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Last updated: Jan. 10, 2018

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

I was mislead on what a loan motivation was by phone and was hassled by this mortgage after experiencing damaged from Hurricane Harvey. A representative from the company showed up at my home uninvited, many hassling phone calls and letters after arrangements were made with the company, rude customer service reps who acted as if they were doing you a favor by taking your call. After applying for the modification with all required documentation due to a 3 month deferment, the company required my check stubs pre-storm as if we received raises during the storm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

Worst car loan experience I have ever had. To begin with, when I initially opened my account I never received any billing information concerning loan payments. I assumed that my payments would not start for 45 days like most banks. Nope, not this one. I didn't receive any billing information until my first payment was past due and then demanded a double payment. I attempted to assure them that I never received the initial information concerning account number, payment due date, or payment amount.

When I finally received my bill it was already past due. I tried to explain for over an hour to whomever would listened what happened. Customer service agents transferred me to several different departments with no resolution. After I was transferred to the department I needed, it was conveniently closed and I was forced to pay a double payment. This has been the worst banking experience ever. I will say I have a great interest rate on my car loan, but that's it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

I have been through 4 different modems at Spectrum and every modem the IP address was blacklisted by M&T Bank meaning I cannot surf to their website. I can connect to any BANK except M&T Bank (Key Bank, Bank of America all good). What a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! It’s been over 2.5 weeks and when I call M&T Bank they say it’s Spectrum's IP being blocked and when I call Spectrum it is M&T Bank! Well the problem is at M&T Bank blocking IP addresses in order to gain access to the website. FYI it’s the Baracudda blacklist system! As a business owner this is **!! Also the M&T Bank App is terrible. I haven't been able to get this to work for months either. Support on the same is also poor! It’s a real shame. I have 11 accounts with them and when calling tech support you're only a NUMBER!!! And the same excuse!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

Do yourself a favor and choose a different bank. They charge you for every little thing. I was 7 dollars negative in my account, so I deposited 10 dollars cash the next day, and they charge me a 38 dollar late fee... I will never pay this late fee. I wish they go bankrupt.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

M and T's online banking and app services are absolutely HORRENDOUS. As a business owner who was clearly foolish enough to open not 1, but 3 accounts with them. PLEASE spare yourself the trouble of having EVERYONE in the entire United States having access to your account EXCEPT YOU! Oh, and the hold times over the phone are endless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

My mortgage was sold to M&T Bank. Ever since, dealing with this bank has been a nightmare. Their customer service people are incompetent, their loan officers don't know what they are doing, what you are told via phone conversations and what actually happens are two different things, and they are always looking for a way to charge you more for them doing nothing but harassing their customers.

A couple of years ago, I fell behind 30 days on my mortgage. I was assigned someone that was going to help me get back on track and possibly lower my payments or put the delinquent payments at the end of my loan. Conversations went on for 18 months! I turned in my paperwork 7 times. Three times they couldn't find it so it had to be resent. Two times my loan specialist uploaded the wrong information and made my account show I was making $10,000 more than I was. I really liked this one because I got to argue with them several times per month on how much I actually did make. Showing pay stubs and payroll sheets apparently weren't good enough... because they "knew exactly what I made and verified with my employer's payroll person". That was comical. What was even more funny was the fact that they never called my employer to talk with payroll because I am the one that does payroll! They didn't know that at the time.

Then they tried to say that they spoke with someone there but couldn't give me a name. I went to the office and asked everyone there if they had spoken to someone from M&T Bank. Everyone said no one had called from there. The company I work for has a total of 6 employees including me so this wasn't a hard task... I ended up getting caught up on my own after being told they would help and not to catch my account up because they would help.

I ended up falling behind again about 6 months ago. I got the same runaround about the paperwork and that they would help. The newest thing is to keep charging my account $14 per month because they need to send someone to my house to make sure it is occupied even though I speak with them, get their certified mail, and deal with them calling me 5-7 times per day every day. If they can come up with a bogus charge, they will add it to your account! Beware of them. If you can stay away, DO IT!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I was laid off last year and have been continually 30 days late with my mortgage payment. I have started to recover financially and then had to replace a 6k boiler system on the house. I have applied to M&T mortgage for a home modification and was denied based on credit! I knew that would be the outcome since the loss of employment. I asked the bank to add 2 payments to the back of the loan and they have refused but continually offer a deed in lieu of title. They have been of no help.

