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I'm an active duty Army officer stationed out of state and not near any TD Bank branches. I was recently married and needed to change my name on all of my accounts. This includes airlines, credit cards, passport, DL, professional ratings and licenses, bank accounts and more. The process, as everyone knows, is arduous. Literally every institution listed above has a provision to complete this process either by faxing copies or mailing original corroborating documents. The ONLY one who insists on you doing it in person, and will not budge in their policy is TD Bank... "The most convenient bank in America". Thanks TD Bank, for your undying support to our troops. We are closing our account with you. Your customer service and "convenience" is far behind your competitors.

I was trying to open a checking account at the TD branch in Secaucus, NJ (1262 Paterson Plank Rd, Secaucus, NJ 07094). While I was waiting for one of the advisor I notice that the tellers were not busy with clients so I was asking them very politely a few questions about opening an account. They responded to me in a very mean way and made me feel like why should I bank here? A lady by the name ** gave me a very bad attitude and she was very rude to me I just left the bank without seeing the advisor and I ended up opening my account in a different branch with a much better behavior from tellers. At the new branch I mentioned this bad experience with the branch manager and I was told that this is not the first time that they get complaints on the tellers from the Secaucus, NJ branch. TD Bank is not a bad choice but depending what branch you are choosing. Good luck!

This is why I'm leaving your suck crap bank, not because of the fees I can care less about that, but when I need my money or when I need to use my debit card I shouldn't have any issue. For fact I'm one of the best customers you guys can have, because you guys made money over me by charging overdraft fees, and I paid them always. I will put as much as feedback anyway everywhere about this ** bank. This is my issue, I went to the ATM made a deposit. It was $500 cash. My account is over draft and I need to care of that and I work overnight and I need the cash for gas and food while at work but this ** bank put my cash deposit on hold till the 8th which is two days after. This is the life in America. I'll be starving by the time the release that funds which was cash deposit. I never hear a bank have that issue but you guys. This is why I'm switching to a different bank where my cash deposit not going on hold.

I hate you guys and dislike this bank now. I call customer service. I told them I can email them the receipt for them to release my cash deposit. They say no they cannot do that. So I'm staying at work starving thirsty because of this ** bank. Thank you and will not find me as a customer anymore. I promise you guys feedback and that receipt will show on google and everywhere I can add feedback. Suck bank.

I'm a freelancer - I just started my business and don't really keep much of a balance in the account. However - my account was -$12 which I received a $70 FEE for and then I was charged with a statement processing fee in the amount of $2 and once again was charged another $35 FEE. They are probably one of the worst banks I've banked with - and I'm sure that all the others are the same.

I am only going to echo what has already been written here by those before me, in the vain hope that it might influence someone within the bank itself or within the regulatory powers that be, to curb TDB's abusive policies. TD Bank manipulates its accounting. Specifically, how and when it posts credits to account holders, so as to charge the MAXIMUM number of overdraft charges possible.

Incredible as it seems, TDB is an allowed maximum of $175 per day. How can that be? Well it is and they do. You can opt out of OD on your personal account and this will help a bit. However, it doesn't stop all of them and if you have a business account, there is no way to mitigate the OD charges, they just pile them on. Of course, if you are eligible you can get overdraft protection. You need the credit.

What if you are a small business trying to rebuild during these past several years? SOL, you just get stepped on. Calling them at the branch is next to useless. They have a rotating staff of personnel (never enough mind you, so if you got the time (to wait), they've got your bank). So just when you think you've built some sort of relationship with your local branch (store) manager. They're gone into the abyss of another bank or branch. When you call the 800 number for the legendary service they claim they have, you will get legendary belligerence when you ask why the fees are so high and if you might recoup some.

Yes, they throw you a bone once in a while. I think once a year they may waive a cashier check fee of $8 even though I'm a long time business account holder. And they may return on occasion (their policy is once per year) a $35 overdraft. But the sheer number of relentless overdraft charges are a substantial burden for any small business or individual consumer. But wait there's more....

