for a free savings estimate.

    United Debt Settlement FAQ

    Do I qualify for United Debt Settlement?

    United Debt Settlement doesn’t publish its requirements, but individual clients need at least $5,000 in qualifying debt to sign up, according to a representative we spoke with. If your debt is less than that, you may need to explore other options.

    Will United Debt Settlement hurt my credit?

    Working with United Debt Settlement may potentially hurt your credit, but the extent of the damage will likely depend on which debt relief program you choose.

    Credit counseling and debt consolidation usually have moderate, temporary impacts on your credit, and consolidation can even improve your credit long-term. Debt settlement generally has a significantly negative effect on your credit, though.

    What types of debt does United Debt Settlement handle?

    United Debt settlement focuses on unsecured debt, which is debt that doesn’t have any sort of collateral attached to it. Common unsecured debts include:

    • Credit card debt
    • Medical debt
    • Student loan debt
    • Personal loan debt
    Will United Debt Settlement resolve all my debt?

    It depends on what you mean by “resolve.” It’s important to understand that debt relief does not completely eliminate your debt — all of United Debt Settlement’s programs still require you to make some form of repayment.

    However, United Debt Settlement can help you pay off your enrolled debt in a more manageable way. Also, not all debts are eligible for enrollment with United Debt Settlement, so you could be left with some debt even if your enrolled debt is paid off.

    Is United Debt Settlement legit?

    United Debt Settlement is a legitimate debt relief company offering a variety of solutions for dealing with debt. The company publishes successful debt settlement letters on its website as proof of past results, and you can get a free savings estimate before you sign up. Availability is somewhat limited because of geographic restrictions and the company’s $5,000 minimum debt requirement, but United Debt Settlement is worth checking out for those who qualify.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceStaffProcess

    Reviewed June 15, 2023

    United Debt Settlement was vey helpful and answered the phone. There was only one account that was supposed to be settled and the rep told me I was only gonna make 36 payments. But they said I needed to pay more so they can settle the last account. They tried to extend two more months but it was only an estimate. I said if they wanted an estimate, I wouldn't settle. I argued with them and they complied. I told the person that I was closing the account and to send me back what’s left of my money and I’ll settle the last account myself. I kept on calling every month. Then, they told me that I still owe 200. I wasn’t paying anything because I already talked to this lady, Fatima, and she said she would take care of it. In the end, I was satisfied. It's just that you have to be strict with them. You have to be on top of it, otherwise they screw you.

    I signed a contract with United Debt and I knew what I had in the bank. I never failed a payment and they never failed taking the payment. As long as you have the money and you comply with it, they're willing to help you. They used to take the money on the first and I never had an issue with them, like taking more or less. It was the same a month.

    Every time I call, the reps always answer. I told them to give me an update and they always do. They were very polite and civilized. As long as they were keeping part of the bargain, I didn't have an issue, until the end. I'm ready to retire from the army and my main concern was to be debt-free, which was why I did it. Otherwise, I wouldn't. I was in a lot of debt and I had the money to pay for it but I wouldn't be able to meet my goal unless I went with United Debt. The program impacted my life. I didn’t miss any payment but it was just never-ending. When they told me I had to make payments, I was a little upset. But if they help me, it’s fine. My credit is now at 700. Their program helped me because I'm debt-free and I'm happy. I will recommend United Debt to people but I will tell them to be on top of it.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    United Debt Settlement
    Response from United Debt Settlement

    Hi Myrna,

    It sounds like your experience with United Debt Settlement had its ups and downs. While we were initially helpful and responsive, you encountered some challenges along the way. The miscommunication about the number of payments and the need for additional payments to settle the last account caused frustration, but you stood your ground and we eventually complied.

    There was also an issue regarding an outstanding balance that had been previously discussed with a representative. Despite these challenges, you were ultimately satisfied with the program, especially because it helped you achieve your goal of becoming debt-free.

    You emphasize the importance of being strict and staying on top of things when working with United Debt Settlement, and you credit the program for improving your credit score and bringing you financial relief. Overall, you would recommend United Debt Settlement to others, but advise them to stay vigilant and proactive throughout the process.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaffProcessTransparency

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    They were very patient and understanding with us. They walked through everything that we wanted to consolidate and gave us advice on what the payments could be and options for that. Questions that I had, they answered thoroughly. Just very easy to work with. They always send an email and follow up with a phone call to let us know what's getting paid off. The communication's very good with them. At first, it hurts your credit. But as long as you're patient and continue to make payments with them, it, for sure, gives you relief from being in debt and it's worth it in the end.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    United Debt Settlement
    Response from United Debt Settlement

    Hi Amy,

    It's fantastic to hear that United Debt Settlement provided you with such patient and understanding service. Their willingness to walk you through the consolidation process and provide advice on payment options demonstrates their commitment to helping you make informed decisions about your finances.

