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M&T Bank is a financial services company with a variety of personal and business banking solutions, including checking and savings accounts, loans and credit cards. With more than 1,000 branches and 2,200 ATMs in the Mid-Atlantic states, M&T Bank is best suited for those looking for a local banking experience. While its savings accounts have low interest rates, its promotional certificates of deposit (CDs) are a great way to lock in a competitive rate.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of personal and business banking solutions
  • Promotional CDs with competitive rates
  • Multiple credit cards with no annual fee


  • Limited service area
  • Below-average interest rates
  • Monthly fees on most accounts

Bottom Line

M&T Bank offers a range of personal and business banking solutions but has low-interest rates and monthly fees on most accounts. One exception is its promotional CDs, which have competitive rates.

M&T Bank Reviews

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Reviewed May 9, 2022

I opened account in M and T Bank last Monday. I logged into my Web account on Friday of the same week. I was not able to login pass the security questions. Called customer service said I can place a ticket or go into the bank and Close account and then reopen. They could not tell me when I would have a resolution. End of story! I asked if we can expedite, answer was NO. Big inconvenience not a good bank, poor customer service. Secu is a much better Bank.

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Reviewed April 13, 2022

M&T bank's new automated system is horrendous. Doesn't understand the word "transactions". When it finally dies, Doesn't give the most recent ones, gives them from a month ago. Finally talked to a person said there's many complaints! Then do something about it!!

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Reviewed March 18, 2022

Lost card, contacted support and had a replacement sent out. Received card and activated, problem is I cannot use the card because it seems my pin was reset also. Now I can't change the pin because the website, app, automated phone service won't allow me to sign in without my pin. A human has not been reached yet after days of trying to contact one. Not sure what really to do other than pull funds and close account.

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Reviewed March 17, 2022

I just open up M&T Bank on March the 5th which is on a Saturday and I just receive a check from Bank of America for 99,999 dollars and when I deposited at an ATM like this Monday when I tried taking out money the lady said I had no money in my account so I called the m&t bank customer service and I explain to them what happened so I told them that my account has been investigate because the check that I got from Bank of America which I don't used anymore. So I ask them how will my account will stay investigate and they said they don't know. So honestly I had to close down m&t bank because honestly they accuse me of depositing fake check which is not true so they ask me where did I got the check from and I told them I got it from bank of america bill pay online and the lady ask me who give you this check and I told her i got it for my self. So I'm planning on closing M&T bank account.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2022

When we were purchasing our camper we were pre-approved through our bank. We decided last minute to go with M&T because it was similar interest and easier - the dealer was familiar with M&T and the M&T person told us we could pay this off early with no penalties...this is a lie. I have mailed 2 checks in towards principal only. They will only extend your next due date. They will not put extra towards the principal only. I called and an agent told me he would help get that fixed... Several months later it is still not fixed (my due date is now August of 2023 for my next payment). I called again and got an honest agent. He told me the truth... They are an interest first bank. You can pay extra but it won't help...you will still pay full interest. Don't use this bank. Go through your own bank or a company that is honest. We were overly eager to go the easy route...big mistake. They are extremely and purposely misleading!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2021

Complete garbage company. M&T Loss Draft department received my insurance check at my cost to mail for endorsement then supposedly endorsed and mailed back with Zero tracking and it got lost in the mail. Now I have to get another check and do it all over again to fix the damage to my home. Such a cluster of inefficient ignorance.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2021

On December 18, 2021, I had made 2 calls, which had resulted in two extensive holds of 1 hour & 54 min. total, w/ being able to talk with anyone from online banking. I had given up twice. It appeared that I had received a text from M & T stating that my online account had been suspended, due to suspicious activity. I had needed to see if the text was legit, etc., but had been unable to get through to them within a reasonable time. They waste my time, I bank elsewhere where I can feel that my money is safe.! They were not there for me when I had really needed to speak with them. There is too much competition out there for them to be treating their customers like this! They will not be given another opportunity to demonstrate their wanton disregard for their customers' time.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2021

Steer clear of M&T for your housing needs. Worst experience ever. Started our adventure of owning our forever home in June 2021. Our loan got changed not once or twice but 3 times. Lack of communication with loan officer. When we asked questions we were ignored or treated like we were annoying. Multiple copies of the same items had to be sent over and over again. When we were led to believe we were coming to a close something would always come up and then more waiting or more like avoiding. Well today is Dec 3 2021 6 months people!! And nothing. No house. No explanation. All they simply said was I didn't have enough assets when I had enough money for closing costs and mortgage. No explanation of what was needed. I wish I had a number to go by what in their eyes is enough money. Would not recommend for anything banking nor mortgage. This was truly the most horrific experience of my life.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2021

Recently, I have received check for 4825. The bank placed it on hold stating it was fraudulent. Very odd. Now my account is blocked and I can not do anything about it. Today, I have received a text that I have -4572. If the check was bad I should have a zero balance. I just do not understand them. Also hold time sucks on the phone too as well. They blame everything now on covid19. I am going to close account and I will try calling them again later today.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2021

When I try to pay my card online, I get a message saying that they don't have bank to bank transfers set up yet. When I call to pay it, I get cut off and told they can not go further with helping me because I didn't give the correct credit limit amount. I will end all business with this bank, too inconvenient.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2021

I spent an hour and 10 minutes trying to speak to someone at the bank today. I paid off my loan 2 days ago and was trying to get a receipt so I could show they received my funds. They refused and stated it wasn't their policy that I should receive something in 10 business days. I repeated, "You took my money correct." They replied yes. I replied, "I'm entitled to a receipt." They continued to refuse to help or care in any way. On top of taking an hour to reach someone and their website rarely working correctly I would encourage you to use a bank that cares about customers.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2021

I have been banking with M&T for a little over 3 years. I’ve been charged thousands of dollars in overdraft fees when at the time of the debit purchase the funds are available. I had a car payment setup for check which takes about 3-5 business days to post and at the time due to the debit transactions I was short 100 dollars which my app did not indicate. After the check posted they charged me 38.50 for every debit transactions that was made days before which made my balance lower to overdraft in the first place. I received over 10 fees in that pay period alone. I called and they offered me one. In theory from their response if the debit transactions were pending and did not post my check shouldn’t have cause an overdraft. In my opinion I should have only been charged for the actual transaction that overdraft the account. I let them get away with it for years, I am currently looking into doing something legally.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2021

I deposited $3000 in cash thru the drive thru and was questioned where I got it from? I have banked with them for 20 years and have three accounts! They acted as if I was a criminal depositing money into my acct.!!

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2021

So I am now having to check my account every single day, and I do a screenshot because M&T have been gaslighting me, backdating transactions, and charging me exorbitant fees for years. They'll hold transactions in pending (for example, a transaction that came through today), but they will back date the charge as coming through the day before so they can overdraw your account (my direct deposit for my payroll is deposited every single Tuesday but they hold that in pending too). Then they charge $38.50 for each transaction they "bounce" thus bringing you further in arrears. This is shady and they have done it before. In fact, there was a class action lawsuit against them doing this before.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2021

Do not finance with M&T Bank for a car loan. The dealer got me financing through what they called their floor bank. I should have been taken notice of this word "Floor Bank" they used to describe the finance bank. It is one step off the floor. I don't even think it is that high, it's more like dirt floor. The first issue with the bank was trying to get my loan number. I called several times with vin number, SSN, address, date of birth, loan amount, but did not have the payment date. They wouldn't give me my loan number. On the 3rd call they finally gave me the number of my account so I could make payment. Now each time I called I was on hold for at least 15 min or more. Was extremely frustrated with the bank so far. I decided to pay off the loan in full.

I called the bank to get a 10 day payoff. They couldn't email this document to me, they said they didn't have that ability yet. They actually had to fax it to me. This is a good sign of technology here. So I cut them a check for the full amount one day before my 1st payment is due. So the loan is closed and they also took my monthly payment on the same date. So I have now overpaid them by a large amount of money. I called them several times about this issue and they tell me the loan was closed and they have no record of the monthly payment.

I finally had to send them the processed check with their ISN bank number on the back of it. 6 more calls to the bank and now I get transferred to a supervisor each time. That is an additional wait of 10 min or more on top of the original 15 min wait. So we finally get the matter resolved and they cut a check. They then hold on to the check for 6 business days to attach a letter and then mail it out to me. Real nice of them to address the letter to me correctly but make the check out to Carol instead of Carl. Just more underhanded delays from this bank. Total time to resolve this was 56 business days. M&T - THE DIRT FLOOR BANK....

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Reviewed July 30, 2021

As a person who endured a life changing event. This had a negative impact on my credit. However, after opening up an M & T account. I then was able to borrow against my own money that I invested to rebuild my credit. The banking services are superior and have been great! Thanks to M & T the path to homeownership was made possible. You won’t be disappointed in their products and services.

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Reviewed July 23, 2021

We had an insurance claim made and approved by our insurance company. They had to issue the check to me and M+T Bank. 6/2/2021 I sent the check as directed to their overnight address. Received a letter dated 6/10/2021 requesting a detailed work order from the shop who will do the repairs (even though I was never told initially that this was needed when sending in the check). Per Tracking, they received the WO on 7/9/2021 via mail overnight. 7/16/2021, was told they never received it (even though I have proof they did). I asked for a fax number and sent the WO and other documentation to them again. 7/23/2021 and 3 more calls I have no information on where the check is and why I haven't received it. UNACCEPTABLE! Never will I deal with M+T Bank again and once I receive the check, I will be getting a personal loan and pay M+T bank off ASAP!

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Reviewed July 12, 2021

My husband and I bought our RV and were so excited about it until we began making payments with M&T Bank, which picked up the loan through the dealer. The payment was low, $220 or so, so in an attempt to pay the loan off quicker, we decided to make $300 monthly payments, assuming the additional $80 or so dollars was going to principal only payments. But, apparently, M&T does not do that, they take more interest and push your due date further out, not apply to principal. So, after 15 months of this nonsense, I paid off the loan in the amount of about $26k.

The day after I paid it off, I tried to go online to check that the payoff had been received and print some kind of confirmation that it was a zero balance, but, my access was cut off because my account was now closed. This was June 18th. On July 7th, these crooks took a payment from my checking account that was set up online (again, no access to cancel it), and now are telling I have to wait two weeks for the refund to be processed to get my money returned to me. And, somehow this is my fault that I did not cancel the payment that was taken 3 weeks after the loan was paid in full. So, my question is, does this amount to theft in anyone else's mind???

I cannot tell you how many calls I have made and emails I have sent to the brain dead and uncaring customer service department. My advice is NEVER use this bank, if you can even call them a bank. They are thieves and robber-barrens, not in the business of taking care of their customers on any level. HOW DOES A BANK LIKE THIS EVEN STAY IN BUSINESS WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS???

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Reviewed July 7, 2021

I have had savings and checking accounts with M & T for years now. Lately, the service has gotten worse. Today it hit bottom. I have had paperless statements only for quite some time. Today I got a paper statement in the mail, and it was addressed to my spouse, who is NOT on this account, which is private. Why now? Try getting an email address to manage the issue? Forget it! Phone call to customer service- 20+ minutes wait, and I was cut off two times. Maybe the local branch manager's name to email? Cannot find the name anywhere! Online "other ways to connect"- nada.

Imagine if I was an abused spouse, and my spouse seeing my personal banking could literally endanger my life. The only other M & T account I have is the mortgage, with my spouse, so he opened what he thought was a mortgage statement when he saw his name on the envelope. Service is awful, "connection" is a joke, and it's time to leave this unprofessional bank.