Ok they bleed you of funds through overdraft nsf charges. That's one thing. But they also return checks with a methodology only they know about. There is no way to tell if they will return the checks or not. Even if you frantically rush to the bank with cash and deposit that morning, and plead with the bank/store manager to please pay the check (at this point you have been charged already), your efforts are wasted. You might make it until late afternoon as you periodically login to your account to see if your check has been in fact paid. And you feel somewhat satisfied until by 3 or 4pm you see that even though you were charged the fee, deposited the cash, in excess to cover the check, it is still returned mercilessly.

I find TD Bank Criminal, as I do most banks whom we read about almost daily that commit some sort of fraud against the general population and get away with a fine, that is equivalent to a slap on the wrist compared to the billions they made breaking the law. This being the case, the reason I continue to stay for more abuse at the hand of TD bank, is where can I go? I hear equally frightening stories from every other regional or national bank.

I recently explored Valley National only to find after reviewing their fee schedule that it was in some cases, more abusive than TDB, which is some feat. After opening the account only for overnight, I literally went in the next day to close the account. I was charged $25. Thank you sir may I have another. So again, I offer this here hoping upon hope that it makes a difference somewhere or catches someone's ear, along with the incredible stories before me of abuse at the hand of evil TDB and the banking industry at large.

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Currently I am with TD bank and I am looking to buy a property. I understand I work for a family business and do not have a good income history. That is exactly why I went to see a mortgage advisor. After a long conversation the mortgage advisor told me as long as I have a 20 percent down payment which I do I am okay. I made an offer on a property, the offer was accepted and I continued to discuss affairs with my mortgage advisor. It is no surprise I was rejected. However the problems arrives with the how I was rejected. I was told I was pre approved and after I gave all my information to TD I never got back a response. I called them multiple times and every time I was told tomorrow or next week.

After a month of waiting, calling and extending the deadline for the sale I call TD and they said, "We can't give you a mortgage." Why did it take a month for them to say no and because of TD's lack of care for its clientele and lazy work ethic I lost out on this property. If they told me no on day one I would have never made an offer. If they told me no during the first week I could have gone to a private company. I don't understand why they did what they did, but they stole a month of my life and and opportunity of a lifetime. If possible my review would be a negative star because this is simply the straw that broke the camel's back.

I opened a new business account with TD Bank - May 2016. I sold my first car at my used car lot Sept 2016, deposited the credit union check on Saturday. Wrote checks on the account Monday, then have vendors calling me telling me the checks are bouncing. I called the customer service where I was told that ANY check deposited on Fri or Sat are not credited until the END of the next business day. Which equated to not seeing the credit to my account until Tuesday. I asked if they would consider reversing the overdraft charges since it was my first time with the account and the fact that it was a check written from another bank!! They refused. I closed the account today Sept 2016.

TD Bank was sued in a class action lawsuit for clearing checks before deposits. Now they pay with our money and charge us for the privilege. I should not have wasted my time opening the accounting. Will never have another account with TD Bank ever again. I now bank with Norway Savings bank and I am very happy!! (Ignoring the lost of cash from TD stealing my money in overdraft fees.)

I use bill pay on my checking account to pay all my bills and know that TD Bank is not set up to accept payments within the 3 day window like other creditors, so I scheduled it 8 days ahead like my bank suggests. Paper checks are sent as payment to this bank. Evidently, TD Bank has a policy in place that they can stretch it out a full 10 days. Even though my payment was showing on their system as being received on the 15th, it was never applied. I received a collection letter from TD Bank regarding my TD credit card saying I was past due on the 27th. "We may report information about your credit card accounts to credit bureaus. As a result your credit report may reflect late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account." At the end of the letter they say "Our focus remains on delivering a legendary customer experience, and we're here to support you anytime."

I immediately called this morning and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with several people to finally get this hopefully reversed. We will see how that works out. They hold these deposits, sit on the cash and charge fees excessively to benefit TD Bank. It seems to me they are going down the path of Bank of America and Wells Fargo banks. Be warned.

TD Bank is the absolute worst bank I have ever had. Only had account two weeks and they have me overdrawn over $100.00. From what I see they hold transactions until they are ready to post them. I had a FPL payment that was done via debit and they did not post it paid until well over a week later and charged a $35.00 OD fee. There were several other debit purchases, they did the same thing. Then after I was already in the hole, over $100.00 in OD fees alone they conveniently charged bank fees. Their customer service reps are extremely rude. I will be finding another banking institution. If you are smart do not open an account with TD Bank.