I understand that they cannot file for foreclosure until I exceed 90 days of no payments. Even though I am in constant contact with them, I come home to 3-4 messages daily to call them. I call them and we go through the same script, "Is the home occupied, why are you behind, when are you going to pay?" It has become harassing and I have decided not to return any calls and have blocked their number. Banks wonder why they have so many homes in this area sitting vacant for nonpayment, I am not the only one struggling. If you are looking for a mortgage, I would suggest looking at another company!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

This the worst bank ever, you can tell they do not care about anybody. They bought Hudson City Bank and kept 2 mortgages on credit report. Had to fight to remove one, then added $12500.00 to balance of my mortgage. They say they charge to pay mortgage off early. Now they want 2 months mortgage payments in escrow at all times. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS BANK. They will stress you out every month with new fees. Now they reported I was late over 90 days on my mortgage for 10 months in a row. They killed my credit so I have to fight to change the last credit report.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

We have a Controller who is going to jail for stealing more than 1/2 a million dollars from us. We didn't realize the theft was taking place because M&T was refusing provide us with bank statement that were lost in Storm Sandy. We hired a lawyer to force the M&T to provide the records. When they finally sent the records the theft was clear. We saw checks where the payee, and amount on the checks did not match what was recorded in our accounting software. There were over a 120 checks altered. Most of these checks were deposited by the controller into her personal account using the bank's remote deposit application on her smartphone. These applications are not secure. They cannot tell if any of the information on the check has been altered, and the system can't tell if there has been white out used on the check.

These checks started out payable to a vendor. The controller altered the payee to read cash or petty cash. The bank response says the checks they viewed read petty cash or petty cash so that made the checks Bearer Paper, and thus did not require an endorsement. So the bank saw 120+ deposits from this women come through and never once kicked back any check for lack of endorsement or even called us to ask why we were issuing checks to cash or petty cash. We had some of our employees try this at other banks, and NONE OF THE BANKS would take the checks through the scanning application. We had them try in person at a teller and all were turned away because of lack of endorsement and visible alterations.

We went a step further in testing the deposit and withdrawal security at M&T. We had someone unauthorized to sign checks at our company, sign a full week's worth of payroll in two companies. The result was unbelievable. All the checks were presented in person to a teller, and every check was cleared without a single phone call to our office. The tellers did not notice the signature was of name not authorized as a signatory. There is no security at M&T. They want your deposits but do nothing to protect your funds from being fraudulently taken from you. Leave your money at M&T at your own risk!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

I chose M&T Bank to open up a guardianship account. BIG MISTAKE!!! For six months, they have been unable to effectively process checks written from this account - even with specific court orders. I was finally forced to reach out to the Better Business Bureau, in order to literally force this company to do its job. I had to take 9 days off work to try and resolve issues and they will not reimburse me for the work I had to miss. I also had an appointment with the branch manager and he refused to meet me - and I had driven almost 4 hours to meet the manager. The BBB complaint # is **. Even with corporate M&T involved- they still can't do the job effectively. I caution anyone considering opening an account with M&T Bank to think twice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

Our loan was recently purchased by this bank from a reputable bank that we never had a problem with. In 20 years we have never missed a mortgage payment. Our home was demolished by hurricane Irma this past week. When we talked to FEMA they told us that mortgage companies will allow you to defer the next 3 mortgage payments until the end of the loan to give people a chance to get some of the repairs done and make the house inhabitable again. When I contacted this bank, they said they were aware of this policy, but they don't allow for it. They told me if we missed the next 3 mortgage payments we could apply for a loan modification. They would report us as 3 months delinquent on our credit reports and raise the rates and charge us closing costs. WTF??

Maybe we should just let them deal with the 5 feet of mud and debris that is left and walk away. By the time they could take possession after foreclosure the house would be engulfed in mold and sewage, well beyond repair. Maybe then they would realize that postponing 3 months payments would have been much more financially advantageous to them, not to mention it is just the right thing to do. Way to understand the needs of your customers during this federal disaster. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

I'm pretty much satisfied with my bank until recently. I had to go get a new bank card and I applied for one. They told me 5-7 days so I'm waiting. No card. I have bills linked to my bank card so finally after 8 days I go to the bank and applied for another card. So now I have to wait another 5-7 days before I can get my bank card.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