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Reviewed July 1, 2021

Do NOT use this company. I never write reviews but this needs to be said. I have an RV loan with this company and my monthly payment is less than $300/month. I always pay between $300 and $500/month early.... NEVER LATE. I looked at my bill today just to check the balance and noticed that they applied my entire payment towards interest. I called to ask why and they said because I paid my bill early the prior month and then later (AGAIN NOT LATE) the following month that the daily per diem took the extra money. WHAT!!! Was my payment late? No, but it still goes towards the daily per diem amount if you pay it early the prior month and then on time the following month.

What is so funny is that my bill shows that my next payment isn't due until October because I have paid well over the minimum amount due every month! This company is a rip off!!! Do not use them. Side note... The customer service there is subpar to say the least! Thank you for nothing Cindy (manager in the Telephone Banking Center)!

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Reviewed July 1, 2021

I signed up with M&T online banking for a loan for my RV and I wanted to make payments online. You can make payments on their website or by mail. All my bills were being sent to my email but I couldn't get to my online account because I received errors for weeks at a time, with no resolution. Because of these online banking issues I missed the first two payments and it affected my credit score after they reported me. I asked them to remove as a courtesy since it was the first two payments and there was issues in getting the correct payment information but they said they can't.

I recently signed up for automatic withdraw so this wouldn't happen again and when I went to check to make sure it was being withdrawn, the same message below pops up. I've tried to get in touch with someone in their online department to see what is going on, no one ever picks up the phone after being on hold for over 30 minutes. Customer service says they also can't help as well. It's really pathetic. I wish I financed my RV with another bank that has a functioning online banking option, a responsive customer service team and doesn't penalize their customers because they can't get with the 21st century and have a properly operating website.

Same message for multiple months now: "M&T Online Banking is temporarily unavailable. We are working to restore the service as soon as possible. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding your personal M&T accounts or you would like to complete a transaction, please call 1-800-724-2440 and select option 1. For business account questions or to complete a transaction, please call 1-800-724-6070 and select option 1."

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Reviewed June 14, 2021

After we decided to close account, we found out that doesn't provide any means by electronic transfers to other banks. And very limiting amount by Zelle. After we requested the check by secure messaging on bank web, were told, that they don't accept such request. No they accepted such request by phone, even our phone and address they have on file. Bank asked for a notarized! letter, send by US postal service, Over one month passed, after M&T Bank receive such a later, but still no check was send! Bank branch is located too far from us, and bank is open only during day hours, when we are working, too.

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Reviewed June 14, 2021

I have been with this bank for 7 years and never had any problems. About 4 years ago I had an overdraft and this bank did not charge me overdraft fee because the deposit had made prior to the overdraft did not show on the statement. However, the bank fixed the problem.

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Reviewed May 23, 2021

I deposited $350 in the ATM machine inside M&T Bank. Received a receipt from the machine saying that the transaction was not completed due to an internal error. I called customer service. I offered to fax or email a copy of the receipt from their ATM machine to prove my claim. I was informed that a dispute will be started. I requested a credit for the amount I deposited until they process their dispute. That was declined even after talking to a manager (Zach). I requested the information needed to file a complaint. The manager asked me to contact customer service again. What? Or he will file the complaint? There should be someone to file a complaint to. How can a manager be unable to provide a customer with info about where to file a complaint in the company. Not sure how long to wait for my money to appear in my account and nobody to talk to except customer service who did not have the authority to credit my account (that what they said).

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Reviewed May 12, 2021

Original mortgage was with Chase but got transferred/assumed by M&T. Since M&T took over we have seen 30+% increases in our mortgage payment. Every year there are escrow overages, despite having the same insurance provider. We pay the communicated "estimated overage to avoid rate increase" but they have been retaining the escrow overage for several months, still increasing the monthly rate and then hitting us with late fees for the difference. Calls to the customer service number result in 30-90 minute waits with no resolution and the customer service representatives seem unable to access current information and/or resolve issues.

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Reviewed May 5, 2021

My house loan was with Chase. Never had any issues. Chase sold my loan to M&T Bank. Horrible from the get go. I get bills 2 months away. My checks don't get processed. They simply do not have it together. Next to impossible to get any answers and their website is weak. I would not chose to do any banking with M&T.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2021

Beware! M&T Bank touts "Automated Phone Service," but when I called in I had to give my full bank account no. to a rude stranger or risk being late. M&T is in Baltimore, so "no" postal service "due to covid," I was told, which means my snail mail check payment was late, and w/out notice M&T sent to credit reporting agencies, thus damaging my 822 score by 100 pts. I'd never use them again. Suggest due diligence before borrowing.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2021

We had our Mortgage with Wells Fargo and enjoyed visiting Branches to make payments and ask questions. Then Wells Fargo sold Mortgages to M&T Bank who has no branch in our city. Whenever we call we are sent to different departments and after a half hour we are still without an answer. On January 1st of 2021 we mailed checks to three places. Two were cashed normally. M&T waited Until the end of January and then assessed a late charge. I made a online payment of the January payment and the next day I did the same for the February Payment.

In the middle of February, they found the January check and tried to cash it Twice! I keep enough money in my account to cover bills so we got two $35 dollar fees for insufficient funds. I complained to M&T a week ago and I have had no response. I shopped for a good refinance deal and could not find one. M&T did send me a email that stated that the Post Office was slow due to the Pandemic. I believe that a bank should not be able to sell a mortgage without the mortgage holder's permission. I also believe that M&T should lose their licence.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2021

Attempted to do a refinance with my current mortgage company M&T Bank to streamline the process. I had a great start so I thought with the refinance guy chris whom disclosed most of the fees and made it all sound good. Chris called me back and offered me an appraisal waiver, lower interest than initial discussion as a voicemail I still have and advised I only would have to pull out of pocket 55 dollars to fully refinance my house. I never asked for anything special this was just offered to me and I was ecstatic.

Well when the documents came there were fees not disclosed 205 loan processing, appraisal fee 636, and the 55 for credit check listed. Immediately I call chris. He assures me I won't be charged. The bank is using old documents and it's ok. I insisted they be corrected because I cannot sign something that's incorrect because this is signed agreement. I get advised that this will hold up and or cancel loan if I don't sign. So I do. Against better judgment I signed and proceeded. Then I get approved. The final documents after approval are saying I need 636 dollars. I have to prove I have it to close and I receive it sunday the 7th electronically and it is dated 2/7 but says all documents are due by 2/3 or I void my refinance. Yes the dates are correct. I still have the documents and it is ridiculous.

Oh and the 636 they wanted was that appraisal they promised me was waived. You bet I called the original broker chris, I called the closing agent tina ** and I emailed amy ** the lady listed in my documents. No one would answer my questions. No one would follow up. No one would fix the documents. I demanded a manager or supervisor to speak to about this and to discuss correction or cancelation to customer service via online email which still have them emails too btw. You know what I got? Tabitha ** in customer service refused a member of leadership and canceled my refinance on her own. I wanted to speak to leadership about the mishandling of my refinance and give them one last chance to fix it but tabitha ** made it quite clear that my business wasn't worth her time. No follow up at all from leadership.

The documents were also fraudulently no listing the closing costs they were adding 10k to my loan and listing less than 5k in charges. Someone faked a larger number for property worth than what I said the tax collector office and the online comps said like way higher as if to remove pmi. I stated the tax comps said 179k and online trulia, zillow, etc said worth up to 189k. They fudged papers to reflect 205k. The way this was handled was completely illegal and needs to be investigated. Don't use this company. Their reviews everywhere are awful. They clearly are crooks. My review here is one of thousands of mishaps but do your own research.

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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2021

The M&T website is outdated and even the simpliest things, like setting up automatic payments, are difficult. When my bank had trouble with a missing check sent to M&T, my bank couldn't even reach anyone on the phone. I did get a customer service person once, but when I asked questions about how interest was being figured, she seemed confused and couldn't really help much. When I requested a pay-off statement for my loan I was told it would be faxed in 24-36 hours... And it still hasn't come. My advice to anyone is to avoid this bank. There are much better options out there.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2021

Have had a truck loan for 4 years and never missed a payment. My real bank (Citizens) automatically send a check 14th of every month. December check did not get cashed until January 13th and January check cashed the 15th so I know they go out. Of course they charged me a $12 late fee, but did not let me know about it other than posting to my account. Have been trying for 2 weeks to get ahold of anyone there. Phone lines busy, online chat not available, so emailed. Finally got a reply that basically said they are understaffed and too bad. WORST BANK EVER.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2021

Our loan was bought by M&T Bank after Wells Fargo approved our remodification. From day one we had our payment set to auto-draft from our checking account prior to the due date, yet each month would receive a statement saying we still owed over $1600. Each month we would call and were told it was an error, to pay the regular payment amount, and to disregard the erroneous balance due. I NEVER made a late payment with this company. Not one single time. Setting up our online account took months, and setting up auto draft took months.

Fast forward to 2019... my loan has been sold to Community Loan Servicing and we haven’t had any issues with them from day one. I’m terminally ill and recently applied for a new mortgage in order to find a new home that can accommodate my medical needs. The underwriter from Chase says they can’t approve a new mortgage because our M&T loan is showing we were late 4 times over 90+ days in 2018 and in “pre-foreclosure”! I have every bank statement from that year proving the payment was made in FULL and ON TIME each and every month from the time they bought our loan.

Customer service is abysmal. Nobody can answer the question as to why this happened. And they like to transfer you to various departments who then transfer you to another department. They promise to look into it and call you back, but will never call back. This company does everything in their power to make your loan delinquent. And they won’t correct their own mistakes. If your loan is transferred to this company, RUN. Refinance with another company, because M&T will make your life miserable.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2021

They keep posted funds from the state unemployment insurance when it has been released. They also kept me on hold for 10 minutes to get an appointment to open a business account and ended up having to call me back. They never called back. Overall experience with this bank has been terrible.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2021

On 1/5/2021 I called because of charges that didn't make on my account, one she didnt flag all transactions and the order operations to help got messed up. She advised me to cancel my card and then transfer the money in another account I had at another bank using Zelle. Once I did that it wouldn't work because the amount needed approval, I got a supervisor name Tammy and she approved it and told me wait 20 mins. Didn't work! I have spoke to A Robert, Andy and Michael. I can't even log into my account to do a transfer of funds and I have bills coming up and I was told this is a tech issue and it SHOULD be taken care of by the end of this week.

One rep a supervisor told me to contact my other bank and see if they can do it, when I did they told me we can't pull money like that from a account from another bank. I feel like he knew that. Then Michael told me all I had to do was call my branch and they can do a wire, he transferred me to my branch and found out from Alex in the Frederick branch that is not true. I live in NC now and there is no M&T Bank here, this has become a big pain. It is now 1:49 pm and I started with them at 8:30 am. Been disconnected and on hold more than I have had someone assisting me. I will contact the BBB and I will remove my money and direct deposit from this BANK!