This bank are masters at passing the buck and pretending not to know what is going on with your money especially if you don't have 1,000's. This bank has a so-called supervisor who even blamed the Federal Reserve for the discrepancies with my account. I was on the line with the second supervisor and she told me that she wished she could put a million dollars in my account but she cant do anything since her computer screen didn't show the refund. I never asked for a million dollars only the $77 that was refunded by the other party 4 DAYS AGO!!! I am shopping for another banking institution as we speak and plan to put the word out about this institution that justifies poor business practices and is full of excuses.

I deposited 400 dollars cash in an ATM on Thursday night. On Friday I went online and the cash had been posted. I used my debit card on Friday night and Saturday without a problem. On Sunday I went online and found they reversed the $400.00 on Sunday morning and charged me several hundred dollars in fees. When I called I was told they could not really help and reduced the fees to $45.00 which is insane because it was their error.

The person I spoke to at customer service said they had to wait for the check to clear and I said, "Really because it was not a check. It was 4 one hundred dollar bills" and she said "OH they had to verify your transaction." I said "it took from Thursday night until Sunday to verify, they were $100.00 dollar bills." Silence. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold and when they came back on the line I was told the manager would not speak to me. They made a mistake and, in my opinion, stole money from me for fraudulent charges. I am now with Chase and very happy. Left after 26 years with Commerce and TD.

Regular monthly check deposited for years but online account activity shows they are holding it for pending review. Called the branch, spoke to rep who asked how long we have had the account (five plus years, and we have several accounts, including business accounts). He then said that they have to call the bank the check was drawn on to make sure the funds are there and if so, we should see the money clear sometime today. Makes no sense since it didn't show up in pending until I was on the phone with him and they usually give $100 in available funds from the deposit. There was no entry that showed that but they pended the check less $200 and never posted a description of that.

Rep said they have 24 hours after the check is deposited. This happened once before and the rep I spoke to then said the other person's bank was denying the funds. It was a business account and caused all kinds of problems resulting in the person whose check it was ending all business with us. TD Bank used to be good but now you can't get a straight answer from anyone and their website responses to situations like mine are all generic answers like "sorry, we can't reply to everyone's questions but see page middle of bank jargon blahblah". Looking to close accounts and switch to a bank that is reliable and has better customer service.

I opened a Simple Savings Account at TD Bank on the phone, with a direct withdrawal of a set amount of 25.00 monthly directly from checking account, I never was given any forms to sign and was never asked to sign any forms ever. But now it appears that I must travel to a local branch to sign forms to close this account and to have this action completed. Seems to me as a double standard because I never signed not one form, I now have to sign forms to get my money back but worse is, that it has to be in person. IT'S MY MONEY AND THEY REFUSE TO GIVE IT BACK TO ME, technically it's their money. WOW.

PS. They said I must write to them to request a closing of this account, I did not once but 3 times and I never received a response to any of my written requests in-fact I was forced to call them Customer Service on the phone only to be told to go to the branch in person and sign the forms. And I recently had a amputation and was discharged but days ago and I am having trouble moving around and cannot move around much. It's very stressful in doing so.

My first time today in life that I had a very bad experience with TD Bank. This afternoon with TD Bank the bank teller screwed me up. I wrote the correct amount on my check and she made a mistake. Now I have to back come tomorrow to clear this matter. The bank teller made mistake. This is in Staten Island NY 10314. She got mixed up with a number. You messed me up TD Bank. Thank you very much and you ruined my weekend.

On 24 December 2015, being a typical guy, I was doing my holiday shopping. After a few hours making various purchases with my TD Bank Debit Card within a 15 mile radius of my home in Rhode Island, my last stop was at my local TD branch to get some holiday cash from the ATM. There, on my ATM receipt, I discovered an additional $2,000 in my checking account. Sweet, I thought... must have been my wife transferring funds so I could get a new iPad for myself for Christmas.

I went home directly and asked my wife about it. She did NOT make that transfer. Panic set in and I called TD Bank immediately. I discovered a small, UNAUTHORIZED purchase made in Hollywood, Florida. I reported this to the bank rep as an unauthorized purchase. The same person or persons who had made that unauthorized purchase also had accessed ALL of my TD accounts. Not having sufficient information about those accounts, the perpetrator transferred $2,000 out of one of my wife's accounts and into my own checking account. I also reported this as an unauthorized transaction. My debit card was cancelled and a new one issued. I was told that investigators would be looking into the issue.