My loan was purchased from M&T Bank (I made my first payment to them in June 2017). I have made several calls to them concerning my escrow and my taxes/insurance. It is hard to get anyone on the phone. Once they are on the phone one person tells you one thing and another person tells you another thing. I call. I get transferred from one department to another. You ask to speak with a supervisor. If you don't hold forever waiting on one they don't have one available so they have to transfer you then you get transferred to another department which isn't who you need to speak with and need to be transferred again. They won't give you a phone number to a supervisor or even an email address. They said, "I didn't know if I am allowed to. You for them to call you back and we don't make outgoing calls." Please sell my mortgage to someone else! I am over it - customer service sucks - I can't deal with all the petty stuff!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

I use M&T Bank on RT 17 M in Middletown N.Y. and I find them to be great. It's a small bank and they take good care of my banking needs. And I have been with them 25 to 30 years now.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

I have never dealt with a banking institution that is as ill-equipped and unreliable as M & T. After my mortgage loan was sold on my out of state rental property to M & T, M & T notified me 6 months later that the automatic payments which had been set up for over 6 years and in which I had never been as much as a day late paying, did not transfer. M & T notified me of this via a postcard a day after they sent me a certified letter noting foreclosure warning proceedings. Then I had to pay for their attorney costs to close the matter and my credit score tanked. I tried to explain that the property was managed by a realty company and that I had never even received a phone call from M & T regarding the matter and letters from M & T were sent to the out of state rental property and my previous address.

They refused to reverse the credit reporting and refused my offer to provide previous lender reporting that showed that the mortgage had never been paid late since origination of the loan several years prior. Their customer service rep told me that "I should manage my finances better." Fast forward 6 years later and I am selling the property and M & T sent me a bill for $1,200 for the same attorney/foreclosure warning proceedings that I paid in 2012. The property never went into foreclosure and this has been verified by my current primary residence lender and a previous lender too with the state of Georgia.

Yet, I have been following up with M & T for 6 weeks, made 7 phone calls and customer service keeps promising me they will fix the issue and call me back within 24-48 hours and no one calls me back. Now, I will again have to pay $1,200 to M & T for the sale to close this week while they say they are handling as a urgent request, although I have been told this three times already during the last 3 weeks and have never received a return phone call. I will never do any sort of business with this bank again.

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Original review: July 31, 2017

Several attempts in dealing with customer service with most recent was to have a copy of my vehicle title (which they are holding) be sent to the DMV in order to register the car. Even in this day and age they will only assist me if I fax a letter with my request. Not to mention I spent almost an hour verifying my identity however according to policy that was not sufficient. I was passed along to several "supervisors" just to have the policy reiterated to me. Customer service is non-existent!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2017

NOW (M&T BANK) since changing from Wilmington Trust to (M&T) the service has gone downhill tremendously. They just don't care about their customers. They have high fees for every little thing that you can think of. They have made several mistakes with my account and held up my money for days. HANDS DOWN WORST BANK EVER!!! STAY AWAY FROM M&T.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 15, 2017

I have been very cautious on getting Auto Loans these days, and now I know why. I have an Auto Loan with M&T Bank. I received an auto loan through Nissan Dealer in Auburn, MA and they ended up getting this institution to receive my loan. I never received a welcome to our bank, instead I looked at my credit report and find out I have an account with them and the total balance I signed for increased by 200.00 dollars. I talked with a customer service rep and they told me it was my payoff, then this morning I looked and again it increased by 400.00 dollars. What is this bank doing, do they think consumers are stupid and don't realize that they are stealing money from their customers. If this does not stop I will refinance with a reputable bank.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

Sadly, my review is joining the ranks of the trillions of others who have had a bad experience with M&T. As a business and personal account holder (soon to be former) I was not only treated unfairly and unjustly when seeking banking products for my business but until now, I never closed my accounts despite the NUMEROUS fraudulent and bad practices of this bank. I will start by stating that there are a few branch associates and phone reps that are very professional...but that doesn't negate that there are times when multiple ATMs are not only down, but will take the cash to be deposited and then malfunction where you now have to wait weeks to get your cash placed back into your account. OR when an ATM doesn't work at all. And then there are the actual banking products, which this bank notoriously will not offer even longstanding loyal customers. It is sad that this bank has come to be a bad experience.