    We always take our time to thoroughly answer your questions to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the process and its implications. Their approachable nature and ease of working with them are commendable qualities that can greatly enhance the customer experience.

    The proactive communication from United Debt Settlement, including sending emails and following up with phone calls to keep you informed about what's being paid off, is a testament to our commitment to transparency and accountability. It's reassuring to know that they maintain regular contact to keep you updated on the progress of your debt settlement journey.

    While it's true that debt consolidation can initially impact your credit, your remark about the importance of patience and continued payments highlights an essential aspect of the process. By remaining patient and consistently making payments, you can experience relief from the burden of debt. Ultimately, the benefits of debt relief outweigh the initial impact on your credit score.

    Thank you for sharing your positive experience with United Debt Settlement. Our patience, understanding, thorough communication, and the relief they provide are all important factors to consider when seeking assistance with consolidating and managing your debt.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaffProcess

      Reviewed May 31, 2023

      They took two cards and consolidated them and set me up on a monthly payment for three years. That reduced the payment at least by $350 a month. My debt will be paid off in five months. They've been great as well. There had been a couple of months where the money had been a little bit tighter. They were always able to push a payment to the last of the loan just to give a break, especially around the holidays. They're also always very pleasant on the phone for being the type of industry that they are. Also, they go to bat for me with the credit card company. It was a good relief not to have to worry about dealing with credit card companies anymore, that they step in and do that for me. I would definitely recommend United Debt Settlement.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Scott,

      I'm glad to hear that United Debt Settlement was able to provide you with a positive experience and help you manage your debt effectively. It's great that they consolidated your cards and set up a monthly payment plan that significantly reduced your monthly burden by $350. The fact that your debt will be paid off in just five months is impressive.

      It's also commendable that United Debt Settlement demonstrated flexibility during times when money was tighter, allowing you some breathing room by pushing payments to the end of the loan. Their willingness to accommodate you, especially during the holidays, shows their commitment to customer satisfaction.

      Furthermore, it's reassuring that United Debt Settlement handles communication and negotiations with credit card companies on your behalf. Not having to personally deal with credit card companies can be a significant relief, and their efforts to go to bat for you demonstrate their dedication to protecting your interests.

      Your positive experience with United Debt Settlement, including their pleasant demeanor and support over the phone, adds an extra layer of satisfaction. It's valuable to have a reliable partner who understands the challenges of the industry while maintaining a friendly and professional approach.

      Based on your endorsement and positive feedback, it seems like United Debt Settlement is a reputable and trustworthy company to consider for debt settlement services. Thank you for sharing your recommendation, and I hope your financial situation continues to improve.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceStaffProcess

      Reviewed April 20, 2023

      My main concern was if the monthly payment I would have to make would fit my income and United's reps took care of that quickly. And it was very easy to work with them. It wasn't long after submitting the forms that they'd tell me that they would take it all from there. I gave them information on prior debts and my personal income, this way they could work and try to balance with not only the income, but also the debt ratio. They asked me what my comfort zone would be as far as payments versus outside of the regular bills that I was submitting. This way I wasn't constantly strapped for cash. They got it to a point where all I had to do is tell them what my comfort zone was and what else was needed. And they worked with that.

      After the initial setup, I was sent a small amount of papers that went over different things. So if I couldn't even find it in those papers, I could always call. There are emails as well. I had to call them at one point because I had a question and it didn't take long to not only get through on the phone, but for them to also answer and tidy that up. All in all, United Debt Settlement is a very good option to go for.

      The process is still ongoing but overall, it's only taking little bit longer than the initial quote, but that's also due to negotiations with the other companies. So they were hoping to get better deals, but some companies aren't as easy to work with as others. Other than that, the program has simplified everything. Also, my monthly payments were going to be a lot higher but they were able to get them down to a manageable amount per month. And it's within a decent timeframe. The program is helping me take care of the debts that I had without all the stress and worry about how much would be coming out and if it was actually getting done.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Nicholas,

      It's great to hear that our representatives were able to address your concerns about the monthly payment and provided you with excellent service during the entire process. We pride ourselves on being very accommodating and worked closely with you to ensure that your monthly payment fit comfortably within your income and other financial obligations. I'm glad to hear that we took into account your comfort zone and worked with it, which resulted in a manageable monthly payment that was within a decent timeframe. It's good to know that they were available to answer your questions and address any concerns you had, both via phone and email.