How was someone able to do this? According to TD Bank, someone called them on the phone and pretended to be me. To "prove" they were "me", they provided my debit card number (evidently quite easy to get that number) and the amount of a recent purchase (about 1,000 miles away from where I had been simultaneously making purchases near my home). No other questions were asked of that person. No account number, no CVV code from the back of the card, no other purchases or deposits were asked for.

I recently discovered that the unauthorized purchase was not refunded to me, in spite of the fact that on 24 December 2015, while I was talking to the TD Bank rep., I studied up on disputes for unauthorized purchases and followed the necessary steps by reporting quite clearly that the purchase was unauthorized, with an hour or two of that unauthorized purchase. TD Bank now tells me that they have no dispute filed.

To make a long story... well... a little longer... not only were the security questions a poor and illegitimate method for verifying identity, but it seems to me (and I am loathe to cast aspersions), that the TD Bank representatives were in on it. The person I spoke with was actually sitting near the same rep that allowed these transactions through and gave an unauthorized person access to ALL of my wife's and my own TD checking, savings, and business accounts. He frequently put me on hold while he "consulted" with that person. As far as I can tell, TD Bank is unaware of any security issue regarding my accounts. I do have a lot of accounts with TD Bank as a property owner and business owner, but I have already begun to close my accounts there and transfer to another bank. I hope my experience helps others avoid TD Bank.

The "customer service" agents are terrible. They cannot speak English properly and they cannot spell correctly. They made up a street name on our account and it was returned because the street does not exist. They tried no other mode of contact. I called them because I was concerned about not getting a bill when we used a special interest-free sale. They said we weren't overdue and acted like we were avoiding them. They sent two bills and tacked on interest and a late fee because it was overdue. Then they "corrected" our correct address with another made up address a month later.

When I called to correct it they acted like we had moved. Hello!!! We did not move!!! Please, please just do your job. When the lady corrected it, after questioning me like I was being charged with capital murder, she was being snotty. Then she asked if there was anything else she could help me with. I asked her to please read the street address to me, then spell the street name. She yelled the name and spelling three times, then yelled the entire street address. I hung the phone up on the **. I guess I am going to pay this account off in less than nine months just to avoid having to deal with those unprofessional and incredibly unintelligent agents again.

TD Bank is moving around the timing of debits and credits to cause overdrafts and $35 fees. Earlier this month I had a pending debit. I saw online that I would be about $6 short. So, I electronically transferred $7 into my account. Electronic transfers are available immediately. I confirmed that they had credited the $7, which they had. 2 days later, they had switched the debit and credit so that the check would bounce. Then they charged me $35. A week or so later I saw that they had re-processed the check... which left me with over $250 in my account.

I checked my account online last night. The cleared check was still listed with a positive balance. But, in "Pending" I saw the amount of the check plus a $35 overdraft fee!!! I called Customer Service and was on hold about 30 minutes. The rep. checked in with me (I assume to see if I had hung up) and said she was still waiting for a manager. Eventually, "the Manager" approved crediting me back the $70. But, the check is still listed as returned... and my veterinarian will be notified that my check bounced and has to be reprocessed! I looked back through my statements and saw that there was a $35 overdraft fee listed every month since MAY! How do we stop them???

I would say for the last 4-6 months something has been happening so so wrong. I have been with TD Bank for years and never had so many problems. It seems as though they hold deposits, charge fees that shouldn't be charged. The problems go on and on. They are going to end up with a class action lawsuit, just like Bank of America did.

I have been with TD Bank since I was 18 - over 10 years and I have never had a problem with them however that all came to a crashing end when I ordered something for my son online with my card for my son's birthday. Long story short they allowed someone to take double the money out my account so I called customer service over 9 times and after being transferred and hung up on I went to the nearest branch. I get there. I'm crying and very upset. My son's birthday is ruined. His gift never came and I got charged double for it.