I wanted to take my M&T bank accounts across country with me and know that I will be closing them to instead work with a local bank in my new state and a national bank. There was a time when you could open a new account and get pens, bags etc, interest in your savings accounts, something to show that you are valued. Keep searching for the banking institutions that still do this because they are out there and M&T is not one of them. Sadly, the great reps and branch associates will be at other banks when people finally close their accounts and go elsewhere and this bank closes. Treat your banking customers fairly... you are using THEIR money after all. Google the money laundering drug proceeds that went through this bank in 2014, which should propel this bank to give every client a great experience. #putyourmoneyunderthemattressinstead #stayaway #crowdfundinsteadofaskingthemforbankingproducts

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2017

I got a letter on May 8th that my escrow account was short (Today is June 5th). They took my normal payment and put it in suspense because it did not have the $100 dollars for the new escrow payment (Pmts sent automated from my bank). Got an intent to foreclose letter from these people ALREADY!! I've never been late in 4 years of payments, and yet they already start intent to foreclose proceedings. I was out of town for a few weeks and was going through my mail... when a knocked at the door and my mailman asking me to sign a letter from them telling me to get an attorney.

I called in to customer service and the lady talked to me so bad, I had to ask her, "I've been a paying customer and never late, however you're talking to me like I was a criminal. There's a lot of equity in my property so I assume THIS BANK is all too anxious to take it from me." I would like to talk to an attorney, however I managed to navigate the mean rep I got and had the late payment charges removed. Nothing impacted my credit... again never late and the normal payment came from my bank (auto pay) and I kind of feel disgusted by this bank.

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Original review: June 5, 2017

THIS M&T BRANCH located 120 Shawan Rd, Hunt Valley, MD 21030 SUCKS **!!!! I'm going through a divorce. My M&T bank account was setup with my LEGAL maiden name (which ON MY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD!!!! I kept my maiden name adding my soon to be ex-husband's name). For the past 6 months I've gone to this location and withdrew monies from my checking accounts using my driver's license, bank card and b/c of all my legal names I provide my Social Security card. Today however all of my LEGAL documentations (I even gave them my damn birth certificate!) weren't good enough. The teller who lack common sense and a ** brain (blonde girl w/ glasses), said she couldn't use my SS card b/c it lack a picture! What state has pictures on SS cards??!! And I'm sorry but don't you all accept the SS card as a form of ID when opening accounts are concerned??? I surely used mine!!!!

To add to the chaos the ** for brains NEW manager ** added his two sense in and completely sent me over the top. To conclude, I went to another M&T I NEVER banked w/ and was serviced using my S card, bank card, and MD driver's license. This branch already set a bad tone with me due to the rude older teller that has a nasty disposition and now the manager who lacks leadership AND common sense. I only banked there b/c it is conveniently located close to my job. Moving forward, to be an ** I WILL return to this branch with my passport, old ID's, SS card, birth certificate, NEW driver's license with every god damn LEGAL name I have and request my monthly withdrawal.

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Original review: April 30, 2017

I will not use euphemisms to write this review, I will tell as it is. M&T Bank is not only the worst bank I have ever dealt with, they are the worst group of people I have ever encounter in my life. Like many, my loan was transferred to them, and during 6 years I have been lied to, defrauded, almost foreclosed on for no reason (I was not late on payments), threatened, robbed, and treated like garbage. They added thousands to my principal, they hurt my credit, they forced an escrow account, charged endless fees (even to give me a pay off amount). I was told if I didn't sign a document they would "Increase my principal even more", while they were already preparing to foreclose.

I sold my house with a loss so I could get rid of this criminal organization. I had to endure M&T for 6 long painful years. They are defrauding the hard-working American middle class. I am writing a letter with full details to every consumer protection agency I can find. I encourage all those who have been harmed by M&T Bank in any way do the same.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2017

Honestly, if I could give negative stars I would. This is not directly for this location but for M&T in general. If you use their mobile deposit in the first 30 days of your membership to deposit a check they will HOLD it completely for 5 days. They don't give you a certain amount and hold the rest like most banks. This is absolutely ridiculous as the check I put in was a payroll check. As soon as it clears, we are taking our money out and canceling the account (regardless of a fee). Thank you for screwing us and leaving us with no money for a week! Never again and we will definitely be telling everyone we know not to bank with you!