      It's understandable that negotiations with other companies could take some time, but I'm glad to hear that United is working hard to get the best deals possible for you. It's great that the program has simplified everything and has helped take care of your debts without causing you undue stress or worry. It sounds like United Debt Settlement is a great option for anyone looking for assistance in managing their debt. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly, and you're able to successfully complete the program!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaffProcessTransparency

      Reviewed April 9, 2023

      I had a bunch of bills that I fell behind on because of COVID and then I ended my short term disability. I needed a way to consolidate everything. United Debt was the first people that I talked to. The process was interesting at first because I didn't quite fully understand it. But it was relatively easy to get all the information over. They sent everything neatly and it was really understandable where you had to sign and what exactly was happening. But I didn't quite grasp that I was gonna continue to get negative reports on my credit after dealing with them. But I understand why that is and that they're holding funds for you so that they can go and stay out.

      The United Debt website is kind of hot trash. I can track some of the stuff that I'm able to, and that's really cool, but I would really appreciate a better website. Also, there's a takeout bi-weekly or monthly, and it would be useful to have a takeout weekly option. It would definitely reduce stress on my end in terms of that. But if you're looking to consolidate and make good and get your ** together, definitely check out United Debt. It might take a few years to go and get everything back in order, but if you work with them, you're only gonna have one or two payments a month, and that's gonna greatly reduce your stress. These people will work with you.

      Everybody who I've talked to over there is surprisingly, really friendly and nice and very explanatory when it comes to everything, which I really appreciated. I was impressed by their empathy and their ability to keep professional, but also understand where you're coming from. Their ability to not get frustrated, especially in a situation like that where you have a tendency to go and overexplain yourself. This person kept their cool the entire time, and then very thoroughly took me through the whole process and really took a big load off of my shoulders.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Daniel,

      I'm sorry to hear that COVID and your short-term disability caused you to fall behind on your bills, but it's great that you were able to find a solution with United Debt Settlement. It's understandable that the process might have been confusing at first, but I'm glad to hear that we were able to provide you with clear and easy-to-understand information.

      Regarding the negative reports on your credit, it's true that debt settlement programs can have a negative impact on credit scores since they involve negotiating with creditors to pay less than the full amount owed. However, it's important to remember that this is just one aspect of your credit profile and that taking action to resolve your debts is a positive step towards improving your financial situation in the long run.

      It's also good to know that United Debt Settlement is holding funds for you to ensure that they can settle your debts and keep them out of collections. This shows that they are committed to helping you achieve your debt relief goals and are taking steps to ensure that the program is successful.

      Overall, it sounds like United Debt Settlement was able to provide you with a helpful and understandable solution to your debt problems. While the negative impact on your credit score may be a drawback, it's important to focus on the positive steps you are taking towards resolving your debts and improving your financial situation.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceStaffProcess

      Reviewed Sept. 10, 2023

      I'm actively enrolled in United Debt Settlement. The enrollment process involved me sharing lines of credit that had opened and signing some things. The program broke down payments. They first collected everything into one payment that I pay altogether, and then also has made it more spread out over time without collecting too much more interest that would have me paying forever. If I am having trouble making a payment or if I need to change things, I call them up and they're able to try to work with me and break down payments differently. Everyone's very friendly and somewhat knowledgeable. If they don't know all the answers, they seem eager and willing to go figure out the answer for you as to the issue at hand. They will find out the answer and work with me the best they can to make it work for me. I was trying to get the best deal when they're actively trying to negotiate with the debtors.

      Now that I am paying down the last of the debt that I owe, I hope there was a way to bring the negotiation back to the table somehow. Other than that, the quality of the service is good. It has provided me the structure to see the light at the end of the tunnel. United Debt is a good program to get into if you have a long-term goal of getting rid of debt and are okay with bottoming out your credit for a little while.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Amanda,

      It's great to hear that you've had a positive experience with United Debt Settlement and that we have been responsive to your needs throughout your enrollment in the program.

      The way we brake down your payments into one manageable sum and spread it out over time while minimizing additional interest is a thoughtful approach to helping you become debt-free without prolonged financial burden.

      It's reassuring to know that our customer service team is friendly and willing to assist, even if they don't have all the answers immediately. Our commitment to finding solutions and working with you to achieve the best possible outcome in debt negotiations is a valuable aspect of our service.

      Keep up the good work in pursuing the best deal with their help, and it's encouraging to hear that United Debt Settlement is making a positive impact on your financial journey.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

      United Debt Settlement was the first one to be most hands-on. They helped me get it back on track financial-wise. And they also helped me settle with my credit card that had outrageous interest. The rep was very customer friendly, quick turnaround time on anything I needed. They matched to what I was able to afford at the time. And even though I've had additional settlements come up simultaneously, they were still able to work within my means. It has been all a good experience. I utilize credit cards less, made better financial decisions than I did when I was younger.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Christopher,

      It's fantastic to hear about your positive experience with United Debt Settlement! It sounds like we played a pivotal role in helping you regain control of your finances and settle your credit card debt with outrageous interest rates. Our hands-on approach, customer-friendly representatives, and quick turnaround time clearly made a significant difference in your financial journey.