After waiting another hour there I finally get to speak to someone name Mohsan ** whom barely spoke English so I told him the situation and he tells me it's nothing he can do for me. I need to call the police and I asked him why should I have my money in a bank if it can be stolen from anyone and he laughed at me and told me to ask myself that. I was so upset so TD Bank is a horrible bank to bank with. They don't care about nobody but themselves.

I recently noticed that I was getting charged for overdrafts. I keep very close track of my account and noticed that when using the bill pay option, the bank does not deduct the checks from the account when they are written but when they say the check was cashed. Over the last few months the same payee, even though the check is dispensed on the 16th of the month, never gets deducted until there is not enough to cover the check, thus a 35.00 charge. When you go into the online bill pay section, it show you what was RECENTLY PAID. If you are paying a bill you deduct it from the account and not two weeks later. I have had enough of this type of bait and switch mentality just to be able to collect more fees for less service.

I have been having economical issues of late so my account balance has been kind of low. In the morning of the 11 of August I had a positive balance but I knew the light bill was due so I deposited money to avoid an overdraft fee. I checked my balance on the 12, 13 ,14, 15, and the 16 and all was well with the world, but then I remembered the Planet Fitness auto payment due on the 17th. Well, it was only $10 but I didn't have the $10 in my account (unfortunately... I told you it has been a tough couple of months). :'( Anyway I went directly to an ATM (Because by the time I got out of work, the banks had closed) after having called the bank and asking a rep that if I deposited in cash would it be available for the auto payment the next day which the rep answered "yes".

The next day the beginning balance was like $14 dollars then it showed a negative (-$31) balance. When I checked the Planet Fitness payment was made after the beginning +$14 which should have left me with a +$4 (sad, I know) but, I was charged the overdraft fee of $35. When I called to ask for an explanation, apparently the fee was charged the day the light bill was charged!!! How is this possible if my account NEVER showed a negative balance up to 5 days after the light bill was charged??? The only response was, "We take charges in the order that they're placed". Which I still don't understand and when I stated my confusion and growing anger at such a stupid response, I was promptly hung up on by the rep named Shanika or something to that effect!!

So yeah TD BANK SUCKS BIG TIME. I do not recommend this bank, their reps are rude and do not know how to answer simple questions and they will charge you every little thing they can whenever they can. Ah, and to make matters worse, my son lent me some money to get out of the negative balance and to at least have a little gas money but, of course TD Bank thought it a wonderful time to charge the maintenance fee, so no gas for me. I hate Them!!! Worse bank ever and I will promptly (as soon as I get a chance) be closing my account, something everyone with an account with them should do before you get screwed over, cause it will happen sooner or later.

I have had various issues with this bank. The one that really concerns me is how they hold money at their discretion. I made an order on amazon for 359.99, then immediately canceled it realizing that I forgot to cover an expense that superseded it. They held it in pending going on 7 days causing a insufficient fund fee of 35 and then I have 2 more of those fees hitting today. Yet I can return an item to Amazon and have the refund in my account before leaving the ups store. That's if I had more funds in the account. They are sneaky and the federal government needs to investigate and make them reimburse everyone's fees since they started this manipulation.

They have overall great Customer Service! I have not had a problem with them other than a problem that will be solved (I will make sure of that). Know that if you are thinking about TD Bank that they suck with sending you bank cards in the mail. It is stupid that they can't even have it leave their facility without misplacing it. Then they tell me that I already received the card when I didn't. So if I were you you should find time to go into a TD Bank branch to talk to a person face to face. Tell them that they need to give you a bank card now or make sure that the card will be shipped from the facility when they say it will be.

They refuse to allow me to open an online account??? My card is paid off every cycle in full??? Customer service are complete idiots, you will never get the same answer twice, you have to call all day top straighten out problems. They have no idea how to run a credit card so they have no right handling money!!

I have been with TD Bank for over 15 years and I have never had a problem with my checks clearing. On August the 4th I deposited a check from PVH for 3008 at the ATM at 3:15 pm and they are telling me that I can't have access to my money till August 12. I don't understand why the long hold and no one is answering my questions. I have bills to pay and all they can do is tell me I have to wait till Friday. Customer service is giving me the run around telling me to go to the bank and they can left the hold and the bank is saying customer service is the only people that can do that.