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2020

The worst customer service ever. IVR does not work. After waiting for 20 minutes, system hangs up and states, cannot take call due to heavy call volume. Goodbye. First day I waited 25 minutes, finally got someone who stated they would fax document to title company. Told me to call back later in afternoon to check. I called no fewer than 10 times and continued to get hung up on by the IVR. Next day, after trying 6 times on IVR was finally placed another 20 minute hold and then "cannot take call due to heavy call volume"... click.... This is not acceptable for a bank as large as M&T. Hire more people if necessary and by all means, fix the IVR or hire another vendor to perform this service.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2020

We have been customers of M&T mortgage for many years since our old company sold our mortgage to them. Tried to refinance simply to get a lower interest rate back in August of 2020. Had the same experience as others. We were strung along for many months, had all of our paperwork in. My husband and I emailed and called regularly, heard the agent that sold us the loan no longer worked there. Finally after many months of no response we were notified that our loan was denied for no apparent reason. It is 3 days before Christmas so now we have to keep paying them with our higher rate for at least another few months while we go through this whole process with another company. They are irresponsible, unreliable, and are not forthcoming with customers. I won’t be surprised if they are in over their heads and out of business in a few years. Can’t stress enough how bad the service is.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2020

There was a good time to refinance our home. I, like many others understand the “COVID” back-log of things. I get it. However, one can assume a typical refinance is between 2-4 months? Right? We began ours IN March. Sent everything they needed the last day of March-that Friday. Patience is a virtue. After some time waiting we got the “COVID reason”. Okay waited some more.. Still the “COVID”. Gave it some more time. Couldn’t get a hold of anyone through email nor phone for 2 weeks from there. Finally talked to someone to come to find out our agent doesn’t work there any longer. OK New Agent. Needs all the paperwork again. Really? Some more time waiting.. Granted at this point we’re about 4 months into this. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Try to reach out and wouldn’t you know. THAT person has moved on.

OK New agent (#3) First thing he says is ..”I don’t know why this has been sitting here for so long”.. Me “Me neither.“ This is about 6 month into this now. Soo Let’s fill out & send him all our paper work again. Mind you, we get 3 credit reports back from M&T within 2 weeks.. (I’m sure our credit got hit a few times - 4) MF Waiting. Waiting. Well, here we are 9 months later, without a damn clue because I can’t get a hold of the agent. Can anyone tell me what’s going to happen next?!?

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2020

RE: credit card. I have an M&T Credit card, just got it thinking it would be easier to use my credit card for online purchases instead of my debit card. It's not a bad credit card actually, pretty decent rate compared other cards with high rates. It's just difficult to reach customer service if you have a dispute. You are on hold a very long time before anyone actually picks up. Same way with the banking side. With my other cards if I have any issues, someone picks up pretty quickly. Also important to note that if you do have a dispute, like I did with a company that never sent a product, but charged my account- M&T's policy is up to 60 days before you will see the charge reversed, which I think is a bit ridiculous as my other card has resolved any disputes within a much shorter time. All in all M&T is not on the top of my list for banks to deal with if you are someone use to better service and quicker response times.

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Bobbi increased rating by 3 stars.
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Updated review: Dec. 3, 2020

After many calls to Google and M&T I was advised to dispute charges.

Original Review: Dec. 1, 2020

17 charges my child did on my card, all went through my account with negative balance, upon further review of my account I opted out of allowing overdraft to my debit card. They said to me that doesn't apply to my account because I previously made a debit from that website so it is considered a recurring debit and they pay those no matter what I chose on my debit card. They wiped out my bank account and took both my disability checks with all their fees and allowing transactions to go through even though the account was empty and I chose not to have overdrafts on my account basically means nothing. 2 disability checks, in a pandemic and just before Christmas this company took my children's Christmas from them. I have been unable to pay my bills for the past 2 weeks. Horrible company Horrible.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2020

We had our 30 year mortgage for 10 years when Hurricanes Laura AND Delta hit us. After tarping our entire roof in 1000 degree heat & living off generators for a month to run the AC inside to minimize Sheetrock damage & then putting 12K on a credit card to pay for a roof just so it would stop raining in our house...this lender STILL refused to release any of the insurance funds for repairs. They wouldn't even reimburse us the roof. Said they would only release funds once 100% of repairs were completed. How exactly do they expect people to afford repairs from 2 BACK TO BACK hurricanes when they are holding every penny of the money insurance paid out that was meant to make those repairs?!?

If you go with them for a mortgage you better make sure nothing devastating ever happens to you because this company will kick you when you are at your absolute lowest & doesn’t even apologize for it. It should be a crime what they did to us Laura victims. Homes, businesses, jobs were all destroyed and this lender wouldn't release a dime to help customers here start repairs in their homes. We are refinancing with Quicken to force them to release all our insurance money. Not everyone can do that though. Beware doing any type of business with these inhumane criminals.

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2020

Loan 9/26/2020 through Camping World where we told we could not pay this off for 7 months even though the contract said we could. Borrowed 23,767,95 at 6.74% interest (which is robbery) but we agreed on it because we were gonna pay this off quickly. No account number was available after 2 calls to M & T. in week 1 and week 2. Finally in week 3 a man at M & T Bank (didn't get his name) gives me an account # and P. O. Box to mail payment. I mailed this payment of $17,000 to this P. O. Box in Baltimore 10/17/2020. Around 10/22 or 10/23 I received a Loan statement with 1st Payment due 10/26/2020. I checked my bank account and the $17,000 never cleared the bank. 10/26/2020 it still hadn't cleared so I called M & T Bank around 10AM.

She, Nicole, said they didn't receive it that the P. O. Box # he gave me was their title department which was upstairs from her and they claim they never received it. I am not happy as interest is climbing on this loan. She was rude to me and acting as if I were a child. I make arrangements to pay the $17,000 through her and give her my bank info. Now I have to stop payment ($33 charge) on my check. NOW all this time I am paying interest on the full loan instead of less the $17,000. THEY WILL NOT TAKE MY DEBIT CARD FOR PAYMENT which would not have 1-3 days waiting for my payment to clear while the interest is still accumulating.

I was so frustrated and decided to go to my local bank and get a loan (at 3.5% interest) on my 2017 Mustang, which was paid off, to pay this loan in full. No problem, money to pay it off was in my account within about 1/2 hour. I get home, call again and get Tosha who tells me she can't give me a payoff until the $17,000 clears. I am so confused as the interest is going to continue until they decide when it clears. They will not call my bank, use my debit card. It's a road block to jack up what I pay. I argue with her that I want a payoff today and she has to give me a payoff amount. She tells me because it is after 2:30pm they have to charge me another day's interest because it can't go through until tomorrow. I ask for her supervisor.

She talks to the supervisor then tells me payoff is 23903.63. The difference is 6,903.63 so I tell her I want to pay that to pay it off and be done with it. She says that won't pay it off because the $17,000 hasn't cleared and may take 1-3 days with interest until it clears. I try to get her reasoning on this and I get more attitude. I ask to speak to her supervisor AGAIN. I am put on hold, I am frustrated and I give my husband the phone. It takes about 5 minutes and Alissa (finally a pleasant person) listens as my husband explains what is happening. He then puts me back on the phone to explain in detail since I handle the finances.

She informs me they are not set up to take debit cards and Camping World has told other customers they can't pay their loans off for 6 months WHICH IS NOT TRUE! She said because it was after 2:30pm they have to charge me another day's interest because it can't go through until tomorrow. I would never recommend CAMPING WORLD nor M&T BANK. FINALLY PAID OFF and the title will be coming in about a month.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2020

Note from insurance dept. Deductible of homeowner policy not to exceed maximum of 5% of policy coverage. Present deductible is 4%. Customer service not able to clarify. Verbal contact with insurance dept next to impossible within a reasonable amount of time. Questionable ethical considerations here.

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2020

I have banked here for 25 years but suddenly every time I use Zelle I get blocked and receive a dumb email about suspicious activity. Yesterday they blocked me from ordering online think! I have called them multiple times and they always override it but now say they can't. I think M&T continuously blocking my zelle contractions while simultaneously encouraging its use and then refusing to override the security block is suspicious activity. I work two full time jobs and I resent M&T holding my money hostage and am taking my business elsewhere and will be closing all my accounts with M&T very soon.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2020

Generally I am satisfied other than not processing my direct retirement deposit immediately. Other deductions taken from this payment with other institutions are done immediately. This is a Federal payment which should not have any "hold" on it. If the established deposit date is a weekend or holiday The deposit is not shown until the next business day.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2020

Well first of all, they never communicated with me at all on initial loan. I had to call them to find out how and when my invoices would come to me. When I called them they were rude and very cold. Also could not give me a straight answer. The loan it self is confusing. I have had numerous home, auto, boat, jet ski and travel trailer loans and I have never seen this one set up the way it is. There is no consistency at all on how the interest and principal is charged. Now this being my second travel trailer, my other creditor that was used, charged the same interest monthly and as the principal went down so did the interest slightly.

With these guys I have had the loan for 5 months now and the deductions are all over the board. Here is an example. First month interest on loan was $66, the next month was $96.78, next month $81.58, next month $68.89, and 5th month $90.54 for an average of $80.76 a month. Now explain this to me, the first month interest should had been $75.69, 2nd $75.31, and so on, slowly declining with payment towards principal going up. Anyone explain that one to me, I will never recommend this company to anyone, EVER. Looks like they are trying to get most of their interest up front, so to me that is worst than the mafia.

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Reviewed July 28, 2020

They screwed up and said payment was not there so we stopped payment on check and made another one. 1:36 am the check clears and they are now holding the extra payment hostage knowing I need meds and groceries. They are lying pieces of work. They now are going to make me wait another week to get funds because they are sending check by mail instead of putting it in my account. They know I need that for my medicine and groceries. Been a week without medication and now no groceries. I have never been late 9n payment in 5 yrs and they act like I am a thief. They are heartless, lying people.

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Reviewed July 15, 2020

I paid off my RV ($205,000) loan, and check was cashed three weeks ago. I still haven't received my title yet. Have called various numbers and customer service, always on wait for 15-30 minutes and can get no answers from anyone as to the status of my title. Very poor customer service. They sure jump on you though if your payment arrives a day late.

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Reviewed July 9, 2020

This is not a bank, it's a time machine that sends you back to the 19th century. You cannot do anything online, you cannot even PAY your credit card if you don't have a checking account with them, you have to mail a check, and this is 2020, "digital age", not for them apparently! Then, try to look up your statements online, again, no luck, you have to "request them" if they are 3 months, really, only 90 day record shown online, for others they have to fire up the printers and mail papers to you. Also, customer service folks are instructed to give absolutely nothing back, even after you request pandemic HELP, that they openly advertise, but if you ask about it, they tell you to go in DEFAULT and then, they will "see" what they can do to "help" you.

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Reviewed June 30, 2020

I went through the outside teller lane, as required, to deposit $3,000. Was provided a receipt for $2,100. Disputed this and was told throughout the day that all the records were correct and that there was no evidence of the “extra” $900. My husband and I were complaining while in the care waiting twenty minutes for a teller and firmly believe he heard us. We believe there is “no evidence” because the money never made it through to be counted and disappeared in a matter of three minutes after sending it through to the teller. Situation remains unresolved. Reaching out to the regional manager and also visited the local police. Will keep on this until it is resolved and will close my account immediately following. Be very, very careful! With Covid-19 you cannot be in front of the teller when your money is counted and you may be taken advantage of.

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Reviewed June 18, 2020

It is now the 18th of June, 2020 and the branch I frequent is still not permitting customers in the lobby! The drive-through lines are RIDICULOUS! And closing the branch at 3:00 on a Friday in recognition of Juneteenth—how is that going to change people’s beliefs and values? So weary of various institutions making decisions based on their beliefs and agendas impacting my life and my business. This is not good customer service to those who have been long time customers.

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Reviewed June 2, 2020

In the current environment I have to make an appointment to enter the branch, that's fine. I made an appointment for 1pm on a Friday. I arrived on time and there was already someone in the branch. I told security I had an appointment. An employee came to the door and spoke to me through the glass, which I couldn't hear. Since we were both wearing masks this seemed unnecessary and inconsiderate. Once she opened the door she explained that only one person at a time could be in the branch. I asked if I could sit on a chair in the waiting area, which was at least 10 ft away from any office or the teller line, and was told no. So instead, I waited past my appointment time, in the vestibule, less than 3 feet from customers who came in to use the ATM.