Original review: April 7, 2017

They unfortunately bought my mortgage a few years ago and out of four they have been the only company that's problematic. They're impossible to get a hold of to make a mortgage payment to, even on their app half the time. It's nothing but problems with this company, I can't stand them. Do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs if you can.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

M&T Bank in Rehoboth Beach, formerly Wilmington Trust provided title to mobile home when loan paid off, but it was unsigned. Owner did not know this was a problem until time of transfer. I am realtor representing the seller. M&T faxed copy of title not understanding that we need original in order to complete the transfer. Have tried for 3 days to get someone to call me back. Zero response. Unacceptable, unprofessional customer service. What does it say about a company when they won't even call you back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

M&T Bank is the worst place ever. I always come to this bank and the customer service is the worst ever. Each person waits at least 30 min to be seen, while there being more employees there. Instead of making customer service the number one priority and help the next customer, they leave one person at the teller and all they can say is sorry. One customer and you spend your whole lunch there. It has to get better.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2017

Took almost 3 and a half weeks and 11 attempts to get a payoff statement. I explained in early Dec of 2016 they would not be receiving a pmt for Dec as it was to be included in the payoff of the mortgage. After finally getting payoff info after them dragging their feet Dec not went past 30 days, I was assured by several members of their staff this was not an issue since the Dec pmt was rolled in the payoff check. Only to find out after having my check for the entire balance of this note in their possession on Jan 13 2017, they turned my account delinquent on the 20 of Jan 2017 and destroyed my credit score after confronting them. I was told there's nothing they could do and conveniently all recorded conversations on this matter could not be found. Instead they have reported my account as delinquent for the entire balance of the note. Not for Dec 2016 note. The entire note of 86 thousand dollars as if it went into foreclosure.

I had never even had a late fee with my account that was my fault. Only when they had trouble with online pmts. My credit score went from 722 to very low 6s and high 5s. I am wanting to pursue this matter with legal action. Just not sure how to approach this issue. Extremely pissed off they have done this to me. Feels like a personal attack. My credit card interest rates have risen due to yearly reviews of my credit history. I'm being financially destroyed only trying to improve things with a local institution. I hate M&T Bank and I hope they get whats coming to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2017

I just dealt with the nastiest/heartless bank in the world, M&T Bank. They could care less if my brother can't talk to them, because he is on a vent and chemically sedated. From the 24 of Feb to 24 of March the M&T Bank will close my unconscious brother's bank account if he hasn't contacted them by that time to update his personal information. They will write him a check on what is in his account and mail it to him! I say that is a good deal! Who would want to be associated with such a bank!

One lesson here in this heartless and non personal time is that everyone has to get a power of attorney for financial and or medical decisions in the case that someone can't talk. There are too many banks out there for me to deal with an M&T Bank ever again. I also called customer service 1-800-724-2440, gotten for Google search. It give you like 4-5 choices and none was for a complaint. I had to just hold. It repeated the same choices with an additional choice 6, it repeated the same 6. I pressed 6 again and got a nice lady that listened and stated she would alert her supervisor. Lol, I doubt it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2017

I went to the bank this morning to get a document notarized and was charged $6. The person should have informed me before notarizing my documents that there was a $6 charge for this service if I was not an account holder. She did not do that which I thought was unethical, unprofessional and sneaky. It these are the kind of people that this bank employs, they will certainly never get my business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

First off the bank charges fees that most other banks have done away with years ago, like a $3 to transfer money to another bank, and $10 a month to use a money management software like Quicken. Already a reason not to do business with them. Second, a company that I regularly do business with accidental took a large amount of M&T (which was listed as a secondary account) without alerting me. M&T is an account I made a long time ago and almost never use, and thus it did not have the required funds. M&T immediately charges a $40 overdraw fee without notifying me (while it is your responsibility to check, most banks this day and age will notify you of this), then 5 days later without notifying me charged me another $40.

Finally they send me a collections letter, which incorrectly claims I had already been notified. I call M&T and the first person I speak to (whom I confirm works for M&T not a debt agency) keeps trying to get me to set up a payment plan, ignoring the main reason I am calling. I finally get put on with someone who can help who says that unless the company reverses the charges, they cannot even consider waiving the fees. I call the company that charged me and they say (understandably) that because the bank accepted the charge, they are unable to reverse it unless it's a fraud incident. I call the bank telling them that I can settle the account today, and ask them to give me a one time courtesy waive as I am a long time customer who acted in good faith, and the incident was due to a bureaucratic mistake rather than a lack of funds.

They told me they wouldn't waive it as it was not a bank error. I told them I would then settle my account and immediately close it once the balance went to 0, and I was told that was my decision. I have settled my account and will be closing it within the next few days. I honestly should have done it years ago with all the headache M&T routinely gives me, I have about 6 accounts open with various banks and M&T is by far the worst. My advice, stay as far away as possible and do not open an account. Pick any other bank, if you're rural and have limited options pick M&T only as a last option.

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