The person who I spoke with in customer service is talking over me and will not let me get a word in and he keep saying the same thing over to try to make me frustrated, so I ask to speak to his supervisor and she tell me that the hold will be lifted but when I check my account it's still saying amount. Make a long story short I will be taking ALL my money out of TD Bank. Customer service need to be trained on how to help their people and not talk over them.

Money hungry!!! Ooh how they love to charge Fees. We have never have had an overdraft fee at any bank till about 2 months. When I noticed these 3 overdraft fees of $35 each that they post activity now till timing of transactions and not what's in your account at the end of day. Well since then I have been logging into the account everyday. I logged do to it today and saw balance didn't add up right, looked through the activity and saw an overdraft fee. Well to my surprise It shows a maintenance fee of $15. Causing an over draft before my paycheck cleared. But here's the problem the $15 fee shows it was posted on the 3rd. My husband and I both have logged into the account on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and there was no maintenance fee listed on those days.

When I called about it neither the rep or her supervisor would help. They basically called us stupid said we over looked it or miscalculated. I'm sorry but there was only 3 transactions posted within that 4 day period so I think 1 of us would see another transaction that wasn't from us. She then said the fee was for a balance being under $100 at the end of statement. Yeah our balance was way over $1,000.00. She then tries to back track and say it's a normal fee. The supervisor told us to go ahead cancel all 3 of our accounts cause there's nothing she can do. Yeah good customer service there!!!

Person I dealt with at one of the TD branches had no patience with my father who isn't a English speaker. He sounded irate every time he called me to try to explain something. My father had to deposit two checks I wrote to him into his account, which right away cleared my account, not pending, but they were cleared and released. TD Bank had the audacity to say it'll be released to my father in 10 days! Are you kidding me, as if my father doesn't have bills to pay, a family he needs to feed! This guy was a complete jerk. Would talk over me and not let me speak when I would try to express my frustration.

I have never had this issue with Chase. He drove to my bank (Chase) who had already released the funds for the check expecting them to release my information to any bank and any person without my person being present. Then calls himself a bank representative. This guy clearly doesn't know confidentiality! Expected to show up to my bank, speak to my manager and have her release any information he wanted. End of story, account is closed... Still waiting on this deposit. Will never recommend this bank! And this manager Craig or whatever he is deserves to be fired, no customer service skills whatsoever. No patience at all, was it the language barrier that made you frustrated? Because if so do not work at a place with people! I will make sure to tell every one about this horrible experience. Never had so much time wasted.

I had my first bad experience with TD when I deposited a $800 check. It cleared an equivalent $800 credit to my balance, so I paid my bills only to find that 3 days later they reverted the credit by returning the check at that point generating dor TD: $35 overdraft fee + $15 returned check = $50. How a SANE person could deal with this trap policy? So I have to wait 3 days with a cleared check credit to my account to only then use the funds safely? I suspect THOUSANDS of CUSTOMERS are being taken advantage by TD like me, and further: I suspect a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT is on the making, it gotta be. Avoid TD as a plague.

Without notifying the parent on the account 3 Teen cards were closed leaving the cardholders without funds for basic needs. This is not the first issue we have had with TD. The business checking account has continuously been over drafted with promises of corrections that never arrived (we have e-mails with these promises from bank officials). The TD credit card has been compromised.

We will be closing all accounts today; however, we just feel TD's lack of customer care is egregious. Knowing someone depended on the TD Teen card for basic needs, which it is advertised for, should have at least garnered a call to the parent to inform them of the closure. A resolution would have been to reopen the cards once the bank was informed that the security issue was discussed, which at this point wasn't even disclosed. I will broadcast to every social media site, every associate, family member, etc. not to use this bank for any purpose. Truly sad that a company has such little customer care especially after being given so many opportunities to correct the issue.

They are supposed to be charging overdraft fees according to the date of the transaction... When I go to check my account after purchases it shows my available balance after the purchase has been deducted... but the bank it changing them to show that my account is overdrawn and they keep charging me fees... This isn't right. I've paid at least 10-15... $35 overdraft fees within the last 2 weeks... but whenever I call they make it seem like I don't have the money available when I make my purchases and check my account balances immediately after I'm getting $35 overdraft fees for transactions I made before my account was overdrawn.

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