There was a minimum of 10 posted signs at the doors and throughout the branch to keep 6 ft away, yet I'm forced to stand in a vestibule to wait and be too close to other customers, rather than be comfortable, safe, and more than the necessary social distance away from others, inside in the waiting area. I mentioned this to the teller and she didn't even respond; also very rude. This happened at the University Plaza branch on Main St. Let's use some common sense with the social distancing rules. This experience was inconvenient and unnecessary.

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Reviewed May 18, 2020

I pay extra every month and they will not put it toward the principal as promised. The interest keeps going up. I called and they wouldn't give me the payoff amount. I am currently trying to reach officers with more authority.

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Reviewed May 15, 2020

Ok so a little back story, I started a construction corporation with my husband and made him 70% owner for minority business purposes. Anyway I handled all the business financials. I got along great with the people in the branch near our business. So great that I thought they understood my unique situation. Not so. One day I took the kids and fled for my life and am now in a state that has no M&T Bank and no crazy man. My ex was somehow able to remove me from financial point of contact on the business accounts and changed the passwords to log on. In other words restricted my access. The bank never asked me if this was ok!

M&T bank decided to take his word over mine and refuses to grant me access to the business accounts regardless of the fact that I'm sole owner of said business’s land/property! They cite policy as only one financial point of contact on a corporate account. I can’t even get a balance check on a business account that I own! What?! That’s beyond ridiculous. Now I can’t move the mortgage payment from the business account to my LLC for the mortgage payment. He has made it late 4 times already. He hasn’t paid our joint loans and now my credit score which was almost 700 is now 560. I have to file for bankruptcy along with a divorce now!

M&T Bank will help ruin your credit and they charge outrageous fees for everything. I begged them to let me help fix the accounts but they said I have to ask my husband/ex for permission to get access again. Haha! What a joke! I’m selling the property out from under him and closing my accounts through a lawyer. Go to PNC Bank or somewhere else.

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Reviewed May 15, 2020

I fell behind one payment in January (mail fraud). Agreed to make payments to catch up. Have been paying extra doing so for 3 months. During Covid, today I attempted to make my monthly payment with extra like I always do. The rep told me today, "I cannot take your partial payments, you need to pay in full or I can't take it all." I said to her, "Miss, you mean that I cannot pay my Mortgage because you cannot take extra, I have been doing this for 3 months." She said that is correct. So now my mortgage is late, my past due is late, they repeatedly charge late fees and Overage fees for a known M&T mail fraud scandal that was noted on my account. I just went on the website and paid my monthly mortgage, there is no option for partial payments, now I am going to the bank to have them place my monthly overage in the balance. This has been the worst experience of my life to pay someone, all while dealing with the stress of Covid-19.

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Reviewed April 30, 2020

Received a $400 cash bonus mailing promotion. To qualify, must:

(1) open a MyChoice Premium Checking account
(2) maintain at least $10K for the next 2 calendar months

(3) then $400 cash bonus will be credited to your account.

Completed step 1. Couldn't complete step 2 because couldn't get the M&T bank to bank transfer working (so I could fund the M&T account). Done what I was told by M&T support staff. Not sure why they want to have a copy of my bank statement, but I send them a copy of the statement anyway. A week later, received a letter stating my account is closed due to their discretion. Guess $400 cash bonus is too much of a lost for the bank. So be careful when you get these cash bonus offer from this bank. Not only you're just wasting your time. You're going get a hit for the hard credit pull.

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Reviewed March 13, 2020

M&T helped me refinance when Bank of America was involved in fraudulent behavior. I became ill and needed to refinance. BOA continued to lose my paperwork and eventually sold my loan to M&T. I was as able to refinance upon my first submission of the paperwork.

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Reviewed March 1, 2020

Easy process. Always someone knowledgeable to talk to. When I wanted to draft my full payment in half they made it very easy. Overall easy to do mortgage business with them. I also had to do a loan modification with them and they made that super easy as well.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2020

I had taken my son to a doctor's appointment and when I went to make the co-payment for the visit, my card was declined. I used another card, but I knew I should have enough in my account to cover a $25.00 co-pay. I checked my account online and my balance was minus $1,309.00. That's NEGATIVE $1,309.00. I made 2 mortgage payments on Friday 02/21/20, and those idiots charged me for FOUR PAYMENTS!!! I'm still livid even though I've asked my bank to stop payment on these transactions.

I live paycheck to paycheck. WTH am I supposed to do if my personal bank can't straighten out M&T's mess? Not to mention the NSF fees I'll get hit with if this isn't straightened out by my bank? I never even heard of M&T Bank until J.P. Morgan Chase sold our mortgage loan to them last year. Shame on Chase for choosing these incompetents. And shame on M&T for their lack of competent staff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my personal bank can straighten this out for me. I'm so angry that it's causing my chest to hurt! These people should be banned from doing business! PERIOD!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2020

On January 7, 2020 afternoon I arrived at M&T Bank to cash a check from my employer. I waited in line patiently to be soon be called on. The service associate informs me that she can assist me. I inform her that I would like to cash my check and provided her my identification card and check. The service associates take my check and begin processing it (at least I thought). I noticed that the service associate was very quiet, not communicating and flicking through her computer screen as if she was trying to find something.

To break the ice because I began to feel uncomfortable I inquired about if you needed to have a checking account to a bank transfer to another bank. The service associate was unsure and asked co-worker who indicated no you needed to have a banking account. Based on the response and attitude from the service associate and her co-worker I figure I would ask any other questions because they just seem so suspicious of me. Of course, this is unusual, but what do I have to worry about. I am employed, a good person and simply not a criminal. So, I just stood there waiting patiently. The service associate then gets up and grabs the phone.

In my mind, I am assuming she is calling someone to verify that the check fee is waived by my employer. But I was wrong. She called and asked to speak to the comptroller and/or the president of the organization I work for because one of their employees is trying to cash a check and it needs to be verified. The service associate refused to communicate with anyone else at the organization even payroll who actually wrote the check. The service associate comes back to me and informs me that she cannot cash the check because there is no one to verify it, but that if I wanted to wait for a few minutes I could.

Livid I inform the service associate that if she wanted that information I could’ve provided it to her. I also inform her that I’ve never had to go through this before at the other bank in the Utica area. She stated that “she couldn’t verify the check and it wasn’t in her system and reiterated that I could wait or come back.” I told her that I didn’t want to do business with them at all and proceeded to walk out of the bank. I got to my vehicle and informed my husband of what just happened and then went back into the bank to speak with the supervisor. However, the supervisor had just left. Come to find out the supervisor was standing across from me during the transaction watching the entire thing and never said anything. How disappointing as she could have easily intervened.

I know you all are wondering why I am sharing this story. Well after I left I contacted my employer and expressed my concerns and shared with them how humiliating this was, as there were other banking members waiting behind me who were able to hear the service associates reject my check. Not only did the service associate speak to my employer in front of me but she also had another conversation after I left. The service associate shared that she thought it was a fraudulent check; which is why she responded the way that she did. Apparently, she was not use to seeing written checks and assumed it was fraudulent, which alarmed her to try to verify it, call my employer comptroller and then the president of my employer.

The kicker is, I’ve cashed at least one or two other written checks at the same bank, but a different location for a higher amount and not one time did I experience anything like what I experience at this location. I was greeted, check cashing fee waived, check cashed and sent on my way. Very simple! I’ve been so bothered by this experience that I felt compiled to share my experience. When things like this happen it leaves it open for discussion so I am going to share some things about me and who I am:

-8 months away from graduating with my PhD
-Work in higher education overseeing just shy of a half-million-dollar budget
-A woman of ** with Afro wave tight curl
-Tall and thin (sophisticated)
-Mother, wife, Homeowner


Bank demographics:

-Located in a predominately ** neighborhood (which I happen to live less than a mile or so down the street)
-Located in a predominately ** town

-Not one single person of ** working at the bank

Based on what I shard about myself and the demographics of the bank why did this happen? I don’t want to think the worst and I don’t want to think negative, but I solely believe had my demographics played a major role in why my check was not cashed. This service associates believed I had a fraudulent check and wouldn’t speak to payroll representatives who wrote the check for verification. Instead, she wanted to speak to the comptroller and/or the president of my workplace. That was beyond diligent. I will never bank at this bank again and I will not recommend this bank to anyone. What a disservice.



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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

The detailed complaint has been published with the Better Business Bureau. In general, they mishandled an invoice from my insurance company and then purchased lender placed insurance on my behalf without informing me. They claimed they didn't receive an invoice even though I showed them a letter from my insurance company correctly addressed with roughly 70 other customers who had their portion of the invoice taken care of. They then claimed they sent me notification by mail that I was going to lapse in coverage, which I never received. So basically, them "proving" they sent a letter by showing you a copy of a printout suffices when they need it to, but you showing them a printout of a letter addressed to them is not good enough when it doesn't benefit them. They charged me and went about their day after me trying to resolve the issue through multiple avenues. Avoid them as best as you possibly can.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

Stay AWAY from this bank!!!! The worst experience in refinancing. 3 months, rate went up from 3.5% to 4%. Closing cost doubled!!!! All this with credit score over 820. Refinancing current loan with the same bank. Run away!!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2019

James ** that heads the retention department and Cathy ** who heads asset department have placed a repossession on my credit. They picked up my car without my consent when all the payments are current and I have never missed a single payment. Account is still current and I can never get anyone to respond to my call. Also they refuse to give me their emails and never give me the bank statements. This is the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life. Currently am still looking to see who in the bank to report this customer abuse but I cannot reach anyone.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

Absolutely the worst bank we ever had to deal with. Too much to write in a few sentences but everything from their billing practices, payments and even customer service. Would never EVER use them again. Switching our car loan as we speak.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2019

We had someone use my husband's bank card to order items from various companies. We contacted the bank when the charges were still pending to report they were fraudulent. This was a Sunday. On Monday my husband contacted the companies and three of them were able to contact their delivery company and recall the packages. The fourth never processed the order because something about it set off their fraud alert. This totaled over $900. The company that did not process the order did not charge our account. The other three companies have confirmed they have spoken to M&T and verified they have their items. None of these charges went beyond pending.

However, M & T has yet to release this money to us. It has been almost three weeks. They told us it could take 3 months!! WHY? The companies have confirmed they have their merchandise. What else does M & T need to verify?? When I order an item they sure take my money right away but they can't give it back for three months!! I will be switching banks. We have been customers with them for over 20 years. This is how they treat loyal customers.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2019

This is the worst bank ever. The mortgage modification process has been incredibly frustrating and abusive. Nobody should have to go through what I went through and they still don't have it right. These little creeps sit in their offices collecting their paychecks and drive people crazy with unprecedented levels of incompetence. Excessive hold times, transfer after transfer, lack of organization, nothing ever confirmed in writing, changes to the amounts due, additions to the principal, escrow amounts unclear, asking for the same paperwork repeatedly. A total nightmare. Moreover, when I filed the paperwork they denied me within one week. When I retained an attorney, she submitted the same papers and they approved the loan. I have just filed a complaint with the Banking Department.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

I have been banking with M&T bank since 2000. Recently, M&T Bank has required disclosure of detailed personal information from its customers. The reps from the bank tell customers that it's a requirement under Federal Law to disclose this information to the bank. If the customer does not provide this detailed disclosure of personal information, the bank UNILATERALLY freezes the customer's funds and assets.