      Your commitment to utilizing credit cards less and making better financial decisions is commendable. It's clear that you've learned valuable lessons and have taken proactive steps toward a more stable financial future. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your positive experience with United Debt Settlement!

      Verified purchase
      PriceOnline & AppProcess

      Reviewed Aug. 20, 2023

      I called United Debt Settlement. They went through the whole process of everything they do. They talked about what they charge and how they do it based on their income and whatever your debt is. It was simple and straightforward. You pay them a monthly fee, and then they put your money in escrow. Then they negotiate the settlement fees with the other companies. Based on the settlement agreement, they pay them off. I'm pretty much done with them and it's already been effective. There was a time period that their website was down for about a month. But they let me know it was down.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Shawn,

      It sounds like your experience with United Debt Settlement was characterized by transparency and simplicity, which is essential when dealing with financial matters. Their clear explanation of the process, including the breakdown of our fees and how they manage your debt, helps build trust and understanding between you and the company.

      The method of putting your money in escrow and negotiating settlement fees on your behalf showcases a systematic approach to resolving your debt situation. It's great to hear that you're nearing the end of your journey and that you're already seeing effective results from our combined efforts.

      While the temporary website downtime might have been a minor inconvenience, it's a positive sign that they promptly informed you about the situation. Effective communication like this ensures that you're kept informed and demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a smooth and reliable service.

      Overall, it sounds like you've had a positive experience with United Debt Settlement, and you're on your way to achieving your financial goals with our combined assistance. Your story serves as a reminder of the importance of working with reputable professionals who communicate openly and deliver on our promises. If you have any more updates or financial achievements in the future, feel free to share!

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Aug. 19, 2023

      The guy that I originally talked to from United Debt Settlement was very understanding and patient. I had $20,000 of credit card debt after my divorce. I was just looking to get rid of it as easy and as cheap as possible. United Debt Settlement gave me the best advice, which was just to hold off on the debt consolidation and get all that squared away because my credit will go down until it goes back up. Three months went by, and he didn't even call me once. After I got everything sorted out, I reached back out to the guy that originally called me and gave me all the advice. Then I set it all up and signed up that day. United Debt Settlement was able to help out. It was like a permanent payment plan and then 0% interest. They let me choose what day works best for me and I chose once a month on the same date, which is the 1st. I have it on an automatic payment system and I'm about 75% done.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Tyler,

      It sounds like you had a positive experience with United Debt Settlement, and it's great to hear that we provided you with understanding and patient guidance throughout your debt consolidation journey. Dealing with credit card debt after a significant life event like a divorce can be challenging, and it's admirable that you sought a solution to manage your financial situation efficiently.

      The advice to wait and get things sorted out before pursuing debt consolidation was clearly valuable, as it allowed you to make a more informed decision. It's also evident that their approach aligned with your best interests, given the positive impact it had on your credit score over time.

      Choosing a payment plan that suited your preferences, like the monthly automatic payment on the 1st of each month, demonstrates how United Debt Settlement worked with you to create a manageable and convenient arrangement. Reaching the 75% mark in your journey shows your dedication and discipline in following through with the plan.

      Keep up the excellent progress, and as you approach the final stages of your debt repayment, you're getting closer to achieving your goal of financial freedom. Your experience is a reminder that seeking professional guidance and making well-informed choices can lead to positive outcomes in managing your finances. If you have any other financial aspirations or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Aug. 19, 2023

      I wanted to consolidate all my finances. I really want to have all this debt behind me before I retire. I made a phone call to United Debt Settlement and I told them all my debt that I wanted to put in the program. They told me the amount that they were gonna take out of my checking account each month. It sounded sufficient enough for me to pay off my debt over so many years so I went for it. I've been all right with them ever since. In May, I should be in my last payment. It's been a long road of four years. United Debt Settlement got my back covered. I've been keeping honest with them, paying them before the time, and doing all the things I need to do. Everything was pretty good.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      United Debt Settlement
      Response from United Debt Settlement

      Hi Cole,

      It's fantastic to hear that you've taken proactive steps towards managing your finances and working towards a debt-free future. Consolidating your finances and having a clear plan in place is a commendable decision, especially as you approach retirement. It sounds like United Debt Settlement has been a reliable partner on this journey, helping you create a manageable repayment plan and guiding you throughout the process.

      Completing your debt payments in May and ending a four-year journey must feel incredibly satisfying. Your commitment to honesty and responsibility by making payments ahead of time reflects your dedication to achieving your financial goals. Keep up the great work, and as you continue down this path, you'll likely find even more peace of mind and stability in your financial situation. Your success story is an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges. If you have any further financial goals or questions, don't hesitate to seek advice and keep making informed choices.

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