First, this type of disclosure that the bank requires is NOT a Federal legal requirement. It's the bank's interpretation of Federal law, and other banks do not require the same type of disclosure. By telling customers that such disclosure is a Federal law requirement, M&T is materially misrepresenting information to their customers. (I am a lawyer, btw.) My guess is that M&T is capitalizing on the sale of customer data, like many other companies that are privy to large amounts of personal data. When I questioned a M&T supervisor named Sara(h) about this issue, she had to gall to tell me that it is "my privilege" to be banking with M&T.... You do realize that M&T offers exactly the same service as EVERY OTHER BANK, don't you? Needless to say, I will be seeking banking services elsewhere.

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Wesley increased rating by 4 stars.
After a positive interaction with M&T Bank, Wesley increased their star rating.

Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

I am aware that mortgage companies have protocols they follow, but I believe common sense should trump protocols in certain cases. My home is in pre foreclosure (I lost my job and got 4 months behind). I finally decided to sell the home when I could not come up with the 12,000+ to get caught up on payments, as I have/had a substantial amount of equity in the home (80k). M&T Bank will not even consider postponing the foreclosure auction date by one week, even though I have received an above market value offer on my home through a real estate agent. Because of ”protocols”, M&T will now lose money (auction vs. full loan payoff), my family of 5 will lose all the equity we have in the home, and I will have a foreclosure on my credit.

I have called every department, asked to speak to supervisor after supervisor, filled out all the required (extensive) paperwork, yet they refuse to postpone the auction date by even a few days for the buyer and the buyer’s lender to secure a closing date. I am just appalled that a company like M&T Bank would allow “protocols” to trump good business sense. Thank you for letting me share.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2019

I opened my account online October 22, 2019. Today is Nov 26, 2019. As of today, my account has been open for 1month and 4 days. Prior to opening my account online I was asked to deposit $25 at the branch or transfer it from my other account which is with another bank. Since then I have transferred all of my money from that bank account that I used to bank with to M&T. In addition to closing out my other account M&T has caused me so much financial problems, cause my credit score to drop because of negligence from the security department.

Today is November 26. I spoke with someone at the 1800 customer service line for M&T and the representative that I spoke with put me on hold to speak to someone at the security department. After speaking to someone from that department he then relayed a message telling me that the security department said that my documents were fake. That was the reason why they never took the security block off of my account and that I needed to email them the copies of my Verizon bill, my ID and my Social Security card.

I have sent them my birth certificate. I sent them my credit card statement even sent them a statement where they had caused my credit score to drop. They almost caused me to be evicted. Now I have to go to court for a late payment of rent because they failed to send me any documentation requesting that I needed to go to the branch to take my documents in to prove identity of who I am. Which I have been in the branch requested for my card, gave the representative at the branch my driver's license, social security card. I even gave them an updated copy of my Verizon bill. I gave them a bank statement from my credit union. I gave them my Registrations to my car with my address attached on it.

After providing all of my documentations of proof of residence, proof of identity the banker then issued me an expedite card and waiving the fees because it’s been since October 22, 2019 without a card. After doing all of that I receive my new card in the mail. After activating my new card I went to the ATM machine and was still unable to use my card. Been unable to use my card.

It was very frustrating to me because my work schedule didn’t fit along with the bank hours or the security department hours and when I finally got a chance to talk to someone I called the 1800 number today which is November 26, 2019 at 8:19am and when I spoke to the representative he had reached out to the security department and whomever the representative spoke with had advised him that the reason the account is still blocked is because the documents I was advised to fax over didn’t look real and I asked to speak to a supervisor and Rachel reached out to the department inquiring about my account and the security department told her to give me their email address so I can email them the documents over.

Once I emailed them all documents I reached out to the 1800 again asking if the security department received all documents and they said yes. At 3pm I called again to see if they have lifted the block on my account and they said yes and I asked them to call the security department before they closed at 4pm to make sure. After being put on hold for almost 30 minutes the representative hung up on me. I called back and once I called back I clocked out 5 hours earlier on my job just to meet the branch hours as I was calling the 1800 the recording said this account has been closed with absolutely no notification. Why Not one person said that, "Ms. ** we're closing your account and will be mailing you your check." I knew nothing about any of the transactions that were made by the security department guy STEVE. I’m looking to hire a lawyer for this discrimination matter.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2019

I decided to finally open an account at M&T due to a branch being close to my home and me always visiting the branch to cash my employment checks. I received my banking card around last month and ever since I received it I have had issues with the card due to the chip not working and most stores not having the tap to pay system. Most recently every time I used my card it would be reported as a suspicious activity. I made a recent deposit and went back to get cash out and my payment was declined. I tried to cash app my daughter who is in college and again declined. Money was in my account but it was again reported as suspicious.

I contacted the number on my card. Waited for 40 minutes only to be told no one was available. I contacted the rep and she shared if I go back to the as atm I should have access to my account and if not to call them back... Again card not working. I'm very frustrated and prepared to close my account as nothing should be considered suspicious to my account unless I think it's suspicious, not the bank!!!! I asked the rep, "How do you file a complaint?" And she said only through her... At this time I will be considering closing this account, have never went through this before.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2019

My commercial loan was up for a renewal. Chris from M and T did the loan. After the closing costs of $2,483.50 Chris said the payment would be $2,612.29 debited from our checking account each month. Mind you this is a 5 year renewal and would be the end of the loan after that period. I received my 1st statement and the amount to be debited was $3,830.36 so I called him and questioned it. He replied, "Oh that's not right. Let me check into it." Then he was out on leave and never got back to me, so I called the manager of the Cherry Hill N.J. branch Frank and he said he will look into it. Finds out Chris never spoke or disclosed to us that the taxes and insurance had to be added to that. Well $1,200.00 is a big chunk of money not to disclose to us.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2019

I am a person that lives paycheck to paycheck. M&T is allowing funds to come out of my account when I asked them not to. In addition charging a $38+ Insufficient fund fee for money I specifically told them not to take out. It doesn’t take a college graduate to figure out that if it isn’t there then there is no money to pay out. Them doing this is going to cause a chain reaction of other problem. This is theft in my eyes. Way to think about the consumers M&T NOT!!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2019

M&T has provided me with an option to apply for a loan modification which I did & continuously followed up. I call them all the time to get a status & make sure they have all they need because they told me they will be in touch with me at least every other day & have not. I have now been told 8 different stories & there is no consistency. In addition they took my own money sitting in a suspense account & that was an overpayment and my money to be used toward a payment.

They come up with excuses left and right and to the point of “that’s what happens after a certain number of days”. I’m sorry but I was told a check would be refunded or I could use it toward a payment. That later was told to me, "Sorry but several people must have mislead you or provided you the incorrect information." That is not my problem. Their employees aren’t trained and I want to move forward as promised and do not care about their stories. They say they mail me letters and while I get some I don’t or haven’t gotten all.

This is my life and life changing and if they want to help keep people and me in this case out of FC - as in losing my house when I have done more than anyone I can assure you that they should send certified or overnight. It took for example 12 days for me to get the most important thing for this to move forward where I would get approved and not be homeless and I called twice to ask why I didn’t get it yet. They are so like a broken record “it can take up to xyz business days”.

Not one person has been consistent with what they tell me and in fact I escalated to a supervisor and talked to her almost two weeks ago and no one wants to take ownership so I asked for her direct line vs going through the number and all the prompts and rude dishonest people. I said I know managers / supervisors have direct lines and she was hesitant I could tell and gave me her extension. Which when you do call it hangs up on you most of the time when trying to enter an extension.

Well finally I did get to her voicemail and she has never answered and it states she will return all calls within 24 hours / 1 business day and I called her the day I was told horrible things and for lack of a better word but unfortunately all lies and talking over me but the talking over me and me getting mad was because I’ve heard that already by 8 different people and has nothing to do with what is right in front of my face - FC- they put me in FC and wouldn’t let me use my own money and my dad was going to make 2 payments and when I saw I can’t trust them for several reasons I said no way - his money will be placed in places that do not one thing but hinder me. He would never give them a penny once I told him that about my payment. They state they don’t take partial payments which I know now however they took one over the phone from my mom on 8/22/19.

Well the manager never called me back from two messages I left on 10/29/19 and 10/30/19 and I asked for another manager and he told me to let him off the phone 'cuz I was getting mad. Really? Of course I was getting mad. I haven’t heard a word from them since 10/30/19 and today is Saturday 11/2/19 and they promised they would call. That manager is Kristy and I have her number and extension.

Lastly or not lastly because there is so much more I am on disability for serious serious health issues as in serious and my life has started to become Dr.’s and tests and tests and I provided them a back up number and said if they ever get my vmail to call that number my mom cuz she has multiple sclerosis and sits at home and while this is beyond stressful and can kill a person at age 75 she always answers and they have called her probably 30% out of 100% of calls they have ever missed. How is that right? And help me?

I had to sign something and fax it in when most days I can’t move and trying to get a diagnosis of this terrible nerve / muscle issue and more that is torture pain and debilitating. I will not take medication that makes me out of it ever and I already was on SSDI for severe GAD / panic attacks and more and they think I have steady income because I’m working. I am not working and haven’t been able to yet they are clueless when they pull up my file and don’t have correct details even though I start crying and say stop this.. I left an amazing job after being with one company for 19 yrs. I have had WFHM for my entire life of my loan (10 yrs) and it just got sold to this awful place with no presence in AZ and on the east coast.

Their time zone affects me and they are closed on weekends as I just called yet again and left Kristy supervisor another message and I said, "You have not called me back and you need to with information for me and where my file is in process..." They call daily for a month making collection calls and that stopped the day they said they got all of my documents and sorting through them (10/29, 10/30) and I called both days to ask questions and make sure if anything is missing or not legible and they said it was in their intake departments and if that happens they close my file and deny me and make me miss more payments/ more months behind and accelerated FC.

I said, "How can you have this process and not contact people to say something is still needed to move to UW?" They told me I would have a dedicated person once I sent all in and that person wrote me a generic letter introducing herself over a month ago and never heard a word from her. What they told me is severe and affecting my life and I’m so tired of their excuses and lies and don’t care anymore. I’m waiting to hear back as far as I know to get to the trial payment period and get that done and can pay moving forward but I say that sarcastically because they I believe closed it and sent the FC stuff to process.

I have had beyond several hardships for a year or more and missed one payment and that’s how it began and turned in to several due to them not me and I have such horrible things said to me about missed payments and to make me feel like I did on purpose. Oh sorry I called them right away and told them why and that was about 5 months ago. They have so much nerve and said, "We are here to help and FHA since that is your loan and will do all to review you for all situations so you never lose your home." This is serious and my life and not theirs and they lie and proved that. Still are. I have made my payments forever and they just got my loan and know nothing. I have made them with less income as SSDI gives a little increase each year and didn’t have medical bills piled up.

They should know this and it’s called a temporary hardship and they don’t even know the facts so don’t get it but they now have it all as I can only assume but stated if they don’t (emails and faxes) can get lost or a million things and I said that time is of the essence so tell me and they would btv they said we have all unless an email to their one and only email address came back and I said no!! But I don’t get confirmations from being sent so I have emailed close to 70 pages and my dad helped because I couldn’t use my left hand and was so stressed out as there was a deadline and the stuff in my checklist I called about because I didn’t want to miss a thing because was told all has to be sent. Well one thing was a divorce decree and quit claim deed. That is absurd. I’ve been divorced forever and I bought my house and he was in his life and me mine and he had nothing to do with my house. Should I make one up?

So I also said, "I didn’t send because it doesn’t exist or apply," and then the next person said, "Oh it’s not asking for that," and I said, "Yes it is in black in white," and he said, "Don’t worry about it," so one second all has to turned in perfect and they close it up and deny if missing and others say there is some flexibility but the manager said there isn’t. This goes on and on and I need assistance since now they won’t call me back and they said they would 4 days ago plus 3 messages to a manager and said they also mail letters saying closed out so sorry.

They have forced me in FC and I asked to speak to an executive / escalations person and no one called and one girl felt so bad when she looked at it all and saw what was going on and said she filed / lodged a complaint. I haven’t heard a word from them ... I need desperate third party assistance ASAP and my money back while they approve me ... they aren’t though clearly. They have no reason it’s that they lied and said they call of need more information but haven’t so that says it all.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2019

The customer service department is horrible and the thief defense department is worse. Nobody is up on their job. It took 2 to 3 days for them to make me aware of suspicious transactions on my card and if I didn't call them call I would not of known. There is no consistency in the work effort of this company and I will never bank with them again. I closed my account after 2 months.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

I applied for a mortgage modification and submitted all the correct paperwork. I was denied in less than a week. I retained an attorney who submitted the same paperwork and I was approved. Payments were determined and I have paid according to schedule. There is a three month trial period and every month I get a threatening letter that I am overdue. They also were supposed to pay my homeowner's insurance and did not. I've spent the equivalent of months on the phone straightening out their SNAFUS. Their answer is the letters are "computer generated." What do I do when the computer generates a foreclosure letter? This bank is horrible.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2019

M&T bank lost $ 53,000 when they wired my money to another bank for a loan payoff. After calling many times to correct this issue they refused to even look at the matter. Thinking the loan was paid I stopped making the payments only to find out three mos later it wasn’t in which destroyed my credit rating. Beware! Corruption is their game.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

My loan was transferred months ago to M&T bank by Wells Fargo. M&T bank only has east coast hours and east coast locations. I have been trying to work with them and they are impossible. I pay on time every month and they claim it late every month. I have proof from my bank yet M&T refuses to acknowledge my payments are made on time. I have seen numerous complaints with this exact same scenario. This is how they operate. Wells Fargo was wrong for transferring any loans to them. Neither party will admit they were wrong and the customers are the ones paying for it.

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2019

I have a acct with M&T Bank. I wrote a personal check to someone and Even tho I have a acct they charged the person 20% that doesn't have a acct but my check is thru them. Then they told the person they had to come inside to cash the check even when they provided her ID So the person had to drive out the drive thru park go into the branch Just for them to hand her her $. Now I don't know about anybody else but M&T Bank is making $ off of people that has a acct there if they write personal checks. I have a acct in Cambridge MD and I'm very disappointed And I wonder if other M&T customers know about this. If they don't they will now...

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

Pls do not bother yourself to accept M&T's pre-approval 0% $150 cash bonus credit card offer. M&T's credit card online platform is the worst outdated n inconvenient site I've ever seen:

1. It only allows you to make online payment out of your M&T checking acct, the options of linking your other banking accts as payment resources are not available in Year 2019!! This technology is not rocket science, and available at Discover Card, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Capital One etc. 10-15 yrs ago. Too hard for me to believe what year M&T's online tech team lives in????

2. After they kept sending me those pre-approval offers, I finally decided to give it a try, but the offer letter I kept was a month passed its offer/promo end date. I was told the offer of 0% 12 mos and $150 cash bonus is ongoing and still good. Guess what?! After I swiped the card of $500 more in the 1st month, and thought the $150 bonus will show up on my next statement after bill paid; I received a letter to inform me that the bonus benefit on my card is "10,000 bonus points" instead. I called, and was told that $150 cash bonus offer expired and no longer available!!

3. I was expecting a merchant credit dated 8/24, and the merchant said it could take up to 15 business days to show up on my acct. I waited until 9/16 and still a no show for that credit. I called M&T's CS, and informed them a merchant refund is expected, if still a no-show in 3 days, pls put that charge in dispute. And I can email a copy of the merchant-refund receipt to them. And guess what?! I was told the only way to dispute a charge, is to fax my request and related documents. NO EMAIL REQUEST CAN BE HONORED!!! It's year 2019, not 1999!!! I can't even remember when the last time I used fax instead of email in my office or at my home office for banking related. Time to close all my M&T accts!!! Period.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2019

We tried to move our IRA to another bank and they had us fill out a form, notarize and mail it in in their self addressed envelope. They then claim that they did not receive it and rolled over the account into another year at 0% interest. We have called several times and spoken with rude agents who insist it was not received. They did it intentionally to keep the money and not allow us to move it.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

I called to speak with a refinance agent on Friday. I was told I would receive a call in 1 business day. Unfortunately it was 2. After speaking with Karen this morning, she was going to call back at 4pm after I had all my paperwork. She failed to call. I have an interest rate of 8.375%. Nice to see they care about veterans way less than a civilian.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

I have tried to open an account for the first time with them and have direct deposited 4 checks into the account. Now when I try to use it they are demanding documents and claiming I have not sent to them after having their own bank managers fax it to them. It has been a disorganized untruthful mess from the get go and based on my experience so far I highly doubt they are going voluntarily compensate for fees I will accumulate based on their lack of diligence.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

I contact the number 18007246224 to ask question about my mortgage that was transferred from Wells Fargo to M&T Bank. The guys did not let me talk and hang up on me. I kept on calling and he wouldn't answer my calls... This is so upsetting. How can I have my mortgage with a bank that does not care about their customers concerns!!!! If I could give -10 Stars I Would. Oh Wait I just did!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2019

This bank is the worst. First their online bill pay goes down for over a month, then we call them. They want an additional $8.00 for a convenience fee to pay them over the phone. After we pay they didn’t process the payment till it was past due. Thank you for being the worse bank ever and for making us look like we don’t pay on time. We have never been late on a payment for anything, and you all just ruined our credit.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2019

I’m in the process of selling my home, and was curious as to whether the payoff would be more or less than my account balance. I called the mortgage dept. at M&T with this question. I was told that I could get my exact payoff for no charge. The rep. gave me my payoff and said she would also mail me the payoff. I told her that it wouldn’t be necessary since she gave it to me over the phone, and that the sale of the house was still a month away, and I was just curious. She stated she had to mail me the payoff, as well as the verbal over the phone.

Last week I made my Sept. mortgage payment and was charged $25 for the payoff. I called M&T to question this fee, and was told there is no charge for the payoff, but there are fees ‘associated’ with the payoff, which makes absolutely no sense, and something I was not advised of during my initial phone conversation. Typical of a company with hidden fees. If you call for a payoff and are told it’s free, beware, it’s not free.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

When I purchased my home the mortgage was through Starkey and about a year then it was sold to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo had our mortgage for probably another year before it was sold to M&T. Never had a problem with escrow or anything else until M&T came into the picture. A month after the transfer, which I had no say in, I was getting letters saying my escrow was short by $4,000. My total escrow was less than $4,000. I let them know I would have to split up the payments but they won't accept split payments.

I then changed my homeowners insurance to a rate that was less than half of what I had before and let M&T know to recalculate our escrow. My new insurance company contacted them also. Not only did they NOT recalculate our new escrow, they now want the total escrow amount plus two months extra. If I had known that I would have paid my homeowners insurance for the year since that would have been cheaper than having it come out of escrow. This sounds shady to me and I'm doing everything I can to refi with another company. Stay away from M&T.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

I had my mortgage with Wells Fargo. I was very satisfied with Wells Fargo service. My mortgage was sold to M&T Bank. M&T Bank sent a letter saying my hazard insurance was expired and they buy insurance for my house, which is significantly more expensive than insurance I can buy myself. They supposed to communicate with my insurance company similar with Wells Fargo was doing. They wrote a letter one day after my insurance was expired and I received the letter two weeks after they wrote the letter. I was extremely upset about their communication and how sub rate Bank and be different with Wells Fargo. I do not like this bank. Never had an issue with Wells Fargo. If you mortgage is sold to M&T Bank, please be careful about the insurance transformation.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2019

They said that they'd reimburse me. Then they said "No"!!! I am a long time customer of this bank, and to be treated this way is disgusting!!!! I lost over $600 in a scam, and the bank scammed me, too!! I should get my money back!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

This bank, M&T, has got to be the absolutely WORST banking experience EVER. My son has an SSI account. These people continually charge his account for a disabled person huge fees so that his account is overdrawn every month. This is ILLEGAL and dishonest to say the least. I have attempted over MONTHS, not days, to correct this issue. They don’t want to. As soon as I am able I will be moving his account elsewhere. Complete and TOTAL NIGHTMARE of a company.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

Large bank with a home town feel. Very personable, professional and friendly. They have made recommendations for me and my accounts that I have with them. They also do excellent follow-up on any questions you have about your accounts.

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2019

Teller was rude, she seemed very annoyed. I get that you could have a bad day but please leave your nasty attitude at the door when you come to work. I'm surprised that I kept my cool throughout the entire process.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2019

Customer service is very much lacking in current processes, I am in active bankruptcy and there is no option for a BI-weekly payment for me due to that, even though the mortgage is not and I stress not a part of my bankruptcy. I am treated as second rate customer not worthy of value. I have reached out to the bankruptcy department to leave numerous voicemail messages and zero callbacks from them. To set the record straight, I did not acquire my mortgage through M&T Bank but was a victim of a sell from well known Wells Fargo (Who at least did do the bi-weekly payments), with a promise that all would be seamless, well it is not.

I can not stand to be associated with or want to do business with M&T Bank, due to lack of communication and customer service, mainly. I should not hear a "NO" with how I want to have my payment processed and all I have received from them is NO, No, No. Furthermore, if I took the information given by the customer service reps that I should contact my Bankruptcy rep to process my payment, guess what, I would be in foreclosure waiting on a callback (April 2019 1st Voicemail, no call back, July 2019 still no call back). Thank you but NO thank you for ever doing business with M&T Bank, surely they will be in bankruptcy soon at this rate. I wish I could rate at 0 stars.

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Reviewed July 30, 2019

If I could give ZERO stars I would!!! This makes no sense at all how they have an A+ with BBB. They must pay BBB for this rating. It's obvious by reading these reviews that an A++ is unachievable for this firm. This is a miserable company. Forced into a mortgage with them many years ago. Every year their representation gets worse and worse. 2019 they have hit rock bottom on customer service. M&T Bank fraudulently filed foreclosure on one of my properties after they wouldn't accept payment due to their 'systems being down'.

You can read below and see that many people had issues with the system this year. Their online system states it's only available during business hours. During business hours their website is still offline. Their phone system is awful. Their customer service is rude. When I call, the rep blames me and talks to me like I'm a 5 year old who doesn't know how to use a computer, although I've somehow managed to pay this just fine online for 14 years. I asked for a manager and the manager talks over me in screaming fashion. I asked for a MOST SENIOR MANAGER and I got one that BBB won't let me post DM initial.

This company will not accept responsibilities for their faults. Even as you see many many more customers had the EXACT same issue as me, they feel necessary to take the liberty to shoot my credit score. THIS IS FRAUD!!! You know you had issues guys, own up to your mistakes and take care of your customers!! The problem is, about 95% of us didn't choose to be your customer; we were forced into this relationship with a liar and a cheater. I'm breaking up!!

M&T, save the FAKE NEWS generic response you are giving everyone below by 'valuing your customers and keeping it private' on me. I'm drained by your fake candor. I've already talked to someone who says he is senior management, 'DM'...and he was of no help whatsoever. It's not far fetched to suggest BBB should be investigated for covering for this company. There is no chance, zero chance, they have an A++ rating; isn't this obvious??!!

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Reviewed July 17, 2019

Chase sold my mortgage to M&T Bank. This bank does not have any branches west of the Appalachian Mts. So if you live in 3/4 of the rest of the country, you can only bank online. Their online banking system is misleading and only has a sparse amount of information you would find on any other banks online banking. My main problem is I have been trying to pay my mortgage for 2 month now without any luck. I even opened a checking account to put the funds into for easier payments. This has not been the case, I have made several mortgage transactions online that I received a confirmation of the payment, only to find out that the payment was not made.

After the last phone call, they are holding my $2400.00 ‘hostage’ and their call in customer support is worthless! I am a prisoner of this bank at the moment, so I cannot just leave. But if you are looking to open any kind of account here, DON’T! I would recommend others to report M&T Bank to the federal reserve online. If they get enough complaints they may intervene. I have already submitted my complaint!

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Reviewed July 16, 2019

So previous we wrote on how back dealing with these people at M&T Bank especially the Parsippany NJ branch. From day 1 we began to get so suspicious of their actions that it didn't take us long that we demanded our bank accounts closed. They have a scam that will "blackmail you" into and is that you'll get hit with a fee if you close your account within 6 months of opening it. Never heard this from any bank around so that's one reason why you should steer clear of them. Did not give them any information regarding email addresses then all of the sudden about 5 weeks after opening my account, I start to see fake emails from M&T Bank saying my account was hacked and I was to click a link to validate my information.

Even though I knew immediately it was a scam email, the question that wants me to see M&T Bank is what they did with all the information we gave them when we opened a personal checking account that it took a matter of weeks to wind up on the dark web and how it took no time before scammers knew I had an account with these crooks. The whole experience was the same as trying to buy a used car from these people. Especially the person who opened it, will steer clear of these cons!

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Reviewed July 15, 2019

So I first opened my bank account 4 months ago. Within the first week I was flagged for fraud. I purchased movie tickets then tried to use the vending machine to get Skittles. It declined it for fraud. About a week or 2 later declined again for fraud to pay my cell bill. After having conversation about how annoying this was she assured me it was for my protection so I calmed down a bit. Everything was fine for a month then we had a charge go through of 1800 dollars that was not ours. So you decline charges because they look suspicious but when a real charge comes through that is not mine you let it go through. Wtf. I’m switching back to my old bank. Clearly this bank can’t be trusted.

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Reviewed July 12, 2019

Unable to log in. They've been "experiencing difficulties" for at least a week. I assume this is something about my personal account because no bank on earth remains offline for an entire week, so this message is complete bs. I have banked with at least 20 banks in the last decade, and between the rate and the service, this one wins the plastic craptastic award hands down.

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Reviewed July 11, 2019

We recently obtained a loan for a travel trailer. No one would do a small loan, so we did a bigger one knowing would be paying a big amount. We have come to find out, you can not make a payment and have all go to principal as we do on our mortgage. Buyer beware!! If you want this option... Go to TD bank. We just put a 5000. payment on MT Bank extra... And charging interest. Will pay off with a TD bank loan - little more interest rate - but not really. Stay clear of this bank.

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Reviewed July 7, 2019

I had Wells Fargo, they were great! This bank was sold my mortgage 4 or 5 months ago. Just made my mortgage and a little extra. M&T decided it would be a great idea to make another identical payment couple days later overdrafting my bank account! Best part of all they admitted this!! So their solution is for me to FAX proof my bank paid their extra payment. Fax!!! Who faxes today? Do they still make fax machines? I digress. Never mind overdraft bank charges! Oh, I'll have to wait 10 business days. This bank is so small and 1980's. Beware!

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Reviewed June 21, 2019

Wells Fargo why did you betray me by selling my mortgage to this sub rate company? Absolute nightmare. Where do I begin? They sent a letter saying my mortgage payment would be debited June 17th. Well of course it was deducted June 10th before date. In the meantime I advised them to postpone the payment, I would make it directly. None of this happened. They debited my account twice overdraft fees the hole nine. The last gentleman out of ten reps of course told me to fax in information from the bank. Well of course the bank has to mail a letter which takes 5-7 days. Trying to keep my mortgage in good standing and calling every other day is noise in my day. I hate this bank. Never had issue with Wells Fargo in almost a decade. I must get away from these idiots!

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Reviewed June 4, 2019

Today will mark the 4th month reaching out to this company. I finished paying off my car in Feb. 2019. I had my information changed a year prior due to a repossession and did not want to go through that mess again, if it were to occur again. They stated the info was never changed and the title was sent to the wrong address. So now I have to wait for a lien release so I can get my Title. Under the state of Florida the title will come out to 86.00. That is not something I have on hand. It's been four months and not even a lien release has been mailed. I would not recommend this company to anyone with the trouble I've had with them. I have no proof the car is mine now. I am due to move soon and I would like to have this resolved before then.

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Reviewed June 3, 2019

Racism! I'm not an M&T Member but receive a check issued by M&T each month. I'm having surgery a day from now. Decided to cash the M&T check instead of waiting 3 days for it to clear my bank so my family would have the resources. Sadly, the ** Bank Teller was very rude and nasty to me for no reason whatsoever. Questioning my bank of choice. She treated me unfair, disrespectful and very unkindly because I wasn't a member of the M&T team. She took my Driver License and then said, "Non members pay a $20 check cashing fee."

I said, "Not a problem." She returned and said, "I won't cash this check because it cannot be verified." I said, "How can a check issued by M&T's Main Office not have verification?" She treated me like a criminal in front of everyone and needlessly embarrassed me. Of course I left quite stunned and feeling violated for trying to cash a check issued by M&T itself. So, I had to go to my bank and deposit the check. I really needed that money today. Just cruel! Sad that a bank would hire a racist without proper customer relations training or skills. How could that be good for business? I'm shocked! I feel sad and upset.

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Reviewed May 30, 2019

Ever since my loan was sold to this company I have had nothing but headaches. I am now in the process of selling my home and have been trying for over a week to obtain a copy of my Payoff Statement for the closing, to no avail. They continue to say they are faxing it, that it will take 24 hours (????) and it never comes. The function on their website that is supposedly in place to allow you to request a payoff statement online has been disabled/dysfunctional for over two weeks. They do not respond to any online messages I have submitted. I am at my limit with this unprofessional, borderline fraudulent company. Avoid doing business with them at all costs.

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Reviewed May 23, 2019

We just opened an account with M&T about 8 weeks ago. Hubs gets his paycheck because they don't offer dd. He stops by the bank every Wednesday, cashes the paycheck which is drawn from M&T, keeps a bit of cash, deposits the rest. The deposited money is ALWAYS available right away. Well, this Wednesday, when it was crucial we get our money, the teller gave my husband cash, but deposited the remaining $900 as a check! We don't know how she accomplished that when she gave him cash. The check was $969, she gave us $69 cash, and STILL deposited the $900 as a check. Ugh.

Then we called customer service, and wow, she basically said you never know what you might get when you go inside a branch, a current day business teller, a next day business teller, and apparently we have just gotten lucky the other 7 weeks we've done this. I'm looking to switch immediately because it's clear to me the teller didnt even look at his account, history, nothing to see how we usually do this. He even gave her a deposit slip explaining how to do it all, so now, he has to go in, ask the teller what day business she is, cash the check, get back in line, and then deposit the cash. This company, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. My husband learned a lesson though. He opened the account without checking the reviews, and there is literally NO good reviews on them. Oh well, I know banks offer a gift to switch so there's that. Lol. I would steer clear of M&T.

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Reviewed May 22, 2019

My mortgage is with M&T. I had a water leak which required a huge repair. After filing a claim the insurance company sent a check with M&T and my name on it. However, the insurance company refuses to release the funds to get started on the repairs after sending in all the required documentation. I don’t recommend using this bank at all.

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Reviewed May 22, 2019

Opened business checking at the end of last December. Was an $300 bonus offer - $5,000 daily balance for 4 month. Location was not convenient, so didn't have time to use it. A few times past by that branch - 0 customers every time. No transactions, no checks, etc. Just kept $5,000 for 4.5 months. Met all bonus requirements. Bank deposited $300 bonus in mid April. Needed money and came to a branch to close account. Was charged $110 just to close an account - 4 different fees. Hope some other bank will buy them, otherwise they go out of business.

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Reviewed May 14, 2019

The first problem I had was my card not working anywhere I went, it had to be scanned multiple times. A fresh card that doesn't work, shows how much they spend on their cards. Also don't ever deposit a check into M&T Bank. I deposited $800 and it has been on hold for over 2 weeks and they say they can't do anything about it. I will definitely be leaving M&T and be going back to ESL because it has been nothing but problems with M&T from the start.

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Reviewed May 14, 2019

Dont know why we ever decided to open an account with these people. In through one ear and out the other should be their new slogan. The most moronic people you ever meet! You tell them to do one thing and they do the exact opposite. Opened 2 bank accounts and they totally screwed up the paperwork. Gave them an address and specifically told them dont send any mail there. 1 week later, getting tons of junk mail to an address I never did before dealing with these morons at M&T Bank. Gave them a PO Box address and told them specifically to send everything there.

These idiots put the PO Box and my company address on the same address put on letters and yet the idiots sent everything to the address we told them not to. Now we have to get our legal department involved and force these idiots to change everything. Then they tried to play games with the opening deposits, we told them how much we wanted to deposit and told them we were going to make withdrawals on cash deposits. Cash deposits are available the second you deposit them. They wouldnt allow us to do anything. Then we heard the lie after lie with the person who opened the account pretending he didnt hear what we told him at least 5 times in a now. It's been 10 days and we are still waiting for the debit cards and still nothing. Dont bother with this bank, not even 1 day with them and they are already screwing everything up!

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Reviewed May 12, 2019

Not sure why my bank sold my mortgage to them. I was never late and have been with them for 7 years. No issues at all. Then BOOM... I get a letter with the info 2 days before mortgage was due. Good thing I waited to pay this time... M&T will not let me make payments online. Been trying for DAYS. So I call only to find out if I make payment by phone there is a 15 fee. Really?? I wish I could refinance with a bank that has a better reputation and LOCAL. I can't even walk in and pay. They are non-existent. My one hope is they go bankrupt and my loan is paid off. :p I will try again Monday. But if this keeps on I will be late. Maybe that is what they want us to do? Good luck to any of you that have them. Not a good business at all.

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Reviewed May 2, 2019

M&T Bank bought my mortgage from Wells Fargo. Never did anyone notify me beforehand. They received 2 payments for April; 2019. I have fought this for 32 days. Just when I thought it was settled and went to make my may payment they state they never got any payment. They received 2 April payments for a total of 2855.86 from my Wells Fargo account. It went to M&T Bank and showed they received it. James and another James and Wanda and Michele and other supervisors told me the second duplicate payment was held in suspense. They just stole 2855.86 and never did they even call me one time. They only sent a letter talking about basic mortgage stuff when they said they would credit back the duplicate payment. Beware beware beware M&T Bank.

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Reviewed April 23, 2019

I have spent nearly 2 weeks dealing with M&T Bank for my Mortgage transfer. No link they provide shows up for me when I type what I am told to (but does for them) and they are unable to complete the enrollment over the phone which is forcing me to have them mail me the form. I was also able to call them 3 times and still not receive a call back from the first individual who called me and had left a message for days prior. Not a happy start.

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Reviewed April 19, 2019

I wrote a complaint about M&T credit rates and they gave out all of my personal information to someone. Now they want me to monitor my credit, why, you should do this and pay fines and losses! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Reviewed April 11, 2019

They are rude, fabricate info, ignore my information, and they do not report to credit bureau correctly. Take head do not bank with this bank. Apply late fees when I pay on time. They interrupt when I'm trying to talk, and they harass about payments and say they are late when they are not.

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Reviewed March 25, 2019

I open up an account at M&T Bank. After having trouble with them in the password I lost my deposit and were very rude. I thought maybe after years they were changed and their attitude changed and they keep sending me solicitation so I open up an account and I had it for about 2 months and they closed my account without explanation. I went to the branch and Camp Road. Their girl was not very helpful or friendly. She called Rochester where they closed my account and said she got off the phone with her and I said why did they close my account and she says, "I can't really tell you. All I can say is they close your account and sometime in the future you can apply again." It was very rude.

She said it had something to do with fraud and when I asked who was causing fraud against my account she would not answer me or give me an answer. She was very helpful and unprofessional. This is a terrible Bank. Do not bank here West Herr. Try to open up an account for my auto loan with this bank and I told them I would not buy the truck if I had to go through M&T Bank. They're the worst bank I've ever dealt with.

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Reviewed March 19, 2019

The online banking system has been unavailable for days now. When I call, they essentially blame me - assuming it's my computer or browser. Well, I have tried with multiple computers in multiple buildings using several browsers without success. This is a recent issue. I have never had problems like this in all the years I have used M&T. Their lack of honesty relative to this issue is disconcerting.

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Reviewed March 12, 2019

My original loan was thru Bank of America 2009, then I was sent a letter years later stating I have a new mortgage company M&T. Never missed a payment & often paid months in advance when times were good. I missed one payment in the 10 years of the loan they come to your home multiple times to charge fees for random property inspections. This is a violation of privacy and a consumer rip off practice by so many big banks especially to the poor. This bank only interest is to get paid and has no compassion for humans.

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Reviewed March 8, 2019

They have worst customer service. Bankers are liars and some fart name "Bill **" that if you a fraud he will try scaring you. Do not deal with them. Banks are thieves!! Also BB&T. Bank of Amercrap. Hsbc. All of them got caught via scam. Stealing from customers and cheating on fees. Whoever don’t give great service should go bankrupt!

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Reviewed March 7, 2019

This bank is in my neighborhood to service the community. However the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced anywhere. Usually only one teller works at this bank. She is always polite and helpful but one teller clearly is not enough. Today at 10:15am three people sat behind the glass, two kept their heads down impersonating tellers only one assisted customers. The manager Ms. ** was impersonator number one, she allowed impersonator number two to do nothing but sit with her head down. If you guessed this occurred in a small town you would be wrong. This M and T bank branch is located on Alabama avenue in Washington D.C. You would be incorrect yet again if you guessed that today's service was an anomaly. This pitiful service occurs whenever I frequent this branch. Retention department can you help?

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Reviewed March 4, 2019

I have applied twice for a home modification loan with M&T Bank. Both times I was turned down. I am stuck on a 5 year ARM loan. I am 100% disabled and cannot work due to my health. They know my health situation and refuse to help me. I broke my neck, I have had ten Heart Attacks, Barrett's esophagus disease and three strokes. This bank is going to put me out in the streets where I will not survive. I think this is discrimination against the disabled. I need help and M&T Bank refuses to help a 56 year old disabled man, this is not right. Shame on them.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

I applied for the M&T Bank Visa card with zero interest. Got approved. Have great credit. The card has an offer of 100 dollars reward if you spend 500 dollars over first 90 days. I spent 2500 dollars. They never sent me a bill. They keep mailing overdue letters. No other choice but to call them. THIS is where it gets tricky. I have called several times. I use the customer number in back of the card. When you call you speak to the bank, the mortgage people, everybody except anyone from the credit card.

Finally you get someone on the after spending HOURS with them on hold. I ask about my reward points. They tell me I have to call somebody else - another phone number and they keep you on hold. Then when you ask to make a payment they transfer you. Put you on hold again then hang up. This garbage of company does not want to get paid so they could scam you out of reward points and take away your zero interest. Stay the hell away from this Bank.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

I have been a long time customer of M&T Bank both Personal and for our Business. Today I pulled up to the ATM Machine and it said "Unable to print receipts, would you like to proceed?" First of all why didn't they do their jobs and refill it with paper? I proceeded since I was only making a deposit and was going to take a pic of the screen to show the transaction. I put in 2 checks, one being spit out, the other one being ate by the machine.

I went inside and the teller told me they can't give me my check back. I would have to file paperwork in order to do so. Then they would not take my other check for deposit after I have had done business there as a business account for well over a decade. They know me as I have dealt with them in the past for other services. The teller referred me to a manager in the back who offered no remedy to my situation. I walked out with him saying, "Do you want my business card?" I looked back and said, "For what? You just lost a lot of future business." M&T Bank shame on you. I am glad I closed my business checking and savings account there, and soon to close my personal checking.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

I have a loan through M&T, not by choice, but when I purchased my car M&T is who I got. I have had an excellent credit history since opening my first credit card 10 years ago and M&T has completely screwed me. First, let's just say their online system is not user-friendly. Since M&T took over as my new loan provider for my car in April of 2017, I have made consistent, sometimes even more than expected, payments faithfully to M&T. In August and September of 2018 after logging in to submit my monthly payments, their auto-generated Amount Due and Due Date had been lower than my normal monthly payment by $75.00. I did not think anything other than maybe my payments dropped these two months because I was paying off more on my monthly installments in the previous months.

Could I have called to inquire about it? Absolutely. But in all the years of managing my credit and when receiving notice whether it be paper or online, I have never had an issue or glitch in a system with the amount displayed to me to notify me of my monthly payment and due date. At the end of September, I received a letter in the mail that my account was behind $75.00. I immediately called M&T and spoke to a gentleman (who like many others in their customer service department was rude and unpleasant to deal with) notified me that I should be paying my monthly installments regardless of what their system says to avoid any missed payments or late charges.

Since that day, I made sure I paid more on my monthly installments. It wasn't until again in December that I received another notice via mail that my account was behind $277. I was baffled and confused and again immediately called M&T to find out how I am behind $277 when I have made consistent monthly payments and more than is due. This was "because of my late fees and August's missed payment of $75.00." I explained that I had spoke to someone in September when I received my only notice via mail that I was behind and what our conversation was, which is what I followed moving forward, but was never told I was behind any more than what I immediately paid ($75.00). I check my credit often and saw that I had a derogatory mark on my credit regarding a missed payment.

I looked into it further and found that M&T had submitted my information for missed payments in October & November!!! I disputed it but nothing changed and I was directed to first contact the company directly followed by adding a 100-word letter to my credit as well as file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I followed the instructions and first contacted the Credit Department of M&T yesterday. I received a call today that they cannot help me nor submit anything to the credit bureau to help correct this huge mistake that is now on my credit for the next 7 years. I was told unless I can show a screenshot of the system that showed my amount due was $306 in August and September, there is nothing they can do. They expect me to step into a time machine (that doesn't exist) and go back and take a picture of a screen (which is impossible) to prove my word.

If they record all of their calls like that notify you of before you even get to speak, they would be able to hear the same thing I said to their rep and his rebuttal back in September and again in December! Had I known this would happen, I would have protected myself by taking a screenshot as support for when they tried to screw me. After this experience, I started to read other people's reviews and I wish I would have done so a long time ago before I got to this point. I would not recommend M&T to anyone for any reason and forget being an honest, compliant human being because they do absolutely nothing to help you. I will continue to fight this and strongly encourage anyone who currently holds loans with M&T to start looking into getting it switched over with someone else.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2019

I’ve had this account for 2 months and I’m already closing it out. After depositing my own money into the bank it was put on hold for 5 days and after it was lifted I took a picture of my check to deposit to make it easier and they still have my check on hold for now 9 days! And all I get is, "Oh there’s nothing we can do." It wasn’t a problem when I was depositing money but now nobody can help when it’s time to take out? Definitely the worst bank I have ever been with. I would rather go back to Chase Bank. Customer service representatives are distasteful and rude. DO NOT BANK HERE.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

I normally do not write any reviews but the experience with this bank has been so pathetic that I was forced to write it. The online banking system is a joke. They keep blocking the transfers with no reason and say it's for security and have no clue when it's going to be fixed. The customer service is a joke too with average waiting time of 45 min to get to them to just hear that there is nothing they can do about a problem.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2019

I called and sent a email about being off for 9 months with leukemia. Went back to work. Asked for help to no avail. Was out 9 months struggling. They wanted to sell my house even though I was not behind. I wouldn't recommend them.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2019

My mortgage got sold to this bank. I recently had some hardship and requested a modification. This began in May they have yet to help as they said but instead won’t let me pay and now are trying to take my home. Everything they ask me I do and then they say they need more. I realized they simply have been playing me and had no intention of helping. Now I need help away from them. They are seriously trying to foreclose on my home. I don’t know what to do because they have lied and placed me in a awful situation. DO NOT have anything to do with this bank. It is awful, unprofessional, and a scam. I have been in tears dealing with them regularly. Please - anyone that has advice let me know. Please!

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2019

Our mortgage was bought out by this bank, and I use the term bank sarcastically. My husband paid the mortgage on a Friday morning. We were coming up to a Bank Holiday on Monday so we assumed it wouldn't post until Tuesday. Upon review the payment did not post until Wednesday. When we called to verify the payment was received electronically as it stated the representative stated that the account showed an outstanding balance and NO PAYMENT.

Upon speaking with a manager, I explained our checking showed a withdraw by the mortgage company was completed. So where is my 1600??? Manager says he doesn't know and it's not his problem if he can't see it! Apparently you only need to be a half wit with no education or customer service skills to be employed by this sorry excuse for a mortgage lender... This is nothing short of FRAUD. I'll be turning them into every state agency I can dig up. SAVE YOURSELF. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES!

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2019

My mortgage was sold to M&T last year, I did not choose them and never would. I've had nothing but problems since. From rude employees who have literally no idea what they're doing, cannot answer basic questions on what fees I'm being charged, will never let me speak to a supervisor etc. They're telling me my mortgage is delinquent but WILL NOT LET ME PAY. You read that right. They've locked me out of my online account. They've locked me out of the phone pay. They won't take a by phone payment with a rep. I've paid in full TWICE NOW and they returned the funds to my checking account, the same checking account I've always used to pay, and locked me out of everything.

They say I cannot drive the 9 hours to the nearest branch to pay. They won't give me the correct information to send a bill pay from my bank. They made me have my bank fax TWO LETTERS stating I have an open account, again from the account I have always used to pay, and told me that NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION IS A SMALL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND WON'T ACCEPT PAYMENT DRAFTS. Reality check, they're a major bank and have far higher ratings and standards than M&T. Look it up. They keep making me call NFCU to "look out for the payment" nonstop runaround. My home was destroyed by Hurricane Florence, and every single person who I speak to has no idea. They ask why the home is vacant and not secured. BECAUSE IT NO LONGER EXISTS, HELLO.

Read. The. Notes. So they keep calling demanding payment and threatening foreclosure but won't take my money. I have every single cent. I take tons of screenshots to show where I've submitted the payments, where it was taken from my bank, returned, of the letters and emails, the fees, etc. I will report them to every single agency I can find. This company is trash. I've never missed a payment, EVER. Yet I can't get ANY actual help from ANYONE. TELL ME M&T, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO PAY YOU? This is mortgage number 4 for me, and I have never had issues. Ever. I can't wait to get away from them. Please, do NOT use them.